Why The 2020 Corvette Is Faster Than Ford's GT500 (To 60 MPH)


Why Is The 760 HP GT500 Slower To 60 MPH Vs The 2020 Corvette?
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The 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 puts 760 horsepower to the rear wheels with a 5.2L supercharged V8 engine. The 2020 Corvette puts 495 horsepower to the rear wheels with a 6.2L naturally aspirated engine. Down 265 horsepower, the Corvette Z51 is somehow significantly faster to 60 mph versus the Shelby GT500. The zero to 60 times are 2.9 seconds and 3.5 seconds for the Corvette and GT500, respectively.
So why is a car with 265 additional horsepower slower to 60 miles per hour? Well, we'll break it all down in the video, as it relates to vehicle weight, power, weight distribution, center of mass height, and other factors. We'll also discuss the GT500's highly respectable 0-100-0 mph time of 10.6 seconds, and whether or not the Corvette can come close to these numbers.
Mustang Numbers: www.autoblog.com/2019/08/15/2020-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-4225-pounds-order-guide/
Corvette Numbers: www.autoblog.com/2019/08/28/chevy-corvette-c8-quarter-mile-0-to-60/
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  • Eric B.
    Eric B.4 måneder siden

    Now compare the C8 to the Ford GT.

  • Joel Remland
    Joel Remland4 måneder siden

    GT500 in its base form (without the CF pack comes with the Michelin PS4S tires not the Cup 2s

  • looseyourzlf
    looseyourzlf5 måneder siden

    you`re a great teacher man ! great video

  • Red_Sled
    Red_Sled5 måneder siden

    speedphenom tested both on the track and the vette was faster at Laguna Seca

  • Mr. Teff
    Mr. Teff6 måneder siden

    Why does the U.S use an outdated system of measurement? Interesting story. America was one of the original signatories for the metric system. Thomas Jefferson arranged to have the official metric weights and measures brought to the US, but it was captured by pirates and never arrived. Note that all our cars are metric, as is most of our manufacturing.

  • Mr. Teff
    Mr. Teff6 måneder siden

    But they are sports cars, not dragsters.

  • shingo shogi Omar
    shingo shogi Omar6 måneder siden

    Why does weight reduce frictional coefficient

  • Matthew D
    Matthew D7 måneder siden

    0-100mph is much more important than 0-60.

  • Δοσόπουλος Βασίλειος
    Δοσόπουλος Βασίλειος7 måneder siden

    Nice work ! 0-60mph (UK/US/Australia) is not telling you everything about the speed of your car (0-100kmh for the rest of the world) ! 0-1/4 mile and 0-1km(or 0-1mile) are better Criteria's for judging a car's performance ! The acceleration time in 60-160kmh(40-100mph) is an other good way to judge the performance of car !

  • Nicu Fratila
    Nicu Fratila7 måneder siden

    But the camaro is the competitor for mustang not corvette why you need to compare 2 total diferent things? Mustang is a muscle car and corvette a 'super car'

  • Rawdyrider
    Rawdyrider7 måneder siden

    Ford ha made a great car.Tho they need to lighten it by about 500ibs or more if posible.Then bye bye competition....

  • Peyton Brimmer
    Peyton Brimmer8 måneder siden

    Funny thing about the new corvette is that people are already destroying their differentials and saying their transmissions don’t like power adders. General Motors really cheaped out.

  • anonymic79
    anonymic799 måneder siden

    What I took from this is that it would be easier by far to double the power in the Corvette than to fix the Mustang's traction issues. Ford just brought their suspension systems into the 1970's recently so I might end up taking that back as I'm sure there's much room for improvement.

  • ruskeee
    ruskeee9 måneder siden

    800 lbs lighter and mid-engined. Make those horses work smarter, not harder

  • Robert T
    Robert T9 måneder siden

    It would be dangerous and you shouldn't do it, but it would be a neat experiment to try out. I am getting mixed messages here.

  • Troy Truong
    Troy Truong9 måneder siden

    I like both cars! I kinda like the classic look of the mustang. The mustang design is on the conservative side. Wait until it unleash the beast! If the stang can put all that power to the ground, it can hit 0-60 in 2.6 secs.

