Synthetic vs Conventional Oil - There's A Good Reason To Switch


Synthetic vs Conventional Motor Oil - Why Is Synthetic Better For Your Car?
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What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil? There are many advantages of synthetic motor oils, and in this video we’ll be focusing on four key areas. First, we’ll talk about viscosity index, and why synthetics tend to have less change in viscosity with temperature change. Second, we’ll examine volatility, and how synthetic’s more uniform molecular structure helps prevent burning off oil in your engine. Third, we’ll look at how a motor oil made with synthetic base oils impacts the use of viscosity modifiers, which can cause deposit formation within your engine. Finally, we’ll discuss oxidation, which ultimately is a cause of sludge and leading factor necessitating oil changes, as oxygen reacts with motor oil and causes it to thicken with time. I spent time discussing all of these topics and more with Mobil 1 engineers. Watch for all the details! #Mobil1Partner
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  • Mike Chiodetti
    Mike Chiodetti16 timer siden

    I'm glad you explained this. I didn't know the difference between synthetic and conventional, now I know! THANK YOU!

  • GivingItLoads TV
    GivingItLoads TVDag siden

    I guess my confusion is about why everyone is not using Synthetic oil if its a superior product? I bought a diesel water pump that specifies a mineral oil at 20W-40... It made me ponder why they would exclude synthetic oil with a similar SAE?

  • David Sherman
    David Sherman3 dager siden

    If I change from conventional oil to synthetic oil should I use the same viscosity weight? My boat requires 14-40 weight oil.

  • Mel Wig
    Mel Wig8 dager siden

    Inciteful is probably the wrong word to use at this particular time.

  • Beatrice Raymundo
    Beatrice Raymundo10 dager siden

    so what I'm hearing in a dumbified explanation, is that synthetic oil is better than conventional oil because it has fewer impurities, lasts longer, and provides better protection on the engine

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case11 dager siden

    Remember, the only way to find out how good a oil is, is to test a sample at regular intervals. Ole grand pappy's smell test is not reliable. Most companies formulate down to a price point making their product meet the minimum standard. Ever wondered why synthetic oil can cost 4 dollars per quart up to 12 dollars per quart? Same deal with paint. You get what you pay for. BTW this channel is awesome.

  • StevenSVT
    StevenSVT12 dager siden

    Is using Ceretec by liqui moly safe in the long run? What are the cons using these friction modifiers? Thank you in advance!

  • elysian fields
    elysian fields12 dager siden

    How does this apply to transmission oil?

  • B Y
    B Y13 dager siden

    I went EV in 2014 and haven't bought any motor oil since. I am convince that synthetic oil is better, but it is unlikely that a car buyer will ever see the different or benefit from synthetic oils. in 94 I bought a new car and started with full synthetic. At 50k mi it got t-boned and maybe should have been totaled. No one care what oil you use in an insurance claim. I then started using the cheapest oil I could find that met the manufacturer's requirements. I picked up a shitton of oil for just $.40/qt. I had been changing the oil at 5k mi intervals since new, but at 180k mi I switched to 10k mi change intervals. At 260k mi and 12 years the engine was still running great and was the most solid part of the entire car. Someone rear-ended it making it impossible to open the back. It was totaled this time, but still running fine. It is rare to find any car lasting longer than 1/4 million miles, but it can be done without paying for synthetics. BTW the car was a cheap Ford 4cyl, less than $10k new and never needed any engine work. Even at the end, the old consumption never exceeded a qt in 10k mi, and I'm sure there were some leaks by then.

  • Arne Kvinge
    Arne Kvinge13 dager siden

    Refilling Mobile 1 almost stopp the oil consumption on my service van cars.

  • echavez63
    echavez6314 dager siden

    what do u thing happens if you mix two different weight oils , as in a 5w-20 and a 5w-30 ?

  • Bruce Doxey
    Bruce Doxey15 dager siden

    I have always used "conventional" oils in my cars and trucks. I have never had an engine failure, with the exception of my wife overheating a Jeep. The water pump had failed and she kept driving. This makes me wonder, if I change my oil at reasonable intervals and never let the oil run low, how important is synthetic oil for me?

  • Ben Haynes
    Ben Haynes17 dager siden

    So don't run a turbo (heat) and keep your drain intervals short (10,000km) and Dino oil should suffice.

  • Peter Burrows
    Peter Burrows18 dager siden

    I have a 2019 ranger in Canada. Manual calls for Ford's regular oil. Strangely, US manual calls for semi synthetic. I'm thinking I should switch to synthetic? 2.3 litre turbo. Dealer asked what oil I wanted. Opinions please?

