Why Every Garage Needs An OBD2 Scan Tool


The Best OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool For Your Car
OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner - bit.ly/JasonOBD
Bluetooth OBD & OEM Code Reader - Sponsored by OBD Solutions
Few tools can offer as much information about your vehicle as bluetooth OBD2 scanners. In this video, I’m going to be showing you how useful these devices really are, and what capabilities the OBDLink MX+ has. We’ll start off simple, looking at scanning trouble codes for a check engine light, but then we’ll get into some of the other really impressive features you can use with this, like monitoring engine parameters, using it for digital gauges, measuring fuel economy, creating data overlays for video, trip logging with maps and speed overlays, and finally some performance tools.
Will OBDLink MX+ Work With My Vehicle?
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  • Hector Medina
    Hector Medina17 dager siden

    Hey Jason, I have a serious question... while you did an awesome job reviewing the OBD Link MX+ scanner, would you please do a review with the Lemur Bluedriver scanner and compare both? The ups and downs of both and which one would you recommend at the end?

  • Dat Tran
    Dat TranMåned siden

    Does it give you indications of knock (pulled timings). Would be useful to see if a tune is too aggressive for the engine.

  • MrFuchew
    MrFuchewMåned siden

    This damn thing works on my 98 tahoe but of course wont connect to my 2006 gs430 or 2004 ls430. Why did i think i could get a bluetooth scan tool and it would actually work? Have i learned nothing in my 35 years?

  • Jess H
    Jess H2 måneder siden

    Just picked one up to make sure my car was ready for emissions. I had to remove the tune to get it tested. works great. now back to VTEC at 4350 rpm!

  • omar arafat
    omar arafat2 måneder siden

    Dose the MX+ scan the hybrid cars also?

  • James Reyna
    James Reyna3 måneder siden

    I got one and it won't connect to my cell.

  • ThatGuyDillon
    ThatGuyDillon3 måneder siden

    Could I do that gauge overlay on my footage if I filmed it with my phone? I’m still kinda curious how it synced your data with the footage.

  • frater tater
    frater tater4 måneder siden


  • yalla show
    yalla show5 måneder siden

    Is this OBD Link support indian car?

  • juan morales
    juan morales6 måneder siden

    Anyone knows whats is he using to log?

  • Brady Powell
    Brady Powell7 måneder siden

    I doubt anyone will ever see this, but I'm reading on Amazon reviews that this product and/or its sister products have in-app purchases to get the full capabilities. Anyone who owns one, is that true? It may just be for the less expensive models but it's really hard to tell from what is posted on the manufacturers webpage.

  • johnthejudoka
    johnthejudoka8 måneder siden

    Jason, i picked up both a Garmin dctandem dashcam and the super cool OBD product you reviewed here. Problem is, I can't figure out any way to connect the two. Because I have the passenger facing camera, there's no screen on my dashcam, so perhaps it's not as feature rich. I'll bang my head on this some more but any ideas/directions would be most welcome. I drive a CR-Z, a car that you have to wring out to have any fun in, and I live in Colorado, so I could shoot some cool vids.

  • ellsworth
    ellsworth8 måneder siden

    Soooo.... Great videos, very informative, wonderful delivery of mildly technical explanations.... but... I came here expecting to see a multitude of different ENGINEERING subjects EXPLAINED. Now, after watching (a part of) three or four videos, I think your channel is misnamed. It should be "AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPLAINED". And really, now that I look through the complete uploaded video list, I think your channel should be called "AUTOMOTIVE DRIVE-TRAIN ENGINEERING EXPLAINED by an ME". (bona fides: I've done electrical (IC) design for (many) different automotive modules/systems here in SE Michigan for the past 37 years.) I do like your videos. I just feel I was misled.

  • Teemu Leppä
    Teemu Leppä9 måneder siden

    you should do comparison between blue driver, obdlink mx+ and jdiag obd2

  • EVO4 JK
    EVO4 JK10 måneder siden

    I've never had an OBD scan tool. Your video has SOLD me on this. Just ordered it. Love your vids, keep it up.

  • Mark King
    Mark King10 måneder siden

    How did you get it for $80? Everywhere I look, it's $119.

