The 2020 Toyota Supra Has Flaws But Is Worth Every Penny


2020 Toyota GR Supra Review - The Fast & Furious Legend Is Back!
Is the new Toyota Supra simply a rebadged BMW Z4, or is it original in its own right, and an honorable next step in the Supra legacy?
The Toyota Supra is back! Sporting a turbocharged inline six cylinder producing 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque, an 8-speed automatic transmission (made by ZF, the best in the business), an electronic limited slip differential, and Brembo calipers, it's ready for track action or your favorite back road.
There are three variants at different price points. The 3.0 starts at $49,990, the 3.0 Premium at $53,990, and the Launch Edition at $55,250. Premium trim upgrades to leather seats, an 8.8-inch touchscreen display with navigation, Supra Connect telematics services, wireless Apple CarPlay, premium 12-speaker, 500 Watt JBL audio system, and upgraded rear brakes. All variants are rated for 24 mpg city, 31 mpg highway, and 26 mpg combined.
In the video, we'll talk about what's good (the car is worth every penny), and what's not so good (BMW reliance, transmission options, etc), and discuss what it's like to drive. Hope you enjoy!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy watching! Really had a great time filming this car and trying it out; after you've watch the video, if you're curious to learn more about the engine powering this car, I have a video breaking down all of the tiny details about the engineering of this engine. Here's the link: And a huge thanks to those who watch the video all the way through, that's what leads to a video's success! Hope y'all are having a wonderful day!

  • Milkman69ner


    År siden

    Moron fanboy, it’s NOT A supra

  • God of destruction diecast

    God of destruction diecast

    År siden

    @Max Nix the only difference with that is that those are two Japanese companies and Subarus are okay they pretty fast

  • God of destruction diecast

    God of destruction diecast

    År siden

    Time will tell

  • videokingrsyd


    År siden

    @Balazs Pinter they have lexus lc 500

  • videokingrsyd


    År siden

    @Balazs Pinter just buy lexus lc 500

  • Sergio Madureira
    Sergio Madureira2 måneder siden

    Its a rly cool car but I think its hp/L its awful considering its twinscroll turbo-charged

  • stevethemacguy
    stevethemacguy2 måneder siden

    Would love to have a review of the 2021 4-cyl Supra. Thank you!!

  • G K2
    G K24 måneder siden

    I have owned 2 Toyota Supras when they still made there own straight six. They were both fun and dependable. Sad about the change to the drive train, I will not buy one. For the money the new mid-engine Corvette looks more appealing.

  • the Wellness Channel
    the Wellness Channel4 måneder siden

    How bout that buffeting thoooo

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony4 måneder siden

    Totally worth the buy if you want a nicer 86 or a slower Z4.. but not if you were expecting the older brother to the MK4 Supra.

  • You know Shum
    You know Shum4 måneder siden

    Something I love about my s60 is I can set the steering tightness from low-medium-high .

  • qwrt hialname
    qwrt hialname5 måneder siden

    2jz is the only true supra

  • KWW Media
    KWW Media5 måneder siden

    I want a manual so I can go slower LOL

  • Steven R.
    Steven R.5 måneder siden

    They need to share this chassis with Mazda to get a new RX-7 and to Honda for a new Del Sol, S2000, & Prelude.

  • Leri0th
    Leri0th6 måneder siden

    wheres the horrible bump steer on the rear everyones talking about

  • Ran Mckalser
    Ran Mckalser6 måneder siden

    I highly disagree it's worth all the penny. I'm a huge fan but it's $109,000 here in Australia, to you it's $50,000 US or CAD, so I'm not buying this until it goes down to $50,000 AUD, it's not even justifiable of $70,000 AUD. Sadly, people with $100,000 here in Australia would not consider buying this. You would see them walk into Porsche, Lexus, Audi, Range Rover and BMW.

  • Peter Lagroove
    Peter Lagroove6 måneder siden

    An automatic transmission in a sports car is made for the lazy person...

  • You Tube
    You Tube6 måneder siden

    It has FLAWS alright, its called a BMW engine and chassis with a Supra badge on it. If you call this a Supra, you are a sheep. As an MKIV owner myself, this 2020 will NEVER be a Supra.

  • Nunya Notta
    Nunya Notta6 måneder siden

    1:02 I'd hate to see a leak spring from that Japarat nest.

  • A-Frame-Wedge
    A-Frame-Wedge7 måneder siden

    It's not a Toyota it is a BMW.

    MOPAR2U8 måneder siden

    I drive manual all except one of my friends drive autos very few people buy manual anymore including most of the reviewers who say make a manual and they are not buying one so why wish there was a manual. And yes my next car will be a auto (UGH)?

