What If You Forget To Change Your Oil?


Can you damage your car by not changing your engine oil on time?
How a late oil change affects your car. Sponsored by Progressive.
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What if you forget to change your oil on time? Can you damage your car's engine by not changing the oil late? Do you really need to change your oil every 3,000 miles? Obviously, you should change your oil regularly, but exactly how much damage you will cause by changing the oil late? This video looks to answer this question. We'll discuss what happens to oil viscosity as it ages, and what happens to oil additives in over time.
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  • 8 year old
    8 year old8 timer siden

    Forgot changing oils 🤣what kinda lady question is that ! Simply answer ; Use bicycle

  • Abdul R
    Abdul R3 dager siden

    Sell out

  • Steve Cedrone
    Steve Cedrone14 dager siden

    None of my engines have ever used anything measurable on the dipstick no matter how many miles on the engine. Proper break-in, proper maintenance and quality engines I guess.

  • ncrdisabled Submarine vet
    ncrdisabled Submarine vet15 dager siden

    i have gone over a couple of thousands on my 2018 Mazda cx 9 but I hope it did no damage.

  • DataLog
    DataLog15 dager siden

    Can someone explain me why American cars consume soooo much oil? I change my oil every 10 000miles and the dipstick level changes about 5mm during that period. It's a 15 year old car with 70 000 miles of city drive.

  • Iliyasa Rashid Sembl
    Iliyasa Rashid Sembl17 dager siden

    Hello Sir. I do hope you're doing well. Thank you so much for your Videos are really Helpful. Here is my Question:I drive Toyota wish 2.0l D4,which oil Suitable for the type of the Car??? Thanks in Advance.

  • Lossy Lossnitzer
    Lossy Lossnitzer21 dag siden

    I never change my engine oil. I buy 10+ year old car and at around 70,000 miles normally a 2.6 litre automatic car. I alway use 10w40 oil and just top it up and never change the oil filter. I normally make the car last 3 years and get rid of it at around 160,000 miles for scrap. I buy these cars at around £700 and sell them for scrap for £150. Every time I take my car to get a service something major goes wrong after the service and the service always cost more than the car.

    Mr PRUSHINSKI22 dager siden

    This channel needs more subs

  • Chris Ofsthun
    Chris Ofsthun24 dager siden

    According to engineers, you only have to change your oil every 100,000 miles or 10,000,000 Kilometers.

  • Raymond Candiotes
    Raymond Candiotes25 dager siden

    Waste of money. My Toyota Conquest '94 with 700,000 km still going great and change oil maybe every 2 years or more if I remember. Just top oil when really necessary.

  • rudy torres
    rudy torres26 dager siden

    He bought a subaru. Note taken.

  • rudy torres
    rudy torres26 dager siden

    Watching his videos makes me feel better for not finishing highschool.

  • Jack Bradford

    Jack Bradford

    21 dag siden

    Just make sure to get your GED. Highschool is a joke

  • Leon Hill
    Leon Hill26 dager siden

    Define "on time". What's the physical time criteria, once a year? What about mileage, how many miles per quart?

  • Ryan Vannice
    Ryan VanniceMåned siden

    Id really like to know how each car company came up with the change intervals. Some of the biggest disagreements on car forums I've read are over intervals. The old guy will argue over the 3,000 mile one that he's always done (although he doesn't know where 3,000 miles came from). Others argue for longer ones using the new engine design or synthetic oil or oil life monitor reasoning (again, with no idea where these came from either). Then the conspiracy guys join in, how the oil makers or the car companies push intervals for their own interests. And the car companies just say, "Trust us."

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph GarciaMåned siden

    Hello! I would like to ask if what happens if the amount of oil was beyond the "MAX" mark? Would it destroy my engine? Is it dangerous?

  • lohengrinknight
    lohengrinknightMåned siden

    What about synthetic oil? Mine says I can use it for 7k miles. I replaced it after 10k miles, and it was still light brown and wasn't even thick.

