Koenigsegg Proves You Don't Need A Straight Pipe Exhaust


Performance Exhausts Patented By Koenigsegg Make Big Power
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Do straight pipe exhausts actually make more power? Are straight pipes actually beneficial? Koenigsegg makes crazy horsepower engines and vehicles, and they happen to be emissions compliant. So does your neighbor's Honda Civic really need a straight pipe to put down 150 horsepower at the wheels, and how how does Koenigsegg make 1000+ horsepower engines that also don't create terrible emissions? Koenigsegg has a couple exhaust patents up their sleeve.
Koenigsegg's brilliance comes down to how they employ the use of pre-cats within their exhausts. Pre-cats are used to help reduce harmful emissions while a car is still warming up, and the main catalytic converter is still cold. In this video, we'll break down Koenigsegg's first patent ever, the 'Rocket Cat,' as well as the patented exhaust used on the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Check out the video for a full explanation!
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  • aaron garrett
    aaron garrettMåned siden

    I’m curious whether other manufacturers use this tech in consumer autos, and if so, do they pay for the patent use. Thx!

  • Yazan Al-Qadi
    Yazan Al-Qadi2 måneder siden

    Wait, after he explained the issue i immediately though why don't they have a valve that that opens the MC and closes the PC once the engine is warm enough,similar thing is there for all cars for engine cooling and was there for long time, it is kinda obvious... so why did it take a "genius" to think about it?

  • SvenStadt
    SvenStadt4 måneder siden

    Better yet, create an internal, battery powered block heater. Then, you can just skip the pre-cat altogether!

  • PinHeadLarry69X
    PinHeadLarry69X4 måneder siden

    Anyone could have just said they have a bypass valve at cold start, but EE wrote a book and narrated to us with pictures for us to understand. Thank you kind sir I now know the ways to 1200hp 😁

  • Charlie Wiberg
    Charlie Wiberg4 måneder siden

    When a man can say precatalytic converter so fast so many times then he's officially Superman 😂 Gr8 Job!

  • Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
    Mäýüŕá Vïřůš4 måneder siden

    Once i heard patented if anyone wanna use it i believe you'll need to cough up some dough

  • Isaac Haynes
    Isaac Haynes4 måneder siden

    2:53 kinEggsegs lmao

  • Prince V&G
    Prince V&G5 måneder siden

    I am super educated bcs of your vids ❤️

  • Christo
    Christo5 måneder siden

    I read ahead to note 4

  • SwaffyX
    SwaffyX5 måneder siden

    All Koenigsegg proved was you can make even MORE power if it _was_ straight-piped

  • Robert Hickman
    Robert Hickman5 måneder siden

    I don't think anyone ever straight piped their civic for the purpose of going faster 😂

  • BeatJumper 👽
    BeatJumper 👽5 måneder siden

    I was hoping for a straight pipe Vs full exhaust Dyno...

  • DraconicEon
    DraconicEon5 måneder siden

    The precat system also functions as the wastegate if i had to guess?

  • Darkendsniper65
    Darkendsniper655 måneder siden

    what does a mustang eco boost exhaust cats look like on your chart?

  • Jake Solomon
    Jake Solomon5 måneder siden

    I love living in Florida

  • JP
    JP5 måneder siden

    I still can't believe Koenigsegg is a Swedish company

  • marcoxtv
    marcoxtv5 måneder siden

    U can make 1000 with an exhuast but you will make more with no cats just sayin

  • Salty Steel
    Salty Steel5 måneder siden

    Somehow my Duramax lost its factory exhaust and got straight piped. Also, somehow, the emissions control devices also fell off. What a shame. Thankfully I live in a free state that doesn't do emissions testing.

  • S. W.
    S. W.5 måneder siden

    The idea is nice, but the fact that you can get a patent for something so simple as a precat bypass is laughable.

  • Sander
    Sander5 måneder siden

    What's the point of koenigsegg complying with emission regulations, they only make a handfull of cars

  • BrownTheColor
    BrownTheColor5 måneder siden

    Not gonna stop straight piping my gf😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  • tturi2
    tturi25 måneder siden

    so he is basically using his waste gate as a separate path for the main flow of exhaust gas?

  • Randudoft Will I Am's III
    Randudoft Will I Am's III5 måneder siden

    Little fact Koenigsegg CC Gen. and Agera Gen. cars exhaust pipe exit faces downward and the tip is cured outward.

  • PijanaDruzina
    PijanaDruzina5 måneder siden

    When u put things in the perspetive koenigsegg love what are they doing they develop new things building history from 1994 i think best engineered car in my opinion.. Wheres bugatti just same engine from 2005 i think they just put new body on it and sell it for tone of money.. Why people buys it idk..

