Why Diesel Engines Lose Power & Efficiency Over Time


Why Do Diesel Engines Lose Power And Efficiency Over Time?
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Modern diesel engine development has increased engine efficiency and decreased NOx and particulate matter emissions. This video will focus on several questions: What is diesel fuel? How do diesel engines work, and how are diesels different from gasoline engines? Why are diesel engines typically more efficient than gasoline engines? Why do diesel engines continue to move towards higher fuel pressures and finer injector holes? How do fuel injector properties affect efficiency and emissions? Why are diesel engines susceptible to injector deposits? How do injector deposits affect engine performance characteristics?
With regards to deposits, ExxonMobil has developed Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel, which has a proprietary additive package designed and proven to reduce deposits on injectors. By removing injector deposits, the goal is to restore the original spray pattern. I was able to visit one of the research facilities where this new fuel was tested, and results proved a 2% improvement in average fuel economy, a 2% reduction in CO2 emissions, and an 11% reduction in NOx emissions. This video will dive into the details of how this is all possible, and how testing was performed.
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    JOREBA CYBERTECH29 dager siden

    Mine has an issue @ 3000rpm losing power for a second or 2 based on Dyno test result (Grand Starex Gold VGT A/T) , Diff shop has diffe opinion on the issue, Injector, Turbo, Transmission, Airflow/MAP sensor, EGR, iI dont' know which one is correct

  • Greg Baker
    Greg BakerMåned siden

    The enchanting doll namely arrive because whorl statistically end failing a elated spark. wild, nauseating women

  • Lewis Beshers
    Lewis BeshersMåned siden

    Nice. My grandfather built and ran one of the refineries for Standard Oil on Aruba, pre war. He distilled hi test which was used by the RAF.

  • Tomasnok
    TomasnokMåned siden

    The Propietary detergent is Anhydride ethanol? I Put some E85 mixed with 50% ATF dex3 for lubricity, at 1:20 ratio. Looks like a good detergent, got more pep after refueling with pure Diesel....

  • Sergeant
    SergeantMåned siden

    Politicians (read: self interest groups, Gretas and idiots) are now attempting to ban diesel engines. So does that mean ships, trucks, excavation machinery, industrial generators, etc will be banned and we'll all go back to the stone age? I doubt it. The only diesel engines that will be banned due to emissions will be in consumer vehicles. Yours and mine. You know, the 1% of machinery making "Climate change" a non-issue.

  • Logan Pollock
    Logan PollockMåned siden

    EE: light duty diesels typically last 200k Me: *laughs in Cummins* Injectors maybe yes at 200k, but the engines will last forever!

  • Beast
    BeastMåned siden

    If you could centrifuge the fuel before using it the mud comes out from station fuel.Most ships that run on diesel purifie the fuel first. I have worked on such engines and have never come across a deposited injector. High hour diesel engines will degrade due to compression loss . Compression rings and valves.

  • Jess Stuart
    Jess StuartMåned siden

    Lots of factors to control in an experiment like this. Air temperature, air-pressure, tire-inflation, oil viscosity (engine and transmission), oil fill level (crankshaft sloshing), air-filter flow resistance, electrical load (state of battery charge).

  • David Willard
    David WillardMåned siden


  • Robert Bell
    Robert BellMåned siden

    So it seems what efficiency is gained is more than lost in repairs, higher maintenance costs and reduced longevity.

  • william nadurak
    william nadurakMåned siden

    Is 2% less fuel the only reason that the co2 reductions are achieved? I will admit 11% less nox is impressive.

  • networked person
    networked personMåned siden

    You know that you need to ask if, after the tuneup, the improvement had stabilized before establishing the baseline. Even though you know this, you didn't bring it up. You just prostituted your engineering degrees for an honorary marketing degree.

  • Macgyver Martin
    Macgyver MartinMåned siden

    Pretty sure the redline-a-day is working for my tractor. Literally I mow the lawn at redline and besides the water pump going out no issues. Edit: been doing this for 3 ish years now.

  • Art F
    Art FMåned siden

    Good information! I will be taking my Jeep 3.0 liter turbo diesel with 110K miles to Exxon from now on.

  • t18amgr
    t18amgrMåned siden

    Magnet aging is a factor.