  • Johnny Burns
    Johnny BurnsMåned siden

    6k to 9k mile oil changes or once a year whichever occurs first. Don't overthink it. Refer to the owner's manual.

  • Denmark gamingML
    Denmark gamingMLMåned siden

    I'm on lockdown due to COVID. And my motorcycle didn't use for 9 months now. Can I change the oil? Or no?

  • marinjo kautz
    marinjo kautzMåned siden

    I had a Honda Civic 1.5 V-tec 1998. He did 500.000 km (310.000 miles) and had only a oilshift for 5 times. He went away because of corrosion. The engine was still 100% and never had to change an engine part, except for a new distributor cap. My next car was exactly the same car (1999), with exactly the same story. Why are engines like this not being built more often....I bought my first car at 35.000 km. (21.000 miles)

  • rolledxj1
    rolledxj1Måned siden

    What do you consider the effect of going over, not by mileage, but by time? It takes me at least 6 months to put 3000 miles on my car.

  • Max Power
    Max PowerMåned siden

    When your car stops leaking... You are out of oil. 😎

  • Titus Law Office
    Titus Law OfficeMåned siden

    2,880,000 subscribers.. holy smokes! Double that of the band U2!

  • robnexus7
    robnexus7Måned siden

    Thank god i changed my engine oil today:)

  • Jeff Coleman
    Jeff ColemanMåned siden

    When you say "too long" does that mean time or mileage?

  • Johnny Burns

    Johnny Burns

    Måned siden

    Whichever occurs first

  • Pete Watson
    Pete WatsonMåned siden

    What's your opinion on condition based v time based? The car industry use time based maintenance where as in industry condition based maintenance is used! Industrial lube oil systems lubricate assets valued into the multi millions where machine down time costs millions in lost revenue per week! They send periodic samples of used oil to labs for analysis where the oil is analyzed for wear particles, chemical condition (additive package cond etc) and contamination. (water, dirt antifreeze and the rest). This approach is also adopted in the heavy plant industry without issue. I think lots of money is wasted changing oils on cars. I used to send a used oil sample for analysis from my Porsche, never was the oil contaminated, showed wear particles or additive/condition degradation! I head up the used oil analysis for a large power generation company. Time based maintenance is a money maker for the car industry!

  • Kuzote Nuh
    Kuzote NuhMåned siden

    What happens when you put excess oil in the engine?

  • Hevo Foro
    Hevo ForoMåned siden

    S L O W D O W N

  • Daniel Gaskell
    Daniel GaskellMåned siden

    I change my engine oil every 3000 miles.....synthetic every time! If I go over 10-50 miles no problem; it’s a great feeling!

  • Daniel Gaskell

    Daniel Gaskell

    Måned siden

    @John Maurer Yes, city driving corrupts additives.....!😂

  • John Maurer

    John Maurer

    Måned siden

    I thought I was the only one that changed my synthetic oil at 3000 mile intervals. Good piece of mind isn’t it?

  • Fixing W/ Friends
    Fixing W/ FriendsMåned siden

    But, how do you know when you should change it? What the oil container says, what the 40 year old manual says, or what the oil change place says (which I don't go to but have been).

  • Fixing W/ Friends

    Fixing W/ Friends

    Måned siden

    I see, a lab. Hmmm.

  • kenny master
    kenny masterMåned siden

    answer : as long as u fullfil to the max nothing will happend at all

  • Dream Cars Pakistan
    Dream Cars PakistanMåned siden

    Hi. Please guide me. In my Vitz Yaris 1.0 L 1krfe, i changed oil 5w30 a bit late. That leads to oil consumption issue, and crank started making noise. Toyota guys asked me to use 20w50. I tried 10w40 but oil was consumed. Then i shifted to 20w50. Using regularly since 5 years. Now i want to go back to 10w40. Can i go, or will it be harmful for Engine ??

