The 2020 Toyota Supra Isn't As Fun As The Toyota 86


2020 Toyota Supra vs Toyota 86 TRD - Which Is More Fun To Drive?
After driving the new Supra back to back with the 86 TRD, I found myself smiling more while driving the wonderfully handling 86.
The 2020 Toyota Supra and 2019 Toyota 86 offer new car buyers an interesting choice: excellent torque and road presence, or lightweight and nimble. Dimensionally, they're both quite similar, though the Supra weighs about 600 lbs more. Surprisingly, the Supra actually has a lower center of gravity than the 86, even though the 86 has a boxer engine rather than a tall inline six-cylinder like the Supra. Part of this is thanks to the Supra's lower ground clearance, at 4.5 inches rather than 4.9.
Driving the two vehicles back to back at Summit Point Motorsports Park, I found myself enjoying the 86 more than the Supra, much to my own surprise. After breaking down each of the cars mechanically, I think there are very clear reasons as to why I had such a great time in the 86. The video will discuss four reason I think the Toyota 86 is more fun than the Supra.
Curb Weights
Toyota TRD 86 (Manual) - 2837 lbs [1287 kg]
2020 Toyota Supra (3.0) - 3397 lbs [1541 kg] (+560 lbs)
Toyota 86 (Base, Manual) - 2776 lbs [1259 kg] (-621 lbs)
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  • Van N
    Van N26 dager siden

    Put some prius tires on the supra and it will be playful too

  • Gaston Maqueda
    Gaston MaquedaMåned siden

    You are absolutely alright Last Febraury I been in Japan and I did a test drive with e Supra GR. Amazing car, I love it how acelerates. I spent all the afternoon with the Supra. But at the end, when I was drinking a coffee in the Gazoo office in Tsukuba, I question myself You you have to choose one, my 86 or this new beast, ONLY ONE. Wich one? And my answer was : the GT86. Is much more fun to drive, more raw, its much more pure, the 86 make you feel like another part of the car, absolutely inmersive. Thats never happens with the supra. . The Supra is performance, the GT86 is all sensations, real sport driving.

  • 2tone 2real
    2tone 2real2 måneder siden

    Looks like a frs 😅

  • mechwarrior13
    mechwarrior133 måneder siden

    Love my 86! Got it brand new for literally half the price of a supra lol

  • p tha
    p tha3 måneder siden

    Power this power that stfu & drive the car bro 😭 only person that don’t complain about power is JASON and I luv it💕 not every car needs 8963580hp to function properly.

  • Owen Tan
    Owen Tan3 måneder siden

    Spot on on the GT86. Its fun lies in handling. Power without control is diaster ☠

  • Roger Lopez
    Roger Lopez3 måneder siden

    How about supra 4cylinder?

  • Rubik3x
    Rubik3x3 måneder siden

    Agree! I've had my BRZ for 7 years and I still get a big grin whenever I drive it. We've been on the track several times. That was fun too but the BRZ lets me have fun where ever I drive. I'm curious about the 2022 GR 86.

  • A M S
    A M S3 måneder siden

    I love my FR-S/86... but I do wish for an extra 40 to 50. 240hp 86 would be perfect.

  • Phillip Huynh
    Phillip Huynh3 måneder siden

    This guy looks like bill nye of the car world

  • Maximus Smith
    Maximus Smith3 måneder siden

    Man I loved this review - I was watching to the entire video thinking "hell yeah he's absolutely right".... my 86 was eventually supercharged but the handling characteristics remained the same. Power/torque increased but Im still as happy as when I first bought the car

  • Fabian F-L
    Fabian F-L3 måneder siden

    The 86 trd is better than the Supra because the 86 is cheaper than the Supra, the 86 is more practical than the Supra because it has 2 back seats and the 86 trd interior has sports seats and red interior which the Supra does not have. Both 86 and Supra has 160 mph top speed and they are rwd.

  • Dominic Malone
    Dominic Malone4 måneder siden

    I just recently purchased the supra and I noticed a lot of performance faults compared to my recent 86 I previously owned. Not to impressed by it...

  • Salah Ahamed
    Salah Ahamed4 måneder siden

    pls stop calling a bmw , supra

  • narinder kaur
    narinder kaur4 måneder siden

    Even though the supra has better performance the 86 is light and is better for the price but if u want power and wanna shift gears with ease it's the supra but if u want a light cheap supercar that's fun get the 86!!

