Living With A Tesla Model 3 For A Year - The Best Daily Driver


1 Year Review Living With A Tesla Model 3 Performance
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The Tesla Model 3. It has disrupted the industry and built as much love as it has hate. I've lived with my Tesla Model 3 Performance for over a year now, and that time has left me with many impressions about the car. The Model 3 is wildly fast (0-60 in 3.2 seconds), smooth, quiet, and has excellent range for an electric car. Overall it makes for such an incredible driver, that even Koenigsegg himself claimed "It's the best contemporary 'normal' daily driver around."
Do I agree? In the video we'll learn the benefits of electric cars, as well as the numerous flaws I've found with the Model 3. Up for discussion include torque, response, transmissions, noise, maintenance, regenerative braking, refueling vs recharging, preheating/cooling your vehicle, software updates, sentry mode, dashcam, one-pedal driving, and more. Learn what it's like to live with an EV!
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  • Jay
    Jay2 dager siden

    For the same price you can get the jeep renegade 4xE hybride I wonder how it compare to this tesla.

  • TheDoorDasher
    TheDoorDasher10 dager siden

    can you turn off that braking thing that yells?

  • Marie White
    Marie White13 dager siden

    Very informative! I'm in line to buy a dual motor cyber truck 2 years from now. By then, maybe you have a review on it.

  • Allen S
    Allen S19 dager siden

    Well that means this is better then that pos koesjunker

  • Dennis Kristensen
    Dennis Kristensen20 dager siden

    Stunning wheels! Might have missed it but what brand and model is it?

  • Ralph Eisenbath
    Ralph Eisenbath28 dager siden

    Jason, you are the best. Favorite NOlocal person!!!

  • William Chan
    William ChanMåned siden

    After driving my Model 3 for the past month without yet having home charging, my sense is even in this less than ideal scenario, I still prefer it to stopping at gas stations. I can tell much more accurately how much more 'fuel' is in my car, and so planning fill ups is not hard. I basically just go about my daily errands while just keeping an occasional eye on my battery pack percentage. If I'm about to get home with less than about 25%, I'll stop by the nearest supercharger for 30 mins to an hour and just do some reading, or check emails, etc. If I don't have time, I know to give it a charge next time I go out. Worst case, 25% is more than enough range to get me anywhere in the city, and back to the nearest charger before running empty. Sure, charging this way takes longer than filling up gas, but: 1) It's a less busy area usually 2) no gas fumes to smell 3) it's still cheaper to charge than buy gas, so you can just spend a fraction of those savings on a tea or coffee and get some stuff done or just relax 4) you aren't at the whim of highly volatile oil markets and seasonal price fluctuations

  • Jackson Tint
    Jackson TintMåned siden

    The sound system and warning system are adjustable settings

  • Laguna Music
    Laguna MusicMåned siden

    The first cars were electric. So we did go from electric to combustion. 🤦‍♂️

  • John Brown
    John BrownMåned siden

    $67,000? 🤦‍♂️😂😜

  • Michael Stbe
    Michael StbeMåned siden

    Nice cat, yours?

  • v.m3
    v.m3Måned siden

    well, environment and health is by far the most important thing here. how insane it is to directly pollute the air that you breathe.

  • Cameron
    Cameron2 måneder siden

    This makes me regret my Mazda 3 purchase

  • MJ
    MJ2 måneder siden

    My chocolate is happy!

  • Jerry Wang
    Jerry Wang2 måneder siden

    So don't expect great "car" features from an energy/software company such as Tesla lol

  • SDA Dan Cars
    SDA Dan Cars2 måneder siden

    At Tesla Model 3 you don't have to change the Coolant Liquid for the Battery at 4 years only on the old Model S ......they improve it !!👍

  • Joe Wagner
    Joe Wagner2 måneder siden

    The rear doors do have an emergency release in the bottom of the cubby underneath the plastic cover. It’s impractical, hard to access, and mostly unknown even by Tesla techs.