  • Jerry Jao
    Jerry JaoMåned siden

    What about that oil that's used in trucks that does not need a change? I'm sure I've heard that somewhere

  • Dick Bawls
    Dick BawlsMåned siden

    Your car will remind you.

  • Dan Reyes
    Dan ReyesMåned siden

    A mechanic once told me that I should really consider changing my oil. I didn’t fall for that scam. I said no.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew MMåned siden

    Another awesome video that any level of auto enthusiast will learn from. Still cant believe the year you said you were born, in the flat head V8 episode. Whatever regiment you got going on, it appears the working. Thanks for taking the time to make these. It's much appreciated and I promise to grab a shirt or something. Maybe you can make engineering explained pen style magnetic screw/bolt grabbers. Or even a magnetic tray .

  • alxM3
    alxM3Måned siden

    Ugh I had to rewatch the video...couldn’t pay attention reading all the comments lol 😆 He said something along, he changes the oil on his Tesla every 6,000 miles or so?lol 🤔😬

  • Tape Master82
    Tape Master822 måneder siden

    Ok now how about the other extreme of not driving a car frequently, let’s just say about 5000 miles in a year and the car maker recommends 10000 mile intervals?

  • peter marter
    peter marter2 måneder siden

    Well I’m over 30,000 no oil change since and my car turned on and was going slow today so I’m gonna get it looked at tomorrow I’ll be back here with an update

  • chicago4130
    chicago41302 måneder siden

    So.... what you are saying is, change the oil?

  • Joe Schmidt
    Joe Schmidt2 måneder siden

    Todays engines and oils are so much better than they used to be that going 5000 or 10,000 miles without and oil change is not going to damage your engine so badly that it will be ruined it's all a scam by the oil companies and oil change stores to make more money.

  • louis defunes
    louis defunes2 måneder siden

    So it’s a very strong engine!👍👌🏎

  • louis defunes
    louis defunes2 måneder siden

    Then it's the end of the world...and probably the moon..

  • Matthew Osmond
    Matthew Osmond2 måneder siden

    What if I usually change my oil at 10,000km and I wait until 20,000km? Lmao I was a little late on that one whoops

  • Michel James
    Michel James2 måneder siden

    you don't forget to change your oil, You delay the change

  • Flying Bob
    Flying Bob2 måneder siden

    I can’t find the drain plug in my Tesla or a dip stick, what do I do now? Maybe I should trade it in before it blows up.

  • Charvin Strife

    Charvin Strife

    25 dager siden

    yeah trade it for some humility.

  • kennedy masilin
    kennedy masilin2 måneder siden

    Nice explanation as usual.. thanks

  • Kurt Hutchison
    Kurt Hutchison2 måneder siden

    I like my oil like I like my women: Thicc ... Maybe that’s why I don’t have a girlfriend or a car.

  • John Bond
    John Bond2 måneder siden

    Back in 2009, we didn't care, because we had the CARS program. Here in the USA, the government seized thousands of our engines.

  • J Long, Jr.
    J Long, Jr.2 måneder siden

    Most current oils have removed or significantly reduced zinc content, as it raises problems with modern catalytic converters. It is a really important additive for small engines. Some small engine manufacturers like Kohler sell motor oil for their engines with zinc additives.

  • Chas A
    Chas A2 måneder siden

    This isn't really about oil changes, but oil story in general. Years ago, I was at the Jackson snowmobile hill climb, and just before my run, some guys came over to borrow gasoline to start their charcoal. I told em that my gas not only had oil premix in it, but that it was Klotz racing high octane gas that we spike with nitro-benzene; probably not the best for steaks. They said that they'd appreciate the extra flavor... LOL... Course, they imbibed large quantities of liquid propellant earlier that day...

  • Fastblade Productions
    Fastblade Productions2 måneder siden

    I drive only 1500 miles a year... should I change it once a year or?

