My Biggest Problem With Tesla - Service & Parts


Tesla Model 3 Year Two Review - Parts & Service Are The Biggest Problems
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I never expected to own my Tesla Model 3 for two years. I thought it would be a fun car to document the experience of, but I genuinely love the car and have happily held onto it. That's not to say the experience has been all balloons and rainbows (both great things), as it hasn't. When Tesla service centers are required, that's when the experience isn't so revolutionary. Long waits, poor communication, and no where to easily order parts. What if you want track package brake pads? Well, good luck. I don't know how to order them. Watch the video for the full breakdown of my Tesla service experiences under my nearly two years of Model 3 ownership.
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedMåned siden

    *UPDATE!* Big thanks to those who have been in touch to help me get these pads. Tesla has been in touch, and provided the following information for ordering (when calling a service center). Track Pads: 8008243-00-A BRAKE PAD KIT - SERVICE, FRONT BRAKE CALIPER, TRACK MODE PACKAGE ONLY $495.00 8008247-00-A BRAKE PAD KIT - SERVICE, REAR BRAKE CALIPER, TRACK MODE PACKAGE ONLY $495.00 Model 3 Performance Pads: 8008242-00-C BRAKE PAD KIT - SERVICE,, FRONT BRAKE CALIPER, SPORT $330.00 8008246-00-A SVC RR BRAKE CALIPER, SPORT, LINING KIT $330.00

  • yeeaahhzz


    2 dager siden

    @Ultra how exactly would dealerships help tesla lol

  • Damian Grouse

    Damian Grouse

    2 dager siden

    IMO, the standard wheels look better. Re: appointment times...ever been to a doctor/dentist/etc? ALL, entities that make appointments violate the time either intentionally or unintentionally. I don’t mean it’s ok... Re: excuse.

  • Ultra


    2 dager siden

    They need to fix this service issue big time. If they can’t then... they’ll need to open dreaded *dealerships*

  • yeeaahhzz


    14 dager siden

    @Perry Wolf Well it depends on the type of run a product has. You forget that Tesla doesn't have the long term contracts with other suppliers that most ICE do. New products need testing, and frankly its just $500 for performance parts and service for front and another $500 for rear, for a performance vehicle. Go spec out a porsche service with parts then let me know the cost.

  • Perry Wolf

    Perry Wolf

    14 dager siden

    @yeeaahhzz - It took a deeper dive on Google to find it, but sure... So what? Using a computer controlled dynamometer to test brakes was simply instituted to be able to cut costs as on track testing had become more and more expensive. With computer aid they can accurately and reliably simulate on track performance. You seem to be suggesting it's this magical system that makes it possible for these companies to develop high performance brakes, when in actual fact it's simply a cost and logistic saving strategy for brake development which in turn _reduces_ the overall cost of a performance brake package.

  • james0807
    james0807Dag siden

    Surely, if the pads wore out, they would be able to order and fit a replacement?

  • james0807
    james0807Dag siden

    Wait a minute, the spoiler is just glued on??!! Wow.

  • Mr.WPY
    Mr.WPY2 dager siden


  • ottopuppy
    ottopuppy2 dager siden

    Wow you have the least problems of any Tesla review I have seen

  • Austin Clark
    Austin Clark3 dager siden

    Me in the earlier part of this video: "Woah is this Huron River drive?" Me at the end of the video "Yup"

  • GTR R32
    GTR R323 dager siden

    Tesla definitely need to have monthly/quarterly training for their customer service employees and improve their customer service.

  • marin blažević
    marin blažević5 dager siden

    Basiclly dont buy Tesla with varenty

  • AlpineBe4ch
    AlpineBe4ch5 dager siden

    The customer experience with Tesla is crap. As are the updates where you can’t start the car. Not mentioning the poor built, the environmental impact (you can trash them after 3 years, nobody will buy a second hand), the overloaded chassis, +unusable for a second life in Africa. A complete failure 😞

  • Jonathan Weimane
    Jonathan Weimane5 dager siden

    You got free wheels ... you got a loaner.. why did you want the car back?

  • Daniel Blaney
    Daniel Blaney5 dager siden

    You won't have to deal with this BS with the Mach E.

  • biden sniffs kids
    biden sniffs kids6 dager siden

    No thanks, I’ll just stick with my GM products

  • Alberto Septien
    Alberto Septien6 dager siden

    Reason to love Honda and Toyota = parts. They’re logical, available and not a pain in the ass. Tesla sounding like the opposite

  • Cobb
    Cobb6 dager siden

    Well once you have the track package, do the brake pads somehow last forever? At some point you'll need new pads and have to order them or do they make you rebuy the track pack every time?

  • Frank Eggers
    Frank Eggers6 dager siden

    How can it be impossible to order the brake pads? What if you had bought the car with the performance brake pads and wore them out? Would you then have to buy new wheels, etc., just to replace the worn out brake pads?

