What Are The Best Brake Pads? Cheap vs Expensive Tested!


Why You Shouldn't Buy The Cheapest Brake Pads For Your Car
5 Different Brake Pads, ranging from $20 to OE, undergo four tests.
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What are the best brake pads? Are expensive brake pads better than cheaper brake pads? Are cheap brake pads dangerous? In this video, we'll compare brake pads ranging from $20 to $90, all for the front brake pads on the exact same vehicle. Performance testing will compare how the brake pads do when they experience high temperatures. Corrosion testing will determine how well the pads resist rust in harsh winter conditions. Shear testing will see how well the friction material is attached the the backing plate. Finally, noise testing will determine which brake pads are the quietest.
When you walk into a parts store, you'll often see different tiers of brake pad prices. This video's goal is to determine if you get what you're paying for with those different brake pads. Five different pads will be tested. $20, $40, $60, NRS, and original equipment pads for the same car will all undergo the same tests described above, using industry standardized tests. Watch the video to see how differently priced brake pads perform!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    **Important Note** Lots of questions about the materials for each pad! It's honestly a very difficult thing to determine, which is why I left it out. Regulations allow for such a wide variety of materials that unless you do some sort of chemical analysis, I'm not sure there's much meaning behind it. For what it's worth, the cheapest pads were "semi-metallic" (again, vague, but that's all they tell you), while the other four pads are "ceramic." There's a wide variety of what can be included in pads, regardless of the material stated. Also, material alone doesn't show a strong correlation with all tests (both ceramic/metallic can do poorly in sound, corrosion, shear, etc), so it's difficult to determine what's the cause for doing well/poorly based purely on material.

  • Joshua Rodriguez

    Joshua Rodriguez

    2 måneder siden

    Without knowing the pad material this video is pointless

  • Nick McCain

    Nick McCain

    3 måneder siden

    Duralast elite. Carbon brakes. Do a new test

  • Allan Jensen

    Allan Jensen

    7 måneder siden

    Missing info on dust and yeah, actual material selection. Features on the pad like slotted, chamfered, shim

  • Nathan Knnablian

    Nathan Knnablian

    8 måneder siden

    From what i have gathered there are 3 main groups, 2 of which were tested. I usually buy organic pads because they eat the rotors less. would have been nice to have 1 organic pad to compare

  • Sam S

    Sam S

    9 måneder siden

    @Karol Spišák one could argue that the tier2 hide the" know how," behind licensing; copyrights, Policy, "Service As A Term " agreements .. those sort of things. Basically anyone might know how to make really good chocolate, but only [insert_name ] Co., Inc. LLC, can do it in [XYZ] region. America does it with cars bad , where it's gotta be pretty challenging to get cars assembled in entirety somewhere else. ?

  • Atelier Illuminati
    Atelier Illuminati5 dager siden

    Hi. Great video. Please, could you share the files of this test? It's too difficult for me read this on the NOlocal even though pausing the video. Thanks

  • mark collard
    mark collard5 dager siden

    OE pads seem to be the best overall.

  • Brandon Deabreu
    Brandon Deabreu7 dager siden

    Budget should not be allowed.. They are crazy scary. Parts stores should have a better way to compare the pads. Not just their house brand tiers and then the other pads. Price is really the only thing you can go off of. But a daily grocery getter doesnt need the max dollar pads.

  • Velikom
    Velikom7 dager siden

    What performance level was the NRS brakes? Was it their lowest quality or their middle quality or something?

  • Paul Decker
    Paul Decker7 dager siden

    How about a measure of how dirty they make your wheels. I've also wondered if you compare a slow, gradual stop versus a panic stop, which would result in more brake pad wear. Since F=MA, The higher deceleration rate (A) is achieved by higher pedal force(F) and the mass (M) of the vehicle is basically constant but does the panic stop wear the brakes more. Since the braking time is less in a rapid stop, the heat generated is probably greater.

  • Tim M.
    Tim M.9 dager siden

    Mid price tier looks good to me for all around use. If a lot of track time or hard braking, yes get much better pads. But for street and track.... mid range actually seems it would work if with hobbyist or moderate track use... moderate only as long as you keep a check on the pad wear.

