What's The Best Supercharger? Roots vs Centrifugal vs Twin-Screw vs Electric


Comparing The Four Most Popular Superchargers - Which Is Best?
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What type of supercharger should I use on my car? There are a lot of options for forced induction, whether going the turbocharger or supercharger route. Superchargers typically will offer better throttle response, and can offer better low-end torque, however they ultimately are less efficient than turbochargers. But if you decide to go the supercharger route (great decision by the way), what's the best option? In this video we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the four most common supercharger styles for today's cars: twin-screw, roots, centrifugal, and electric superchargers.

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  • Adam Lockington
    Adam Lockington9 timer siden

    Hey Jason, interested to know why you went for a roots over a twin screw for the MX-5? Oh, sorry, the Miata. Was it due to availability options or something else?

  • Ray Delfa
    Ray Delfa4 dager siden

    can you please do a video like this about my 2019 C7 Z06??? I don't know what kind I have or how it works!!! its bad ass thouvh.

  • Thiago Assis
    Thiago Assis8 dager siden

    whatever u want

  • jalen gilkey
    jalen gilkey10 dager siden

    What do you think is the best one for a 2017 ss camaro

  • Valentin Papp
    Valentin Papp12 dager siden

    Which is best for a inline 6

  • Rhys
    Rhys13 dager siden

    Hey mate love your videos. I've always wondered would a twin screw charger be most likely considered a progressive cavity pump vs a positive displacement pump? It just reminds me of the fluid pumps build by mono which use a 2 flute rotor in a three flute stator to create a cavity that moves along the rotor? I could be barking up the wrong tree or splitting hairs but I'd love to hear your input on this classification

  • plan je
    plan je18 dager siden

    - so Engineering Explained all head ingredients are present nobody builds _ practice - if you put set one thick exhaust (what a language are you in reality able to communicate each with other) - you get more HP _ theory - is you use ordinary turbo car and entire turbo made Supercharger DISCHARGER Electrical - must be better _ and so call me back if you have build _ kontaš ba - not turbo driving with exhaust gases but electrical help and turbo more air and throw out exhaust gases - all worlds in one _ at finally everything what I would be wanted to build I need entire state - and about girls spoken what doing your own cooking only isn`t - does she known where you are busy or is involved in everything

  • Will Rap For Comics
    Will Rap For Comics20 dager siden

    I enjoy these videos, but I have to watch them a few times. Which is probably is good for you.

  • Paradise Road
    Paradise Road23 dager siden

    ...your drawings and description of the centrifugal supercharger omit the diffuser... ...which is of course the key to why a centrifugal compressor works... ...impeller accelerates the air through the diffuser where it slows... ...and converts velocity to pressure...

  • Alden Consolver
    Alden Consolver23 dager siden

    Which of these arrangements would be most effective on a 400 hp class opposed piston uniflow diesel engine. The engine is to be used on heavy machinery (bulldozer/ore carrier) type applications. The engine is going to need supercharging at low RPM making the use of any single stage turbocharger problematic and the use of multistage turbochargers worrisome due to the increased number of parts.

  • SSnoX
    SSnoX24 dager siden

    drink some water

  • Turkiahmed Alalwan
    Turkiahmed Alalwan25 dager siden

    Hello dear..do we need to reduce the CR. If we want to install the supercharger?

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith27 dager siden

    On the Roots style blower with a four lobe, 160 degree, what would happen if they were "reversed" that is they would spin directly downward and into the blower like a twin screw???

  • Reza Varghayi
    Reza Varghayi27 dager siden

    Electric superchargers should just be illegal

  • aurik94
    aurik9429 dager siden

    For those of us who live at altitude (ie, I'm in Denver at about 5,200 ft), can you discuss how this affects NA, supercharged, and turbocharged engines? Thanks!!

  • D Carden
    D CardenMåned siden

    We all can agree that a blower is the coolest

  • Greg Gallacci
    Greg GallacciMåned siden

    A jet engine is basically an air compressor, a fuel burner and a gas-driven motor, right? What if one were to take two Roots blowers; an intake compressor and an outlet power-stage, and put some kind of combustor between the two? Blower the first sucks in air to be compressed, combustor mixes fuel into air-steam and burns it, expanding gasses drive blower the second. Gearing/belts linking the blowers to keep the Entropy Gods happy. Heating might be an issue, but I kind of saw this as a dragster engine: short intense runs.

