Koenigsegg Jesko - The World's Most Powerful Production Engine


The Koenigsegg Jesko's engine is packed with clever engineering. The 5.0L twin-turbo V8 engine produces 1600 horsepower on E85 fuel, with 1500 Nm of torque! Koenigsegg claims it's the most powerful.
Koenigsegg's latest megacar, the Jesko, will likely be it's last purely internal combustion engine powered vehicle. The car's numbers are unreal. 1600 HP. 1000 kg of downforce. It features Koenigsegg's Light Speed Transmission, a 9-speed, 7-clutch transmission capable of crazy fast shifts from any one gear to any other.
At the heart, is the twin-turbo V8. It's now a flatplane crankshaft, a departure from the Agera's crossplane crankshaft. This means it now revs higher, to 8500 RPM. Features include the ability to run on E85 or gasoline, triple fuel injectors per cylinder, tumble flow intake ports, a compressed air system to eliminate turbo lag, ceramic coated pistons to reduce hot spots, and individual pressure sensors to optimize engine timing. This video will dive into all the details!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    Bonus Fact! The pistons have a ceramic coating on the top to prevent hot spots from accumulating and causing detonation at full power. Here are some fun related videos: Koenigsegg Direct Drive - nolocal.info/have/video/o5OGjZek06l9vYw Why Regera Has No Transmission - nolocal.info/have/video/rIuqfb1v0XqLzpA How Koenigsegg FreeValve Works - nolocal.info/have/video/e3yMm6-Sl4dr1KY Flatplane vs Crossplane Crankshaft - nolocal.info/have/video/lIanp7x_nbGIyaI Flatplane vs Crossplane Exhaust - nolocal.info/have/video/YqVplreKromI15A Also, if you want to debate about pronunciation, Koenigsegg said both "Yes-ko" and "Jes-ko" during the debut at Geneva. Pronunciation is not what this video is about.

  • Valkyrie 007

    Valkyrie 007

    14 dager siden

    The most powerful engine in the World is the 2021 Bugatti Chiron Supersport rated at 1600hp although I've seen one indicated at 1614hp. And that's on normal regular PUMP gas. E85 is NOT a "pump" gas in the United Kingdom at any petrol station whatsoever. It's also 105 Octane rating and increases fuel consumption +25% upwards. Anyway Bugatti doesn't it and it has far superior torque curves. End of.

  • Petter !

    Petter !

    10 måneder siden

    Magnus Dagbro International car?

  • Gokuldas H

    Gokuldas H

    År siden

    why not freevalve..those camless engine would have been cool

  • Racingsfun


    År siden

    @Dominic Lussier you need a act of god to keep the ej257 together. Sorry bro-

  • Richard Smart

    Richard Smart

    År siden

    @SvenTviking Not really - the fastest I've ever gone on a (British) road is 155mph, in a BMW M3, on a motorway, at about three-o'clock-in-the-morning. And it was brilliant...

  • Denstoradiskmaskinen
    Denstoradiskmaskinen19 dager siden

    NOS for the tailpipe

  • idkwuisp 76
    idkwuisp 764 måneder siden

    you could buy 3000 20 year old civics for the price of one Jesko

  • Sam DG
    Sam DG5 måneder siden

    And then there’s Bugatti with 3.0L more, and DOUBLE the cylinders making less power🤡🤡

  • Robert Stratford
    Robert Stratford5 måneder siden

    How would performance differ if, under hard throttle , the compressed air from the tank was dumped directly into the intake, rather than into the exhaust side of the turbo?

  • Mahlok 82
    Mahlok 825 måneder siden

    Now koeningseng gamera 1700 hp.. No anymore bugati chiron.. Koeningseng the Best car in the world..

  • Albi Sojan
    Albi Sojan6 måneder siden

    Could you make a video on torque converters?

  • waperboy
    waperboy6 måneder siden

    Not to mention the FreeValve system that replaces the cam shafts for arbitrary valve timing control!

  • khvidtube1617
    khvidtube16177 måneder siden

    Well, they lied. They have built another gasoline car, Jesco Absolut.