  • Scurvy Cat
    Scurvy Cat5 måneder siden

    Your voice kinda sounds like Bill nye

  • t105x104
    t105x1045 måneder siden

    Cute cat 🙀

  • Henry
    Henry5 måneder siden

    Still heavy

  • JayDee
    JayDee5 måneder siden

    Here in ontario we dont do emission testing anymore😎

  • Something Intheway
    Something Intheway5 måneder siden

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    David Thornborough5 måneder siden

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    TE-BO5 måneder siden

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  • High Tech
    High Tech5 måneder siden

    My 05 bmw uses asecindary air pump for startup emissions but I deleted the air fan so while the cats are cold the exhaust smells bad

  • Daniel Dagenais
    Daniel Dagenais5 måneder siden

    i love this guy so mutch...everything become so easy to understand. Im ordering a t-shirt 🤣

  • Curtis Carté
    Curtis Carté5 måneder siden

    @EngineeringExplained Loved this breakdown but why can’t they just put the pre cat in the same chamber as the main cat saving space and complexity? Also, wouldn’t having it in the same chamber help charge up the main car as well? Help me understand please🤔. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Jorge Luis Burgoa Cosio
    Jorge Luis Burgoa Cosio5 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who wonder why manufacturers does not use electrical resistances in a wide mesh pattern inside the exhaust system to get the work temperature instantly and on demand for the exhaust section and engine temperature being wide enough to not be restrictive when off but enough to heat the gaps enough to burn the harmful particles 🤔

  • Jack Gibb
    Jack Gibb5 måneder siden

    Of course you dont.. but imagine how much bhp the Keonigsegg would make if it didn’t have those cats

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones5 måneder siden

    The grey is coming in nicely, Jason! Keep up the good work :)

  • reeisessit
    reeisessit5 måneder siden

    I've seen new cars MY16+ that have only a main cat instead both. How did they pass emissions?

  • Γιώργος Ρ
    Γιώργος Ρ5 måneder siden

    Why not use a blow torch to heat up the main cat quickly 😂

  • Alex Romo
    Alex Romo5 måneder siden

    No you don't.

  • cole peterson
    cole peterson5 måneder siden

    My brain hurts but bravo I understand and made it through it

  • 99block
    99block5 måneder siden

    Even better in the Jesko, which doesn't have a Pre-Cat, it has electrical heating in the Main-Cat :D

  • Mike Cowart
    Mike Cowart5 måneder siden

    So why does my GLA45 AMG have 3 cats?

  • Pleb Failsworth
    Pleb Failsworth5 måneder siden

    i'm kinda confused. so what i thought was my main cat is a pre-cat and my secondary cat is a main cat?

  • Federico Barrondo Hess
    Federico Barrondo Hess5 måneder siden

    Great video!! One question though: if in the traditional catalytic coverter the exhaust gases have to always go through the pre cat, then the exhaust flow is determined by the size of it and not the size of the main cat. Wouldnt it then make more sense to simply place the main cat closer to the engine exhaust so it works both in cold and warm start ups? I imagine the reason for that is that the pre cat is not as effective as the main cat when at operating temp, but I would like to know your thoughts on this.

  • Jeremy Phillips
    Jeremy Phillips6 måneder siden

    I like the cat at the end.

  • QXZ9027MKII
    QXZ9027MKII6 måneder siden

    The idea of by passing a restriction is not new specially in the exhaust department, what I really want to know is how are these bypass valves built and there mechanism, to build a valve that can withstand that amount of heat & pressure yet still work properly every time with the presence of carbon deposits, is actually what amazes me.

  • Reece Lawson
    Reece Lawson6 måneder siden

    A straight pipe exhaust is just a straight pipe, no cat, no resonator, no muffler, right?

  • brandonkt3
    brandonkt36 måneder siden

    why not just put a glow plug in the main Cat?

  • David LaMaster
    David LaMaster7 måneder siden

    2:55 god bless you.

  • Matt Roszak
    Matt Roszak7 måneder siden

    I love your channel. Thank you for being here.

  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper7 måneder siden

    Regulation leading to innovation. Don’t tell the free market people

  • Arne
    Arne8 måneder siden

    You get a patent for routing the exhaust either through the PC or the turbo charger? I must be a genius, that was what I thought of while still being at scheme 1...

  • Dynamic Solution
    Dynamic Solution8 måneder siden

    Do we get reverse carbon tax since no one drives anymore

  • spolo123
    spolo1239 måneder siden

    If only car manufacturers could finally pull such innovations that would be good, thanks.

  • Carson Newton
    Carson Newton10 måneder siden

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁simply fantastic🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:22 💓💯🧡 👇👇👇👇💞

  • Otto Knabe
    Otto Knabe10 måneder siden

    10:10 short observation on that part: Just because the clutches can close in as little as 2ms, doesn't mean that the gearbox will shift with that speed, mainly because an upshift from 3 to 4 will require the second shaft to increase it's rotational speed. Koenigsegg will of course try it's best to minimise it's inertia, but that still makes it less straight forward than an upshift that won't change the relative speed of the second shaft to the input shaft. Which means that either every third gear shift will take considerably longer to complete than others, or that all gear shift times will be matched to the slowest one. But no continuous positive torque, which was something you have claimed

  • Hit man 309
    Hit man 30910 måneder siden

    You got the bit about back pressure causing exhaust gases to dilute cylinders and cause higher temperatures wrong or the EGR cycle has got it wrong when it's supposed to reduce cylinder temps and nox levels ?