  • Shane Organ
    Shane Organ9 måneder siden

    Toyota should have rang Yamaha, made a 6cyl 2.7ltr 2zz-Ge, supercharged it in conjunction with lotus, making a minimum of 360hp and bolted it into a modified 86/BRZ chassis

  • Shane Organ
    Shane Organ9 måneder siden

    Partnered with bmw? You mean bmw provided the car, Toyota provided the badges

  • elmo z
    elmo z9 måneder siden

    Well NSX was originally developed by Nissan and was Awd

  • KS Lemonade
    KS Lemonade9 måneder siden

    They should’ve just refreshed the 2jz engine and put it in

  • Incinerate
    Incinerate10 måneder siden

    I'm happy to see the Supra back at the very least, but yeah, I agree with your main complaints. Why make the car merely look like it has air vents, for example? I can expect some of these new Supra owners modifying the car's body in order to make actual vents on it.

  • Росен Александров
    Росен Александров11 måneder siden

    Much better to buy a real BMW Z4, intead of rebadged Z4 by Toyota..

  • Daniel Johnstone
    Daniel Johnstone11 måneder siden

    “Why did you put a bmw engine in the new supra?” What Toyota really meant: because the engineers we have now only know how to make eco-friendly Prius engines and we don’t actually want to spend the money to craft and develop a 3JZ

  • Angela Ferrannini Nielsen
    Angela Ferrannini Nielsen11 måneder siden

    Debating between this and the base Cayman. Thoughts?

  • Izzat Ishak
    Izzat Ishak11 måneder siden

    Those pedals look so bmw

  • I am The Hammer
    I am The Hammer11 måneder siden

    Its way to expensive and not worth it.

  • Crispy C
    Crispy C11 måneder siden

    I’ve been watching videos on this car. I’d buy it but.. manual...

  • Finn Rattrie
    Finn RattrieÅr siden

    Yea I’ll have 574 speed manual please

  • Andres Valentin
    Andres ValentinÅr siden

    When the Nissan GTR came out I don't remember hearing people complaining about not having a manual transmission. So why do I hear so many complaining about the lack of a stick shift for the new Supra?

  • Allenwrench
    AllenwrenchÅr siden

    fakery HP curve flattens and the torque curve dips according to BMW/Toyota on purpose - extrapolate - thing makes 400HP easy.......

  • Shawn
    ShawnÅr siden

    A man has got to know his limitations. I have a '17 C300... 241 HP 2.0 turbo... corners like it is on rails. Punchy enough for me, but what I really love is the incredible balance and handling.

  • auraxfire
    auraxfireÅr siden

    Since when did 'the internet' become an authority on anything? Most of these morons cannot afford the car anyway. That's why they have nothing to do but complain on the internet. Toyota did not have to make the car, but they made it, they made it true to its heritage, and reviewers say its a brilliant sports car. What is there to hate about it...that it has a BMW engine? GTFO internet.

  • getalifepeoplereally
    getalifepeoplereallyÅr siden

    No stick shift? Talk about out of touch.

  • InTheZone
    InTheZoneÅr siden

    Sees FT-1 *preorders* Supra arrives *tf is this?*

  • Kxng Earner
    Kxng EarnerÅr siden

    UGLY toyota JUNK

  • Tony Colvin
    Tony ColvinÅr siden

    I have only just discovered your channel, But man am I glad I have ! Thank u for what u do , and i have subscribed and will like everything. Just keep doing it. Thanx again

  • A R
    A RÅr siden

    4:40 so powerful it can travel forward with the wheels spinning in reverse

  • Zach T
    Zach TÅr siden

    Zee efff NOT Zed Eff

  • Zach T
    Zach TÅr siden

    Just get a C7 vette it'll be cheaper and look WAY better

  • BF109G
    BF109GÅr siden

    2020 Zupra fan boys: The vents are functional. Reality: the vents are fake. 2020 Zupra fan boys: The car is tuned by Toyota. Reality: totally built by and tuned by BMW. AND FINALLY 2020 Zupra fan boys: The car is built by a third party manufacturer. Reality: BMW recalls them LOL LOL LOL

  • Robert Morassutti
    Robert MorassuttiÅr siden

    S55** in the M3 not S58

  • Speed Fiend
    Speed FiendÅr siden

    Him: Toyota is not doing it for the profit. Me: Laughs in HUGE dealer markups.