  • Carlos Furukawa
    Carlos FurukawaMåned siden

    I run my Transporter T6 often from Germany to Romania, and decided to run some experiments with different fuels. 1-Shell diesel sucks, high consumption and loss of power. 2-Conventional Diesel from OMV is cheap and good. 3-Performance Diesel with additives are 10% higher in price, but gives you more than 10% more in mileage. It makes sense to use diesel with additives if you go for a long run, specially if you need to refuel.. it pays off! Just avoid Shell!😅

  • T1mp4l1
    T1mp4l1Måned siden

    Hi, if you haven't, could you make a video explaining HVO100 diesel?

  • Justin Delacerda
    Justin DelacerdaMåned siden

    The average class 8 truck uses $70,000 of fuel annually. a 2% reduction means a savings of $1,400

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude2 måneder siden

    Short answer: They wear out. oh, and the injectors get clogged.

  • Kjetil Madland
    Kjetil Madland2 måneder siden

    Who would put new injectors and clean the DPF in a truck to gain a 2% fuel efficiency? lol. 2% in the lab is 0.2% in the real world

  • Jimmy Kury
    Jimmy Kury2 måneder siden

    he didnt answer the question Why Diesel Engines Lose Power & Efficiency Over Time, o did i missed it? 13 mins of wasted time

  • Laurie Pocock
    Laurie Pocock2 måneder siden

    so feet screw up fuel efficiency

  • Douglas Harley
    Douglas Harley2 måneder siden

    damn, that's some serious test engineering!!! *RESPECT* lol, a 2% increase in efficiency for a long-haul trucking fleet means significant money.

  • Luciano Drossi
    Luciano Drossi2 måneder siden

    Diesel oil has hydrocarbons in the range between 10 to 22 carbon atoms. Petrol is 5-10.

  • Keisuke Takahasi
    Keisuke Takahasi2 måneder siden

    the trick is to use those premium fuels from time to time to have a nice balance between fuel cost and clean(ish) engine especially if its older or has a lot of mileage

  • Petrezen1982
    Petrezen19822 måneder siden

    No words about the price, and MPG. As an engeneer you know very well why.

  • Syed Ibrar
    Syed Ibrar2 måneder siden

    I drove vw lupo 2001 driven 500k 1.2L engineomg it got power 150kmph with just a little touch of gas pedal. And with a great efficiency May be they lose power but its irrelevant may be you will notice after one million km and car will be dead much before that time. And why you are focused on diesel engine petrol car also lose power. And petrol engine last 250k where as diesel last 500k

  • 808 Big Island
    808 Big Island2 måneder siden

    I think its safe to say that product placement made this a less efficient channel by 20% and bought him a hairdresser Miata using 50% more gas than the factory standard model.

  • John Doyle
    John Doyle3 måneder siden

    Thanks,crude oil is usually put through a cracker first to break the larger molecules to smaller ones before multi stage distillation to produce diesel. The refinery can control the process to vary the split of the various fractions depending upon market conditions. Diesel is getting a rough ride in the UK, and car sales of diesels have dropped dramatically, VW and others have dealt a serious blow to diesel cars.

  • Hasan Yusein
    Hasan Yusein3 måneder siden

    Came here to learn something, saw only Exxon commercials. So dissapointed.

  • warren hymes
    warren hymes3 måneder siden

    I remember diesels back in the 60's rolling smoke out the exhaust like a coal powered locomotive. It wasn't all good in spite of so many guys and their fond memories.

  • libicutos
    libicutos3 måneder siden

    this guy studied every engineering major

  • Nigel Clark
    Nigel Clark3 måneder siden

    Very good well explained.

  • Ashmeed Mohammed
    Ashmeed Mohammed3 måneder siden

    i just run a mix of diesel and kerosene.... i dont get as much power but my injectors dont get fouled and back up pressure.

  • Cant StopMe
    Cant StopMe3 måneder siden

    So the diesel they selling is coming from their own refineries and completely contained in their own separate bulk fuel delivery system? Because all the other retail fuel distributors get their fuel from bulk delivery sources at the "rack" which supplies multiple different distributors. It's all the same fuel. But ExxonMobil keeps their supply completely in house from refining to the pump?

  • martin carroll
    martin carroll3 måneder siden

    I once saw an engine in a magazine that ran on graphite. I think it was a turbine but not sure as it was 40 yrs ago.

  • XxAlex010
    XxAlex0103 måneder siden

    I wonder if putting in premium go juice will help clean the injectors a bit, the engine is a 1.9 jtd and started to loose...punch at 260.000 km

  • Andrew Hill
    Andrew Hill3 måneder siden

    I drive one of those trucks, Cascadia. God bless Detroit Diesel.