  • Juraj Zamek
    Juraj Zamek18 dager siden

    Dobra práce !

  • El Sherta - Guía Mecánico
    El Sherta - Guía Mecánico20 dager siden

    Perfect! great Video!

  • Joshua Prince
    Joshua Prince21 dag siden

    Hey man can you do a video on ABS vs no ABS? Like stopping ability/distance etc...

  • Sgt. Kaito
    Sgt. Kaito22 dager siden

    Well I just put synthetic oil in my car today so I guess I made the right choice!

  • Men Guarding Their Own Wallets
    Men Guarding Their Own Wallets23 dager siden

    If you don't live in an area where the temperatures hit sub-zero in the winter months, then you probably don't actually 'NEED' synthetic oils (but synthetics do help prevent 'sludging' in Toyota V6 engines). If you live in a place where it does get really cold in the winter, then you probably should switch to a full-synthetic engine oil as it won't thicken up to a hard paste at -40 degrees.

  • John Doe
    John Doe23 dager siden

    Mobile 1 is not a synthetic. Amsoil or Redline are true synthetics. A simple google search and anyone can find out what is considered real and what is not. Mobile 1 is still based on a traditional oil.

  • J J
    J J23 dager siden

    Welcome to NOlocals.. *RetroPost* for views.

  • Brian Boudreau
    Brian Boudreau23 dager siden

    How old is this guy jw ??

  • The DescendantIII
    The DescendantIII24 dager siden

    5W20 full synthetic is the best gun oil ever.

  • fowvee
    fowvee24 dager siden

    I can't help but think of the interview with the laboratory technician (possibly lab owner) who has been interviewed several times and asked his opinion based on the results of thousands of oil analysis reports whether he thinks synthetic is worth the cost. His answer is no. He states that the benefits of synthetic oils is mainly displayed in extreme cold temperatures where synthetic flows better than mineral oils but for everyday "lower 48" locations it simply doesn't show a wear benefit. The lab tests don't care what brand or composition the lubricant is. The equipment simply returns a test result.

  • James Medina
    James Medina25 dager siden


  • Oscar Sarzoza
    Oscar Sarzoza25 dager siden

    Been watching your channel since you started! Love your stuff!!

  • vishnu sai
    vishnu sai26 dager siden

    Hello can u suggest good engine oils with grades explained b4 , c2,c3 etc for my Hyundai elite i20,1.4l crdi . Owners manual suggests c2/c3 or b4 , or below if not available in the country . Which grades should I check for in the oil bottles and what does they mean for my diesel engine

  • triarii
    triarii26 dager siden

    this was really good

  • David Bentley
    David Bentley26 dager siden

    "Hopefully this has been insightful...." I don't think you have released a video that has not been insightful!!

  • davaughn wiles
    davaughn wiles27 dager siden

    How does a synthetic blend engine oil compare and how good is it?? @Engineering Explained

  • Landwy
    Landwy27 dager siden

    Jason how about a video on the base stock that is used in synthetic oils. For instance, the oil I use on my wife's Prius is Pennzoil synthetic which comes from distiiling natural gas. Other synthetic oils use petroleum oils and are refined. Amzoil use a base stock that is supposed to be very stable. Please explain.

  • Rogue Art
    Rogue Art27 dager siden

    What if I'm putting a fresh quart in every week?...synthetic gets spendy and it cuts into my beer money.

  • Richard Raucina
    Richard Raucina27 dager siden

    So now tell us about motor oil in the yellow jug that says '"Made from natural gas". How, why and features if any.

  • Richard Raucina
    Richard Raucina27 dager siden

    Great content and information, even though you are so annoying. Thanks!

  • Gerasim Gerasimov
    Gerasim Gerasimov28 dager siden

    The liquid Pistons X- Engine doesn’t need oil and has 70% efficiency.

  • Ken Sutherland
    Ken Sutherland28 dager siden

    Mobil 1 paid me for this vid. Guess what oil is best?

  • Autodidactic Artisan
    Autodidactic Artisan28 dager siden

    Conventional at AutoZone: 29.99 Mobil 1 at walmart/amazon: 27.99 Anyone saying price is thier reason for not switching yet they buy oil at the autoparts store is retarded. Also get your filter at the dealership its not much more expensive and if you call the dealer for the part number you can find it on Amazon for the same price as the shitty stp filters you've been buying at autozone

  • TIMEtoRIDE900
    TIMEtoRIDE90028 dager siden

    Get a pack of cheap-o magnets and stick a few on EVERY oil filter you own - - Now those fine metal shards less than 0.00025 that pass thru your filter will now STAY in your filter !!