  • Sean Zappulla
    Sean Zappulla2 måneder siden

    I’m going on buses with 850,000 km on the clock. On diesel and CNG engine buses. Everyday

  • Enno and Nimie
    Enno and Nimie2 måneder siden

    I usually change mine around 8k. but then I have yet to have a car last to 150k so don't listen to me. This message is in partnership with Express Oil Change

  • Andrew Brewin
    Andrew Brewin2 måneder siden

    Covid times I’m not using my car prob done about 500 miles, not changed my oil since July 2019. Reckon it’s ruining my engine?

  • Borut Goli
    Borut Goli2 måneder siden

    Rather hit the gym, put some muscles to those bones and get yourself some girl. You remind me of that movie 40 year virgin. Forget your lecturers and get some serious job. Do some useful in this world.

  • Borut Goli
    Borut Goli2 måneder siden

    Comeone dude stop being smart ass. You hitting 40 and stll loking like a child. Changing oil every 6.000 miles is a waste of oil, waste of money and waste of environment. Car maufacturers like Vw group has intervals 30k km, Bmw Opel and Renault has 25k km, Mercedes has 40k km. So just stick to the service intervals and you are ok. Modern oils are synthetic. 6k miles interval had your grand grand dad buick back in the 40s.

  • Salemdxb
    Salemdxb2 måneder siden

    An electric oil pump is running, prior it’s cranking, may reduce to cold start engine tear & wear. Why is it not common for cars? Please answer me

  • scooter Dave
    scooter Dave2 måneder siden

    I just changed my oil in my 5.9. Cummins . It's been 4.5 years since the last interval.

  • arr ahim
    arr ahim2 måneder siden

    Service center says change EO every 10k km or 3 months which ever come 1st, should I follow their advise 3 mths interval since never reach 10k km, well maybe after 6 mths my odometer may clock that range, should I follow time duration every 3 mth or total distance 10k ?

  • koomo801
    koomo8012 måneder siden

    I wish he'd be more deliberate with "over time" and say things like "over the use". Is it time or use that causes these problems? Or both? Our spare car has 18 month- old Mobil 1 in it, with about 500 miles of use. We take it on the highway about once a month and get it up to optimal operating temp. What aspects of the oil are now bad?

  • Keisuke Takahasi
    Keisuke Takahasi2 måneder siden

    you wont have total engine failure like some mechanics tell you... its fine to do a little more if you cant have it changed on time but i wouldnt drive more than 1000km/1 month after the usual interval.. on most cars its fine... especially if you only buy it for a few years and sell it again like most do

  • Isaac Gonzalez
    Isaac Gonzalez2 måneder siden

    changing ur oil that often is a scam

  • Cody
    Cody2 måneder siden

    How to tell if you need to change oil in your bmw. *it won't turn on*

  • E K
    E K3 måneder siden

    what if i have not reached the recommended milage for engine oil change but it has been a year? (meaning supposedly the engine oil is for 7k km but i have only used up to 4k km) will i need to change the engine oil?

  • Serious Cat
    Serious Cat3 måneder siden

    What he failed to explain or state clearly is how large viscosity / small viscosity = thick / thin = flows easily / does not flow easily = big number / small number. It's utter waste of time to watch this video and try to guess which way those go. I was already twice like "oh, it's the other way around" or "so, which one is good, which one is bad?"

  • James Yoh
    James Yoh3 måneder siden

    Use synthetic oil please. It does NOT deteriorate as regular cheap oil. Normal driving it will retain protection property for 10,000 miles or 12 months. Don’t worry, you will be fine if you change synthetic oil late as long as you have not gone over 10,000 miles.

  • Ronnie Elanreg
    Ronnie Elanreg3 måneder siden

    hi,how about for my toyota corolla atis 2004model?what the best engine oil and SAE?thank u

  • Zoyx
    Zoyx3 måneder siden

    I didn't change my oil for 18 months. I only drove the car about 1800 miles during that time. Any damage?

