The Big Problem With Modern Manual Transmissions - Rev Hang


What Is Rev Hang And How Does It Ruin Manual Transmission Shifting?
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What is rev hang? Rev hang is a common problem with modern manual transmissions where the engine RPM does not drop immediately once you press the clutch in, even if you're completely removed your foot from the throttle. This delay in engine RPM dropping causes the car to jerk & rough shifting in manual transmission vehicles.
What causes rev hang? Rev hang often gets blamed on heavy flywheels, but that's not actually what causes it. It's a result of modern cars switching to electronic throttle bodies. What's the difference between mechanical and electronic throttle bodies?
Overall, electronic throttle bodies are a good thing! They provide better tuning of cruise control, they allow for smoother shifts with automatic transmissions, they can improve how quickly catalytic converters heat up by controlling the balance of air/fuel ratios and throttle position, they can improve throttle control during cylinder deactivation, they can remove driving jerk in manual transmission vehicles, they can provide safety features like improvements for stability control, traction control, and reducing throttle input if the brake pedal is pressed, and the list goes on! However, they can also be used to improve vehicle emissions, and this often comes with the negative side effect of rev hang. Check out the video to learn all about it!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained6 måneder siden

    Hello everyone and welcome! Today is my NOlocal Birthday, and Engineering Explained is officially 9 years old! Thanks for joining in, I really appreciate it! As for the video, I have wanted to make a video on rev hang for a long time, but wanted to make sure I had it right. I've discussed this with numerous powertrain engineers, read through academic literature that relates to the subject, and boiled it all down in this video. Quite excited about this one, hope you enjoy!!

  • Jonathan Reed

    Jonathan Reed

    Måned siden

    Wow! Every time I watch EE, I learn more than had I read an auto magazine. It’s spectacular. I hope you continue to grow.

  • Brian ,Sweeney

    Brian ,Sweeney

    2 måneder siden

    What if when pressing in the clutch the revs don't just hang but slightly jump up?

  • Mitchoforza 0

    Mitchoforza 0

    2 måneder siden

    Happy belated NOlocal birthday man

  • Rusty


    3 måneder siden

    Given what you have explained in this video I would love to know your technical views on the "sprint booster" product which is sold to improve throttle response and rev hang

  • doktermobiel


    4 måneder siden

    Congrats on the 9 year’s anniversary and thanks for providing us with so much insightful content

  • David Davis
    David DavisDag siden

    I’ve been learning on a modern manual car and I was wondering why my shifts were still jerky until I realized I wasn’t waiting for the revs to slowly go back down.

  • Schicksalz
    Schicksalz3 dager siden

    My mustang 2020 Has it and i hate it.

  • Adàn Villa
    Adàn Villa11 dager siden

    That's why I need to floor the accelerator all the time on electronic throttle. I expect with 25% of acceleration that 50% of torque.

  • Izzat Fauzi Mustafa
    Izzat Fauzi Mustafa12 dager siden

    Speaking about rev hang, this is the reason why I have to press my economy car's throttle even harder when I want to do heel-and-toe and rev matching techniques. It's obviously creating attention to other drivers since they hear the loud throttle blips, but at least I'll be able do smoother downshifting lol

  • Vlad Soare
    Vlad Soare12 dager siden

    Regarding the non-linearity of mechanical throttles, I have a feeling that something's not quite right - particularly the second graph, the torque vs. throttle. I understand that as you press the pedal harder and harder, you feel that the gain in torque is increasingly lower. That makes perfect sense. What doesn't seem to make sense to me is the red portion of the graph. I don't think the torque distribution actually looks like that. You may FEEL that it does when you push the pedal gradually, but I don't think it actually IS like that. What if you don't press the pedal gradually? What if you depress it directly to 50% of its travel? Won't you get 50% of the available torque? I think you will.

  • mercedesbenzformula1
    mercedesbenzformula112 dager siden

    I hate rev hang!

  • coby jay
    coby jay12 dager siden

    So, are there any modern manual cars that don't have rev hang? Or is there a way to disable rev hang in modern cars so the driver can actually have control of the car? See, I thought the whole point of even having a manual car nowadays is to be in control of the vehicle and have fun, but with rev hang and synchrosizers in the transmission control is taken away from the driver 😢

  • StrEagle
    StrEagle17 dager siden

    now that we know what it is, how do we turn it off?

