Porsche Reinvents The Brake Rotor - No Rust, Low Dust, No Fade!


Porsche Surface Coated Brakes (PSCB) are a brilliant new brake technology.
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Porsche Surface Coated Brakes have a thin layer of tungsten carbide on the outside of the rotor. This tungsten carbide layer means no rust, significantly less brake dust, and they don't have brake fade typical of cast-iron brake rotors. The tungsten carbide layer is applied using high velocity oxygen fuel spray, and provides a rotor that lasts about 30% longer than traditional iron rotors. Better performance comes at a price, but they're about 1/3 the cost of carbon ceramic rotors. These PSCB rotors come standard on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Cayenne Coupe Turbo. Check out the video to learn all about Porsche's world-first brakes!
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  • Tylor Miranda
    Tylor Miranda5 dager siden

    30% longer service life. 1% heavier. 50% more expensive. Nope.

  • Ana and Charlie Nguyen
    Ana and Charlie Nguyen7 dager siden

    As 0.00083mm = 0.000033in or 33 million of an inch. Caliper is no way to use to measure that fine. Your touch on the brake pad may increase that amount.

  • jeroldemond
    jeroldemond7 dager siden

    just use akebono pads and iron rotors. No dust, long lasting

  • Hugo Nabais
    Hugo Nabais12 dager siden

    "supersonic speeds above speed of sound"?!?!

  • Karl Hajda
    Karl Hajda13 dager siden

    just makemm out of one solid unit of applicable material....oh errrr ahem ok if the rotas are worn out when half worn then make emm out of half shite and half applicable material or a bit more for the pedantic peeps!

  • C.G.C
    C.G.C14 dager siden

    wow porche made it again, simply wow wow

  • plan je
    plan je15 dager siden

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  • sidharth cs
    sidharth cs15 dager siden

    So they seasoned the breaks?

  • Andromedarr
    Andromedarr15 dager siden

    This sounds that it is perfect for BEVs and One Pedal Driving. Yeah it is expensive but it is very likely you'll never need to change brakes anymore. And you wont have a problem with rust, even if you hardly ever use the brakes.

  • Carlos der Hund
    Carlos der Hund16 dager siden

    Its Porsche not Porscha. And it also isnt Porsch. Why does everyone get it wrong?

  • R Gunness
    R Gunness16 dager siden

    I'm going to change my 14 year old rotors tomorrow. they cost me $137 for all four with ceramic pads and break clean AND some dot3. meanwhile these cost more than twice what I paid for my G. time to get off NOlocal I think

  • Jim Pie
    Jim Pie16 dager siden

    PS.....I bought a Mustang instead!.........Jim PPS......yes a 5.0L, 5speed, Convertible, and I’m still enjoying it without going to the poor house!

  • Jim Pie
    Jim Pie16 dager siden

    I’m glad that in 1983 I didn’t buy a Porsche. Best decision I ever made......Jim

  • Adventure Brad
    Adventure Brad16 dager siden

    Slide the wheel under the rocker for some added protection but looks plenty safe the way you have it if your not going under the car.Great videos, thanks!

  • Karen Bailey
    Karen Bailey17 dager siden

    LOVED your explanation, but HUGELY APPRECIATED your costing of replacements. I am about to buy a Cayenne E-hybrid, so at the beginning of your presentation I was thinking “I might just spec in those tungsten carbide coated discs”! No way now - not even if I’m pulling a caravan. I’ll just use the gears and the regen function with braking (which should save the brakes anyway!). Great work!

  • michael best
    michael best17 dager siden

    Yes, 30% longer wear, but probably 3-times the cost of cast iron rotors.

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes17 dager siden

    How many pistons in the callipers of the rear brakes? They still look a good size for a possible donor item for a brake upgrade on an older vehicle.

  • fewwiggle
    fewwiggle18 dager siden

    Hit a pot hole, and your rotor is gone (if it can't be re-surfaced, i.e., un-warped).

  • smetlje sm
    smetlje sm20 dager siden

    Crazy tech even crazier replacement costs. Just gor 30% more life. Anyone knows how much longer do their ceramic rotors last compared to steel ones?