  • Gugljesmece Obicno
    Gugljesmece Obicno6 dager siden

    Best thing about tesla motor car? I own different car.

  • dlux
    dlux8 dager siden

    Probably why Elon put his roadster into space. Couldn't get pads for it,

  • pear7777
    pear77778 dager siden

    Polestar is chinese... don't.

  • Kun Huo
    Kun Huo8 dager siden

    This is because Tesla is vertically integrated and third party suppliers don't have the right to make these parts, yet. Tesla should start to do that though as the ownership base is getting pretty big.

  • Jackson La
    Jackson La8 dager siden

    *Laughs in Uncle Rich

  • Byron Deithrick
    Byron Deithrick9 dager siden


  • Supernova
    Supernova10 dager siden

    Its unreal that a company that REGULARLY misses profit expectations would have an aggressive and top notch customer service department dedicated to closing sales on parts which is probably the most profitable part of the company. Disgusting! I hope other car manufacturers push Tesla aside as the dominant brand in the electric vehicle market.

  • Strom Berto
    Strom Berto10 dager siden

    Tesla is in control of the car

  • Preston Tucker
    Preston Tucker10 dager siden

    Growing pains

  • Jonathan Höppner
    Jonathan Höppner10 dager siden

    Imagine someone having a pile of new tesla-wheels "Yeah I take it to the track regularly and have to replace the brake pads from time to time"

  • Jonathan Höppner
    Jonathan Höppner10 dager siden

    what if these track pads are worn down - need to get new wheels too?

  • michiel stegeman
    michiel stegeman10 dager siden

    You don't need service often? 5 times in 2 years? My new car only needed a regular maintenance service once a year for the last 3 years.

  • steve gorkowski
    steve gorkowski11 dager siden

    If I had the problem you had I would sell the car. When other manufactures produce cars with good range around 300 and Tesla has 400 for example, having parts could be enough to switch. I should be in an all electric car but that has been delayed until 2025 due to issues with Tesla service.

  • Stuart Hancock
    Stuart Hancock11 dager siden

    The track brake pads are probably the same as normal ones. Elon marketing 101

  • Ken Johnson
    Ken Johnson11 dager siden

    Tesla's build quality and service are trash, buy a expensive car and e-mail someone who blows you off, no thanks.

  • dylan c
    dylan c11 dager siden

    I can't wait for my mache atleast ford will care about my service

  • j
    j11 dager siden

    Same if you try buying hellcat parts they make sure you own the package before ordering any performance parts.

  • Panos Charos
    Panos Charos11 dager siden

    This problem is called... monopoly...

  • Shima Shimanoseki
    Shima Shimanoseki11 dager siden

    I wonder did they have to create line item for brakes only after the video. Wouldnt surprise me

  • Orlando Vega
    Orlando Vega11 dager siden

    I could never buy a car that I can't work on myself for simple things like brakes and wheels. Not being able to buy spare parts and DIY is where the dealer gets you on overpriced service fees.

  • Clarence Hoover
    Clarence Hoover11 dager siden

    Accessories held on by double-sided sticky tape? That pretty much sums up the whole Tesla ethos. I know an owner who drove his Tesla through a puddle and auto body parts came off requiring significant repairs. This is abysmal engineering design.

  • Eric T
    Eric T12 dager siden

    You need brake pads? Um sorry our brake pads only come with a compete car attached.

  • Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    11 dager siden

    Then you got the shitty end of a deal eh?

  • Smarter Than You
    Smarter Than You12 dager siden

    I’ve had an absolutely horrible ownership experience with my model Y

  • gagag96
    gagag9612 dager siden

    Owning a Tesla Model Y, their customer service is terrible. It's been more than 6 months since the delivery manger said all the defects on my car would be taken care of by the body shop. Receive a call from the body shop that says Tesla only authorized 2 of the 9 defects to be repaired on the car. Emailed the delivery manager 3 times over a period of a month and a half. No response. Tesla doesn't care about you once you buy their product. Never going to buy a Tesla again!

  • Andy Thompson
    Andy Thompson12 dager siden

    I don't think it was widely reported but it said that a roof came off of a Tesla! Tesla uses a glue to assemble sections of the body together!

  • omai3m
    omai3m12 dager siden

    Tesla is probably the worst when it comes to service. BMW, MB, Lexus all have far superior service. Tesla needs to hire a head of service to turn things around.

  • Aaron Ware
    Aaron Ware12 dager siden

    This is the only reason I haven’t bought one

  • the.beard.yyc
    the.beard.yyc13 dager siden

    Love the company, love the engineering of the car, yet a terrible car overall.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius13 dager siden

    Tesla is hurting itself with this foolish Apple-style model of clinging to every aspect of their product. There is a whole wide world of garages, body shops, mechanics, and autoparts suppliers that are totally ignored by Tesla. I am avoiding the cult of Elon until they sort it out. Rather get a VW, Volvo or Kia even if they are is not quite as strong on tech. These companies know how to make and service cars.

