Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless


Here's Why Tesla Cybertruck Towing A Ford F-150 Is Meaningless
A tale of physics, electric trucks, and why tug of war doesn't matter.
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During the Tesla Cybertruck reveal Elon Musk showed the world that the Cybertruck can pull a Ford F-150, uphill! At initial glance, you might think wow, that's an impressive feat. Surely the Tesla's electric torque helps it rip the F-150 in this battle of "who's got the bigger driveshaft?" Unfortunately, physics informs us these kind of demonstrations are entirely pointless.
We'll discuss the actual wheel torque of the Tesla Cybertruck as well as the Ford F-150, we'll look into both vehicles weights, and we'll analyze the video to determine if the Ford is RWD or 4WD. Ultimately, we'll all land on the conclusion that everything we witnessed was pointless. That's the story of life. Enjoy!
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  • Beatlejuice
    Beatlejuice4 dager siden

    That's not a truck tho....

  • Creeper ytytg
    Creeper ytytg12 dager siden

    now i know why I failed math

  • Gary Mccarver
    Gary Mccarver18 dager siden

    The cyber truck looks like it was built in someone's basement out of scrap sheet metal from an industrial project.

  • Agent EagleT
    Agent EagleT26 dager siden


  • vir.root
    vir.rootMåned siden

    If TESLA wants to sell it's cybertruck. It's must race in endurance "baja race" in Mexico. Not "tug of war"😤

  • L C
    L CMåned siden

    Cybertruck still 10 x better than any existing truck overall..some people are just haters..elon loves haters

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang EagleMåned siden

    Doesnt the Ford F150 also have to slip the clutch a lot?

  • セネ
    セネMåned siden

    if only we paid attention to physics class too

  • Darren dorion
    Darren dorionMåned siden

    4x4 vs 2wd yeah thats fair try f450 4x4 dually tesla not a fkn chance

  • Amund7
    Amund7Måned siden

    Torque is irrelevant, all trucks can spin the tires in 1st gear, especially in low range, tire grip is the limit. So one can really factor away all engines and gearboxes, and the last variable is the weight pushing down on those tires. So in short, 4wd>2wd, heavy>light

  • Aman
    AmanMåned siden

    He looks 17 and 47 at the same time.

  • Woof Bark
    Woof BarkMåned siden

    It's one sorry looking truck!

  • Bognostrokulum
    BognostrokulumMåned siden

    But what are the engine torque numbers? We only saw the gear multipliers.

  • The thing that nobody cares
    The thing that nobody caresMåned siden

    There’s really some maths i see.

  • Vishnu 21
    Vishnu 21Måned siden

    Dosen't matter how good the video is Tesla fanboys will dislike it if it goes anywhere against Tesla

  • Brandon Slater
    Brandon SlaterMåned siden

    The Tesla is still an impressive looking vehicle, if it can ride off road like a raptor.... that will be impressive....

  • Tiasunep Mjollier
    Tiasunep MjollierMåned siden

    I instantly considered you a brother the moment I saw those cars on the board

  • me
    meMåned siden

    They didnt dare to compare it to a raptor in order to stand a chance

  • Gauge
    GaugeMåned siden

    In conclusion the Tesla truck will cost 1.5 million dollars.

  • Osiris
    Osiris2 måneder siden

    This video was pointless, too many assumptions

  • Matt
    Matt2 måneder siden

    I'm pretty sure the formula F = mu x N provides the maximum frictional force produced. Not the pulling force of the trucks Additionally, normal force is measured in Newtons not lbs??

  • Dustin Johnson
    Dustin Johnson2 måneder siden

    It's tri motor

  • David Ensinger
    David Ensinger2 måneder siden

    Forces are measured in Newtons not pounds N

  • InspireHealthAndHope
    InspireHealthAndHope2 måneder siden

    The truck looks like a last minute idea

  • yambo59
    yambo592 måneder siden

    I also didnt hear if the tesla was 4WD or 2WD

  • Steve M
    Steve M3 måneder siden

    Ha! 4.2 millions views? That’s some great free marketing this little stunt got Tesla.