  • Kevin Conant
    Kevin Conant27 dager siden

    This dude is so clear and concise on difficult to describe subjects. I love it

  • David Pistek
    David PistekMåned siden

    Always great content, I own a 20 civic si and need to understand all its possible quirks on a educated level

  • Woke AF
    Woke AFMåned siden

    The big problem with modern manuals is companies will no longer put the time and money into making them great again. They are just throw in options, to say you offer a manual, but you won't take the time to do them right. Big problem!

  • Woke AF

    Woke AF

    22 dager siden

    Stick with Mazda and Porsche

  • القائم بأمر الله

    القائم بأمر الله

    22 dager siden

    whats the best modern manual car do you think ?

  • Malx
    MalxMåned siden

    Sooo..... Light weight fly wheels will cause more rev-hang? not sure what he meant by non/not heavy flywheels at 1:09

  • Amin Mahjoob
    Amin MahjoobMåned siden

    Problem is people do not care enough when driving. Everyone in the car scene knows you should not just gun it for best performance.

  • Jonathan Travis
    Jonathan TravisMåned siden

    Why didn't he highlight the solution to this in most cases? Learn how to double clutch! The computer will pick up the neutral shift and close the throttle... with clutch systems now a days it's effortless to disengage the flywheel on a stock setup. Saying your leg gets tired doesn't work anymore lol

  • Blue McGrey
    Blue McGreyMåned siden

    Mechanical throttle will still give you the best experience and connection with your car thought.

  • storypunman
    storypunmanMåned siden

    I'll stick to my cable operated throttle body on my stick car. Those benefits for electronic throttle don't appeal to me. My small SUV has the elect. throttle in an automatic which is fine for boat pulling and driving around the city.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian SmithMåned siden

    The big problem with modern manual gearboxes are American drivers,I think it best if you stay with your Automatics.Problem solved!

  • kyre saguium
    kyre saguiumMåned siden

    It is easy to make the mechanical aperture linear with a spiral cable coupling

  • Typho0nify
    Typho0nifyMåned siden

    I think you can also bypass this with a gas throttle booster (i.e. Sprint Booster)?

  • DonTruman
    DonTrumanMåned siden

    So, sounds like the manual transmission is dead, forever. The complex technology needed to master the process requires complete control by a computer. Then, I suppose this leads to the development of "sport" and "touring" transmission settings in some vehicles, to offer different driving experiences.

  • TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా
    TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ాMåned siden

    still manual is the only way i go, you know because the environment :P

  • Mojo Neko
    Mojo NekoMåned siden

    Couldn't an aftermarket tuner modify the program of the electronic throttle body to reduce rev hang? You would just be increasing the rate that the ETB tips out (close's) when you let off the throttle. Seems like that could even be added on OEM vehicles as a "sport mode" when crisper throttle response is desired.

  • Jus Jason
    Jus JasonMåned siden

    I really enjoy your videos. As a car enthusiast, I feel it’s important for me to understand how cars and all their components work. Your videos make that easier for me!

  • Niel van Schoor
    Niel van SchoorMåned siden

    Great, so more clutch wear and earlier failure and replacement. How about the emissions set free by producing more clutches??

  • Tomás Paz
    Tomás PazMåned siden

    Man I like your videos so much, even though I get bored about that part of mathematical calculations you always do.... still, you are a natural great teacher and I admire the energy and quality you put into your content. I will always support you no matter when you get boring. Congrats!

  • Gabe Shaw
    Gabe ShawMåned siden

    It seems like fuel injection and air sensing need to improve so rev hang doesn’t need to be necessary to reduce emissions

    JAO911PLISTMåned siden

    My rev hang is only there up to around 4500 rpm. After that, its not there. With rev hang, you don't shift slower. You just let off the clutch slower. Good for low acceleration consistency. For trying to reduce shift times, just shift above that rpm. More clutch rub at low rpm is nothing. But every car is different.

  • Jim Skeen
    Jim SkeenMåned siden

    My 1970 BMW 2002 had a mechanical dash pot that caused the revs to hang. My Honda SI didn’t hang. At all.

  • Sylent Xtinction
    Sylent XtinctionMåned siden

    Drive by wire systems are senseless. You can rectify mechanical throttle body input-to-flow with cam actuation.

  • The Servermonitor
    The ServermonitorMåned siden

    That's why I stick to turbo diesels.

  • Rico
    RicoMåned siden

    Why does this not impact the DSG?