  • ReqINu
    ReqINu12 dager siden

    This video was brought to you by NRS ! 🙂

  • George Robartes
    George Robartes13 dager siden

    I tend to use the brand that are easiest to extinguish with ordinary bottled water . But I also like the red ones made by Flying Goldfish from a large dustbin of mixture superglued on in Guangzhou ! $12 for all four corners including shipping , they come in a real polythene bag too . A real bargain . In the UK we are lucky to have some of the worlds household names to select from , from Mintex/Ferodo all the way up to AP Racing as the original materials used to develop friction materials originated from British mines in South Africa . We have since developed a huge cross section of asbestos free , organic , ceramic mineral and sintered varieties . Generally speaking , like many other parts OE are generally the choice but there are some good quality OE 'spec' pads as they often originate in the country of manufacture of the vehicle itself . Look out for Made in Japan like Blueprint , if you drive Japanese , Pagid for German cars and so on . But EBC are good British road and performance pads which I like and often fit Greenstuff as I drive very hard on both road and track . I team these up with EBC slotted discs on my fast daily drivers and Borg and Beck coated discs and get excellent braking ( less than 2% variation on axle pairs on the meter ) and longevity with stopping power on my hack . The budget Brembo pads are made by a mystery company and are generally not as good as much cheaper options produced in the UK .

  • A B
    A B16 dager siden

    Brakemotive drilled and slotted can't be beat for the price and stopping power.

    RED BONE17 dager siden

    Excellent 👍

  • YouCantHitATarget YoureNotAimingAt
    YouCantHitATarget YoureNotAimingAt19 dager siden

    Can you test the difference between semi-metallic and ceramic

  • Mark Herron
    Mark Herron28 dager siden

    So... stopping distance? Pretty important don’t ya think?

  • AlexStalin 1945
    AlexStalin 194529 dager siden


  • Hayden Galloway
    Hayden GallowayMåned siden

    What is this? I don't heat my brakes up to red hot, nor do I spray them with salt water or put them in mechanical sheering machines So why would I spend double or triple on the fancy ones? I bought the $20 ones at autozone and they work just fine.

  • Wheat Thought Self Improvement
    Wheat Thought Self ImprovementMåned siden

    Mid-tier wins imo

  • David Zheng
    David ZhengMåned siden

    Everyone knows that the red paint also adds horsepower

  • Jonathan Rico
    Jonathan RicoMåned siden

    So basically buy oem or mid?

  • Andy Huang
    Andy HuangMåned siden

    What you pay is what you get !

  • Ahmed Is King
    Ahmed Is KingMåned siden

    At 1.5 times speed, he sounds like he’s talking at a normal speed

  • 94eg! 94eg!
    94eg! 94eg!Måned siden

    EE: I would love to see a similar video done at Centric. They offer around 7 different compounds for any given pad shape.... Here they are in order from cheapest to most expensive.... Premium Semi-Metallic, Premium Ceramic, Posi-Quiet Semi-Metallic, Posi-Quiet Ceramic, Posi-Quiet Extended Wear, Stoptech Sport, and OE Compound. I'm sure at minimum they could provide comparison charts for a single pad shape.

  • Tony Cole
    Tony ColeMåned siden

    I have replaced brake pads for over 30 years and have never ever seen rusty pads like presented at 10_5 ,I think the rust test is not very realistic

  • usandmexico
    usandmexicoMåned siden

    As someone pointed out, the use of an expensive facility while using Harbor Freight calipers, instead of something like Mitutoyo, leaves one wondering how serious to take the professionalism of the testing.

  • Yöuñg KâyCee
    Yöuñg KâyCeeMåned siden

    I'm confused

  • Liquidhuo h
    Liquidhuo hMåned siden

    Just don’t buy the cheapest brakes. Go at least mid-tier.

  • Reksrat
    ReksratMåned siden

    So if you want durability go for the mid but if you want usability go above. Never buy budget.

  • Cruz Ortiz
    Cruz OrtizMåned siden

    Their website is poorly designed, and they can’t produce enough brake pads to keep up with the demand.

  • WegotTheBOMB
    WegotTheBOMBMåned siden

    You didn't even go over compounds used in these pads. That's the true way to know cheap from quality. Buy ceramic. Stay away from organic. In 30 years bosch has never let me down.

