Why Inline 6 Cylinders Are Better Than V6 Engines - A Comeback Story


How engine downsizing saved the inline six-cylinder, and why companies like Mercedes are switching from V6 to Inline 6 cylinder engines. Inline six cylinders have many advantages over a V6 engine.
The Mercedes M256 engine is the result of a feel-good engine-downsizing story. You read that correctly, engine downsizing has in fact brought back a very popular engine style to the Mercedes line-up. Since inline four-cylinders are becoming more and more popular, creating an engine variant with two additional cylinders lopped on is a great idea from a production standpoint. But not only does it save on cost, inline-six cylinders have many advantages versus V6 engines. Check out the video for a full breakdown of the differences.
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  • Jo Poveromo
    Jo PoveromoDag siden

    “What’s cool about it” is when it breaks and it costs 2 grand because nobody but Mercedes wants to fix it

  • Arne Polli
    Arne Polli2 dager siden

    Generator in german is also Generator. i also dont know why they call it that way

  • Zach Reynolds
    Zach Reynolds2 dager siden

    inline 6es are the definition of balance and smoothness. i wish i6s were even more common now. i'm hesitant to move towards downsized engines in trucks but if the 3.5 ecoboost was an inline i'd be a little more open 😍

  • Rangatiratūmeke
    Rangatiratūmeke3 dager siden

    Does Mercedes pass the cost savings on to the customer? I doubt it?

  • Tim Whiskerd
    Tim Whiskerd3 dager siden

    Super sophisticated power - boost systems and a gear box that’s mixing porridge. Ha Ha , more expensive rubbish coming out of Stuttgart from the super high-level specialists.

  • z
    z4 dager siden

    Wish some more inline 5 were made, these are fun

  • JAMES T. not kirk
    JAMES T. not kirk4 dager siden

    Atleast the boxer 4's can sound decent!

  • WPXTacoMan477
    WPXTacoMan4774 dager siden

    A disadvantage to inlines is troubleshooting , two banks makes engine troubleshooting much easier

  • D-S-L L
    D-S-L L5 dager siden

    In line 5 is enough to push SUV, Jeep, Minivan. In line 6 may be too long, better on pick up.

  • Avery Loinette
    Avery Loinette5 dager siden

    Dude this is about to be in the new Mazda’s

  • Nik Gnashers
    Nik Gnashers6 dager siden

    The B58 engine in my M140i is a masterpiece of engineering, very strong, very reliable, smooth, and efficient.

  • 2s4you 2s4you
    2s4you 2s4you7 dager siden

    It's a dirt cheap car...in my eyes. In NL I become an 1991 cc 4-cilinder 155 kW (211 pk) for € 118.350 (144.682 USD). Thus, no double sunroof, no 9G-Tronic transmission, no beautiful sound of I 6-cylinder engine, etc. Don't cry, my over Atlantic bro...just go and buy this car, drive him nicely and after 3 years sel him to Europe for 110 K USD

  • ACPushkin
    ACPushkin7 dager siden

    It's a real shame that they reduced the cylinder diameter, because with the old size they really had a lot of experience. I mean, Germans have been boring at 88mm for about 80 years! :-P

  • Initial D Style
    Initial D Style9 dager siden

    "4 cylinders dont make as cool sounds" [cuts to a 4AGE at full throttle]

  • Cameron Poole
    Cameron Poole12 dager siden

    None of this is remotely exciting. Too much technology and as a result - unreliability, for daily use.

  • Vincent Vignola
    Vincent Vignola12 dager siden

    The mild hybrid system and the electric supercharger are cool, but I don't agree with merc benz on the electric water pump and AC compressor. Just more motors to break imo, and converting mechanical power to electrical then back to mechanical is less efficient than ideal. I dont think it's really that hard to have a crank driven water pump. The engine still has to have cam timing, so whats stopping the engineers from having a beefier timing chain to drive the accessories?

  • rob pond
    rob pond12 dager siden

    Still have 225 6 cyl

  • Ivan Poljić
    Ivan Poljić13 dager siden

    Bla bla bla .....

  • Jean-Francois Ridel
    Jean-Francois Ridel13 dager siden

    I wish you make such informative content on farm tractor transmissions.

  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen14 dager siden


  • Chris Daigle
    Chris Daigle15 dager siden

    Then say "MB" instead of Mercedes?

