My Supercharged Miata Is Already Broken? No Boost


My Supercharged Mazda MX-5 Is Now Slower Than It Was Before
Edelbrock Mazda MX-5 Miata Supercharger -
Fab9 ND Miata Supercharger Tune -
MX-5 Supercharger Install Video -
The joy of project cars! After installing the Edelbrock Stage 1 supercharger kit on my 2016 Mazda Miata, the unfortunate news is that things are not working properly. The biggest problem is that at high RPM the car doesn't have any boost with the gas pedal to the floor. We'll examine the installation, data logs, hose routing, throttle body, bypass valve, bypass actuator, and supercharger to figure out what is causing the car to not produce any boost during certain situations.
A big thank you to Edelbrock and Fab9 for working with me on the issues and helping to sort out the car!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained6 måneder siden

    *Important Note:* A lot of folks saying "obviously the car needs to be tuned if you add a supercharger." If you watched the supercharger install video, you'd see the *very first thing I did* was flash the ECU with the supplied calibration file to support the supercharger/boost/etc (the tune). If parts of this video do not seem clear, I'd recommend watching the installation video -

  • Niya Blake

    Niya Blake

    4 måneder siden

    @slobdog21 no the tune is stored in EEPROM. you turn the power off EEPROM holds the tune.

  • JP SM

    JP SM

    4 måneder siden

    Did you get back to Edelbrock? Their tune should work with their product.

  • bleachinuri Caruthers

    bleachinuri Caruthers

    5 måneder siden

    ​@djenson i have found most new gas engines are using this 0 weight oil, the engineers have designed these engines ti run that oil, seems like it wouldn't protect much, but there's more to oil then just viscosity

  • bleachinuri Caruthers

    bleachinuri Caruthers

    5 måneder siden

    @Adam Chant well said

  • bleachinuri Caruthers

    bleachinuri Caruthers

    5 måneder siden

    @Sean Grimes good observation but not all manufacturers use that strategy, especially the brand new engines, but i to have seen scan tools display incorrect data, that is one reason i try and only use factory tools, but they are still only displaying processed data, if you want the true picture, a scope is the way to go, using a scope and scan tool together is the best practice

    ALLEN JACKSONDag siden

    i enjoy the learning from mistakes videos

  • Jeff Hines
    Jeff Hines7 dager siden

    keep up the great work, I like your style

  • Troy Bradley
    Troy Bradley9 dager siden

    Great troubleshooting technique!

  • Brian Danmark
    Brian Danmark14 dager siden

    Hey Jason Proberly one of Your best videos. I totally aggree with Your point about finding the rootcause, is the part we are learning from. I live in Denmark and has a Volvo V70, D5 185 hp, my 2007, manual 6 gear, driving over 20 km/l (norm 14.8) over a distance around 200k km. It is now “driven in”, with 420k km on the clock. So I think a lot about effiency and how Long things can last. I also like Your videos with better effiency, whether it is electric, gasoline, diesel or combinations. I liked the video with mix of gasoline and diesel and high effiency. And also Your remark about mileage mostly is about, how hard You press the pedal. It is so true. We can easy cut consumption to driving by 10% to 20% by driving more relaxed. All parts have reduced wear, by driving more relaxed. It could be fun to know what have greates particle polution, at newer diesel/gasoline driving relaxed, or a electric f.ex. Tesla driven faster. Or are electric cars driven more relaxed? I think of total particle pollution from tires, brankes, enginge etc. That said, Tesla have done a lot of great innovations.. but many things could as well have been implemented in carbon engine verhicles. Best Regards Brian, Denmark

  • Mikeythementor Tanigawa
    Mikeythementor TanigawaMåned siden

    I love watching every single one of your videos about everything and anything automotive! I've learned so much from them haha it's insane! Keep doing what you're doing!!! 🙏

  • Mike Penske
    Mike PenskeMåned siden

    Greed begs disaster.

  • Joe Riefer
    Joe RieferMåned siden

    I would rather see you reason things out then waist time pulling the supercharger and sending it Edelbrock only to find out it was bad throttle body tune.

  • ClayZ
    ClayZMåned siden

    So what if it doesn’t work? You HAVE a supercharger, isn’t that cool enough. It’s like a rice burner honda, it looks racy but doesn’t do anything but scare birds and pets. A lot of people like these rigs.

  • mitchcoop1
    mitchcoop1Måned siden

    at 7:00min. I would try rigging up a position sensor on the bypass valve to see what is I will watch the rest of this video to see why I am probably wrong.

