Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems


Why Are Car Makers Still Developing Internal Combustion Engines?
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Why are car manufacturers still improving and spending money on combustion engines in the year 2020? Should all development research be going into electric cars and electric vehicle technology? Unfortunate news if you think ICE transportation is going away in the near future to be solely replaced by electric vehicles (EVs).
The internal combustion engine is still incredibly relevant today, and can still use further improvements in order to reduce global emissions. In this video we'll discuss scientific issues facing electric cars, environmental problems with ditching combustion engine research, how cost impacts customer decisions and manufacturer profits, and ultimately how consumer choice plays a large role in this industry. If you've ever wondered why combustion engines are still being developed, this video breaks down all the details.
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  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasilDag siden

    3:00 You then need to divide the number of cans by the increased efficiency of the IM over the ICE. So from 15% to 90%, ie about 4x. So take away 3/4 of all the cans and then we have a valid comparison, or else divide 13 by about 4 and we get about 3. So after efficiency is taken into account, gasoline is about 3x more energy dense. So you are carrying more weight of battery around with you, that's true, and gasoline weighs less the emptier the tank gets, but then you also have to subtract the fact that an ICE itself weighs in at around a quarter of a ton, whereas an IM weighs around 30kg. You can basically pick up an IM. Good luck picking up an ICE unless you are a top level Olympic weight lifter. Also video made in 2018 and battery tech is in its infancy, the equivalent of the Model T Ford in 1925. Even in 2021 battery density has improved.

  • Ranger Smith
    Ranger SmithDag siden

    Would everyone who thinks IC vehicles are awful and should be purged from existence please watch this video.

  • John Hanek
    John Hanek2 dager siden

    We already have anti-grav devices. What a shame the Elite that run this planet would rather poison our Earth mother cuz there's more money in doing that. With a/g we don't even need roads!

  • Cryptopolis
    Cryptopolis2 dager siden

    That's why there's no storage space in a Tesla..... Oh, wait.... Ahh, fuggeddaboudit!

  • Dario D'Aversa
    Dario D'Aversa2 dager siden

    I had to pause to laugh at how you said "pamplemousse" ... aha... I wish I could like this twice.

  • Vasco Ribeiro
    Vasco Ribeiro2 dager siden

    Then will come the taxes to destroy everything...

  • Vasco Ribeiro
    Vasco Ribeiro2 dager siden

    There is a limit for battery energy density...because you then need to deal with amperage...and don´t want to burn your battery /car

  • John Hutson
    John Hutson3 dager siden

    Interesting info, but too many ads and an annoying voice. Sorry, I won't be coming back.

  • Broderick Lesher
    Broderick Lesher3 dager siden

    it's ironic since just a few months from when this video was made, Tesla stock skyrocketed, I'm sure GM, Ford and others aren't laughing now

  • Kevin Olesik
    Kevin Olesik3 dager siden

    The energy triangle : CHEAP , ABUNDANT , CLEAN - you can only have 2 of these together at once ...

  • Dave Paturno
    Dave Paturno3 dager siden

    What was not mentioned was hybrids and their share of the overall market. Reliable hybrids like Toyota/Lexus have done very well, sales-wise for good reason. Most are more reliable overall than Tesla models, so overall cost over many years can be lower. Our RX400h is now 15+ years old and has never had any non-maintenence expenses. Hybrids make financial and practical sense for anyone, not just those with their own house and solar panels.

  • Pete Curran
    Pete Curran3 dager siden

    La what....??!

  • Political Foolishness
    Political Foolishness3 dager siden

    This is an excellent video - extremely well done with it's comparisons that can speak to people that can't grasp technical comparisons using specifications.

  • Iggy's Friend
    Iggy's Friend4 dager siden

    One thing you've forgotten to allow for is that Lihtium-Ion batteries cannot be completely discharged. They will always have approximately 20% residual charge left in them when flat. So you'll need 20% more than the 139 cans, or 167 cans to equal 1 galon of gas.

  • Matt Bolt
    Matt Bolt4 dager siden

    I was in Italy and hired a methanol car. Seems in interesting fuel source! Could you do a video on methanol? Not methanol electric fuel cells. Just plain methanol in a combustion engine.

  • Harold Snipes
    Harold Snipes4 dager siden

    Most of the power grid is maxed out! So how are we going to use dirty electrical power our vehicles if we convert.? Plus the pollution to make the ev’s is terrible so we lose if we win!

    A NORMAL POKÉ BALL4 dager siden

    In China, they're investing in swappable batteries because they know the limitations of batteries.

  • Robert Ketter
    Robert Ketter4 dager siden

    I didn't actually Watch... more like skimmed through video... But I give you a thumbs up because you sound so convincing. :)

  • Roger Alsop
    Roger Alsop5 dager siden

    This is sense.

