The McLaren 720S Suspension Is A Complex Masterpiece


How McLaren's Proactive Chassis Control Suspension Works
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The McLaren 720S and 720S spider are obviously fast, but something that doesn't receive as much attention is how brilliant the suspension is. McLaren calls it Proactive Chassis Control II, and it's a system of interconnected hydraulic links that allow for McLaren to eliminate roll bars, and have a suspension that's better suited for adjustment between road driving and track driving.
Not only are the dampers linked side to side, but they're also linked from to back, leading to a unique approach to suspension damping for all scenarios (roll, pitch, warp, etc). Flow restrictors change the damping characteristics for normal, sport, and track modes, allowing the vehicle to better respond to the conditions the driver is experiencing. Check out the video for a detailed explanation of how it all works!
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  • glennsmooth
    glennsmooth8 dager siden

    Is this setup better or worse than GM’s magnetic ride? I’ve had a few C7 corvettes and every time I turn the dial from track to touring I’m blown away by the difference in how the car soaks up bumps

  • BSE Gaming
    BSE GamingMåned siden

    streets needed this.

  • Сергей Петров
    Сергей Петров5 måneder siden

    that's very nice engineering thing.

  • Farhad g
    Farhad g6 måneder siden

    Technically It is a renewed copy of "Citroën Xantia active" suspension. So the credit of the "complex masterpiece" goes to Citroën Xantia!

  • Shadow WSK
    Shadow WSK7 måneder siden

    Sometimes i wish i could be as innovative as those mclaren engineers

  • Mahfuzul Hoque
    Mahfuzul Hoque9 måneder siden

    nicely done.

  • Bam Bam 444
    Bam Bam 44411 måneder siden

    Basically active suspension

  • tokctoo
    tokctooÅr siden

    @EngineeringExplained Do you know if they use the same type of suspension on the 600lt? I couldn't find out

  • Mik Cun
    Mik CunÅr siden

    This system is commonly used on cone crushers. Which are found in nearly every rock quarry in the world. The problem with this type of system is what you would imagine. Leaks and temperature greatly effect the systems performance. Also it would get very expensive taking the car to McLaren for leaking and accumulator adjustments because every couple years you need to set the bag pressure in the accumulator. Overall it's a very useful system but maintenance is way higher than a torsion bar.

  • Ready On 3
    Ready On 3År siden

    the 720s is the most complicated supercar that I have ever seen, even a regular mechanic can't fix it when there are troubles

  • Adam Brackney
    Adam BrackneyÅr siden

    Masterpieces don't leak all over your shop floor!

  • Guillermo Tebar
    Guillermo TebarÅr siden

    Could you make a comparisson against the active suspension from Citroen? I think that would be pretty cool.

  • Somewierdo Online
    Somewierdo OnlineÅr siden

    FIA bans suspension for being too effective, oh is this rich team complaining and getting what they want going on over there too? Come on

  • Ziggy Freud
    Ziggy FreudÅr siden

    Superb vid with just enough information to understand the operation of a clever and relatively simple principle. Now it's up to the customer to determine whether this extra technology is worth the $. If I were in the market for I this type of vehicle I think that I would just pay up. This is a significant move on from Porsche, Ferrari and Lambo and does make a real world difference and may be the deal maker.

  • rpols22
    rpols22År siden

    Is this the same as FRIC suspension?

  • FakeItalianoII
    FakeItalianoIIÅr siden

    Another great white-board video ! Thanks, Jason ! :)

  • Kmaaq
    KmaaqÅr siden

    Tried watching this video before and didn’t understand a thing,. I just space out really quickly on most of your videos. However, I got my 720s yesterday and re-watching this video now I’m amazed at the complexity of the engineering (I’m a mech. Eng. which makes me even more interested) and I’m even happier with what I bought. Now I feel like I want to keep this car forever! (Unless one day I can get my hands on the Speedtail or Valkyrie)

  • black ice
    black iceÅr siden

    C O M P L E X

  • Frank Vest
    Frank VestÅr siden

    I was able to drive the McLaren 720S on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last week and will tell you that the way the suspension, tires, and aero all come together is a very magical thing. Very nice video Jason.

  • Daniel Schick
    Daniel SchickÅr siden

    I can see one potential problem with this suspension and I'm curious if they have found a way around it... when you have it in sport mode the fluid is more restricted. That would mean that the pressure preventing body roll would also be more restricted.

  • kui Q
    kui QÅr siden

    The accumulator on each suspension needs to be replace if you track a lot . The bleeding procedure takes almost over night . But this suspension is perfect for road and track

  • Evgeni Avergun
    Evgeni AvergunÅr siden

    Amazing!! Great vid thanks!