  • Connor Soma
    Connor Soma2 måneder siden

    the REAR seats so have a manual RELEASE they are located under the lining in the door pocket :)

  • n schulz
    n schulz2 måneder siden

    Huron River Drive. :thumbsup

  • GbrilliantQ
    GbrilliantQ3 måneder siden

    Okay, this guy is smart.

  • a9653192
    a96531923 måneder siden

    Yes... forget the pet, keep the chocolate happy

  • lukespack
    lukespack3 måneder siden

    I would have been so pissed at the two tire and wheel failures.

  • Julian Felipe Granados Flórez
    Julian Felipe Granados Flórez3 måneder siden

    The rear doors have a mechanical release but it's very hidden

  • apollo patriot
    apollo patriot3 måneder siden

    that s2000 is nice

  • Robert Tanksley
    Robert Tanksley3 måneder siden

    Knowing tesla the steering wheel probably will get an OTA update. Be glade its not a BMW or they would charge you 300$ a year to turn left, and 300$ a year to turn right.

  • Taideee
    Taideee3 måneder siden

    emergency release handles... maybe they don't in the back because of kids?

  • GarlTsagan
    GarlTsagan3 måneder siden

    >keep the a/c on without the car running. This seems less than genuine. Technically true...I guess. Isn't really a bonus the way he makes it sound like it is

  • Snow Rabbit
    Snow Rabbit3 måneder siden

    I’m waiting for the bodywork and quality software update.. 🤪

  • Jeremy Jinglebell
    Jeremy Jinglebell4 måneder siden

    EAXACTLY the "environment" talk rather distracts people, despite it may be true. Firstly everyone hears to his selfish interests and it is complete fail to begin the talk about environment. Later it becomes the theme anyway,

  • Andrew Forrister
    Andrew Forrister4 måneder siden

    What kind of animal carries their rock climbing shoes and harness loose like that? You need a backpack. Also, you need some shoes more aggressive than those evolvs.

  • John Dexter Santos
    John Dexter Santos4 måneder siden

    Make that big tablet removable , hehe

  • Collin Sloan
    Collin Sloan4 måneder siden

    I’ll give you my list. 1. The company doesn’t make a profit on the car manufacturing, only on selling environmental tax rebates so it is underpriced even at the 2x price of a 5 passenger car. 2. Out of garage parking is always going to be a pain for charging and will ultimately limit the market. 3. 2.5 minutes for recharging with gasoline cannot be beat. 4. Carbon Dioxide/minor global warming is good for the environment and is resulting in increased arable land and reduced frost loss in farming. 5. Cold weather battery capacity loss is unpredictable and cannot be wished away. 6. I really don’t want to handle the charging every time I get out of the car. 7. If i run out of gas, I just get a gallon from a friendly passerby, ever try and jump start a Tesla? 8. They keep aggressively pushing for hands free driving utilizing their customers as guinea pigs. I believe they have killed 5+ customers/bystanders in the name of testing. 9. Batteries capacity and usability reduces over time and gasoline doesn’t. 10. Car fires + electricity. Even without the fact they don’t have emergency releases in the back seats. Bonus Superchargers work until there is a larger volume of cars on the road. As it takes 20 times longer to charge, the superchargers are going to get busier and more expensive. On the plus side the look cool and in sunny conditions they would be a fun second car.

  • Frank Tank
    Frank Tank4 måneder siden

    11) Model 3 is one of the safest cars you can buy at any price. It's may not be a "Yo, I just want a sweet ride" reason, but it was one of the main reasons I bought my Model 3.

  • Byron Allen
    Byron Allen5 måneder siden

    You have convinced me to never ever buy an electric car....I bought a coyote engined F-150 with a huge gas tank and can fill-up in 5 minuted and drive 800 miles. I refuse to waste hours waiting on yet another battery to charge up...I am annoyed enough charging my IPHONE never mind a car. NO THANKS!!! You car can go from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds how may times before you have to push it because the battery is dead?

  • Carl Morrison
    Carl Morrison5 måneder siden

    "Watch for Tesla" app for iPhone lets you choose % of charge by 5% increments, so you can actually set at 80%. BTW, haven't found it able to actually calculate 80% of 250 miles!