  • Your Face
    Your Face4 måneder siden

    How i get it 😌😌

  • Lex The Mystic
    Lex The Mystic5 måneder siden

    Ngl the GT86 facelift looks like a dead fish.

  • Gaston Maqueda
    Gaston Maqueda5 måneder siden

    I drove both. Off course the Supra smash the GT86 in specs. But I prefer the GT86. Is much more fun to drive, more pure.

  • gary dent
    gary dent5 måneder siden

    The supra was never about fun, the supra was the sport car for the business man

    JYSON CORDON5 måneder siden

    It's actually great to hear some good reviews about the GT86, because i really want to buy one of these and it's my dream car. So I just wanna thank Jason for doing this video, much love for your informational Videos Jason...Keep it up!!!

  • reyoasian
    reyoasian5 måneder siden

    What's up with the single caliper rear brakes? I see a lot of manufacturers doing that now, gigantic front but tiny rear calipers.

  • Burako Shimazaki
    Burako Shimazaki5 måneder siden

    Someone stealing your Supra @4:46

  • T T
    T T7 måneder siden

    Yes, “Raw driving” it is, the 86

  • Ryan Stoned
    Ryan Stoned7 måneder siden

    The 86 has a real classic car feel going for it. Stock its not meant to keep up with anything. It does what it does well.

  • Carbrickscity
    Carbrickscity7 måneder siden

    For me I could come up one reason already without watching the video: manual transmission.

  • Dragos Popa
    Dragos Popa8 måneder siden

    The 86 reminds me of the E30 M3.

  • Seriouspatt
    Seriouspatt8 måneder siden

    Expensive doesn't mean "fun", but most likely just "speed". I own a Miata 4th gen (MX-5 ND) and it is the most fun car I've ever driven. Not the fastest, but the most fun.

    NORWAY TASTE8 måneder siden

    ...AND also has manual handbrake!

  • Toby Thomas
    Toby Thomas8 måneder siden

    There's a 2.0l 197-hp Supra SZ which is quite a bit lighter than the variant with the straight-6, you wanna test to the 86 against the SZ, that would be interesting

  • Shutozoku
    Shutozoku8 måneder siden

    The MK4 is not even a toyota it's BMW with Toyota logo

  • p tha
    p tha9 måneder siden

    I love this vid

  • Joseph C.
    Joseph C.9 måneder siden

    I would think the real reason is the 86 has less grip? Supra probably has too much grip. My 350z was much more fun than my 987 Boxster. The 350z just drifts so much easier.

  • TheGlizzyMaster
    TheGlizzyMaster9 måneder siden

    I know the toyota gt86 has a Subaru engine but didn't Subaru officially joined the Toyota group? And all the engine parts are from toyota , i know it isn't an inline but still. So i think it is more of a Toyota in my opinion.

  • Manz
    Manz9 måneder siden

    Lol less than 30 percent of all 86s are manual. Getting this car in auto doesnt make sense.

  • Justin Cui
    Justin Cui10 måneder siden

    In short: BMW went from focusing on ultimate driving machines to focusing on luxury passenger machines

  • Si Dog Ducati
    Si Dog Ducati10 måneder siden

    Not sure what's so exciting about a manual gear box, if that's the most exciting thing about driving you're doing it wrong

  • Gaston Maqueda

    Gaston Maqueda

    5 måneder siden

    What is exciting? How to manage the RPM, that it. No a machine doing it for you. I recomend to you learn how to drive manual.

  • chad haire
    chad haire11 måneder siden

    What a load of CRAP.....Supra is 500% better than the 86....will smoke most American V-8's out there.

  • RP17 Rionda
    RP17 Rionda11 måneder siden

    The Subaru is better than BMW

  • ThreeEcho7
    ThreeEcho711 måneder siden

    It's nice to see a reviewer being so honest and objective. Good video.

  • M G
    M G11 måneder siden

    The older I get, the more I don't give a crap about 0-60 times in a sports car. I just want a good looking, nice sounding, reliable car that handles well....that's why I love my FR-S. A car like the Supra, that's too fast that you can't drive it at 100% and you risk going to jail or killing yourself.

  • Stephen Jablonsky
    Stephen JablonskyÅr siden

    $30,000 is a lot of money if you are not in the 1%.

  • SGE
    SGEÅr siden

    So the Alpine A110 should be the best because it's ligther than GT86 ... but the Alpine has no manual gear box. Big Big mistake from Alpine !

