Was The SSC Tuatara 331 MPH World Record Run Real?


What Really Happened During The SSC Tuatara Record Run? Can It Go 331 MPH?
Shmee's 331 MPH Run Analysis - nolocal.info/have/video/aJaViKttxIKKw2s
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How Fast Is The "331 MPH" SSC Tuatara Really? This video will focus on three questions: 1) What do we know about the SSC Tuatara world record controversy? 2) How fast did the SSC Tuatara actually drive - was the 331 mph GPS speed accurate? 3) How fast can the SSC Tuatara go based on the specifications? We'll do some easy-to-understand calculus to understand how far the Tuatara actually drove based on the video, and use that to determine what the possible explanations are. In preparation for this video, I spoke with Jerod Shelby of SSC, Dewetron (the GPS company), Driven Studios (video production company), Oliver Webb (the driver of the run), and Shmee (the channel that explained the controversy to the masses). Check out the video for all the details!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained2 måneder siden

    I know us NOlocalrs say this all too often, but please watch all the way through! This story actually developed amidst my filming of this video, so the video will walk you through everything that happened, and at the end I get some answers to my remaining questions. Thanks for watching!

  • Valkyrie 007

    Valkyrie 007

    Måned siden

    @B Rush I don't doubt you man. If the manufacturer has turned around and stated the video footage for whatever reasons has "discrepancies" then to go on and use them as a baseline seems a little futile! Anyway looking forwards to the next run!🇺🇸

  • Valkyrie 007

    Valkyrie 007

    Måned siden

    @MrRadicalMoves Thank You!

  • Renato Maniago

    Renato Maniago

    Måned siden

    @MrRadicalMoves I use 0.028 for 338 mph.

  • Jeff0500


    Måned siden

    @The Ranter That was the point of comparing it to the AGR.

  • Jey Cee

    Jey Cee

    2 måneder siden

    @Engineering Explained Now do the reverse calculation of crank power in Stradmans video where the Tuatara is on full power @9:40-9:54, sound->rpm->speed, from known transmission and tires, now feed your sheet and you will notice power is well under half of what SSC claim. Now go back and do your homework, for this week: Don't ever trust numbers given to you by someone known for lying! Frontal area is another one easy to debunk, the front view is in the gps overlay, use it to calculate real frontal area instead of the made up numbers SSC feed us.

  • Donovan C. Young
    Donovan C. Young7 dager siden

    Them: We have the data to show this is real. Us: Can you provide the data so we can verify it? Them: No. Us: Thank you for playing, NEXT!

  • Craig Worland
    Craig Worland8 dager siden

    Too be Fair now they have tried twice and failed twice.

  • LiveLife TasteDeath
    LiveLife TasteDeath11 dager siden

    Moral of the story, trust but verify,

  • David Daimary
    David Daimary15 dager siden

    It did hit 240 on Stradman's channel in 5th. Two more gears to go so....

  • mjs28s
    mjs28s19 dager siden

    Why are we relying on the equpiment in the car for the speed? Why are there not say ten different speed traps along each stretch of road? It is pretty simple to time a car across a 66 foot distance, like in drag racing. The car breaks a beam and a timer starts. The car then breaks a second beam and the timer stops. The distance between beams is know, thus you get the car's average speed over a short distance. If they want to be more precise just shorten the length of the speed trap to minimize any additional acceleration in either direction. All this GPS tracking, car instruments, etc. should only be used as a verification tool and not as the main validation method.

  • Ayan Dutta
    Ayan Dutta20 dager siden

    Great video, I have also seen Jesko Absolut's video. While calculating the theoretical top speed of SSC Tuatara the transmission efficiency taken is 0.94 but for Agera RS the efficiency was 0.94*0.93 so taking that 0.93 into account and also 70Kg driver's weight Top speed is coming 337mph and taking the same conditions (Air density, Rolling Resistance, and Trans. efficiency) Jesko is giving 331.25 mph (533kph), though Jesko Absolut has less Cd, downforce, and mass, that 110kW extra power of SSC Tuatara will surpass the Jesko. in the top speed test. If Jesko had this 110kW more power it can achieve a top speed of 346.73 mph. Looking into the theoretical calculation, SSC Tuatara can beat 331mph as well.