  • Nicholas Jordan
    Nicholas JordanMåned siden

    Give me 10-x over boost & grind some off the synchro then dual plate clutch ~ this defeats my efforts to achieve traffic safety even though manual-cable to the TBI

  • tkmhurter
    tkmhurterMåned siden

    If you have tip-out rev hang or overshoot during gear shift, that is because of poor calibration or no EMS specific software strategies. I guess that today the majority of the vehicles have automated transmissions and most engineers never have calibrated manual ones. In my time, clutch pedals had a switch or even linear position sensor. Also you do not mention catalyst O2 storage and O2 depletion strategies that can hadle fuel cut-off events to minimize emissions issues during manual gear change. Gear shift behaviour was always a major quality point in most vehicle manufaturer driveability evaluation criteria. I gues this has nowadays relaxed.

  • Napoleon Blownapart
    Napoleon BlownapartMåned siden

    OMG YES. This has been a major pain in the ass with my car, first to second gear and the mf would just keep the revs high for 2 seconds. Like, who dafuq thought this was a good idea? Was one of the reasons i sold it early.

    LELAKI SEJATIMåned siden

    that very massive aggresive throttle body. what size is that?80mm?

  • Antonio Alvarado
    Antonio AlvaradoMåned siden

    You're a genius! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • the guy in Alaska
    the guy in AlaskaMåned siden

    Good thing my 04 accord still has the manual old cable throttle body lol, any 06/07 accord has an electronic one

  • The-Mike_D
    The-Mike_D2 måneder siden

    Bah, if you are in a sports car manual then emissions come second to driving/shifting experience. You'd still pass an emissions test during inspection because it's not like you are shifting gears during that test. Also electronic throttle bodies suck because when they error your car goes into limp mode and you have almost zero acceleration to get to where you were going.

  • Richard Walls
    Richard Walls2 måneder siden

    Well, I reckon you're changing gears and using your clutch incorrectly. Never had a jerk from the car when changing gear.

  • Stefán Æsir
    Stefán Æsir2 måneder siden

    Super clean 😉

  • Rotor Blade
    Rotor Blade2 måneder siden

    Mine doesn’t have rev hang but it has an electronic throttle body. Maybe it’s more used in turbocharged cars or newer models

  • Fenr1r
    Fenr1r2 måneder siden

    Could you not blip the throttle whilst the clutch on the upshift to better match the gear speed to the engine speed?

  • Hemi Mike
    Hemi Mike2 måneder siden

    Well explained. Thank you. I've learn something on my car.

  • Arvin Ghannad
    Arvin Ghannad2 måneder siden

    Clutch sensor has eliminated this issue to a big extent. But many cars still have this problem. However, peugeots with Bosch ECU don't have this issue very noticable

  • cooperised
    cooperised2 måneder siden

    The first time I drove a "modern" car with an electronic throttle body I just stalled it the whole time. Muscle memory meant that I was used to using only a small amount of pedal travel when letting out the clutch to pull away. My conclusion? The "ideal" throttle response is whatever throttle response you're used to...

  • Brendan Perez
    Brendan Perez2 måneder siden

    Luckily, most tuners are able to curb this idiotic feautre.

  • InsaneFirebat
    InsaneFirebat2 måneder siden

    Did you just tell me rev hang was both a symptom and a benefit of electronic throttle bodies? 0:08 says it causes rev hang. 1:15 says that causes the car to jerk during shifting. 5:31 then contradicts the point of this video by saying it reduces shifting jerk. Did I miss something or is this a good spot to stop watching and disregard the video?

  • iaov
    iaov2 måneder siden

    I love this channel!

  • MilesOnCars
    MilesOnCars2 måneder siden

    I'd still take the mechanical throttle any day! You can work out how much the throttle will open whereas an electronic throttle could do anything, simple is almost always better...

