Why Teslas Are Bad At Towing (Today)


Can Tesla's Cybertruck Actually Tow Long Distances?
Physics can explain why today's electric cars are bad at towing.
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Electric cars are great for many things. They're fast, they're insanely efficient, and they can start with a full charge every morning, eliminating your need for "fuel stops" depending on your daily commute. Unfortunately, electric cars do come with their problems. The two main issues holding back electric cars from a much larger market share, in my opinion, are price, and energy density. Battery packs are massive, heavy, and don't store all that much energy. As a result electric cars are very heavy, and don't have much energy on board.
Thankfully, electric cars make up for their lack of energy by being insanely efficient, so electric cars can still travel very far distances before needing to recharge. But what if we add a trailer into the mix, and tow with our electric vehicle? In this video, we'll work on the math on whether or not towing with today's electric cars is feasible.
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    The “explained” part of the channel name is important, hope you all enjoy this one! EVs still have a way to go but the conclusions are fascinating. To those of you that watch all the way through, I can’t thank you enough! :) And some clarifications below… **Technically** “work” is defined as force x distance, rather than energy. Work is a measurement of how much energy is required forcing an object to move. The calculation is the same. **Assumptions** With better tires with lower rolling resistance, or better aerodynamic shapes, or lower frontal area trailers (sometimes unavoidable - people like standing in trailers, that makes them tall), it is possible to reduce the energy necessary for towing, but the challenge of energy density persists.

  • Brandon Brent

    Brandon Brent

    2 måneder siden

    try towing a tesla with a tesla and just switch the towing tesla with the tesla that had been towed and charged while being towed and have perpetual energy from the coriolis effect, and tow for ever essentially.

  • Greg Oughton

    Greg Oughton

    5 måneder siden

    Im pretty sure that if you use your math leads to less range than 328 miles for a model X on the flat not towing. Does your math match up to the rated hwy range?

  • M H

    M H

    10 måneder siden

    @martinez1701a that system is bulky af thats why its only used on super big machinery like train locomotives and catepillar loaders. since normal EV's are perfectly fine for the 99% of people who only drive from their home to the office & back there's no point continuing to support fossil fuels

  • M H

    M H

    10 måneder siden

    you never mentioned the fact that electric vehicles use regenerative braking, that would significantly increase the range when going downhill with a trailer. even when going uphill or on flats you have to go downhill for short periods and brake for traffic so its worth considering (instead of using traditional brakes to slow down, generative brakes use the car's momentum to charge the battery by connecting electric generators to the wheels)

  • IroAppe


    11 måneder siden

    Riley Economically speaking, it would be better to retro-fit existing trailers. But the idea of storing energy in the trailer you tow is great! Or why not have additional batteries that you can take with you on demand? If you are towing a big trailer, you might not need all of the pickup cargo space. For professional usage, I can definitely see a usage for this, including having multiple charging stations so you can charge them in parallel to save time.

  • Matthew Onigman
    Matthew Onigman7 dager siden

    Nice try, but there are far too many assumptions in your math that lead to false conclusions. I have towed 4,800-5,000 lbs (car on a trailer, or fully loaded box trailer) with my 2018 X 100D for multiple trips frequently more than 300 miles through hilly country with a net elevation increase of about 350’. Average range was decreased by 35% with maximum of 40%. Normal range is 274 miles. The worst range I got (a lot of uphill, cold temperatures, and snow and slush on the roads) was 165 miles. Best was nearly 200 miles. Thanks to supercharging network, you can get just about anywhere in the US even on the worst range scenario. You also have to consider the torque that means no slowing uphill. The low center of gravity which means much more stable towing than with any ICE vehicle, and the regenerative braking that adds miles going downhill.

  • Matthew Onigman

    Matthew Onigman

    Dag siden

    @hétoila That is true. Personally, I drive a lot of miles, so I could no longer afford the cost of gas, oil changes and other maintenance particular to an ICE vehicle. Once you factor in all those costs into the total cost of ownership, even the model X is cheaper than any ICE vehicle after about 100k miles driven. Fewer miles, if you compare to another vehicle that can tow as much as the X can. All that aside, the video and my comment were about the towing capability. I was pointing out there were false assumptions in the video that led to incorrect conclusions.

  • hétoila


    Dag siden

    Not everyone can afford the modelx.