  • Jonathan Schrader
    Jonathan Schrader20 dager siden

    i hope ur math is on point.. I believe the car can and did and will do it again... I believe in u too.. impressive simple math.. u kick ass

  • terminatort2t800
    terminatort2t80021 dag siden

    Teacher: "Train A, traveling 40 mph, leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. One hour after Train A leaves Westford, Train B, traveling 70 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet?" Jason: Pulls out white board.... This guy must have killed it in algebra

  • Richard Hammer
    Richard Hammer22 dager siden

    So this translated to 251.2mph, before it began to disintegrate lol

  • Michele Peraro
    Michele Peraro24 dager siden


  • Tracy C
    Tracy C25 dager siden


  • Common Tater
    Common Tater25 dager siden

    The Love Boat, soon will be making another run. This car, probably not.

  • Qohen Leth
    Qohen Leth27 dager siden

    It's okay to pause for a second or two now and then.

  • Adrian Untalan
    Adrian Untalan28 dager siden

    Look at the bright side, you are a lot less likely to get a speeding ticket with the speedometer reading higher than actuality.

  • Matt M
    Matt M29 dager siden

    Bugatti Bolide?

  • Old men rule racing
    Old men rule racingMåned siden

    Nevada is pronounced like short a in cat

  • Apis4
    Apis4Måned siden

    But you cannot even guess the theoretical top speed based only on those factors..... I mean you can, if you couch it as totally theoretical, but if you couch it as potential.... which this video seems to do, you are in a world of problems. Tyres: What are their tolerances. Temperatures: How are you controlling them. Pressures: How are they regulated ....f*ck it... this list will be a hundred points long if I list everything. They already tried and rerun and failed because of elements like this though,.... temperatures I believe. These guys faked it so badly, and they will need to provide the details regarding the science and engineering behind the individual failure points/elements, of the car, to ever realistically be considered to even have a "Theoretical" top speed of anything close to 350 mph.

  • b gg
    b ggMåned siden

    Definitely no election meddling

  • RagingBlast2Fan
    RagingBlast2FanMåned siden

    We're not trying to figure out if it was possible for the record to have been broken. The burden is on them to release unedited footage, or have independent observers there to observe the validity of the record. Their run is obviously invalid regardless of the mere possibility that it was broken. I might do whatever I want in my room, but to claim that I broke a record I would need to have and provide proof of it sufficient to satisfy a reasonable person, otherwise we're doing a disservice to not only to the current record holder, but also to anyone who is contending for the title in the future.

  • Jason
    JasonMåned siden

    Thusly, according to my calculations... Henceforth, therefore and what have you...

  • Pete Rivero
    Pete RiveroMåned siden

    Go to the salts flats for records. Simple?

  • A smart guy Codename47
    A smart guy Codename47Måned siden

    I think it's 331 kmph, 🤣🤣🤣

  • robert köhn
    robert köhnMåned siden

    They used a finaldrive of 3.454. Compare other videos off ssc like "brutal acceleration" or when stradman joined in the cabine and hitted 242mph. There yoy also see the rev of engine.

  • Notyo Info
    Notyo InfoMåned siden

    You're freaking amazing dude 😁 thanks and keep it up! I'll be watching for that second run & more videos-:)

  • Hafizh Gozali
    Hafizh GozaliMåned siden

    Jason, gonna need that Power Calculation on the New Hennessey Venom F5. just as a good comparison to the Jesko Absolut and SSC "Theoretical" Top Speed

  • anglin greaves
    anglin greavesMåned siden

    Maybe the settings got stuck on kmh😂

  • water1051
    water1051Måned siden

    Is this a joke? You called Shelby to get it sorted out? The same guy who published the fraudulent results? Either EE has a very dry sense of humor, or I’m missing something.

  • water1051
    water1051Måned siden

    How can you possibly say ‘a correction factor of 1.46’ with a straight face?

  • soccer2864
    soccer2864Måned siden

    Guys can figure all this out.. but still don’t know what we said wrong 😂😂😂

  • Roger Pullin
    Roger PullinMåned siden

    At a base price of 1.9 million who really cares, sales tax where I live would be greater than $78K, and then another $182.00 a day personal property tax, just to let it sit in my garage, not me, I could not sleep at night.

  • Jordan Reed
    Jordan ReedMåned siden

    NOOOOO,... NOT MATH❗️😱🤢🤮☠️

  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys WilliamsMåned siden

    "Damn we got found out, but we will do it soon" Only in America

  • Savran Organik
    Savran OrganikMåned siden

    love this guy bruh!

  • Claud Reindl
    Claud ReindlMåned siden

    The run was real, the results no so real.

  • KOB
    KOBMåned siden

    V well explained and presented. Great job.

  • amjan
    amjanMåned siden

    Damn, this is some hard core geek porn!!! I mean HARD core intellectual rape. I'm loving it!

