The World's Best Automatic Transmission - How Autos Became Cool Again


How The Best Automatic Transmission Works. ZF's 8-Speed Auto can give modern dual clutch transmissions a run for their money. It's light, compact, quick-shifting, and shifts are incredibly smooth.
The automatic transmission was a game changer. No longer were three pedals required, drivers could relax as they had one less thing to worry about on the road. But the automatic transmission had many flaws. It was inefficient, shifts were slow and often rough, and automatics were big and heavy. ZF introduced the world's first production 6-speed auto in the 2002 BMW 7-series, but just a year later VW introduced the first production DCT in the European market Golf R32. The dual clutch was faster to shift, efficient, and gave drivers a direct feel. Was this the end for modern automatics? Not quite. ZF introduced their 8HP, an 8 speed automatic that swept the industry as a result of it's shift quality, shift speed, efficiency, size, and cost. We'll learn all about it in the video.
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  • Michael G Benk
    Michael G BenkDag siden

    In Australia, the BF series Ford falcon range has the 6 speed ZF automatic transmission, which I found to be the best and smoothest. Not only the mechanics of the transmission is brilliant, but the electonics impresses just as much...

  • Greg Warner
    Greg Warner2 dager siden

    My 10 year old Corvette has a 6 speed automatic that can be paddle shifted. I really like it as I use the car for touring and only use the manual override to keep the engine speed up on very tight back roads.

  • worldentropy
    worldentropy5 dager siden

    Until, that is, your needle bearings fail, or worse, your mechatronic, and the rebuild is the best part of 4K Sterling. How I know this? I suffered two such failures and see them day-in day-out in the shop. In fact, I was so pissed off with the the ZF 8HP 70, that I'm seriously down the line towards converting an XJR 350 mod I'm working on to use a GM 8L90.

  • Piyush Katariya
    Piyush Katariya7 dager siden

    Pause a little, Humour a little while go through the video to make nerdy things cool again

  • conner williscroft
    conner williscroft8 dager siden

    Im a chrysler tech and these transmissions are bullet proof. Never have any issues with these

  • Bud Caldwell
    Bud Caldwell8 dager siden

    I think the Audi S4 deserves a mention in that list of Zee-Eff 8 users. ;-) I mourn the eminent extinction of the manual, but I shift one of these manually (all the time, every time for the last 2 years) and I honestly don't miss the stick. As an engineer myself, I love to see pride in engineering. Jason (and especially Endorfinjunkie), keep up the good work! Those of us who recognize it do appreciate it.

  • François Parent
    François Parent10 dager siden

    ZF HP8

  • blueoval250
    blueoval25010 dager siden

    That’s like saying “skin cancer is the best cancer” it’s still cancer. That’s a long list of cars known for their reliability...

  • Murat Yasar
    Murat Yasar10 dager siden

    ZF transmision very good

  • Mika Freedom
    Mika Freedom11 dager siden

    Better launch ?? not everyone launchers there car a BMW ..

  • Douglas
    Douglas14 dager siden

    Isn’t it a Z06 as in Z-zero-6 ?

  • Rob P.
    Rob P.14 dager siden

    Just subscribed .. Why? Because he explains how the Technology works and why its good or sucks -

  • Sergovich7 PS4
    Sergovich7 PS416 dager siden

    The BESTseller of transmissions not only for driving and build quality.

  • Cee
    Cee16 dager siden

    How do you get an auto transmission into a Beaver?

  • Stephen Cannon
    Stephen Cannon17 dager siden

    ZF 8 speed gets highway long term durability/reliability scores with independent review organizations. Note: Sealed for life is subjective and of course guidelines for changing are written by the manufacturer. They want to give a overly high service schedule in hopes that failure will be “Just after “ the powertrain warranty expires.....including extended warranties if applicable. Many current transmissions do not even have basic items for more frequent fluid.filter (if applicable) changes. Perfect example is no user accessible filters and in some cases no drain plug to help reduce mess during fluid change (s). Going further not even a fill tube for making new fluid easier to pour from the top. With no user accessible filters on a lot of modern transmission changing fluid is even more critical despite what manufacturers may recommend. The only winner with higher mileage change intervals is the repair shops and especially dealers hoping they can sell you a new vehicle. Moral of the story......I don’t think anyone especially dealers are going to penalize you for going above ( more frequent fluid changes) the manufacturers scheduled maintenance/servicing guidelines. Moral two....take care of it and for the most part the transmission will take care of you. Sometimes there is exceptions to the rule but overall a good recommendation. The point of moral #2 can be applied to any item in life, whether mechanical. Electrical, or even basic hand operated items. ZF 8 at least for my 2020JGC is a example of no user accessible filter AND no fill tube from top. Fluid can be changed but requires at minimum usually a vehicle lift or level surface. Whatever the change intervals is for the fluid in the owners manual or recommended service schedule is......Cut in half and the higher the interval is possibly cut in thirds. If manual/service schedule says 60K then probably change fluid at 30K. 100K replacement intervals maybe every 25K or maybe 35/35/30K etc........ If the service interval is below let’s say 35-40K. Probably no need to halve unless you have other indicators of problem.....( fluid loss, rough shifting etc...) Each owner is ultimately responsible but hopefully this can be some food for thought about general upkeep and longer transmission service life.