  • Jasmine Goin
    Jasmine Goin20 dager siden

    What about turning the rotors wouldn't you need to or take the chance of putting new pads on warped rotors

  • Raiden Shang
    Raiden Shang20 dager siden

    What about GM FNC technology?

  • Daniel Sleator
    Daniel Sleator22 dager siden

    In the future when almost all cars are electric, this technology is irrelevant. Regular brakes last pretty much forever on an electric car, because 90% or more of breaking is regenerative. These brilliant engineers should be working on something more useful.

  • amiabledave50
    amiabledave5028 dager siden

    So I'm a regular Joe that likes the idea about the tungsten carbide brakes. But now I'm convinced that Porsche owners would rather spend $11K to $32K on brakes so they wouldn't have to wash the brake dust off their Wheels

    SBF HAWK28 dager siden

    Bravo Porsche !!! You are in the making of greatness!! Sure to see Acura, Lexus and other manufacturers start looking into these type of rotors !!!

  • mluleki mabuza
    mluleki mabuzaMåned siden

    "I'll put a whiteboard anywhere." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ferenc Rékasi
    Ferenc RékasiMåned siden

    I read this tech from Bosch first, I think Porsche bought this patent.

  • Scott H
    Scott HMåned siden

    It's called spray welding

  • Philip B
    Philip BMåned siden

    Time out: 70% of brake dust is rotor material? Sorry car and driver, if that were true, brake dust would be orange from oxidation. I have never, ever, seen orange brake dust. Just sayin'.

  • TheWizechatmgr
    TheWizechatmgrMåned siden

    HVOF sounds a lot like spray welding =)

  • D. Pounds
    D. PoundsMåned siden

    So long as the wealthy buy porches, the poor will remain poor with fading brakes 🤷🏾 greed is how they got there

  • True Scotsman
    True ScotsmanMåned siden

    what about glazing?

  • Chris Brown
    Chris BrownMåned siden

    So basically they used the same coatings on an insert for a shell mill.

  • Savage22 Bolt
    Savage22 BoltMåned siden

    Most of my cars had drum brakes. Two of my cars had no brakes.

  • Hazim Reitz
    Hazim ReitzMåned siden

    But them price is good though.. the rotor would probably last as long as the engine if used normally.. i would like a bike version of this if any is available.

  • Clinton Hall
    Clinton HallMåned siden

    is the tungsten carbide coating process done through hardfacing or something similar?

  • quantumphaser
    quantumphaserMåned siden

    I replaced the front brake pads on my 2008 Prius at 180,000 miles. The car now has 250,000 miles on it and the rotors are STILL original, the lifetime warrenty pads from AutoZone were $50. But yeah, Porsche.

  • סבתא רבא
    סבתא רבאMåned siden

    Super nice video as usual, but I must say that when replacing the brakes cost $32k I would probably total the car one way or another.

  • Cyberwolf342
    Cyberwolf342Måned siden

    Can I just point out the Ten piston brake calipers like I thought 6 pistons were large

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpeMåned siden

    with electric cars, even better

  • Jeremy Nottingham
    Jeremy NottinghamMåned siden

    Meh? its a press car, looks well abused already..lol

  • Asmaa ElSherbini
    Asmaa ElSherbiniMåned siden

    Putting diesel engine oil in petrol engine to reduce oil burning what is the draw back

  • Tom Bryant
    Tom BryantMåned siden

    I’m more worried about why you and the Porsche aren’t wearing masks than how it’s not jacked up “safely” .. haha!

  • John Isles
    John IslesMåned siden

    This technology was used on bicycle rims for many years by a company called Rigida (renamed to Ryde). Their rims were called CSS (Cardbide SuperSonic - indicating the processes by which the tungsten carbide was applied to the aluminium rims. The wear rate was very low and the rims lasted much longer than normal aluminium rims. They did however suffer from brake squeal and somewhat inconsistent wet weather performance.

  • 001nemo
    001nemoMåned siden

    I would like to know, how they perform in mud or dust.

