Porsche Made The Least Efficient Electric Car


The Porsche Taycan Turbo Is The Least Efficient Electric Car (EPA)
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The 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo has the lowest MPGe rating of all current 2019 and 2020 model year electric cars in the United States according to the EPA. For gasoline supercars, efficiency doesn't really matter, and fuel economy is often pitiful. However, with today's current battery technology, electric car efficiency is extremely important regardless if it's an economy car or a supercar.
Porsche enthusiasts may not be worried about the energy bills or even the 201 mile range of their brand new electric car, but there are metrics about inefficiency that are hard to ignore for any enthusiast. This video will also compare the Porsche Taycan's battery strategy to the Tesla Model S. Differences in battery strategy also lead to differences in brake pedal, accelerator pedal, and regenerative braking strategies between the two cars, which will be discussed in the video.
EPA Rating Confirmation (Car and Driver):
Detailed Taycan Engineering Overview:
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    If your immediate thought is "no one buying a supercar cares about efficiency" take a moment to watch the video. I agree with you. For gasoline cars it doesn't matter. For electrics, it does. The video explains why. Merry Christmas, happy new year, and happy holidays everyone!

  • Max Powers

    Max Powers

    4 måneder siden

    Thomas Progli better now than never, and I took you 2 minutes to prove your stupidness

  • Max Powers

    Max Powers

    4 måneder siden

    There many points that aren’t included in this video. 1.- The overheat in the batteries of the Tesla that produces a terrible driving experience, if you make a launch control only 3 times, the car tells you that you have to let it rest meanwhile in Porsche you can do it a lot of times and the batteries will never overheat. 2. One of the main reasons of Porsche’s weight is because of its 2 speed transmission rather than the 1 speed Tesla’s transmission, you can watch the Taycan vs Model S in carwow and see how even Tesla has more power and less weight Porsche leave it behind. Your analysis must include all parameters not only those you want or believe, for example Porsche’s PASM or the PCCB plays an important role too. You need to see that Porsche Taycan it’s for another market segment, luxurier and sportier.

  • Rashad Arbab

    Rashad Arbab

    4 måneder siden

    Mar I see Car and Driver made an article about how the Tesla was good for 222miles and the Porsche 209. But the epa says 348 vs 201. Car and driver also didn’t run the batteries down to zero. I think the difference isn’t quite as stark as the epa but also not quite as close as cad and driver. Sometimes in phones laptops and cars they’ll show you slightly different percentages than there actually is maybe it’s the software tinkering with the numbers. Would have been nice to see them run it into the ground and then compare how far each car got. The Porsche is significantly heavier with a smaller battery so I think both numbers are wrong epa and the magazines I think it’s somewhere between the two in terms of the difference in mileage.

  • Mar


    4 måneder siden

    @Rashad Arbab watch the real world range tests. the tayan has the same real world range as the newest teslas despite being a sports car. engineering explained did his video based on the wrong US range numbers.

  • Rashad Arbab

    Rashad Arbab

    4 måneder siden

    Engineering Explained the taycan to reach model s ranges would need to be even heavier than 6321lbs since with more weight you need more juice to move the vehicle. So it’d be like 6500lbs I’m pretty sure that’s close to how much an F250 weighs. An industrial heavy duty truck. This really shows Tesla’s technological superiority when a powerhouse like VW fails miserably to come close, even while costing near double.

  • TheBishop12
    TheBishop1222 dager siden

    13:00 Teslas got heat pumps now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • BlackOppsRage
    BlackOppsRage2 måneder siden

    i just wanna know why its a "turbo"

  • Pete Galindez
    Pete Galindez2 måneder siden

    Excellent information as the owner of a TESLA Model 3 and Y and a dreamer to own a TAYCAN! I have driven it though. You left out the most important part. BOTH are an absolute blast to drive!!