  • Jasper Prince
    Jasper PrinceÅr siden

    It's good for high speed cornering

  • hasancan aydar
    hasancan aydarÅr siden

    can you explain what electromagnetic suspension, how does it work and is it better or worst.

  • Gryphus
    GryphusÅr siden

    Best car channel period :D

  • yellow6ird
    yellow6irdÅr siden

    Love to see a off the shelf version of this suspension for project cars.

  • Lauren Bina
    Lauren BinaÅr siden

    I wish I had your explanation skills. 👍

  • David Mann
    David MannÅr siden

    Great explanation of a fantastic suspension! It could have used some numbers or relative stiffness of each wheel in each situation, to give a somewhat quantitative view of the behavior.

  • __
    __År siden

    Almost identical to Nissan's HBMC, except gas instead of hydraulic.

  • Jamster
    JamsterÅr siden

    This in analog form, an analog torsen based 4wd, a manual gearbox, mid engined, throttle and gear linkage, no wires, all aluminunium (chassis, body, engine) build in the works 🤘 No servo, no turbo, maybe compressor.. BMW k1600 engine. three seats. It's going to be a driving experience

  • giovanni zuliani
    giovanni zulianiÅr siden

    That sistem is pretty similar to FRIC used in Mercedes F1 car in 2010/12

  • BigBalloon19087
    BigBalloon19087År siden

    Hm, I can see some reliability issues happening and it probably would be very expensive

  • nosxing
    nosxingÅr siden

    I always was curious about McLaren's suspension system, now I understand. Thank you !

  • Collin Webster
    Collin WebsterÅr siden

    I have been wanting to learn about the suspension for so long thank you for doing such an excellent job explaining it! This is why I love your videos!

  • Rage Auto
    Rage AutoÅr siden

    sooooo if you hit a rock and a fluid leak occurs your entire suspension dampening and anti roll fails???

  • MrZzyzxx
    MrZzyzxxÅr siden

    this video is a junior high school science fair entry - it lost there, too

  • Bryn Clarke

    Bryn Clarke

    År siden


  • Fung HoKin
    Fung HoKinÅr siden

    could you explain the fully inactive active suspension in f1 few years ago which call "FRIC"?

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark6789År siden

    Why is this system so expensive? It seems like it just requires some repurposed brake fluid lines, some steel spheres, and some needle valves with motors. The flexible membrane could be difficult, but as I understand it it's only there to prevent gas bubbles in the fluid lines, so it doesn't need to be super strong. There must be something I'm missing, or else every car would have this (and we could even mod it in ourselves!).

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark6789År siden

    "I am super excited about this video. It's a topic and a suspension that I've wanted to cover for quite some time." You might say that Jason was in *_suspense_* to make this video.

  • refino
    refinoÅr siden

    *ford raptor driver has left the chat*

  • DelanoSeven
    DelanoSevenÅr siden

    Not sure why I watch these videos when drunk. I can barely understand them when sober.

  • Ioannis Iordanidis
    Ioannis IordanidisÅr siden

    PS: The Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 has a variant of this system, called Toyota KDSS, essentially the same concept. The KDSS keeps the anti-roll bars but they are attached to the body of the car using hydraulic pistons that are linked back to front. There are lots of animations on NOlocal that illustrate this far better, so I won't attempt to butcher this. I own a 2014 LC200 with KDSS. Also as far as I know McLaren have been using this type of suspension since the 12C. I would be very interested to hear your response to this. 500 comments however and growing... Fingers crossed.

  • Ioannis Iordanidis
    Ioannis IordanidisÅr siden

    Great video! Have a question: Should it not be that the more open the restrictors, the _stiffer_ the car gets? For example, in the other extreme, where the restrictors are totally closed off, then you have essentially a conventional car with no anti-roll bar. Body roll like a 4x4 from the 70s. The more open those restrictors, the stronger the cross linking effect. Essentially like having a stiff anti roll bar. WDYT? Have I misunderstood?

  • Chaz la
    Chaz laÅr siden

    unlike their customer service

  • leborde
    lebordeÅr siden

    @ Jason: if you want a full session about the DS, I can help you with that. I know the car pretty well and I have with me the technical manual. Just let me know.

  • Tylor Miranda
    Tylor MirandaÅr siden

    I think the 2017-2018 Chevy Cruz has basically a physical linkage in the rear that's similar to this in concept.

  • Tim Oleston
    Tim OlestonÅr siden

    Great job!

  • Bernardo Santos
    Bernardo SantosÅr siden

    please describe the triplex suspension on Koenigseggs!