  • Omar Omerika
    Omar Omerika13 dager siden

    Endless money pit

  • G S
    G S14 dager siden

    Why do people tolerate this crap from a company. Spend your hard earnt money elsewhere.

  • Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    11 dager siden

    fanboys, y'know

  • Doan Le
    Doan Le14 dager siden

    It better than Microsoft making a car, they will change your Office that you own into a subscription per month, and you don't own a car anymore!

  • Jay Scherbring
    Jay Scherbring14 dager siden

    Thank you for an objective review of your Tesla. The good and the bad. We all know Tesla has its flaws but we still love them at the end of the day.

  • Orwell Huxley
    Orwell Huxley14 dager siden

    Tesla is not a product that you actually own outright whether you buy or lease it. Their biz model is a SW license model and therefore you have little influence and/or control of your “ownership.”

  • Mike Carnivale
    Mike Carnivale14 dager siden

    So what Do you do if you already have the performance pads and they now wear out?

  • WK
    WK15 dager siden

    Did you just said, that Tesla GLUES rear spoiler on DOUBLESIDED tape? My god... Long way for Tesla to reach car industry standards... As for the parts - as a fan of Rich Garage - well Tesla is like apple in consumer electronics - a cancer to the consumers - no replacment parts, no instructions, no 3rd party service etc.

    MRGRUMPY5315 dager siden

    Just pretend that every Tesla is made on Mars, and expect a long delivers on parts.

  • Getthe cansin
    Getthe cansin15 dager siden

    hideous looking 'cars' overpriced junk

  • Ben Truong
    Ben Truong15 dager siden

    I can definitely second this... the only downside to owning my Tesla is the service. They take forever and don't shy on the prices lol

  • Eric Jette
    Eric Jette16 dager siden

    Wait! Break pads wear out. It’s in their nature, especially on tracks. Do you need to buy wheels with your pads every time?

  • Jamie Heritage
    Jamie Heritage16 dager siden

    3m Doubled sides Taped Carbon Fibre Spoiler. Now that's performance

  • Jim Tomlinson
    Jim Tomlinson16 dager siden

    Eventually these service issues will be worked out. I’ll let you guys beta test the experience on the cutting edge and wait for them to be resolved. Also, prices for EVs will come down as others come into the market.

  • Liang Mi
    Liang Mi16 dager siden

    I hope I will have zero experience with the service center for my new Lexus RX in the next 3 years.

  • K C

    K C

    10 dager siden

    @Liang Mi I understand now. I was worried because I see the results of too many leases returns where they never rotate their tires or even change their oil once. I think many EV buyers forget EVs still need regular maintenance at all. EVs still need regular tire rotations, they still have coolant and radiators, but they do save on oil and brakes.

  • Liang Mi

    Liang Mi

    12 dager siden

    @K C ofc. I didn't count regular maintenance since the host didn't count either.

  • K C

    K C

    15 dager siden

    I hope you change your oil and rotate your tires about 6 times over the next 3 years.

  • Muggi Dashtamir
    Muggi Dashtamir16 dager siden

    I had the best experience so far with Service.

  • Tim Twardy
    Tim Twardy16 dager siden

    I think Tesla is just gouge the American people so you people could keep buying those cars

  • Daren
    Daren16 dager siden

    Tesla, the Apple of cars.

  • Xerox Sos
    Xerox Sos17 dager siden

    And now the rumours about Apple building cars, geez I wonder how it will go....

  • Vangel Vesovski
    Vangel Vesovski17 dager siden

    Bad parts. Bad suspension. Inventory problems. Service capacity problems. What is not to love?

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    California power companies also using Tesla batteries for night stirage

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    DO A VIDEO ON GRID POWER. SUPPLY/DEMAND With Battery storage and dirty PEAKER plants vs battery storage plants

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    Before Grid battery storage excess power dumped, now we can store it with less use of DIRT PEAKER PLANTS FROM 4pm -8 pm

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    Musk wants to be known as a the battery guy not car guy. The cars have made batteries cheaper so battery storage can be competitive to fossil fuels. The HOLY GRAIL OF grid SUPPLY/Demand is battery storage. Use solar/wind power at night with battery storage.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    My 2017 Model X with 40,000 miles only thing I have done is tires. Never been to a service center. Never use a supercharger as I fill at home with my solar panels and power wall.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    Tesla first generation cars are awesome. Just think when they have been around longer with more generations. . An average new plain Jane gas car is almost $40,000. Gas cars seem overpriced now. Their powertrain seems very reliable. Electric motors so cheap vs a gas motor.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    Use aftermarket brake pads