  • BPSDetailing
    BPSDetailing11 måneder siden

    Has anyone been able to get the OBDLink MX+ to show ENGINE OIL TEMPERATURE?! I have not been able to figure it out for my 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS. The Matrix also has the enhanced vehicle coverage - so I would imagine it would be available. I don't understand why the oil temp isn't in the standard dashboard as it is one of the most important things to monitor in my opinion. Thanks in advance for any help!! Cheers!

  • Devil Z Wangan Midnight
    Devil Z Wangan Midnight11 måneder siden

    How did you get the temperature gauges page I dont have it EDIT:Driving acura rsx 02 s

  • Power Chill
    Power Chill11 måneder siden

    Got this bad boy couple weeks ago. Love it!

  • E J
    E J11 måneder siden

    Can you leave it plugged in all the time ?

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan RobertsÅr siden

    I had a 2000 dodge that would show the check engine code in the odometer if you cycled the ignition off and on 3 times

  • Vimototv victor montes de oca
    Vimototv victor montes de ocaÅr siden

    what is the nme of the app?

  • M
    MÅr siden

    Does anybody know if there is a video or article that really goes into depth about using the OBDLink MX+? All I seem to find is the setup, but nobody really goes into details about the more advanced settings, etc...

  • Laurentiu Buzoianu
    Laurentiu BuzoianuÅr siden

    DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP BLUE ELM BLUETOOTM ADAPTERS OFF EBAY!!!! I had one and it made my rev needle jump like crazy after 2 minutes of usage and i had 3 CAN bus error codes showing . After 10 minutes my ESP and tracton control were dead on my Genesis Coupe. After removing the dongle from obd2, resetting the ecu and waiting 30 mins i started the car and all was fine ever since ( 1 year now) . Those cheap things can tamper with your car.

  • M Perez
    M PerezÅr siden

    Can this read ethanol content?

  • M9A1 MAN
    M9A1 MANÅr siden

    How does this compare to BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII?

  • DCS Racih
    DCS RacihÅr siden


  • canoeshoe
    canoeshoeÅr siden

    Can i get this on an android tablet where i can get over 20 gauges on one screen?

    ORTHOKINGÅr siden

    How does this compare to the bluedriver?

  • D W
    D WÅr siden

    Just wanted to say, watching this video convinced me to buy one. I tried to use your link however I am in Canada.

  • Jay Bautista
    Jay BautistaÅr siden

    Will it work on Honda Civic 96 MDL?

  • Alan E. Clerk
    Alan E. ClerkÅr siden

    Hi Jason, do you know if this OBD2 scanner has battery testing feature? Thanks.

  • Jamkev
    JamkevÅr siden

    I wish it had enhanced features for Bmw, Audi and Merc

  • dusty179
    dusty179År siden

    Does it track Automatic Transmission Fluid temperature on Honda’s?

  • Ian Docena
    Ian DocenaÅr siden

    Hey, this is important to Subaru XV Crosstrek owners! This was my gripe on my 16’ cvt and still is on my current 19’ 6spd. Subaru needs to address this lack of temp gauge besides the blue or red thermometer 🌡 in the dash.

  • Nick L
    Nick LÅr siden

    I have the OBD Link MX+ and it's power light stays on after my car is off although it says it wont drain battery if left in. Anyone know why it stays on?

  • Mugiwara
    MugiwaraÅr siden

    Is it safe to leave it plugged in a car for a very long time? Wouldn't it catch fire or something?

  • Dreli F
    Dreli FÅr siden

    Great Vid! wondering if getting the scan tool will help provide solutions for most of the current problems I have with my '99 rav4..(64k mileage).. I'm starting to doubt that the mechanics who have previously diagnosed my car are just after being paid unnecessarily without having really repaired the car's issues.. If the obdlink works for older models, and will provide solutions in fixing the car..maybe there's still a chance to maintain and keep mine for several more years... Thanks in advance for taking the time replying :)

  • Mylerx
    MylerxÅr siden

    Just bought one of these. Anyone know if it will work with a GoPro hero 7?

  • Robert Earhart
    Robert EarhartÅr siden

    Where did get the phone mount

  • Wizardnil
    WizardnilÅr siden

    I got my mx+ 2 days ago and I love it! Quick question, I’m trying to do the camera overlay with my GoPro Hero7 and I can’t seem to sync it up. Is it possible to do it with a gopro?

  • maynard pagatpatan
    maynard pagatpatanÅr siden

    Hello sir, will this work for Ford Ranger pickup truck?