  • Udoka Festus
    Udoka Festus5 dager siden

    Dude all countries have started banning Ice. Your video didn't age very well.

  • chrisw443
    chrisw4435 dager siden

    in most countries around the world are outlawing combustion engines in less than 10 years. So yea, they're gonna be illegal so thats a good way to die quick. lmao. Also gasoline is wasted, most of the energy used by gas is wasted by getting the engine going, not actually having the engine move the wheels. Batteries are almost 100 percent used to move wheels.

  • jalpat 22

    jalpat 22

    3 dager siden

    if you mean most are 1st world country then you have no idea.

  • Dave Underwood
    Dave Underwood5 dager siden

    I always liked the idea of using water as fuel.

  • HITitandQUITit
    HITitandQUITit5 dager siden

    first you have to factor all the special mining and stuff involved in making the batteries. EV vehicles have a long way to go to be not only practical and efficient but more friendly to the environment also.

  • Aviation Whys
    Aviation Whys5 dager siden

    You forgot to talk about battery life/replacement. Battery cars need new batteries every 7-9 years, a well looked after combustion engine keeps on going. Cost savings winner... Combustion engine.

  • ygg drasil

    ygg drasil

    Dag siden

    Depends on the type and make of battery

  • R093R
    R093R5 dager siden

    Wtf is Jesse

  • dhincks1
    dhincks15 dager siden

    Some unknowns. Government regulation. Possible ending or reducing oil subsidies. The result would be $8 to $10 a gallon or more for fossil fuel. Increase battery power density and substantial cost lowering. And much cleaner air in cities. Again an informed public could vote internal combustion engines off the road or substantial licensing fees to operate. What I do know about the future is I don't know. But evidence is showing Europe, Japan & China want the internal combustion engines off the road between 2025 & 2030.

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson5 dager siden

    Electric cars suck. The end.

  • Bill Schlosser
    Bill Schlosser5 dager siden

    FYI: The future is NOT Electric cars. It will be a fad until the Left realize that batteries don't last for ever and disposing of them causes more issues than IC engines do.

  • Frank Gutowski
    Frank Gutowski6 dager siden

    Hmmm. I seem to recall the 13:1 energy storage capacity of gasoline:batteries being mentioned in about 2008.

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe
    IvanPlayStation4LiFe6 dager siden

    this video makes zero sense he does not talk about the weight the car engine is plus the transmission all the fluids

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe
    IvanPlayStation4LiFe6 dager siden

    yet ev dont have ice engine that weight too much the front is empty no weight

  • John H
    John H6 dager siden

    This makes sense assuming autonomous EV technology won't progress, which we all know it obviously will. Autonomous EV's are a disruptive technology like the iphone and so I'm not surprised a lot of people still underestimate this technology.

  • Christian Pearson

    Christian Pearson

    3 dager siden

    that argument is old and the analogy is not the same.Ive yet to see a ev fanatic come up with a good ananlogy when talking about going from petrol to electric. It could happen but not guaranteed.

  • Jaatinen 75
    Jaatinen 756 dager siden

    I used to drive electric forklift back in 2006 and i liked it. the battery is still the weakest link.

  • Ted Phillips
    Ted Phillips6 dager siden

    So how many coal-fired electric plants will need to be built to provide the additional energy through combustion and transmission inefficiencies needed to recharge all these projected electric vehicles ? Electric vehicles appeal to the "not in my backyard" crowd.

  • theonlytrucker Ⓥ
    theonlytrucker Ⓥ6 dager siden

    Can someone explain how he got 5% of the EV as 2x cleaner? Cant get my head around it...

  • Spruce_Goose
    Spruce_Goose6 dager siden

    Others have already stated this, but it's worth stating again: if you are going to compare energy density (on which your points are valid) you also need to compare efficiency of energy to work conversion, of which electric is far superior. I don't think it undermines your other points, but it would show that your are providing a balanced assessment, whereas this current assessment appears biased, whether intentional or not.

    ROBERT DAVIS6 dager siden

    Long live the internal combustible engine. Our current electrical infrastructure cant even handle Christmas lights in the Winter, yet everybody will be ok to charge their car overnight, Right.

  • Charles Phelps
    Charles Phelps6 dager siden

    Also take into account the costs of mining lithium and coal. Also what do you do with the spent batteries? (Not in my back yard).

  • Toby W
    Toby W6 dager siden

    I guess that it boils down to preventing heat from escaping without first extracting the maximum work from it. But perhaps the first place to spend money on heat engines is in steam generation plants since there are relatively few of them and they are stationary. Nuclear power has a great future too if resistance to them is reduced and they become more modular and localized. Old nuclear reactors date back almost to when engineers carried slide rules.