  • An idiot in a racing car
    An idiot in a racing car3 måneder siden

    Also, if the Porsche was more efficient, hence 400-500 lbs lighter for the same range, it would be slightly quicker

    MARTPERE3 måneder siden

    At the end of the day no one is gonna drive more than 200 miles a day typically the porshe looks cooler

  • Marc The Sharc
    Marc The Sharc4 måneder siden

    Might be the least efficient but still the best looking and has the best quality and even is the quickest:) could be more efficient u r right about that

  • William Su
    William Su4 måneder siden

    When it comes to true efficiency there really isn't any car manufacturer who does it likely Tesla. Maintaining a stylish look while removing all the ICE based aerodynamic design that we are all used to.

  • Nick M
    Nick M4 måneder siden

    I still can't get passed the "Turbo" in the name...

  • seasong
    seasong4 måneder siden

    Wait didn't he say the exact opposite in his last video

  • Michael Mangraviti
    Michael Mangraviti4 måneder siden

    Irrelevant, it is gorgeous.

  • exiownage
    exiownage4 måneder siden

    Payed by Tesla

  • 2007 Mercedes CLK Kompressor
    2007 Mercedes CLK Kompressor4 måneder siden

    Someone’s parents at my school had a Tesla model X Now they have this

  • Spasmomen
    Spasmomen4 måneder siden

    And that's why I'll wait for a commercially viable liquid hydrogen option.

  • Copper Key Racing
    Copper Key Racing4 måneder siden

    13:50 Uhh NO! Driver does not understand their vehicle really well, otherwise we wouldn't be watching this video. You may understand the vehicle... or do you???... but clearly, the driver does not understand their vehicle really well. This is the strategy that most reasonable engineers take, leave room for driver error and you leave reliability in place. Porsche clearly went for reliability, and longevity as a manufacturer, who cares about the reputation of their vehicles and their brand... where as Elon Musk and all his companies could care less about longevity about anything, specifically Tesla. Tesla are unreliable for a reason, this is why. Porsche is reliable for a reason, this why. Don't believe me, pickup a consumer reports annual auto issue that comes out in February (the April Edition). Tesla is near the bottom, Porsche is number one for "How the brands stack up" on "strong performing and problem-free vehicles" (Overall score is a composite of: road-test scores, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, key safety features and crash test results).

  • Copper Key Racing
    Copper Key Racing4 måneder siden

    5.88% of the people that viewed this video (1K/17K) gave it thumbs down. Nuff said!

  • Copper Key Racing
    Copper Key Racing4 måneder siden

    2:48 You took the car and driver article out of context [and only took what you liked, and left out what you didn't]. You get a thumbs down. Specifically: "Porsche is not happy with the EPA's result, so it hired its own team to get a better "real-world" range number." which is right under the Title... Then, immediately after the sentence you quoted it states, "The AMCI test, then, appears to be Porsche taking issue with the EPA's range testing cycle itself." Translation: Porsche does not agree with the testing methodology that the EPA is using. In other words, had Porsche convinced the EPA to change the way they do the testing, things would be entirely different. This is my EXACT issue with Electric vehicles. They are tested and propped up, in such a way that it's mostly propaganda... clearly for political reasons. Additionally: If you don't like how much a high end luxury/performance car costs you, go buy an economy car. Stop comparing what shouldn't be compared: how efficient your $100K+ car costs you to go down the road. It's like saying I'm a billionaire and I can't afford to buy a bottle of water, so I'll wait, drink water from the tap when I get some place, and be more efficient.

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude4 måneder siden

    I take away two points from this video: 1) The Porsche weighs about as much as a Ford F-150 without the battery. It seems they did nothing to make the base vehicle light. 2) The Porsche drive train eats energy for no real gains over the Tesla.

  • Workman 12
    Workman 124 måneder siden

    Basically because Porsche were conservative with their claimed real life range as many road tests have now proven. Whilst Tesla have exaggerated their claimed range as many road tests have now proven. So with regard to your efficiency calculations as a well known saying goes, sh*t in = sh*t out.