  • Wizardnil


    År siden

    Yes as long as it has an OBDII port

  • AmanOU2be
    AmanOU2beÅr siden

    Anyone use this with a 2000s Lexus or Camry?

  • Jpriest13
    Jpriest13År siden

    I'm sold.

  • Soap Juggernaut
    Soap JuggernautÅr siden

    What phone mount is that?

  • Kevin Corpetti
    Kevin CorpettiÅr siden

    Just bought one for myself using your link!!

  • G’s Universe
    G’s UniverseÅr siden

    Can you monitor the Subaru’s head gasket range

  • TheElement911
    TheElement911År siden

    What about cars modified with aftermarket computers?

  • TikiShootah
    TikiShootahÅr siden

    My OBD tool, was stolen...along with my tire inflator 😑

  • Giovanni Montgomery
    Giovanni MontgomeryÅr siden

    The MX2 OBD2 driver is probably the best one for what the author is doing, screen overlays of guages for videos. For anyone wanting to FIX or diagnose vehicles, the Bluedriver obd2 is better because somehow, the purchase price includes a direct link to the Intellifix database which automatically pulls all the recalls and tech service bulletins out for your specific vehicle. It also looks at fault codes and gives a list of the mfg recommended servicing solutions for the fault code. This is free for as many VINs as you want, for the life of the Bluedriver, this is what shops up until now pay a monthly subscription for. Bluedriver also can lookup enhanced oem-specific fault codes like ABS, crash sensors, lane keep radar, and airbag faults for virtually all US market vehicles including BMW, Mercedes and Audi. For vehicle service techs, theres notjing close to to price of bluedriver with the free subscription as of now bluedriver

  • Jamkev


    År siden

    John Filmore you sold me right here, thanksgiving. I do like the fact that the MX allows video over lay and all those live gauges feature, but I realized they don’t offer much OEM parameters for German made vehicles which to be honest it’s easier I get the Bluedriver and be able to get detail scans and just pick up a cheap OBD2 for video over lay in the future. Thanks

  • Justin Elser
    Justin ElserÅr siden

    Are you able to use any camera to do speed/rpm overlays, or are you just limited to the Garmin camera?

  • Midhun Manmadhan
    Midhun ManmadhanÅr siden

    Hi, could you reply if it can show shift status & brake status also

  • John Weber
    John WeberÅr siden

    Jason, at your suggestion, I bought one of these. Now I'd like to see you make a video that describes some of the OBDII stuff in more detail. I have a 2019 Subaru Outback and I'd like to know how to create custom PIDs (what's a PID?) to access more than the default OBDII spec defines. I retired from mechanic-ing around 1994, before OBDII and I find you to be a good teacher. I could not find a comprehensive manual for the device, only a user forum. I like to read a manual. Overall, I'm having a lot of fun with it. It has nice logging capabilities. It would be nice if it worked with android auto so I could display the gauges on my large console display.

  • Faiz Zulfikri
    Faiz ZulfikriÅr siden

    Super Clean LOL

  • Donald Moser
    Donald MoserÅr siden

    Fabulous video. I never knew this level of info was available in a relatively inexpensive diagnostic tool. Question: Is the device very good at troubleshooting OBDII compliant cars that have issues, but are not displaying codes? A Tech-2 would be great, but I don’t have an extra $2000 laying around.

  • sthier24
    sthier24År siden

    Anybody know the brand and model of the phone mount?

  • dan fg
    dan fgÅr siden

    Now I want obd2 for my sim racing rig

  • Jake Enns
    Jake EnnsÅr siden

    One other reason to get one is if you buy used cars - you can do a preliminary check on a cars engine very quickly and if it checks out then maybe get a mechanic to give the rest of the car a once over before you buy, but if it fails here then you just saved yourself time and money.

  • andriancic
    andriancicÅr siden

    On my hybrid toyota, this obd readers are like opening my eyes. With hybrid monitor app, i can get battery info, health of the battery, efficiency of driving, brake efficiency, engines rpm( 3 engines...), all in nice graphs, and overlayed on a map. Super useful, and highly recommended for a hybrid car!

  • AnEejit
    AnEejitÅr siden

    Cool gadget, all i need now is to own a car with an OBD plug, and a smartphone.