  • Hayden F
    Hayden F9 måneder siden

    Liked at “freedom units” and “freedom cars”!

  • Kevi Kiru
    Kevi Kiru10 måneder siden

    Those are not freedom units! How can they be if they just get you stuck to the past? The kilogram is the freedom unit, and as an engineer it's appaling. 🤓

  • Tx240
    Tx24010 måneder siden

    1:46 don't get upset about "freedom units" of measure, lest you want freedom forced down your throat. We haven't invaded anyone in a while.

  • Victor_Von_DOOM!
    Victor_Von_DOOM!10 måneder siden

    This topic of comparison is so fkn lame bcuz cry babies don’t wanna be out done but it’s too late how bout y’all just hope n pray the next Ford GT is affordable...not likely to happen right??? And even tho Ford and Mopar guys won’t admit it now Chevy just stole some dam costumers with the C8 all that money spent on hellcats and gt5’s and for a few extra coins they can have an American exotic looking sports car!!! CHECKMATE BRO🤜💥

  • Victor_Von_DOOM!
    Victor_Von_DOOM!10 måneder siden

    This topic of comparison is so fkn lame bcuz cry babies don’t wanna be out done but it’s too late how bout y’all just hope n pray the next Ford GT is affordable...not likely to happen right??? And even tho Ford and Mopar guys won’t admit it now Chevy just stole some dam costumers with the C8 all that money spent on hellcats and gt5’s and for a few extra coins they can have an American exotic looking sports car!!! CHECKMATE BRO🤜💥

  • Manny
    Manny10 måneder siden

    I think so the launch control in the gt500 is same as the ford gt due to which that launch control is not working good in gt500 as you can see the gt500 is little bit slow in 0-60 but after that gt500 shows its true power and becomes so fast that even i think so that hellcat redeye widebody or even the 2020 corvette can catch it up after 60mph .The reason behind that launch control is that cannot send the most of the body weight to to the rear wheels as it was designed for gt and thats why it lags. Please correct me if i am wrong

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith10 måneder siden

    I thought it was known that when in launch control the gt500 has a sec delay...and I mean that the car does even move not even any tire spin. I think that has more to do with that more than the math.

  • Steven Smith

    Steven Smith

    10 måneder siden

    And I'm asking if this could be a factor.

  • Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S.10 måneder siden

    Aerodynamically generated down force is completely excluded from the math. But it is hundreds of pounds, MUCH more significant factor, than those couple of inches difference in the center of gravity height. Either down forces of both cars are about the same, or it is just too complicated to calculate )

  • jstrawser
    jstrawser11 måneder siden

    now let's talk price HP per $

  • 17 Ultra Limited
    17 Ultra Limited11 måneder siden

    Doesn’t matter to me. I can’t afford either one.

  • Larry Z
    Larry Z11 måneder siden

    My question is why is a 2014 shelby 5.8 liter is the same 0 to 60 time as this 2020 shelby I don't understand 3.5 seconds

  • UCYIBDa1
    UCYIBDa111 måneder siden

    Liked for freedom units.

  • MP
    MP11 måneder siden

    0:35 in at 1am and I'm all like "OOOH hold on now, that math in the background is about to do some crazy s*@% to my brain.".....

  • Slurpy Gamer
    Slurpy Gamer11 måneder siden

    4:10 F=uN FUN

  • Frank Crawford
    Frank CrawfordÅr siden

    That will do.

  • Jay Todd
    Jay ToddÅr siden

    Once again..you cannot compare supercars to ponycars...duh...bring on your camaro and we'll talk

  • James Leonard Panes
    James Leonard PanesÅr siden

    Cayou do a video explaining how these two cars will perform on a track where handling matters?

  • Howard Woods
    Howard WoodsÅr siden

    Lol base model vette beating top of the line mustang in anything is just hilarious. Wait till zo6, zr1, zora comeout. Wont even be close. Lol I love mustang's to. In fact I think the gt500 is the best looking car on the planet at the moment. We will have to see the body changes to the zo6 and zr1. But for now best looking. And mustang's have pretty much always sounded the best to

  • Greyson Blanchette
    Greyson BlanchetteÅr siden

    This guy is literally a god. He makes math fun and idrk how

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian JohnsonÅr siden

    Should do the same exercise with four grown adults in the stang and 2 in the vette.