  • jalpat 22

    jalpat 22

    3 dager siden

    so did most of our macro industrial technologies that we took for granted.

  • In Cognito
    In Cognito7 dager siden

    lithium is stripped mine mountains are erased , flattened and washed out, giant holes a mile deep 3 miles across are left toxic and barren for hundreds of years..... billions of tons of exhaust gas from diesel motors from the equipment used to mine ,transport and process the lithium. That being said you also have COBALT,NICKLE and so on, over twenty mined metals and minerals even if you have ethical mining they constitute .001 percent of production China is the world power on mining and their idea of ethical is worker's work until they cant, the ground is theirs they can destroy everything to get what they want out of it and they don't care if the water supply ,soil and air get made unfit for life. And your electric car components came from them so laugh it you smug ass green pricks!

  • Tilli Vanilli
    Tilli Vanilli7 dager siden

    True is a Lot more because why the Gas & Diesel engines are the Future. One big thing is when you're looking at oil & earth oil. Because the truth about oil & Earth oil is that it is ABIOTIC & BIOTIC, so it's endless, it's the true Energy from mother Nature. It was & is never fossil or rare. There are so many kinds of BIOTIC &/or also ABIOTIC oils. You could find it at the land and the see. In almost every plant and man many more. There are so many kinds of get oils what are BIOTIC but the most are "hidden technology" because there is a big company what is hiding the patents. If this company, or companies has to show their "hidden Patents", the people could get their own oil for get Gas & also so many different things like materials to produce so many things by them or make their own company to sell these many things like also Gas for really really cheap. And that's only one kind of why the big company/companies what hide the patents for so many different BIOTIC oils...but also ABIOTIC oils. It's a toooo big thing to tell you in this comment. But the world of the Automobile was so much better, If the truth about oil, the truth that all oils are endless, because it's BIOTIC & ABIOTIC would get in the heads of the people. Because then the people would see that an Prius & cars Like that, or these horrible, Bad EV's has really nothing to do with future and are the badest kinds of the Automobile. Because it's Not really Importand how the mileage of an Auto is... it's so much more Importand, that an Auto has an long running engine what is easy to keep alife, especially in the "more traditional" design like the V8, or 5 & 6-Cyl. Engines. At best in naturaly aspirated design with the largest look for a long life and easy repair to expand the lifespan.... And these are the really worthful things for an Engine if you'll look at it in truth. The lifetime of EV's and Cars with all kinds of battery is it why these are a real No Go, especially for future. And nobody who says that the Nature is the that why he like to safe should buy any EV or Cars like the Prius. These are the only one kinds of Auto / Engine/ technology what are really bad for the Nature and the Environment. If you like to safe the Nature and Environment, you should buy Cars with an Gasoline or Diesel Engine, at best with a little more Cui/ccm and with 5, 6 or 8 Cyl. Design. It's also not true that a Gas or Diesel Engine must cost more If you are a automaker what like to expand the lifespan of it! And with a EV or Battery powered vehicle you could NEVER, really NEVER get a high lifetime. That's physics. You can't beat the physic and all what would tell you that any EV could get a big lifespan lies. It's the Trick with the EV's, that the customer of a EV must buy a new one after a really short time, so the one who is loosing is even the customer of an EV. And then is always the physics there, when the cold or hoth weather is comming. And then an EV has 50 or less % of the biggest possible mileage. EV's are lie, a so BIG LIE & i know what i'm talking about that.... I also tested the 1st Fiat 500 EV back in 2012, when nobody was looking at this junk. And it's not only all these Things i've talked above why the EV's and Cars like the Prius are Not right for future technology. It's also that it's even sooo horrible to drive with all these EVs... A Gasoline or also Diesel engine powered car is even the better choice and If you are a Car Guy, a mechanic or also a Designer & Stylist for Cars, you can't beat that Feeling of a Gas/Diesel Engine Car, especially when it has an Engine with 5 or more cylinders. In my eyes a nice Engine begins with 5 cylinders. The 5 cyl. is a so nice sounding kind of Gas/Diesel Engine & Not only that. It's also true that an good inline 5 cyl. is a better choice than the 6 cyl. I know many different Cars with Inline 5 cylinder, Gasoline and Diesel what are so great! For example the Alfa Romeo 156 with the 1st Commonrail Diesel Engine on the market, the 2.4 JTD..that was back in 1997. In 2003 the 20V Version of this 5 cyl. CRD engine series started.. I had many of it & the smallest age was 450.000km when i Sold it. One got more than 800.000km when i sold it. They all had the 1st Turbo, 1st gearbox, Clutch, and had No Motor oil consumption or leaks. Fantastic engine Design! I fixed all by myself and when i look at the design, especially of the 2.4 JTD-M 20V (1st Series of the 20 Valve Version 2003-2007) i saw how proud & hard the engineers and Designers of it worked in it. Everybody WHO LOVE Gas and Diesel Engines should take a look in it... :)