  • Closet
    ClosetMåned siden

    Were the OE brake pads from a budget, mid or upper priced vehicle?

  • Fabian Rudzewski
    Fabian RudzewskiMåned siden

    I recently had a really bad experience with brembo brakes. Bought a whole kit, thinking it would be an upgrade... Pedal feel was horrible, so we're brake force and wear. Now running ebc greenstuff, they are a dream so far.

  • terryyouth
    terryyouthMåned siden

    I was expecting to see more shots grinding

  • terryyouth
    terryyouthMåned siden

    I tough one said Mrs

  • JackNatti
    JackNattiMåned siden

    Should have showed brembo

  • snakeeyes237
    snakeeyes237Måned siden

    550°C Holly Mother of God😱😱😱😱

  • genesemenza
    genesemenzaMåned siden

    For people living on an incline, how can we find out what has the best static friction or holding power. For example, a car with rear disk brakes might use the rotor pads to hold the car stationary. One example is a 2005 Ford Focus ZX4.

  • Kesateria Matahari
    Kesateria MatahariMåned siden

    Buy OEM. Got it.

  • On A Mission
    On A MissionMåned siden


  • Todd Rey
    Todd ReyMåned siden

    Complete BS. No legitimate engineer uses terms like “budget”, “mid-level”, etc. What brand brake products were tested? Waste of time.

  • Heroic Hitsuji

    Heroic Hitsuji

    Måned siden

    He’s simply describing a price range. There is still data to support his claims and the point that you should buy OEM brake pads is still driven home.

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert2 måneder siden

    Anyone else find it neat that some of the pads caught fire?

  • J T
    J T2 måneder siden

    Wagner is sponsoring my comment. I suggest purchasing ThermoQuiet. I beat the snot out of my SE-R Spec-V and they hold up better than OEM. They wear quicker, but don't eat up your rotor so you can get 3 pad changes before needing a rotor. 20k miles out of a front set and 30k out of rear.

  • O HP
    O HP2 måneder siden

    I don’t know why I’m watching this when I don’t have a car.

  • Adrian Aguilar Hernandez
    Adrian Aguilar Hernandez2 måneder siden

    where are the oe pads found

  • Steven Payne
    Steven Payne2 måneder siden

    we need a podcast like this that does this to politics! lol

  • Cody Schleiger
    Cody Schleiger2 måneder siden

    Alittle Engineering Explained and a bowl or two of your favorite grass and.....oh yeaahh

  • License to adventure Driving
    License to adventure Driving2 måneder siden

    Thank you. You're extraordinary.

  • Horse Dick
    Horse Dick2 måneder siden

    What was the brand of the budget And OEM

  • Disturbed2241
    Disturbed22412 måneder siden

    Trash version of chris fix

  • TrainsForever 2021
    TrainsForever 20212 måneder siden

    We all know Tommy Callahan has the best brake pads

  • Joel pierce
    Joel pierce2 måneder siden

    Thanks for the information. You certainly earned your Engineering Degree.

  • Qasim Haleimi
    Qasim Haleimi2 måneder siden

    For my car the price for original pads both front and rear around 90 dollars which seems cheep so continue to use oem this not to say that it is the best because there may be also you will find better option in the market but may also be pricey so for me stick with original once I change them every 4 years or around 50000 km so thats fine 🙂

  • linkmadman
    linkmadman2 måneder siden

    The only time I've seen pads shear off is near the end of life. I'm talking almost metal on metal and the pad material is paper thin. I really like this test and I usually run mid grade pads on my cars, but I'll be going OE from now on.

  • Troy Guinn
    Troy Guinn2 måneder siden

    I run Hart drilled & slotted rotors with ceramic pads on my 09 slobalt, they are VERY grabby compared to OEM and I haven't been able to push them to fading. Then again, I dont have a zillion dollar test facility; my test facility is a butt dyno.

  • //AutoBarn
    //AutoBarn2 måneder siden

    So don’t buy the sponsors pads? Lmao

  • Kc jones macgee
    Kc jones macgee2 måneder siden

    U can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a bulls ass, but wouldn't u rather take the butcher's word for it? Always buy Callahan break pads! Long live Farley

  • duane tucker
    duane tucker2 måneder siden

    I have watched a few videos from this guy. I have come to the conclusion this guy is the modern-day Carl Sagan.