  • Rob Rosenblatt
    Rob RosenblattÅr siden

    ...this is the second time I watched this video...awesome

  • Teofil Žába
    Teofil ŽábaÅr siden

    If you count in the shift of centre of gravity, need you not count in also the stiffnes and travel of suspension, or is that already too minute to change anything?

  • Doug Lorimer
    Doug LorimerÅr siden

    But I'll bet he could get us to the moon.

  • Doug Lorimer
    Doug LorimerÅr siden

    Yet if you gave this Kidd a pile of old technology he'd be lost.And ofcourse take away all of his computers and today's technology. He'd be lost.

  • jelad Snikpoh
    jelad SnikpohÅr siden

    Before I watch the video, thumbs up... But to answer the question, Corvette faster than mustang because?.. Well, it's Corvette vs Mustang! The name say it all, Muahaha! Knowing who's making the video, you're gonna bring intelligence into the equation and discuss power/weight, grip, weight distribution, Coefficient of drag, center of gravity, etc. Am I right? It's why I'm a Vette fan!

  • Yo Hann
    Yo HannÅr siden

    What schooling YOU have to be so knowledgeable about the numbers. If you get surface area of tire touching ground (6"×5"=30) then times air pressure(30#) then (30×30=900 pounds x 4 tires =approximately 3600 pounds for vehicle. ???

  • Nicholas Leedy
    Nicholas LeedyÅr siden

    My inner engineer is satiated ❤️

  • Craig Scott
    Craig ScottÅr siden

    Why do people compare the mustang to the Corvette? The Camaro is the mustangs equal not the Corvette. The Corvette is a super car the mustang is a muscle car. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

  • DJ Wooten
    DJ WootenÅr siden

    First off, I love these videos and please keep them coming. Secondly, I can’t read all 1.4k comments to see if my thoughts were pointed out and in that many comments I would assume someone had the same thoughts but I’m still going to comment. My take from the breakdown is that weight distribution is the #1 reason the Vette does more with less in regards to 0-60. In spite of this you believe the vette to have a better stopping distance than Chevy reports and the Mustang to have a worse distance than the math shows, I find the opposite to be the case. The change in w/d for the Corvette negatively impacts its ability to stop as now it has less weight on the front tires than previous generations and the front tires are not the same size as the rear leading to less grip as well. Am I wrong in my thinking?

  • Andrew Godfrey
    Andrew GodfreyÅr siden

    its to bad the numbers arent right the first gt500 driven from the dealership to the track stock weight stock tires and a beginner driver first time with the car at the track ran a 10.66 at over 130mph which is faster than any stock no tire changes no weight reduction oh and the car was not the track prep car has already run better numbers than dodges inflated numbers. Before anyone says I dont know anything and have never driven anything fast I am probably one of the few that has formed my own opinion about brands by owning atleast 5 of the big 3, and that is owning a variety of cars and trucks from each one. I will keep my opinion to myself just because I do drive pretty much a different brand atleast once a month since it is my job to buy and drive cars.

  • sheryl_lori ellingson
    sheryl_lori ellingsonÅr siden

    The new Vettes may be fast, and I applaud that, but couldn't they make them a bit better looking?

  • Mark Myers
    Mark MyersÅr siden

    Except I just watched some kid running his GT500 at the strip and reading g-forces over 1g using the PS4 tires. Ford is also claiming 3.3 0-60.

  • bumperxx1
    bumperxx1År siden

    come on bro that corvette has like 550HP just go to motor trends testing i mean come on they under rated it to get attention cause only 65 yr old guys buy that GM super car

  • bumperxx1
    bumperxx1År siden

    it should be slower than a corvette i mean come on

  • Dave Stephenson
    Dave StephensonÅr siden

    how did they make a time of 0-60 in 3.5 in the 2013-2014 mustang?