  • Jacob Camarillo
    Jacob CamarilloÅr siden

    100% same! if it had a manual transmission and a firm steering column it sound be my next car asap. Also Toyota does that low visibility and the fake vent thing... wish they wouldn't also, but I'm use to it now as a current Toyota driver. I do say that BMW makes my favorite engines and drivetrains, definitely the most fun cars I've driven so this is something I'm actually stoked on.

  • Fabian k
    Fabian kÅr siden

    All these vents are functional, sportier trim will have them open. Plus if you want to do it yourself YOU DEFINITELY CAN!!! THIS INFO COMES FROM THE SUPRAS HEAD ENGINEER, SO SHOULD BE FOR REAL!!! CLOSED VENTS = BETTER MPG!!!

  • JoneS SenoJ
    JoneS SenoJÅr siden

    If I jumped out of my car into this.....I'd think I'd won the lottery !!!! This has more power than most will ever need.... it looks awsome and the sound? O well... I'll let you rich twats argue over the nitty shite

  • Majic
    MajicÅr siden

    This is literally a Toyota Z4 lol

  • mrjjthor Thor

    mrjjthor Thor

    År siden

    @burningknuckle26 how can it be more reliable than a z4 when it's basically a z4? It's like saying the Toyota 86 is more reliable than the BRZ. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • burningknuckle26


    År siden

    They took the z4 and made it into the supra. Ita faster more reliable and handles better than any z4. Toyota engineers did there best with what they had.

  • cat
    catÅr siden

    If it came with a stick shift it would be great but it's still a good car never the less. Is it the legendary mk4 supra? no. But it's still a good car

  • Willy Q
    Willy QÅr siden

    How do you feel about the supra's bang for your buck now, after the reveal of the mid engine corvette?

  • Neil Antonio Cajote
    Neil Antonio CajoteÅr siden

    shut up!!!

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad AbdullahÅr siden

    This is not Supra.. Its a freekin BMW.. Do you homework..

  • Ana Sevi
    Ana SeviÅr siden

    not anymore, nor ever really. Toyota needs to make their own cars, not just lazily re-panel BMW's work if they want the $60k this thing will cost minimum with dealer markups.

  • Paolo Garcia
    Paolo GarciaÅr siden

    Sounds like someones on Toyota's payroll.

  • Willie Brown
    Willie BrownÅr siden

    Well, this car was cool for a day. Luckily Engineering Explained will always be fun to watch.

  • unknown
    unknownÅr siden

    What you left out is. Toyota labeled and marked weak points in the inline 6 and gave BMW tolerance recommendations to improve certain parts.

  • Ryver Choy
    Ryver ChoyÅr siden

    Might as well get the new C8 Vette NA V8 mid-engine 0-60 < 3 seconds for under $60k

  • Hugo Chavez
    Hugo ChavezÅr siden

    They ruined the front end vs the prototype. But Toyota/Lexus has been mangling front-end design for a decade, so nothing new to see here.

  • Cbass
    CbassÅr siden

    this car is a overpriced saturn buy a real car c8 corvette only real drivers get

  • raglanheuser
    raglanheuserÅr siden

    sees video title "supra worth every penny" :) next video title "supra isn't as fun as the 86" :\

  • Miljörör för Språkpartiet
    Miljörör för SpråkpartietÅr siden

    A whole bhp increase for every half decade we waited. Totally worth it

  • Big Memer

    Big Memer

    År siden

    and an engine with worse tuning potential too

  • Qubo Guo
    Qubo GuoÅr siden

    50k is such a saturated price point. I can get a used 911 if we are talking about driving dynamics or a new mustang/slightly used corvette for 0-60. If I were to buy a Supra is because I wanted a Supra. This new product is simply using the Supra name, and obviously the internet is upset.

  • Rooster Nugget
    Rooster NuggetÅr siden

    if you want a base supra (49,990) rather than a base z4 (49,700) of the same year, the z4 is cheaper, but if your looking for as high end as you can get, than the supra is cheaper at 55,250 compared to the z4 at 63,700

  • Rooster Nugget
    Rooster NuggetÅr siden

    id swap a z4 manual transmission in it tbh

  • Bill Skinner
    Bill SkinnerÅr siden

    If I were in the market I would be eyeing up the Toyota 86, or The Lexus LC500. After that, I might jump ship from Toyota, and think about a BMW Supra.

  • justin8448
    justin8448År siden

    It’s nice, but still, it’s a BMW. This should’ve been Toyota through and through as the halo model.

  • kolrobi
    kolrobiÅr siden

    Should have called it something different. Toyota only using the Supra name for sales, they try to sell it by the name. Think it is a great car but not a Supra... This is my feel about this car.