  • PUMP3D Productions
    PUMP3D Productions3 måneder siden

    If it got hype, it was not pointless

  • Shadow
    Shadow3 måneder siden

    I would never drive that piece of crap!

  • Yojimbo007
    Yojimbo0073 måneder siden

    Its A Cool truck????????????????😳

  • King Kenneth Solomon
    King Kenneth Solomon3 måneder siden

    And secondly also the f-150 weight vary depending on what type it is

  • King Kenneth Solomon
    King Kenneth Solomon3 måneder siden

    Non of this going to matter if u don't have the accurate information about the trucks Tesla tires are different from ford tires and the cyber truck weight between 5000-6500 these are thing you need to know can't assume it weight 7000 pounds when it's not

  • King Kenneth Solomon
    King Kenneth Solomon3 måneder siden

    But that's the thing they don't have the same tires and that's a big difference in traction and power so your wrong

  • Carter Harvey
    Carter Harvey3 måneder siden

    "This was pointless" Elon: TROLLOLOLOLLL!

  • Mechanically Creative
    Mechanically Creative3 måneder siden

    So the Tesla can pull 2/3 of a Cobalt, got it.

  • Tom Boyd
    Tom Boyd3 måneder siden

    I don't doubt you know your stuff, but you made dozens of assumptions by your own words. So, it's very hard to know what is reality here.

  • Dillon West
    Dillon West3 måneder siden

    Simpler fix to prove Tesla sucks...... see if it will pull a 4x4 dodge because nothing makes power like a dodge

  • Mveledzo T
    Mveledzo T3 måneder siden

    I’m supposed to be studying for my bio exam 😀

    MOTORWΛVΣ MΞDIΛ3 måneder siden

    To be fair, RWD is BETTER at pulling than 4WD. Would've been a better comparison if they did a Diesel F350 vs a Cybertruck. Still wouldn't drive a Ford though lol.

  • N - Gaming
    N - Gaming3 måneder siden

    In English?

  • Storm trooper #B13
    Storm trooper #B133 måneder siden

    This sounds like someone I know

  • Timmy
    Timmy3 måneder siden

    I didn’t remember getting on my math program

  • Ryan Gomez
    Ryan Gomez3 måneder siden

    Someone needs to do this test against a Ford Raptor super duty when the cyber truck comes out

  • sub if the comment is worthy
    sub if the comment is worthy3 måneder siden

    This guy is a nightmare for salesmen

  • J Milliner
    J Milliner3 måneder siden

    This guy makes math fun for car nuts.

  • Jared
    Jared3 måneder siden

    I already had math class today tho

  • Banana MAN1944
    Banana MAN19443 måneder siden

    Why did he make this video so boringggg

  • Henry Schulte

    Henry Schulte

    3 måneder siden

    Because you don’t understand it you muppet

  • Bechir Ben Othman
    Bechir Ben Othman3 måneder siden

    want to point something in your calculations, with the 5° angle, the weight for the F150 will be like 63% front, 37% in the back since the gravity is pulling straight down: it will push further on the front wheels.

  • jeepingsam
    jeepingsam3 måneder siden

    The only thing bit that’s correct is that we aren’t learning anything here . If we all took a shot every time he said assuming we’d be hammered . No true facts

  • Bah Humbug.
    Bah Humbug.3 måneder siden

    WHAT YOU SAW WAS a combustion engine vs a rev-9

  • Bah Humbug.
    Bah Humbug.3 måneder siden

    WHAT YOU SAW WAS a combustion engine vs a rev-9

  • pusikuracsnickom
    pusikuracsnickom3 måneder siden

    and what is this in normal units?