  • Juan P Rodriguez
    Juan P Rodriguez7 dager siden

    Great reasoning 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee7 dager siden

    How long does it take to charge your EV? What happens if you are driving and run out of charge? What do you do if you are not close to home or do not have time for a recharge. To me, this is the deal killer. Of course, Elon might start using instant charge capacitors, but I do not see that happening for at lease a decade or more. And by then we will all have Mr. Fusion! :)

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee7 dager siden

    No, electric passenger cars do not make sense - unless the government continues to subsidize the energy needed to charge these ugly but very expensive monsters. Without fuel subsidies, no one but the wealthy would be able to afford to drive one of these things and certainly not budget sensitive commuters, trucking companies or airlines.

  • Mike Earussi
    Mike Earussi7 dager siden

    Your volume and weight comparison is disingenuous because you don't take the entire drive chain into account, just one small part of it. Batteries do take up more space but there's also no engine or transmission. Also, as others have pointed out, electric is more efficient than gasoline. Why not redo this video with a complete and accurate comparison?

  • David Brown
    David Brown7 dager siden

    "...Continues to improve" . I think we need to discuss this in depth. In the IT world, we usually get to see the best commercially available battery tech and I can tell you from experience its still a long way before we get to safer, more dense and an equally important consideration, less fragile battery technology. I dont mean a batteries ability to take shock and physical damage, I mean batteries that dont need very precise monitoring of their charge, charge rate and usage before being charged and how long and how much of a charge can a battery maintain without damage. Laptop batteries are good for a short period of time before they take a set or lose a great deal of their life without any abuse at all.

  • Racer X
    Racer X7 dager siden

    Isn't there a hidden variable though despite how much energy is in a gallon of gasoline a gasoline motor is only going to extract maybe 30% of that energy. Meanwhile an electric motor is going to be 90% efficient. I think if batteries became three times more energy dense it would make sense in a pickup truck an SUV if you were going to do towing more.

  • Zehua Zhou
    Zehua Zhou8 dager siden

    Keep in mind that the best combustion engine only has a 35% efficiency to convert the energy to torque, but TSLA's engine can do it at 98% efficiency. So when you compare the size of that battery pack vs the gallon of gasoline, we should really compare it with 3 gallons of gasoline.

  • plan je
    plan je8 dager siden

    - hej hallo - you doing wrong you talking nonsense _ electrical car is the hype just as that - because battery produce not energy only wear energy produced somewhere - who mean car electric what is point _ second - when you see battery truck on road buy electrical car also - but can not made is not efficient _ all trucks in world are diesel engines (or almost all) - the world run on diesel peoples using gasoline - trucks buss ship tractor excavator _ and would be not changed next some 100 years - only if humans made maglevs is possibility to remove lot of combustions engines _ Europe Asia some continuously driving maglevs on speed not under 500 - inside cars, humans "ship containers" _ you are just under influence of fake media - you do not see reality diesel run world for your food and goes be not changed next some 100 years _ no musk car would be *_plow a field for wheat_* can not happens _ and so there is lot place for improvements of combustion engines _ advice how to think - do not looking how actors doing look how workers whom feeding you doing - and they usually using or produce things whom you need _ example - who care how doing arnold swarcineger you got from him never full plate - look one farmer in texas how hi doing

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen8 dager siden

    Why should I pay double the price for an electric restriction on my range of freedom when gasoline represents virtually unlimited freedom to travel without having to worry if the government is going to supply an unoccupied socket 200 miles down the road for a recharge when the entire claim of 'Man-made Global Warming' is an unmitigated heap of bunk in the first place?

  • edbrackin


    7 dager siden

    How often does the average American go on these "unlimited" drives?

  • Mick D
    Mick D8 dager siden

    Moving pollution elsewhere is NOT "GREEN" it is fraud. You also ignore that internal combustion are improving at lads as far as batteries.

  • Joe Sterling

    Joe Sterling

    3 dager siden

    Assuming the power plants generating the electricity use fossil fuels, you would be partially correct. But even then, the overall efficiency would be higher, so there would be less pollution per vehicle. And that assumption is going to be increasingly incorrect, as more legacy power plants are retired, and replaced by something with low or zero greenhouse emissions. I'm not an EVs-at-any-cost guy. Don't get me wrong. Until EVs come closer to the utility and cost of ICE cars, I'm not biting. But I do see a future where that actually happens, even without forcing it with punitive carbon taxation.

  • D J W
    D J W8 dager siden

    Let's see, I'm driving from A to B and I'm low on energy to get to B. With gas, I pull into a gas station, pay, fill up, and a few minutes later continue. With electric?