  • Guns Cars and Digits
    Guns Cars and DigitsMåned siden

    I can't help but roll my eyes at electric superchargers. The whole point of a supercharger is to convert chemical energy to mechanical energy. Want more mechanical energy? Get a bigger engine, or get a bigger blower. You're expected to know what you're trying to accomplish. I like roots and centrifugal most. Roots for a responsive application. Centrifugal for a "planned" application. A twin screw blower requires a male and female rotor, which affects cost. Not the end of the world, but from a practicality standpoint, relevant.

    CARZILLAMåned siden


    FULLTHROTTLEmotoMåned siden

    Why not ALL OF THEM

  • Brian Levine
    Brian LevineMåned siden

    I went to the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany. While I was walking around the motorcycle area I saw a very interesting picture. A 1939 BMW motorcycle with a twin screw super charger. The drive was inside a cover on the front of the motor. The actual super charger was over at the Deutsche Museum, also in Munich. The super charger was small,Maybe 10"x10"x 4".

  • Mike
    MikeMåned siden

    Which one is the most reliable, easiest to install, service, repair or replace? And also which one has the least heat soak and parasitic loss to the engine?

  • Jxhnny_Gxddamn
    Jxhnny_GxddamnMåned siden

    So is a twin screw better than roots because it also pressurizes the air ?

  • AugmentedGravity
    AugmentedGravityMåned siden

    Twin Screw because its cool.

  • Art Bridgeman
    Art BridgemanMåned siden

    Great video, helped me a lot in trying to figure out how to supercharge my Jeep Gladiator Rubicon.

  • Paul Nobert

    Paul Nobert

    Måned siden

    I'm dreaming of putting one on the Mojave, I just ordered...

  • Todd McDowell
    Todd McDowellMåned siden

    OKAY... is it just me but how is a centrifugal SC NOT a turbo? looks like one, acts like one. I'm not seeing much difference! js

  • Redtooth 75

    Redtooth 75

    Måned siden

    A turbo is driven by a turbine in the exhaust. Superchargers are driven directly by the engine.

  • woobilicious.
    woobilicious.Måned siden

    Don't Koenigsegg pre-spool their compressor with compressed air from a carbon fiber tank that was filled earlier from the turbo?

  • Dylan Sutliff
    Dylan SutliffMåned siden

    This dude is the perfect mix of car dude and nerd. Love the show man🤙

  • Rennie Allen
    Rennie AllenMåned siden

    My EV has a 6 lobe helical roots type. Electric of course, since it's an EV.

  • Nathan Runke
    Nathan Runke2 måneder siden

    Are we talking newer mx5 or older mx5

  • Scott Lancaster
    Scott Lancaster2 måneder siden

    Crank driven

  • سجاد سالمی
    سجاد سالمی2 måneder siden


  • Loud Mike Media
    Loud Mike Media2 måneder siden


  • jeffrey hollenbeck
    jeffrey hollenbeck2 måneder siden

    roots is a supercharger , twin screw we call a blower witch is the right name because they original use was on big diesels then some one got smart and adapt it for a gas engine like a 611 blower comes from 611 detroit engine u just have to change the gear drive for gas engines but if i was building a street rig i would use a tunnel ram way less money still get power the engine will last a lot longer and u get get mpg my camaro was getting up to 25 mpg in the city with a tunnel ram as long as i didn't get on it with a nuts out 327

  • Jason Atkins
    Jason Atkins2 måneder siden

    You said something interesting and I need explanation as a hyper-miler. You said there is a scenario where the engine is "not injecting fuel".. And I've heard reference to this before. I have a SCAN GUAGE (tm) connected to the OBDII port of all 3 of my vehicles. And in EVERY CASE, if I am on a highway, long downhill, and I shift into neutral, RPMs DROP (of course they do). My (automatic) Tundra will go straight down to 750 RPM and my MPGs go to well over 100MPG. If I were to stay in gear, the RPMs would be, say, 1800RPM and therefore my MPG would be about 70MPG. HOW does an internal combustion engine RUN, EVEN AT IDLE "without injecting (any) fuel?" On the Tundra, the SCAN GUAGE does occasionally report MPG of "9999" as if no fuel is being used, but that is momentary. My standard '96 Z28 NEVER shows that, and neither does my LS7 powered big cam vehicle.