  • Devon Clancy
    Devon Clancy4 måneder siden

    If the Taycan was as efficient as a Tesla but they still aimed for 200 mile range, just Imagine how much lighter they could have made it.

  • Adam
    Adam4 måneder siden

    And yet I'd still have it over the Tesla anyday. No offense to Tesla, they are still great

  • Matthew Woods
    Matthew Woods4 måneder siden

    I have a problem with your choice of models to compare. At the top of your workings, you are comparing the Turbo S to the Long Range. Which makes for a flawed comparison as the Turbo S is the highest performing model, more in line with the model S performance. So the 4s Battery Plus or base Turbo would make more sense against the Model S LR. Alternatively if you wanted to stick to this worst case, the model s performance would have been a more appropriate comparison. Something else that you did, was compare the upper bounds of of range with the lower bounds of the other at 4:20. You inconsistently use the names for the models you are getting the figures for, I’m not sure if this intentional to compare the different taycan models figures but it seems as if you did keep the same models specs throughout, its just rather lazy considering that each model will have different specifications.

  • Gustav Licht
    Gustav Licht4 måneder siden

    They could have consistent brake feel by dumping the heat into a resistor if the battery is fully charged.

  • Nick C
    Nick C4 måneder siden

    Bruh. If u want range u wouldn’t get a electric car. You’d get a petrol or diseal end of discussion. U can’t go on road trips with a electric car unless u want to stop every 500 km for a 2 hour stop. While my shitty hatch back can go 700km no problem and just requires a couple mins to refuel.

  • 3mariusx
    3mariusx4 måneder siden

    Model s is trash comparing to porsche.

  • 3mariusx
    3mariusx4 måneder siden

    Such a bad clip. We do not care what your us regulations are 👎🏻

  • Commentator541
    Commentator5414 måneder siden

    Just because of the wheels. Already proven. Next

  • Liam De Roeck
    Liam De Roeck4 måneder siden

    @engineeringexplained When you were talking about regenerative braking with the tesla. You were saying if the car was 100% charged the car can't charge up when braking cause the battery is already full. This can't ever be true 'cause you need to accelerate first before you can brake. So it will have used power before it can recharge by braking. Btw. Also wondering will the regenerative braking also reduce the battery life? Because you are always charging and discharging will driving. Will citydriving hurt the lifetime of the battery more then long time highway users?

  • Vlado S
    Vlado S4 måneder siden

    Porsche Taycan can do almost 300 miles per charge as reported by reviews , you may revise the video.

  • Davie504 fan :D
    Davie504 fan :D4 måneder siden

    U have got to remember tho that the taycan deliberately has weaker regeneration, has powerful motors which has the same consequences as in a petrol car - a v8 going 30mph will use more fuel than a straight 4 in a Honda jazz going at 30 if they r the same weight, also the taycan is made to feel just like a petrol car and it does, when u r in it it is just like being in a petrol car except it has no engine noise, meaning the Porsche will beat other cars round corners because of the heavy air suspension which is flat round corners and super smooth in the corners - I do think u r exaggerating things here the taycan is always going to be less efficient than other cars because it’s a sports car not a family car like the Tesla. It’s not super inefficient

  • Davie504 fan :D

    Davie504 fan :D

    4 måneder siden

    wickedroman exactly

  • wickedroman


    4 måneder siden

    Comparing Taycan and Tesla is like comparing Bass and guitar.

  • Abhinav Tripathi
    Abhinav Tripathi4 måneder siden

    Nice channel btw.

  • Abhinav Tripathi
    Abhinav Tripathi4 måneder siden

    Porsche number☝️. Tesla number 🖕.

  • Abhinav Tripathi
    Abhinav Tripathi4 måneder siden

    So what is the motive behind the description?

  • Andy Freeman
    Andy Freeman4 måneder siden

    Porsche kept the driver in mind. This is why the Taycan is better probably for that alone. Tesla doesn't care about the driver.

  • Christoph Schmitt
    Christoph Schmitt4 måneder siden

    Look, a telsa fanboy too.

