Is Your Car Safe? What A 5-Star Rating Actually Means


How do you know if a car is safe? Learn what the star crash rating system means and how to evaluate it when purchasing your next your car. Sponsored By Progressive:
What does it mean if a car has a 5-star crash rating versus a 3-star or 4-star crash rating? What does the overall vehicle score mean? What do frontal, side, and rollover ratings represent? We'll cover what testing is involved for each test, as well as what the star rating means and how it correlates with a risk of injury depending on the occupant's location in the vehicle. It's important to understand that all vehicles must meet minimum federal standards for safety, however star ratings allow you to compare vehicles and determine which vehicles are the safest within their category.
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  • Temwanani Nkana
    Temwanani NkanaMåned siden

    Why dont they test at higher speeds? Cars are much faster these days

  • A Random Indian • 73 years ago
    A Random Indian • 73 years ago3 måneder siden

    Edit: Nimbu-mirchi - 10STARS rating

  • Justas G
    Justas G4 måneder siden

    Great video. Can you make a video about safety in real life where there are many trucks and suv on the road and how much more impact would be if small car hits bigger. I am also an automobile engineer, could try to calculate, but I see you are more now in calculations than me. I think it is possible to count like this: small car has a frontal hit at 35. But lets say it hitted suv which weighs 2000kg. Car was 1000kg. Double less weight. So we need to count at what speed should go an suv (2000kg) so that it will make that much force which will make impact as small car hits the wall, so that people could have some idea about there cars what would happen if they hit suv with their small car. Actualy speed of suv will be much slower than 35 to create equel force. I saw in some crash ratings it is written now force, maybe this could be useful. Great video would be :) Keep making videos :)

  • Lochlanist
    Lochlanist5 måneder siden

    Did you have to do a retake when showing how the dummies were wearing their seat belt as a result of the belt jamming.

  • Ag3nt 4ura
    Ag3nt 4ura5 måneder siden

    No, statistics are bs, probability is bs and it is still 50/50 because no matter the probability or what score a car gets, it doesnt work every single time because it wont be the same speed and cars dont weigh the same. We have not progressed far enough in say the last 50 years, very minimal and slow, if any at all. Very nice S2000 but I do not think that the S2k and the Subaru colliding at highway/motorway speed would leave everyone alive. And obviously if a heavier car was travelling faster. But this wont be seen or agreed with, which is to be expected but I speak from experience. Also a lot of modern cars have too many plastic exterior panels.

  • snowmin kankles
    snowmin kankles7 måneder siden

    All motorcycles have zero stars

  • Andrew Reynold
    Andrew Reynold8 måneder siden

    Ok so now you need 5star rating cars so why don't all the dam car companies recall all cars that don't have 5 star ratings and provide customers with affordable 5 star rated cars

  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines9 måneder siden

    These days a lot of people ignore stop signs. They make it kinda confusing and unsafe that way.

  • xq39
    xq39År siden

    Cars are only safe when they crash into other cars. The disparity between all the curb weights and ride heights of all the different cars on the road probably nullifies any safety you get. You are better off not worrying about it and not crashing because if you drive a light car like me you will probably die.

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž BohincÅr siden

    Okay, but a Volvo XC90 5star rating is different that a Renault Clio 5 star rating. The should be more nuances when doing these tests, because not all 5 star rating are equally good. In my humble educated opinion.

  • Yücel PEYNİRCİ
    Yücel PEYNİRCİÅr siden

    Can you make a video about top car accident causes including percentage?

    TERRORoftheLORDÅr siden

    The Basics covered well! If you want to dive deeper, go to IIHS.

  • Xinlin Wu
    Xinlin WuÅr siden

    8:00 this is why costco shopping carts are the best shopping carts

  • Troy Rigby
    Troy RigbyÅr siden

    You should play bass

  • Spikey Scenes
    Spikey ScenesÅr siden

    Nice Suburu

  • Insert Name
    Insert NameÅr siden

    A car is as safe as how I drive the car

  • Patrick Thibaut
    Patrick ThibautÅr siden

    You do a very good crumple zone visualisation with your hands. :-)

  • Bradley Sargent
    Bradley SargentÅr siden

    Is there a correction factor to apply to the crash rating if you are male or female when the opposite sex was used in the test? Also is there a correction factor for people taller or shorter, as well as a persons weight, that could be applied. At 6'-3" tall and wonder if a 5 star rating would change to a 4 or 3 start in that vehicle.