  • hawkseye
    hawkseye28 dager siden

    Can you do a comparison with transmission oil API GL4/GL4+/GL5 and mineral/conventional oil?

  • kevin johnson
    kevin johnson28 dager siden

    Was really hopeful this video was going to mention zink, and diffrent types of camshafts...

  • sanjeewa kumara Senarathna
    sanjeewa kumara Senarathna28 dager siden

    It's kinda uncomfortable to hear your voice ,may be that's because of the way of speaking

  • Lenin chembiyil
    Lenin chembiyil29 dager siden

    I use Motul full synthetic oil in my Bajaj Avenger 220 street.

  • Bill Truett
    Bill Truett29 dager siden

    Great info. Super cool way to explain something that a lot of people even when you explain something such as oil weight don’t get. Awesome way to get really important information to the non mechanically minded.

  • Nipz Maitipe
    Nipz Maitipe29 dager siden

    Im still watching your videos uploaded 6-7 years back and your appearance is changed now :(

  • Raglan's Electric Baboon
    Raglan's Electric Baboon29 dager siden

    Nice history show :P What about oils in electric motors and their driveline? =)

  • Joe La Bianco
    Joe La Bianco29 dager siden

    I'm running out to my cars right now and I'm changing over to synthetic or the cheaper conventional synthetic blend since my cars only used to use conventional Really enjoy watching your videos always learning something new everyday

  • This Is Your Captain Speaking
    This Is Your Captain Speaking29 dager siden

    My synthetic hasn't been changed in 200k miles... I figure I've already saved $300.

  • Survival Russia
    Survival RussiaMåned siden

    I have heard that some crankcase seals and other rubber part on older cars does not like fully synthetic oils. Can you elaborate on that please?

  • dennis rantanen

    dennis rantanen

    23 dager siden

    Oh huh? Well I have 97 5.4 triton with just about 250,000 miles with 100% synthetic in it that doesn't leak!

  • Survival Russia

    Survival Russia

    23 dager siden

    @Bob Press Thank you.

  • Bob Press

    Bob Press

    23 dager siden

    Yessir Mr. Russia- as your cars gets older, all the seals and gaskets shrinks, contract, and rot from wear and age, and when you use synthetic oil because of its lubricious properties you will experience increased leaking everywhere.

  • dennis rantanen

    dennis rantanen

    28 dager siden

    Naw, Those were the ester base synthetics from 30 + years ago that swelled the seals too much causing issues. The modern formulas of the top premium real synthetics use combinations of PAO with some ester and other stuff to keep the seals pliable. The group III highly refined hydrocracked petroleum based synthetics are formulated to be nice to seals as well I believe. This is basically said, but there is much more tech to it. But so it really is a non-issue today.

  • Take the Cake

    Take the Cake

    28 dager siden

    He has a video on this. Check his channel, it was pretty recent

  • Annie Worroll
    Annie WorrollMåned siden

    I go synthetic because I can't easily afford even a beater used car. So keeping my existing car going as long as possible is important.

  • Annie Worroll

    Annie Worroll

    Måned siden

    The up front cost of the oil is higher, but it will hopefully dodge a much bigger bill down the road.

  • Megan Shields
    Megan ShieldsMåned siden

    I know Mobile1 is popular four stroke oil, just wondering what your take is on some of the popular two cycle oils are, like Blue Marble , Amsoil , Royal Purple, Legends and Klotz. a few have been around a long time but you don't hear much about them. could be advertising cost....

  • Daniel Maland
    Daniel MalandMåned siden

    what about shear and mechanical degradation of oil long chain viscosity improvers are especially susceptible to this and the fact that synthetic uses less of them is a good thing

  • Gino Cetani
    Gino CetaniMåned siden

    I'll wait for my turbo to go synthetic

  • Leslie Nordman
    Leslie NordmanMåned siden

    Jason, I am confused. Under the "Volatility" section, you said that when oil gets heated it burns off: " . . . synthetics slow this effect, because not as much will be burning off". In the Oxidation section, you say that oxygen combines with the oil to form deposits. But, I think, "burning" is defined as an exothermic reaction when oxygen combines with a fuel. So, is the motor oil burning in the Volatility section? If so, would that not be Oxidation (combining with oxygen)? Please help.