  • Mr Jean Deaux
    Mr Jean Deaux7 måneder siden

    I'm a straight bloke (or, at least I thought I was 🤔), the wrong side of 39 years old (40) but I'm getting a chubby watching this. 😲

  • Mr Jean Deaux

    Mr Jean Deaux

    7 måneder siden

    I am stoned, too. (In the interest of transparency.)

  • Mr Jean Deaux

    Mr Jean Deaux

    7 måneder siden

    It's OK, my partner just clarified it for me. She said it's BECAUSE I'm straight that I'm getting a chubby watching this... annnnd... relax. 👍😎

  • Blake Miner
    Blake Miner7 måneder siden

    Where's my aftermarket air compressor and carbon fiber storage tank for my Honda Civic's turbo? :) Turbo lag sucks.

  • Jacob Pasco
    Jacob Pasco8 måneder siden

    The engine is basically a twin turbo mustang engine

  • Jacob Pasco
    Jacob Pasco8 måneder siden

    The triple fuel injectors probably help keep the air that is going into the cylinder cooler

  • Jacob Pasco
    Jacob Pasco8 måneder siden

    A chevy ls3 6.2 can make the same power as this on 30 pounds of boost with twin turbos and a stock bottom end

  • Tim Gurowski
    Tim Gurowski8 måneder siden

    Great video! Amazing engine. Pressure sensing using Ion sense technology has been around for a long time. Saab started using it in the 90’s. Admittedly this uses the spark plugs and coils to measure cylinder pressure and not an individual pressure sensor.

    ALBER PAJARES9 måneder siden

    ¡’M really interested on watching a speed test of this car and just by curiosity if the rolls yet can fly..,

  • KK Playz
    KK Playz10 måneder siden

    because larger turbos have more lag, why doesn't koenigsegg use initial boost electric turbos or completely replace the turbos with electric ones. only problem is that battery's doesn't supply enough voltage

  • John McCloud
    John McCloud10 måneder siden

    tons of smarts and a dry erase board..awesome!!

  • AHBdV
    AHBdV10 måneder siden

    It's incredible to see how innovative this small company is!

  • The Adan Channel
    The Adan Channel10 måneder siden

    As long as I know if you are compliant with California emissions you are almost for sure surpassing any other emission regulation.

  • TheMattc999
    TheMattc99910 måneder siden

    So this is probably the eighth video of yours I've watched in a row and somehow just now realized I was not subscribed to the channel. That problem is now fixed.

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris10 måneder siden

    Koenigsegg > Tesla

  • Sebastian Christenson
    Sebastian Christenson10 måneder siden

    Could they not release the high pressure air straigt in to the engine or does it "consume" to much air?

  • Connor
    Connor10 måneder siden

    🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:56 💓🔥 👇 👇💕

  • Döden Manniskan
    Döden Manniskan10 måneder siden

    And now the Gemera?

  • Ivana Notyers
    Ivana Notyers10 måneder siden

    The electric future is going to be so sterile.... but luckily that generation won’t notice at all.

  • Ragnar Padar
    Ragnar Padar10 måneder siden

    Mindblowing outside the box engineering.

  • YahBoy_ Eddie
    YahBoy_ Eddie10 måneder siden

    Hennessey who????

  • DC
    DC11 måneder siden

    Electrically assisted Turbochargers would be a nice solution here, too - also offering to convert excessive exhaust power (isentrope turbine power - of ALL the mass flow) into electric power instead of wasting them with said valve. Kinda the better VGT for high-power engines... ... hybrid drivetrains need to leave behind their reputation as joyless and unemotional solutions, but start being made into the engine-centered piece of fine art that is possible - the presence of a 48V system offers a lot of cool things that either act as direct advantage or as enabler for engine-intern improvements ... but that would lead too far here and now. Anyway - a great channel, great vidos in general!

    PARNAVA DEBNATH11 måneder siden

    What about using MGUH units like F1 cars use to eliminate turbo-lag?

  • Wondrrboy
    Wondrrboy11 måneder siden

    I wonder what kind fuel efficiency it has, with all that power betting low, don't know if I heard it explained.

  • David Elstob
    David Elstob11 måneder siden

    Imagine what the Chiron will do on E85?