  • jason lynch
    jason lynch3 måneder siden

    200k? 12v 5.9 said hold my beer...

  • russell379x
    russell379x4 måneder siden

    it’s called wear and tear ... not to mention i have over 600,000 on my 5.9 cummins and it still the same on the dyno 🤷‍♂️

  • whatthefoust
    whatthefoust4 måneder siden

    So why is diesel more expensive since it is substantially less refining then gasoline kerosene etc...

  • Moti
    Moti4 måneder siden

    11:45 anyone??? WTF

  • duken4evr
    duken4evr4 måneder siden

    It is a good practice to always use an additive to lubricate the high pressure common rail fuel system and to clean the injectors. It is good to hear Exxon is working on high quality fuel as America's diesel fuel quality varies greatly - diesel seems to be the red headed stepchild in the US, our fuel's lubricity is generally well off what Europe has, for example. Exxon may have great diesel fuel, but the diesel fuel system is too sensitive to leave to chance - I always look for a high volume station and run a lubricity and injector cleaning additive that also improves cetane, which is generally sadly lacking in America's diesel fuel supply. My little Canyon with the 2.8 diesel runs much better with a little cetane bump, with no rattle at all once it is warm. Light duty truck diesels can easily run 400K miles if fed good fuel and looked after. The real devil with the new diesels is in the emissions system. Tuning can take care of that - nod/nod, wink/wink. That and don't "short trip" a diesel. They are at their best when the engine is heat soaked and they used for highway and distance driving. Once a good lightly loaded pickup truck's diesel is in overdrive on the open road, the transmission's work is done for the day - LOL

  • Connor de woulie
    Connor de woulie4 måneder siden

    Can always use chip fat

  • Peter Lawton
    Peter Lawton4 måneder siden

    Glue instructions say, to get the best bond, sand or scuff glossy surfaces. The glue has more texture to grip. Deposits bind to the injector surface, although unwanted. Would it help to polish the injector surfaces to a mirror finish, to reduce deposits over time? Or maybe design them with a glass or ceramic coating for the same effect?

  • Jacob Chandler
    Jacob Chandler4 måneder siden

    I believe there is a performance and efficiency ark over time when a diesel is new it needs to be driven a bit to get to peak efficiency then it will drop with time due to wear

  • M H
    M H4 måneder siden

    HAHAHA modern light duty diesels expected to last around 200k miles. I didn't work on one under 300k this week. Many have gone 1 million. Most I have ever personally seen is 806k. They will last if taken care of.

  • Paul Desfosses
    Paul Desfosses4 måneder siden

    200k is a little long for power strokes but there are many many 400k+ cummins out there

  • Paul Desfosses
    Paul Desfosses4 måneder siden

    Deisel engines also have swirl to improve air fuel mixture. Banks power has a great video about it. Deisel pistons also arent flat any more.

  • Pirotecnia Actual Valenciana
    Pirotecnia Actual Valenciana4 måneder siden

    5% nafta and 2t oil !!

  • Nathan Swann
    Nathan Swann4 måneder siden

    you guys are just salesman.....your not "tech guys" or car guys. Constantly bringing up your S2000 shows that youre really trying to sound like a car guy, like Vin Diesel or something. -hucksters......

  • Iskander Semibratov
    Iskander Semibratov4 måneder siden

    you didn`t explain at all how ignition and injection work in a diesel engine and why it`s different from a gasoline engine do you not understand it youself?

  • Redtooth 75

    Redtooth 75

    4 måneder siden

    Its explained in other videos. Diesels use the heat of compression to ignite the fuel.

  • Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu
    Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu4 måneder siden

    Dude that ignition was like 20 years ago, ever heard of glow plugs? google it.

  • Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu

    Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu

    4 måneder siden

    @Redtooth 75 they do even after in order to optimize the running of the engine and lower the consumption/emission by providing better control over the detonation. I am just saying that his statement is way outdated unless in US they never upgraded them diesel since the '80s.

  • Redtooth 75

    Redtooth 75

    4 måneder siden

    That is the modern system, diesel direct injection. The older system used indirect injection. The glow plug is used to heat up the intake to help the engine start when cold. After the engine is running, they do nothing.

  • NH2112
    NH21124 måneder siden

    Short answer: injectors atomize fuel less efficiently as they age.

  • lucarne étrange
    lucarne étrange5 måneder siden

    If Diesel engines need smaller holes to diffuse the gasoil better, but smaller holes are more prone to be blocked by deposits, then why not 1) use many more holes to achieve the gasoil "mist", and 2) inject hydrogen to clean up the injectors from time to time?