  • stubby2871
    stubby287112 dager siden

    Another reason is the total weight of the truck and trailer. This is why Tesla truck will have a hard time to compete against a gasoline engine. Especially in the bigger truck market it wont compete. It's the extra weight of the batteries that handicaps it. You will always be able to tow more with a gasoline or diesel engine because the truck will weigh less. It's a DOT regulation how much you can tow on the roadways. As an example a Tesla S car weighs about the same as a crew cab Ford F150.

  • Michael Hoffmann
    Michael Hoffmann20 dager siden

    Could be so informative. But crap like "trig, ew" and "(mathematics) nonsense" makes my bile rise. Maybe if we stopped treating maths like "eww" people would stop being deluded by every charlatan that comes along.

  • RobbanxC
    RobbanxC21 dag siden

    Thanks! Just as I expected. I´ll be keeping my Duramax powered Silverado for many years. :-)

  • William Goode
    William GoodeMåned siden

    So the answer is hybrid, say Prius

  • SpiceX 4K

    SpiceX 4K

    14 dager siden


  • FamiliarShadow
    FamiliarShadowMåned siden

    It was nice of you to put a trig warning in the video.

  • Robert Trask
    Robert TraskMåned siden

    Thanks for the presentation Jason. I can see it now: an option to put some extra batteries in the trailer. :-)

  • License to adventure Driving
    License to adventure DrivingMåned siden

    You've proved it with mathematics but ket us face it, those who are experts in IC engines feel threatened by EVs.

  • hétoila


    Dag siden

    Uhm youre wrong

  • Jake Lowney
    Jake LowneyMåned siden

    Great video! There are a couple of assumptions made that are not realistic to normal towing conditions. 1 mile elevation change is A LOT! The other is terrain always undulates. EV’s have regenerative braking which would increase range. The weight of the trailer could feasibly increase the amount of power regenerated during braking. It would also be better to compare the same size trailer on all models. No one maxes out their towing capacity. An F-150 comfortably tows 8000 lbs. I’d never go over that.

  • Johnny Rosenberg
    Johnny RosenbergMåned siden

    Maximum allowed speed when towing in my country is 80 km/h. Back in the day when I took my driving license (1984), it was 70 km/h.

  • Andrew Slatcki
    Andrew SlatckiMåned siden

    My additional argument: V6 and V8 engines also make cooler sounds

  • sbcontt YT
    sbcontt YTMåned siden

    This could have been explained in a much simpler way. The maths will unnecessarily scare people off. This boils down to efficiency vs power. The Tesla is highly efficient, but lacks power. A bird is much more efficient at flying than a Boeing 747. But it can not carry the weight that a 747 can. Sure you could make the bird bigger, but you can't make the battery in a Tesla any bigger. It is already big enough. Oil is highly efficient store of energy. But engines are highly inefficient. In comparison, batteries are highly inefficient storage of energy, but motors are highly efficient. Battery cars do more with less energy, but they can't actually carry much energy to begin with. Increasing efficiency will not help with towing. There needs to be a way to make better batteries. Simply looking at the work done per unit energy does not tell the whole picture. You also have to calculate work done per unit kg /per unit volume of fuel. Oil is still superior in that area (compared to battery).

  • hétoila


    Dag siden

    Stop talking nonsense, ICE have already great efficiencies and are used in millions of applications, plus gas/diesel/LPG can be stored and used to cover a longer range or for heavy duty work

  • N3D.studio
    N3D.studioMåned siden

    The F150 with 36 gallon tank and eco boost motor can travel almost 1000 miles per tank. The Cybertruck fans need to watch this and understand this before they buy if they want it to do the same as F150, which it cannot. They never discuss tow performance and this is why. 350 miles of range isn't enough, 500 miles of range isn't enough if you plan on towing. You need massive amounts of energy. They should be putting these out with 1000 plus miles of range but they can't/won't because of size, weight and cost. For people movers, electric is fine but we have a ways to go before we replace the F150.

  • Amber57499
    Amber57499Måned siden

    Not if you're towing a trailer full of batteries.

  • john hanrahan
    john hanrahanMåned siden

    "Can it tow?" "It can tow a battery. Does that count?"

  • ACER C.E.
    ACER C.E.Måned siden

    Wait until TESLA put its huge torque motors to a multiplier or gearing system as what ICE car use.