  • gradpa dave
    gradpa dave17 dager siden

    you never mentioned its durability or did I miss that

  • Ray Lopez
    Ray Lopez18 dager siden

    Bah...I can stick shift about a smooth as an automatic, but it's a lost art to be sure...

  • MrArchy1986
    MrArchy198618 dager siden

    Does BMW still says they are sealed for life so no servicing needed for their ZF autoboxes??? And then trow it in rubbish after 100k miles.

  • johncollins688
    johncollins68818 dager siden

    I see various sites listing Steptronic and ZF transmissions as two different transmissions. Why does BMW say X5 and X7 transmissions use Steptronic?

  • Mark Schneider
    Mark Schneider19 dager siden

    Interesting take, but I and many others want it to last. Especially on a high priced techno wonder like modern cars have become.

  • Ray Lopez

    Ray Lopez

    18 dager siden

    Yeah, replacing a manual transmission is a lot cheaper than a CVT or worse a torque converter automatic transmission. But this matters little in the USA.

  • Lita and Magnus Riggs
    Lita and Magnus Riggs20 dager siden

    My JL wrangler has the ZF 850RE, it is a more refined transmission than the 4 speed in the JK I used to own. Most of your performance is coming from that transmission as most car companies are going to small displacement engines paired to 8 and 10 speed transmissions. It's pretty amazing they can put a 2.0 turbo 4 cylinder in a 4000 pound jeep and make it accelerate to 60mph in 6.5 seconds thanks to that transmission.

  • Germain Gonzalez
    Germain Gonzalez20 dager siden

    My Jeep Gladiator has this transmission

  • scott offord
    scott offord20 dager siden

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this trans in my 2015 Ram 1500 5.7 and 2019 Dodge Dakota R/T 5.7. I keep it in SPORT mode all the time!

  • Rodolfo Eduardo Mittersteiner Gutierrez
    Rodolfo Eduardo Mittersteiner Gutierrez22 dager siden

    Can be, but what about Aisin, if we talk about reliability, who wins? I think Aisin can work for more mileage

  • HeartBreakKyle
    HeartBreakKyle29 dager siden

    Supras a z4 lolo

  • Tim Gatton
    Tim Gatton29 dager siden

    Reliability is also something to consider

  • JF A
    JF A29 dager siden

    Size, length, package? Hmmm...

  • Adriano Chiro
    Adriano Chiro29 dager siden

    Selespeed single clutch came in before the vw dual system. Not great but.

  • Paul Makinson
    Paul MakinsonMåned siden

    I still drive a good old manual gearbox. You have no maintenance and if it breaks, I can get another one dirt cheap (500 Euro) at a junkyard.

  • CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach
    CompuDirect of Myrtle BeachMåned siden

    Congratulations, another car that NOBODY can afford or would want. I'll stay with my TH350 thanks.

  • 27warewhare
    27warewhareMåned siden

    Can you do a video on how this transmission works?

  • Tracy Lemme
    Tracy LemmeMåned siden

    I am 72 and I appreciate the quality of modern automatics, but I have never had as much fun driving an automatic as a manual (stick) trans.

  • Milannekuhh
    MilannekuhhMåned siden

    Happy to own a ZF 8 spd :)

  • 280zjammer
    280zjammerMåned siden

    If you’re not giving the crown to Allison Transmissions, you’re not judging what matters to me.

  • The Drive
    The DriveMåned siden

    Torque converter transmissions with paddle shifters is by far the best for a GT car. BUT torque converters can only go to about 7k rpm so Ferrari for instance has to use a dual clutch..