  • Brandon
    BrandonÅr siden

    Can you explain the difference of a crash test rating between a German car with a firmer crumple zone with that of say an American car with a less firm crumple zone. It would stand to reason that less G’s would be passed onto the occupants in the American vehicle at low speeds but less in German vehicles at high speeds. That would lead one to assume that at higher speeds the American vehicle would be far less safe as the entire crumple zone was depleted during the lower speeds of the crash.

  • SlCKB0Y
    SlCKB0YÅr siden

    it mean jack diddly squat if you don't have a proper roll cage

  • Dave King
    Dave KingÅr siden

    Best option is to modify the nut that holds the steering wheel, in any vehicle! :)

  • tengu190
    tengu190År siden

    I've been to TRW and seen the NHTSA yard in their facility. Some cars I won't step in as a result.

  • SteveLovesGOD


    År siden

    The more the car survives, the more severe you're injured. Toy wasn't the vehicle to take the damage and not you

  • SlyNine
    SlyNineÅr siden

    With just one star Mario was invincible... Just saying

  • Treeezplz
    TreeezplzÅr siden

    I still don't understand how a wall provides the same amount of force as an incoming car would regardless of the fixed point or not. And I understand that incoming car essentially becomes a fixed point once they collide but the wall isn't proving the force in the opposite direction like the car is.. Idk I just don't really understand that concept. I feel like an incoming car will do more damage than hitting the wall.

  • Haman


    År siden

    Newton's third law

  • Guardrail Lover
    Guardrail LoverÅr siden

    mom: "buy a 5 star rated car its safer for you" me: no i don't think i will

  • PG17
    PG17År siden

    I'm confused on why the front crash test is performed only at 35 mph?? why not higher then that because in actual condition there is high chance that the cars will be traveling at a higher speed then 35 mph...

  • NorthernChev
    NorthernChevÅr siden

    In reality cars almost NEVER crash straight on head to head. So, the government frontal crash rating is practically useless. Over 90 percent of frontal crashes are frontal impacts into the DRIVERS SIDE only. Which puts nearly 100% of the force of impact into a small area of the front. So, the full frontal guideline is an inaccurate number when looking at a vehicles safety rating in a frontal crash. Don’t believe me? Take 10 minutes and do a walkthrough of ANY junkyard out there and take note of where almost all the impacts in reality are. You will find almost no full frontal head on crashes. They are almost all drivers side frontal impacts.

  • Draksyl
    DraksylÅr siden

    I'm surprised these tests are so limited compared to other international testing regimes. The Euro NCAP tests are much more comprehensive, and include baby and child dummies in addition to adults, as well as calculating the risk to pedestrians from a frontal impact over the bonnet area.

  • jdoll atari
    jdoll atariÅr siden

    I drive a Mitsubishi Mirage so I’m screwed

  • AqsaShock
    AqsaShockÅr siden

    This is not realistic. In a real car crash the chance of crashing to the same exact car that is going at the same exact speed and with no other cars nearby is rare.

  • Asdayasman アズデイ
    Asdayasman アズデイÅr siden

    _Basically_, if you are about to get into a head-on crash, you want to have more momentum than your opponent. Floor it.

  • Justin Pederson
    Justin PedersonÅr siden

    I am not sure it makes sense that you can't compare two different cars based on their weight with the star system. If I have a 3000 lbs car it goes under the same test with the same parameters as a 6000 lbs vehicle. Just because the varriables are different in any given accident doesn't mean it is less safe. It really means that the car hasn't been tested in every condition. This really just shows that the test doesn't account for other possibilities in a real world accident.

  • Coddiwomple :
    Coddiwomple :År siden

    Dummies don't have organs. Five star means nothing when the crash kinetic force rips through your body. Even minor crashes in a five star vehicle can cause life long damage to your body. High crash rating is a false sense of security.

  • EV Romandie
    EV RomandieÅr siden

    I expected a mention of your Tesla Model 3 being there safest car ever rated 😉

  • Ralf Claussnitzer
    Ralf ClaussnitzerÅr siden

    I feel bad for not wearing a seatbelt while watching this video. 😏

  • Daniel S
    Daniel SÅr siden

    The 2 most sold cars in my country have a grand total of 0 (zero) stars on the Latin NCAP test. Apparently they don't need to meet any sort of safety standard to be sold here. Sad !