  • Adàn Villa
    Adàn VillaMåned siden

    I was watching the minutes pass by and you weren't near to say how you solved it, but my breathing finally got back by the of the video, great content!

  • CitizenX
    CitizenXMåned siden

    Really good videos on the MX5! just one thing you either talk too loud or have a microphone gain too high. Even at a low volume setting its sadly a bit painful to listen. Example when you talk at 02:13 to 02:15 this is the right voice volume you should talk at; Hope this helps.

  • Mauricio Tarazona
    Mauricio TarazonaMåned siden

    Is this your last miata related video ?

  • Don Old
    Don OldMåned siden

    U shouldve gotten turbo or procharger

  • Alex Lemus
    Alex Lemus2 måneder siden

    Awesome video, I really like the closing comments about the attitude video creators should have. If you have a moment, what is the program you use to capture all the data, and did you buy the cable separately? Another: I was wondering if the reason it could be fixed by tuning is because the throttle position is entirely computer controlled or how did you know that the throttle butterfly was not malfunctioning or getting stuck? Thanks. Nice S2K on your other recent videos.

  • Tarek A
    Tarek A2 måneder siden

    Garbage car and waste of money

  • Ichigo 15
    Ichigo 152 måneder siden

    update: bad firmware update stuck my throttle open and crashed my car.

  • Quetzalcoatll
    Quetzalcoatll2 måneder siden

    Extremely interesting from engineering point of view!! There is a lot of value in this video.

  • gee Tee
    gee Tee2 måneder siden

    Time to drop a 502 crate motor into it.

  • Matthew Kogan
    Matthew Kogan2 måneder siden

    Would like to know which OBDII cable/connector that is and what software you use! Have always wanted to be able to view/log data on my laptop as opposed to my phone. Currently have a bluetooth Blue Driver which is great but have always wanted something that would connect/work with a laptop.

  • Mr Lenny
    Mr Lenny3 måneder siden

    Drive by wire sucks.

  • xShugo
    xShugo3 måneder siden

    I love how you explained your thought process and loved your eagerness to learn and resolve the issue. I just want to thank you for actually sharing this info with us, because most NOlocalrs just make a video about the end product rather than the process taken to get there. It shows that with a bit of reasoning, you can troubleshoot an issue and narrow down the causes

  • flyingklaasman
    flyingklaasman3 måneder siden

    Troubleshooting, there's a lot of fun in that!!

  • Christian Andersen
    Christian Andersen3 måneder siden

    Thank you for also including "nonsence" as an engineer the final result is not the most interesting - it is the process.

  • morteza payami
    morteza payami3 måneder siden

    But how much horsepower it makes before vs. after?

  • Markeiy
    Markeiy3 måneder siden

    love the video! Always worth checking/ cleaning the throttle body and inectors and air fuel mixture ratios if you are seeing bad gas milage. A clean carb/throttle body is a happy one.

  • SLK540000
    SLK5400003 måneder siden

    Basically if you had a mechanical throttle instead this would not have happened. But to each his own.

  • Shaun Stephens
    Shaun Stephens3 måneder siden

    I couldn't understand WTF you were talking about for the first half of the video and I know a bit about auto engineering. I figured I was too far behind the times. Then when you said you didn't understand how the bypass valve worked (!) I realised I didn't understand the first half because you were talking gibberish! How could an "engineer" get this simple principle so very wrong? Bypass valves work like turbo blow-off valves or wastegates - they dump excess boost when it's not needed. Simples. Also you keep talking about :tuning problems". You didn't have any tuning problems you had software or calibration problems.

  • Tommy Estridge
    Tommy Estridge3 måneder siden

    I wish that all of mankind would take your approach, and attach the problem and learn from that.

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B3 måneder siden

    Luckily the muffler bearings are still GOOD!

  • The Wash
    The Wash4 måneder siden

    Cable throttle is GOAT

  • John Coleman
    John Coleman4 måneder siden

    On the last video it was mentioned that horsepower is heavy. So having a lighter car with less power is not only more efficient, but just as enjoyable for street driving. It is called a Z06 C6 Corvette. Lingenfelter can pump out 650 NA horsepower out of an LS7 motor. This Vette, the Z06 weights just 3140 pounds. Horsepower in this illustration is not as heavy as thought. Plus, you can get one for a reasonable price nowadays.

  • Niya Blake
    Niya Blake4 måneder siden

    From watching channels that do custom tun es, I've learned you should data log and send the results back to the tuner.This helps improve the tune and spot wierd issues. In your case your had a glaring problem. But this is a learning moment and I hope this helped others out.