  • Randomsmith77


    4 dager siden

    Charge it in about an hour or two and then finally you can continue.

  • Bruce Wilson
    Bruce Wilson8 dager siden

    It's OK to take a breath occasionally. A little silence can make any presentation more pleasant and effective. Great information. Thank you.

  • Vancouverman
    Vancouverman9 dager siden

    Cars are so boring to look at today, I don't know how people can get emotional about any of them. Purchasing a car today is like buying a model T 100 years ago, you can have any color as long as its black and any style as long as you stick to the one style that is offered.

  • mduoba
    mduoba9 dager siden

    Doing a straight 1at law conversion isn’t the best. Combustion engines are only 20% efficient while driving. E-motors are more like 85%.

  • al Zollinger
    al Zollinger9 dager siden

    politics and the eternal secret of making money, with the illusionary perpetuum mobile.

  • Gary Martin
    Gary Martin9 dager siden

    Liquid metal batteries are coming. Compare those the same way.

  • graham mewburn
    graham mewburn9 dager siden

    The discovery of oil peaked in 1964. Why is this old fact important? A. Mankind cannot pump undiscovered oil! Rystad Energy reported that the average annual discovery of oil is 9 billion barrels. Mankind consumes 36 billion barrels PA., so 9 billion barrels is 27 billion barrels short of what's needed to maintain our current high energy lifestyle. Soon demand for oil will exceed supply.

  • Jason Mccormack
    Jason Mccormack9 dager siden

    What about the energy it takes to get that energy from the ground. go look at a Nickel mine. Not exactly Eco Friendly...

  • J B
    J B9 dager siden

    So for batteries and as an extention EVs improve . People eather have to buy Expensive Electric cars as a SECOND car or an electric scooter (convinient even for apartement owners compared to gas scoots but an underwhelming second hand market) as a commuter/grocery vehiecle

  • Snorkupine
    Snorkupine10 dager siden

    POMP lə moos

  • Jesse P
    Jesse P10 dager siden

    OK but how much of that gallon of gas in that milk jug is lost in the conversion of energy to make the car move? I am sure he already knows this because he's 5000x smarter than I am but the comparison still seems misleading because of the inefficiencies of combustion. You may have ~37KWH of energy in that gas, but only a fraction of that is going to do useful work.

  • Overdrive1587
    Overdrive158710 dager siden

    one thing you didnt mention however is the weight of the ICE and transmissions in comparison to the electric motor and its systems

  • Tamás Mile
    Tamás Mile10 dager siden

    "people are lazy and you need to provide something that is more convenient". My old Nokia worked with 1 charge for almost a week. Yet my current super high-end phone need to be charged every single day and I had many uncomfortable moments when my phone let me down when I needed it. Yet don't have an old Nokia anymore. So no, it is not that simple.

  • Joe Sterling

    Joe Sterling

    3 dager siden

    I had an LG flip phone until a few years ago. It would go over a week without a charge when I got it about 14 years ago, and it would still last several days on a charge when I had to upgrade to a modern phone. Never replaced the battery--which I could have done, since it's user-replaceable. My new phone will die when the battery no longer holds a charge. It lasts me a few days, but then again, I still see it mostly as just a phone. I text, I make and answer calls. Only occasionally do I use it as a handheld computer. Thing is, you and I really didn't have a choice. Technology and society moved past our earlier phones. I would have been happy with that LG clamshell forever if it hadn't become obsolete. Cars are bound to go the same way; but without an oppressive government mandate, it's going to take a while.

  • Rocks and Oil
    Rocks and Oil10 dager siden

    Excellent presentation. Until I can get a 400+ mile range, why would I buy an E car? I frequently (as part of my job) drive to Conway, AR , Searcy or Oklahoma City - each about 200 miles from my home. 400 round trip. And I leave early and get back after dark. So how can I stop and refuel for 45 minutes without adding to my trip significantly. 5 minutes to refuel or 45-60 minutes.

  • Pete Vicente
    Pete Vicente10 dager siden

    I’ll never own an electric vehicle. They are boring

  • KB
    KB11 dager siden

    Not to mention they blow up at any given time and or when hit from behind. Or just charging in your garage they catch on fire.

  • TY
    TY11 dager siden

    If most of so called “environment conscious “ consumers can have 10% of knowledge of ur reasoning in your video works. but they don’t. AOC can do about 0.5%.

  • Unca Reid
    Unca Reid11 dager siden

    Pam-Pull-Mouse-E... I love it! But perhaps it is Pom-ple-moose. Grapefruit, perhaps?