  • Captain Hero
    Captain HeroÅr siden

    I love people who cite 5 star crash score of their car and then proceed to not fasten their seatbelts. Like how do you think the test reviewers and car manufacturers got to that 5 star rating moron!!? 🤣

  • supertrucky
    supertruckyÅr siden

    Nobody probably looks at a crash rating when buying a car. Nobody is planning to wreck when they buy a car new... it's the last thing you want to happen.

  • supertrucky
    supertruckyÅr siden

    it's hard not to laugh as you descriptively and seriously talk about a car doing barrel rolls of an exit ramp.

  • supertrucky
    supertruckyÅr siden

    small adult female driver... is the idea to represent a small fragile human being... that could be offensive.

  • supertrucky
    supertruckyÅr siden

    so the crash rating is completely pointless. I guess it's just to say, "If I get hit by a CRV in my equinox then i'll be ok to a certain degree." Although if you are in a smart car and get hit by a semi truck... well yeah. In that case the smart cars rating (not like it's unlikely ou could get hit by a semi over another smart car) it would be like -50 stars. it's not likely you will survive unless you are an Avenger.

  • Pequin1000
    Pequin1000År siden

    Great reviews, thanks.

  • The Big Picture
    The Big PictureÅr siden

    So the star ratings only apply if you are the same size and weight as the crash test dummies. Any bigger and those stars quickly would be reduced.

  • Solid Snake
    Solid SnakeÅr siden

    I expected to see some crash test videos to clarify what you say. I'm a little disappointed about that but still thanks for this informational video!

  • LES
    LESÅr siden

    I only call them "dummies" if they DON'T wear their seat belts.

  • NovorSec
    NovorSecÅr siden

    35 mph is a very low speed to test things, i would say 50mph would be more accurate

  • Pablo


    År siden

    I think 35 is realistic because when someone runs into oncoming traffic, most of the time both drivers will slam the brakes before colliding

  • ACitizenOfOurWorld


    År siden

    The auto industry lobby wants to keeps it slow to avoid their cars looking bad and needing to spend more of their profits for our safety.

  • Callandor
    CallandorÅr siden

    The Model 3 you have is like a mini-tank (rated safest ever by NHTSA). More crumple zone, better structural integrity due to battery and weight (4500 pounds). I would not want to get into head-on crash with a Tesla.

  • Adam Adam
    Adam AdamÅr siden

    The test explanation assumes the driver in the car being rated is not at fault... Except when it's the telephone pole side impact test.. That's when they put a woman in the driver seat.

  • SterrShow
    SterrShowÅr siden

    Well the crash tests are cars crashed into a solid wall, not another car

  • Stuntman
    StuntmanÅr siden

    If you care about safety I'd say the safest models are either Tesla or Volvo.

  • Manas Nikhil
    Manas NikhilÅr siden

    Here in India, Maruti Suzuki cars are known as tin cans because they bend even when they crash at low speeds. Remember LOW SPEEDS.

  • SP20
    SP20År siden

    Why did you decided to go with crosstrek rather than outback or forester?

  • Ahmad Ghosheh
    Ahmad GhoshehÅr siden

    John Codogan from the Auto Expert channel mentioned before that the star rating are now include the safety tech options and the less you have in a car can lower the rating and the more you have can increase the rating even though the car's crash rating may not be so hot. Things like auto braking, lane departure, blind spot detection and so on. How is that handled in the USA compared to Australia where he is located?

  • Zaid Kidwai
    Zaid KidwaiÅr siden

    Never got this vid in sub box wth.

  • Ayush Jindal
    Ayush JindalÅr siden

    What i understand on how to get a Fair Crash Test Rating: When testing cars, Depending on the weight of the car, we should take the Average weight of cars on the road, and compare it to the car on hand. and if it is lighter, (for eg. if the car we are testing is a Mirage, light compared to the average) then the speed at which it is tested should be increased depending on the Difference between the average and it's weight. (Mirage should be tested at 55 Mph, for a 45 Mph Crash Test Rating. and a Ford F-250 should be tested at 35 Mph for the 45 Mph Crash Test Rating) This Method will almost Always give Better Rating to Bigger heavier Vehicles, which is how it should be.