  • Zero The dog 6
    Zero The dog 63 måneder siden

    Is Elon Musk scared to go up against an F450 instead of the F 150

  • Sully O
    Sully O3 måneder siden

    Yeah it was pointless but it was cool tho

  • thanos koumpanis
    thanos koumpanis3 måneder siden

    Tesla did a dirty trick and I didn't like that

  • Declan Wilhelm
    Declan Wilhelm3 måneder siden

    Elon Musk really probably made 10,000 accounts to dislike this video xD

  • Haneersha Hashi
    Haneersha Hashi3 måneder siden

    Ford was on 2 wheel . And that’s the reason. No need this much information 😂

  • Vatsal
    Vatsal3 måneder siden

    I appreciate your work, but why you don't use SI units?

  • Jolly Palangue
    Jolly Palangue3 måneder siden

    you draw the cybertruck exactly how it looks

  • dmerritt4ever
    dmerritt4ever3 måneder siden

    I have never once seen any kind of vehicle commercial that was not total bullSh*t, relax man

  • TheOnlyPerson56
    TheOnlyPerson563 måneder siden

    I just watched a math video... I’m not in school My parents: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Eduardo Hernández
    Eduardo Hernández3 måneder siden

    F150 will always be the King!

  • M D
    M D3 måneder siden

    The coefficient of friction for the Ford was broken. Once that happens nothing else matters.

  • Drmcx
    Drmcx3 måneder siden

    Lol, the Cybertruck is Elon’s biggest troll ever. He knows that his fangirls will drool and masturbate over everything he does. So, if you are in a position where you can literally test how gullible people are with no consequence to yourself, why not release a super ugly truck and call it the future? I’m no Tesla fan, and I don’t like Elon, but this time I’ll admit that this is a hilarious move.

    POTATO3 måneder siden

    Just like The side pole crash test during The model 3 unveil. The Volvo was super old, and Volvo have something called SIPS.

  • Devin Stolpa-Zietlow
    Devin Stolpa-Zietlow3 måneder siden

    relax. it’s just marketing. they aren’t expecting most people to break it down. it’s just showing how the truck can compare even if it’s rigged to favor the tesla. the point is for people to see us and say wow. it can pull an f-150. maybe i should consider purchasing one

  • Torben Gaitzsch
    Torben Gaitzsch3 måneder siden

    Thank you very much for pointing that out, but every person with common sense knew that this comparison was useless.

  • lolmanboss
    lolmanboss3 måneder siden

    Nice presentation. As an engineer I appreciate this. Better demo would have been tol load on each truck 500 to 1000 kg and then measuring the acceleration or let them drive uphill at different angles.

  • lolmanboss


    Måned siden

    @Matt Yeah your statement is correct. more weight creates more weight force Fw=N which means that frictional force will get higher. the friction itself only changes when you change the state you are in. (if the floor stays the same of course) If you stand still the mu is higher, if you roll it gets lower.

  • Matt


    2 måneder siden

    Hi as an engineer could you shed some light on something. I'm pretty sure the formula F = mu x N provides the maximum frictional force produced. Not the pulling force of the trucks Additionally, normal force is measured in Newtons not lbs?

  • lolmanboss


    3 måneder siden

    @Alex Volkymore If you tow one another you only prove that tesla is heavier. thats why i say do a practical test

  • Alex Volkymore

    Alex Volkymore

    3 måneder siden

    Or just use another AWD Truck and also not stack the odds in anyones favor. But that's not how marketing works.

  • Masked Fox
    Masked Fox3 måneder siden

    I don't care which car won I'm happy seeing a real Hot wheels car😂😂😂

  • Tate Williams
    Tate Williams3 måneder siden

    Why am I here I have a test tmw and I can’t dive

  • Francis McCorey
    Francis McCorey3 måneder siden

    when a person is trying to sell a product , you have a point

  • Stephen L'Heureux
    Stephen L'Heureux3 måneder siden

    This just sounds like a butt hurt Ford driver. I get you bought a Ford lol

  • Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    3 måneder siden

    He has a tesla, but logic won't get into your head anyway...