  • ThiccPapi
    ThiccPapi4 måneder siden

    16:45 Quoted.

  • Dominic Simone
    Dominic Simone4 måneder siden

    Shouldn't before super charger be "ND" 😜

  • TheGP
    TheGP4 måneder siden

    Time to get your hands dirty son

  • Darren Munsell
    Darren Munsell4 måneder siden

    If you have a super charger - always boost :D Never by pass :D

  • Damien Sheehan
    Damien Sheehan4 måneder siden

    It pinched the pipes because you zip-tied before adding the fluid. Love the show dude, cool car it's like a little emoji 😎 I have a GT86 I love it.

  • ian elliott
    ian elliott4 måneder siden

    Another very interesting video; and I'm someone who never be tempted to modify cars!

  • Andrew Compton
    Andrew Compton4 måneder siden

    Hey Engineering explained! Asking your opinion, because i LOVE your reviews about the miata your comparisons to the big V8's out there. I have a W204 C63 6.2L and i feel crazy for wanting a 2019 ND. Am i Crazy for wanting to switch from big power? (im in chicago and its V8 city.).

  • iamspyvspy
    iamspyvspy4 måneder siden

    this is why i prefer NA :D

  • Matthew Heffernan
    Matthew Heffernan5 måneder siden

    having a computer between the throttle peddle and the throttle butterfly is good for cold stars and cruise control but i prefer a cable thank you very much. cars are too complicated and therefore less reliable these days

  • Ifrid87
    Ifrid875 måneder siden

    The 1st problem is just the dream of anyone who loves Initial D. It's a car that trains you to become like Keisuke Takahashi with his FD.

  • lsukhu
    lsukhu5 måneder siden

    Very good video, thank you for sharing.

  • chris thorney
    chris thorney5 måneder siden

    you keep saying throttle pedal position and accelerator pedal position instead of throttle position (no pedal in the e-throttle body) and accelerator pedal position.. its kinda triggering but i understand you prob just had a brain fart, but you said it so repeatedly that it was a bit annoying lol

  • Davin Harianja
    Davin Harianja5 måneder siden

    I can't believe you actually put in a supercharger and it worked!

  • 88_turbo_fox
    88_turbo_fox5 måneder siden

    Good job man...

  • Bruno Sazo
    Bruno Sazo5 måneder siden

    The biggests problems have the easiests's like a reverse Murphy law to problem diagnosis

  • TheGP
    TheGP5 måneder siden

    Ya busteded huh?

  • Nathan Mosley
    Nathan Mosley5 måneder siden

    Nooooooo not the banana car!!!!

  • AutoGamesNation
    AutoGamesNation5 måneder siden

    You say that dumping to much fuel causes it to eat up catalytic converters. But after being in the industry for a decade and going to school for this as well as all the books I’ve seen ive always seen adding extra fuel on a car that’s boosted was actually supposed to help cool the cat so it dosnt explode under the extra added heat of the blower? Would love some clarification on this topic if you have some time! Please and ty! -matt

  • FranklinBurns
    FranklinBurns5 måneder siden

    I didn’t know dudes bought Miatas

  • Lee B
    Lee B5 måneder siden

    Our owners club has one of the UKs MX5 top mechanics who trains Mazda mechanics he has been involved with the MX5 in the UK since the NA. His advice if you play with them don’t expect the reliability to last as their engines are at optimum balance between performance and longevity. Although a simple task like re chipping with a BBR set will increase performance by several percent but it won’t last. If you want performance don’t by an MX5 get an Aerial Atom.

  • Diamond Star Garage
    Diamond Star Garage5 måneder siden


  • Stefano C.
    Stefano C.5 måneder siden

    I definetely think I should paint it yellow

  • Seymour Baldauf
    Seymour Baldauf5 måneder siden

    Yes please keep this format. As a mechanical engineer this content is gold! For all those car “gurus” getting upset about the engineering being explained please ignore them, they mostly only understand putting gas in the car and flooring it.

  • Stephen Oppl
    Stephen Oppl5 måneder siden

    It is the power to wait ratio. The more power you have the more you have to wait for parts.

  • Luisito Las Vegas
    Luisito Las Vegas5 måneder siden

    Dude, I just wanna say thank you for the awesome explanation and speaking the truth. It is so true that looking through videos "Nobody" seems to have issues and you can swap an engine in 40 mins.. I call BS on So thank you for taking the time to take me through your failed install and ultimate solution. Great job on all of you videos, especially this one.Thanks for all the knowledge you bestow upon us. :)

  • d1zguy
    d1zguy5 måneder siden

    Out of all this I'm shocked you did not catch the rich mixtures on the data logs and only realized after the tuning company you reached out to pointed it out to you.