  • Ayush Jindal

    Ayush Jindal

    År siden

    @Flapdrol it won't make them skip. If they wanna get 5 stars. and talking about wall or tree, those won't be tested. f-250 crash will not be compared to tree crash. just like it's not right now.

  • Flapdrol


    År siden

    That'll make the F250 engineers skimp on passenger protection and you'll get killed if you crash into a wall, tree or big rig where your own mass doesn't matter much.

  • Zach Osborne
    Zach OsborneÅr siden

    Youre a “dummy” if you dont wear your seatbelt

  • Ora Labora
    Ora LaboraÅr siden

    now do one about NCAP please

  • oleg borlak
    oleg borlakÅr siden

    I prefer a hardtop on that s2000

  • Kareem Kirton
    Kareem KirtonÅr siden

    I don't think the rate system can be quite accurate because most people do not drive 35 mph

  • JS Mariani
    JS MarianiÅr siden

    In rural america, these ratings are irrelevant. Getting hit by a huge jacked truck renders them meaningless.

  • Amaury Garcia-Cumming
    Amaury Garcia-CummingÅr siden

    Can you make a video on how to figure out approximately how many miles you can go on a full tank of gas? I'm trying to figure out if we're getting the MPG we should be getting on our vehicles, especially our truck. I realize the MPG you see when Google searching is likely based on a brand new whatever model vehicle since as vehicles get used, their fuel economy does decrease. However, things going wrong can also cause lower fuel economy, and once you get those things fixed, fuel economy improves. Our Ford Focus had a lot of things wrong with it, including a cracked radiator and bad thermostat, and once we had a lot work done to it, our fuel economy really improved, even if not necessarily to the same point as a brand new Ford Focus. We're now getting over 250 miles before our gas light even comes on on a full tank of gas, and before it was less than 200 miles. According to Google, our 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 Manual Hatchback gets 25 MPG in the city and 33 MPG on the highway, while our 2002 Chevrolet S-10 LS Automatic 4WD Extended Cab gets 15 MPG in the city and 20 MPG on the highway. Our 2001 Toyota Corolla CE Manual Sedan, which was involved in a crash in December last year and we no longer have, got 32 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway. That one we bought brand new in 2001, and it really showed, as you could get anywhere between 300 and 400 miles on a full tank, though I'm sure it was a little higher when we first got it. For our Chevy S10, the gas tank size is 18 gallons. For our Ford Focus and former Toyota Corolla, the gas tank size is 13.2 gallons.

  • Hamachingo
    HamachingoÅr siden

    Subaru has 6 stars. Mercedes just one. Logos matter. ;-)

    NECKMINUTE 007År siden

    Hey can ya explain porting and polishing the pros and cons please !

  • John Sikes
    John SikesÅr siden

    Good info, your videos are always full of information, and I learned some things here. As an engineer (EE, not ME), though, I have some questions. WTH is a 108 lb adult female??? Where do I find her? Seriously. How about the AVERAGE adult female, both dimensionally and weight wise, and the average adult male. Wh in heavens name would you use anything else, except for some average non-adult additional kids. And why aren't ALL seating positions instrumented for EVERY type of crash? More useful, real world, and from what I've seen, in certain types of side crashes being on the side opposite the impact is NOT ALWAYS beneficial. Whiplash type injuries can occur on the far side of the impact as well. You have MUCH further free-path distance, if you will, or length of movement, which allows FAR higher velocities to build, before they rapidly stop against the other passenger, or whatever. Of course you don't get the possible incursion of the striking vehicle trying to ram you through the far side vehicle wall. Lets face it, in a bad accident, it AINT pretty, no matter how many stars. The thing you can probably do to stay safest, other than owning a 5 star, is NOT have an accident, which is never guaranteed, but paying full attention to your driving at all times (NO GD cell phone, especially TEXTING, which to me should be treated as murder 1 if you cause a death while driving while texting, since EVERYONE knows how dangerous that is, and that it is OBVIOUSLY is premeditated, as is drunk driving. EITHER infraction, causing another's death should be LOSS OF LICENSE for life, no ifs, ands, or buts, at a MINIMUM. It has been SHOWN unequivocally in many experiments conducted that texting is FAR WORSE than being legally DRUNK, and given just about all the "near misses" I've had in the last five years, I'd say it's likely out front now by an order of magnitude as number one cause of accidents. I suspect MANY MANY MANY ... accidents that occur, do so for exactly this reason, and like when the officer comes to check your seatbelt and it magically gets buckled, I suspect the "offending phone" disappears just as rapidly. GREAT point about size equal requirement. Basically means heavier is safer, given the same star rating, right? So what I should really buy, if I am trying to be safe, is some kind of land train with a five star rating. Only THEN, if I hit something stationary that DOESN'T yield, I am really SOL, given that the rest of my vehicle is heading for my back at some hopefully rapidly decreasing speed, but maybe NOT decreasing fast enough to not attempt to render me into a TWO dimensional being, eh? These ratings are better than nothing, but they are a LONG way from as useful and informational as they COULD and maybe should be, IMHO.

