Is Synthetic Motor Oil Bad For Old Cars?


Can you use synthetic oil in old cars? Can synthetic oil cause leaks?
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We’re tackling many heavily debated subjects about motor oil in this video and learning how specially formulated motor oil can help new and old engines add more miles to the odometer! Can you use synthetic motor oil in old cars? Can synthetic oils cause leaks in old cars and engines? Where did the idea originate that synthetic oils are not compatible with old engines? If your car is consuming a lot of oil, should you use a thicker oil grade? Finally, when should you use a high mileage oil? I spent time discussing these questions and more with Mobil 1 engineers. Watch for all the details! #Mobil1Partner
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  • Bass Wars
    Bass WarsDag siden

    Almost all cars sold in the US with a 0w20 recommendation, are rated for 5w30 everywhere else in the world. 5 weight synthetic flows very well when cold, and 30 weight provides better protection under stress. The impact on mileage is negligible. 0w20 is for CAFE.

  • Michael Lorenson
    Michael LorensonDag siden

    Will synthetic High-Mileage oil's seal conditioners prolong the life of newer seals?

  • Angelo Martires
    Angelo MartiresDag siden

    Bottom line: if these questions are in need to be raised, you're just asking to delay the inevitable and its time to get rid of your older car for a newer one.

  • Big Rich
    Big RichDag siden

    Your logo looks like exotic engines logo?

  • redprince
    redprince2 dager siden

    My car uses 1 pint every 100 miles I now only use old oil its cheaper.

  • Rod Fleming
    Rod Fleming5 dager siden

    This is essentially the wrong question. The right one would be 'Should I use synthetic in an older engine?' The answer would be, for most made before 1995, would be 'Sure, but you'll gain nothing.'. The principal stress on oil comes from the valve train and specifically the cam lobe interaction with its follower, especially in modern high rpm engines. This basically chops up the polymer chains in the oil. One reason for multivalve engines is to reduce individual valve mass and so, pressure at that interface. Old big valve engines could really chew up their cams, especially if being driven hard and obviously pushrod engines, having a higher valvetrain mass, worst of all. The absolute best protection against that is regular oil changes and that is why older vehicles were often specified for 1500 or 3000 mile oil changes. So: should you use synthetic? In a modern engine, yes. In an older one, save the money and do more oil changes.

  • Magnus Dahlqvist
    Magnus Dahlqvist5 dager siden

    Make this test independent of Mobil. That would give us a much better wiew.

  • michael brinks
    michael brinks5 dager siden

    @Jason Engineering Explained Shanna Simmons says you're supposed to be using Pennzoil not Mobil 1. She says you're a traitor.

  • Manuel Wilhelm
    Manuel Wilhelm6 dager siden

    The only time I inserted a modern synthetic oil (castrol Power 1) into an old engine, I immediately suffered from clutch slipping and could only fix it by going back to a mineral back to a mineral base oil ans fushing the engine with that 2 times, even though the castrol oil met or exceeded all specifications of the engine manufacturer (API SL and Jaso MA) and was especially specified for a wet clutch sitting in the cranc case and hence in the engine oil.

  • Nick C
    Nick C6 dager siden

    Hard to even find conventional oil now.

  • Mr. Said
    Mr. Said6 dager siden

    Is it a good idea to swtch from 15w40 to 10w60 on 32 year old car?

  • KingHoliday
    KingHoliday6 dager siden

    so viscosity is measured at 100°C and my oil is a 0W-20. i drive my car like an absolute madman (autobahn and stuff) where the oiltemp regularly reaches 110°C, sometimes up to 120°C for short periods (maybe an oil cooler would help i know). so when i went in for an oil change and told this the mechanic, he literally looked at me like O.O so i said "do you have 0W-30 or higher?" so i can have the recommended viscosity even at higher temps since oil loses viscosity over 100°C. he struggled a bit with himself and said "i think 0W-30 is the thickest we have here, its what the Supra gets" "i'll take that please" TL;DR: Oil too hot, now i drive a bit thicker oil to compensate for viscosity loss at temperature