  • Alexander Addai Boateng
    Alexander Addai BoatengÅr siden

    There's no doubts this is will be a great and reliable car. British and Americans have problem only because of the German factor. No supra has ever been solely developed by toyota. The engine of the previous one was developed by Yamaha. They only have a case If they complain because there's no manual shift. Otherwise they give us a break. I dont care about who made the engine. Toyota or bmw as long as its a reliable car.

  • mrjjthor Thor

    mrjjthor Thor

    År siden

    Yamaha only developed the heads but the block is all done by Toyota. Also Yamaha is Japanese so it's still a Japanese car. Only thing German would probably be the getrag transmission.

  • Common Tater
    Common TaterÅr siden

    1) $50,000 car emulates fartcan exhaust. 2) In manual shift mode, down is up. So how long before we see these cars starring in Police Dashcam videos?

  • Jigsjigz
    JigsjigzÅr siden

    Great handling Zupr4

  • mechwarrior13
    mechwarrior13År siden

    No manual transmission negates all of its benefits. How you gonna make an enthusiast car without the clutch pedal, like wtf it's such a turnoff!

  • Alexander Addai Boateng

    Alexander Addai Boateng

    År siden

    You are right, i like what i feel when i drive manual cars.

  • mechwarrior13


    År siden

    @Alexander Addai Boateng I understand that modern paddle shifts can be even faster than manual but it's the feeling of matching your revs to the clutch pedal that makes the difference. When I play forza 7, I'm perfectly fine with paddle shifters, but when it comes irl driving I prefer a manual much more. That's why I got a new 86 last week haha true story.

  • Alexander Addai Boateng

    Alexander Addai Boateng

    År siden

    These paddle shifts are great to use i promise you

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociationÅr siden

    That 11:1 compression ratio improves response but makes it harder to tune without knock😂

  • Imran Shaw
    Imran ShawÅr siden

    No sir, those vents are not for aesthetics but they are made for after market installations like brake cooling system, engine oil cooling system, transmission cooling system, large size radiator, and air intakes for bi-turbos etc. You can tune this car anyway you want.

  • mrjjthor Thor

    mrjjthor Thor

    År siden

    Don't believe everything Toyota says. Do you know how much work needs to be done to make those vents functional and would probably benefit very little if not any from making them functional.

  • Bob cob Bob
    Bob cob BobÅr siden

    Alex Kersten and the boys over at Car Throttle put the new Supra on a dyno and the results were quite revealing. Toyota is grossly underestimating the power. 376.6 horsepowers and 410 torques . What is the BMW cranking out. Inquiring minds want to know !

  • Gary Shook
    Gary ShookÅr siden

    This just in. Supra Dynos at 377 hp and does 12.0 in the quart. Faster than the Z4.

  • btp589
    btp589År siden

    Yes, please complain to Toyota regarding the need for a manual transmission and do not buy any of these Supra so that I can buy one below MSRP. Thanks!

  • cat walk cool
    cat walk coolÅr siden

    I appreciate the BMW partnership on this. They still make sports cars. Comfortable, efficient, and mature sports cars. However, I wonder how different this Supra would feel if BMW handled the suspension.

  • Hector Estrada
    Hector EstradaÅr siden

    All BMW parts, $$$$ out of most peoples price range to keep this car on the road. Already seems like a money pit. Even just for a weekend car. I'll stick with Scotty's advise here.

  • PandaWaffle3
    PandaWaffle3År siden

    According to the lead project manager for the supra, the vents are there for tuners to come and take them out if they need extra cooling. What's cool about this car is that they designed it with tuners in mind, since that's what they saw with the other supras. Additionally, there's a lot of other things they designed about the car with that in mind.

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966År siden

    until the advance 7 speed digital manual manual comes to market, it is not a supra.

  • Troy Lunn
    Troy LunnÅr siden

    It's true that the 2020 Supra has a powertrain jointly developed with BMW, and I can almost understand how that may upset some. But the 1JZ that evolved into the 2JZ gte wasn't designed by Toyota alone either... It was a Yamaha design, but I cant think of a single person ever complaining about that. The 2020 is just as much of a Toyota as the last MK4 was, in my eyes.

  • Troy Lunn

    Troy Lunn

    År siden

    @Hector Estrada Germany has too many laws explicitly criminalizing rebadging cars to allow them to have the type of relationship with Toyota that you (and most others) seem to believe they have.