  • Syed Umer Ahmed
    Syed Umer AhmedÅr siden

    Awesome setup awesome explanation

  • Jeff Lewis Tennis
    Jeff Lewis TennisÅr siden

    Loved every minute of this video....and had absolutely not idea what you were talking about. 🤔

  • Among Us

    Among Us

    År siden


  • Nick Amarit
    Nick AmaritÅr siden

    This is no doubt a great rally suspension for sure.

  • Bruno Gomes
    Bruno GomesÅr siden

    Nice footage from this gold 720s thoug, the Vehicle Virgins Channel did a really good job 🙂

  • Mark Bunn
    Mark BunnÅr siden

    The accumulators work much like a water pressure tank in a well/pump system. If the diaphragm in the tank ruptures the system won't be able to hold water pressure for long. I've had to replace a few of them before. The 720 has a cool suspension but i wonder how long it will last before it starts to fail.

  • JB Guettier
    JB GuettierÅr siden

    Very clear explanation! Thanks!

  • Keyur Bhesania
    Keyur BhesaniaÅr siden

    What kind of Fluid is being used in this system?

  • Kevin Roberts
    Kevin RobertsÅr siden

    ...I nearly made a smart-ass comment about my Citroen DS having a better suspension. Oops. Very cool they are using it. The Citroen DS6 has much of this technology and was in the 2006 model.

  • Ondřej Kovařík
    Ondřej KovaříkÅr siden

    Hey. Great explanation. What would be the pros/cons compared to magnetorheological “independent” suspension controlled by ECU?

  • Chris Parrish
    Chris ParrishÅr siden

    Great video man! I did a research project on the PCC system for my Machine Hydraulics class last year. This design is basically a mechanical magic carpet. Awesome stuff!

  • Bogfinken
    BogfinkenÅr siden

    Austin Allegro used it too, but had no "track mode" why? 🤔

  • Jeremy Schmidt
    Jeremy SchmidtÅr siden

    This is super cool! Great explanation!

  • Chimera
    ChimeraÅr siden

    Don't forget the MG 1100! Its Hydrolastic suspension, while passive ,did a good job for maybe 10,000 miles. Then, being British, it failed. Wouldn't it be simpler to hook four pumps/valves/whatever on the corners up to an IMU and tell it to keep things level?

  • 986C
    986CÅr siden

    My 2005 4Runner has this. Is called the XREAS system. Look it up.

  • Kolo kolo
    Kolo koloÅr siden

    One more way you will loose money to repair your 720

  • Gen C
    Gen CÅr siden

    Would this system also reduce pitch under acceleration and braking since its all linked? Like an anti-roll/pitch system

  • weatheranddarkness
    weatheranddarknessÅr siden

    So, what's the difference between this and the earlier McLaren versions? Also, you should do one on the Porsche 919 suspension, particularly the front. Most versions of the rear are like the AMG Project 1

  • Kev
    KevÅr siden

    oh god imagine if it breaks...

  • Maky
    MakyÅr siden

    I'm retarded. Could someone tell me if this suspension system results in a comfortable ride or a very stiff ride in city daily driving conditions?

  • Booka
    BookaÅr siden

    I would've thought the restrictor valve operates the opposite way. Less restrictive in track ( stronger link, less roll/dive/squat) more in comfort (weaker link, greater independence).

  • Edd Grs
    Edd GrsÅr siden

    It's a McLaren, so how many miles does this work, before it breaks down ?

  • VFSteve
    VFSteveÅr siden

    Obviously Nissan didn’t watch this when they designed the 2018 Versa

  • Des M
    Des MÅr siden

    This information is proberly of no use to most of us

  • Lucas Jones
    Lucas JonesÅr siden

    Sorry in advance for the caps. COULD YOU PLEASE DO A VIDEO EXCLUSIVELY ON HEAD GASKETS!? Thank you.

  • Faisal
    FaisalÅr siden

    how good is this compared to a magnetic system like the one used in the NSX for example?

  • Nick Eckemoff
    Nick EckemoffÅr siden

    Basically "water ride." Really complex and won't last...will start pissing all over the road and be loose after years.

  • AP13P
    AP13PÅr siden

    Can you cover SVJ's ALA 2.0, and maybe compare it to Performante?

  • Todd Leichtfuss
    Todd LeichtfussÅr siden

    Thank you for explaining this clearly.

  • Klayton Wilder
    Klayton WilderÅr siden

    This is what happens when you hire a plumber to build a suspension...

  • Last Son of Abraham
    Last Son of AbrahamÅr siden

    Very descriptive kudos

  • Armand Hess
    Armand HessÅr siden

    What is theoretically the best performance car layout in your opinion? Would it be a RWD or AWD? Mid engine or front engine? What type of engine, a boxer? I love the physics behind cars and just curious what the master thinks. For clarification, I'm talking about a circuit oriented car and not a drag car.