  • ahgflyguy
    ahgflyguyÅr siden

    Anybody know if this connects to iOS devices over bluetooth or wifi? The $10 version of this uses bluetooth serial data, which iOS doesn't (or at least didn't) allow. So to get one that was iOS compatible, it would broadcast its own wifi network, that you'd connect your phone to. And once you do that, the phone couldn't get data over the cellular network.

  • Marc Monson
    Marc MonsonÅr siden

    you can also use those obd2 tools for programs like FORscan where you can modify software

  • 5265060
    5265060År siden

    Will this device show the transmission fluid temp? I'm curious as to how hot the CVT juice gets in my 2016 forester.

  • John Weber

    John Weber

    År siden

    I was looking for it in the app for my 2019 Outback, but didn't see it anywhere.

  • Trailman
    TrailmanÅr siden

    Great video you saved me about $30 I was going to get the blue drive $99 version but this does the same thing for less.

  • John Moore
    John MooreÅr siden

    Why are the stats so laggy in this video but no the S2000 video?

  • Mr. PvE
    Mr. PvEÅr siden

    I dont know if you have used Torque Pro app but if you have is this better or the same. I know you can Record video in 4k with the gauges showing on it right from your phone (if your phone records in 4k) with out having to use other software like you did with this app. I have a 2000 passat wagon and use Torque Pro app because it shows all the stuff you talked about in this videos and more so i just wanted to know if you have used it to see how you feel about it and if I should give this one a try. Thank you for your time and hard work on making awesome videos for us. Keep them coming.

  • n3mmy
    n3mmyÅr siden

    "super clean" XD

  • CheeZy
    CheeZyÅr siden

  • FrozenSkull
    FrozenSkullÅr siden

    5:53 When your OBD Reader speedometer updates faster than the one on the car

  • Darcy Funk
    Darcy FunkÅr siden

    Thanks Jason. Do you have any experience with the BlueDriver ODB unit? It’s rated higher on Amazon and seems to have similar features.

  • pospc2


    År siden

    I recommend bluedriver. I have used it along with other bluetooth scantools. It reads the enhanced codes as well.

  • Tips 4 truckers
    Tips 4 truckersÅr siden

    You should do some runs on old freezeout rd

  • Grant
    GrantÅr siden

    I may have skimmed the video too quickly, but I did not hear Jason mention that this scanner does not work on all cars, even newer ones. My neighbour bought this unit and while it works on his 2012 Toyota, it does not work at all on my 2013 Acura MDX.

  • genisis53
    genisis53År siden

    Great video Jason! Makes me want one! But I already have the Blue Driver scanner that you've also recommended. Do you have a preference between the MX+ and the Blue Driver? Could you do a video comparing the two? The Blue Driver doesn't show me everything you're showing from the MX+, but I'm not sure if that's due to the scan tool/app, or because I have a 2001 Tacoma that doesn't scan that much information.

  • Kevin Whyles
    Kevin WhylesÅr siden

    Awesome video. Thanks for the information. !

  • Mike Wolverton
    Mike WolvertonÅr siden

    How good can this be if it doesn't even get Mode 6 data like misfire counts. Most vehicles don't even trip a CEL unless the misfires hit a certain threshold.

  • Andrew Church
    Andrew ChurchÅr siden

    What is an OBD2 port and how do i know if my car has one? Do you have an previous video about it?

  • squeaks
    squeaksÅr siden

    I just started learning to become a mechanic and I feel like this would be a cost affective tool to buy and keep in my garage , thanks for your thoughts

  • TariQ Nasser Karmani
    TariQ Nasser KarmaniÅr siden

    Did you replace your pistons .. when installed the supercharge and what psi are you running

  • Abdul Muqtadir
    Abdul MuqtadirÅr siden

    Is it okay to keep this plugged in over a long period of time? Meaning like always have it on because I have tablet in my car that I want this scanner to display it, and I want access to the info anytime I want while driving. I have a Honda Accord '06 V6 Canadian Model

  • Abdul Muqtadir

    Abdul Muqtadir

    År siden

    @Terranexthank you appreciate it

  • Terranex


    År siden

    it will drain your car battery if you don't drive for awhile. My battery started to have trouble cranking after leaving the obd2 in for about a week without driving but it will be fine to leave in all the time while driving

  • cacarey01
    cacarey01År siden

    I use this with the Racechrono app when doing track day

  • michael eckman
    michael eckmanÅr siden

    Annnnnd I just dropped $400 on a VIRB and OBDLink. Thanks for spending my money. Should be fun on the Hot Rod Power Tour coming up next month when I make some laps at Bristol. Keep up the good work and cool vids.

