The Ultimate Guide To Tire Sidewalls - How Good Are Your Tires?


How to read tire sidewalls and learn how safe your tires are!
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What does 235/35R20 mean? What does ZR mean? What is a tread-wear rating? What is a temperature grade? What is a traction grade? How about load rating, speed rating, and DOT badge? Car tires are a confusing mess to look at, with both SAE and metric units, and a complicated nomenclature.
That's where this video comes in. We'll explain all of the details surrounding the most common markings you'll find on tire sidewalls, with the ultimate guide to tires. How to read your tires! Make cars and coffee interesting again and read tire sidewalls all day.
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  • satish kumar
    satish kumar7 dager siden

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  • Дмитрий Хабаров
    Дмитрий ХабаровMåned siden

    always though the R16 meant Radius 16inch also, i don't think my tires have half that information in them

  • Andrewgyny


    9 dager siden

    A lot do not. More expensive and brand name the tire, the more information you get.

  • firstname
    firstnameMåned siden

    I had a tyre start delaminating recently. Checked the production date... it was made in 2005! Still had plenty of tread left, just got too old apparently

  • Andrewgyny


    9 dager siden

    Tires have an average shelf life of 6 years before deteriorating.

  • et troth
    et trothMåned siden

    I am new widow and now I know! Thank you many times!

  • Richard Sweig
    Richard SweigMåned siden

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    sulaiman sait2 måneder siden

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  • Dragos Pahontu

    Dragos Pahontu

    Måned siden

    I drive with summer tires in snow. It is such a bad idea it feels so sketchy.

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    Jose L2 måneder siden

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    Faggot Rotten2 måneder siden

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  • StereoSoundAgent
    StereoSoundAgent2 måneder siden

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    Josue Sanitize your2 måneder siden

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  • RJW14
    RJW142 måneder siden

    yeah, racing tires just say milimeters / milimeters (of the entire tire mounted onto a wheel) / inches. Much easier to read

  • da ne
    da ne2 måneder siden

    Low tires can cause your vehicle to drift uncontrollably in corners.

  • Beat Meier
    Beat Meier2 måneder siden

    you forgot the TWI >. on the sidewall Tyre Wear Index points to where the thread bars are set to 1.6 mm

  • Pedro G.
    Pedro G.2 måneder siden

    Hi Jason, can you help to choose the best tyre in durability (more miles used) for a size of 185/55/R15? I was thinking about Continental Conti-EcoContact 6 to be my choise. Is this a good choise in your opimion? Tks.

  • doronkra
    doronkra3 måneder siden

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    Kesateria Matahari3 måneder siden

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    Peter Poppe3 måneder siden

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    rash j. s.3 måneder siden

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  • ved fj
    ved fj3 måneder siden

    Great video, Jason! Very explanatory! I didn't get very well the extra load description. Lets say that car manufacturer recommended psi for the 2 front tyres will 34-36psi each. If you get XL tyre (instead of SL), should you increase the pressure to 38-40 for this case? Btw, you could make a video for the XL tyres... pros/cons!

  • sanel b
    sanel b3 måneder siden

    I just don't understand , if it's an electric car why didn't they make electric tyres. This all doesn't make sense at all. I truly hate tesla cars, just like I hate electric bikes

    FRAGS, CARS AND COFFEE3 måneder siden

    Sir my corvette has the Michelin pilot supersport 335/25/ZR20 But I found Michelin pilot super sport 335/30/ZR20 for LOTLOTLOT cheaper ! Shall I buy it ? Why is it so cheaper ??? Thanks

  • Dean Fielding
    Dean Fielding4 måneder siden

    Is it sad that I knew nearly all of those facts.

  • Amin Sulaiman
    Amin Sulaiman4 måneder siden

    Why don't you use manual setting for your camera, so your camera can maintain the same exposure, it can make more easy for us to read what is on the tyre.