  • Nelson Pun
    Nelson Pun5 måneder siden

    the maintenance alone is why im gonna go electric. Even the best built cars are made to break eventually; its an explosion in a box - its chances of failing are high.

  • Ted G
    Ted G5 måneder siden

    Nice drive down Huron river eh...

  • Paul Amarante
    Paul Amarante5 måneder siden

    We did start with electric cars.

  • The Adventure Auto
    The Adventure Auto5 måneder siden

    Tesla seems like a trustworthy company, while a lot of others seem to only be concerned with planned obsolescence.

  • millzi matt
    millzi matt5 måneder siden

    Bragging isn’t entertaining lol

  • Clay Bearman
    Clay Bearman5 måneder siden

    Feel like that every time I put gas in my Volt which is like once every three months (and when I do, it's like $10 worth, not a full tank). Once you go electric, you never go back.

  • Wilson Ramirez
    Wilson Ramirez5 måneder siden

    I made the switch. Got a Model 3. I get it. Yeah, the charging is different. I don’t have a place to charge at home. But I leave in the Bay Are. So charging is all around. Also, I can charge at work. I definitely think this is the best daily out there. The one pedal driving is awesome. Agreed about the Brake Warning System. Lol

  • kozodoev
    kozodoev5 måneder siden

    #7 is only really relevant to people who own a house. As someone who lives in an apartment building it's exactly reversed.

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin5 måneder siden

    Sure, the heated steering wheel update was a joke, but it's certainly possible for the heated seats, given that cars sold without that option still have the heaters installed in them.

  • Shaked Moyal
    Shaked Moyal5 måneder siden

    When the charging time will be much faster(can stand 10 min' at least) with more charging stations, and the cars won't get depreciate so much , I don't see any problem why not owning an electric car. It's quite, smooth and less maintenance.

  • See Jey
    See Jey6 måneder siden

    this car was designed for full self driving. the steering has two motors for redundancy. there is a talking to remove the steering for robotaxi. so, invest a heater at steering, NO.

  • shemmmo
    shemmmo6 måneder siden

    Try going to the track with that car... it is too heavy and handling is not as good as petrol car

  • Ladco77
    Ladco776 måneder siden

    The big take away I'm getting is it's a great design but they still need to work on quality control.

  • Official Y
    Official Y6 måneder siden


  • squab1
    squab16 måneder siden

    Elon Musk still a space karen

  • Repitchx
    Repitchx6 måneder siden

    Just theoretically speaking, can't Tesla really do a OTA update with the heated steering wheel if it was implemented beforehand in the car? A random update would surprise everyone. That'd be pretty cool. Then again, most the things Tesla does is pretty cool.

  • Rogy Doj
    Rogy Doj6 måneder siden

    Well spoken on the environment argument. Nice that I'm not ejecting nasty pollutants while Tesla'ing but I don't want to get sanctimonious about it especially when it comes to all the stuff at the factory. I agree with the positives which is why I would get one just for the driving experience and being able to have it fully charged when I leave home. Dunno what I'm going to do with my IC maintenance tools. On the stereo losing bass in the back, how many times have you had the old rear speakers booming away in the back right behind the rear passengers so the driver could hear it? Not sure whether that is a design flaw or a design choice because you will probably only have front seat passengers most of the time. I have swung from negative about Tesla to "when can I get one" mainly due to the leading battery / drive system. It is really the only pragmatically appealing choice in Australia. The only hesitation would be on how it handles the regular 45C summer days driving and parked in this neck of the woods ( Adelaide South Australia) and the nearest dealer is 730 km away in Melbourne. [edit] Apparently there is one in Adelaide but I missed it on a cursory glance at the Tesla website

  • Kenny Fordham
    Kenny Fordham6 måneder siden

    Lol! Looks like Tesla bought you out. 🙄

  • TheManLab7
    TheManLab76 måneder siden

    $60!!! Are you shitting me?! 😲 I can't have an EV because both me and my mum can't park our cars on the drive or garage AND my mum reeeeealy wants a Tesla. I own a Mk7.5 Golf GTD and I'd really like an electric car but (once again) due to where I live, I can't. It seems like the only person who can afford an EV are the once who own a drive/garage. I do really like driving an ICE, but only for the spirited driving side of things because of the obvious. Driving it round some country lanes and going to the "speed limit' when no one else is about on a straight road 😁

  • AnotherSolace
    AnotherSolace6 måneder siden

    So if you were living on your own and weather is cold enough for snow for several weeks... would your only choice of 1 car be the Subaru or the Model 3? Thanks!