  • EndofUSA
    EndofUSA8 dager siden

    Does a thinner oil like a 0W -40 reduces oil pressure. from my experience it did. my oil pressure gauge deeped down to almost 0 when I change it to Mobile 1 0W-40!! Before the change oil the pressure gauge showed a healthy highest full pressure!!! In fact when the gauge almost deeped to zero it caused me to panic!! This tells me oils with a rating of 0 is so thin that it makes the engine lose oil pressure!! I shifted back to 40W and sure enough the oil pressure gauge pointed once again to the fullest pressure! Lesson learned: DONT USE 0W rating its as thin as water that I think it has little protection of the wear of the engine!!!

  • PD M
    PD M9 dager siden

    If the synthetic stuff is so great for old, new, big, small engines then why are conventional mineral oils still sold?

  • Arthur Smith
    Arthur Smith9 dager siden

    When you.ask why top tier gas is better they say more detergents. When you ask how much more extra detergent do they put in the gasoline the answers are we don’t know. We can’t give out that information. Toss in some Techron every few thousand miles. That will clean deposits up.

  • Arthur Smith
    Arthur Smith9 dager siden

    High mileage oil has seal conditioners that recondition your old dried out seals. They also have different cleaners to remove old sludge.The engineers spent years developing these oils so use them.

  • Greg Sullivan
    Greg Sullivan16 dager siden

    As usual, your explanations make total sense. Your flickering oil pressure light hit a nerve with me. My 96 Impala SS (purchased new) had about 275,000 miles on its 5.7 liter LT1 when I started noticing the dreaded flickering oil pressure light. No oil pressure gage came with the 96 Impala. The engine has never seen any oil except Mobil One 10W-30 - changed every 5,000 miles without fail. The light would only flicker on a hot summer day while idling at a red light with the AC blasting on high. I tried switching to Mobil One 10W-40. I could not see any significant improvement. I finally had to admit that the old LT1 is worn out. It has since been replaced with a rebuilt LT1. No more flickering oil pressure light. 8-)

  • Santa Six
    Santa Six16 dager siden

    And no. Brand doesn't matter. It's all in your head.

  • Patrick Stanfill
    Patrick Stanfill17 dager siden

    I don't see how 5 w 30 oil would be different than 5 w 20. Because when the car cools overnight, the viscosity is still 5 w. I use 10 w 30 in my Town Car with 130k miles, when I change it myself. And it has never leaked oil. My closest Ford dealer and a Metroplex Ford/Lincoln dealer both made my car leak oil by some oil it that was green. They charged me for 5w 20 Motorcraft in each case. Wnen I changed the oil I had a quart Motorcraft 5w 20 and it was black, not green. Lucky me I have a Kwik Kar service center that I will use for service instead. I think the flaw is that dealer lets the sales staff run loose in the service department.

  • Utsusemi
    Utsusemi17 dager siden

    Sooo wait is using high mileage proactively and intermittently on a new engine, like 10k miles, bad? swells up new seals?

  • Edmund Castro
    Edmund Castro18 dager siden

    hello sir what good engine oil for my car mitsubishi lancer glx 2008 and 127k km running im in Philippines 🇵🇭 thanks for the answer godbless tc

  • John Doe
    John Doe18 dager siden

    I put full synthetic oil in two vehicles, both had a bad outcome. My used 97 f150 after adding synthetic it started ticking bad. Took about 6 oil changes/cleaners then always adding seafoam to quiet the lifters back down. #2 put synthetic in my used 03 cadillac seville, the autozone tech said this vehicle requires full synthetic. The oil had a constant stream coming out, there was an undiscovered oil leak that was magnified x100. So I put conventional with thick syrup lucas, this slowed it alot.

  • Seipjere
    Seipjere18 dager siden

    !!! Little known problem with the majority of Ford Triton V8s (Undoubtedly, with a lot of old-school truck guys opting for too thick of oil) : Thick oils DESTROY THEM in no time flat. (Clog the fine pathways - and she goes kaput.)