  • Edmonchuck
    Edmonchuck3 måneder siden

    What about a quick video on multiweight vs single weight oil, conventional vs synthetic. I am noticing that in orbit motors and some agricultural equipment, there is a debate on the synthetics being more of a problem due to the lack of fogging vs conventional, and switching between 30 or 40 weight in the summer vs 10 or below in the winter will give you the best of all worlds.

  • Ronnel Chi
    Ronnel Chi3 måneder siden

    So a sae20 oil when heated basically turns to a sae30? So thats why most mechanics say u better thicken your engine oil if u own a used car as to help your engine along the way?

  • Ronnel Chi
    Ronnel Chi3 måneder siden

    Worse case scenario you messup your entire crankshaft ! How do i know? it happend to me lol had to rebuild my crankshaft and do a whole overhaul on my car

  • Bacon of The Based Brethren of Bacon
    Bacon of The Based Brethren of Bacon3 måneder siden

    my friends car blew up after he didn't change the oil and left it super low, like not even showing up on the dipstick and barely touching the bottom after adding two quarts, and his dad said he was confused about why it died 😂

  • Laa Mawjuud
    Laa Mawjuud3 måneder siden

    i always change my car engine oil according to mileage the car has travel, not according to time period suggested. is ok with that? because my mileage is always later than the time suggested.

  • Brian Reardon
    Brian Reardon3 måneder siden

    I’ve run my car on prune juice for 10 years now.. and let me tell ya ..best decision I’ve ever made! no more oil changes.. lasts for years! Try it!

    NINJA THEORY3 måneder siden

    Lol I haven't changed my oil since i purchased the car 2015! I've done around 40000 miles only been topping it up! I know i should but if my car is running fine and my oil consumption is super low I've only used around 2 litre bottle since purchase and I'm getting on 10 liters of fuel 102 mile range motorway and around 75 urban you can't mess with honda!

  • mark warnberg
    mark warnberg3 måneder siden

    The advantage of the "FULL SERVICE GAS STATIONS" for Forgetfull Drivers!! "Check Your Oil and Water Sir"!

  • D Tibor
    D Tibor3 måneder siden

    Using the engine on high revs does way more damage than changing much later the oil but using the engine gently.... So depends a lot how you use your car.

  • Buster Wilson
    Buster Wilson3 måneder siden

    I take a sticky note, write the mileage i changed it at, then change it when my odometer is 5k above that. I drive highway mostly and use synthetic oil and wix xp folter d17 civic

  • Rhinomn Yep!
    Rhinomn Yep!3 måneder siden

    My wife went 15000 miles on a brand new Toyota. Its 1 year or 10000 miles. Nothing happened thankfully. Its still running perfect. Synthetic oil is the best.

  • Sug Madic
    Sug Madic3 måneder siden

    so how much miles over is too much? They said to change my oil every 5,000 miles, but I wait until 7,000 or 8,000 to change it and it's fine. What about if I don't drive that often? Do I still have to change it every 6 months? This year I drove about 2,000 miles within 6 months, is the oil still good?

  • Joseph Morrone
    Joseph Morrone3 måneder siden


  • Daniel Feng
    Daniel Feng3 måneder siden

    Late by time or mileage, which one you are talking about.

  • Andrew Pease
    Andrew Pease3 måneder siden

    Oil on time is radically different between the USA and Europe

  • mixter7x7
    mixter7x73 måneder siden

    if you miss your oil change by 100 or 1000 it's not a big deal. change your oil and roll on. if you simply don't change or check your oil - you're going to get the wake up call you need about negligence and caring for your car. if you don't understand the difference - you probably shouldn't own a car or you're about to get a very expensive lesson.

  • Owen Burke
    Owen Burke3 måneder siden

    Lol my friends car wasn’t changed in 14 years

  • Kyle Nam

    Kyle Nam

    3 måneder siden

    Lol. Can't fix stupidity

  • knightwing4
    knightwing43 måneder siden

    Will you do a video comparing regular oil against synthetic oil. Which one is better for my car and why.