  • hétoila


    Dag siden

    It won't change nothing till the EV has more energy dense battery sorry mate

  • Bruno Ethier
    Bruno Ethier2 måneder siden

    Interesting math as aleays. ;-) It also shows that pulling a lighter, more aerodynamic trailer is perfectly possible, especially with access to the supercharger network that helps to speed up long trips.

  • RetiaryWorm471
    RetiaryWorm4712 måneder siden

    Why not compare the cyber truck with something like an f250 6.7 or a 2500HD 6.6. Something with similar horsepower and equal torque

  • hétoila


    Dag siden

    Because diesel is even better than the cybertruck, there is a reason why diesel is used in heavy duty applications

  • T. Baca
    T. Baca2 måneder siden

    To sum it up, EVs aren’t nearly as efficient as they seem or at all, period. 😅 so the 36 gallon tank of gas (at 6lbs a gallon) would weigh 216lbs total, have a density of 6lbs/gal, and contain 1200kWh of power. The model X’s battery is 106 gallons (.40meters cubed -wiki), weighs 1,377lbs (625kg -wiki), has a density of 13lbs/gal (160Wh/kg -wiki), and contains 100kWh of power. That makes the Model X’s 100kWh battery pack: 637.5% heavier than the Ford’s larger gas tank, 294% bigger than the gas tank, and 216% more dense than the tank of fuel yet the battery contains only 8.3% of the fuel tank’s power. That means to have a battery with just as much power as the 36gallon fuel tank, the battery would have to be: 7,650% heavier or 16,524lbs and 3,533% larger or 1,272gallons.

  • T. Baca

    T. Baca

    2 måneder siden

    Also I think the numbers start not lining up after you maxed out the size of the trailer based off of its max towing weight. I thought we were calculating just the power it would take to tow a load up to go camping, we should use the same size trailer (for aero and maybe even gravity because bigger would weigh more) for a fair comparison?

  • Youssuber Nfissi
    Youssuber Nfissi2 måneder siden

    He made a little mistake when calculating the straight road trip by simply just subtracting the gravity part because the road resistance depends on that angle theta so the road resistance should be recalculated for the the new scenario which makes things a bit worse actually so the same point is being made but I just wanted to point that out for anyone interested in the calculations

  • Worthrhetime
    Worthrhetime2 måneder siden

    Damnit... science... going for a Cybertruck anyway.

  • James Mancuso
    James Mancuso2 måneder siden

    So a temporary solution would be special tesla trailers. They come with battery packs that connects to the car giving that extra range. Sure it adds weight to trailer and reduces usable space. Yet you now are able to make your trip. On the plus side when batteries do get to the 3x or 4x capacity you retrofit your trailer and now have a few days of power for your camping trip.

  • jjamespacbell
    jjamespacbell2 måneder siden

    While towing in California speed limit is 55 mph

  • chumgrinder25
    chumgrinder252 måneder siden

    A good classical dynamic analysis of the towing issues. However, the principle towing issue in the real world is that the (horizontal) tow rating for a vehicle is almost never the limiting factor. Well before you exhaust that, you exhaust your payload capacity with your passengers, cargo, and the tongue weight of the trailer (approximately 13% of its gross weight). Compare the available payload (doorframe yellow sticker) of the F150 with a smaller electric vehicles, and you may discover the experiment ends before you can even hitch up the trailer. I admit I have no knowledge of the actual payload figures for the electric vehicles, but I'm guessing just from their relative size and suspension that they're not comparable.

  • Child OfGod
    Child OfGod2 måneder siden

    @EE, why do we still use the cos(0.57) on flat and downhill?

  • 雷欧在法国
    雷欧在法国2 måneder siden

    It's not such a huge difference as shown in the graphe, as you need to divide the energy by 3 for ICE car. This way you would be comparing the usable energy of both systems.

  • ModernAmericanPro
    ModernAmericanPro2 måneder siden

    Assuming a 2-3x increase in usable battery energy density is actually a huge assumption. Personally I think that it will take several decades if we do it at all.

  • Roy Thomas
    Roy Thomas2 måneder siden

    oh forgot where does this energy come from its not green coal mostly or gas gen plants

  • Roy Thomas
    Roy Thomas2 måneder siden

    when I go camping I might travel 1200+ mi and get there in 2-3 days and run a.c. or heater and not spend hrs at charging station my time off is limited also I haul campers and have to sleep in truck so need to run a.c. or heater in truck also the infrastructure is not there.