  • Valkyrie 007

    Valkyrie 007

    23 dager siden

    1920hp. :)

  • Zir S
    Zir SÅr siden

    On regular 93 Octane it makes 1280 Hp. On E85 it makes 1600 hp. The SSC Tuatara makes 1350 hp on 91 Octane, 1430 hp on 93 Octane, and 1750 hp on E85. It's also an emissions legal production engine. Chiron SS 300 makes 1578 Hp on 93 Octane and is an emissions legal production car engine. Obviously the Venom F5 makes even more but the car is not complete so we don't know anything about emissions and homologation etc. The original Venom GT was not homologated, did not undergo emissions testing, and was officially registered as a Lotus by the US govt. I'm not sure why koenigsegg is making this claim. Maybe they were just late and didn't notice the competition. Or they probably knew most people don't fact check before talking.

  • Aarsenalfan
    AarsenalfanÅr siden

    There's already faster car with 304.77 mph EB 👌

  • ANewBeginning
    ANewBeginningÅr siden

    In all honesty, supercars these days are a useless paradox. The only people who can afford these cars are the same people who can’t drive them. Also, I’m a purist. Any car that isn’t stick shift isn’t worth owning. The McLaren F1 and Ferrari F40 are still the best supercars ever made.

  • Kym
    KymÅr siden

    Needs a Barra swap🙂

  • R Golab
    R GolabÅr siden

    Honey, see how many times he says "efficient"? Maybe we should sell the Prius and get this instead. 😁😁😁

  • R Golab
    R GolabÅr siden

    And VW had to cheat on emmissions with their 150 hp diesel. 😁

  • Vardal
    VardalÅr siden

    The rx8 have 3 injectors per rotor. Thats not new

  • j Walster
    j WalsterÅr siden

    What I heard was "idk of another production engine that is legally street legal"

  • Keyboard Dancers
    Keyboard DancersÅr siden

    A lot of automotive man-love here!

  • Ryan
    RyanÅr siden

    So no direct injection? Interesting

  • Dhruv Singh Pal
    Dhruv Singh PalÅr siden

    still waiting for koenigsegg to conduct official top speed tests for this sonic monster.

  • David Miatke
    David MiatkeÅr siden

    We have 98 octane in Australia, or 100 octane if you go to Shell, as well as 91 and 95 octane.

  • Key Skywalker
    Key SkywalkerÅr siden

    The LS7 is still a better engine.

  • Robert Nilsson
    Robert NilssonÅr siden

    made in sweden

  • StanleySimmons REACTIONS
    StanleySimmons REACTIONSÅr siden

    That car isn't even out yet and are we just gonna act like the Hennessey Venom F5 doesn't exist

  • Willy Wong
    Willy WongÅr siden

    Does Koenigsegg make money by licensing their sweet patents to other car manufacturers? I need this on regular non-1600 hp, $2 mil(?) car

  • bazoo513
    bazoo513År siden

    Your enthusiasm is so refreshing, Jason - I go watch your videos when I need something to cheer me up (and learning a bit never hurts) :o) Last pure ICE Koenigsegg, you say? Well, let's see what Christian will cook up next with a little help from Mate...

  • Escher C. Shells
    Escher C. ShellsÅr siden

    so why use conventional valves at all? why not a revolving disk that either covers the opening or pulls back to open it--kind of like an elevator door. . . .

  • David Davis

    David Davis

    År siden

    Look up rotax r.a.v.e engines. They use a disc over the ports. Its inefficient two stroke design.

  • Andrew Gardner
    Andrew GardnerÅr siden

    Interesting using the compressed air tank-Have a look at Nic Mann's Mannic Beattie hill climb car(UK) -has a helicopter turbine engine to compress air and help avoid lag-Sounds awesome.

  • sergioreinert
    sergioreinertÅr siden

    Tesla Roadster has enter the chat

  • gravey2169
    gravey2169År siden

    Pssshhhhh!!!!!!!¡!! This guy doesn't know $#!+!!!!! Lol!!! Jk!!!

  • MrShiggitty
    MrShiggittyÅr siden

    They're already working on a way to put a clutch inside another clutch for the next car xD Seriously though, start building airplanes / vtol cars at this point...A HondaJet is 'only' 4.5 million, that's 2.5x Jeskos.