  • GUEST1666
    GUEST16665 måneder siden

    Thank you for going through the diagnostic issue to the end. This is what I do for a living and some people think it's magic or the mechanic is automatically supposed to know what is wrong as soon as they tell you the issue, give you the "Code" or hand you the keys. Very clearly described step by step and no bs results. Sometimes as a mechanic I will be watching one of these videos and say "Hey wait! That's not right!". And some guys end with results like "It is what it is". But this was clearly diagnosed and you used all the tools available to you and one of the best tools is not being to proud to ask questions. Questions always trigger a new thought pattern even if the answer you get wasn't correct. I don't remember when I subscribed to your channel but I haven't seen one, I didn't like. Keep doing it just the way your doing it and thank you again.

    PAUL DIESEL5 måneder siden

    *Ummm every time you boost your car you have to tune it you can't just slap a turbo/s.charger and drive it out the gate a monkey could of told you that* 🤦‍♂️

  • Ghost Wrench

    Ghost Wrench

    5 måneder siden

    I was thinking that too. You can't make major changes to airflow without telling the ECM how to compensate for those changes.

  • Arcalias Giants
    Arcalias Giants5 måneder siden

    damn computers

  • jdngerz
    jdngerz5 måneder siden

    I love engineers.... #🤘

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis5 måneder siden

    Yup, I notice my wife's throttle by wire Toyota does not always respond like you expect and always does with my fixed linkage Subaru.

  • Simicaio Patatof
    Simicaio Patatof5 måneder siden

    Jason, don't throttle-by-wire SUCK? I mean, it gives a totally synthetic feeling, wich ruins the driving experience. As a driving enthusiast, I don't want a computer controling my acelleration choices, I just want the throttle to do what I I'm telling it to. Also it's a very delicate system with lots of sensors and actuators, wich makes it much more susceptible to fails and makes maintenece more expensive too. So, my question is, why don't we have the option to buy a new car with cable throttle anymore? And, of couse, don't throttle-by-wire SUCK? Would you do a video about that? Greetings from Brazil.

  • krankyman
    krankyman5 måneder siden

    it's ok, horsepower isn't important - i heard this somewhere.

  • Chris Arnold1
    Chris Arnold15 måneder siden

    Wait a second. Did you have your car professionally dynoed and tuned right after your supercharger install? If it was a reputable shop you wouldn't have any of these issues.

  • Chris Arnold1

    Chris Arnold1

    5 måneder siden

    Having just a general flash device won't cut it. Every single car, even the same model amd specs react different under different conditions. Getting it dynoed and professionally tuned is the best way to go.

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark67895 måneder siden

    Btw Jason, your new camera looks great! In both this video and the last one.

  • Kai Thetechnicolorninja
    Kai Thetechnicolorninja5 måneder siden

    Just finished it. That's why I don't like drive by wire.

  • Kai Thetechnicolorninja
    Kai Thetechnicolorninja5 måneder siden

    At 5:09. I'm thinking it's boost bypass?

  • Ben Wickham
    Ben Wickham5 måneder siden

    There's a lot of honesty in this video!

  • Brian Ganger
    Brian Ganger5 måneder siden

    I would love for you and your friend to work on my BMW 2001 330i with 282K miles on the clock - anytime.....!

  • Sylvan dB
    Sylvan dB5 måneder siden

    Hooray for solving problems and showing *HOW* to work them out!

  • James Mendez
    James Mendez5 måneder siden

    Liking to look at data does not make you broken, it makes you an engineer! SO awesome watching you use your project car to school us. Do you have a project car channel? I would watch that.

  • Brian Sandford
    Brian Sandford5 måneder siden

    I really appreciate this type of video! Very educational, learned a lot. Keep em coming!

  • Rob Mendoza
    Rob Mendoza5 måneder siden

    Back to that zip tie incident,I just wanna let you know that your not alone brother.Its been about 15 years for me .😢

  • TheBanomanew
    TheBanomanew5 måneder siden

    Fundamentals...I see the problem.

  • TheBanomanew


    5 måneder siden

    I love these videos, this is experience being dropped on our heads in a few minutes.