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    chad rocca4 måneder siden

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    raymond menendez4 måneder siden

    I'm 67 and have owned plenty cars, trucks-- the only thing that I was interested in a tire was the price and the tire pressure-- going to check out the tires on my C10 now --

  • Lewis Williamsjr
    Lewis Williamsjr4 måneder siden

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  • Johnny Sins
    Johnny Sins4 måneder siden

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  • Romar Fajardo
    Romar Fajardo5 måneder siden

    What are the pros and cons of using a tire with speed rating lower than recommended? Im thinking to use an H rating rather than V cuz its cheaper. Thank you.

  • Rafa Muñoz

    Rafa Muñoz

    4 måneder siden

    if you dont overpass the speed limit of the tyre therse shouldnt be any problem

  • J Wester
    J Wester5 måneder siden

    A question. One of my new tires has a different production date. Is this a problem? They all seem to be produced at the same manufacture plant though

  • Ready Teddy
    Ready Teddy5 måneder siden

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    Jan Sullano5 måneder siden

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    oceanceaser5 måneder siden

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    ARDHENDU MAITY5 måneder siden


    ARDHENDU MAITY5 måneder siden


    ARDHENDU MAITY5 måneder siden


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  • Seb. Sar
    Seb. Sar5 måneder siden

    Why do they write a number for hight of sidewall which is a percentage of the tire width ? Why not just write the actual tire hight ? Why do we need to know what the percentage is ? It confuses the issue ! Or they should write 235 / 35% of 235/ Z R 20 . Or write 235 / 82.32 / Z R 20 Then people can understand without having to calculate how high the tire is .

  • Edgar Schaack
    Edgar Schaack5 måneder siden

    On my truck I have 245 which as you say is the width and the 265 is wider than the 245 but the 265 is also taller, why is that?

  • Brian Aiello
    Brian Aiello6 måneder siden

    An interesting point about the foam insert used on Tesla tires. Are foam inserts a good idea, and are they available for any tire? It seems to me that making a tire quieter would be a desired thing. Thanks.

  • John Nyirenda
    John Nyirenda6 måneder siden

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  • GymChess
    GymChess6 måneder siden

    Suppose you have H rated 210 Km/h like I have and still drive the car at say 220 Km/h. What would happen and how big is the tolerance before the tire fails? My own guess is that one could probably push it way above 210 Km/h before something happens.

  • Allan Baldemor
    Allan Baldemor6 måneder siden

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  • Will G
    Will G7 måneder siden

    That tires does not have a P because it meets European standards. There is Metric, P-Metric, LT-Metric and High Flotation sizes. A lack of P indicates the tire is metric but European metric which has higher standards than the American P Metric.

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  • Alejandro Rubio
    Alejandro Rubio7 måneder siden

    Very valuable information!! “Treadwear” the standard is set to a rating of 100 is equal to 30,000 miles. (200=60,000, etc.)

  • Melmo's Salvage Rebuilds

    Melmo's Salvage Rebuilds

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    ramkripal bishunath7 måneder siden

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  • yamahaU3
    yamahaU37 måneder siden

    So the 20 is the diametre of the tyre's inner rim, then why don't they give us a number for the outer rim diametre as well?

  • jamie
    jamie7 måneder siden

    The 35 means 35mm side wall when it's on the wheel and bead is set

  • 7S POWER

    7S POWER

    7 måneder siden

    Sorry, 35 is not 35mm but it's the A/R = Aspect Ratio of the Height : Width Ratio, in percent, 35%. The Width is 35% of the Height (OD) The height of the sidewall is 235 x .35 = 82.25 mm The overal sidewall height = 82.25 x 2 = 164.5 mm = 164.5 / 25.4 = 6.476" The OD = Overall Diameter = 6.476 + 20 = 26.476" Or OD = ((235/25.4)(2x.35))+20 = 26.476"

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown8 måneder siden

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    dsumhank8 måneder siden

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  • King nill V well
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