  • Import Car Enthusiast
    Import Car EnthusiastÅr siden

    Would the video overlay function work if I connected it to my iPhone and recorded video with that?

  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

    År siden

    There are likely some apps to make that work!

  • isamu966
    isamu966År siden

    Omg I love this channel and I love my Obdlink. Got it years back when they were on Kickstarter, but is there something for telemetry in a Tesla Model 3?

  • symmetry08
    symmetry08År siden

    symmetry08 (Enkh) Hi ? Once lived in sunny Denver, Colorado; now in sunny UB, Mongolia. What do you think of relationship that fewer cylinder engines should have more tranny gears, that I noticed, it should have formulated that way ? Usually, few cylinder engine would have more stroke travel (less pony numbers), which is more torque, that same goes with heavy duty commercial trucks that are upward over 10 steps; and lighter vehicles, in modern vehicles, have so many ridicules number of gears, which is unnecessary in my opinion. Because they have more horsepower numbers vs torque, so they shouldn't go over 7-8 gears and, mainly, their engine bore is wider than piston travel it would make. So, if engine has more cylinders then reduce number of not-needed gears. And, as modern cars trend is, fewer cylinders, then increase number of steppes the tranny would shift thru/number of gears. It seems that, in auto community, have not consciously realized that relationship yet. What do you think about that ? Old and lighter Mercedes had 12 cylinders and few gears - perfect set-up - truly . . . yours with respect. Show less

  • Bleebleblahble88
    Bleebleblahble88År siden

    Can you please do a video or series on interpreting the live data PIDs?

  • Jack De Vos
    Jack De VosÅr siden

    I use that on my Ram 2500 with Cummins 6.7 to monitor regeneration of DPF, love it. Love the video thanks.

  • Georgi Mirchev
    Georgi MirchevÅr siden

    Does it work with vauxhalls (that's opel in the uk)

  • I D
    I DÅr siden

    To expensive for a scanner that just does a generic OBD2 reader. No ABS, SRS, TCM or TPMS reader, so you are paying top dollar for a fancy gauge display on your expensive phone. If you are looking for a real OBD2 scanner that covers all the modules that your car has, you are better putting the same money on an Autel or Launch scanner that will give you the same OBD2 results plus more. If you need maps or fancy gauges you have apps for that way cheaper.

  • Bob the Hat King
    Bob the Hat KingÅr siden

    5:50 when he lets off the accelerator and it jumps from 9.8 mpg to 70 mpg 😂

  • RetiredMan
    RetiredManÅr siden

    I got this in the mail today hooked it up to my jk and it is awesome 😀Thanks Jason 😀

  • Tigerfire75
    Tigerfire75År siden

    OBD2 scan tools don't have a place in my garage. I never use one on my car. It would be a waste of a purchase for me at this time. You couldn't force me to use one of those on my car.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael MooreÅr siden

    I totally love your videos and trust your personal & professional opinion. I've been wanting one of these, but there are so many out there and some are cheap, some aren't and I wasn't sure what brand & price range was trustworthy. Since I trust you and this one has a great price and functionality, I bought one.

  • Mikkel Nielsen
    Mikkel NielsenÅr siden

    "Super clean"

  • Januka Udugamasooriya
    Januka UdugamasooriyaÅr siden

    My vehicle is DAIHATSU

  • Aaron Galinsky
    Aaron GalinskyÅr siden

    So could i use it to disable the AFM in my 2015 Silverado?

  • Houa Vang
    Houa VangÅr siden

    you should tint the windows on your s2k. it looks better especially if you have you top open and the windows rolled up.

  • Everything car bro
    Everything car broÅr siden

    Amazing I already have it in my car awesome

  • Everything car bro
    Everything car broÅr siden

    Hey Jason I want to speak to you so please reply so I can say my problem in mail so please reply to this so I can speak to you in my mail .

  • Holly Hsieh
    Holly HsiehÅr siden

    Does m y Tesla have OBD?

  • Volodymyr Shoniia
    Volodymyr ShoniiaÅr siden

    No Lotus support 😭😭😭