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    My Porsche dealer is booked 6 weeks out

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    I hit a pot hole and went to discount tire as Tesla is not a tire replace area

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    All these big car companies still no range or performance like a Tesla! Tesla way ahead. The powertrain seems very reliable for first generation vehicles

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    Just think of all those oil filters that are replaced every 5000 miles in land fills. Plus 7 million people/ year from air pollution. It is a slow pandemic. So tired breathing in tailpipe exhaust in front of me. At least my Tesla if it uses grid power the factory is not in front of me on the freeway.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 dager siden

    40,000 miles on my Model X. No problems, no maintenance, snd never been to service center. Best car ever. I fill it with my solar panels and Powerwall s. Save $400/month on gas and electricity. No petrochemical smells.

  • de Cugnot Detailing
    de Cugnot Detailing17 dager siden

    For me,this is not problem, wheels and...what? Buy Vw and you will see problems every day

  • james Gand
    james Gand17 dager siden

    Tesla: We like to over promise and under deliver on everything

  • The Real Cigar Jefe
    The Real Cigar Jefe17 dager siden

    Teslas are the absolute worst vehicle in regards to fit and finish. The quality is rubbish and the interior materials come apart after a few months. Do not buy this vehicle unless you like taking your vehicle to the shop every 2 months for something.

  • sidharth cs
    sidharth cs17 dager siden

    Sounds like Apple

  • name1799
    name179918 dager siden

    Tesla is the Apple of the car world. They want to control repairs/system updates of the car/phone after you purchase it. I think its ironic since Elon hates Apple.

  • Jason Green
    Jason Green18 dager siden

    I already felt those experiences with just trying to setup a basic test drive. They sound like your bothering them and if it’s already like this I may keep my eye on my original choice which is a BMW.

  • QuebecTerreaTerre
    QuebecTerreaTerre18 dager siden

    Elon blocked your order because he didn't want you to trash the cars. That's the new version of the driver safety assistance program !

  • Tomi Wijaya
    Tomi Wijaya18 dager siden

    Apart from that issue, I really think they should hire better designers

  • Emanuel Unite 4K
    Emanuel Unite 4K18 dager siden

    Its not a BMW or Mercedes what did you think you get quality Made in Germany?🙄

  • Hoenn117
    Hoenn11718 dager siden

    Just like Apple. Gotta buy a new one.

  • Jim Blalock
    Jim Blalock18 dager siden

    hey's got a loaner car and he's whining.... buck up buttercup.

  • Yuheng Wang
    Yuheng Wang18 dager siden

    get a new mic dude

  • Viva Las Vegas
    Viva Las Vegas19 dager siden

    Tesla is half ass put together, it’s structurally flimsy, nothing lines up and everything is squeaky. The worst thing about the company is, anything under warranty that is broken, is not actually covered, because it’s within company specs when it was put together, which is a “Quarter Ass” put together to begin with. Tasla is a shady company, highly not recommended!

  • Aundre K
    Aundre K19 dager siden

    People forget Tesla is a technology company not an auto company...

  • Brian James
    Brian James19 dager siden

    Agreed, indeed!

  • Galactic Maui
    Galactic Maui19 dager siden

    All day to change out wheels! Here I am complaining it took Costco 2 1/2 hours.

  • Bob Fognozzle
    Bob Fognozzle19 dager siden

    I absolutely love my M3 but the bad (poorly or not actually performed) maintenance forced my to do my own routine maintenance....spark plug change, diff oil, engine oil and coolant, filters etc. I would rather do the maintenance than dump the car. Help me DIY is a great source for guidance.

  • lx DINGO xl
    lx DINGO xl19 dager siden

    elon musk watches this video and shows up to your door to hand deliver it.

  • Efren Pavo
    Efren Pavo19 dager siden

    You cannot please everybody.

  • Flowergemw2000
    Flowergemw200020 dager siden

    I'm so glad I came across your clip, I was debating on whether I should get an EV, especially a Tesla, and your complaints convinced me NOT to get one.👍

  • Conroy Boothe
    Conroy Boothe20 dager siden

    Tesla is the apple of cars

  • carzzi
    carzzi20 dager siden

    Will Tesla inadvertently, unintentionally cancel Jason's referral credits for guilt-by-associating with Rich? I'm guessing not.

  • Mick Jager
    Mick Jager20 dager siden

    I saw a guy on youtube whose Tesla had run out of warranty and they didn't want to touch it, seemingly to try and get you to buy a new one. But he said he found it very easy to repair because it seemed well designed and fixable.

  • rebel force
    rebel force20 dager siden

    That must be an elephant sized porthole

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook21 dag siden

    You should tweet at Elon for some brake pads