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung2 måneder siden

    I like your videos because your calculations reminds me of my middle school days when i use to compete in seconds using stop watch for correct answers. Satisfying were the days.

  • Andrew Hadgkiss
    Andrew Hadgkiss2 måneder siden

    Only issue is the f150 gets 10mpg towing a trailer not the mpg u did ur equation with.

  • vivien o
    vivien o2 måneder siden

    dude dude dudeS y'all, QUIT those idiotic imperials it's un-understandable. :'( just forget about it, like seriously.

  • kickinbackinOC
    kickinbackinOC2 måneder siden

    How do the calcs work out if: A) Your roof flies off B) Your rear bumper falls off

  • That Lonely Human
    That Lonely Human2 måneder siden

    Who else hates the idea of electric cars?

  • yambo59
    yambo592 måneder siden

    Im 61 and grew up with cars and trucks one could work on and afford let alone were fun to drive with the sweet sound and fun of performance and little if any worry of where im going to "charge up" - even if they somehow find a way to extract acceptable range and easy to find charging stations it will come at a large price and im not talking about just the cost in money. I for one am glad I got to grow up in the US car culture era where style comfort and performance were looked forward to when the new models came out, not the latest science project on wheels. Toasters are for kitchen counter tops not the highway.

  • Adrian Deiac
    Adrian Deiac2 måneder siden

    Would the electric vehicle even be able to regen downhill while towing? Wouldn't it jack knife since the trailer wouldn't brake? Sounds like an unsafe situation but I'm sure the engineers thought about it

  • Casey Kittel
    Casey Kittel3 måneder siden

    1) IMAGINE A CHARGING STRIP LANES ON MAJOR HIGHWAYS. you could drive at full speed AND charge. once you are charged you could then continue to drive using road (grid) electricity until you leave the highway. if a highways had robust charging lanes electric vehicles could have smaller battery packs, reducing cost and increasing lifespan of vehicle. 2) NOW IMAGINE MAJOR US HIGHWAYS HAVING A SOLAR FRAMEWORK OVER THE ROADWAY. if long sections of roadway are completely covered by a canopy of panels it can even reduce danger and cost relating to winter travel.

  • Kevin Cook
    Kevin Cook3 måneder siden

    So if tesla triples the batt capacity you can compete with the f-150 but you are going to spend at least 2 hrs recharging while the f-150 is going to spend less than 10 min. at the gas pump and it's on its way. By the way there is probably a gas station near the park but there won't be a supercharger.

  • Jim Graham
    Jim Graham3 måneder siden

    I was working at General Motors dealing with problems on electric fork lift trucks back in the late 1960's. Other engineers thought electric cars were just around the corner then. The biggest problem then is still the biggest problem now: batteries.

  • Tomáš Černák
    Tomáš Černák3 måneder siden

    Dude, I appreciate that you are trying to do enlightenment for BEV morons, but you have too many mistakes in your calculations. Good thing, that those morons does not understand math at all (obviously, otherwise they would be able to see, that BEV based on LI-IONS is stupidity and ecological disaster, by themselves), so they did not bash you for those mistakes in discussion. But please, do such videos twice. First video use just for error corrections and second will be fine to post on youtube.

  • Gabe Webb
    Gabe Webb3 måneder siden

    I would be better off in a Kia or Hyundai. GO GAS POWERED CARS. 😁

  • Kenneth Mandeville
    Kenneth Mandeville3 måneder siden

    What if the trailer also carried capacity to make its added weight negligible? I'm sure tesla could sell a trailer that's specifically designed for their vehicles.

  • Lorenzo Belli
    Lorenzo Belli3 måneder siden

    Good video But you should Have said that batteries are improving so fast We can literally double our energy density tomorrow

  • Dustin Williams
    Dustin Williams3 måneder siden

    Asking the important quesitons

  • nedj10
    nedj103 måneder siden

    annnnd Rivian..

  • Essy Bessy
    Essy Bessy3 måneder siden

    Rip Tesla Semi lol

  • Grassy Knoll
    Grassy Knoll3 måneder siden

    "Throw a kid in there, hell throw two kids in there" Why dont you take a seat right over there.

  • Andy J
    Andy J3 måneder siden

    I wonder how many times this has been pointed out in the 4378 existing comments. Jason, you are not a camper. You do not hook up a trailer that weighs the specified limit of your vehicle and drive the posted speed of Texas. I hope to get a Cybertruck someday. Meanwhile, I pull a 6000lb TT (with a truck spec'd at 8000lb for tow) to a max of 100km/h, but typically only 85. Perhaps redo the numbers for a real world case. Just because you upgrade to the Cybertruck does not mean you upgrade to a 7T trailer.