  • KevinK2


    29 dager siden

    The first section is about evaporation of the lighter "ends" of the oil due to heat, resulting in thickening of the oil. The Oxidation is a reaction between oil and O2, and creating sludge. In both cases, some "lighter ends" of the oil vapor is burned in the combustion chamber. The burning is through the engine combustion process, through the pcv system.

  • Temwanani Nkana
    Temwanani NkanaMåned siden

    I need your email. I have issues to discuss

  • almc2242
    almc2242Måned siden

    Can you shed some light on the difference when someone uses turbo oil in a turbocharged engine? But what benefits is the use of Lucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer.

  • That Gay Guy
    That Gay GuyMåned siden

    Hey handsome

  • Noukz
    NoukzMåned siden

    @4:31 What about toxicity? Aren't synthetics much more toxic to living beings and the environment? What about production (fossil based) and disposal of the oils? It's a damn shame Jason you didn't talk about this whatsoever.

  • Mike Huston
    Mike HustonMåned siden

    i have had 3 chevy express vans over the years. Have used synthetic every with oil change every 8000km. I have had engines last 500000 to 650 000 kms life.well worth the expense

  • IdealSound & Performance
    IdealSound & PerformanceMåned siden

    Ugh thanks for reminding me I need to do an oil change. M1 & filter sitting and waiting

  • Cowabunga dude!
    Cowabunga dude!Måned siden

    TLDW??? someone help me out

  • Science Militia1
    Science Militia1Måned siden

    My proudest accomplishments in engineering include extensive controlled tribological experiements in world class third party engine labs. The difference is dramatic. When comparing nearly every single measurable characteristic of oil and oil durability, there are three brands that stick out: Amsoil, Mobil, Pennzoil. Its a race for 2nd place, by the way. Amsoil is leaps and bounds ahead of everybody else, because they develop their own additive packages. Mobil does not. My confidentiality agreement has lapsed and my life is ruined, so I do have the liberty of being honest.

  • Jeffrey C
    Jeffrey CMåned siden

    Does Synthetic Pennzoil actually have a “Base Oil” since it’s made from natural gas? Asking for a friend. 😁

  • Nicola6892


    28 dager siden

    @Jeffrey C its more pure than regular synthetic base 3 oil. And normal base 3 oil use used motor oil(the black oil that u give to Walmart,ecc). The grup 3+ use pure new petroleum oil that is transformed into gas and again in oil.

  • Jeffrey C

    Jeffrey C

    28 dager siden

    @Nicola6892 : Really? They make NG from oil to turn it back into oil? Doesn’t sound right. It is an extra step which increases cost AND NG is cheaper than oil to begin with. 🤷

  • Nicola6892


    28 dager siden

    @Jeffrey C yes. Natural gas from petroleum. some redline is 100%ester base(group 5), ravenol use pao 80/60%(group 4). For normal driving a group 3 oil is good and offer the same protection as group 4 and 5 so don't waste money if u don't do track day.

  • Jeffrey C

    Jeffrey C

    29 dager siden

    @Nicola6892 : so you are saying natural gas is petroleum? And which synthetic oils are made from base four and five?

  • Nicola6892


    29 dager siden

    Group 1,2,3 and 3+(Pennzoil ultra plat) base oil is made from petroleum. Group 4 and 5 base oil are really synthetics.

  • brkbeat junkie
    brkbeat junkieMåned siden

    Mobil1 is definitely worth the extra few dollars every 5-10k miles.

  • S W
    S WMåned siden

    Hog wash. Oil is oil.

  • J Long, Jr.
    J Long, Jr.Måned siden

    Was there any discussion about car manufacturers' approvals? Mobil1 has Ford and GM approvals, previously had Chrysler.

  • Jackisaboss1208
    Jackisaboss1208Måned siden

    Crazy, I worked at the plant where this stuff is made and I never really understood the advantages. Heard a lot about GF6 though

  • Bryan Carlson
    Bryan CarlsonMåned siden

    I replaced conventional motor oil with Mobil I Synthetic Motor Oil in my 1960 Buick Electra with 22,000 original miles. It runs perfectly with no problems!

  • whattheschmidt
    whattheschmidtMåned siden

    Great info, I asked myself halfway through, wait - why am I watching this? I don't use oil anymore....full EV, electric everything now haha.