  • Ashmeed Mohamed
    Ashmeed Mohamed2 måneder siden

    I drove a mini one where the engine would rev up when you blooper the throttle. You had to press and hold in order to rev match. It was so strange

  • Wombat
    Wombat2 måneder siden

    I think there were some problems in explaining the mechanical throttle here. If you say that from 10 to 20 it opens by 100%, and from 20 to 30 just 50%, that doesn't still mean it opens by smaller amount. I appreciate that the openness of the throttle will not necessarily directly correlate to how much more air flow or torque you get, and that the electronic control for the throttle still gives the advantage of being able to control it more precisely, but your explanation gave the impression that the amount the throttle opens by decreases with each 10 percent, which is just not true. And it's actually opposite because of how circular motion, with which the throttle opens, works. Let's assume that with every 1% of the travel of the throttle pedal the throttle valve itself also turns 1% of its way, so there is no change in how pushing the pedal opens the throttle. Say you can open it to a maximum of 90°, and when it's completely closed, it's at 0° (this of course is not completely realistic, but it's close enough to demonstrate my point), so 1% of opening equals to 0.9 degrees. Let's name the angle of the throttle valve as θ (theta), the maximum cross section area of the throttle at 90° as A and the cross section area at a given angle θ as a. So the area which lets air through is: a = (1 - cos(θ))A At 10% openness we have θ = 10*0.9° = 9°, so a = (1 - cos(9))*A = 0.0123A. So at 10% openness we only actually have 1.23% of the maximum throttle area. At 20%, a = 0,0489A, or 4.89% 30%: a = 0,109A, or 10.9% 40%: a = 0,191A, or 19.1% 50%: a = 0,293A, or 29.3% 60%: a = 0,412A, or 41.2% 70%: a = 0,546A, or 54.6% 80%: a = 0,691A, or 69,1% 90%: a = 0,844A, or 84,4% 100%: a = A, or 100% So we see that pedaling the throttle a little bit opens it by even a smaller bit, but as we open it more, the openness increases by ever bigger amount. So if we could directly correlate air flow and torque to the openness of the throttle valve, the curve you showed would be opposite. I'm not well enough versed in fluid mechanics to know how that goes, so I'm not saying it is like that. My point was to just show that the explanation you gave about throttle opening was very misleading, and it would still be so even if we had a throttle valve that increases the cross section area by equal amount for each percent of throttle pedal pushed.

  • savydude1
    savydude12 måneder siden

    Does a lighter weight flywheel reduce rev hang?

  • Kevin Ragsdale
    Kevin Ragsdale2 måneder siden

    I get around this by not using the clutch.

  • 雷欧在法国
    雷欧在法国2 måneder siden

    You absolutely nailed it when you explain the advantages of electric throttle for the driver feeling part. Thank you so much!

  • And Est
    And Est2 måneder siden

    6:20 - i have started the research on car emissions. and they do not provide anything for the outside world. The cloth industry provides the, most emissions. Do not let the big "wanks" lie to people. ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  • techyon Esports
    techyon Esports2 måneder siden

    really really detailed explaination... great

  • Thats Legit
    Thats Legit2 måneder siden


  • Gabriel
    Gabriel2 måneder siden


  • Front Wheel Drip
    Front Wheel Drip2 måneder siden

    Electronic throttle bodies for life - once you have a mechanical TB that falls off the guide and revs your motor over 8k rpm while trying to come to a stop in traffic and end up rear ending someone, you don’t ever go that route again. It’s something that never should’ve happened but now I can clearly see happening with any mechanical setup.

  • Topic
    Topic2 måneder siden

    idk why but this guy reminds m e of David Bowie

  • Joel pierce
    Joel pierce2 måneder siden

    I suppose that’s why some cars have active rev match

  • Frank Pickett
    Frank Pickett2 måneder siden

    Subaru EA82 engines (and others, including my old 6-port 13B) mated to manual transmissions used a dashpot to prevent sudden throttle closure and thus reduce emissions. The dashpot was there to slow throttle closure, engaging around the 10% throttle mark and slowly allowing it to close to 0. There was no noticeable rev hang because the dashpot didn't engage until the throttle was nearly closed and if it took you that long to shift, you were probably going to have a choppy gearchange or come to a stop anyway.

  • Anthony Walker
    Anthony Walker2 måneder siden

    Buy a lighter fly wheel works wonders

  • HuMaNN8tur
    HuMaNN8tur2 måneder siden

    Better driving skills allows rev hang to be an advantage. Drive better......

  • Ichigo 15
    Ichigo 152 måneder siden

    all in the name of innovation.

  • Ajr Alves
    Ajr Alves2 måneder siden

    My car haves a mechanical throttle body, after like a 70% pressed accelerator I really can't feel a difference between flooring it... Edit: it's an old chevrolet celta (never sold in the US), a 1.4L 103HP 1900 pound little hatchback!