  • electroncraz91
    electroncraz9111 dager siden

    15min elaborate way to explain EV's not succeeding instead of rambling; the american power grid infrastructure simply cannot overcome the energy demand of electric vehicles, lithium is an expensive and rare earth metal, cars are made of lots of plastic and a byproduct to make plastics from crude oil, you guessed, is gasoline, so convenient....

  • Wim Ahlers
    Wim Ahlers11 dager siden

    Too much focus on cars alone. Cars are a subpart of the mobility infrastructure. As to mobility and infrastructure there is more to be gained by: a) Changing the rigid zoning regulations. Actively create mix use environments. As opposed to the currently rigid separation. b) Invest in and subsidize public transportation (train, light rail, subway, zero emission busses, E-bikes, bikes, walking and bicycle infrastructure). c) Make walking, cycling and public transportation more attractive by actively optimizing for it and actively demote car usage for city and urban environments. d) Take away all subsidies on air traffic (tax the fuel and environmenntal costs). I.e. reduce unnecessary global sprawl. All of the above will reduce (the need for) personal car usage. Note: The current laissez faire economy will solve absolutely nothing. Capitalism has never solved any global problem. Not the ozone hole, not acid rain, not deforestation, not water or land pollution, not virulent diseases like the small pox, not the smog above cities, not lead poisoning (from fuels or paint), not the pesticide problems killing wildlife, it did not eradicate malaria ... absolutely nothing. All this was solved (ar at least greatly reduced) by a concept many Americans don't understand or refuse to understand: A social society. That is, a society forcing the industries to change. Silly enough, whenever an American hears the word "social" or "socialism" Americans immediately go down the slippery slope of if-anything-social then communism, then communist dictatorship, then Stalinism, finally resulting in repressive world domination with zero freedom and with total human misery (e.g. North Korea). There also is a lot to be gained in the food production, food distribution and reduction of food waste. There is a lot to be gained in the efficiency of housing, energy production/usage and water consumption. There is a lot to be gained related to product choice and usage (e.g. plastic bag versus paper bag versus using your own sturdy reusable shopping bag. Or using or reusing environmental friendly furniture. Etc.). But all that is not directly related to the mobility infrastructure.

  • joe michele
    joe michele11 dager siden

    One Gallon of Gasoline is only 15% efficient 85% is lost to heat .... Batterie electric motors are 95% Plus efficient ...

  • Steve Emmett
    Steve Emmett11 dager siden

    The big US problem is POLLUTION. Have to stop Fossil fuels being wasted. (Big fuel guzzling cars. Electricity wasted everywhere) One of the biggest wasteful places on the planet.

  • Chris Daigle
    Chris Daigle12 dager siden

    It's pronounced like palm-play-moose. You know that. So your joke failed.

  • Chris Daigle
    Chris Daigle12 dager siden

    Why continue to develop ICE engines? Because battery technology and price aren't ready to replace them. But it's just a matter of time before electric technology beats it. Also it doesn't matter how much energy is in gasoline. It's how efficiently you can use it.

  • Karen Bailey
    Karen Bailey12 dager siden

    Having now read lots of other comments - here goes! I am a life-long fan of ICE driven vehicles. I LOVE the sound and feel of them and like the rest of us, they are what I grew up with, am familiar with and feel comfortable with. Not only that, but I understand that until an EV has travelled at least 100,000km, it does NOT save any net energy or reduce any net carbon emissions over the equivalent ICE vehicle. This is due to the initial excess cost in energy and carbon emissions which are incurred in manufacturing an EV. So when we think about that, a key part of the equation in deciding to buy an EV - for the reasoning of reducing world carbon emissions - HAS to be WHAT METHOD IS USED FOR GENERATING BOTH THE ENERGY USED IN MANUFACTURE, and the electricity used for fuelling it? I live in Australia, which (prior to the past few months) has been dragging its heels with regard to implementation of using renewable energy as a prime power source. A couple of years back, one state decided to build a large battery bank, with TESLA’s assistance, to act as a reservoir for renewable energy. Hugely criticised at the time, (and taking only a few months to build), it has since proven itself of enormous utility and also as a far cheaper way of providing grid energy than building and running coal or gas-fired power stations. This outcome is exactly the reverse of what “conventional wisdom” will tell you. In the past 12 months, the Australian Capital Territory (population 500,000) has become nearly 100% self sufficient for electricity by using renewables, and is in the process of building a battery to help make this a complete reality. All done in less than the time it would have taken to build a power station. And a LOT cleaner! England (Pop ~ 70 million) spent a continuous 1670 hrs in April and June 2020, using NO gas or coal-sourced electricity. At a local level, my family have gone “off-grid” now for 3 years, purely by using solar panels and a battery bank - and we now earn about $400 per quarter from our contributions to the grid (20 cents per KWH). Back to the ICE vs EV discussion. The point is, there is NO point in going EV UNLESS IT RESULTS IN LESS CARBON EMISSIONS OVERALL. Once that IS the case (and the above factual examples clearly demonstrate that to be possible), it then makes good sense to go EV, and the technology will follow the increasing demand. Has my family invested in an EV? No! However, we are buying a plug-in hybrid, as it makes economic and environmental sense to do so for round-town use (charging it from our solar system) and it also retains the advantages of an ICE car for extended country miles. As a bonus, it accelerates significantly faster than the pure ICE in the same car, with the same specifications! I hope this information helps some of you ‘out there’, to make a more informed decision regarding your own choice of vehicle type. My recommendation - go the PHEV (plug-in hybrid), and enjoy the best of both worlds, while still acting responsibly!