  • Will Müller
    Will MüllerÅr siden

    Supra 4,5 PS for 1 Kg GT 86 6.3 PS for 1 Kg its just more worth the price!

  • Luau_JK
    Luau_JKÅr siden

    Agreed, absolutely loved my '17 BRZ.

  • Ronald Weed
    Ronald WeedÅr siden

    I love my 86 & the Paddles are so FUN.

  • S King
    S KingÅr siden

    Jason, how does the 86 experience compare to your Model 3 ? Are the relatively heavy BEV's going to be as nimble and "fun to drive" as the light, sporty cars ?

  • Jes
    JesÅr siden

    i have both car i wish

  • Petha
    PethaÅr siden

    it’s so fun jason didn’t hesitate to take both hands off the wheel 😭

  • ThePilotGear
    ThePilotGearÅr siden

    well now I want one ][ that much more.

  • Thats_Ery_Day Life
    Thats_Ery_Day LifeÅr siden

    Lol the 2020 86 went back to the old style of the 2015 frs seats ! Good the other new seats were ugly

  • Matthew Gaither
    Matthew GaitherÅr siden

    Weight is so, so, so important. Great point! Also "LOL" at the Marie Kondo reference. Shifting my own gears does indeed spark joy!

  • mark price
    mark priceÅr siden

    9 minutes of repeating" this is more fun than the Supra".... No price comparison, no hp comparison but you do get weight comparison.

  • Rubik3x
    Rubik3xÅr siden

    Thanks for the comparison. I drive one of the original 2013 BRZ Limited with 6-speed manual. Do I want to upgrade to a Supra? Maybe not. I agree with you that the BRZ (86) is just plain FUN to drive. It puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. It is PLAYFUL! All the controls, steering, clutch, throttle, transmission are very responsive. Does it need more power? It certainly could handle more power, but I don't think that would make it more fun to drive. On the street, I feel the power is more than adequate. There are a lot of aftermarket kits for these cars. I added a JDL catted equal length header, complete Perrin exhaust system. Those changes together with the OpenFlash Tablet tune helped to get rid of the infamous mid-range torque dip. I also added Michelin SuperSport tires. I've taken it to several track days. I pass some cars (even more powerful ones) and some pass me. One thing you did not mention. You can get quite a bit of stuff in the back end, especially when the back seats are folded down. I understand that you can get a full set of racing slicks back there. I hauled my Trek bike (with only the front wheel removed) and closed the trunk lid. I've even carried 2 passengers on the right side seats (front and rear) without too much discomfort. Thankfully, they had shorter legs ;-}

  • Fayve
    FayveÅr siden

    Im sorry but i own now 7 years gt86.. and from the start till now ive 26k km total driven.. i had not the feel of fun at all with the car.. its underpowered should have had 300/400hp its weak and was so happy about the supra with the announcement.. so i guess we will see in a year

  • Masrur Ridho Akbar
    Masrur Ridho AkbarÅr siden


  • lazerstare
    lazerstareÅr siden

    Living in Denver where there's about a 30ish days of snow throughout winter, would you still pick an 86 over a WRX/STI? I would have it mostly as a Sunday driver. I do like the positive points of both 86 and WRX.

  • Jack-Spicer
    Jack-SpicerÅr siden

    Well yeah the Toyota is gonna be more fun than the bmw 😆

  • Richard Denson
    Richard DensonÅr siden

    The big question is how much different is the maintenance. BMW cars are notorious for poor quality and high maintenance.

  • Jeremiah Gottwald
    Jeremiah GottwaldÅr siden

    Can we get the MR2 back now?

  • Cpl Myles Sqd Ld Johnson
    Cpl Myles Sqd Ld JohnsonÅr siden

    The supra has a lower center of gravity

  • Frederick Schulze
    Frederick SchulzeÅr siden

    Seems like the Mk4 Supra is still king. Better luck with the Mk6 Toyota.

  • Carl Capulong
    Carl CapulongÅr siden

    Manual > Automatic specially in entry level sportscar

  • Zublits
    ZublitsÅr siden

    I'm being a good boy and waiting 6mo to buy my GT86 so I can put a decent chunk down. These videos are killing me. I want it now!

  • Mohit Sharma

    Mohit Sharma

    År siden

    Dude, patience is key. I wish I wasn't so eager and could have bought a used BRZ instead of the 2018 one I bought (absolutely love the car but I could've saved a lot of money). I wish I was patient there, wait it out and it'll be worth it in the end!