  • Goodthingmanship
    Goodthingmanship2 måneder siden

    They do it to avoid warranty claims for ruined catalytic convertors from going out of fuel air ratio limits. Catalytic convertors require the engine to burn rich to avoid NOX, thus selling more fuel to the Rockerfellers et all, in addition to the expensive convertors, so its win win for the oligarchs forcing us to buy from the company story by goverment force, all the while believing we are saving the enviroment. Water injection is used in power plants/aviation engines throughout history to to the same thing with better fuel efficiency.

  • Michael Turner-Smith
    Michael Turner-Smith2 måneder siden

    I just thought my Compass was broken with how much the rev hang is.

  • Joshua P
    Joshua P2 måneder siden

    TLDR: Engineers solving problems more easily solved with a simpler machine (electric motor)

  • madmatt2024
    madmatt20242 måneder siden

    But how much of a difference in emissions does that fraction of a second when the throttle body closes really make when you consider that the cat is already most likely up to temp? On top of that, how much of the emissions improvement is lost if the driver jerks the RPM's down on every shift?

  • Nick Pilat
    Nick Pilat2 måneder siden

    Ford had Mechanical TBs designed to induce rev hang in the early 2000s. Supposedly, this was to burn unused fuel under engine deceleration, but I think it was just GARBAGE. I've been dealing with (yes, dealing with) mk1 focuses my whole car-bearing life and all I can say is that the zetec twin cam revs like a bike motor with a proper TB. EPA testing sucks, and I wish mfrs didn't have to tack on stuff like the early '00s fords had (these awful TBs) to create better data. My roommate at the time I had my last focus had to remedy the same problem on his v8 mustang. Come on, Ford! EDIT: The two vehicles I mentioned also had 10 ton flywheels. At the point these had reached, the flywhel DID cause rev hang.

  • bcubed72
    bcubed722 måneder siden

    Yeah, e-throttles COULD be more linear, but they AREN'T, because engineers deliberately make the throttle over-sensitive to small amounts of pedal travel, to trick the "double digit IQ" folks into thinking the engine is more powerful than it is.

  • erik scott
    erik scott2 måneder siden

    For what it's worth, Ford was doing this on the 2.0L Capri - in 1974! There was an extra passage with a vacuum operated valve in the carburetor. When you let off the throttle, the carb vacuum would increase quickly and that would open the valve, dumping gas into the venturi. Crude but (perhaps?) effective.

  • Davis Ureña
    Davis Ureña2 måneder siden

    Electric / thermal engine combo migh fix it

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby2 måneder siden

    That rev-hang is programmed in by car makers to lower emissions , I learned this from a STAR cert. smog guy.

  • Bobbys Enterprises
    Bobbys Enterprises2 måneder siden

    I have driven mechanical throttles that also suffer from the Rev hang. It's not as bad but it's there. A few I've had use the idle control bypass valve to eliminate sudden closed throttle decel. Reason I was given is cutting down on emissions. It wasn't super noticeable until I had the idle valve fail it it was like shifting a carburetor car. Let off and instant decel or rev down

  • Iowa Photos
    Iowa Photos2 måneder siden

    I have a DCAT in my 20 Turbo Kia Soul. every time I drive it I think the engine is gonna blow up because of rev hang. The auto start stop is enough control. if there is a way to fix the broken throttle response issue AKA rev hang I'll gladly do the upgrade. I know when I want to go and when I don't. The Dual Clutch AT is great and I love the car just not the broken throttle issue

  • Sïôro
    Sïôro2 måneder siden

    Just giving people an excuse for their poor shifting

  • Mitchoforza 0
    Mitchoforza 02 måneder siden

    4:08 I agree with the statement. That is the cleanest engine bay I have ever seen

  • michael erekson
    michael erekson2 måneder siden

    what about carbureted engines?

  • scooter Dave
    scooter Dave2 måneder siden

    I absolutely hated driving Detroit Diesels series 60 !! You had to use the jakes , and burp it up hills! Cummins was the best!

  • Dylan Crosby
    Dylan Crosby2 måneder siden

    I've only ever noticed her opening up when I go "tip-in." Ba dum tss

  • jeepnuts311
    jeepnuts3112 måneder siden

    I thought rev hang was a Toyota thing, all the modern stick shifts I’ve owned were Toyota cars or trucks. I guess i was wrong. Thanks for sharing.