  • FARREL5825
    FARREL58252 måneder siden

    Basically, i rather choose twin screw superchargers. Because power loss are smaller than roots supercharger. But still postive displacement supercharger which giving same boost at low to high rpm

  • Daniel Dinnie
    Daniel Dinnie2 måneder siden

    Hello Jason. Recently, I watched a few of your videos. Very interesting. Thanks for the content. I have a question, and a story. I have a little VW Up. It's a great little car, but it is a little sluggish. I had another Up last year, and a truck leaked diesel on the freeway, which led to me writing off my old car. I bought another one, and recently put bigger wheels on it, and now it's feeling sluggish. I'm not looking to go drag racing or anything like that, but what would you recommend to increase the power of the car a little? The car is still under warranty, so I can't make any big changes now, but after another two years, is it worth putting a small super charger in, or anything else. I like the engineering side, so be complicated, and give as many suggestions as you can think of. Thanks.

  • rocco nacho
    rocco nacho2 måneder siden

    I would like to do the centrifugal supercharger to my Nissan Sentra series spec v 2006 🤔👍👍👍

  • Cyrus Lever
    Cyrus Lever2 måneder siden

    Can you turn heat into electricity and run a supercharger off of it?

  • Conner Wilson
    Conner Wilson2 måneder siden

    why does intake air need to be cooled?

  • Alex Dumitrescu

    Alex Dumitrescu

    Måned siden

    Cooler intake air is also less likely to have detonation issues

  • Redtooth 75

    Redtooth 75

    2 måneder siden

    Cooler air is denser. A higher density means more air molecules in the same amount of space so you can inject more fuel and get more power.

  • dwight nix
    dwight nix2 måneder siden

    The best supercharger is none. They only blow engines

  • Ethan Bird
    Ethan Bird2 måneder siden

    I still don't understand how the GT500's supercharger is considered a roots, cause it's drawing in air and is travelling from front to back instead of up to down

  • Instinct Toni
    Instinct Toni2 måneder siden

    I got a 2018 2ss automatic camaro, what would be the best one for me? Like make it the fastest and make the most horsepower for it?

  • Kain Ariylius
    Kain Ariylius2 måneder siden

    So, what kind of supercharger is that for the Miata? Might want to look into one for a different car, looks like it might be a decent fit.

  • Deni Pallas
    Deni Pallas2 måneder siden

    Was really making electric sound good until he gave the examples of what they’re used on 😂 Centrifugal = used on the best cars in the world Electric = used on dump unreliable audi lol

  • Gabriele De Carli
    Gabriele De Carli2 måneder siden

    Can I use the turbine to charge the battery and use the battery for a motor that move the compressor? 😱

  • ADRIAAN1007
    ADRIAAN10072 måneder siden

    3:55 That finger there is why we put clear covers on moving cutaway displays.

  • mike matos
    mike matos2 måneder siden

    Heard of Tom cruise? This is Tom Speed!

  • A9five
    A9five2 måneder siden

    A twin screw supercharger for low rpms and a turbo for high rpms 👌🏼

  • Lil' Ike

    Lil' Ike

    16 dager siden

    Its not really that simple. Turbo don't necessarily mean high rpm power only depends how its sized for the engine. A properly sized turbo can have killer low and mid range torque. Many do twin turbo just to have smaller turbos for response but having two gives you the airflow to make some steam up top also. On the flip side the twin screws dont necessarily just have low end some of them can scream at high rpms and make badass power up top again depends on the size and how its sized to the engine among bunch of other factors. If you do compound boost like turbo and supercharger on same car itll make alot of power and a ton of torque but it will actually make less overall peak power than the same turbo(s) with no supercharger. It will have a ton more torque with both and still have a ton of power but less overall peak power vs a turbo only setup as weird as that sounds.

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon2 måneder siden

    Waiting for you to drop the egg ...

  • Joe Loy
    Joe Loy2 måneder siden

    So couldn't you fix the lag in a turbo by making a hybrid turbo with an electric motor to spool it up as soon as you touch the throttle and then have the exhaust take over at a certain RPM/boost or what ever benchmark you would use to switch over to exhaust. This would overcome the lag/cons of a turbo and you would still gain the efficiency of the turbo as soon as you come up to speed

  • P Villanueva
    P Villanueva3 måneder siden


  • Vega 128
    Vega 1283 måneder siden

    there are also turbo chargers that contain an induction motor to get arrould the turbo lag by accelerating the boades electrically and use the exhaust gasses when they get up to speed to maintain flow, and they can also electricqlly brake the turbine aswell

  • Adam Watts
    Adam Watts3 måneder siden

    They got an electric one for Camaro?

  • Ryker Quackenbush
    Ryker Quackenbush3 måneder siden

    So. I’m building a team.

  • Aaron Autry
    Aaron Autry3 måneder siden

    Not sure which would be the best option for my 2011 for f250 6.2 v8 4x4.