  • Hyper Matrix
    Hyper MatrixÅr siden

    This guy says a 0-60 time of 6.8 seconds is plenty fast. Bro....that's 1 second slower than a v6 camry. Lol. It may be a good car for you, based on your driving ability. Because if you're not comfortable utilizing cars with more power to their full potential, then yes that's definitely a waste. But I would have to say the majority of Supra fans I know, are looking for a 0-60 time that's faster than the lowest tier bmw x5 which weighs 5000lbs, powered by a 3 liter v6, pulling 0-60 in 6.1 seconds (bmw numbers....which means actual speed is usually even faster).

  • xSikks
    xSikksÅr siden

    The Supra doesn't have a lower center of gravity than the 86. Toyota said it would but upon release, it doesn't.

  • chad haire

    chad haire

    11 måneder siden

    so what--the Supra will smoke it anyway.

  • The Gold Mind
    The Gold MindÅr siden

    How would you compare this 2019 Toyota 86 Trd to a 2019 Mazda Mx5 club soft top Jason

  • Bryan Liguori
    Bryan LiguoriÅr siden

    Oh psh "great visibility" my ass. I love my FR-S for the rest of the same reasons you said, but it always disappoints me when I first sit down in it after previously driving almost any other car. I guess it's still better than most modern 2-doors though I guess..

  • MrMoneyHelper
    MrMoneyHelperÅr siden

    From what I've heard others say about poor BMW reliability, the 86 will ultimately last longer than the Supra and thus be faster in the long run. If a Supra needs to be in the shop often and falls apart; the 86 will still be on the road having fun.

  • chad haire

    chad haire

    11 måneder siden

    The 86 is made by Subaru and not that reliable

  • Alexander Addai Boateng
    Alexander Addai BoatengÅr siden

    the 86 was built by subaru

  • Arno
    ArnoÅr siden

    I hear what you are saying, but the 86 is pretty poor($$$) feeling car. even for the lesser price i wouldn't buy it. It's like trying to convince me to buy a car that is stripped back yet it isn't a Caterham or a Lotus 7 or a Porsche speedster lol... If that is your budget then that will be amazing, but if you can afford more and want the fun with just a bit more bling than a cardboard box then you will justify the extra $$$ pretty easily.

  • t.j pennington
    t.j penningtonÅr siden

    Toyota and Subaru should make a 86sti or 86trd where it has a flat 6 (and maybe awd)

  • B H
    B HÅr siden

    Thank you!

  • TV Theories
    TV TheoriesÅr siden

    I had no clue toyota had this car. the 86 looks cool. great video

  • macpumperkinz
    macpumperkinzÅr siden

    im not surprised in the least, 86's look better anyway

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple StiltskinÅr siden

    I gather this was built on the Subaru BRZ or WRX with the boxer mechanical foundation for Toyota. The pedals are far too close together on the "Stick" model, so I am opting for an Automatic with paddle shifters. It cost a little more but well worth not having to deal with a manual transmission when in commute traffic. I've spent two weeks looking for just the right car, and I have eliminated almost all as either too expensive and too small. This two liter turbo charged four apparently goes like hell, which has made me take notice of this small light automobile.

  • Max oobbxxx

    Max oobbxxx

    År siden

    Subaru doesn't offer RWD mechanical platforms, Toyota designed the FR-S/BRZ themselves, and used Subaru's engine.

  • Cars and Games
    Cars and GamesÅr siden

    Am I crazy or were you at Shenadoah at Summit Point in West Virginia?

  • Brian Hall
    Brian HallÅr siden

    A stick is always more fun!

  • chad haire

    chad haire

    11 måneder siden

    no its not

  • SirStrombom
    SirStrombomÅr siden

    Supra at 4:45 ?

  • Joshua Plata
    Joshua PlataÅr siden

    Hmmmm supra been spotted at 4:47 while he was driving maybe I guess i could be rong but while driving a gt86 and passed the supra but I like both the supra and gt86 trd special edition and the normal one

  • Ganga In Denial
    Ganga In DenialÅr siden

    The new Supra is also uglier especially the front end!!!

    DEJIKINÅr siden

    86 for the win

  • khvidtube1617
    khvidtube1617År siden

    Light weight is fun and sliding because it lacks traction. When it comes to safety and performance, either weight or a good down-force is your only good friend.

  • Aaditya Pratap Singh
    Aaditya Pratap SinghÅr siden

    Oft-repeated reason/already known reason, but my own feelings: I was heavily disappointed upon the 2019 Supra's release mainly due to the lack of a manual transmission. Come on, Toyota, it won't ever be a Supra until it gets a manual tranny! I wish I could test drive an 86/BRZ as well.

