The 2022 Subaru BRZ Doesn't Need A Turbo - 2.4L Boxer Engine Explained


Subaru's New 2.4L Boxer Engine Is The Perfect Match For The BRZ & GT86
A combination of the Subaru BRZ & Subaru Ascent engines leads to a potent 2.4L boxer.
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Deep dive into the 2022 Subaru BRZ 2.4L Boxer engine. This is a naturally aspirated version of the 2.4L turbo coming out of the Subaru Ascent. In this video we'll look at how it stacks up versus the previous BRZ engine, discuss why it's a good decision to keep it naturally aspirated, look at the torque curve, discuss wheel torque, and look into Toyota's D-4S direct plus port injection fuel system, as well as the advantages of such system.
Subaru's Press Release:
"Running counter to the current trend of power over precision, the 2022 Subaru BRZ focuses on simplicity and fun. Designed to deliver an unmatched driving experience, the all-new BRZ features a new and more powerful 228 horsepower 2.4-liter horizontally opposed engine. Sitting low in the chassis, the Subaru BOXER’s unique design allows the BRZ to achieve a Center of Gravity (CoG) even lower than the previous BRZ and on par with exotic hyper-cars. The ultra-low CoG is critical to delivering unrivaled handling, with a low polar moment and quick reaction to driver inputs. The 2.4-liter naturally aspirated engine redlines at 7,000 RPM and delivers a 15-percent increase in torque. The 2022 BRZ will be offered in both Premium and Limited trims and is available with two transmission choices; a standard six-speed manual or an available six-speed automatic with a new Sport mode designed for more aggressive driving. The new Sport mode allows for more rapid downshifts with automatic throttle blipping and utilizes yaw sensors to hold the transmission in a lower gear during hard cornering to maximize performance.
Despite its sporting intentions, the 2022 Subaru BRZ does not sacrifice everyday comfort and practicality. The 2+2 seating and folding rear seats create a useful cargo area that has space for carrying a mountain bike, golf clubs, or even four race tires and tools for track days. Utilizing aluminum for the roof, front fenders and hood, the 2022 Subaru BRZ has an estimated curb weight of just under 2,900 lbs., delivering on its promise of accessible performance.
The BRZ’s bold new styling is as impressive as its handling prowess. The overall impression is modern, agile and powerful, with focused and functional aerodynamic details. The tidy coupe design is just over an inch longer and almost half an inch lower than its predecessor, resulting in a low and wide frontal area set off by large functional air intakes. The grille is set low and is capped by proud fender arches that allow just enough room for suspension points. A narrowed greenhouse accentuates the bold fender flares and the roofline features a subtle “double bubble” appearance, a nod to vintage racing cars.
The aggressive design flows into bold front fenders with a large side vent. The functional side vent reduces drag by ducting air from under the hood and fenders. The released air is directed to a side sill spoiler that creates downforce at speed. A small fin at the back of the rear-wheel arch also assists in airflow adding stability at speed. At the rear of the car, the large rear fenders and wider track flow into dual exhausts for a low and wide stance. This visual heft is lightened by a narrower greenhouse and rear hatch which flow into a dramatic upturned “ducktail” rear spoiler."

Thanks to Driving Sports TV for allowing me to use a screenshot from their BRZ review:
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  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay2 timer siden

    It doesn’t need a turbo because if it did the WRX and STI will lose in sales.

  • Jan Schmidti
    Jan Schmidti3 timer siden

    Tesla driver: hold my beer.

  • TryHardGamers
    TryHardGamers4 timer siden

    What are the chances we'll see a turbo version... I mean, its already on the ascent..

  • Ben Dooley
    Ben Dooley5 timer siden

    The real question is, can you spin the ascent engine up to 7500rpm in a reasonably reliable way?

  • David Milhous Carter
    David Milhous Carter6 timer siden

    I'm not sure that the Toyota Supra does exist. The BMW Z4 exists.