  • ThomasTheSailor Chubby
    ThomasTheSailor Chubby12 dager siden

    If EV's are only 2% of car sales, Why are so many car companies dumping billion$ into designing EV's.. Just about all car companies are doing it.... I think many of them were planning on the New World Order's "Green New Deal" , where gas cars are banned all together.. Opps, it ain't gonna happen..

  • Karen Bailey
    Karen Bailey12 dager siden

    Great video and very informative- again! The comparison between energy densities was excellent, but I found myself wanting to know about the relative efficiencies of turning energy into movement - ICE vs EV of course. Are they similar, or is there a large discrepancy one way or the other? All part of the ‘energy source utility’ equation!

  • J Doe
    J Doe12 dager siden

    Reasons why electric is BETTER, easier to maintain, easier to fuel up (when not on road trips, which are MAJORITY of peoples drives), cheaper, cleaner, more reliable. Now what is your view of crapping on our planet with combustion engines?? O.k. with it or think we should hand future generations a better planet ??? Charging infrastructure as you have seen, will keep getting better, and with longer range batteries, road trips will NOT be an issue.....Oh yeah resale value is better for an EV than a combustion engine....

  • 印場乃亜
    印場乃亜12 dager siden

    While I absolutely agree that combustion engines should continue to be the subject of innovation, the water VS. Net analogy is quite flawed given how much mode efficient electric cars are at actually using that energy VS. Gasoline cars.

  • Hayden Wyllie
    Hayden Wyllie13 dager siden

    In my country it's about $30,000 dollars dearer and replacement batteries are twice the price of the car itself

  • DSlag 65
    DSlag 6513 dager siden

    Hahahahaha. Because you have only looked at this from the vehicle perspective, you missed the biggest point on this... ...and it is massive. James Conca wrote many fantastic articles and one specifically targetted this exact issue.THERE IS INSUFFICIENT GENERATION/TRANSMISSION CAPACITY TO SUPPLY ELECTRIC/HYBRID VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS if every home was to own merely 1 of these vehicles! To completely replace every IC vehicle with an electric, the nation woiuld require over THREE TIMES the current electrical generation/transmission capacity. This would be base load generation (vs peaking load) which would necessitate high levels of reliability in production. Solar and wind are out. This means nuclear or natural gas. Bottom line (and this from another geologist friend), everyone must choose; Do you want a garbage dump, nuclear power plant, transmission corridore or mine next to your home? You must choose one because you personally utilise the benefit from each of these daily. No more NIMBY.

  • Lin Xu
    Lin Xu13 dager siden

    Lots of ppl live in apartments. You gotta install plugs in every unit. Plus right now ev cars are expensive. No one likes Ford ev. Everyone likes Tesla. And no one is paying 50k upfront for a compact car.

  • Wolfgang Kaminski
    Wolfgang Kaminski13 dager siden

    Why they do not search for a solution to the recharging of vehicles through the wind, light, or any other resource you have NOT TO PAY FOR! All the B.S. of different charging stations, slow charging, quick charging, batteries should recharge when you drive when your car is in a parking space outside, there is a lot to do and secondly offer electric kits for any car, so one can drive your combustion car as well electric. IMAGINE A BLACKOUT OF ALL-ELECTRIC POWERSTATIONS! for any reason.

  • Brennen Akely
    Brennen Akely13 dager siden

    After electric car batteries get worn out or destroyed from accidents, they are wasted, and this is more dangerous to the environment than an ice is during it's entire lifetime

  • Suit Knol
    Suit Knol13 dager siden

    But, you never factor in the energy efficiency of combustion engines Vs electric motors. A combustion engine ruins almost 70% of the potential energy of the fuel, and electric motors ruin about 15% of the potential energy. So fuel storage has been very distorted in your comparisons

  • Sajeewa Kalamba
    Sajeewa Kalamba14 dager siden

    If people were thinking like him 100 years ago, we are still driving horse carts today ...........