  • jonthecomposer
    jonthecomposerMåned siden

    312 people disliked this because accurate data and math doesn't win races or records lol. (sarcasm)

  • BlueRice
    BlueRiceMåned siden

    its extremely hard to get a car go above 300mph. need massive engine power and aero need to be almost like a butter knife. the hardest part is probably tires. at that speed tires expand and could rupture very easily.

  • Nico Larsson
    Nico LarssonMåned siden

    I think they took dyno data ... and added it to the video .. No air resistance in the dyno plus that resistance can be adjusted on the wheels. Regards Nico Larsson Ps I do not think the speed is from the GPS. It is the real speed from the speedometer but from a dyno run.

  • water1051


    Måned siden

    This is a good theory, but I don’t think they would be able to accurately match the shifting.

  • dark ages
    dark agesMåned siden

    Tuatara takes close to 10 seconds to accelerate from 250mph to 300mph. Please calculate the hp (power) necessary to accomplish this. Utter BS.

  • dark ages
    dark agesMåned siden

    Tuatara takes close to 10 seconds to accelerate from 250mph to 300mph. I think that this is utterly impossible for the given specs.

    TANVIR AHMEDMåned siden

    anyone know when will ssc again perform the top speed run ?

  • water1051


    Måned siden

    They have no intention of rerunning the car

  • merlin 13
    merlin 13Måned siden

    Sorry folks but we got caught out with too many questions so we wont release technical data to prove our "facts", thanks for watching anyway.

  • water1051


    Måned siden

    We also won’t submit the data to Guniess WR

  • The Dwight Mamba
    The Dwight MambaMåned siden

    Jason could end the 2020 Presidential election debate with one whiteboard and four colors.

  • Yuri Kiev
    Yuri KievMåned siden

    Integration 101, lol.

  • Jim Ferry
    Jim FerryMåned siden

    I don't know fast cars, I drive boats and you feel the difference in maximum speed and 2/3 max. I also would never use Dewetron equipment again. You should never be able to dial in a correction factor. Lastly I typically have three GPS' on board not one. there is signal latency between GPS units. Anyway the car looks fast and has the power to put up big numbers.

  • Dee Mane
    Dee ManeMåned siden


  • 335
    335Måned siden

    Hmm sound's like they're hiding something

  • skruffy79
    skruffy79Måned siden

    I think they left in the high DF gearing and then scaled results to the Vmax gearing.....maybe?...

  • water1051


    Måned siden

    Maybe, but this doesn’t explain a 20 mph reading from a standstill

  • Dr: Monster
    Dr: MonsterMåned siden

    The perfect car for Joe Biden

  • Denis Bassom
    Denis BassomMåned siden

    Hilarious and very informative. This is as bad as all the UK built race engines that shipped to the US, rebadged and then suddenly gain 10% BHP. Still, stunning car whatever the numbers. Can't wait for the follow up.

  • Jan Ruud
    Jan RuudMåned siden

    When he says "CORRECTION FACTOR" thats actually the cheating factor. The faking factor.

  • Jan Ruud

    Jan Ruud

    16 dager siden

    @TheMattbrownbill Yeah as if Chrysler and GM wasn't doing exactly the same.

  • TheMattbrownbill


    16 dager siden

    A VAG 'correction factor' 🤔?

  • Jan Ruud
    Jan RuudMåned siden

    Its funny how they use the Koenigsegg run as base for corrections. Because they know Koenigsegg DIDNT CHEAT.

  • The Real James Pickering
    The Real James PickeringMåned siden

    This world speed record was verified by Donald J Trump.

  • Bryan Hall
    Bryan HallMåned siden

    Curious - what is the formula solved for Vmax? I admit I am lost solving for that with V in the equation used twice.

  • Phil Hawtin
    Phil HawtinMåned siden

    Well done

  • Hart T
    Hart TMåned siden

    Koenigsegg wannabe

  • Erik 567
    Erik 567Måned siden

    Maybe they need to have a rule that they must go through a designated speed trap for the record. All this extra ways of figuring is crazy and can be wrong.

  • adb012
    adb012Måned siden

    Could it be that the video footage is not running at 100% speed? So that 1 second of video is not 1 second in real life?

  • Samuel Mills
    Samuel MillsMåned siden

    Yayyyyy integrals I love thoseeeee

  • Cam L
    Cam LMåned siden

    Great video, but you keep using the term “possible” when you really mean “plausible” which makes us purist philosophers go crazy! 😄

  • Chris Cantrell
    Chris CantrellMåned siden

    Dude I totally feel undereducated after watching your videos

  • Craig Quann
    Craig QuannMåned siden

    A fraud/lie coming out of Nevada.... that never happens....