  • Tom c
    Tom c6 timer siden

    Had a 2015 FR-S for 4 years, fun car. Did the UEL header and tune to wake it up , must do mods for these cars! Traded it in for a 2019 ND2 Miata. Although power numbers are similar the Miata feels faster. Not tempted to do any mods beyond the Borla axle back I added which is a good thing because the aftermarket has yet to come out with any type of FI for this car. Problems cracking the computer I’ve heard.

  • Ari and Ashley playz this
    Ari and Ashley playz this6 timer siden

    of course it does, it is gutless!!!

  • technicolorProducer
    technicolorProducer7 timer siden

    I get the fact that the young guys want the turbos -- and bells and whistles and gadgetry -- but at 50 I drive my cars to 200k and I LOATHE turbos. Many more problems and no longevity without expensive bills. The Ascent is Subies least reliable car...

  • Broken Psu
    Broken Psu7 timer siden


  • Gold Replicant
    Gold Replicant7 timer siden

    Love this video! *thumbs up

  • Nick D'Angelo
    Nick D'Angelo7 timer siden

    It's a good thing you drew pictures

  • TracknTrail Offroad
    TracknTrail Offroad9 timer siden

    Good points but I wish they would offer two engine options. The 2.4L Boxer and the WRX turbo

  • Lucien P
    Lucien P10 timer siden

    Unfair: Since the Ascent seems to have Atkinson cycle characteristics, there's good chance to be more efficient (economical) & somehow more pleasant on normal driving (with plenty of torque)

  • Ignorance
    Ignorance13 timer siden

    Would rather the flat 6 subaru engine as an option than a turbo. I like turbo subarus, but having now helped with 2 complete engine rebuilds for turbo subarus, I am convinced that the stock subaru turbos are too prone to early failure.

  • Ganga In Denial
    Ganga In Denial13 timer siden

    I know I know, lots of people would hate it, most would hate because they couldn't afford to... but I would just 2JZ swap the new one anyway :P

  • peter Butler
    peter Butler14 timer siden

    I’m a Subaru tech and I wish they used the direct/port system on all their engines. These direct engines can cause problems without cleaning the valves

  • Front Wheel Drip
    Front Wheel Drip16 timer siden

    *Subaru would like to know your location*

  • flyingmonkeyofus
    flyingmonkeyofus16 timer siden

    I know this is Engineering Explained, but I feel you should discuss a manufacturer's desire to not cannibalize their other products. Chevy has done this for years with their oh-so-beloved Corvette.

  • Steve Ketterer
    Steve Ketterer16 timer siden

    Turbo or additional displacement? Basically, it comes down to weight and cost: the two enemies of an entry-level sports car. Well-said, Jason.

  • Kirk Smith
    Kirk Smith16 timer siden

    They just don't want something cheaper that will be faster then an STI, that's why there is no turbo.

  • Not_Real
    Not_Real16 timer siden

    It need to be v6

  • Cam Dunlap
    Cam Dunlap17 timer siden

    the only people that are mad are people that wanna tune the car and with a turbo you get alot better number

  • rivahoff
    rivahoff18 timer siden

    BRZ+ez30= perfection

  • 636matriX
    636matriX19 timer siden

    But..will it have the subie rumble??

  • Liam McHale
    Liam McHale19 timer siden

    Great breakdown and simplification of topics which have the potential to get very laborious when teaching. Subscribed. One Item to note, as others have mentioned in comments, I believe the Port and Direct injectors' color coding needs to be swapped on the Intake and Cylinder locations to be accurate.

  • alfred rodriguez
    alfred rodriguez19 timer siden

    umm....15% more felt torque is a big deal. And you glanced at it, but tuning the turbo engine would be a huge deal to anyone whos buying a sport car.

  • Jordan
    Jordan21 time siden

    And usually most of turbo engines have narrower powerband. And less linear.