  • HugoAlexelelelel
    HugoAlexelelelel4 måneder siden

    Please i beg you, i love your content but use proper metric system

  • wesam al
    wesam al4 måneder siden

    Someone bought Tesla recently

  • Frank Sun
    Frank Sun4 måneder siden

    So I can take it that the extra 250 a year is Porsche doing the math for ya so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

  • alan connelly
    alan connelly4 måneder siden

    Porsche = failed German overengieering common on European cars. The idiotic name "turbo" on the electric porsche is a new level of marketing stupidity at best.

  • Matthew Mendens
    Matthew Mendens4 måneder siden

    All the coolest cars are inefficient

  • FSXgta


    4 måneder siden

    It's not as bad as you think, people are getting better real world range than what you would think from this video

  • Terence Call
    Terence Call4 måneder siden

    It’s a better business model for Porsche to build a car that can be improved on so they sell you another, better car. The taycan is selling because it’s the first electric Porsche, not because it is the best electric car. Porsche probably have the capacity to build it better but they need to keep selling you the new, improved models every couple of years so make more money

  • KK
    KK4 måneder siden

    The first time watching this video and I am disappointed at how biased it is. How about having an objective approach to reviewing the numbers? It seems like the conclusion was put before analyzing the numbers. I don't refute the numbers but the justifications are crazy for trying to make Tesla seem like a better product based on efficiency alone instead of other factors that DO affect people buying between two different brands. How about talking about the big sacrifices in reliability Tesla makes to get these numbers? I can respect Porsche for being careful and rather underpromising and overdelivering instead of taking advantage of the brand name and leaving their customers without their car or a partially working car for weeks on end, ESPECIALLY out of warranty.

  • SG super
    SG super4 måneder siden

    Ebike efficiency is 10-20 watt hours per mile. Cars are 500 so we should be using bikes whenever possible and provide bike lanes.

  • Starsten Cahl
    Starsten Cahl4 måneder siden

    Two words: *Sports car*

  • Jacob Knudsen
    Jacob Knudsen4 måneder siden

    Well, this video didn't age well since your new video about the Car and Drive study illustrated how close the Taycan efficiency is the MS performance. Just kidding - love your videos.

  • Tom Kao
    Tom Kao4 måneder siden

    It's just different goals from different manufacturers.

  • Bert Hogendoorn
    Bert Hogendoorn4 måneder siden

    The EPA ratings are typically not real life driving, many you-tube channels have proven that those EPA or GOM figures are less than favourable on some EV's than the true range.

  • Max Verstappen
    Max Verstappen4 måneder siden

    Rich😂 kids car😂

  • Francis
    Francis4 måneder siden

    The Porsche can actually be used as a sports car where as the Tesla will over heat after a few laps at the tracks and 0-100 runs.

  • Carlos Joshua Igpit
    Carlos Joshua Igpit4 måneder siden

    Dude, you forgot. Taycan is an electric sports car. Compare to the current electric cars in the market, Porsche is the only sports car. It means it consume more power than model 3. Just like combustion engines it needs more fuel/power if youre talking about performance

  • John Carlo Fernandez
    John Carlo Fernandez4 måneder siden

    To those people who don't care about efficiency, IT'S A CAR. It moves you to places at such speed, withstanding any risks and you don't care about efficiency???

  • Morné van Voorst
    Morné van Voorst4 måneder siden

    Usable battery capacity is 83.7 kw for the Taycan, e-Tron is 83.5/6 kw and 100 kw for Model S. That explains the difference, doesn't it?!

  • PingoKari
    PingoKari4 måneder siden

    Why Can Tesla Bjørn run the Taycan turbo S @90kmh for 150Wh/km and @120kmh for 203Wh/km?

    GUTEN G4 måneder siden

    They made it to be powerfull, not efficient

  • Jose Armando Guerrero Chairez
    Jose Armando Guerrero Chairez4 måneder siden

    Answer: Tesla Roadster 2020.