  • Enrico
    Enrico2 måneder siden

    lol, SUPER CLEAN!

  • Andrew Tsang
    Andrew Tsang2 måneder siden

    The left throttle body he's holding is enough for 1000hp+ application.

  • Swampster70
    Swampster702 måneder siden

    I see your problem and it's only 20 seconds into the video. Shifting at 3,000rpm. Of course the car is going to want to keep the rpm up - it wants to play and is being a naughty little boy. Take it to 6,000rpm and show how different things are. What is probably happening is that the engineers have decided that most people take about 1/2 second to change gear. The difference in rpm between the two gears may be 800rpm, so the engineers make the rpms drop 800rpm in 1/2 second. They also decide, based upon lap times and other data, that manual transmission are by far slower than a semi-automatic box, so they design the manual transmissions for wannabe racers on public roads.

  • Walter Elías Chamie
    Walter Elías Chamie2 måneder siden

    When I drive my brother's car (the only that has fuel injection, let alone electronic throttle) I just do the right foot move around one second before switching gears, so when I hit the clutch the throttle is already closing, and when I release clutch with the new gear it's already opening again.

  • 808 Big Island
    808 Big Island3 måneder siden

    Interesting how much stuff goes into airflow/mixture control. Run a 54 Chevy truck daily with a Weber 2 Barrel as economic/performance upgrade on the old carter single barrel. Throttle response is extremely smooth. Its eager to rev to its max. Revs drop...what you could call the natural rate. The engine runs a rich idle, lean low, rich middle and rich upper. The two barrel flows more air in the high bracket than the engine can use. The setup is 1000 parts less than a modern cars fuel/air management. clicks, whirrs or clacks like in a modern car, no surging, no hanging. If you have that - you dont want to drive a modern car - its way better.

  • Ostsol
    Ostsol3 måneder siden

    I don't drive manual, but does rev-hang mean that one should adjust one's clutch timing? That is, waiting a bit longer until revs fall to the proper levels before engaging it rather than simply forcing the issue?

  • Mark Muir
    Mark Muir3 måneder siden

    A mechanical throttle can be given an arbitrary torque curve by adding a cam or scroll to the throttle valve. However it’s a fixed curve, so you still don’t get the other benefits of an electric throttle.

  • Joshua Webb
    Joshua Webb3 måneder siden

    this is so informative. Never knew electronic throttle had so many benefits. I have just written it off as newfangled over engineering. Especially with a stick shift I'm constantly tipping in and tipping out. Never knew that was creating more emissions.

  • Exige 360
    Exige 3603 måneder siden

    Hey Engeering Explained....what about the early Honda Engines, When you were explaining something about the Port Injection, Honda has dual ports, another words early Prelude H22 had 2 butterflies. Try taking them apart, you will see. So the left over gas is still in those 4 ports, primary port and, the secondary ports. Can you explain this?

  • Tony Danza
    Tony Danza3 måneder siden

    I like this guy

  • Michal Havlík
    Michal Havlík3 måneder siden

    What I´ve learned is that process of my catalytic converter go cry cry and my exhaust go brap brap is called tap out. Cool.

  • Chris Grehan
    Chris Grehan3 måneder siden

    I just consumed an enormous bowl of popcorn whilst watching this video! very interesting. Another advantage to electronic TB's is manual vehicles are less prone to stalling.

  • Eric H
    Eric H3 måneder siden

    I would love to see a modern engine with today's materials and tolerances ran with all mechanical/carb then converted to all electronic and see the actual mpg differences and emissions.

  • Eric H

    Eric H

    3 måneder siden

    @Atarv Hegde All these things "help", I just wonder how much. 1-5-10 mpg. Something like a mid 70's slant 6, remade with all modern tolerances and materials comes to mind. That thing got nearly 20 mpg at 3.7L,,,, just at 125 HP, but it was a loose motor.

  • Atarv Hegde

    Atarv Hegde

    3 måneder siden

    Well EFI does help. I can't say the same about Electronics throttle body

  • coalie roller
    coalie roller3 måneder siden

    double declutch, that saves the problem by increasing the shift time to let the rpm drop

  • razak hamid
    razak hamid3 måneder siden

    Thats explain why my drive by wire car have more tork than my cable throttle car. Thanks.

  • Yoopertube Unlimited services
    Yoopertube Unlimited services3 måneder siden

    Yeah I just added a pedal commander on mine, also it eliminated that rev hang...