  • Olaf V.
    Olaf V.År siden

    Funny... Al this talking from 12:50 about using air to heat up the CAT. Nothing new here. I have a so-called secondary air pump in my 1.6 l Seat Leon from 2006. All this is just to pass certification. I assume that only very few of Jeskos will ever be built. They end up in the hands of collectors who most likely not drive the thing at all but just watch the value appreciate. This high tech engineering is no going to help the planet a bit! But a nice video!

  • piet skiet
    piet skietÅr siden

    Awesome, can those pressure sensors also be incorporated on each bearing of the crank, to shut down fuel and fire, to save the motor in case of oil starvation?

  • Andres 917K
    Andres 917KÅr siden

    7 clutch?? Coz 7 gears are too mainstream

  • Lance
    LanceÅr siden

    If it's better to have the injectors farther away from the cylinder, why do we have direct injection and all the problems that come from it?

  • ZenbuZenvo
    ZenbuZenvoÅr siden

    Woah, that's almost supra power!

  • pasoundman
    pasoundmanÅr siden

    The difference in octane number between Europe and the USA is due to a difference in how it is measured. As you say, the USA uses PON (pump octane number) whereas in Europe RON (research octane number) is used. This is a difference in method, not 'scales' !

  • John Lacambra
    John LacambraÅr siden

    Big deal still not faster than the DMC DeLorean. I mean the DeLorean is so fast it's from the future and then goes back to the future. What's your explaination of the engineering of that?

  • floyd loonie
    floyd loonieÅr siden

    If Christian Koeningsegg says the car can make 1600 HP, I'm forced to believe him because the man is absolutely a mechanical genius!! WOW!! What a rocket that hypercar must be!! He is so humble and modest about his achievements to the automotive industry. In my opinion he has every supercar maker on the planet upping their game attempting to keep pace with the incredible machines that his company produces!

  • Luke Walsh
    Luke WalshÅr siden

    Hybrids can use regenerative breaking to charge batteries. I wonder if the same concept can be used to pressurize air tanks. 1) A car breaks going into a turn or down a hill 2) Regenerative braking pressurizes a carbon air tank 3) The pressurized air is used to quickly spool the turbo when accelerating Of course I'm leaving out the fun part... exactly how the breaking energy is used to pressure the air tank. Wonder if Engineering Explained knows how.

  • R B
    R BÅr siden

    Why not just utilize variable geometry turbines like Porsche does to eliminate lag? I would be concerned that the pressurized air from the canister would create back pressure in the exhaust manifold. Maybe I’m overthinking it but it doesn’t strike me as the best solution.

  • Mosdager
    MosdagerÅr siden

    These Supercar Manufacturers must really hate the Euro Emissions. How the French Revolution had to ruined Petrol cars... Its like they have a good idea, then the EPA is like oh yeah nah, cant do that :I

  • Simone Reckhaus
    Simone ReckhausÅr siden

    Bugatti 5 months later be like: get rekt

  • F-Rune
    F-RuneÅr siden

    91 and 95 octane are not the same nockresistances! Europe had 91 and 95 octane in the past, and all cars support both fuels! BUT for sake of low demand of 91 octance gasoline (Normal) and high demand of 95 octane gasoline (Super) and the upcoming demand for 98 octance gasoline (Super plus) the gasstations didn't want ot install extra tanks so 91 octane gasoline was thrown out of the window... There is no gas station offering it anymore... the same like you can't buy readymade 2stroke mixture anymore.

  • VincentTG
    VincentTGÅr siden

    Can't wait to see your video on the Chiron record.

  • Razvan Ivan
    Razvan IvanÅr siden

    Can you explain how Bugatti reached 300mph? Thank you! 😊

  • NJ chills
    NJ chillsÅr siden

    Hahahahahhahahhagagagagaggaagagahahahahahhahah bugatti hit 300 mph most powerful engine my ass

  • Mikki Hintikka
    Mikki HintikkaÅr siden

    cluster is awful

  • Dylan Crosby
    Dylan CrosbyÅr siden

    Sure, turbo lag isn't all that great, but feeling boost build then push you back in your seat when it comes on is truly a magical feeling.

  • Imran Shaw
    Imran ShawÅr siden

    Vibrations could be bad for internal components.

  • Brian Green
    Brian GreenÅr siden

    Just curious, when is yours arriving?