  • Mark-Anthony Hodges
    Mark-Anthony HodgesÅr siden

    Over looking the price difference, what would the performance figures be between the Ford GT and the C8 Corvertte.

  • Antoine Swans
    Antoine SwansÅr siden

    What Happened? The 4,200 lb Mustang GT500 just beat the 3,650 lb Corvette C8 on the track according to MotorTrend. It couldn't hang with GT500 Track Pack.

  • BoLo Wong
    BoLo WongÅr siden

    7.0 L V8 and 8.4 L V10 are some of my favorite FREEDOM UNITS

  • Jesus Leon
    Jesus LeonÅr siden

    It's all theoretical! Until you start talking actual engineering, then we get the true story, nice job tho!

  • TheManYouNeedToBe
    TheManYouNeedToBeÅr siden


  • Andrew Daoust
    Andrew DaoustÅr siden

    Can you break these equations down barney style?

  • Bryan Liguori
    Bryan LiguoriÅr siden

    *pauses on second frame to read the chart*

  • Wayne Pile
    Wayne PileÅr siden

    I noticed that you didn't mention torque. Would the torque of each engine play a huge factor on the times? Thank you.

  • Y A
    Y AÅr siden

    is this that the crazy scientist from the Simpsons?

  • Hemi 300C
    Hemi 300CÅr siden

    0-60. Wow. Then after 60. The C8 sees the Shelby GT500 taillights fly past.. By the way. A GT500 owner weighed his Base GT500 which showed a weight just over 4000 lbs. You stated unlimited power. Sounds like to many video games. What do you show the maximum horsepower the Corvette C8 would produce after a GM WiF tune. Stop with your math crap. Go out. Get both cars and line them up. If you drive as fast as you talk. It could be interesting. Get your information correct. Cup 2 tires are not standard on the base GT500. They are on the carbon fiber package which reduces rolling Mass using carbon fiber rims with the cup 2 tires.

  • ASKid24
    ASKid24År siden

    That’s a nice Mustang you have there, I bet that thing is faster to 60 than those fancy electric Tesla things. Well yeah maybe not the Model S but definitely the Model 3. I’m sorry what? Oh. The new Corvette then! ... Wow... so what exactly does it beat from 0-60, anything?

  • Royce Zaro
    Royce ZaroÅr siden

    Watch, eventually we'll see people's GT500s with Yakima racks full of lead bricks

  • dantz34
    dantz34År siden

    Atleast the ford isnt going to lose parts going from 0 to 60

  • SysPowerTools
    SysPowerToolsÅr siden

    The triple motor cyber truck has a 2.9 sec 0-60... WTF are people buying these "super cars" for again?

  • Peter Who?
    Peter Who?År siden

    Came here for that gorgeous GT500 but instead he took me back to school and not sure if I'm gonna pass his class?

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of SpadesÅr siden

    FREEDOM Units because MURICA... F yeah!

  • F-Rune
    F-RuneÅr siden

    Freedom units? Realy? Also the cars might be American cars, but they are build to be driven on the Autobahn. Cars that are made to be driven in the USA are all pickup trucks and they should be electronically speed limited to 85 mph complying with the max speed allowed in Texas.

  • Thracian
    ThracianÅr siden

    I don't believe a single thing this guy just said.

  • Joshua Richards
    Joshua RichardsÅr siden

    So how much weight should you put in the trunk of the GT500 to maximize 0-60 time?

  • BC Neil
    BC NeilÅr siden

    This was great. I know one of those guys that think you can easily improve the corvette's 0-60 time from 2.9 down to under 2, if you had another 100 horsepower. I told him it might shave it to 2.8

  • Zato
    ZatoÅr siden

    At 7:00 min. You're hilarious without even trying.

  • Gaetan H
    Gaetan HÅr siden

    This channel is underrated

  • sycomantz
    sycomantzÅr siden

    Well this video is a fail being that the GT500 is running mid 10s

  • Chris Yarzab
    Chris YarzabÅr siden

    Unfortunately, the numbers are off a little. The new 2020 Ford GT 500 weighs 4080. The Carbon package will drop it under 4,000 lbs.