  • Michael Smalz
    Michael Smalz7 måneder siden

    Omg you are driving right by my house and it took me 11 minutes to officially confirm it lol

  • LoreZyra . TV
    LoreZyra . TV7 måneder siden

    I'd like to see a more comprehensive list of good things and bad things about Tesla. Similar to what Sandy Munro does, but from the perspective of a daily driver like you... How does it operate in Winter with deep snow?

  • Geoffrey Brantner
    Geoffrey Brantner7 måneder siden

    I'm not going to knock electric cars because I do believe that they will get there eventually, but the floor in your performance argument is that that is simply straight line acceleration. Take that Tesla and the R8 to any winding road, to any race track, to anywhere where people that actually enjoy driving want to go. Take them both to the Train of the Dragon. The R8 will get to Deals Gap, fill up and have ordered lunch before you arrive. Then there's the cost thing, another topic that I believed you were grossly incorrect on. you said you did not believe it was initial cost that would keep people from buying electric automobiles. I drive a $36,000 automobile, a smallish performance, 4-door import. in order to get an electric car that is even close to as engaging and close to the overall performance offered by my little import, I'm looking at the Model 3 performance model at well over twice the initial cost. Yes, total cost of ownership matters, of course, but discounting the initial cost of the vehicle does a disservice to the discussion. By the way, even if we buy the model 3 Performance model at over twice the cost, straight line acceleration is still the only performance number that will exceed that of my inexpensive import. Put some more money into the car and eventually you can get it to handle as well. The decision between gasoline or electric also involves a lot more then whether you go on road trips and whether or not you have facilities to charge it overnight. That turns the entire discussion into one of simple transportation. Point A to Point B. I know there are some people that are dead and just going through the motions of life, but a lot of us truly enjoy the experience of driving. I enjoy every sensation involved with driving. Do people like me not matter?

  • Engel Universe
    Engel Universe7 måneder siden

    Wow, I listened to several people reviewing this car. I guess it takes an engineer to notice things that are not just beauty or acceleration related. Thanks for the details that nobody else mentioned!

  • Reddylion
    Reddylion7 måneder siden

    electric cars for win

  • Gooztr E
    Gooztr E7 måneder siden

    If there was a more experienced manufacturer but with a tesla power train that made a car that was not in coupe shape but a wagon I would buy it emidiately. I just can't put 60k into something as bad looking and with the build quality of the Tesla Model 3 even if it is a great daily driver. There are some cheaper options starting to come out but they are impossible to get in AWD which is a requirement for me. Guess Ill just have to wait another 10 years until there is a good one.

  • Lefty16jd
    Lefty16jd7 måneder siden

    Can someone explain to me how clean air and clean water is a political issue? If it was solely up to politicians we would not have either!

  • relativityboy
    relativityboy8 måneder siden

    I just noticed since September you've moved from the TST wheels to the TSS wheels. Why is that?

  • Louis Greschner
    Louis Greschner8 måneder siden

    EVs truly stand for efficiency. Not just energy efficiency, but there are so many things about electric cars that have added benefits. Like the fact that the heating is electric, it's not just overall better than a traditional heating system in a car, but because it's electric, it goes on and off in a fraction of a second. Or in Teslas case, the Autopilot. It needs all those cameras, but they can be double used as security cameras as well as dashcams. Or how EVs have no other choice than E-gas, meaning you can 100% control with software things like pedal sensitivity and stuff, it's basically like a game. Just so many cool things that aren't even put there intentionally, but instead are an advantage of another system's solution.