  • swhite209
    swhite2093 måneder siden

    1% grade, that's cute.

  • Doug Jessee
    Doug Jessee3 måneder siden

    Would love to see you revisit this with the Battery Day announcements.

  • Karim Larbi
    Karim Larbi3 måneder siden

    Hey, you should make a video on energy density of batteries, my understanding is that lithium ion batteries are very hard to improve much further and a tech breakthrough ( i.e. different battery type) would be needed to get improvements like 2X

  • Cherry Garcia
    Cherry Garcia3 måneder siden

    I’m with you on almost all of it (I hope) but it sounds like your saying that the rolling resistance alone is greater going downhill than he force of gravity, so you would have to pull the trailer down a hill? Like I said maybe I’m missing something but I would think you can just ride the breaks all the way down right? What am I missing lol

  • lilmikemikesix
    lilmikemikesix3 måneder siden

    What if they made trailers with Batteries or Generators?

  • Mike Brumell
    Mike Brumell3 måneder siden

    I'm 224lbs (I'll try to lose weight) that leaves 226lbs for my wife, daughter, dog and clothing. Not exactly accurate for current western standards. Our next car will be electric, but our truck will remain an ICE. Great video.

  • Florin Arjocu
    Florin Arjocu3 måneder siden

    Improving batteries 200-300% is possible in the future, but then you also have to charge a 400-600 kwh battery on the road, I guess that it is not a lot of fun. We'll see how future looks like.

  • justincase
    justincase4 måneder siden

    F 150 with a 9500 trailer gets aprox 9-10 mpg ( 3.5l ecoboost) so re fuel round trip 20- 22 gallons

  • Johnny Scythe
    Johnny Scythe4 måneder siden

    This guy looks and sounds like Beto ORourke.

  • akshay
    akshay4 måneder siden

    It would have been better if the calculation for cybertruck would have used the same amount of trailer weight as the model x to keep things consistent

  • Gyppor
    Gyppor4 måneder siden

    A 2008 Ford F-150 has a drag coefficient of 0.4! A boxy camper trailer will probably have a significantly higher drag coefficient. It unfortunately makes our current EV numbers look even worse.

  • CHian
    CHian4 måneder siden

    energy density lower in electric cars???? But more energy for the same size vehicle??? More range??? Same size?? weight doesn't matter if you have more energy, more range. Common sense

  • azchris1979
    azchris19794 måneder siden

    Why would it take energy to go down the mountain? In an ICE truck you are on the brakes. Would power steering and brakes really take a lot of energy?

  • cv tamata
    cv tamata4 måneder siden

    i hate imperial

  • Harry Cee
    Harry Cee4 måneder siden

    Tow a trail of batteries.

  • A P
    A P4 måneder siden

    On the flat travel scenario, you didn't adjust the rolling resistance... So the energy required would be even bigger...

  • DelPer10
    DelPer104 måneder siden

    U make me think about the rotary range extender

  • Hawk of the North
    Hawk of the North4 måneder siden

    I just learned that Consumers Energy is charging me $240.00 for 45 gallons worth 1548 kWh of Gasoline. Which would have given me 101 gallons if I were to buy it myself.... So the electric company is really putting the shaft on its customers... Unless I am missing something here.

  • Søren Holm
    Søren Holm5 måneder siden

    Please correct me if I'm wrong .... At 13:40 ....... you include the total energy in the gasoline in the calculation. That is wrong because much of the energy end up as heat in the engine. The fact that EVs does not convert the battery capacity to heat is where is efficiency comes from.

  • Søren Holm
    Søren Holm5 måneder siden

    *Any* vehicle will get it's range reduced by some amount while towing a camper. The difference is that gasoline engined usually run 800 km on a full tank, so they can afford the reduction whereas EVs that run 400 km on a full charge cannot.

  • Nick Nicholas
    Nick Nicholas5 måneder siden

    E=MC2 *

  • gehtgoogle nixan
    gehtgoogle nixan5 måneder siden

    why not putting a generator in the trailer? for camping in the wilds a generator always needed and since u cant load ur car when u arrived there u need it anyways.