  • Federico Torres Bordils
    Federico Torres Bordils5 måneder siden

    In Spain we have two diesel types Normal Diesel and Diesel PLUS. Depending on INJECTION SYSTEM the additivated one, the PLUS, is NOT recommended due to less lubrication properties, aawell sulfur content is mandatory to be zero. BimmwrN53

  • MoogleMy
    MoogleMy5 måneder siden

    You didn't focus on the Cetain Rating. NA diesel was so poor 25 years ago that European and Japanese diesel engines etc couldn't run on it. They knocked severly and had poor performance. Honda small diesel engines has a large US stzmped on thd flywheel to indicate it was fir thd NA market only. .Petro Canada at the time had info on what makes a diesel fuel good. I obtained that info to understand dual injection Honda diesel snall non-road engines. Im not a fan of diesel at all, however suffice to say that there is nothing that will do the job they do with heavy equipment. Take them off the road as far as passenger vehicles are concerned. Teslas semi once it is in the road will take care if 18 wheelers. Love your program and you explanations are great (have to replay some to get your gist). Im USN traied and licenced as a Mororcyle, automobile and truck mechanic. Honda is my love and thats all products. Diesel and two stroke fasoline engines have no place in the market anymore and no one has suceeded in making them clean. VW should be put down for their cheating or fined out of existance. Thats my rant. Thanx for your E. Expl. Once again!

  • RatRaceProducing
    RatRaceProducing5 måneder siden

    Fractional distillation, one of the most used and important processes known to man yet most people don't even know it exists 😂

  • Balázs Rakó
    Balázs Rakó5 måneder siden

    "This video is brought to you by Exxon Mobil" Hol' up

  • Antonio Maglione
    Antonio Maglione5 måneder siden

    At what point in the video there is the answer to the question in the title? Isn't possible the replace injectors regularly, as we do with spark plugs?

  • Redtooth 75

    Redtooth 75

    4 måneder siden

    Diesel fuel injectors are expensive. Yes you can change them but its usually not worth it unless you absolutely need the extra power.

  • phorzer32
    phorzer325 måneder siden

    To much advertising...

  • Lenny Phelan
    Lenny Phelan5 måneder siden

    holy smokes dude how much did they pay you? 😳

  • Martin Taper
    Martin Taper6 måneder siden

    "Everything" loses power and efficiency over time!

  • hernando villamarin buenaventura
    hernando villamarin buenaventura6 måneder siden

    Do you think that using some kind of 'Super alloy', such as Inconel 718 as a nozzle material, could improve an average Diesel engine efficiency / durability?. Many thanks for your awsome work!! 🤗👍

  • Dhruv Mittal
    Dhruv Mittal6 måneder siden

    Just like a human brain does

  • Patrick Rodriguez
    Patrick Rodriguez6 måneder siden

    My question is, if you have never used Synergy and your injectors are no longer spraying in a uniform pattern; with the detergent used, how long would it take to clear up those injectors and bring them back to manufacturer specifications? Efficiency was thoroughly covered, but the cleaning of the injectors was almost completely ignored?

  • Kai Haapasaari
    Kai Haapasaari6 måneder siden

    So base refined diesel is the same for all the stations? Only the additives vary from different distribution companies... am I right? Just really curious because shell did come out with higher quality diesel in Finland few years back, but it does cost like 10 cent per litre more than normal one which is around 1,2-1,5€/L 😬

  • Don Lewis
    Don Lewis6 måneder siden

    Lots of "might", "could". Selling for EXXON? Sounds like it.

  • David Gatti
    David Gatti7 måneder siden

    I cleaned my diesel injectors at 280.000km with an ultrasonic machine and now no more black smoke exit from the exhaust. I also suggest the use of an additive for the oil to help engine run well

  • mark broad
    mark broad7 måneder siden

    Hmm, my 95' powerstroke has 290,000 miles. Should go to around 750,000. Not 250,000. The 12v cummins averages around 1,000,000 miles

  • Simon Reeves
    Simon Reeves7 måneder siden

    Another brilliant video from EE - all of this is very reassuring for me, I changed my car last year and bought an EV - best purchase decision I ever made!

  • tyson505
    tyson5057 måneder siden

    Why does diesel usually cost more than gasoline when it's simply less refined gasoline? It's all coming from the same crude oil. Is there less diesel produced compared to gasoline in the distillation process?