  • Shaun Smith
    Shaun SmithMåned siden

    With a flat tappet cam you need to have semi to get enough zddp unless you use race oil

    GETH_ _COMMANDS_Måned siden

    use Motorkote best shti ive ever used not cheap and Evans waterless coolant is magic ( you need to use the pre-treatment first to remove any left over water/based fluid in the system)

  • Lord Malice
    Lord MaliceMåned siden

    I been using Mobil 1 annual protection for about 3 years with no problems on a 04 Gran Prix GT, I now have a Lincoln MKZ with a 3.0T AWD. Would it be a good idea to use it in this car? I'm thinking not so much, and to the least change it early if you do use it! What you think? Auto stores don't like Mobile's Annual oil either! They dont even order it!😅

  • Rodolfo Lopez
    Rodolfo LopezMåned siden

    I only use synthetic engine oil on all of my cars. Two of them have 90k miles and when you open the oil caps, the engines have no sludge, not even discoloration, and seem to be almost new.

  • Aleksi Esko
    Aleksi EskoMåned siden

    what kind of a third world country do you have to be in to even ever consider non fully synthetic lol

  • bludgett
    bludgettMåned siden

    What is the Shelf Life for these synth oils such as Mobil 1? Meaning, if I kept the bottle unopened and sitting in my garage at a stable (room?) temperature, how many years can it sit and still be useful in a regular ICE car's oil change?

  • Thomas B Gaming
    Thomas B GamingMåned siden

    who tf uses conventional? i got my first car at 17 and i never touched conventional oil, its literally $10 more for full synthetic for 5 quarts

  • chad harmon
    chad harmonMåned siden

    Synthetic is better oil just use it 🤦‍♂️ now in old stuff I recommend a semi synthetic or conventional there’s my 2 cents

  • Blaise Blastos
    Blaise BlastosMåned siden

    the escape I drive uses a synthetic this the best of both worlds?

  • John Harris
    John HarrisMåned siden

    I thought I was having a nightmare and back in my Organic Chemistry class.

  • John Harris

    John Harris

    23 dager siden

    @Bob Press I run full Synth in my SUV

  • Bob Press

    Bob Press

    23 dager siden

    Don't give it a second thought Johnnie, slug yourself a quart of synthetic oil and you be good to go!

  • Stuart Walker
    Stuart WalkerMåned siden

    Just an engineer talking to his white board. Authentic!

  • madphatdopeyo742
    madphatdopeyo742Måned siden

    I use my car for work and idle a lot. Should I use synthetic in the summer and conventional in the winter? Or would switching it back and forth have a negative impact on my engine?

  • DavidJLim


    Måned siden

    Just use synthetic year round

  • SL M.
    SL M.Måned siden

    Thank you very much...

  • eM
    eMMåned siden

    Moral of the story: Change your oil daily and you won't have a problem.

  • Eric L

    Eric L

    Måned siden

    That's not so far from the reality of some people as you might guess. The grandfather of a guy I know used to drain his engine oil every evening during the colder times of winter, keep it in the house overnight, and put it back in the engine in the morning before driving off to work! For an idea on the time period, I think it was back in the 1940s and 50s.

  • Don Beary
    Don BearyMåned siden

    Mobil One user since the 70's and Smokey Yunick tests :)

  • Adam Steele
    Adam SteeleMåned siden

    Use the oil that is designed for your engine. There is no need to discuss anything other than that.

  • Robson Enduro
    Robson EnduroMåned siden

    why don't we compromise here and use semi synthetic....

  • Chaplain Crabtree
    Chaplain CrabtreeMåned siden

    Rotella t4 in EVERYTHING

  • John Steele

    John Steele

    28 dager siden

    Absolute garbage group 3

  • Grand Rapids57
    Grand Rapids57Måned siden

    Both are taken from the ground, it is just one seems to be more heavily processed, am I right?

  • Grand Rapids57

    Grand Rapids57

    Måned siden

    @ThePEagle An actually useful NOlocal comment: indeed, I will follow your advice.

  • ThePEagle


    Måned siden

    No, there are processes to create oil from other sources : Ester oils. The process you are refering to is the polyalkylenes (synthetics from petrochemical refinement). Wikipedia will help you a lot on the page "Synthetic oil" if you want to look it up a bit further (and much better than in that video)

  • Kesateria Matahari
    Kesateria MatahariMåned siden

    Would using 5W-50 synthetic oil better than 20W-50 conventional in hot summer condition?