  • DEVUNK88
    DEVUNK8815 dager siden

    Meh... Not a VR6

  • JW Kokkelink
    JW Kokkelink16 dager siden

    The lane tracking steering issue that is mentioned is the mercedes way of making sure you are still paying attention, this minor tugging on the wheel is the MB check that you are still there and paying attention. I have a MB with the same system and once you're used to it is a fantastic setup. Once a month I have to drive 170 miles, have a karate training and drive back another 170 miles, in the past I would be burned out at the end of the day because of the focused driving required, now with the distronic (keeping distance between you and the car in front) and the lane keeping assist I am completely relaxed after the same trip, just because you don't have to concentrate as much while driving, the car takes care of the mundane part of the trip (keeping distance and staying in your lane).

  • ollie fox
    ollie fox16 dager siden

    Check out the Ford falcons from Australia. The barra straight six is awesome and damn reliable

  • Karen Bailey
    Karen Bailey17 dager siden

    Loved the video and really interesting insights into incorporation of modest electronic componentry to make a real performance improvement. But I think you forgot to mention the coolest thing about in-line sixes : the fact they have 7 crankshaft bearings, one either side of each conrod! More than a V8, more than a V10, the same as a V12. This makes the robustness of the crank up for amazing boost (just like the in-line 4’s you mention, which have 5 mains for 4 cylinders, but difficulties with balance)! Please keep the reviews coming!

  • WCGwkf
    WCGwkf17 dager siden

    Sounds like a car that will hit the scrap yard in 10 years or less due to the cost of repair totalling it out. Cool engineering though

  • James Coll
    James Coll17 dager siden

    BMW K1600. But that’s not a car engine...

  • JH H
    JH H18 dager siden

    V6 in terms of a design still has many advantages over an inline 6 - much more compact, you can fit it in pretty much any engine bay - short width and length of the engine makes the engine much more rigid which means you can safely produce more power from the engine - better weight distribution (lower CGI and shorter) - more torque @ high rpm - since it’s a very flexible engine, it could be cheaper to buy and maintain than an inline 6 because manufacturers can use them in most of their cars in their lineup which will means that the engine is highly mass produced which cuts down price and well proven which makes them more reliable Disadvantages v6 have over inline 6 - needs counterweights to run smoothly - harder to maintain - inline 4s are becoming a popular engine due to strict emissions, you can’t make a v6 out of an inline 4, but you can make a inline 6 out of an inline 4. - V6s are more expensive to make and less reliable than an inline 6 - worse low end torque

  • Andrew SUN
    Andrew SUN18 dager siden

    Great breakdown!

  • Ben Intentional
    Ben Intentional18 dager siden

    My GS300 with the NA2jz is the smoothest power train. Inline 6 life.

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo19 dager siden

    Don't forget BMW's inline-6.

  • Sailor Dave
    Sailor Dave19 dager siden

    Toyota and Nissan use to make some good inline 6

  • Bket007
    Bket00719 dager siden

    nice video but you are stress and not happy hehehehe :)

  • Pal Hein-Reim
    Pal Hein-Reim25 dager siden

    You lost me when you characterize the benefit of the V8 as ‘sound’. Kid, you may have math skills, but you have a ‘soul’ deficit. Stick to things you understand!

  • Wojciech Czupta
    Wojciech Czupta25 dager siden

    yep, but long stroke changes engine characteristics. it comes at a cost as well...

  • Haris Mesic
    Haris Mesic25 dager siden

    Engineers "How can we piss off mechanics this time?" Mechanics " Sir, replacing the alternator will cost you around $2000 because it is located in the transmission now" Customer " What? Why? Who does that?"

  • Big Dad
    Big Dad27 dager siden

    So also explain why flat 6s are better than Inline 6s ? Like in a Porsche!

  • Zeek Wolfe
    Zeek WolfeMåned siden

    Tell about engines, not direct an oechestra with your right hand.

  • Milannekuhh
    MilannekuhhMåned siden

    BMW almost only uses inline 6'es... Name something better than sounds like an i6, norhing, not even a V10 of V12... Shoutout to S55 and B58 😂

  • Michael Packard
    Michael PackardMåned siden

    Alternator is Generator in german ....

  • Alex Hall
    Alex HallMåned siden

    From someone who bought his first inline 6, I am now a believer.

  • Doctor Boy
    Doctor BoyMåned siden

    G stands for Gas chamber.

    ZEEKUPPMåned siden

    I don't think I would want to fight with the steering wheel.

    ZEEKUPPMåned siden

    I don't care for the appearance of the car.

  • Nebula Infinite
    Nebula InfiniteMåned siden

    Lol u know what the funny part is...that 10-15 year old 4.0 v6 will outlast any new Mercedes😂

  • Imran A
    Imran AMåned siden

    Imagine the next ford GT doubles down on the smaller engine and gets an I6 in there

  • akesha4138
    akesha4138Måned siden

    Insanely expensive, ridiculous pricing, buy a Lexus instead.