  • Bob Jackson

    Bob Jackson

    7 måneder siden

    @tyson505 Diesel has a much higher demand on the world stage. And has very high usage overall. Also Diesel at least in the United States have high taxes due to the EPA nonsense. All of this combined cause diesel to be more expensive despite it being more fuel efficient.

  • tyson505


    7 måneder siden

    @Bob Jackson That only adds more to my question. If diesel is used by more things, and is simply less refined crude oil, why does it cost more? Makes no sense.

  • Bob Jackson

    Bob Jackson

    7 måneder siden

    While Gasoline is more refined you must take into consideration what uses Gasoline vs Diesel. Gas is used by smaller IC engines typically. Whereas Diesel is the primary fuel for things like large semi trucks, trains, and the vast majority of the world's ships.

  • Jordan Caleb
    Jordan Caleb7 måneder siden

    On a side note: If diesel engine emission systems such as DPF, DEF, and EGR were primarily developed to reduce emissions for the sake of flattening the climate change curve, then how are they helping since you burn 30-50% more fuel per tank with the regen cycles? If diesel particulate is causing climate change then I suppose it would make sense, but the main contributor is CO2 and burning 30-50% more fuel means the emissions systems are actually putting out more CO2!!?? I can definitely see the fuel consumption in my Duramax L5P thanks to the regen. Am I missing something? I think for the sake of my engines life span, and the environment a delete of the EGR and the DPF would be logical and ethical. Do you agree?

  • Bob Jackson

    Bob Jackson

    7 måneder siden

    The Emissions testing for the engine is done at the Dyno, not behind a Drivetrain for the EPA.

  • Alfa Lisandro
    Alfa Lisandro7 måneder siden

    Emissions, polution, once generated its in the nature, if not in this day its tomorow, you can put filters valves our detonate an engine that don't last nothing because emissions. Some day you have to clean ou burn our dump the filters our other sistem to keep the engine running, the polution don't go to nature today go tomorow. All that emissions thing its a big bissenes for nothing. I can't right very goog english i can't explain this fact like i want.

  • Stefan Weilhartner
    Stefan Weilhartner7 måneder siden

    when you see a price of +5% or more at the gas station then buying that for only 2% better efficiency leaves a very bad after taste. a BEV with a REX makes more sense to me

  • Rashad Arbab
    Rashad Arbab7 måneder siden

    I’d like to thank Exxon Mobil for sponsoring this video. In our next video I’d like to talk about clean diesel and why it’s better than clean coal.

  • Daniel 2020
    Daniel 20207 måneder siden

    Diesel Engine as louder noise Engine.

  • Louis Shambarger
    Louis Shambarger7 måneder siden

    You said that because of the higher compression ratio in Diesel engines they tend to be more efficient. I thought, from a course I took many years ago, that the efficiency of the Diesel cycle depended on temperature ( delta T) and that the Otto cycle depended on the compression ratio. Or is that really just the theoretical thermodynamic efficiency? Diesels need the high compression to get the mixture hot enough to ignite.

  • Bob Jackson

    Bob Jackson

    7 måneder siden

    Higher compression ratio is higher thermal efficiency. More work is being generated from the same heat.

  • Trucking Journeys
    Trucking Journeys7 måneder siden

    Detroit deisel engines ran 2 stroke cycles for a long time. Don't forget tht

  • 𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠
    𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠7 måneder siden

    What is the energy consumption and emissions involved in manufacturing and logistics of the additives? I'll bet when that's factored in, the 2% becomes something closer to 0%.

  • Larry Welchko
    Larry Welchko7 måneder siden

    P.S. the half ton is has a gasoline engine in it

  • Larry Welchko
    Larry Welchko7 måneder siden

    I would think that with such high fuel pressures that the particulate buildup would be blown apart by the fuel and with proper maintenance a one ton heavy duty pickup truck can last considerably longer then 200 k miles. I have a half ton truck with 387,600 miles on it and it runs like a top

  • LX
    LX7 måneder siden

    Can you do a video on if a modern diesel engine is actually suitable for cold climate (-15 to -30 celsius in winter), and if the current DEF/EGR setup is an acceptable design? I owned a diesel truck before, it runs great but constantly got DEF/EGR problems that i had to sell it after 2 years. Now I am thinking about another HD truck and really not sure if I should give the new ford 6.7 diesel a try. I do not use it for work, but planning to tow a travel trailer or truck camper for long distance trips. reliability will be my number 1 concern.