  • Trent Mclellan
    Trent Mclellan22 timer siden

    Even the first gens aren’t slow, they have 200hp......but weigh 2700 (500lbs lighter than a Focus) they are quick anyone saying they are slow have never driven one, I’ve beaten a 2013 Camaro v6 on 2 50 rolls (3rd gear) a 2.0 turbo genesis and multiple sedans these cars would all beat me if hp was the only factor, if that was the case a hayabusa would be slower than a mustang gt and by the way this isn’t me saying the FRS is the fastest but anyone that actually thinks this car is slow is out of touch with what a slow car is, don’t just look at hp

  • James Hendricks
    James HendricksDag siden

    I am pretty sure that if Subaru put this engine in the BRZ, they would bump up the redline. This engine is not going into a performance oriented vehicle, so no need to stress out the engine more than you need to.

  • Josh C
    Josh CDag siden

    “Brz is not a sports car cause 200hp” But everybody claims cars like the s2000, Miata, 240sx, Rx7. Etc are yet those cars have less than 300hp. Stfuuuu

  • Mr Fister
    Mr FisterDag siden

    Those wheels are the closest you are going to get to a GR Yaris in America for about 25 years.

  • Andy Abram
    Andy AbramDag siden

    Your are Champion

  • Al
    AlDag siden

    2012 gt86 with an hks

  • daniel ibarra
    daniel ibarraDag siden

    Nah they should of added a turbo cuz you can always turn up the boost to get more hp.I mean look at the new Supra. You can do a tune and down pipe and get literally 200 more hp.

  • PROcrastiDRIVE SV
    PROcrastiDRIVE SVDag siden

    I have a GT86. I love it to death, but I gotta be honest yeah it's slow. ALL they needed to do with the new BRZ was fit a supercharger, oil cooler and a tune to give the new car a healthy power boost. Surely this would've been cheaper than inventing a new engine, as they did with this new 2.4L NA motor...

  • papapetad
    papapetadDag siden

    ~ 8.30... No answer = Selling too fast to develop it properly. Obviously some physical limitation somewhere in the design (I would venture a guess at the inlet manifold).

  • Nick McGarvey
    Nick McGarveyDag siden

    Technically, D-4S gives you four injection options: Port, direct, both and...neither!

  • Luke doherty
    Luke dohertyDag siden

    Dude drawn power graphs haha. Love this channel. Learn so much

  • AldenG
    AldenGDag siden

    People think turbos always make cars faster, totally wrong

  • The Ritual Channel
    The Ritual ChannelDag siden

    If you appreciate car control, you appreciate fine throttle response. 🧐

  • ferromero 58
    ferromero 58Dag siden

    Guys why can you dump the clutch in neutral with no problem (manual trans)???

  • Felipe Villalobos
    Felipe VillalobosDag siden

    Colors reversed on Port & direct injectors in diagram. Nice explanation

  • Daniel
    DanielDag siden

    Common complaint was not lack of power. It was and is still a horrible engine design. The engine must be dropped jusg to charge the plugs and this is just one of the myriad of bad things.

  • RJ Scott
    RJ ScottDag siden

    The reason why is more simplistic mean that my friend. The reason why is the Supra. Why would Toyota create such closely marketed competition?

  • osu okie
    osu okieDag siden

    so how come a 2005 sti puts 300+ hp (380 crank) to the wheels and weighs the same.. BRZ owners SAD

  • osu okie
    osu okieDag siden

    there is no logical reason adding the turbo to the brz would reduce the rpm limit which debunks the entire argument.

  • George
    GeorgeDag siden

    Side profile looks fantastic, the front looks OK but I hate the rear. Looks like they stole them off of a Honda

  • Jessie Crowe
    Jessie CroweDag siden

    ok but imma just turbo this one. However 380 in my 13 has kept it pretty competitive.