  • zfreak280
    zfreak2805 måneder siden

    You baffle me with your car modding decisions. Superchargers, even positive displacement superchargers, are kind of pointless on the miata at any boost level. I make 7 psi @ 2800 rpm and 10 psi @ 3200 rpm on a single scroll Borg Warner EFR 6758, and I've got a twin scroll housing that should deliver that same boost 500 rpm earlier. If you are driving a manual miata, you are rarely below 2000 rpm based on the owners manual recommended shift points. You could be making 7 pounds of boost on a cheaper, smaller, and lighter Garrett turbo as low as 2000 rpm if you set it up right, which completely neglects the one advantage a positive displacement supercharger theoretically has over a turbocharger.

  • zfreak280


    5 måneder siden

    Even worse, you throw away the variable runner length intake manifold with a positive displacement supercharger. You are throwing away wide range, linear power!

  • Brandon Blackmoor
    Brandon Blackmoor5 måneder siden

    Bloody hell. Software. I miss when cars were machines.

  • Justin Turner
    Justin Turner5 måneder siden

    so the bypass valve is really at spillback valve...interesting

  • killercivic2001
    killercivic20015 måneder siden

    WAH ! I had been "unsubscribed" from your channel ! what the...

  • killercivic2001
    killercivic20015 måneder siden

    As usual, loved your video ^^ (side notes are priceless hahaha) Anyway, here's another reason why... a cable would have been less of a headache than computer assistance ;) drive-by-wire... electronic e-brake... gurgh !

  • Outlaws drifters
    Outlaws drifters5 måneder siden

    I love the way you make your videos and manage your channel!

  • Max Crypto
    Max Crypto5 måneder siden

    DBW problems 😆

  • Christopher Berry
    Christopher Berry5 måneder siden

    I actually sold a car because the mechanics couldn't troubleshoot the problems it was generating. Years later, I think that the vacuum lines were simply dirty and an engine fault sent it into limp mode. What you are showing here is the difference between what mechanics say they know and how they should investigate problems that may be new to them. Some people just can't do and learn.

  • jackcasse
    jackcasse5 måneder siden


  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark5 måneder siden

    @ 14:40 you say "accelerator pedal" and then "throttle pedal" do you mean "throttle plate?" You said it a couple of times in the video. Just curious if mis-spoke or I am not understanding. Thanks.

  • monky82
    monky825 måneder siden

    thoroughly enjoyed watching you go through the engineering troubleshooting process. it's how they train us to think in school. data, data, and more data. then what is the data telling us. do we have all the data, or the right data? and thus engineering

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S5 måneder siden

    Had the same problem when i swapped a motor out of my truck with a friend. Throttle position is suppose to be reset whenever the throttle body is removed. Didn’t know that, and the truck would idle and run like crap. Happy you got it fixed

  • Minelab pilbara Gold Prospecting TM
    Minelab pilbara Gold Prospecting TM5 måneder siden

    Your a smart guy, you should of known it would need a upgraded ecu tune, come on dude I even know that, and I don't think I'm as smart as you, it's like putting a SC on a carby motor you will need to upgrade the fuel and air jets maybe even get a bigger carby 👍🇦🇺

  • AbsInABox
    AbsInABox5 måneder siden

    Awww i was really hoping for the timing on the acceleration improvements after you got it working correctly =[

  • Dan Bradley

    Dan Bradley

    4 måneder siden

    Me too. I really appreciated the journey to discovering and solving the problem but I'm still curious about the performance gains.

  • Maxime Poulain
    Maxime Poulain5 måneder siden

    Reading logs can really explain everything

  • justin jay
    justin jay5 måneder siden

    a long story ..aah

  • racer D
    racer D5 måneder siden

    Why does Edelbrock send you this supercharger W/O a new MAP

  • Richard Vanags
    Richard Vanags5 måneder siden

    If you had taken it to a good dyno the operator would have seen the difference in the throttle position and then been able to calibrate the TPS as well as gone over the fuel mapping at any throttle increments they feel need to be mapped. As for the bypass valve being a restriction.. It would never be a restriction as its just bleeding air past the impellers. The dyno would have been the simplest diagnostic tool and saved you a lot of time.

  • Anibal Curletto
    Anibal Curletto5 måneder siden

    Your channel is awesome brother! I've been working on cars for over 20 years and there is always something new to learn. That is the nature of an ever evolving industry and I'm glad that there's info like your videos to soak up new scenarios. Thank you sir!

  • Justin Bustin
    Justin Bustin5 måneder siden

    VIAS is similiar to opening that butterfly valve

  • Testosteroil
    Testosteroil5 måneder siden

    Congrations you done it! Glad to see it running properly.

  • bremms1
    bremms15 måneder siden

    Looks like you had a wonky calibration file?

  • Nathan Adams
    Nathan Adams5 måneder siden

    Lol tps fucked him over good. That blows glad you figured it out.