  • KJ Schrauber
    KJ SchrauberMåned siden

    Still a 6 speed manual is more reliable and sporty , and if it fails, easier to repair and to maintain in generell. and what if the ecu fails on the transmission. It's just so high tech that if it works it's the best but if electronics fail, it's horrible disaster

  • F. Neil O'Brien
    F. Neil O'BrienMåned siden

    These videos on 'antique' technology are fascinating. A reminder of the 'olden days' when people had to put gas in their cars, change oil, flush radiators, etc. :-)

  • G S
    G SMåned siden

    I'm sitting inside the X7 witch represents the yearly repair appointments you'll need to drive this thing. The X itself, is a variable not yet known in the equation.

  • bob roger
    bob rogerMåned siden

    Now how reliable its is? How many kidneys I have to sell to get it fixed once it breaks?

  • IKhan


    Måned siden

    So far they've proven to be very reliable. Change the fluid every 40k miles and they last and last. These transmissions are way better than Mercedes Benz's 7 G Tronic transmission which is not only lazy but not as durable as other ATs.

  • Kegan Kelly
    Kegan KellyMåned siden

    I have a 2012 328i with the n20 bolted up to my ZF 8HP & I love it more than my ‘03 Jetta GLI (6 speed manual) & ALMOST more than my ‘91 3000gt VR-4 (5 speed manual) 😜 It’s an amazing piece of machinery, I must say. My passengers are always amazed at the performance of the ZF 8 speed and they always ask if it’s a dual clutch. I always tell them “it’s better”. 😂

  • Phazur
    PhazurMåned siden

    I bought a bmw 328i with it, it's fantastic! It's so smooth and responsive when needed. I drove mostly manuals, but got a bit tired of them. The audi a6 7 speed dual clutch is also nice, but I think i prefer the zf8

  • Rick Valstar
    Rick ValstarMåned siden

    Powerglide 2 speed is the best automatic transmission ever built. Don't even argue because the drags confirm this. I'm a Ford guy so touting a Chevy product is a tough row to hoe. Sometimes simpler is better.

  • IKhan


    Måned siden

    "Best" is subjective. In some aspects the Powerglide will be better but for today's transmission needs which are smoothness, efficiency, wide range of use and durability transmissions like the ZF 8 speed is brilliant. It just depends on the need. Chuck a Powerglide in this BMW and it won't do as good as it could.

  • George PRIV
    George PRIVMåned siden

    You know what sounds even better than a "ZF box" " a lighting fast 8 speed M-Steptronic"

  • Mina Mishail
    Mina MishailMåned siden

    what about the 8 speed ( AISIN AQ300 ) gearbox which installed in new SKODA Octavia & SEAT ATEKA , used side by side of TSI 1.4 Turbo engine ? Durability, Accuracy , Performance .

  • mikldude


    Måned siden

    What year did these come out , ? because if it is only a year or two years old , i fail how to see how you can claim durability . When it has at least 10 years of no problems daily use and minimal servicing , then i would concede it has durability .

  • Kryojenix
    KryojenixMåned siden

    12:16 redemption

  • Kryojenix
    KryojenixMåned siden

    zed _always_ sounds better than zee - I don't know what you guys are thinking, but I suspect it's all about rhyming when you sing the alphabet to 'twinkle, twinkle little star'.

  • Nick Clark
    Nick ClarkMåned siden

    That’s a lot of clutches which I assume would wear out ?

  • Eric Bolanos
    Eric BolanosMåned siden

    I like automatic transmissions on the over jammed streets in the cities... besides that I love manual...

  • khasmir666
    khasmir666Måned siden

    ZF 8 in me Giulia FTW, it really is a great gearbox.

  • Randall Price
    Randall PriceMåned siden

    To bad the cars they put them in are junk.

  • James B

    James B

    Måned siden

    Too bad you are ignorant.

  • Tim Jones
    Tim JonesMåned siden

    I don't know! Dual turbos, 400+ hp and the techy owner of this automotive overkill is stuck in traffic doing 8 mph! I owned a 67 GTO with 4 speed Muncie forty years and a 73 Porsche 911 five speed, ten years. What more could a serious car-guy ask for? 8 speed automatic! Who needs it?

  • Shimon
    ShimonMåned siden

    *Make Automatics Great Again*

  • Rusty Razor
    Rusty RazorMåned siden

    I’ll take a manual over any other transmission.

  • Gregg Payne
    Gregg PayneMåned siden

    I love the ZF4 in my 85 BMW and I love the Hydramatic in my 54 GMC, but the best transmission is no transmission.