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe SchroederMåned siden

    Well, regular drilled/slotted rotors with good pads do just fine on my vehicle. Interesting to watch but to be honest: completely useless for an American audience because the maximum speed limit in the US is around 90mph and more common around 65mph. People may go on a track for fun, so that's the people who might spend that much on brakes. For me: $200 rotors, $80 pads - good brake performance even when towing. PS: I would have no problem working under that car with the 3 jacks. Well, maybe that's why men live shorter, but it's already redundant. I just do jacks and that's it. Ok, I have 14 inches ground clearance, so the car will not crush me if it came down - that sure is a consideration.

  • elli003
    elli003Måned siden

    Well that's great engineering and everything, but Porsche has a propensity for over-engineering to a fault - their cars break too often and they are way too expensive to keep contributing your 401K to a sinking fund. I love Porches. They are a blast to drive. I can always go out to a track and race them whenever I get a the need for speed. Rent, don't buy.

  • Bill Lambert
    Bill LambertMåned siden

    My entire freakin' vehicle cost less than those absurd brakes. It's pointless around here anyway, too many idiots on the roads, I'd have to hire an armed guard with a roof-mounted 50-cal to keep them away from my fenders.

  • erikjonromnes
    erikjonromnesMåned siden

    I brake for breaks, and I breakfast.

  • William Reymond
    William ReymondMåned siden

    9:20] Wow, total parts replacement cost for the Porsche TCB brakes five times that of conventional overpriced Porsche brakes. At the very beginning of the video, before we know anything about the TCB brakes other than they lasted 30% longer than conventional brakes I guessed it would be six times. So, for slightly less than 1/3 greater service life you get to pay five times as much - you've just been screwed.

  • Ed South
    Ed SouthMåned siden

    Totally agree that brakes should only cost around 1000 I have Alcon Racing brakes on my Jag and dealer wanted almost 9000 to have a new set put on. I sourced OEM for under 1000

  • Dimitri Bianco
    Dimitri BiancoMåned siden

    Great video! Thanks for sharing new technologies on the channel!

  • National Enquirer
    National EnquirerMåned siden

    So what if you use it as special rotors and when that 0.1mm surface wears out, you use it as regular rotors

  • 3R welding and fabrication
    3R welding and fabricationMåned siden

    Power stop has had no rust rotors for years

  • justin gauche
    justin gaucheMåned siden

    Is it the type of tungsten that has thorium in it? And thus creates radioactive and carcinogenic dust?, little it may be?

  • Elias Papadimas
    Elias PapadimasMåned siden

    But do they come slotted

  • Cal L
    Cal LMåned siden

    Innovations are nice, but I would prefer my innovation not to be 1k per side - especially when tried and true cost less than 1/10 of the price... Well, maybe not 1/10 as I am sure a Porsche irons rotor cost more than 100 bucks seeing how you have to pay for the brand.

  • Juanito Suriel
    Juanito SurielMåned siden

    I want to ask,How come you only review European products,never japan or american cars and things.Just Asking.

  • seapeddler
    seapeddlerMåned siden

    A floor jack should have flanges on both sides of the body and lifting arm for full width locking pins. Jack stands are dangerous. Regardless of the engineering, few vehicles which roll off assembly lines around the world are fit to drive in terrorist IED countries. An IED under a Porsche would blow off the rotor. Well, it may even blow the driver out the roof. Yes, I see why car companies emphasize rotors, monster calipers, towing capacity, etc. Porsche makes wonderful buggies, but common sense is the best policy. Someone likes to control the water, air we breathe, food, and our travel propensities. More Porsches for sale means fewer dead animals on the highway, which also have feelings too. How can a dead moose nourish it's calf after death ? How can a dead mother bear tech it's young survival skills ? How long should a kid wait for a dead cat to come home ? Speed belongs on a racetrack, and sooner or later God will catch up with nature's offenders. GOD is the master engineer of all things lasting billions of years or more. God called upon Stefan Bellof one day. God engineered Jesus, but we can't see the light. Portals iz the way to go, I reckon.