  • scooter Dave
    scooter Dave2 måneder siden

    Whatever is easier on the rotors. Changing pads is easy! Rotors can suck ! Don't drive like an B.M.W. driver !

  • veowsaku
    veowsaku2 måneder siden

    OE is best obviously

  • Photon Media
    Photon Media2 måneder siden

    I'm still gonna put 10$ pads on my clapped out f350

  • G O
    G O3 måneder siden

    And here I thought I did something wrong wayyyy back when I had my 86 4 runner. Put the silver advanced auto pads on it and it would not stop! Changed them out years later and I about went through the windshield when I hit the brakes! Never again will I buy the cheap ones!

  • Black Bird
    Black Bird3 måneder siden

    Thanks. Very interesting test, great explanation and great transparency.

  • :3
    :33 måneder siden

    But should we buy the irl brakes if someone has a High Hp vehicle?

  • AJC
    AJC3 måneder siden

    Ok, so I’ll be buying oem pads just like I’ve been doing for 32 years

  • glastornjet73
    glastornjet733 måneder siden

    What are the brakes from? Looks like a chevy blazer?

  • blackuli
    blackuli3 måneder siden

    my break pads last 15.000 km... by a 2019 BMW Normal driving... :(

  • Taylor McCarthy
    Taylor McCarthy3 måneder siden

    Never heard of nrs brakes. Wb ebc, hawk, brembo, wilwood etc ?? I'd love to see how those perform vs

  • Xuan Zheng
    Xuan Zheng3 måneder siden

    There are certain flaws about the test. 1st, the fade test scenario is pretty extreme, as it is a repetitive hard braking situation that mostly occurred on track. 2nd, the material loss, it actually depends on the amount of metallic content, and the more metal it contains, the longer it will last, however at a cost of eating your brake rotors. Thus conclusion is that, if you value your rotor life and is a handy man capable of replacing your own brake pads and don't mind the slightly mushy feeling of cheap pad (they have the most organic content), then ironically the cheap pad is actually more suitable in this scenario

  • Max Byrd’s Marvelous Musical Museum
    Max Byrd’s Marvelous Musical Museum3 måneder siden

    6:48 AutoZone has lifetime warranties on all brake pads so it will easily pay itself off.

  • Andy Huang

    Andy Huang

    Måned siden

    Those were pads and rotors I get from auto zone ! Lifetime warranty !

  • The Average Joe
    The Average Joe3 måneder siden

    Everyone knows you can't trust OE anything. Those engineers have no clue what they are doing 🤣

  • josef salon
    josef salon3 måneder siden

    Great tests!

  • Tan JK
    Tan JK3 måneder siden

    What is the steel plate ( backing plates) actually do ?

  • Tan JK

    Tan JK

    2 måneder siden

    @GH1618 that's all ! Haha thanks

  • GH1618


    2 måneder siden

    Mechanical support of the pad.

  • Gary Peatling
    Gary Peatling3 måneder siden

    The way most people drive its better if pads wear quickly most pads I change (70 sets a year ) are unevenly worn because pad is partially seized in caliper .One problem with OE pads often bought in and reboxed so you could get anything

  • anonymous user
    anonymous user3 måneder siden

    Test expensive ceramic?

  • S1ick10292
    S1ick102923 måneder siden

    This is random but you soung like kip from Napoleon dynamite in the beginning

  • maxite_games _
    maxite_games _3 måneder siden

    I actually find it annoying how for 5 minutes he talks about useless stuff

  • Robert McMahon
    Robert McMahon3 måneder siden

    Get that NRS is paying the freight, but the tone is anything but impartial, feels contrived. BTW, how many times did you have to say "NRS" to get the check?

  • luis casillas
    luis casillas3 måneder siden

    You forgot to mention if you also replaced the break rotors every time you replaced the break pads for each individual test. If you used the same break rotor for all the tests then i can assume the test is inaccurate.