  • Joseph Patricio
    Joseph PatricioMåned siden

    Automatic transmissions are the way to go for an everyday driver. Nothing more annoying than being stuck in traffic every day on the way to and from work on car with a standard transmission. Manuals are great though on weekend toys.

  • mrwideboy
    mrwideboyMåned siden

    Zed is a britsh way of saying z... we dont say zee

  • mrwideboy
    mrwideboyMåned siden

    Untill the last 10 years, auto matics were crap. Why would you have an auto when it was 3 gears ? Which was common until the late 1990s

  • john fleming
    john flemingMåned siden

    its grown up a long way from the two speed hydramatic

  • william ingram jr
    william ingram jrMåned siden

    Question: Is resetting a ZF transmission the same on all vehicles? I have a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

  • Joseph Parson
    Joseph Parson2 måneder siden

    How can I determine if this particular transmission is being used in the base model Charger?? I know the base model is an 8 speed, BUT is it the SAME as the one in the hellcat?

  • Joseph Parson
    Joseph Parson2 måneder siden

    Love your channel. Question... Is this particular transmission also used in the "base model" Charger/300/Challenger/Durango,ECT??

  • Sebastián Nieves
    Sebastián Nieves2 måneder siden

    Manual is still better

  • Antreas Konstantinou
    Antreas Konstantinou2 måneder siden

    You know a fearbox is good when its used in a Dodge Demon for its speed but also in a rolls royce phantom for its smoothness.

  • Buffalo Diesel
    Buffalo Diesel2 måneder siden

    If you notice....all those vehicles equiped with 8 to 10 gear automatics.. are automoblies purchased by OLD very rich people.

  • Preston Deters
    Preston Deters2 måneder siden

    That transmission is absolutely fantastic. We have 2 Ram 1500s with it and it is so smooth and quick, even when towing. I am curious as to what Jason thinks about Ford and GM's 10 speed, if it's better/worse/same. I like having those extra gears especially when towing, but if it's worse than the 8 speed then I don't want it because that 8 speed is seriously that good.

  • bird up
    bird up2 måneder siden

    The 8HP is a really good transmission. It does everything really well, but it doesn't excel at any one thing imo. The M-DCT is still better for performance use imo, the ZF doesn't have as much character. Really didn't like that BMW started using it for M cars. It's good, but not perfect.

  • bird up

    bird up

    Måned siden

    @James B just saw your edit. Regarding "Maybe BMW does give them all the same tune it's just not how it's usually done". As a mechatronics engineer, I can safely guarantee you that that's how it's usually done. Manufacturers won't spend a bunch of money just to engineer and manufacture custom ratios, unless it's a sequential spur box built for racing, and even then it's really expensive. When a car manufacturer buys a transmission from ZF of Getrag or whatever, the ratios are already set. See, commercial cars use gears that have helical-cut teeth, teeth cut at an angle. This eliminates the whirring noise of straight-cut gears, but it also comes with a downside. With straight-cut teeth, the only load the gears are subject to is perpendicular to the plane of the gear, but helical gears are subject to an extra axial load. This is difficult and costly to engineer. So to streamline things and make it economical, manufacturers use the gear ratios set by the maker of the transmission, and they simply engineer the Final ratio into the diff. So for example, the Hellcats of Dodge and the Rolls Royce Ghost use the 8HP-90 variant of ZF's 8-spd auto. But the cars were built for vastly different applications. So one would have a taller diff ratio for efficiency and the other a shorter diff ratio for performance. But they're the exact same gearbox with the exact same gear ratios. A little Gearbox 101. Edit: we can delve deeper into this subject if you're interested. Just say the word.

  • bird up

    bird up

    Måned siden

    @James B aite, so let me clear this up just in case. In my original comment, I only spoke of BMW's application and compared it directly to the M-DCT. Should've been obvious enough. Second, my reply to you directly stated that the programming and ratios for the *normal models* are the same. For the F30 models, the ratios are as follows: 1st: 4.71 2nd: 3.14 3rd: 2.11 4th: 1.67 5th: 1.28 6th: 1 7th: 0.84 8th: 0.67 These are for the ones using the 8HP45. It's the same for petrol, diesel or XDrive models. The only difference between some of the models are the Final ratios. Which is a given really, easiest route for emissions and min cruising rev for different powertrains.