  • Matt Block
    Matt Block4 måneder siden

    Can you now explain how the taycan has been exceeding these range numbers by quite a bit now that several ppl and car reviewers have shown as such

    ADITYA MAHAJAN4 måneder siden

    All things are right but if you drag race tycan with fastest Tesla which is P100D the Tycan wins......

  • MrJanml
    MrJanml4 måneder siden

    Tesla is therefore loosing power while standing in order to compensate the high efficiency while driving - and hyundai is just counting much more miles and higher speed in order to be efficient :-)

  • Stevieboy130664
    Stevieboy1306644 måneder siden

    I know this is anecdotal but why then have most test drivers of the Taycan far exceeded the EPA range without trying (by 30-40%)? This has not happened with the Tesla (although its range is still better than the Porsche).

  • Marijn Kramer
    Marijn Kramer4 måneder siden

    I think the biggest “problem” is that it is Porsches first take on the project. And the tesla is now a “gen 2” car. With several updates.. so I am very interested in the amound of inprovement of porsche when the “gen2” car will come out.

  • A Brame
    A Brame4 måneder siden

    G'DAY FROM OZ 🇦🇺👍🇺🇸

  • b
    b4 måneder siden

    I live in a fairly nice area, but i have seen like 4 different custom tycans. All have been the turbo s with custom paint. I dont know what's going on, but my guess is old money rolled over. :/ Dont think its worth.

  • flex zone
    flex zone4 måneder siden

    >uses the imperial system when talking about European cars.... *facepalm*

  • D Tekk Pro
    D Tekk Pro4 måneder siden

    What about the 800 volt charging architecture tho

  • TimChump
    TimChump4 måneder siden

    Turns out the Taycan is quicker and more economical than the Model S in reality 🤣

  • Rupert Vega-Rice
    Rupert Vega-Rice4 måneder siden

    It seems to me Porsche has built an electric car for people who like cars. Tesla builds electric cars for people who like smartphones. Both are cool, and I am glad there is diversity in the electric car market since the drivetrains feel pretty similar (i.e. nothing like the difference in sound and feel like a Ferrari V12 Vs Porsche Boxer 6 Vs American muscle V8 vs Fiat 4cyl Multiair etc).

  • Christian Gutschik
    Christian Gutschik4 måneder siden

    The EPA test ist BS for range comparison though. Real life range is a completely different story. Tesla is still better but just around 20% tops not almost 100% better - if you compare highway speeds. Which is the speed you'll be travelling at when going further than 200 miles I guess...

  • Kaffeetasse94
    Kaffeetasse944 måneder siden

    MPGe really is the most ridiculous thing ever created. It’s like “Hmm, haven’t we got some silly unit like “Lightnings” or “Electrobuckets” to meausure electric energy? Well let’s just use gallons, since there must not be a unit that actually makes sense in our system.”

  • eug3nius
    eug3nius4 måneder siden

    Armchair engineering is as good as the information you get. And the Taycan's EPA rating doesn't mean anything when people exceed it in sports mode by ~25%.

  • matty P
    matty P4 måneder siden

    One problem with this is, the numbers given by the epa seems to not match with any one actually driving or reviewing the car. It looks like porsche doesnt care to correct it on purpose. People are getting between 50-60miles further on a charge than what is represented. Well documented now.

  • Mark Braiter
    Mark Braiter4 måneder siden

    Didn't understood one thing. They measured MPG (Miles Per Gallon) Gallon of WHAT?!? its electric car there is no liquids in it! How do you measure electricity in gallons?!?!

  • Alex Villalobos
    Alex Villalobos4 måneder siden

    If you charge it to 100% and use it right after it won’t be as bad as charging to 100% and letting it sit till it loses charge itself

  • Nick
    Nick4 måneder siden

    Not to mention the quickest ayyyyyeee ;)

  • kaiokendo
    kaiokendo4 måneder siden

    the cars eyes look like these anime "star eyes" trope

  • InVader
    InVader4 måneder siden

    Garbage efficiency is nothing new for Porsche. Most of the ones running on gas consume 20l/km.