  • EhrabMoney
    EhrabMoneyMåned siden

    damn why they throwing hate about the jack, they must not actually work on cars? lmfao Ya boy running like RAID 5 over There

  • 50gary
    50garyMåned siden

    Even if the jacks were to fail hydraulically and mechanically, the weight of the car wouldn't' crush the metal parts of the jack into dust so therefore the car wouldn't hit the floor. It's for display and instruction not for working under the car so give all this millennium complaining (just because I can and demonstrate how observant I can be) a rest it's tiresome and annoying. A good explanation of the brakes thanks.

  • blohmymind
    blohmymindMåned siden

    Why do u need little plastic fins to cool the brakes when you've just paid $11,098 - oh and 10 cents - for brakes that don't lose performance when they get hot? Couldn't u just pay $10,098.10 for the little plastic fins and get the same result?

  • Cristian Dinu
    Cristian DinuMåned siden

    At 2:03 you combine O2, fuel with water from your WC? :D

  • Cristian Dinu
    Cristian DinuMåned siden

    So much dirt, dust and mud on Romanian roads, no chance for that Porsche caliper and logo to stay clean.

  • Dan SRT-10
    Dan SRT-10Måned siden

    It’s clear that front porch doesn’t want the rotor to last for the life of the vehicle, change the 0.1 to 1mm and use something better then a cast rotor and it would last for that life of the vehicle. What a grate marketing tool that would be for front porch.

  • snorman1951
    snorman1951Måned siden

    Another solution in search of a problem. Engineers won out over bean counters this time.

  • Ralph Allen
    Ralph AllenMåned siden

    I feel much better now about the cost to replace pads and coated rotors on my 2009 Ford Flex 🤪 🚙

  • joe michele
    joe micheleMåned siden

    Porsche Can Rob You Blind Without Ever Using a Gun .... Rotf ...lmao

  • joe michele
    joe micheleMåned siden

    Would They they last 225,000 miles Like the Original factory rotors on my Mercedes ?

  • Stay Positive
    Stay PositiveMåned siden

    I wonder how many of the commenters bitching about safety are engineers by both education and trade themselves. Probably none. lol

  • Zim
    ZimMåned siden


  • Andrew4181975
    Andrew4181975Måned siden

    Just sounds like another gimmick to me, which most of everything "newer & better" usually is.

  • Stay Positive

    Stay Positive

    Måned siden

    Yep. I could never justify buying a daily car for over $100k then having brake change jobs in the thousands. Pure stupidity and pretentiousness.

  • Charles Seymour
    Charles SeymourMåned siden

    Good safety system. All you safety trolls make me tired. Just shut up. Everyone settles into the safety level they are comfortable with. Risk is life.

  • Andrew Liss
    Andrew LissMåned siden

    I would guess that corrosion resistance probably makes the rotors last longer, as well.

  • Bob Snyder
    Bob SnyderMåned siden

    The saying that Roman civil engineers had to stay under the bridges they designed comes to mind. You should test your theory. A simulation of the failure of the scissor “death” jack and see what happens. I’ve seen floor jacks and bottle jacks fail as well. Those forces shift and just because they can hold doesn’t mean they should. I’m sure you can afford a pair of jack stands. Be an example of doing things right for the people who might not know better.

  • Doge Is mlg
    Doge Is mlgMåned siden

    put studs on it then ill buy it

  • Bikemike 1
    Bikemike 1Måned siden

    This rust is embarrassing...!

  • satyanarayana pottimutti
    satyanarayana pottimuttiMåned siden

    32000 dollars on brakes. And I am proud of my 30000 dollar Focus RS.... Understandable have a great day 👍

  • Etan Plan
    Etan PlanMåned siden

    Wouldn’t this make the pad wear down quicker due to extremely hard surface?

  • Lyndon Than
    Lyndon ThanMåned siden

    Love your videos. I'm an engineer as well, and I find it so refreshing to listen to someone who uses the proper vocabulary, and presents concepts and ideas with a strong depth of understanding and discernment, does not dwell on things everyone already knows, and moreover, focuses on CONTENT in the videos. Thank you.