  • K L
    K LMåned siden

    German engines arel with turbos are phenomenal for sort period, but junk in long run especially in cold climate. My personal experience with 2 turbo charged V8 BMW 750 !

  • detroitbluesguy
    detroitbluesguyMåned siden

    who will fix it?

  • Faggot Rotten
    Faggot RottenMåned siden

    I would hate the own this Mercedes Waste of money, ugly, and too much tech(millenial wet dream fallacy)

  • Ron Ducote
    Ron DucoteMåned siden

    9:29 Why I can't stand automatic transmissions with more than 4 gears + OD!!!!!

  • Joshua Eckhardt
    Joshua EckhardtMåned siden

    There's this cool car company called BMW.....

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme
    RC Hobbyist ExtremeMåned siden

    6cylinder engines were designed for torque, not hp. Tractors and work trucks all have 6 cylinder engines for a reason. The v6 engines have the hp but less torque. 4 cylinder engines are for economy and have no place in this world unless its a Subaru boxer engine.

  • Trey Praduktionz
    Trey PraduktionzMåned siden

    Tru point bruh. More working space n less parts, I like that 💯🔥

  • Koby Mathews
    Koby MathewsMåned siden

    Alternator translates the generator in German lol

  • Danny Wohl
    Danny WohlMåned siden

    Just recently bought a 1991 190E with 2.6 liter and inline 6 cylinder

  • Dan Man
    Dan ManMåned siden

    Overpriced euro junk!

  • François Ouellette
    François OuelletteMåned siden

    BMW has been using I6 engines for about 60 years :-)

  • Flipeecup’s Stuff
    Flipeecup’s StuffMåned siden

    pertnolally i like the inline engine more than inline engine

  • Felix The Cat
    Felix The CatMåned siden

    More torque...

  • Martin Marusinec
    Martin MarusinecMåned siden

    ...R6 is better in everything, except reliability....

  • One Good Turn Gets Most Of The Blanket
    One Good Turn Gets Most Of The BlanketMåned siden

    Excessive German engineering is impressive no doubt - right up to the $5K cost to replace a seal beam.

  • Destin5
    Destin5Måned siden

    Drive the E53. Same motor, way faster and 4matic

  • Destin5
    Destin5Måned siden

    Mercedes calls it ISG and says the word alternator because there's no drive belt so the ISG must charge the 48volt system as well as help propel the vehicle with EQ boost via the same ISG unit

  • sadietz100
    sadietz100Måned siden

    Having had a few V6 Mercedes and now an Inline 6 (but not with the ISG), I find the inline 6 to be inferior. It's not as smooth running, and acceleration lags a little bit more, giving a less smooth feeling power curve.

  • DeAndre Clarke
    DeAndre ClarkeMåned siden

    More 2JZ like engines capable of insane power💯I don’t mind

  • Dennis Parker
    Dennis ParkerMåned siden

    I have a couple of inline sixes 65 falcon 3.3 liter 200 cid 69 Rambler 3.3 199 cid they make about 200 h.p. give or take but the best inline is the ford 300 hands down building one soon for the falcon . The 200 and 199 cams are custom ground . Webber carbs and electronic ignition.

  • Don Xeon
    Don XeonMåned siden

    The $100,000 dollar piece of crap !

  • 10tenman10
    10tenman10Måned siden

    The V6 was mostly just to save space, no.

  • Kipembawe Msekwa
    Kipembawe MsekwaMåned siden

    I love this channel, 🙌🙌

  • Ready Teddy
    Ready TeddyMåned siden

    I used google translate to translate integrated starter alternator from English to German, and I got integrierte Startergenerator. The world alternator is not really a technical term. It is more of a marketing name. The technical term would be something along the lines of "an alternating current generator and a bridge rectifier." To make the description more precise, you might say "the bridge rectifier, which uses large silicon diodes, converts alternating current from the generator to direct current that is used to charge the battery and to supply direct current electrical various devices in the car." Or, for short, one could just say "AC generator with bridge rectifier." The thing that is called "an alternator" is not really one device, it is really 2 devices.I would not be surprised if, in German, the word "alternator" is not used.

  • Laing Mckella
    Laing MckellaMåned siden

    Online 6 bmw bread and butter

  • Ready Teddy
    Ready TeddyMåned siden

    Usually I am not at all sad about engine downsizing. My 1934 Chrysler Airflow gets 115 horsepower out of a 5.3 liter engine. My 2015 Honda Fit gets 130 horsepower out of a 1.5 liter engine. I am happy about this. Why? the 1.5 liter engine, despite its smaller size, has a longer life, weighs less, and has a greater power to weight ratio. I can't think of any reason to be sad about this.