  • James B

    James B

    Måned siden

    @bird up With all due respect, there was nothing obvious that you were referring to BMW, since this transmission is used is a vary wide array of sports cars. Just look at the comments how many people speak of the ZF-8 in other brands. On to the point at hand, are you 100% sure about that. I personally don't know but usually the higher performance models get the more aggressive tune. Maybe BMW does give them all the same tune it's just not how it's usually done, which is why I am a bit skeptical. Then again as I mentioned I could be 100% wrong with respects to how BMW does things.

  • bird up

    bird up

    Måned siden

    @James B I was obviously talking about the one BMW uses. They have the same programming and ratios for the normal models.

  • James B

    James B

    Måned siden

    Incorrect sir. They have different variants of the ZF-8 with proprietary tuning. Go drive the Gulia Quadrifoglio and tell me it has no character. Ferrari knows a thing or two about tuning/programming a transmission. I haven't driven the BMW M car variants with the ZF-8 so I can't comment on weather they have charter or not.

  • Razvan Nastase
    Razvan Nastase2 måneder siden

    purely you are BMW biased

  • Square348apple
    Square348apple2 måneder siden

    Drive a ram truck with the 5.7 hemi, that motor and trans is the best combo ever in existence

  • Meni Hen
    Meni Hen2 måneder siden

    I own a 2019 Ram 1500 with Hemi eTorque and ZF 8HP75... 40K miles in and i still love this thing! Shifts like butter and never shake, rattle, sputter... They did an amazing job with this powertrain, hooking the Hemi up with the ZF 8HP! Best truck I've ever owned.

  • Captain_Coleslaw
    Captain_Coleslaw2 måneder siden

    Id argue the Mercedes 7G Tronic+ and Speedshift with the hard lockup (Which came before the ZF 8 speed i recall) was the first torque converter that genuinly slammed gears in when you ask it to, and also can shift smooth

  • Nick Voicu
    Nick Voicu2 måneder siden


  • jaytmtb
    jaytmtb2 måneder siden

    No one could convince me to go auto, old auto boxes were like stirring soup, then I got a car with the ZF 8 with paddle shift, there's no going back, ever :-}

  • John Phamlore
    John Phamlore2 måneder siden

    Yet another reason why all smaller lower cost cars are dying out in the United States. And it's not just the American car companies -- the same is happening to Honda. This technology is simply too expensive to make it to smaller lower cost cars.

  • James B

    James B

    Måned siden

    The transmissions are getting crazy and vastly over complicated. I'd argue that 8 speed should be the limit since it's the perfect balance. Sadly manufactures are adding 10 speed garbage to the vehicles for better EPA ratings.

  • Robbb8227
    Robbb82272 måneder siden

    I have a 2005 BMW 745li. @engineeringexplained what do I need to swap out my 6hp26 for the newer 8hp?

  • amsterob
    amsterob2 måneder siden

    dual clutch trans if you like junk.

  • Ibnu Rahman
    Ibnu Rahman2 måneder siden

    damn... how does your brain works...? how much synapsis there are in it...?

  • Sami Anttila
    Sami Anttila2 måneder siden

    I just changed from BMW with ZF 8HP to Mercedes with 9G-Tronic. Merc’s transmission is way better in all aspects.

  • Sami Anttila

    Sami Anttila

    Måned siden

    @James B I find the 9G to be smoother in every situation, but the biggest difference is when slowing down to an intersection and then quickly accelerating, that with 9G it’ll go straight away, but with BMW it took a moment to find the right gear, or at least that’s the way it felt.

  • James B

    James B

    Måned siden

    @Sami Anttila Ok so the issue is with the specific BMW tuning. GO drive Giulia Quadrifoglio and you will be shocked at the difference between that ZF-8 variant custom tuned by Ferrari compared to the 520d which you have to remember isn't BMW's performance line so it receives a more moderate tune. Or you just prefer the 9g tronic which is a very nice transmission. What in particular did you find that stood out being better between the BMW tuned ZF and the Merc 9G. I ask cause we all have different preferences and I am wondering what you prefer on the 9g primarily.

  • Sami Anttila

    Sami Anttila

    Måned siden

    @James B The BMW I had was 2016 F11 520d xDrive.

  • James B

    James B

    Måned siden

    No you are wrong. The BMW you had didn't receive top grade tuning. Also what variant of the ZF-8 was it, what year and model?

  • Keith Nettles
    Keith Nettles2 måneder siden

    What is the average life cycle of this transmission and replacement cost vs rebuilding?

  • Blake Word
    Blake Word2 måneder siden

    The best transmission I’ve ever driven! More manufacturers need to use this.... *cough cough.... GM and Ford, I’m looking right at y’all!