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin DavisDag siden

    But you're assuming they would keep the same transmissions with the engines. Why not use the Ascent engine with the BRZ transmission? Then your wheel torque improvement would remain at 50%.

  • veefource
    veefourceDag siden

    Really awesome episode Jason! I'll be buying the GR 86 if it's hopefully released in the UK but who knows as Subaru have already confirmed we're not getting the new BRZ :'(

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon YmousDag siden

    Your title... SMH, NO CAR "NEEDS" A TURBO!

  • Jeff Sloane
    Jeff SloaneDag siden

    Woah, woah, woah. Love your videos, but why are you assuming that the Assent engine is not capable of the same 7,500 RPM redline as the BRZ 2.4L? Did they put weaker parts in the turbo motor? doubt it. Do they have the ECU and possibly cam tuned to create more low end torque? Most likely. If the Turbo motor was engineered for the BRZ I would bet my last dollar it would make more horsepower, have a redline near 7,500 RPM and possibly give up some low end torque. I'm with you thought that as long as they make the WRX and Supra, the BRZ should remain NA. That said it is too expensive. Thumbs up for the video.

  • skifree


    Dag siden

    It's not actually that turbo motors "cannot hit the same rpm", but rather a turbo motor like the ascent will most likely have absolutely no point to go up to 7500rpm. Not so much the part materials or the ecu. Rather, it's almost always a question of turbo sizing and drivability. More rpm means more airflow required, which means you need a bigger turbo to supply the engine at this hypothetical top end. The downside is that, changing the the turbo for higher top end performance almost always dramatically affects low end. You will get more turbo lag, it will have a more noticeable boost threshold. In general, it will feel more anemic on the low end. Simply put, a bigger turbo capable of keeping up with an engine at the top end means, your engine cannot supply it the exhaust gasses the turbo needs while at the bottom end. Which is why "a turbo motor for the brz" doesn't really negate the downsides. Putting in a "high rpm turbo setup" also implies having the turbo-lag and anemic power associated with "old school turbos". The higher the rpm you push, the less linear the power delivery is going to be. In fact think about turbojet engines on planes. They are the "high flow turbo concept" taken to the extreme (where you even remove the piston part of the engine and just do combustion between the compressor and turbine stages). But their throttle response is measures in multiple SECONDS. It just means that this tradeoff isn't something simple to be solved with ecu tuning...It's fundamental to how a turbo concept operates, no amount of money can get you both top end airflow while having no tradeoffs when engine output is low.

  • Andres Felipe Borrero
    Andres Felipe BorreroDag siden

    Jason, I also think this could be part of the team up Subaru is doing with Toyota in implementing Toyota's design and engineering principles such as reliability over performance. I also suspect this is why they discontinued the Forester XT with a 2.0 turbo (which I really love) in exchange for a more beefier but slower 2.5 engine. I kinda feel sad about this change, but at the same time I look forward to a future Subaru with great high quality cars.

  • 93455Driver
    93455DriverDag siden

    Jason is being nice with that 2020 torque dip, it use to drive me nuts in my old FR-S.

  • arzemagic
    arzemagicDag siden

    If it came with a turbo then what’s the point in the 2 L supra

  • Caribbean GTR
    Caribbean GTRDag siden

    The car has got quite ugly and different from the original FT86 and I'd never buy it, so who cares if it has turbo? However, in general, every thing works better with turbo. So even with all that Physics you're wrong. Turbo is always better.

  • 1991julez
    1991julezDag siden

    7.20 had me laughing

  • Captain Slav
    Captain SlavDag siden

    It looks so ugly now why did they have to change the look.

  • Culture Breath
    Culture BreathDag siden


  • dallatorretdu
    dallatorretduDag siden

    buying a sports car in 2021 to get spanked at every traffic light by sedans and pickup trucks is tough

  • Freddie Castro

    Freddie Castro

    Dag siden

    Yea ugly cars... rather have a nice car with mid 5 second 0-60 than a fast ugly ass car..