  • Nirav Sheth
    Nirav Sheth5 måneder siden

    Im not a math genius like you but if we are comparing f-150 with 23 gallons to cybertrucks. Without a trailer, cybertruck is able to go farther therefore it is more efficient. Won't the efficiency of both trucks be impacted equally using the same trailer? So the f-150 will face the same issues as cybertruck. This doesn't take away from the fact that f-150 can easily place a larger gas tank to increase the range but that doesn't take away from the fact that trucks are extremely inefficient.

  • TheJackOfEverything
    TheJackOfEverything5 måneder siden

    Damnit its a system, compare the whole system to compare efficiency, don't be scared to say it..... be a real engineer. You have to include power conversion losses. The gas motor burns its fuel directly. how many losses prior to charging and including storing, and I'm not talking about government subsidies or "free" tax payer funded charging, because rest assured that wont last forever.

  • Charging Forward
    Charging Forward5 måneder siden

    Can you please do this with FCEV?

  • John Smith
    John Smith5 måneder siden

    How do you charge your Cyber truck in the woods?

  • muhmad dshle
    muhmad dshle5 måneder siden

    God bless you

  • WolfJay 123
    WolfJay 1235 måneder siden

    Could u do something with diesels

  • Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop Instrumentals
    Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop Instrumentals5 måneder siden

    So let me get this straight... You say that tesla has less energy capacity but a good range.. And then you start calculating the amount of energy for uphill drive. (with 75mph) which you very well know the drag from air is proporcional with the square of the speed. (who would do uphill with 75mph in thr first place) But anyway your calculations of energy mean nothing when you compare it to gasoline cars since they do not get more than 35 % efficiency... I dont think the problem is that simple as you think it is... And by the way, Force x distance equal to Moment "kNm". What you want to write is Force x Deltax (the difference in distance) and that actually equals to WORK not energy...

  • Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop Instrumentals
    Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop Instrumentals5 måneder siden

    Yoo Energy is not equal to force x distance... That is Work "W" .. At least thats how I remember it..

  • Charlene Leith-Bushey
    Charlene Leith-Bushey5 måneder siden

    The atlas has more tourque than a semi truck

  • adoism
    adoism5 måneder siden

    What if the trailer has battery?

  • adoism
    adoism5 måneder siden

    What if the trailer has battery?

  • AutoBez 313
    AutoBez 3135 måneder siden

    E = F x D got it 🚗 🚘

  • TheSleepyWeasel
    TheSleepyWeasel6 måneder siden

    13:51 The tank size is only relevant to refueling cost if you're draining and refilling the entire 36 gallons. For the purposes of this trip, or any other trip consuming 23 gallons or less, the money spent topping off when you get home is the same. You're carrying an extra 13 gallons of potential energy, call it a "reserve", but you didn't use it for this trip.

  • altgenesis
    altgenesis6 måneder siden

    You can have a 200 kwh battery on your trailer or even a 300 kwh battery.

  • Dan Elgaard
    Dan Elgaard6 måneder siden

    I'm soooooo glad, I stuck along the entire video - very well explained,

  • Leo T
    Leo T6 måneder siden

    How about putting a Tesla power wall battery 🔋 on the trailer ????? Plug it into the Tesla vehicle when towing?? Just a thought

  • Safa Akbatur
    Safa Akbatur6 måneder siden

    You can not be an engineer i am not a tesla fan but your calculations are wrong. how come you dont consider the energy efficiency of the gasoline vehicle when climbing. According to your EPA ratings on the board it is almost as five times less efficient than tesla cybertruck. in a normal flat road if the cybertruck is doing 500 miles with 200 kw battery then it is consuming 0.40 kw.h/miles but F150 is doing 684 miles with 1200kw.h energy stored then F150 is consuming 1.75kw.h/miles. that is almost 5 times as inefficient as tesla cybertruck. Besides you assume to much things for your calculations which can really affect your results with a little bit deviation.

  • richacoll1
    richacoll16 måneder siden

    Great entertainment but let’s assume the cybertruck has more than 200kw. Otherwise aside from off-roading which it’s geometry is good for, why would they bother..............? That’s a question!

  • Michael Crites
    Michael Crites6 måneder siden

    "We just aren't quite there yet" Laughs in Cummins

  • Alex Cumbers
    Alex Cumbers6 måneder siden

    Hi, thanks for all the great videos! Could you do a video on the upcoming Tesla Semi along with its ability at towing 80,000Lbs. So what size battery would that require to go 500 miles?