  • Duncan Idaho
    Duncan Idaho4 måneder siden

    Chevy GT500?

  • EverettEngineers
    EverettEngineers4 måneder siden

    7:02 - Just want to say that this way of calculating it is wrong, if as anything but a rough estimate. You'd need to use an integral to calculate that number properly, as more weight means more battery required to push said weight. It's essentially the rocket ship problem.

  • GeFeldz
    GeFeldz4 måneder siden

    Remember the old dirty Volkswagen 1.9TDi? Say, the 110hp 1.9TDi Passat with a manual transmission? 50-60 mpg on the highway no problem. Volkswagen sold the Lupo 3L (probably not in the US, but idk) for years, that thing is easy to get 65-75 mpg out of. These were of course diesels without DPF and the advanced emissions of newer diesels, but the emissions crap has really hurt the efficiency of diesels. The 1.9 TDi 110 Passat is a sizeable family sedan or stationwagon with enough low-end grunt to keep up with traffic and for cruising at well above the speed limit for days while getting excellent mileage.

  • P C
    P C4 måneder siden

    Sorry but the range for the model s is so overrated . In tests , especially on the Highway , Taycan has the same range as Model S.

  • Trond Erik Brekke
    Trond Erik Brekke4 måneder siden

    There's only one major issue. The EPA rating of the Taycan is incredibly flawed. You almost have to track the car to get that bad range. It has pretty much the same range as the pre-Raven Model S. So either the EPA test has been conducted poorly or there's some form of corruption going on. You have to drive seriously fast to get that poor range. In normal use, you should expect about 300 miles of range. Which is significantly better than the EPA-rating.

  • Trond Erik Brekke

    Trond Erik Brekke

    4 måneder siden

    @Engineering Explained Well, Porsche is known for being conservative with their numbers, but dang, that's very conservative. I own a Model S, and I've done enough testing in the Taycan to say it's not far from the same consumption. The small edge in the Model S is due to narrower tires. If you put on narrower tires on the Taycan it's also very efficient, but even with the 305 tires it's very impressive. So I just can't understand the EPA rating. Most times when you start the car, with a full battery, it will show about 280 miles of range.

  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

    4 måneder siden

    Porsche submitted the number to the EPA. The EPA verified it. It's not the EPA telling everyone that's what the rating is. Porsche confirmed it. Tricky story - I might be working on a video of it!

  • subscribe MF
    subscribe MF4 måneder siden

    Its the fastest electric car tho

  • G E
    G E4 måneder siden

    Firstly, taycan can do 250 miles, but advertises conservatively. Secondly, if you compare a donkey with a thoroughbred, the donkey can last more, travel further, cost less to maintain, and weighs less. 😅😅😅

  • Jiajian Hou
    Jiajian Hou4 måneder siden

    Like I said, Germans make the best of everything. Point proven.

  • Cloxxki
    Cloxxki4 måneder siden

    And then Bjorn Nyland got 580 km out of it cruising at 90 kph.

  • carmatic
    carmatic4 måneder siden

    i still dont understand why would an electric car need a turbo

  • carmatic


    4 måneder siden

    @electrified0 a ringing electronic phone is skeuomorphic and it helps with the user experience, but attaching terminology from an entirely different technology is kind of misleading But then again, maybe Porsche owners dont even care about semantics, just like they dont care that the Taycan is so inefficient

  • electrified0


    4 måneder siden

    Why does a fully electric phone need to ring? Terms and functionality from legacy tech get ported over all the time even when the mechanics behind them do not.

  • Utsav Mistry-CMB
    Utsav Mistry-CMB4 måneder siden

    Go visit carwow dragrace Model S vs taycan. You'll know how aerodynamic a EV can be

  • Roger Froud
    Roger Froud4 måneder siden

    So where exactly is the loss of efficiency in the Taycan? Is it in rolling resistance due to the extra weight? Is it in the power electronics or motor efficiency? Is it in the regen system? That's a huge amount of energy being wasted, so where is it going?