  • DaDonBossMan
    DaDonBossManÅr siden

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the new c8 corvette 0-60 in 2.9 and under $60k

  • Andy Kapsar
    Andy KapsarÅr siden

    these guys are just sick. im pretty convinced theres nothing they couldnt engineer their way out of. next major contract spacez signs will be is with koenigsegg on how to ise hybrid rockets

  • Francesco Di Bello
    Francesco Di BelloÅr siden


  • liny2sd
    liny2sdÅr siden

    Does the electronic motor powered air compressor make this a hybrid, since the "power unit" relies on both gas and electric motors to generate its power?

  • liny2sd
    liny2sdÅr siden

    Why no more Koenigsegg I.C.E.?

  • FADED '03
    FADED '03År siden

    Koenigsegg: 1600hp...AHA bugatti Bugatti: Damn it Lotus: 2000hp...AHA world Everbody else: Wait you were using toyota v6s wtf

  • LSSC2020
    LSSC2020År siden

    Thought I was watching a video on the actual engine, gets a whiteboard doc........

  • Arief Nugroho
    Arief NugrohoÅr siden

    Koenigsegg Yesko

  • Devyn_77
    Devyn_77År siden

    Wouldnt the crank position sensor be able to calculate when peak pressure occurs just by position of the pistons? So what then is the point of the pressure sensor? Not a mechanic however I know enough to get by. I'm just curious if you even need that sensor to get the same result. Surely that could be calculated in other ways is all Im saying. Although maybe the pressure sensor would just be more accurate and precise at making peak power regardless of the piston to possibly answer my own question.

  • Bob Lewis
    Bob LewisÅr siden

    But, is the oil change cheaper the the 26,000$ Bugatti?

  • Makan Tahi
    Makan TahiÅr siden

    what about free valve-they did not develop it enough to put it into car?

  • Chris Henniker
    Chris HennikerÅr siden

    Can you adapt some of these tricks to something like a Rover P6 or a Triumph Herald street rod?

  • Hunter Ritchko
    Hunter RitchkoÅr siden

    R.I.P Jesco Jones. You will be remembered for being the best English bulldog ever.

  • Winsor.Racing
    Winsor.RacingÅr siden

    I don't know why people dislike these videos. This guy clearly knows his stuff and has invested his time and money into making these wicked videos. Keep making these awesome videos man! Really helps people out👌

  • FiggeHC
    FiggeHCÅr siden

    91 octane us is more like 98 octane eu

  • Michael Melling
    Michael MellingÅr siden

    But does it come with cupholders?

  • earl Horton
    earl HortonÅr siden

    Thank you for making this video. I found it really informative.

  • Pawel W
    Pawel WÅr siden

    They could simply use LPG to have better mixture of air and fuel ;) OR Simply use a carburator to feed cylinders with already prepared mixture :D

  • TheEmbeddedCargoBoss_ 110
    TheEmbeddedCargoBoss_ 110År siden

    I have high hopes for this car to reach 300 mph

  • S W
    S WÅr siden

    Great video and a great car. It would be nice, though, if as a society we could get as excited about high fuel efficiency and low emissions as we do about high power outputs. That being said, the knowledge and attention to detail of Koenigsegg is impressive and commendable.

  • GuninGames
    GuninGamesÅr siden

    The Venom f5

  • Niles Speaks
    Niles SpeaksÅr siden

    Question, has anyone thought about an electronic assisted turbo to prevent turbo lag? Something like a small electronic motor to instantly turn the impeller shaft and spool the turbo as opposed to injecting pressurized air. I understand injecting pressurized air also helps with emissions, I’m simply speaking from the perspective of making instantaneous power with a large turbo.

  • Raman Monorath
    Raman MonorathÅr siden

    What range on alcohol? Something like 50 km?

  • PissMyAss Lynch
    PissMyAss LynchÅr siden

    I'm not an engineer but I understand what you explained. Amazing work over there

  • nitrogen 15
    nitrogen 15År siden

    1600 horses could pull that little car anyday.

  • Andras Libal
    Andras LibalÅr siden

    American units and numbers are so weird pound feet, miles, instead of a thousand and a hundred you revert to eleven hundred as if there was a hidden 12-based system underneath ...