  • Chuck N.
    Chuck N.14 dager siden

    How about the total weight: fuel+Engine+transmission box? It should be more correct to compare the total weight of all 3 components of the two. I don't think the weight of a EV is higher than a normal car for the same power. To me the main factors to make EV successful is the range for each battery charge and the time to charge from 0 to full with a normal charger.

  • Maathesh Manoharan
    Maathesh Manoharan14 dager siden

    Wouldnt it make more sense to make a best mileage comparison from each type of car. more energy density doesnt exactly give you tje right comparison for how much mileage you get. eletric cars are much more efficient, but gas cars on average usually have twice as much mileage. Also practically speaking electric cars are much more convenient for day to day use since most people can charge at home instead at a gas station. Also cost wise electric cars are cheaper to own and financially for most people electric cars are much better once their prices get cheaper for the masses(25-20k, which will be here in a few yrs from tesla). The only big downside is mileage for roadtrips, but even that will eventually be gone in a few decades probably.

  • Scott Borror
    Scott Borror15 dager siden

    I disagree with only one statement you made. (We will never be able to store more energy than a gallon of gasoline.) 200 years from now, they'll look at a gallon of gasoline and think how little energy it produced.

  • rick dees
    rick dees15 dager siden

    "Why Gas Engines are far from dead" ROFLMAO big time! I'm not some engineer thinking in some box but some yokel who uses the internet to be informed on the topic. IMO, ICE's are going to be DEAD in cars sooner than most people think now or can imagine. I got three relevant FACTS not mentioned or considered. Of course no "time frame" is mentioned or given so it's a vague claim with a built in OUT. 1) ( A crazy point.) If "energy density" was the decider the determines what energy source to use based on volume and density, following his logic cell phones would be power by gasoline!!! 2)Beginning in 2016, countries and cities began to make commitments to the future of vehicles. Countries like France, Norway, and the UK have all set dates for these , with Norway's being the most bullish-all new car must be zero emissions (battery EV or fuel cell) by 2025 3) Gavin Newsom just signed a on the of new vehicles in California, USA by 2035. Based on facts 2 and 3 not being widely or universally known, It's easy to say with confidence and justified conviction "ICE's are going to be DEAD in cars sooner that people think or can imagine".

  • Leandro
    Leandro16 dager siden

    La Croix tastes like TV static.

  • Mac Airbus
    Mac Airbus16 dager siden

    Gas engines waste 50% of the Energey in a form of heat

  • Krystal


    16 dager siden

    Battery technology will most likely be the future, the R&D has a long way to go before it takes over fossil fuels though. The best thing about EV's is the reduction in local pollution, which is a huge plus.

  • tHE HECk
    tHE HECk16 dager siden

    And for those green credits you get as an EV car manufacturer - you can sell to companies that make ICE vehicles. Like Tesla does.

  • Mick Jager
    Mick Jager16 dager siden

    As pointed out IC engines aren’t very efficient, and neither are electric generation plants. On a hybrid note, I wonder if hybrids could be made more efficient if they only used the IC engine to generate electricity for the battery. Isn't that what train locomotives do? Then it could be smaller and run at a constant rpm where it’s the most efficient and possibly try to use the waste energy in the heat of the exhaust and cooling system to generate even more electricity. Like maybe using some turbine generators that used a fluid that boiled at a lower temperature than water and that was a sealed system like refrigeration systems. Probably still going to have some waste heat, but even if it was also only 33% efficient that would be an extra 1/3 of that 66% waste from the IC going toward driving the wheels.

  • Myurgod
    Myurgod17 dager siden

    NO problems at all: still the best vehicles are hybrids - both ev and ice in one.. now with better battery tech - ev 70% & ice 30% power.. etc..

  • Shawn M.
    Shawn M.17 dager siden

    33 kwhr in a gallon of gas but ice engines are only 20-30% efficient...

  • Steven Rondeau
    Steven Rondeau17 dager siden

    Economies of scale are really relevant in this situation as I'm sure Tesla is using modern manufacturing techniques. There most likely isn't a lot of waste in their processes. Also, you should look at the total energy and cost cradle to grave. The mining of the minerals for the batteries, the recycling when the cars are at end of life and all play a role. I also wonder why they have not made an EV truck, that looks like a truck, yet. I don't go on road trips with my truck and I would certainly welcome the instantaneous torque supplied by the electric motor(s). Personally, I don't think EVs will start making headway until they start using fuel cells for power that can be filled with clean renewable energy such as compressed hydrogen. This has it's own problem but the limited amount of resources for batteries is going to stunt their growth.

  • Okak Okakiev
    Okak Okakiev17 dager siden

    50% less polution from EV is a lie. They use toxic batteries and are charged with combustion produced electirc energy. Why do people keep lying about EV?

  • Erik Knudsen
    Erik Knudsen18 dager siden

    I had to buy mulch twice.