  • Kalon
    KalonÅr siden

    Hey EE. I was wondering if you could make a video on why cars creep forward when you let off the brake.

  • Michael Huffman

    Michael Huffman

    År siden

    Because your car idles meaning that your engine is still firing even when you aren't pressing the gas pedal. It generates a small amount of power.

  • Plebasaurus Rekt
    Plebasaurus RektÅr siden

    Please talk about Koenigsegg’s new Jesko gearbox with 7 clutches!

  • z3dz zed
    z3dz zedÅr siden

    nice video again... but where is the s2000 ? :)

  • r1freak1
    r1freak1År siden

    Excellent episode !!

  • Freerk de Ruiter
    Freerk de RuiterÅr siden

    Actually Citroën introduced the hydraulic supsension on the Traction Avant 15 hydraulique in 1954.

  • Emiru97
    Emiru97År siden

    banned for being too effective???????

  • Hypersonik
    HypersonikÅr siden

    In your explanation, at 5:20, on a left hand turn the right side piston would actually move down as it collapses. It wouldn't move up.

  • BossAct7
    BossAct7År siden

    this dude needs a good fade...

  • Loved Precious Beauty

    Loved Precious Beauty

    År siden

    Haha wtf

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul AndersonÅr siden

    Help Engineer Obwon Canobie, you’re my only hope! This is an off topic question, but Please help me. - I keep hearing the same phrase over and over and over, and it's driving me crazy. "When you go into 4-low, the truck slips into a lower range of gears". - This doesn't make sense to me. I'll use my truck for an example but the logic works on anything. I have a 2019 RAM 1500, which uses an 8 speed transmission. So, if I'm in 4-high and driving along slowly, the truck will stay in 1st gear, it's lowest gear.... If I'm in 4-low and slowly driving along, the truck will stay in 1st gear, it's lowest gear... So therefore nothing changes. They SHOULD logically be the same... Right? - But it clearly isn't... I feel the truck do something when I put it into 4-low. The feel of the truck COMPLETELY changes. It drives differently. Everything changes..... - but I can not for the life of me understand why this is. I only have 8 gears to choose from right? What is changing? Please help... :(

  • Max Nix
    Max NixÅr siden

    Seems like there have to be some check valves, especially front to rear and additional logic. involved. Seemed only about 67% of the story was presented.

  • MFM Gaming
    MFM GamingÅr siden

    It is a pengalen.

  • ttiization
    ttiizationÅr siden

    Cool, but still gets beaten by both Viper ACR and 911 GT2RS at Laguna Seca, 2 cars with simpler suspension. So performance wise, there are better options

  • Zir S

    Zir S

    11 måneder siden

    2 track focused cars on R compound tires that are death traps in the rain are slightly quicker than a far more comfortable road car on street tires. Thanks for the 12 IQ observation.

  • Mitchell Steindler

    Mitchell Steindler

    År siden

    This comment is so irrelevant. Those are totally different cars. May as well compare this to a Bently. Of course, you could, but nobody would learn anything.

  • michele vitarelli
    michele vitarelliÅr siden

    So much to go wrong!

  • cem katma
    cem katmaÅr siden

    hi. can you do a big bore kit episode? I wanna know advantages and disadvantages. In cars ıts a small percentage but in motorcycles its like more than double your displacement.

  • Vishnu Vardhan Reddy
    Vishnu Vardhan ReddyÅr siden

    This is complex to understand

  • Kazimír Kovář
    Kazimír KovářÅr siden

    what Im missing here is comparison to Citroens Hydractiv 3+, or at least in what ways is McL's superior to that relatively old tech.

  • Landon Wheeler
    Landon WheelerÅr siden

    The kinda stuff I like to see boss

  • philip dias
    philip diasÅr siden

    Can you discuss friction modifiers such as ceratec, archoil, and rislone nano prime?

  • RodeoSpoter
    RodeoSpoterÅr siden

    Now I understand why McLarens are so unreliable lol

  • realvanman1
    realvanman1År siden

    The last "feature", actually allowing dive or squat, seems more like an unfortunate side effect of the system. I'd want it to resist dive and squat just as much as I'd want it to resist roll... But if you did that, then it wouldn't allow for warp. So... Something about having and eating cake...

  • Rob Munach

    Rob Munach

    9 måneder siden

    Seems like they could solve that with maybe a few more lines and valves that monitored g-forces.

  • Karthik Mohan
    Karthik MohanÅr siden

    I work for Tenneco and it is so cool to see the technology being explained in such a simple manner, Great Job! I can finally show my parents what I work on without having to explain it and failing at it....😂