  • shadowboy813
    shadowboy8136 måneder siden

    @10:00 It's also not including if you want to actually go home. I doubt there are any Tesla charging ports in the mountains.

  • Ryan Jardee

    Ryan Jardee

    18 dager siden

    @Matthew Favre Doesn’t do me any good if I want to boondock somewhere or go on an overland expedition.

  • Lorenzo Belli

    Lorenzo Belli

    3 måneder siden

    You just need electricity to charge it A normal socket would di it

  • Matthew Favre

    Matthew Favre

    4 måneder siden

    Many campsites have 30 or 50 amp connections. Could easily charge with adapters, alternating with camper as AC is needed.

  • DynacomDave
    DynacomDave6 måneder siden

    Very interesting and very well done. Unfortunately, I don't believe that the good news is really that good. I've made numerous trips with my boat and trailer between Milwaukee and Minneapolis (not uncommon around here) which is a distance of over 300 miles. Even a three fold improvement in battery performance would not be enough.

  • Media Boost
    Media Boost6 måneder siden

    Yoo!! 🔥👀🔥 So there’s a problem with the Cybertruck range being drastically reduced when towing. But what if the trailer had solar panels on top of it which also charge the Cybertruck while driving? AND!! What if the trailer had batteries on the bottom section of it and it actually powered the wheels of the trailer, all seamlessly integrated with the acceleration pedal in the Cybertruck!! 🤯👀🔥🚀 I mean think about it!! That giant trailer has PLENTY of room at the bottom to fit the drivetrain of the Cybertruck!!! 👀🤔

  • Media Boost

    Media Boost

    6 måneder siden

    OK Engineering Explained this needs to be your next video!!! ☝🏼️☝🏼️

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith6 måneder siden

    What if there was an electric trailer? As in, a portion of the trailer was extra battery? An inelegant idea until energy density of batteries improves.

  • Big Oof
    Big Oof6 måneder siden

    I'm sorry, but your entire video became worthless the moment you assumed a speed of 120 kmh. That's an INSANE speed for someone not only towing something but also driving uphill. Try again at 70 or 80 kmh, which I think would be much more realistic ;)

  • Pawel Rzymkiewicz
    Pawel Rzymkiewicz7 måneder siden

    I can easily see a new trailer market emerging with a built-in battery packs :-)

  • Garry Iwankow
    Garry Iwankow7 måneder siden

    Great video , until they can improve battery storage it will continue to be a problem , also main problems lithium supply and damage it is doing overseas , we seem to be blind to the damage to the environment are we not , not on our turf so ok ??? Like Germany found out can't ban gas powered as infrastructure not there to support large volumes of electric cars ? will be nice if you cover those points in future video's

  • The Huguenot
    The Huguenot7 måneder siden

    Hope you talk about rivian electric trucks someday.

  • Colton Rainey
    Colton Rainey7 måneder siden

    Please correct me if I'm missing something, but I believe there is a mistake. Did you remember to take into consideration that large truck ICEs are only ~25-35% efficient to begin with due to thermal losses while EV motors are >80% efficient. So the practical kWh that you start with for both should be much closer between the EV and ICE than the numbers you used. The EVs still may have more difficulty towing due to lower range to begin with, but this video makes it seem like adding towing weight affects EVs more than it affects ICEs. I don't understand why that would be the case. Any difference between the EV and ICE would already be accounted for in normal driving conditions.

  • Colton Rainey

    Colton Rainey

    6 måneder siden

    @Safa Akbatur That is correct. F-150 is about five times less efficient due to the nature of being an internal combustion engine. That's why the ranges are similar despite the F-150 storing so much more energy in the form of gas. For some reason he does not consider this efficiency when doing the calculation for towing uphill. To be clear I think he is a smart guy, but this video in particular has a mistake that defeats the whole claim he is making.

  • Safa Akbatur

    Safa Akbatur

    6 måneder siden

    According to his EPA ratings on the board F150 is almost as five times less efficient than tesla cybertruck. in a normal flat road if the cybertruck is doing 500 miles with 200 kw battery then it is consuming 0.40 kw.h/miles but F150 is doing 684 miles with 1200kw.h energy stored then F150 is consuming 1.75kw.h/miles. that is almost 5 times as inefficient as tesla cybertruck. How come he missed that as an engineer. I doubt that he has an engineer degree.