  • Mar


    4 måneder siden

    @Roger Froud the porsche website also claims the 0-60 time of the taycan turbo 2 is slower than the tesla models performance yet the taycan turbo s beats the tesla all the time in real world tests. that's why I said real world tests. since tesla and porsche and especially EPA numbers can't be trusted. watch the car review channels like nextmove and watch?v=VB24iJbusgQ&list=LLHHfFsER7GV3CZjPYQlg3ew&index=3&t=0s

  • Roger Froud

    Roger Froud

    4 måneder siden

    @Mar - The Porsche web site has the maximum range as 326 for the performance battery plus model but I suspect that's not the EPA range. What are your numbers and where are you getting them from?

  • Mar


    4 måneder siden

    nowhere, his numbers are wrong. the taycan has a real world range equal to tesla.

  • Mohd 965
    Mohd 9654 måneder siden

    Great video man

  • Mar


    4 måneder siden

    except it's factually wrong. they real world range of the taycan is equal to tesla as it turns out.

  • DeChronics
    DeChronics4 måneder siden

    I guarantee you that I can make a far less effective electric vehicle.

  • Robert Rousseaux
    Robert Rousseaux4 måneder siden

    I look forward to the day when some efficiency takes a back seat. What is the goal 70 mpg, 100 mpg , 200 ? At what point can we give up some MPG for cars with character. That look like a 1950s , 60, car. Not a cookie cutter shaped bean, designed to just cut through the air.

  • Xyber Team MorbID
    Xyber Team MorbID4 måneder siden

    Thx for explanation. E prefer always not be controled by the induatry and my own car.

  • Humayun Khan
    Humayun Khan4 måneder siden

    So? They didn't build it for effeciency. Since when started talking about engine efficiency of super cars

  • Garret Wang

    Garret Wang

    4 måneder siden

    Did you even watch the video? Less efficient = more heavy which super cars typically avoid.

  • Fabian Mark
    Fabian Mark4 måneder siden

    Porsche regen is smarter and more effecient.. nearly everything you pointed out, is better on the porsche.

  • Fabio Bartolucci
    Fabio Bartolucci4 måneder siden

    Speak slowly, please. Thanks

  • Tozzasque
    Tozzasque5 måneder siden

    This video ages very bad! Now Tesla Model S is at 402 miles 😂

  • Tae Heath
    Tae Heath5 måneder siden

    Please just take a leap into this century and use metric. Thanks.

  • Kai Kühnel
    Kai Kühnel5 måneder siden

    Very interesting! Still I think people who want a electric car that’s performing very well as a sports car will be better of with the taycan. Once they care about traveling long distances they should take the Tesla. There is a car for every purpose. Porsche is a sportscar it drives and accelerate nearly like an combustion’s engine and will never take power from the driver because of some battery issues. For myself that would be unacceptable! That’s why I did not take a electric car. Now with the taycan my choices might change.

  • Zane Erickson
    Zane Erickson5 måneder siden

    So you're basing this entire point based on the EPA ratings? Which has been proven to be very inaccurate and vastly underestimates the range of the Taycan.

  • Seb. S.
    Seb. S.5 måneder siden

    what about the electric motor. I guess the max speed of the taycan is higher so the machine has to be more powerful and has a smaller transmission ratio --> low rpm in the driving cycle and in daily driving = low efficiency

  • Rotor Blade
    Rotor Blade5 måneder siden

    The Taycan has Cd=0.22 drag coefficient and 0.513sqm drag area and Tesla model S has Cd=0.24 and 0.576sqm of drag area. So Taycan has better aerodynamics. But the Taycan Turbo S has 0.583sqm so very close to MS. So maybe porsche has stickier tires (probably not) or less efficient motor or transmission losses With tesla drivetrain efficiency Taycan would’d achieved a range of 330mi

  • Mar


    4 måneder siden

    thy real world range of the taycan is equal to tesla as it turns out.