  • Dillon Fortenberry
    Dillon FortenberryMåned siden

    you talk too much. shutup show the engines.

  • Faustin Gashakamba
    Faustin GashakambaMåned siden

    So that glorified pump in your car has more power than my motorbike? That's crazy when you think about it!

  • Don farlan
    Don farlanMåned siden

    its better to run motor upside down it dont have to lift the fuel into combustion

  • TheSaltyPigeon
    TheSaltyPigeonMåned siden

    He went the entire video without even mentioning the legendary Jeep 4.0

  • Iain Smith
    Iain SmithMåned siden

    I'm English and I have never had car that wasn't a 4 cylinder.

  • Jeff
    JeffMåned siden

    Nobody wants to wrench on that car!

  • Joe's Shows
    Joe's ShowsMåned siden

    Cost savings...car costs $100k...🤷‍♂️

  • Steven Seagal
    Steven Seagal2 måneder siden

    Ford Barra inline 6?????

  • B
    B2 måneder siden

    Laughs in BMW.

  • Bradofwar
    Bradofwar2 måneder siden

    I love my M140i, an epic in-line 6 with a brilliant automatic!

  • Matthew Bittenbender
    Matthew Bittenbender2 måneder siden

    BMW in-line 6s are the best at what they do. 50 years of history there and they haven’t really moved on from their basic block. I do think that they stand to learn a thing jr two from Mercedes in 4 cylinders tho.

  • pcat1000
    pcat10002 måneder siden

    In this world where computers control how windows go up and down, just give me the music of a V8 and I'll live with the gas mileage. We don't want added complexity of electric motors and MORE computers. We have to pay the repair bill when all this George Jetson crap stops working.

  • Domingo De Anda
    Domingo De Anda2 måneder siden

    Has that Mercedes been driving over 100,000 miles? After these cars get old, most people junk them because repairs cost so much.

  • Joey Mormann
    Joey Mormann2 måneder siden

    It’s like you’re repeatedly smacking me in the face with your non meaningful gesticulations.

  • Joey Mormann
    Joey Mormann2 måneder siden

    Bad Theeengs!

  • Joey Mormann
    Joey Mormann2 måneder siden

    Deown sizeen.. okay Mark Rober.

  • Jordan Winders
    Jordan Winders2 måneder siden

    A bearing between every cylinder helps. Makes them very durable.

  • Alex S
    Alex S2 måneder siden

    It sounds like the next gen Mazda 6 might get an in-line 6.

  • J Kent
    J Kent2 måneder siden


  • Simon Hall
    Simon Hall2 måneder siden

    First rule for driving a Mercedes: don't talk about Mercedes. I would be very surprised if I'm the first person to make this terrible joke but I didn't check. My apologies.

  • Matt Bonneville
    Matt Bonneville2 måneder siden

    The 3L I6 in my 128i just stomps the my old Alfa GTV6 2.5 V6, but the Alfa sounded much better. Had a nice snarl to it.

  • Teo P
    Teo P2 måneder siden

    As soon as I heard "Electric... Electric... Electric..." and Mercedes in the same sentence... I stopped watching. 🤣😂🤣

  • Neutron Alchemist
    Neutron Alchemist2 måneder siden

    Yeah. Tell to the Alfa V6, 540hp from 2.9 litres, that inline six are better. What you are talking of are downward compromises to save manufacturing costs (Mercedes' buyers in particular should be happy to know that the brand made those compromises to save costs, shouldn't they? It's an economic brand after all...). A long stroke engine is limited in its rev, and the six crankpins required by an inline six reduces the rigidity of the cranckshaft. Performance-wise, the I6 will always be inferior to the V6. To bolt on an electric engine to a gasoline one to make up for its defects doesn't improve the architecture. You can bolt on electric engines to every gasoline one, not only to I6 ones.

  • New Vintage
    New Vintage2 måneder siden

    That has the ugliest engine bay

  • John Wick
    John Wick2 måneder siden

    What about the VR6 I thought that was a good engine and if you turbo charger it will make some good horse power

  • Hunter Widner
    Hunter Widner2 måneder siden

    Reads title of video....cries in 3.8 genesis coupe

  • RedfishCarolina
    RedfishCarolina2 måneder siden

    Inline 6's aren't too long. Modern engine bays are to marfarkin small.