  • John Bouchard
    John Bouchard8 måneder siden

    Is this dude related to Beto O'Rourke? Looks and sounds just like him lol

  • Racer X
    Racer X8 måneder siden

    Are you an audiophile or autophile or everything combined like captain planet?

  • Powerlove
    Powerlove8 måneder siden

    can you not use the 18 inch rims for the summer tires too?

  • Powerlove
    Powerlove8 måneder siden

    real men don't care about passengers in the back

  • Powerlove
    Powerlove8 måneder siden

    this guy got me interested in an EV. a few years ago I would never have watched this

  • ditto1958
    ditto19588 måneder siden

    The analogy fails because electric cars still suck.

  • Big Yeet Daddy
    Big Yeet Daddy8 måneder siden

    tbh just want a rdw manual car idc if it is electric

  • Muhammad okdah
    Muhammad okdah9 måneder siden

    C8 corvette is 60K and hits 60 mph in 2.9 seconds ?

  • H S
    H S9 måneder siden

    The problem with this car, is the price, too high!!! Waiting for VW ID3!

  • Syed Bilal
    Syed Bilal9 måneder siden

    Clean your footwells my dude

  • Daundre Demars
    Daundre Demars9 måneder siden


  • Jordan Joseph
    Jordan Joseph9 måneder siden

    Waiting for the software update for heated steering wheel

  • D Elder
    D Elder9 måneder siden

    Can I ask, why would you restrict the charging to 80%? Having never owned a electric car I would of thought 100% charge would of saved the anxiety of running out of power when travelling somewhere.

  • Clef-162


    7 måneder siden

    @D Elder Glad to inform!

  • D Elder

    D Elder

    7 måneder siden

    @Clef-162 thanks for the information

  • Clef-162


    7 måneder siden

    Well it's unhealthy for the battery to be charged to 100% daily, but if you're going on a road trip every once and a while, it would be okay.

  • Andre Luis CaR
    Andre Luis CaR9 måneder siden

    13:09 - Probably this is a safety feature. An emergency release in the back seats is dangerous if you have childs there.

  • theMekanik
    theMekanik9 måneder siden

    Yah agree the the Shelby has a beautiful sound 🤩

  • theMekanik
    theMekanik9 måneder siden

    That roof is insane 😳

  • Richard Getts
    Richard Getts9 måneder siden

    Thank you. Turning this around was needing done, 'what if EVs were here first in mass numbers' sort of thing. Enjoying this fresh perspective very much, you do it well.

  • Quarkhammer
    Quarkhammer9 måneder siden

    all good, the electric car is better for mom driving to the store. BUT: what about citys? most people have no garage to charge over night, at least outside the US. and what about it burning for 3 days after a crash? and btw, you cant tell me life without rev matching down into second and letting the turbo escalate down the street is still worth living.

  • Quarkhammer


    9 måneder siden

    ​@NotTheCIA I.think yes many people in cities dont own cars, big cities with several million inhabitants wouldnt work if every citizen had a car, they are allready totally congested. but still if you mean that usually there are parking spaces especially reserved for the inhabitants of buildings, i doubt it. at least in europe its just not the case, of course there are some modern apartements with garages underneath etc but the vast majoritiy of buildings is many decades/centuries old and there is just public parking along the road. no point discussing that...

  • Quarkhammer


    9 måneder siden

    @NotTheCIA I.think come on, you know that city homes all over the world are in multi storage buildings and most cars are simply parked on the street side. soon about two third of all people will live in cities, so over-night charging simply isnt an option for the masses... and by the way i dont see a need for every car to be electric anyway, they are one option of many with their benefits and flaws.

  • Quarkhammer


    9 måneder siden

    @NotTheCIA I.think ok i dont know about that burning thing. probably some of these news I heard are influenced by the oil lobby. but with charging i still see a major disadvantage to gas. at least in my city (hamburg, germany) about 95% of all appartements dont have parking at all and even if they have there mostly is no electricity. if there will be a tremendous development in battery tech and infrastructure i can imagine charging being easy, but today? no.