  • Yoshi Esquire
    Yoshi Esquire3 måneder siden

    👍Great video I just wish NOlocal didn't have commercials👎

  • Tiger 1x1
    Tiger 1x13 måneder siden

    Energy to drive the supercharger makes up the extra energy produced so how its sustainable...just guessing..

  • reed calder
    reed calder3 måneder siden

    Look like humble mechanic working on the car

  • MiataZach1.6
    MiataZach1.63 måneder siden

    You said centrifical multiple times instead of centrifugal XD

  • soldierx345
    soldierx3453 måneder siden

    Roots is a company, they use an industrial-blower style. It does compress the air, but is more for cfm, not psi

  • wazza33racer
    wazza33racer3 måneder siden

    unlike a turbocharger.............all superchargers have a parasitic draw on the engine. Each has pro's and con's but superchargers disappeared from diesels because they are inefficient.

  • Adam Batchelder
    Adam Batchelder3 måneder siden

    Roots for my 454.

  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson3 måneder siden

    The algorithm is getting creepy.... I was pricing superchargers earlier....

  • A.K.A.
    A.K.A.3 måneder siden

    this guy looks like he's both 25 and 50 at the same time

  • Myles Deep
    Myles Deep3 måneder siden

    If you're buying a Hellcat fuel economy is game over right out the gate!! The SRT models alone don't care how many times a day you visit the filling station

  • notsogreat123
    notsogreat1233 måneder siden

    The best supercharger is a TURBOCHARGER !! It doesn't rob power from your engine to run it !!

  • D-man
    D-man3 måneder siden

    What about the G-ladder like the one in the g60 Corrado?

  • James Karimi
    James Karimi3 måneder siden

    Anyone know if the S4 supercharger on the B8 has a bypass valve?

  • Toe Jam Smell
    Toe Jam Smell3 måneder siden

    Is it wrong to be sitting on the throne while listening to your every word carefully? No homo?

  • Fishing Daily
    Fishing Daily3 måneder siden

    I need some help with my supercharger. Anyone on here .plz help

  • john brown
    john brown3 måneder siden

    I remember seeing cars of yor fitted with Paxton centrifugal blowers.

  • Drum Styx
    Drum Styx4 måneder siden

    But wait! What about ROTREX? Do they offer instant power like they advertised? Or is is a slow spool?

  • Equiluxe1
    Equiluxe14 måneder siden

    What about rotary vane super chargers.

  • cory hixon
    cory hixon4 måneder siden

    So the egg compresses the air even more?

  • Viper The Sniper
    Viper The Sniper4 måneder siden

    The four strokes: Suck, squeeze, bang, blow. The two stroke: The ones my grandparents had.

  • Bebop
    Bebop4 måneder siden

    Very clean explanation of screw vs roots.

  • Frank Hanrahan
    Frank Hanrahan4 måneder siden

    You never did say which is the best supercharger.

  • James Merkel
    James Merkel4 måneder siden

    That Audi electric super charger is the future, giving u complete dialed in performance & elev help & economy when u don't want it but most of all longevity bc only boosting/heating as little as needed when needed. Towing or hauling or want to b racing on track like appeal, but most of all smaller sized engine working the amount for job at elevation durable thing trucks even 4 cylinder backed up by hybrid system & electric super charger esp on mid sized & cross overs, bulk of the market. At some pnt u just put a V8 in the truck & hybrid helper but V6 super hybrid would b a bit pricey but unstoppable & unmatched performance & mpg.

  • Zadok Motor Freight
    Zadok Motor Freight4 måneder siden

    great video!!!

  • Reagle
    Reagle4 måneder siden

    U forgot about mazda's Comprex :D

  • gadsden1957
    gadsden19574 måneder siden

    McCulloch VS57 Superchargers produced during the 1950’s had a variable drive to keep "spooled up" at lower rpm.

  • Boom Cannon
    Boom Cannon4 måneder siden

    Stop calling centrifugal superchargers prochargers its like calling turbos garetts

  • catalyst_99
    catalyst_994 måneder siden

    why not just make the lobes of a supercharger lightweight, so that it takes little-to-no-power to turn them? that would increase efficiency and MPG

  • Jin Kee
    Jin Kee4 måneder siden

    What happens if you out the electric supercharger onto a ramjet engine? Can you get enough compression to create ignition and thrust for an aircraft?

  • Mark O
    Mark O4 måneder siden

    Would it be possible to use an exhaust turbine from a turbocharger to charge the battery for an electric supercharger?