  • Michael Krakowski
    Michael KrakowskiDag siden

    I think the Direct and the Port were swapped: red should be Port

  • ryanjames
    ryanjames2 dager siden

    it doesnt need one, BUT its more fun if it had one!

  • jezvision
    jezvision2 dager siden

    Disappointed brz fans: pls maybe more hp next year? Sti owners: first time?

  • Serveck
    Serveck2 dager siden

    My 1991 subaru svx has 228hp! This is 2021 Get with the times! Ignoring the fact that ive exceeded 150mph with it...

  • Z4G
    Z4G2 dager siden

    I really like the fact that they kept it NA.

  • Todd Ritter
    Todd Ritter2 dager siden

    i'll never own another subaru with a boxer engine. whiteboard or not, it's poorly designed. meh. all i hear is blah blah blah blown head gasket and oil consumption issues.

  • Aaron Walker
    Aaron Walker2 dager siden

    every engine is better with boost

  • Insanely Wicked
    Insanely Wicked2 dager siden

    The BRZ should be turbocharged.

  • Daniel
    Daniel2 dager siden

    Yes it does.

  • LoneWanderer360
    LoneWanderer3602 dager siden

    If the new Z has 400hp and isn't priced ridiculously, the BRZ will be overshadowed quite a bit.

  • Edison
    Edison2 dager siden

    If this car will hit 60mph in second gear its not going to be a very involving and fun car to drive. Going fast 0-60mph is not the point of this car.

  • patrick B
    patrick B2 dager siden

    The car has great potential, i've had the opportunity to track the previous model, but that's still a pathetically underpowered engine... not impressed. No matter how you do the math, this is still underpowered and a detriment to the car.

  • S F
    S F2 dager siden

    Basically, for the same engine, the number of revolutions it does matters, as well as the force applied. If you are selling a production car, it needs to last through the warranty, so redlining a thing at 6000 versus redlining a thing at 7500 means the thing with less power can redline higher. Because the thing with less power will be slower and spend less time redlining. It's not about peak performance in production cars. I am talking about street performance, whereas most car manufacturers will laugh at your warranty if you obviously race the thing. Maybe a reason for not putting a manual in the Supra.

  • machinis
    machinis2 dager siden

    I've tested an earlier model Scion FRS. The handling/cornering was there. The power lacked SIGNIFICANTLY!

  • joe wilson
    joe wilson2 dager siden

    Everything needs a turbo my friend especially a BRZ

  • The Will Stevens Show
    The Will Stevens Show2 dager siden

    Not even 100hp/L, subaru engines are garbage, and turboing them results in thrown rods even with only 8psi on a standard wrx sized turbo. Rubbish, don't buy brand new but 2nd hand until they make turbo or proper hp/l motors. I'll take the yaris GR instead of these shitboxes

  • AlexBryan
    AlexBryan2 dager siden

    The new BRZ has the front end of a Viper, the rear end of an NSX and the side profile of a Mustang GT. I love it btw!

  • Jake P
    Jake P2 dager siden

    Jesus Christ this was bad. Bro it's a people hauling econo car vs a sports car. You're comparing gear ratios. Of course they are geared differently. That was a lot of bs math on your boards that Subaru has already provided us. Seriously wtf was this?

  • Brandon Ellis
    Brandon Ellis2 dager siden

    When FRS owners call their call a GT86. 👀 Hold up let me call my Nissan Sentra a skyline real quick

  • j moore
    j moore2 dager siden

    New BRZ doesn't need a turbo? Yeahhhhhh ...... ok keep telling yourself that

  • E-Z Gaming
    E-Z Gaming2 dager siden


  • xNighttime _
    xNighttime _2 dager siden

    But turbo go stututu

  • Road Odyssey
    Road Odyssey2 dager siden

    Great analysis. Traded my 2019 86 bc of low power and that trq dip. Annoying. Otherwise, loved the car!