  • Leonard Zielewski
    Leonard Zielewski7 måneder siden

    Air bar??? All your college language doesn’t jive with the common man. Please speak in terms the common man understands

  • Paul Cutcliffe
    Paul Cutcliffe7 måneder siden

    Ooh, a 25 improvement. I wonder how much more it costs... 🤔

  • Tony P
    Tony P7 måneder siden

    Diesels do not lose power over time. If anything, they gain power. Check out Darkside Developments youtube channel 😉 😛 (hint: 450hp / 520ft/lb from an old 1.9 TDI VW)

  • Ashmeed Mohammed
    Ashmeed Mohammed7 måneder siden

    fractionating column

  • IKEAfam
    IKEAfam7 måneder siden

    My car has a 2.0L PSA diesel engine that has 460 000km/285 000miles on it and it has had no problems for the last 90 000km/55 000miles that i’ve owned it for exept a small boost leak (10€ part). Might have lost some power but it has all been brought back plus extra with chiptuning :D

  • Øystein
    Øystein8 måneder siden

    Well.. It's really the same loss for gasoline and diesel. Both get deposits over time and it all comes down to maintenence and how they are used. I.e a 20year old diesel with, let's say 200.000 kilometers on it can have just as low loss as a petrol engine. I actually know of several petrol engines that have lost noticably more power than a diesel after the same milage and the other way around. So in general it's the same. Fact😎

  • Huw Williams
    Huw Williams8 måneder siden

    My experience over many years in many different diesel vehicles from small hatchbacks to SUV's and tractors is that power and fuel economy actually improve for the first 50,000 mile or so before reaching an optimum, which can be maintained for at least another 100,000 miles, if maintained as per book, before a gradual decline occurs. Eventually more maintenance may be needed to recover lost performance and efficiency, such as new injector nozzles or a decoking of the EGR system including a new or recon DPF. Nothing lasts forever, but most diesel engines, even small ones, are easily capable of 200 to 300,000 miles without major re-cons these days and large engines up to 25,000 hours or more, which is about 800,000 miles or so. Larger engines still may do multiples of that service with overhauls more easily justified financially to keep them going. There's a bit of luck involved of course, because failures can occasionally appear sooner or later for all engines, such as faulty injectors or EGR valves or prematurely restricted air or fuel filters.

  • Jeff Talbot
    Jeff Talbot8 måneder siden

    I call BS. The statistical analysis used in this study is bogus at best and totally dishonest at worst. To get a .4% standard deviation is almost impossible to get when dealing with machinery. This SD must have been from the entire sample of fill-up in this case which makes the data more or less useless. Where is the control vehicle? Why didn’t Exxon/Mobile by two new identical trucks with same configuration, I am sure they could have afforded it. Then they would of had a control and a test vehicle. Plus when you are talking 2% lowering .8% is explained by error so the actual change is 1.2% which is NOTHING. The barometric pressure change could cause this. Hopefully the fuel burns cleaner.

  • Stephen Whalen
    Stephen Whalen9 måneder siden

    So I’m curious how much he was paid for this

  • Sagittarius-A Black Hole
    Sagittarius-A Black Hole9 måneder siden

    2% is kind of a real joke. It confirms my suspicion about this just being a marketing stunt, to boost sales, nothing more.

  • luke jones
    luke jones9 måneder siden

    Great video as always. Always really well explained and informative

  • coco Boo
    coco Boo9 måneder siden

    Lmao 200000 miles they are broke in

  • timtebow777
    timtebow7779 måneder siden

    So why do Diesel engines lose efficiency over time, that’s why I watched this video and you didn’t even talk about that. Also the new Exonn diesel isn’t going to matter because truckers don’t fuel at Exxon. We fuel at Pilot and Loves, places like that

  • DK 265
    DK 26510 måneder siden

    All this regarding Injectors basically means a massive bill when they fail due to dirty fuel and lack of servicing of the vehicle!!,it’s all very well saying it’s a 2% increase in fuel economy but in the real world it means nothing because of the repair costs when they fail.....which they will.

  • Tomasz Kusmierz
    Tomasz Kusmierz10 måneder siden

    Video brought to you by exon.

  • ADZ z
    ADZ z10 måneder siden

    I hate working on diseasials. But i have to learn about them. Thankfully these vids make it a bit easier.

  • tannenguitar
    tannenguitar10 måneder siden

    Such a crap! Put a turbo charger on a gasoline engine and look what will happen, much more power than a diesel turbo engine. Where is your higher efficiency of a diesel engine?