  • Life Is Good
    Life Is GoodMåned siden

    Guys, once you understand how a Porsche is built and runs, no matter how rich or poor you are, your gonna get poorer.....😢but look and feel good doing it 👍

  • g600f700
    g600f700Måned siden

    compare to EV regenerating brake, does it worth to spend so much investment on brake system? It seems like an obsolete technology. IMO.

  • eeyvrcs
    eeyvrcsMåned siden

    I have to say, with no ill intent, I think if the front 2 jacks fail (which seems unlikely) then I feel the car, at best, will fall forward and at worst the 3rd scissor jack will topple and the car will fall completely on its right side.

  • Justin Murray
    Justin MurrayMåned siden

    If someone called you an "engineer", that just means you've been too easy on us with the whiteboards recently! LOL

  • Kitten IsaGeek
    Kitten IsaGeekMåned siden

    Loved the "They didn't realize engineers don't have feelings" line. I once took a psych class titled "Introduction to Personality." The professor was getting frustrated because this particular class was very quiet and not really responsive. From the front of the class he said, "Come on! Let your personalities show!" I slowly raised my hand and glanced around nervously, but.. when he called on me I said, "We're engineers, sir. We're here to learn what personality is."

  • Jason Downing
    Jason DowningMåned siden

    The rotors look heat checked

  • Jeebus
    JeebusMåned siden

    Just the parts?

  • Guv'nor
    Guv'norMåned siden

    Last 30% longer (ahem, in the real world they aren't) and cost 5 times as much. Hmmm let me think about this....

  • Charlene Woods
    Charlene WoodsMåned siden

    It's been a bit since I've done a fan poll, but I'm having trouble figuring out this week's Lolcow of the Week. It's not as cut and dry, so here are the choices for this time around:

  • David Chase
    David ChaseMåned siden

    This may sound loony, but this might be a nice technology for bicycle brake rotors. On something like a cargo bike, they wear pretty fast (as in yes, I have replaced rotors) but because they're relatively small the extra cost might not be quite so ridiculous.

  • JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz
    JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretzMåned siden

    You can buy on ebay brakes and rotors for 500 for these.... Less than those 2000 11000 or 32000

  • Neck Bone
    Neck BoneMåned siden

    Why don't some Korean, American, Chinese manufacture come up with a plan to mass produce CCBs on a large scale and put the cost of ceramic brakes in a reasonable range?

  • Easy Eagle
    Easy EagleMåned siden

    But they could have been made to last forever....

  • Porsche Carrera S 992 Cabriolet in Agate Grey 911
    Porsche Carrera S 992 Cabriolet in Agate Grey 911Måned siden

    I had PCCB in my last 911 and they never needed cleaning from Brake dust. I didn’t specify them in my 992

  • Porsche Carrera S 992 Cabriolet in Agate Grey 911
    Porsche Carrera S 992 Cabriolet in Agate Grey 911Måned siden

    This is not offered as an option in 992. Also instead of this high cost you can get the PCCB for only £6000. So I don’t understand what these are used for

  • RyKing Uploads
    RyKing UploadsMåned siden

    Hi, I'm here to purchase a new WRX. *Pushes brakes across the counter as a form of currency

  • djsparky djsparky
    djsparky djsparky2 måneder siden

    If you've never dropped a car on its rotors can you even consider yourself a car guy?

  • Midwestdoug36
    Midwestdoug362 måneder siden

    And this is why I drive Toyota’s!

  • paul l
    paul l2 måneder siden

    Dumbest option. It costs $25,000 to do a brake job on a lower end Porsche.

  • paul l

    paul l

    2 måneder siden

    Porsche asks $8,520 to put PCCB on the 992-series 911, and $9,210 to option them on the 911 GT3. A set of replacement rotors for the front axle costs $11,500. Aftermarket carbon brake kits made just for Porsche, and that can be refurbished, cost $14,949 in one instance, $21,895 in another, or $29,000 from Brembo. And they require specific, expensive pads.

  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo2 måneder siden

    Porsche 911’s main rival is the Chevrolet Corvette

  • Stephen E. Toner
    Stephen E. Toner2 måneder siden

    That car looks lkke a seat ?