The Ram 1500 TRX May Not Dominate The Ford Raptor For Very Long


The Fastest Truck In The World - Ram TRX vs Ford Raptor
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702 horsepower, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, quarter mile in 12.9 seconds, and a top speed of 118 miles per hour. According to RAM it’s the quickest, fastest, and most powerful mass-produced truck in the world, so in this video we’re going to check out the clever engineering that has gone into it, how it may dominate the Ford Raptor (perhaps not for very long), and throw in a few bad jokes to keep our spirits high.
If you’re wondering if Dodge, Ram, and the likes of Chrysler have run out of ideas, well, the answer is no, because they still haven’t fit the hellcat engine into their entire lineup. To recap, we have a hellcat challenger, charger, grand cherokee, and durango. I know we’re all patiently awaiting news of the Pacifica, but in the meantime the good news is the mission of hellcatting all the things draws closer to success with the launch of the Ram TRX.
Under the hood is yes, the beautiful 6.2L Supercharged V8 you’ve come to love from the Hellcat lineup. It produces 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque in the TRX. And the engine is ready to be pushed, with a cast-iron block, forged-steel crankshaft, powder-forged connecting rods, and forged-alloy pistons. Some changes versus the other hellcats include a deep sump oil pan to keep the pickup tube in the oil under high g cornering, and the alternator has been moved higher to allow for 32 inches of water fording.
The air entering the engine comes from two locations. Half of it is fed through the functional hood scoop, and the other half from a ram air intake at the front of the grill. If you have a big truck with a big engine making big power out in a desert environment, well, you’re going to need some serious filtering. That’s why the RAM Trex has not just one, but two air filters, each measuring about 8x12 inches. The airbox is mounted up top, helping allow for that high water fording depth, in addition to providing easy access for the owner to clean out the filter elements. Ram states based on industry-standard tests, the Trex can ingest dirty air and debris longer than any competitor before performance begins to diminish.
Here’s a bonkers fact about how much heat this engine has to reject from the intake charge. At wide open throttle, the intercooler is rejecting 40 kilowatts of heat, all of this heat just from the intake air alone.
As far as the four wheel drive system, there’s an active transfer case which has a low range with 2.64:1 gearing, and the transfer case will vary the torque split depending on which mode you’re in: auto, sport, snow, tow, mud, and baja. Torque is sent to the front and rear differentials, and in the rear is an electronic locking diff, paired with a Dana 60 solid rear axle with full-floating shafts. From the differentials, we move out to the wheels, which you can option beadlock wheels from the factory.
The Trex has over 13 inches of wheel travel in both the front and rear. Up front is an independent, active suspension with forged aluminum upper and lower control arms designed to maintain the appropriate camber angles during their long travel. There are massive, 2.5 wide Bilstein adaptive dampers in both the front and the rear which use a single-piece aluminum construction with machined cooling fins for heat dissipation. In the rear is a 5-link coil suspension that allows the solid axle to travel up to 13 inches!
Pairing the T-Rex side by side with the Ford Raptor, it’s pretty obvious what Ram was benchmarking. Many of the stats line up near perfectly, with the Trex having slight advantages. The most notable difference, really, is the power. 252 more horsepower, and 140 more lb-ft of torque versus the Raptor.
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained5 måneder siden

    Join me for the Ram TRX content, stay for the dinosaur facts & revealing of the greatest carnivorous production car of all time. Thanks for watching everyone! For more lame jokes, you can follow me on Instagram:

  • TheAviator Fourteen

    TheAviator Fourteen

    3 måneder siden

    Engineering explained...proceeds to measure the air filter in inches instead of cm...gj there

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    Njål Nilssen

    4 måneder siden

    @admiral_peck 7 Afaik, the Blue Whale is the biggest creature to ever live (body mass).

  • Daryl Bain

    Daryl Bain

    4 måneder siden

    @admiral_peck 7 Not on land and t-rexes were by no means an aquatic beast, so they tell us, despite what my children and grandchildren think, I didn't hunt dinosaurs for dinner. 😊

  • MG42pillbox


    5 måneder siden

    @admiral_peck 7 you're out of yout little cartoon mind cup cake. Please stop lying to fullfill your cartoon imagination. TReX is a completely different Reptile. The actual BIG fun fact is the a T Rex has been found with unfossilized tissue. Which absolutely destroys the entire "Old age paradigm". No such thing as millions of years, and not 1 new age paleontologist can even challenge this FUN FACT. Sorry tv believers. R i p

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    Sebastian Englberger

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  • mdizzle_25
    mdizzle_254 dager siden

    There’s no epa rating for their power wagon either

  • roger brandt
    roger brandt8 dager siden

    Who’s taking a $130,000.00 truck off road,? Guess I would if i had the money.

  • Nopleaseno
    Nopleaseno9 dager siden

    This thing will only be faster in 2 to 3 years, when you’ll be able to put your hands thru the rusty bedsides “weight reduction”.

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    I find "the race to see who has the smallest penis" fascinating... Got me popcorn though, so I'm all ready to watch....

  • PTT Cliff
    PTT Cliff19 dager siden

    One thing I know about dodge is to never trust their claimed performance figures.

  • Salam Gorou
    Salam GorouMåned siden

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  • Erik Racz
    Erik RaczMåned siden

    My 20’ custom raptor had 507 HP, but not worried about TRX, no one on my daily commute is ever gonna buy one! Ram messed up by making truck too costly to buy and operate on a daily basis. I’ll probably be king on my highway for years to come! 🤨

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    TheBladesOfSteelMåned siden

    More in depth studies have shown that the T-Rex is actually more believable as a scavenger due to it's short arms, although its teeth and talons make it seem intimidating, it's short arms put it at a severe disadvantage. Raptors on the other hand often hunted in packs and were capable of hunting alone as well... so the TRX isnt to far off of a a scavenger if it is constantly behind the Raptor

    CPS CPS2 måneder siden

    1.5 kilowatts of heat ?? James Watt and I expect better from an engineer.

  • Harry Tran
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  • Noah Hardway Vlogs
    Noah Hardway Vlogs3 måneder siden

    In my opinion, the raptor still has a better suspension technology. In my experience, Fox has always ridden better than Bilstien. The TRX also seems too understated when compared to the Raptor. The Raptor looks more like a race truck than the TRX. You can tell me your opinions in the comments.

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  • Ed Kincaid
    Ed Kincaid3 måneder siden

    Try and find a dealer who will know how to do the warranty work FCA suck with there warranty. My power wagon was at the dealer a lot time , all because no one new nothing about the truck. FCA warranty is bad

  • Ed Kincaid
    Ed Kincaid3 måneder siden

    Try and find a dealer who will know how to do the warranty work FCA suck with there warranty. My power wagon was at the dealer a lot time , all because no one new nothing about the truck. FCA SUCK.

  • Ed Kincaid
    Ed Kincaid3 måneder siden

    Try and find a dealer who will know how to do the warranty work FCA suck with there warranty. My power wagon was at the dealer a lot time , all because no one new nothing about the truck. FCA SUCK

  • Ed Kincaid
    Ed Kincaid3 måneder siden

    Try and find a dealer who will know how to do the warranty work FCA suck with there warranty. My power wagon was at the dealer a lot time , all because no one new nothing about the truck. FCA SUCK

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