  • T S
    T S3 måneder siden

    10 k downvotes from sad Tesla guys 😂

  • CrossEyed132
    CrossEyed1323 måneder siden

    60/40 is not weight distribution its engine power distribution to the front and rear wheel, it 60% to the front wheel and 40% to the rear, this is only a applicable to AWD vehicles. which the ford is not, its rear wheel drive so 100% of the power is going to the rear wheels. Also ford trucks exist why do you have to guess so much about its engine power or weight. Like the gear ratio multiplying the power of the engine is great but he doesn't say how much power either engine has to begin with so the math is pointless and is just for show.

  • angelo
    angelo3 måneder siden

    Or maybe go out and talk to some women for once

  • Derrick Moses
    Derrick Moses3 måneder siden

    electric motors have the best torque upon start. derp

  • oscar liu
    oscar liu3 måneder siden


  • Trevor Dillon
    Trevor Dillon3 måneder siden

    Ah ha, but it wasn’t pointless. From a marketing standpoint it was likely quite the success

  • sander de jonge
    sander de jonge3 måneder siden

    this video could be just 1 min long if he just sad: the cybertruck is heavyer then the ford.

  • Anonymous white
    Anonymous white3 måneder siden

    Wow a really heavy 4wd truck can beat a light rwd truck

  • Jay Grows
    Jay Grows3 måneder siden


  • Jay Grows
    Jay Grows3 måneder siden

    Don't be mad cause you bought a FORD bro 🤣 😂 ....

  • Ekin Elçi
    Ekin Elçi3 måneder siden

    What I learned from this video is Tesla’s truck is heavier so it can put more power to the ground. Which still makes it a better truck because you can have more effective pulling power. :D

  • Dexys
    Dexys3 måneder siden

    Alot of assumptions

  • StIgnatius 16
    StIgnatius 163 måneder siden

    It’s marketing, it’s supposed to be pointless and fake like how burger commercials use fake stuff

  • Caleb Bodill
    Caleb Bodill3 måneder siden

    Worst Video ever

  • Caleb Bodill
    Caleb Bodill3 måneder siden

    This is a pointless Test next time at least use a f150 with 4wd

  • Billy Kaelin
    Billy Kaelin3 måneder siden

    The cyber truck is a masterpiece. It even comes with a pre broken window

  • M. Rhdt
    M. Rhdt3 måneder siden

    Tbh i would have a much easier time taking Elon serious, if it wasnt for him putting misleading marketing statements out there. Reminds me of the ‚10.000 Nm torque‘ at the tesla roadster reveal.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker3 måneder siden

    10k mathematicians disliked the video because he approximated

  • Ukin Nam
    Ukin Nam3 måneder siden

    After watching this video, i realized my nose is bleeding.🤣

  • blueboywonder9
    blueboywonder93 måneder siden

    They used an f150 because the f250 would win

  • Indys Dad
    Indys Dad3 måneder siden

    Typical marketing out to trick people.

  • Omega Elixir
    Omega Elixir3 måneder siden

    My Silverado will rip the frame out of that tri motor trash

  • Just Me
    Just Me3 måneder siden

    I think the Tesla truck is incredibly ugly.

  • Just Me
    Just Me3 måneder siden

    The Ford was spinning it's rear tires, so just that fact alone is enough to tell you that it had nothing to do with torque or horsepower. It was about weight, tire size and amount of rubber on the road, and 4WD vs 2WD. No contest.

  • Benil gt2
    Benil gt23 måneder siden

    10k dislikes from 10 year old Tesla fanboys

  • Troy


    3 måneder siden

    They are the worst, tesla fanboys

  • Zimmer Haus

    Zimmer Haus

    3 måneder siden

    Exactly. They also need to learn some physics.

  • John Warosa
    John Warosa3 måneder siden

    hang on, the truck was spinning its tires, so it's about traction not torque. they gave the ford crap tires

  • [] AL []
    [] AL []3 måneder siden

    how to take 10 minutes to say it was an unfair 2WD vs 4wD contest...

  • Paintball
    Paintball3 måneder siden

    But its a merketong stunt tho right so like it worked?

  • ROB C
    ROB C4 måneder siden

    Can you please use metrics. Imperial system is just retarded