  • Shamie Ramsamuj
    Shamie RamsamujMåned siden

    Yeah but I’m still not putting synthetic in my 15 year old corrola 🤣

  • Shamie Ramsamuj

    Shamie Ramsamuj

    Måned siden

    @Liam's Tanks literally xD

  • Liam's Tanks

    Liam's Tanks

    Måned siden

    Be a lot cooler if you did

  • Dragon GGW
    Dragon GGWMåned siden

    I've been using full synthetic oil for years now. The two main brands I trust are Royal Purple and Mobil 1. Those are the only two I have experience with. I'd be interested in hearing what brands other people use and why. You never know, I just might give yours a try.

  • Dragon GGW

    Dragon GGW

    Måned siden

    @DavidJLim Royal Purple is aleady as much as $10/qt. Less is you find it on sale.

  • DavidJLim


    Måned siden

    Amsoil is arguably the best, if you want to pay their price

  • ZoidBurg
    ZoidBurgMåned siden

    I would really like to see a video about synthetic fuel. Efficiency vs. hydrogen etc. would be very interesting.

  • 4u25out
    4u25outMåned siden

    The only disadvantage of synthetic oil is the price..but you do less oil change, I guess it evens out..sorta.

  • jlanderson42
    jlanderson42Måned siden

    Anyone know why my Cummins would consume (either burns or spits it out the blow by tube) synthetic 5w40 at a rate of almost exactly 2x conventional 15w40? I get oil analysis done every 3-5000 miles and at 7500 miles the 15W40 conventional still looks basically brand new

  • D ́ Automaton
    D ́ AutomatonMåned siden

    Do you quit your job as an engineer, to be a full time youtuber? You have great and interesting content, I will be able to learn a lot. 👌🏻

  • Dave B
    Dave BMåned siden

    A Chevron Oil engineer told me that there are many advantages to using synthetic oils, but extended change intervals is not one of them He bases this on contamination.

  • dennis rantanen

    dennis rantanen

    27 dager siden

    If you read the label on the oil bottles most run of the mill synthetics won't say anything about extending drain intervals. So it shouldn't be done. If anything is said it is only to use OEM manufacturers recommendations. The ones that do say something about extended change intervals are the more premium ones and cost more.

  • dennis rantanen

    dennis rantanen

    27 dager siden

    @Dave B Right, but I stand by what I said. Premium synthetics can be run longer, the key word here is premium it's been tested and retested and tested some more, with no detrimental effects. Premiums have stronger, "read expensive", more robust additives that will last longer. You ever heard of oil analysis? That would be the proper way to really gauge how long to go. Of course most people wouldn't bother, that and they won't spring for the expensive premium synthetics, so they go to the costco's, walrus marts etc and get their three dollar a qt. so called synthetic, then run it way to long and hurt the engine and so the dufus grease monkey down the street cries about how bad synthetics are. Now, I am guilty as charged to, I don't do oil analysis either and probably should because I use premium synthetics & being a life long mechanic by trade I should know better and have run way to long. But when you do run long most engines will consume & volatise some oil so you have to check your oil levels, so toping off the oil with fresh helps renew the additives some. The cheap three dollar a qt group III highly refined hydrocracked petroleum based so called synthetics in this country, no. You have to go by manufacturers recommendations.

  • Dave B

    Dave B

    27 dager siden

    @dennis rantanen all modern oils have Ph neutralizes in them to combat acidification from combustion by products, but get used up as the burning fuel produces acids continually. Microscopic particles from wear, and entrained air lowering film strength are contaminants that can't be filtered and limit oil useful life no matter how well the oil was made.

  • dennis rantanen

    dennis rantanen

    28 dager siden

    He bases it on $ & ¢ . They want to sell you more oil more often. That and they won't or can't formulate for longer drains and they don't have good enough filters.

    ABXPONCEMåned siden

    I have an Honda Civic Si 2017. (Turbocharged engine) I live in Puerto Rico (Caribbean Island) The temps never go below 68f in my city. But when the day heats it gets 92 to 101 degrees F. The recommended oil is 0w20 Can I upgrade to 0w30 or 5w30 ? for better protection? Would it affect in Startups? Thank you. Bernard Ponce, Puerto Rico

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. BaconMåned siden

    Seriously, you don't have your own school? Your information is so fluent and actually fun to listen too! A+

  • Rex Seven
    Rex SevenMåned siden

    There's a good reason to NOT switch. A rotary engine.

  • Stephane Chabot
    Stephane ChabotMåned siden

    Great Video. I understand the advantage of synthetic oil, but would the viscosity curve for a 5W20 conventional be the same as synthetic? The numbers do refer to cold and hot viscosity measurements.

  • nick kay
    nick kayMåned siden

    Are these synthetics any less polluting?