  • M Sears Garage
    M Sears GarageMåned siden

    My brain hurts

  • Tony Bjorklund
    Tony BjorklundMåned siden

    Data Acquisition devices can have a lot more configuration issues to resolve before gathering good data than one would think. I have used a couple different packages in the past and you need to realize these are tools and you can use them in a variety of ways. Just like a hammer can make a fine adjustment or break a device. It’s all about how it is used. I think it’s totally possible one of the settings (of which there are many ) could have missed something potentially as simple as elevation or had a mis step on the filtering of the velocity data. No matter what you think, the signals are never 100 percent pure and without noise it’s the natural state of things. There’s a paradox that happens between filtering out the noise and getting very fast updates you can get one or the other pretty easy but getting both at the same time gets increasingly difficult as the sample rate increases because the events you’re monitoring are happening faster and getting noisier...

  • j0 m0
    j0 m0Måned siden

    Google maps ain't that accurate....

  • Chirantan S
    Chirantan SMåned siden

    This guy Schmee is into high end luxury cars and rare cars. So it would not be too far fetched if it turns out that Koeniggsegg paid him to create the confusion!!

  • water1051


    Måned siden

    There is no confusion. The record was fraudulent. The only confusion is coming from SSC not publishing the data.

  • Mike Downs
    Mike DownsMåned siden

    why didn't anyone assume the correction factor was in the video footage itself. 30 frames per second instead of 24 frames per second. That would explain the problem I believe.

  • water1051


    Måned siden

    Good theory, but it doesn’t explain a 20 mph reading from the GPS when the car is still stopped.

  • Dave Woff
    Dave WoffMåned siden

    All that tech and not a laser radar unit in the house?

  • water1051


    Måned siden

    No way, that would have showed the true speed of 250-260

  • David Telllez
    David TelllezMåned siden

    SSC has a lot of press right now👏👏

  • Barry Joslin
    Barry Joslin2 måneder siden

    “Theoretically it’s possible to scale and filter any input values...” Maybe this math and “edited input values” explains the Nov presidential election in the US. Sincerely, Rudy Giuliani Hahaha.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck2 måneder siden

    My father: 😠 "You can only legally go 65 miles per hour anyways!" 😠

  • Joshua Tate

    Joshua Tate

    18 dager siden

    I know people like that, lol.

  • Daniel
    Daniel2 måneder siden

    Simpler statement: SCC is just a bunch of bologna.

  • Magnus B
    Magnus B2 måneder siden

    A 22 min video proving that SSC lied, but not actually spelling it out. That's some serious political skills 😁

  • Brent Bartley

    Brent Bartley

    Måned siden

    Sounds like SSC brought max downforce package cars for a vmax run, either they screwed up and brought the wrong cars or their vmax gearboxes weren't ready or reliable for a vmax run and then fudged the data because their claimed speeds aren't far off the theoretical top speeds for the specs they claim for the vmax box but the speeds they seemed to have run by video analysis are close to the max downforce car's theoretical top speed.

  • C41N4


    Måned siden

    Weird... the video I just watched proved they didn’t lie. 🤔

  • Jake Green
    Jake Green2 måneder siden

    Busted you lost all you're weapons and paid a bribe

  • trwsandford
    trwsandford2 måneder siden

    So.. what you are saying is... Biden isn't going to be confirmed as President?

  • Bryan Leal
    Bryan Leal2 måneder siden

    When all of you gonna be proven wrong 😃 oh boy I will slap you

  • Roland Jacobsson
    Roland Jacobsson2 måneder siden

    Just a guess, perhaps someone wanted to apply some low pass filtering like: Vnew = a*Vprev + (1-a)*Vcurrent But accidentally missed the ”1-” part :)

  • alex vagny
    alex vagny2 måneder siden

    I don´t want to enter in the loop of comments questioning if one can trust on the organizations that certify world speed records. Something interesting that I noticed here, is that the Cx has been declared as Cx=0.279 and then SSC has provided to this youtuber with Cx= 0.314 @ 500km/h with a set up to get just the necessary downforce for power transfer and no turn maneuvers (I assume due to compressibility effects). I know that SSC has measured the previous vehicle model (Ultimate Aero) at the NASA Langley Wind Tunnel and that nowadays nobody tests a ground vehicle in wind tunnels at more than (about) 230 km/h. I would appreciate if someone here has run CFD on different sports cars at very high speeds and calculated all the aero-coefficients (benchmarking 😄 )

  • russell hays
    russell hays2 måneder siden

    great video as usual... you do a great job explaining the math behind what you do.

  • daniel strayer
    daniel strayer2 måneder siden

    Was the camera frame speed verified?