  • Zain Sankaran
    Zain Sankaran4 måneder siden

    Hi Jason! How does this apply to oil changes for a car that is not driven much? I live in a mid-large city and drive around 2500 miles a year. I usually replace my oil once a year or so with the manufacturer recommended 10W-60 synthetic. The interval is 15k miles but I do so every year anyway since I live in a climate that does get a few cold weeks in winter. Can you go into a bit more detail involving regular oil changes once this low mileage is introduced as a factor? I do send in samples every other year to Blackstone labs for analysis, and so far so good! Additional specifics: E90 M3 ~84k miles. Thanks for all the great videos, the one on snow vs summer vs as tires is one of my personal favorites!

  • Dinesh Venkatesan
    Dinesh Venkatesan4 måneder siden

    What is your recommendation about changing oil before or after storing your car for the winter? Why is one better or worse than the other or does it make a difference at all?

  • UNSC011001
    UNSC0110014 måneder siden

    I used amsoil oil & filter & changed it once a year in a '06 ram starting at 22k miles. 13yrs & 130k miles later, it only "used" oil through a front timing cover leak & previously through a valve cover leak that was repaired at 65k miles. Never had any mechanical problems.

  • Enriko Mulawarman
    Enriko Mulawarman4 måneder siden

    I have Chevy with 5w-30 spec. But I'm filling it with 10-30, I lived in tropical and my home near ocean, there's no winter here, 19 degree celcius the coldest you can get, but it's rare, 20-23 at most. Is that okay to using 10-30?

  • Joel Cohn
    Joel Cohn4 måneder siden

    Just answer the goddamned question..if I wanted a college lecture I'd go back to college .that question can easily be answered in 3 minutes ..you have no business scaring people..is it is or is it not?..

  • Steve Blanmag
    Steve Blanmag4 måneder siden

    The more of your videos i warch, the more i dig your channel. Thank you.

  • liquid paint 2
    liquid paint 24 måneder siden

    Now I got checked and It's looks like chocolate syrup or something like that

  • Carlton Slaine
    Carlton Slaine4 måneder siden

    Very interesting about your engine oil I don't tend to change my oil a lot as long as there is good oil I just top it up With good quality engine oil some time I use the thick oil I don't have that problem at all by this is very useful information thanks for this always enjoy Watching the way you explain this keep up your brilliant work 👍 peace bro

  • Jeffrey Mills
    Jeffrey Mills4 måneder siden

    Engineering aside. I once worked at a body shop, bought a totaled Dodge with a 318 V8 @ 18K miles on it. Used it as the shop car. When it needed oil I drained some from the next car going to the crusher. I never changed the filter and NEVER changed the oil. I sold that car years later with 136k miles. Still ran perfectly 👌

  • Saurabh Sood
    Saurabh Sood4 måneder siden

    In diesel engine, Oil change is even more important. There are long drain variants of the Engine oil which can typically last for 80000 to 100000 km

    NZ WOTB4 måneder siden

    Only changed the oil 2 times in 8 years in my 2001 hilux still runs like a dream almost done 410000 kilometers

  • Matthieu Gauthier
    Matthieu Gauthier4 måneder siden

    My buddy had his oil light on for 1 YEAR & A HALF, his mechanic almost had a heart attack, everything was gunck & there was only the smallest layer of liquid left, he flushed it & SOMEHOW everything works fine now, he learned his lesson to change the damn thing XD (For the curious, it’s a Chevrolet Cruze)

  • Steve Shrader
    Steve Shrader4 måneder siden

    ...now we know why it is so hard for NASA to get back to the moon...

  • carlos oliveira
    carlos oliveira4 måneder siden

    Bought a 5 year old car once as a beater. Never changed the oil once in 4 years and then sold it. The car ran perfectly the entire time. I now do oil changes every couple of years with synth. Intervals are overstated.