  • Gaston Maqueda
    Gaston MaquedaÅr siden

    Despite what the Forza Motorsports kid drivers says (you know... is slow, more power, turbo, bla bla bla) The GT86/BRZ is one of the best drivers cars you can buy today. This little thing will be a classic RWD, Manual transmission, natural aspirated engine, driving aids disangaegable, torsen diff, boxer engine, amazing weight balance,. All that combo transform this car in a ultimate driver machine. Like a real sport car needs to be. Only a few people (The real petrolheads) can understand the concept, but actually the BRZ/GT86 is a automotive masterpiece. All the most prestiguois car testers around the world give to the car 5 stars in a driving experience What says a bunch of Dominic Torettos kids who spend more time in forums talking about HP or playing videogames than behind the wheel, nobody cares

  • Gaston Maqueda

    Gaston Maqueda

    År siden

    @Mohit Sharma I bet it. My reasons 1) In a world of HP, automatic transmission, turbos and electronics. This one is RAW, natural aspirated, manual and not very powefull. 100% drive dedicated. Different than other cars. A unique concept in the modern car world. 2) Beautiful design 3) Only build in one factory in entire world. Subaru Factory Gunma - Japan 4) The car won many awards 5) Its a Pure Sport (One of the last ones) 6) Not have too many around and the majority are modificated. Is not an easy car to see in the street. 7) comes from the alliance of Toyota and Subaru. Two Japanese brands with a lot of history in motorsports. Subaru Rally, Toyota GT500, Rally, F1 and Lemans 8) The Heritage . The Toyota 2000GT and the AE86 Trueno. Both classic cars right now 9) All of the most prestigious car reviewers of the world, gives a car a thumb up

  • Mohit Sharma

    Mohit Sharma

    År siden

    I'm hoping for the BRZ to turn into a classic ala the Miata and S2000.

  • Tim Moïse
    Tim MoïseÅr siden

    The new 86 is more fun to drive than the new Supra... so were the original 86s and Supras? Am I wrong on that?

  • Angel B
    Angel BÅr siden

    I have a '13 manual FRS and I want to get the Supra!!! I like that they're similar as you stated but of course the Supra has more power torque and most of all its automatic which for older me (29) would be great cause Cali traffic gets annoying with a manual. thanks for this! PS the FRS is a dream on Canyon runs it'll be my track car and the Supra or whatever car end up with will take over the clean ass dd title that my FRS is currently holding.

  • Dustin Stammen
    Dustin StammenÅr siden

    Hey smiles per mile really does matter

  • Roger Macaranas
    Roger MacaranasÅr siden

    Toyota lexus subaru are same engine same pattern its much better japanese car than other brand

  • alex
    alexÅr siden

    86 looks waay better

  • harrison handel
    harrison handelÅr siden

    “86 owner” - THANKS!

  • VSC is OFF. Really.
    VSC is OFF. Really.År siden

    The difference is always NEED vs. WANT. Do we need a Manual for performance today? No. Do we want it? Yes. Do we need a manual to be more fun? Yes. The 86/BRZ still delivers, as does the Boxter/Cayman.

  • Kamazuki Junuh
    Kamazuki JunuhÅr siden

    Whas seats are those on the 86?

  • Ohlukei
    OhlukeiÅr siden

    Also try the new Suzuki Swift Sport. It got a manual gear shifting, a manual handbrake and the weight is only 970 kg. :-)

  • Dan bish
    Dan bishÅr siden

    Lol toyotas best are made by Subaru and BMW . Haha

  • Ibnu Zandra BACHTIAR
    Ibnu Zandra BACHTIARÅr siden

    GT 86 with 2JZ

  • Jpriest13
    Jpriest13År siden

    I still want a Skyline R34.

  • Captain Drake
    Captain DrakeÅr siden

    Hahaha thanks for this video, I get you (I don't own an 86).

  • Charles Phoon
    Charles PhoonÅr siden

    But the boxer engine in the 86 is a deal breaker for me...

  • Gaston Maqueda

    Gaston Maqueda

    År siden

    Yes Untill you need to change the sparkplugs Im just kidding. I have one and I love it

  • Carbrickscity
    CarbrickscityÅr siden

    Easy. Manaul and lightweight.

  • anon mouse
    anon mouseÅr siden

    Manuals are the PVP of cars.