    TERRELL SCAIFE2 måneder siden

    I guess it’s not too bad they were only off by 108 miles I think anybody could make a boo-boo

  • Elvis Car Reviews
    Elvis Car Reviews2 måneder siden


  • NICK
    NICK2 måneder siden

    An iPhone with speedometer app will tell you exactly how fast your going, it uses GPS data...put couple of them in the car and record the speed. I don't understand all the hoopla around this subject

  • GT -C-
    GT -C-2 måneder siden

    Not at 331 mph..>!!!

  • Christian Gerdes-Wocken
    Christian Gerdes-Wocken2 måneder siden

    If only there were markings on the street in regular, known intervals..

  • Pro Crastinator
    Pro Crastinator2 måneder siden

    They redid the road, google maps data could very well be wrong

  • Pro Crastinator

    Pro Crastinator

    2 måneder siden

    Since the koenesig run- changed grades and all

  • Paul Suke
    Paul Suke2 måneder siden

    Yawn, thanks for the good nap.

  • SRHmusic
    SRHmusic2 måneder siden

    Okay, nice analysis. If I followed, the GPS data and the speedometer data displayed on the laptop (or was the just GPS data on the laptop?) don't agree with video, and the video analysis shows the lower speed. Questions: 1) If the laptop showed the speedometer, why would both the GPS data and speedometer be off by precisely the same amount? That's very odd that two independent speed measurement systems would be incorrect by an identical factor, isn't it? 2) Were the medians noted from the video feed from inside the car or outside? If from outside, then it could still be from the wrong video for the medians vs. the GPS overlay. 3) When's the new speed run scheduled?

  • Captain Canuck
    Captain Canuck2 måneder siden

    They pulled a Nikola!

  • Jeremy Fernando
    Jeremy Fernando2 måneder siden

    Metric bro.. Please.. Metric.. 🤣

  • Tom P
    Tom P2 måneder siden

    This makes me wonder why a simple speed trap was not used? Not as sexy as RGB computer or overlay. But X number of distance covered in X amount of time does not lie...

  • Brett Giles
    Brett Giles2 måneder siden

    I think Dewetrons email says it all. “I believe that the car CAN”,not did or has ran, “a record speed...”. I just want to see another run with multiple unbiased monitors. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt BUT as a Master Volkswagen Technician I know widespread cheating can be performed by the most unlikely sources, covered up, and carried out for decades if someone doesn’t monitor these things and ask the hard questions. I find it fascinating that an average joe uses more validating sources, gps, phones, video, and etc, to prove a cannonball record run than a major manufacturer uses for a world speed record. SSC probably in the shop building a tungsten car encased in a sabot. who’s got a huge rail gun? Maybe all of Vegas’s nuclear radiation effects telemetry data. Lol.

  • DjGizmo412
    DjGizmo4122 måneder siden

    I have a question. My wife asked me a question yesterday I didn’t have the answer for. She asked me. In high cross wind conditions on the free way would it be safer to travel at a lower speed 50mph or higher 80mph if the cross winds are gusts of 40mph. I would guess that a higher speed would be safer but I’m not sure. Help

  • alex vagny

    alex vagny

    2 måneder siden

    slow down if there is crosswind because the car gets lift or less downforce. Same when you are exiting from a tunnel because you don´t know if there will be gusts of cross wind outside the tunnel.

  • Samuel Jardine
    Samuel Jardine2 måneder siden

    The real record they were going for was fastest destruction of potential sales.

  • Cody Spiegelhalter
    Cody Spiegelhalter2 måneder siden

    We are learning the Mean Value Theorem (MVT) Theorem in my calculus class this week. At 2:00 - 2:55 you reference the instantaneous speed never being equal to the average speed, which is what the MVT theorem states must be true at atleast one point. Thought this was a very cool real world application of what I'm learning in my college level classes from highschool. Thank you😎

  • Bashar Al-sary
    Bashar Al-sary2 måneder siden

    Here's the truth the car didn't reach that speed

  • Nikola Tasev
    Nikola Tasev2 måneder siden

    Ah, at 9:11 Thoughts and prayers to all Imperial measurement users. 0.05 Miles. If we had 0.05 Km we'd just say "50m". Don't you wish you could do that with miles to yards and feet?

  • Lawrence Fearon
    Lawrence Fearon2 måneder siden

    The beauty of this machine is it's NOT ELECTRIC and weights 2700 lbs. Just running cleaner E85 adds 400[!] more horsepower - NO BATTERIES REQUIRED. Internal Combustion Engines will never die with results like this - 1,774 horsepower.