  • Ashutosh K
    Ashutosh K9 måneder siden

    Absolutely loved this!

  • Christer Albäck
    Christer Albäck9 måneder siden

    Spötify?? What??

  • ronaldporras
    ronaldporras9 måneder siden

    he is so sexy

  • Anastasios Constantinidis
    Anastasios Constantinidis9 måneder siden

    Question: why Tesla’s vehicles are so primitive? They don’t have the selector for the braking re-generation rate on the steering wheel- they have it in a very complicated menu in the touch screen. Even the smallest electric Peugeot has the ability to change the braking regeneration rate using a lever- sorry Peugeot builds cars for Drivers, not for passengers with a steering wheel in front of them

  • Game TL
    Game TL9 måneder siden

    The intro is hilarious!!

  • Vinícius Schadeck
    Vinícius Schadeck9 måneder siden

    hahaha neat... now bring it prices to affordable costumer from brazil '-' my car costs like 28k real... it's dollar prices of today directly converting is about 6k dollar... but even if i use all my money i just can buy a 12k dollar car... well brazil sucks... ohhhh i earn more than 95% of brazillians population... in other words i almost rich here, and even i can't think about tesla or anything that espensive... even a leaf one costs more than 100k real... i mean, impossible to buy for me... the really rich people from here can buy even prices cars like ferrarie bughatti and soo on, but for middle class like me... not a even close deal

  • idc20627
    idc2062710 måneder siden

    So glad he said its a joke because i was about to roast him. Something in me knew it was a joke, dude is obviously well educated to make such a dumbass comment. Wonder who really fell for it lmao

  • Javiff1
    Javiff110 måneder siden

    My father has one and one complaint I have is riding in the back seats. The rear suspension, in my opinion, is too hard. Long journeys in the back are quite painful and you end up a little dizzy. Nobody talks about that because every youtuber that has one Model 3 drives it itself. However, I've driven it many times and I can say the front suspension is quite confortable, it's totally a different experience

  • Javiff1


    9 måneder siden

    @NotTheCIA I.think I bet you're from the USA, right? I guess there you have more straight roads than Europe. The long trips I said I've done in my father's model 3 have been in some curvy roads

  • Javiff1


    9 måneder siden

    @NotTheCIA I.think Nope, it's the long range version with the 19 inch wheels

  • TheAegisClaw
    TheAegisClaw10 måneder siden

    I have a leaf, everyone underestimates how quick it is. It's like driving round in some sort of sleeper car.

  • AtTommy
    AtTommy10 måneder siden

    Question- Why would I not want my car to charge to 100% every charge? You said you want in to be controlled to specific percentage, but why cap it in the first place? Great video btw!!

  • Forrest Colyer
    Forrest Colyer10 måneder siden

    pretty sure that these days there is a rear passenger door release in the little storage cubby in the door, underneath the rubber mat

  • Robert T
    Robert T10 måneder siden

    I don't enjoy hating...

  • Bill Layton
    Bill Layton10 måneder siden

    Excellent video! too bad NOlocal is inserting 2 minute long ads into the middle unless you pay their fees. :(

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus10 måneder siden

    Spends $3000 on wheels, no maintenance, lol.

  • adamdude
    adamdude10 måneder siden

    In the hyothetical example of combustion cars coming out after electric cars have already been mainstream, one thing that should have been mentioned is "Hey so these new combustion cars are one third of the price."

  • No
    No10 måneder siden

    Didn't you have a different one before this? I believe it was you who said that electric cars only break even on the production emissions after about 5 years. You going to drive this one for the next 10 years?

  • Tripplett
    Tripplett10 måneder siden

    it's hard to have an aerodynamic car and have great visibility out the back. There is actually a hidden emergency release cable inside the door for the rear but it was never hooked up. Some NOlocalrs like i1Tesla have videos on how they've connected them. That said even Elon says there is a backup power supply going to the rear door openers now, not sure how, but that's what he's said.

  • CashlessProductions
    CashlessProductions10 måneder siden

    “it’s a joke. quit typing.” Jason look at you being a top notch entertainment god.