  • Bernardo Albano
    Bernardo Albano3 måneder siden

    I would like to know what original car are we talking about, if the original car is a opel corsa or a lamborgini the brake pads are significantly diferent

  • manofsheerawsomness
    manofsheerawsomness3 måneder siden

    Checked NRS's website, out of stock on many things and for my truck as well. I'll stick to OE or other manufacturers

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson3 måneder siden

    interesting that brake pad detach from brakepads from corrosion, I live in a area of much cobblestone and master mechanic I know told me that brake pads break from vibration , more then commonly believed then ball joints and shocks

  • Vicky Mudher
    Vicky Mudher3 måneder siden

    Why the government pass cheap brakes in first place 🤔 they know it's dangerous

  • Jonathan Lafond
    Jonathan Lafond3 måneder siden

    So all these break pad companies can learn from each other And make one of the best brake pads out there I don't know why they don't

    ARCSTREAMS3 måneder siden

    im wondering if they done the sheer test from the side if the sheering surface area will be larger ,i think so ,besides i dont think sheer breaking is really often an issue,, what is important is the stopping power ,noise and how long they last and how much damage they do to rotors,,would be nice if the rotors lasted for at least 3 break pads life time ,,why dont they make them from graphite composite or titanium? very heat and warp resistant and light and probably wont wear as fast

  • agent 1207
    agent 12073 måneder siden

    so buy oem pads...

  • Nick Gustafson
    Nick Gustafson3 måneder siden

    I have always had good luck with advics and akebono parts. Never had an issue

  • Tyler Schmidt
    Tyler Schmidt3 måneder siden

    *me studying intently knowing damn well my brake pads/rotors have never been over 250 degrees in their life* But all jokes aside it would have been nice to see a test for brake dust as well, what materials release the most/least. I'd bet the low quality ones also turn your rims black in 20,000 miles

  • Oswaldo Castillo
    Oswaldo Castillo3 måneder siden

    I mean, its better to chamge brake pads than more exoensive rotors. But if cheap brakes dont stop good enough like more expensive and better pads

  • Wes J
    Wes J3 måneder siden

    Which mid level pad was used in this test? I'm either buying OEM or mid level.

  • Utkirbek Turdiyev
    Utkirbek Turdiyev3 måneder siden

    Galvanized and painted, OEM sounds better made for longer use.

  • Simon Long
    Simon Long3 måneder siden

    TLDR so which ones were the best?

  • Skate Raptor 1
    Skate Raptor 13 måneder siden

    Not gonna lie bro it didnt look like nrs did so good compared to mid tier

  • Pedro Pompeu
    Pedro Pompeu3 måneder siden

    So oem is the best, even better than nrs

  • Norlia Tiemeth
    Norlia Tiemeth3 måneder siden

    In all honesty I might go with thee top end of those mid leveel pads

  • Ian Hu
    Ian Hu3 måneder siden

    such a great data masseur

  • B. Saulius
    B. Saulius3 måneder siden

    im interested in other brake pads aspect, that is not covered here, bake pads DUSTS, i noticed on my rims, that there is huge difference in that and that is actually a problem then after every drive my schinny is are covered in grey dusts, that i didnt had in past with oem.. or so

  • Angela Reuss
    Angela Reuss3 måneder siden

    What specific brands did you test?

  • Epic Brony Gamer
    Epic Brony Gamer3 måneder siden

    0:00 I want to see someone do that in an actual car

  • Matt Robinson

    Matt Robinson

    3 måneder siden

    Donut media 350z hilow series, brake upgrade and testing

  • Eric Ouellette
    Eric Ouellette3 måneder siden

    Tested in a lab I don't buy those kind of tests. Test them in the real world now that's a real test. I have been using the cheapest brakes I can buy and never have had problems. Also I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan with the salt and never had a problem with my brakes rusting out. I usually get 70 to 80,000 miles out of a cheap set of brake pads.

  • Ian Mansfield
    Ian Mansfield3 måneder siden

    its really interesting but at the same time means little with only one brand named i ve just bought brembo for my forester and dba for my daughters forester I ll compare them soon

  • The Pickle
    The Pickle3 måneder siden

    Great video and useful, as I live in the area of most snowfall in the USA, Lake Erie

  • Brian Santos
    Brian Santos3 måneder siden

    Adaptive one pads are pretty good