  • Kory Willis
    Kory Willis4 måneder siden

    u call them rotors but they dont look like doritos

  • WJ Handy Dad
    WJ Handy Dad4 måneder siden

    you get to play with the coolest toys

  • Donald Hollingsworth
    Donald Hollingsworth4 måneder siden

    When I was growing up we always used a supercharger for low to mid range torque & horsepower. An the other hand, for mid range to high range torque & horsepower we used turbochargers. when we wanted low, mid, & high range torque & horsepower, we used a 15 boost turbocharger feeding air into the carburetors then into a GMC 6-71 roots style supercharger with a 30 p.s.i. pop off valve. We always machined a groove around each cylinder & some times around the combustion chamber on the cylinder head & used copper ringed gaskets to prevent head gasket failure when using a high boost pressure system. This probable reveals how old school I am. This was in the 1970's to the mid 1980's. At that time we were only running 9:1 pistons but now days you could run the same setup you could run 11 to 11 1.5:1 pistons because the material used for all the rotating parts have improved.

  • Donald Hollingsworth

    Donald Hollingsworth

    4 måneder siden

    @Boolean The combination of the turbo & super chargers worked out very well. It was a pain in the ass to find someone to make the intake pipes from the turbo charger to the custom made air filter housing on top of the carburetors. The super charger still compressed the air from the turbo charger at mid to high RPM but not as much. That's the reason you needed a 30 p.s.i. pop off valve on the super charger so you would not blow a head gasket or piston. And you had to play around with the timing and air/fuel mixture and the jets in the carburetors to get the performance you wanted.

  • Boolean


    4 måneder siden

    Did the turbos feeding the Jimmy act like staged compressors, or did the 6-71 pretty much just start freewheeling once the turbos came into boost?

  • Boolean


    4 måneder siden

    That's the exact setup I want to try with a junkyard LS truck motor and junkyard twin turbos on inverted truck exhaust manifolds. Do the old 6-71s do a good job for that application?

  • Gary Manis
    Gary Manis4 måneder siden

    Isn't the power increase from electric turbos measured in House Power? LOL. These compressor designs have been around a while. Don't forget WWII military aircraft used centrifugal superchargers, so they could fly at higher altitudes. The roots type blower dates back to 1860 and the screw compressor to around 1878. Screw compressors were used in WWII submarines to change the air in the sub and to blow ballast. Nice to see they are still useful, but I prefer the compact, light centrifugal compressor. BTW, you left out axial flow compressors.

  • Franklin Montejo
    Franklin Montejo4 måneder siden

    You have the rotation backwards on the screw compressor

  • Smokey Yunick
    Smokey Yunick4 måneder siden

    Roots 16-71 is the best that what top fuel was running in my day and getting over 10,000HP from

  • Bob Spence
    Bob Spence4 måneder siden

    let me guess whatever gm sells is best..

  • christiaan dockers
    christiaan dockers4 måneder siden

    Can an electric supercharger make your car more efficient at the same constant speed? In case you got your electricity for your electric super charger "for free" of course.

  • Jim Fordyce
    Jim Fordyce4 måneder siden

    But on the Roots and the Twin Screw and the Belt Driven Turbo Charger it takes/Robs H.P. to power them, it takes about 75-85 H.P. to power the Twin Screw on the Hell Cat according to Dodge/Chrysler. So that is 75-85 H.P. Lost as to the Electric No H.P. is Lost to spool it up, so Way More Efficient!

  • Weldopedia
    Weldopedia4 måneder siden

    i would build a battery bank that i charge while parked to supply 48v or 24v to an electric-supercharger. I think that would be +MPG and +electrical-efficiency over drawing from the (OEM) alternator... plus no loss in AC->DC. The limited capacity of the battery-bank should be just fine for legal street speeds. voltage monitor on the bank-output + fail-to-open supercharger-bypass in case of long-distance or failure scenarios.

  • Teng Gu Vids
    Teng Gu Vids5 måneder siden

    so still the best supercharger is the roots type? because more manufacturer use them and more enhancement and advancement are being made to them and its cheaper, easy to find and less complex than the others?

  • dante 8111
    dante 81115 måneder siden


  • Ruben Nasser
    Ruben Nasser5 måneder siden

    So hybrid cars + electric superchargers = the future?

  • Leon Wechsler
    Leon Wechsler5 måneder siden

    30 years ago I made an Electrical Supercharger, but it was just 12 volts and the power it added was almost zero. However most of cars today have the belt driven Centrifugal Supercharger with variable by pass valves that basically gives you a pretty straight boost along all RPM from 1800 to 6000! Your video must be old or just the basics.