  • ErebosGR
    ErebosGR2 dager siden

    People will be swapping in the engine from the Ascent, I guarantee it.

  • glowstickles


    4 timer siden

    @Antonio Paventi if a hellcat engine can fit in a miata. Someone will figure out a way.

  • Antonio Paventi

    Antonio Paventi

    11 timer siden

    Will it fit?

  • Cone Killa
    Cone Killa2 dager siden

    I really doubt that Subaru would put the turbo motor with a 87octane tune or without at least a 500rpm bump to redline. So if Subaru did what a lot of enthusiasts wanted not only would the motor have made close to 300HP and TQ it would have had more aggressive gearing. Yes, another 30-40 lbs in weight for the extra Turbo stuff is granted, but could have been mostly mitigated by Subaru or in aftermarket with a Lithium ion battery.

  • Peter Palov
    Peter Palov2 dager siden

    NA engines are more reliable too. This was a very cool video thanks!

  • Robert Haack
    Robert Haack2 dager siden

    I can't agree. First, and most importantly, a turbocharged engine is less effected by atmospheric conditions. Second, it's a SPORTS CAR, it shouldn't live in fear of toyota camrys and accord 2.0t. You can make a graph of cost cutting features that make this a more affordable car, but is it really that hard to mass produce a turbocharged engine?

  • Tristan
    Tristan2 dager siden

    The brz line desperately needs FI, can’t really justify dropping 30k on a 200+ hp “sports car”.

  • dallatorretdu


    Dag siden

    especially since for 35K you get a 310hp sedan (at least in EU)

  • raw ae86 #1
    raw ae86 #12 dager siden

    Still garbage

  • Davey 101
    Davey 1012 dager siden

    13.5?? smh Subaru makin it real hard for people who want a turbo

  • Jarod Baldwin
    Jarod Baldwin2 dager siden

    Thanks Jason for the video. It’s always cool going into engine specs. I really want to become an automotive engineer. Would you have any tips where to start or go?

  • A H
    A H2 dager siden

    I’d love if Toyota would take their variant and put in that turbo 3 cylinder that’s in the Yaris GR.

  • Sheldon Davis

    Sheldon Davis

    Dag siden

    That Engine won’t have the low center of gravity that the manufacturer wants.

  • hesam zafaranchi
    hesam zafaranchi2 dager siden

    whyyyyyyyyyyy jason? why do you hate turbo? :(

  • Jeremy Watts
    Jeremy Watts2 dager siden

    Nobody cares about this. Bring back the Baja.

  • BHS
    BHS2 dager siden

    I would much rather them have gone with the 3.5 V6 that Toyota and Lexus use. More power, more torque, high redline, better sound, and better reliability.

  • William Vazquez
    William Vazquez2 dager siden

    Every 16 year old needs to stop buying this car. It’s never been in a fast and furious movie and it’s not a sports car. Nobody sees a brz or frs and thinks “wow”. There are mini vans faster than the brz.

  • Rockit181
    Rockit1812 dager siden

    Throttle response and precision, the end

  • Adam Kacho
    Adam Kacho2 dager siden

    Do not slap a turbo on this thing, unless you lower the compression ratio...I saw so many blown up s2000s growing

  • CarStreetAndTrackforMe


    2 dager siden

    Exactly 💯 why aren't people talking about this more!?! Lmao trying to make a N/A become F.I is not worth all the bs unless you have tons of time, money and resources lol

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'Grady2 dager siden

    The higher torqe than power increase suggests a worse high rev range, as in the torque dies of at higher rpm more than before. I always prefer a lower torque, higher rpm engine. It's a sports car not a Ford mondeo, I don't care about low end torque when I can just shift into a lower gear and drive properly

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'Grady2 dager siden

    I've never enjoyed the way any turbo car drives. It's the car equivalent of a high ping in online gaming.