What's The Best Fuel Injection? Carburetors vs Port vs Direct


Carburetors vs Electronic Fuel Injection - What's Best For Your Engine?
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What are the differences between carburetors, port injection, and direct injection? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Why do some cars use both port & direct fuel injection? This video deep dives into the various popular forms of fuel injection. We'll discuss the tuning flexibility of port injection, the advantages of the cooling effects of in-cylinder direct injection, as well as how dual injectors (both port & direct) can offer the benefits of both worlds, and help keep carbon deposits off of intake valves.

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  • Sassy Sasquatch
    Sassy Sasquatch2 timer siden

    Does mechanical carbi still need a fuel pump?

  • junoguten
    junoguten2 dager siden

    Main advantage of direct injection: You can run really high compression/pressure/boost without pre-ignition.

  • Cooking Is Destruction
    Cooking Is Destruction17 dager siden

    Sounds like dual injection is a WIN/WIN.

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  • Chris Mathew Joseph
    Chris Mathew Joseph29 dager siden

    Cam u pls do a video on multi point fuel injection???

  • southerner66
    southerner66Måned siden

    I remember carbureted engines from the 60s and 70s -- and the worry you had on very cold mornings: Will my car start today? Fuel injection solved a lot of that.

  • geoffrey mark
    geoffrey markMåned siden

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  • Mark Dubois
    Mark DuboisMåned siden

    Carb anyday.....no computer

  • Mingus OG
    Mingus OGMåned siden

    "Carburators haven't been used in any production vehicles in decades" *Laughs in motorcylces*

  • jesse bear
    jesse bearMåned siden

    I have a challenge to you ENGINEERING EXPLAINED: Explain waterless coolant i.e used by wheeler dealers in episode X on older car. Why this product isn't widely used and differences to watermix coolant.

  • Artur Bagiński
    Artur BagińskiMåned siden

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    Abhinav KumarMåned siden

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  • The 1 Man Show
    The 1 Man ShowMåned siden

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  • Abhinav Kumar
    Abhinav KumarMåned siden

    Sir Why do GDI develop carbon whereas oil burners do not??

  • Иван Нунядамбйс
    Иван НунядамбйсMåned siden

    I kind of missed the reason for carbon buildup in gdi engines here. Why not mention crankcase ventilation?

  • Nick
    NickMåned siden

    I like carbs because I can tune them to do whatever I want them to do, but that also entails the problems that can be associated with carb tuning. I much prefer efi because the computer does all the tuning for you, ie its easier and less of a pain in the ass.

  • Richard Van Deren
    Richard Van DerenMåned siden

    Why not design a engine that was fuel and air injection with computer control to give the best with both designs I believe this would work both injections fuel deriction and port injection

  • Jay Dunn Official music
    Jay Dunn Official musicMåned siden

    Good video. Every educational

  • David Collis
    David CollisMåned siden

    F.Y.I. The carburetor does not inject fuel. It meters fuel according to the engine demand by utilizing different circuits in the carburetor itself. You should have done a video on Throttle Body injection vs. port injection vs. direct injection. I do enjoy your videos but I was a mechanic in the late era of carburetors and have rebuilt hundreds of them from the 60's, 70's and 80's including feedback Quadrajets. Take care.

  • Commenter Five
    Commenter Five2 måneder siden

    : 49, Smokey Yunic wrote it's not an explosion, more like a reaction. Slower than an explosion. Ok, I see the test gasket, checking to see if we're awake during class. At 9: 45 the intake port has a '67 Nash Rambler windshild washer tank lid gasket.

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    Gordon Freeman2 måneder siden

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  • JuInBlu
    JuInBlu2 måneder siden

    You forgot the fact carbeuraters go bad if they sit for a suprisingly small amount of time

  • Charlie Odom
    Charlie Odom2 måneder siden

    Personally, I prefer a direct + port injection. I also prefer carb motors to EFI in certain applications due to the simplicity. My 57 Chevy has a carb motor, and when I put the 434 small block in it, I will likely go carb, unless I can figure out a way to hide components on a FAST fuel injection system.

  • Dick Dicker
    Dick Dicker2 måneder siden


  • Tootsie
    Tootsie2 måneder siden

    Here is a problem with a carburetor I wish someone could explain. It's actually two carburetors, one has never been factory rebuilt and one has. This is on a 1953 Chevy 6cyl. with a single barrel carb. With either carb installed on the engine, I can remove the upper part of the carb and the gas in the fuel bowl will creep up the sides of the fuel bowl even when cold , so it's not heat related. I first noticed this because of gas seeping around the upper gasket so I made a thicker gasket and solved that problem. Now that creeping of the fuel causes the engine to flood slightly if you shut it off for 10 or 15 minutes and try to restart it, and the carb will go completely empty after it sits for a few days. I have asked many older mechanics, like myself, about this and they don't know why either. I think maybe it's the ethanol in the fuel. Anybody??

  • Fezzler61
    Fezzler612 måneder siden

    Wish there were affordable options to switch 1970s/1980s motorcycle carbs with EFI.