  • Fredi Kreis
    Fredi Kreis2 måneder siden

    is there anything that this dude dosen't know about car mechanics?

  • 11 Add
    11 Add2 måneder siden

    Idiotic talk

  • Ravi S Singh
    Ravi S Singh2 måneder siden

    Thank you for your detailed and simpler explanation... One question.. I have a 6 Speed ZF of 2009 E90 325i.. BMW says, at least that what i have heard, you don't have change the gear box / transmission fluid ever in cars life time.. can you share your views on it.. Thank you..

  • Samuel Wilson
    Samuel Wilson2 måneder siden

    AMT is awsome some trucks have them

  • BB MW
    BB MW2 måneder siden

    Slushbox type automatic transmissions have never been cool, and never will be. Dual clutch transmissions are a little interesting. But the only transmission that is actually cool is the old fashioned clutch manual. Why, because you actually have to know how to shift, as opposed to just putting the slushbox into drive.

  • VikingHauler
    VikingHauler2 måneder siden

    If I had the money to buy one of these high dollar vehicles I would probably buy a half dozen older project vehicles and wrench them to the status I wanted instead.

  • Dave Menche
    Dave Menche2 måneder siden

    shift buttons on the steering wheel? No thanks. get all those controls off the steering wheel, and the steering wheel stalks too. keep it simple, its a car, not a space ship.

  • S Bland
    S Bland2 måneder siden

    Porsche PDK - without doubt, the fastest and very best gearbox(s) the world has ever seen. No more to be said.

  • James B

    James B

    Måned siden

    Bahahahhaha. The PDK was developed by ZF and Porsche. I bet you never that. Yes the PDK is a fantastic transmission but it's a Dual Clutch not a Torque converter. The ZF-8 is a marvel of engineering my man.

  • NatKing1u1z
    NatKing1u1z3 måneder siden

    Is it possible to swap out a a gm to zf in an 08 328i? Being that zf is supposed to be performance oriented is the reason why I'm asking.

  • Charles Mims
    Charles Mims3 måneder siden

    An Electric Car has one speed. I worked on transmissions early in my life. The complexity of the hydraulic brain was amazing, the electric shift from the newer computers in cars was a source of failure. Internal Combustion Engines have any where of 12-15 years before they will be banned. California will lead with Europe outlawing ICE cars in less than 15 years. The Democratic Party will impose draconian mileage values and electric will look like a better deal.

  • James B

    James B

    Måned siden

    You mean the socialist Promarxist party. This isn't a good thing. GW is a scam and so is carbon taxing the population.

  • Zy H
    Zy H3 måneder siden

    My cayenne s has an Aisin 8 speed.. this thing is pretty reliable.. imo it is better that the ZF

    HAFIZ J3 måneder siden

    Cuz CVT is sucks..

  • Alistair Hart
    Alistair Hart3 måneder siden

    The 8 speed automatic in the 2008 and onward Lexus ISF was I think the first 8 speed auto in a production car. That transmission is amazingly fast changing For the time.

  • Aeron Gerich Co
    Aeron Gerich Co3 måneder siden

    You prefer to drive a manual car over automatic?

  • Eli Suryana
    Eli Suryana3 måneder siden

    car enthusiasts: automatic transmissions aren't that cool zf: we're going to change that

  • DFKnightmare
    DFKnightmare3 måneder siden

    I was driving a bmw 435i vert this week on vaca. 2015 model I was like wow, is this a DCT? Shifts so fast. I'd be shocked if this was an automatic. Cant be Looked it up and found this...that explains it! Cool to be validated. I love cars but am such a novice.

  • G r a h a m
    G r a h a m3 måneder siden

    Squish boxes are for people who can't drive but want to. I use my clutch for starting out after that it's all in the timing but l don't suggest you learn the technique in anything of value. Buy a old beater with a crash box to learn in. Once you learn you'll know till then you never will understand so keep your comments to yourself as you are ignorant to the concept and talking out of your @SS.

  • jose gonzales
    jose gonzales3 måneder siden

    There are various variations - lol

  • Lasse
    Lasse3 måneder siden

    X7.. id rather buy a house i guess 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • No Name
    No Name3 måneder siden

    My 4R100 from ZF still doing the job 23 years later on the original internals.

  • superweh
    superweh3 måneder siden

    I had a 6 speed ZF in my 3 series, preferred it to the dct I have in my VW now, it was a lot smoother.