  • SV Arbor

    SV Arbor

    År siden

    Citation: Speed Phenom's Channel

  • Michael Price
    Michael PriceÅr siden

    My head hurts.

  • ezeht
    ezehtÅr siden

    you a chevy fan.. the Stang easy does mid 10s in the quarter

  • Bill Thompson
    Bill ThompsonÅr siden

    Great video/tutorial. However in my little mind before all the math/calculation starts lets place the same rubber on both vehicles first. Enjoy the day.

  • THE Big Kapooow
    THE Big KapooowÅr siden

    Lmao freedom units. Love it

  • )Peron1-MC(
    )Peron1-MC(År siden

    7:00 thats what they did in drag racing in the 60s. gassers are really tall, especially in the front and the engine is high up so you get better power transfer :) (not the sitting on top of the car part XD)


    You can use all the math you want...All I want to see is these cars racing...

  • Anthony Lozano
    Anthony LozanoÅr siden

    GT500 looks like a regular mustang only dudes will know. Corvette looks exotic and the women will get drawn to it. Lol

  • Rob Babcock
    Rob BabcockÅr siden

    You're overthinking it; the Corvette is faster because it's made by Chevrolet, not Ford.

  • Bob Pegram
    Bob PegramÅr siden

    Thanks again for the clear analysis. It's nice to hear / see what they don't tell you and why they don't. The Tesla vs Ford F150 boiled down to extra weight and thus traction for the Tesla. If you want to see that demonstrated where it's well known, go to your county Fair where they have Tractor Pulls. Often times one tractor will compete in several weight classes, just adding strategically placed weights. It means that the tractor can't put all its power down at its usual weight.

  • Johnny Green
    Johnny GreenÅr siden

    If u dont stfup im gonna find u n BEAT U

  • Rui Heng Chua
    Rui Heng ChuaÅr siden

    Just slap a supercharger on the corvette. Stock motor could probably handle a lot more than 495hp

  • GMAN142006
    GMAN142006År siden

    THIS!! This is why I am going to become a Mechanical Engineer! Thank you for your videos, you always pique my interest with them! Now I am ready to do my math homework!

  • Say Yuh
    Say YuhÅr siden

    Numbers, words, excitement ? I have no idea what he’s saying or talking about but it sounds cool Lmao

  • Tyler Y
    Tyler YÅr siden

    The C8 Corvette is faster to 60 simply because it has better weight distribution. It will only get faster when the hybrid AWD version comes.

  • Craig Beckford
    Craig BeckfordÅr siden

    Want the Mustangs go faster make it AWD.

  • Draco SS
    Draco SSÅr siden

    i thought Z51 was the aero and performance package not the model 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • gooldii1
    gooldii1År siden

    Nerd Nerd Nerd Nerd!!!!! ;-)

  • ReAllyNoWay
    ReAllyNoWayÅr siden

    Freedom units lol

  • Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire
    Otto von Chesterfield, EsquireÅr siden

    simple fix is to put fatter tires on the mustang

  • Ari and Ashley playz this
    Ari and Ashley playz thisÅr siden

    I don't understand pls explain again...

  • Robert Charlton
    Robert CharltonÅr siden

    Only people who don't know cars go off 0 to 60. 1/4 mile time to me is a better metric to go by.

  • Woke AF
    Woke AFÅr siden

    "%$#@!" - Ford Executives The 2020 Vette makes the Shelby look like day old eggs, for less.

  • Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire

    Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire

    År siden

    @Woke AF I guess you watched a different video.

  • Woke AF

    Woke AF

    År siden

    @Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire

    Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire

    År siden

    The only thing the vette does better is 0-60, put fat tires on the mustang and it beats the vette at everything.

  • Jesus Zurita
    Jesus ZuritaÅr siden

    Since when the mustang is in the same category as the corvette?

  • sparkydude818 _
    sparkydude818 _År siden

    I think I heard a fart at 4:08

  • Mr Pedalsworth
    Mr PedalsworthÅr siden

    I heard that the C8 has a 1st Gear that can make it to 60mph so it doesn’t have to shift? Is this an advantage or a gearing disadvantage?