    MEGACHAD2 måneder siden

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  • RedfishCarolina
    RedfishCarolina2 måneder siden

    Every engineer designs direct injection as the sole fuel delivery system should be required to spend half of their workday replacing the cylinder heads and cleaning the valves that their faulty engineering causes. Or be required to figure out how to do PCV and EGR without sending crap across the intake valve. Jackasses.

  • AgreeD Paco
    AgreeD Paco2 måneder siden


  • Shaquille RC
    Shaquille RC2 måneder siden

    FI : 1 of new AFR upgrade (exhaust/intake) : needs fuel controller or even aftermarket ECU / EMU / ECM Carb : just re-jet it

  • Pietro Luisetto
    Pietro Luisetto2 måneder siden

    Playing devil's advocate, but when fuel is injected it doesn't actually turn into a vapor. It atomizes, in other words, it is broken down into extremely fine droplets of liquid. Not a state of matter change. But other than that, amazing video!!

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  • aterack833
    aterack8332 måneder siden

    Well my new design plan is to do stratified but with some testing to see how rich it can get before failure to fully vaporize occurs, then use multi point injection on the direct injector and a hcci style assembly with valve throttle and no butterfly, along with single tubes per cylinder up to the filter housing chamber and same for the exhaust, I’ll also use whatever system gets the most valve variation and have a diesel injector in the exhaust, occasionally I will have it run air only in a cylinder, and then adjust the timing to allow the exhaust to return, the diesel injector will then spray the exhaust valve to clean it and cool it, and the intake will stay open to get back to the intake stroke for that cylinder again and it will run without the intake injection, the lean burn will utilize the diesel and then it will switch back to normal and another cylinder will go to this cleaning cycle, this method may be tweaked if use were to show any easy to correct flaws, but the plan will likely change before a test model is produced anyways

  • Carlitos Brigante
    Carlitos Brigante2 måneder siden

    Engineering Explained great comparation , clear and detailed video ,but at 10:26 right behind you that s a NEC violation .

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith2 måneder siden

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  • James Mancuso
    James Mancuso2 måneder siden

    If egr is removed there will be little to no carbon on the intake valves. With all our modern technology we should have an alternative to egr!

  • chris carson
    chris carson2 måneder siden

    I'll take your word :D

  • DexMaster881
    DexMaster8812 måneder siden

    "Without intake injection Intake valve gets clogged up..." "So a lot of manufacturers use brand new technology of combining dual injectors to prevent this." Rudolf Diesel : "Hmmm...? Nah you just need Dirty fuel trust me"

  • Jeffrey Chavey
    Jeffrey Chavey2 måneder siden

    So does Sport mode manipulate the fuel-air mixture? 🤔 but if it’s direct injection it probably advances the timing instead

  • Free Soul
    Free Soul3 måneder siden

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  • Shark Nado
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    顏瑋廷3 måneder siden

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  • nathan kopfmann
    nathan kopfmann4 måneder siden

    Have you checked out metering rod carbs? Like the ones from lectron or smart carb. They use really ingenious stuff. They have a specially designed rod that sticks out into the intake, and it creates an eddy current that draws fuel up the rod in different volumes and heights depending on how much air it draws past

  • Mountain Drew
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    jhsevs4 måneder siden

    Why do carbed engines smell so distinctive from the exhaust? Is it because they run richer, lower efficiency, because of worse atomization of the fuel mist, because of larger fuel droplets, or what?

  • Mark TheFINDER
    Mark TheFINDER4 måneder siden

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  • Darren Munsell
    Darren Munsell4 måneder siden

    Carbs are better, injectors are OK and direct injection is an egregious abuse of customers - esp for diesels (direct injection for diesels 5,000-15,000 psi and cost $600 USD EACH) ... what were they thinking -

  • Mr. Mr.
    Mr. Mr.4 måneder siden

    And yet the fuel mileage gain is minimal on direct injection

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith4 måneder siden

    Another point is the amount of power of the three. A carb can still provide upto 30% more power on the top end, than the computer driven devices.

  • Redtooth 75

    Redtooth 75

    4 måneder siden

    Not really. A properly tuned EFI system should make the same or more power than a carbed setup. A carburetor cannot provide the optimal afr at all conditions, efi can. Im curious as to how a carb can give an engine 30% more power.

  • DFB58
    DFB584 måneder siden

    Hey guys, he did it as an example since its not going onto anything, but NEVER flip your carburetor upside down or you'll screw up the floats

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    Tejas Padhye4 måneder siden

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    He didn’t mention that carburetors can be adjusted for A/F ratios by “re-jetting” the carburetor. It’s not as easily adjusted as on a EFI system and not as variable through the throttle position range, but it is adjustable for A/F ratio.

  • Javier Riccardi

    Javier Riccardi

    4 måneder siden

    Redtooth 75 Totally agree with you. Carburetors are a PITA compared to EFI. They do sound better though. I’d say it’s about the only advantage besides being cheap and simple.

  • Redtooth 75

    Redtooth 75

    4 måneder siden

    its as easy as can be to change the settings on an EFI system. You just tell the computer to inject more fuel, you don't have to physically change any components. EFI systems can be as variable as you want it to be, it all depends on how many sensors you have and how complex the tuning parameters are.

  • Pawel W
    Pawel W4 måneder siden

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