  • Mikki Hintikka
    Mikki HintikkaÅr siden

    How about pedestrian safety?

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel CastilloÅr siden

    What happens to these brand new cars that get crash tested? Do they get salvaged for parts or repaired and sold later? Or are they just scrapped?

  • Lyle Stavast

    Lyle Stavast

    År siden

    some engineering group tears them apart to find other damage that isn't related to the test evaluation. then they scrap them out.

  • Dirty Potter
    Dirty PotterÅr siden

    Where's the Tesla??

  • TheOccO
    TheOccOÅr siden

    5:29 Probs for using the metric system :D

  • Jonathan Matthews
    Jonathan MatthewsÅr siden

    I looked at the star rating for my motorcycle. It was zero.

  • AKS Z
    AKS ZÅr siden

    Awesome video.very articulate and educational Great point on the wall,providing equal weight comparison .between big and small mass vehicle different outcome We can’t overcome laws of physics Please continue making such awesome video as always

  • johnnymcleanvlogs
    johnnymcleanvlogsÅr siden

    All checked service done

  • johnnymcleanvlogs
    johnnymcleanvlogsÅr siden

    Yes my car is safe.

  • Garotti Garotti
    Garotti GarottiÅr siden

    The ratings are made to make the industry design even safer cars year to year.

  • Richie Witkowski
    Richie WitkowskiÅr siden

    What would you see with 1 star? Convertible top roll overs?

  • Najib Wong
    Najib WongÅr siden

    Next video idea: What mods can you do to increase safety.

  • Mateusz W
    Mateusz WÅr siden

    wonder why libtards dont cry about crash test are sexist xdd

  • Keil Miller
    Keil MillerÅr siden

    Average weight of a girl 108 lbs? Not in the united states!

  • xan_diego86
    xan_diego86År siden

    Why do we test at 35mph?? Who drives at 35 mph ever?

  • xan_diego86


    År siden

    @xerosagas ahh thank you. That makes sense

  • xerosagas


    År siden

    @xan_diego86 Most accidents happen in town and neighborhoods where speeds range from 25 to 40

  • xan_diego86


    År siden

    @xerosagas true, but I think we should test at a higher speed, like 45 or 50mph

  • xerosagas


    År siden


  • Andrés Krüger
    Andrés KrügerÅr siden

    Please, use metric system

  • deliziöse Tiefkühlkost
    deliziöse TiefkühlkostÅr siden

    I'm sure he doesn't have to research the topics he just knows them

  • Kevin Kok
    Kevin KokÅr siden

    I don't understand the rollover rating, doesn't the weight distribution of the car play a factor in it as well? Looking at the formula, that doesn't seems to be the case...

  • 123rkss
    123rkssÅr siden

    no crashtesting footage? no comparing some of the best and some of the worst cars? what?

  • social3ngin33rin
    social3ngin33rinÅr siden

    Wow, 2-3 star rating is a big jump!!!

  • Clell Biggs
    Clell BiggsÅr siden

    I can't find the rating for my 2013 FR-S.

  • John Sikes

    John Sikes

    År siden

    @Clell Biggs Interesting, I didn't know that was the case. I thought it was required for every manufacturer on every model.

  • Clell Biggs

    Clell Biggs

    År siden

    I did a little more research and instead of testing all vehicles they only select a few. My car probably wasn't tested. Not surprising the gov would cut corners. lol

  • Clell Biggs

    Clell Biggs

    År siden

    @John Sikes Yeah, I checked the NHTSA site and it says it hasn't been rated. Someone in another comment said they reworked the ratings, so it's possible they removed the older ratings because they don't meet their new guidelines.