  • Troy Lunn

    Troy Lunn

    År siden

    @Hector Estrada You may want to check your facts there... There are not nearly as many shared components as many seem to think, really just the engine and transmission, both of which had almost all of the tuning done in-house, separately from BMW and ZF. Not to mention the steering rack, gearing ratios, differential, electronics, interior, body, etc. And not even BMW makes all of the components for the Z4... But if you still want to think its just a rebadged Z4 because they share an engine block/head, and have the same transmission supplier as half of the other high-end cars on the road, that is your prerogative.

  • Hector Estrada

    Hector Estrada

    År siden

    A Yamaha engine yes. Not the entire car. This is entirely a Z4. Defenitely a difference. You are purchasing a BMW in every sense here, not a toyota.

  • Cristian Lucas
    Cristian LucasÅr siden

    I dont believe you mentioned the mpg on it..nice video tho. I like your opinion on the car

  • J
    JÅr siden

    What's the torque spec on that tranny Toyota said they built that car for upgrades how much can it handle they make different 8 hp tranny, base ZF8 HP can't handle anything over 350 flb . If that's the case why bother?

  • Armando Garza
    Armando GarzaÅr siden

    That's the trim that I'll be getting. I feel meh about the ZF8spd but we'll see. It'll be my first automatic.

  • Shane Eyanson
    Shane EyansonÅr siden

    Yes it has a flaw as it's a BMW and not a Toyota..

  • Mack Man
    Mack ManÅr siden

    Looks like a nice sporty car but I guess if you want to have fun and row gears in a Toyota you have to get a Corolla hatchback with a 6 speed manual.

  • mugdays
    mugdaysÅr siden

    "3400 lbs is heavy for a 90's car"....uhhh, the Supra from the 90's weighed MORE than the current one lol

  • Damjan
    DamjanÅr siden

    i work at factori in Austria where this car is made...i must say that this car is crazy..sound is perfect..quality is very good.. it will come "facelift" ;) and new angine.. vith more horsepower.. tuning parts is on the way..dont judge two son ;)

  • Letrollaccount


    3 måneder siden

    Ефрем he was right new 2021 was very upgraded from 2020 version

  • Ефрем


    9 måneder siden

    Ok, we will judge only one son then

  • Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
    Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams SerbiaÅr siden

    9:48 Yeah, same with my Dacia Sandero.

  • Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
    Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams SerbiaÅr siden

    6:52 Hmm. Disks groved already.

    BEAST W'SÅr siden

    ok lets finish this talk here bmw made this car but it is a great looking with the best performance but the only way I sell my mustang and buy supra, is a manual version that is all they need

  • Mike B
    Mike BÅr siden

    A video with the chief engineer explains that the fake air ducts are there for future tuners...(I loled)

  • Rentaku
    RentakuÅr siden

    Volvo S40 2.4i from 2007 has a steering ratio of 15.3 to 1. Jesus, did not realize that

  • Solar CerberuS
    Solar CerberuSÅr siden

    Disappointed in this iteration, ugly back end, Bland Bonnet when put against the over the top front/rear bar styling, disappointing motor too....... for a 2020 car the specs are woeful for its price/pedigree. All in all would have preferred the Supra successor to be along the lines of something like a Lexus LC500

  • kobedabest


    År siden

    Solar CerberuS Please.... No one is paying 100k for a Supra, take a look at the GTR and NSX, over priced that’s why no ones buying it. The A90 Supra is sold out, and only people crying are the one that can’t afford it.

  • DriftKingNL
    DriftKingNLÅr siden

    Yes, it has flaws. 3 of them. 1: B 2: M 3: W

  • Kholwani Ndlovu
    Kholwani NdlovuÅr siden

    rubbish why partner it destroys the taste

  • xnreyescj
    xnreyescjÅr siden

    Is there an M competition pkg?

  • Thomas Ferrugia
    Thomas FerrugiaÅr siden

    The thing about manual transmissions . . . all of the auto-enthusiasts love them and always ask for them but, with the exception of Porsche, the take-rate is always so low that it's a waste of manufacturing resources. Everyone was clamoring for a manual on the F-Type, but it sold in so few numbers that it was cancelled after just one year!

  • kage7785
    kage7785År siden

    After on road costs the top trim of this car in Australia will crack 100k.... sadly not worth it with the other cars out there.

  • Viktor Zguro
    Viktor ZguroÅr siden

    Cant wait to see how they tune these and customize them with wheels, body kits, spoilers, hoods with vents etc... I think this design is awesome. Also, the steering wheel has to go lol. Someone definitely needs to make a custom steering wheel because that thing is hideous.

  • cde
    cdeÅr siden

    the m3 has the s55, M version of the n55, not the b58