  • LoL XD
    LoL XD11 måneder siden

    Right instead of Muffled exhaust, main-cat & pre-cat exhaust, and straight pipes, imma just run off my car open headers

  • pec1739
    pec173911 måneder siden

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  • Bernard Beneš
    Bernard BenešÅr siden

    Best chanel on NOlocal. Respect.

  • Crimson Vance
    Crimson VanceÅr siden

    Its this level of engineering and ingenuity that makes Koenigsegg far superior than Bugatti. Bugatti thinks bigger is better. Where Koenigsegg makes crazy innovations to make the V8 engine they perfected perform better.

  • Nathan Struver
    Nathan StruverÅr siden

    I clicked on this, saw the whiteboards, and clicked back

  • Antonis Petrou
    Antonis PetrouÅr siden

    Have a manual bypass and everything works fine. When I need to push, just press the button and the valve opens in front of the Pre cat. Works just fine

  • onradioactivewaves
    onradioactivewavesÅr siden

    I wonder if they will incorporate some sort of Tesla Valve technology for the exhaust in the future .

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian GarciaÅr siden

    So it’s possible but super expensive

  • _spl _
    _spl _År siden

    Sounds way to complecated. Why don't just a single valve with a precat as a bypass?

  • David Elliott
    David ElliottÅr siden

    David Vizard discussing valves and gas flow says exhaust gas inertia causes the cylinder to go negative pressure just after the exhaust valve opens. The inlet opens momentarily later so the incoming charge is pulled in by the partial vacuum created by the exhaust flow. Konisegg have the Freevalve engine which operates its valves entirely electronically. No cam, no cam belt, around 20kg weight saving on a 1600cc engine. Each exhaust valve has its own outlet pipe with only one going to the turbo. The other goes straight to the catalyst. The individual valve openings control how much boost is made. No waste gate. The cold engine keeps the turbo valve closed and retards the spark ignition. That puts flames down the exhaust to quickly heat the catalyst. The precast is not needed. There is also no throttle valve it’s all done by the engine valves. Check out the freevalve video.

  • Green Piece
    Green PieceÅr siden

    So simple, even I could have come up with it...

  • Arturo Espinosa
    Arturo EspinosaÅr siden

    Very clarifying illustration of how pet-friendly the sensors are.

  • Doug Thomson
    Doug ThomsonÅr siden

    Sigh, for the price of these things they should be cleaning the air.

  • Malonzo Charles Ken
    Malonzo Charles KenÅr siden

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  • totaleXess
    totaleXessÅr siden

    I have some pretty bad gasses.

  • Gui Srtr
    Gui SrtrÅr siden

    Emission standards are pretty loose today.

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid KertészÅr siden

    Would this also help fuel efficiency?

  • M4Racing
    M4RacingÅr siden

    Hence why I got catless downpipes and removed my secondary cats on my M4.

  • Dr. Richard Marrotte
    Dr. Richard MarrotteÅr siden

    Great explanation. I agree you've done great marketing for Koenigsegg and they owe you as least a loaner for a year.

  • The Chumps been dumped.
    The Chumps been dumped.År siden

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  • A R
    A RÅr siden

    0:45 Volkswagen was clever and just lied about those harmful gases

  • Cole Weinstein
    Cole WeinsteinÅr siden

    I actually understand this. Its quite insane actually, awesome explanation.

  • cr4zyw3ld3r
    cr4zyw3ld3rÅr siden

    So its safe to assume that cars like the Focus RS, Civic TR, Golf R, Veloster N, Lancer EVO X use system 2 with the precat and MC going after the turbos?

  • Daniel Lobo
    Daniel LoboÅr siden

    - Christian Von Koenigsegg: spends years creating innovative pre-cat solution. - Koenigsegg buyers: immediately removes pre-cat

  • H. R. Lawrence
    H. R. LawrenceÅr siden

    ? Can I purchase a Rocket Cat setup for my F150 (or any other vehicles)?

  • Mike L
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  • Donovan Piko
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  • Techademics
    TechademicsÅr siden

    This is great news! Now I'm going to fit this system to my 2006 Ford Fiesta ST just so I can impress the car meet at the grocery store with my extra 300BHP!

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  • Mansoor Kamrani

    Mansoor Kamrani

    År siden

    IF, A BIG IF you are producing upwards of 1000hp and big boost.

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  • Mansoor Kamrani

    Mansoor Kamrani

    År siden

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  • Gerard Montgomery
    Gerard MontgomeryÅr siden

    Koenigsegg build some truly amazing cars, it's sad to say that this is probably the swan song of the ICE though.

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    That one dingus DerpÅr siden

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    CameronÅr siden

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  • der Emanuel
    der EmanuelÅr siden

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