  • John Sikes

    John Sikes

    År siden

    @Clell Biggs OH well, weird...did you try sites, or maybe the library for a compilation, or maybe the library of congress, which has just about everything. Or maybe there is a govt. site since they require these tests, that could at least point you toward where to find that info. (NHSA, or something like that). I'm sure it's out there, it was required then, too.

  • Clell Biggs

    Clell Biggs

    År siden

    @John Sikes I did. No info.

  • Lakshay Bansal
    Lakshay BansalÅr siden

    Sir i have a question kindly understand my concern....i want to dedicate my whole life to automobile industry....i am from india and searching all the colleges to pursue automobile engineering but the technology lacks.....please help me out...i want to study automobile and only you can help me...please help me and call me at +918094082532

  • Austin Cook
    Austin CookÅr siden

    Cars that were 5 star 20 years ago are not 5 star now. Are the probability limits becoming more stringent or is it because of changes in the test such as the small overlap test that cause old cars to fall out of ranges the older the generation of car becomes?

  • Austin Cook

    Austin Cook

    År siden

    I see that I have gotten NHTSA and IIHS confused. However, my question still stands. Do 4 star ratings from the 90s mean they are as safe as a 4 star now?

  • Mr Spork
    Mr SporkÅr siden

    Safety is important to me but i cant control people driving around in senseless lifted moron in a Ram destroyed my life by driving into me and now im just waiting for another to end it

  • John Sikes

    John Sikes

    År siden

    My guess is he was texting some hooker in Vegas at the time. Yes, Dunning Kruger poster children are EVERYWHERE! And do you likely know WHY it was raised like that? I'm betting so he could LOOK DOWN on people at stop lights and feel superior. I'll also bet you that thing had NEVER been off road.

  • bretthl1
    bretthl1År siden

    Also look at the IIHS Narrow-Overlap Crash Test

  • Kevin L
    Kevin LÅr siden

    Your videos are 5 stars. So the weights of the car matter. Is it naive to say Chevy Tahoes are one of the safest cars on the road when it comes to frontal crash bc of 5 star rating and weight.

  • Elon Musketeer
    Elon MusketeerÅr siden

    And the Safest car in the world was in your garage? What is it now?!

  • Jayden Jones Channel
    Jayden Jones ChannelÅr siden


  • Zecrid
    ZecridÅr siden

    Ah screw safety! I expect to die in a car crash anyway.

  • Jacob Powers
    Jacob PowersÅr siden

    Tbh rather than average id take the lowest for safety ratings

  • PlanetCypher
    PlanetCypherÅr siden

    I'm not surprised they keep crashing, your cars are all driving on the wrong side of the road. :)

  • John Sikes

    John Sikes

    År siden

    No, if some percentage OTHER than that were, THAT would cause headaches and problems. Good comment though. Here's one for ya. We just sold something to someone in Australia. Do you think I should pack it upside down, so that when it arrives there it will be right side up? Never mind, I think I see a flat Earther close by I can ask.

  • Bob Riemersma
    Bob RiemersmaÅr siden

    Why don't they measure and report "destruction ratings" as an indicator of how much damage a vehicle might inflict on other vehicles, light poles, pedestrians, etc? Those monster trucks out there should be paying higher insurance rates as an undue hazard to others. Is this going to take a class action suit?

  • DildoSwaggins
    DildoSwagginsÅr siden

    Hey, what happened to the tesla lol

  • Xenomax Test
    Xenomax TestÅr siden

    i guess am rated as a small female

  • Matthew Zaleski
    Matthew ZaleskiÅr siden

    Static Stability Factor is the only part of the crash rating that is based on a very simplistic formula and doesn't involve testing. Don't put much faith in the number. The rest of the ratings are backed by real world testing. Even if a vehicle rolls over there are a huge number of other factors like curtain air bags and roof strength that play into how safe a rollover event actually will be. Just look at the number of race car drivers that walk away from rollovers because of the other safety systems in the vehicle.

  • Josh Worthley
    Josh WorthleyÅr siden

    I would love to see a follow up video on the differences between NHTSA and IIHS from the engineering perspective, and then another one on the engineering safety of kids car seats. Thank you for all you do; the instructor in me is very jealous of your whiteboard skills.

  • Moonbrony
    MoonbronyÅr siden

    It's completely obvious that a 5 star rating is better than a 4 star etc. What I'd like to know is how the star rating is affected by your size, not all of us are that short.