  • jorge carlos manuel peña santibañez
    jorge carlos manuel peña santibañez23 dager siden

    On a fresh rebuild engine, I can use synthetic oil inmediately after priming or I have to wait some mileage?

  • 3800Tech


    22 timer siden

    I used mineral run in oil on my engines for the first 300-500Km and then straight to synthetic. Generally brand new modern engines run synthetic on run in but I know for old design engines it was common to use a purpose made mineral based non friction modified run in oil. Mine is a hotted up freshly built Buick engine from the early 90s, so I used the older recommendations of the purpose run in oil.

  • Frank289100
    Frank28910027 dager siden


  • bobo8422
    bobo842228 dager siden

    I am driving 20 miles/day, like 8000 miles /year and always the date to change the oil come first,not the mileage .I can wait till the miles comes up or I have to change the oil when the date comes up? I have a 2013 Honda Civic.Thank you !

  • Alexandar Hull-Richter
    Alexandar Hull-Richter29 dager siden

    The only reason I've heard for not using synthetic in older cars is that it's more expensive, and therefore wasted money for an engine designed to tolerate conventional oil.

  • Irene Gamache
    Irene Gamache29 dager siden

    Excellent presentation!

  • Brian Ost
    Brian OstMåned siden

    One additional thing you should’ve touched on is the lack of zddp in modern synthetic oils that were used to protect flat tappet cams in old engines.

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul WilsonMåned siden

    This is just an anecdote, but I do have experience with a certain synthetic oil causing leaks in a specific car. The oil was Mobil 1 15W-50 and/or Mobil 1 V-Twin oil. The car is a classic, air cooled, Porsche (1986 911 3.2 Carrera). The car had leaks when I got it 10 years ago, so I expected them. When I first got it, I went with the 15W-50 having used Mobil 1 previously and having good luck. I repaired a number of the leak points, but not all of them. After a few years, I decided to switch to Brad-Penn 20W-50 partial synthetic. This is a pretty commonly used oil for these cars and has a good reputation. It was an unexpected result, but I had previously been getting small leaks on my garage floor from the car and those went away with the Brad Penn. They also haven't returned. If you have any thoughts on why the Brad Penn solved this problem, please post them. Thanks.

  • Anuj
    AnujMåned siden

    Can I change the oil change interval from 5000 to 10000 miles if I switch to synthetic oil on my old (2008) car?

  • Alexandar Hull-Richter

    Alexandar Hull-Richter

    29 dager siden

    Don't do that. If the oil or filter degrade faster than you expect, you won't know about it until you're looking at a new engine. It will never hurt the car to change the oil too frequently.

  • Shaun Smith
    Shaun SmithMåned siden

    Flat tappet cams need zddp and synthetics don’t normally have it in there

  • Jason Green
    Jason GreenMåned siden

    @Engineering Explained I've been told not to use synthetics in air cooled applications because they don't cool as well as a conventional oil do you know if this is true?

  • 3800Tech


    22 timer siden

    I knew of a guy who put this to the test using a dyno to control the conditions as much as possible and found the opposite, that the oil temps increased a fair bit with synthetic suggesting that it helped with cooling by allowing the heat from components to transfer to the oil faster, hence higher oil temps. He also recorded lower cylinder and head temps which complimented the hypothesis that synthetics have better heat transfer. Not that this is 100% proof but still pretty compelling.

  • madphatdopeyo742
    madphatdopeyo742Måned siden

    Got a 2010 Corolla with 225k miles no oil leak and burns a quart every 2-3 thousand miles. Would it be smart to switch to high mileage or stay with conventional?

  • kiwiasian
    kiwiasianMåned siden

    Are modern high ester based oils like Motul 300V less than ideal for seals in an all purpose road/track car?

  • 咖佬 Car Low a.k.a Mr Low
    咖佬 Car Low a.k.a Mr LowMåned siden

    I'm your big fan. Thanks for all these good content. 🙏🙏

  • mjnc367
    mjnc367Måned siden

    How about an 2002 Dakota 3.9L with 62,000 miles. No oil leaks or excessive oil burning. Regular synthetic or high mileage synthetic (because of the age)?

  • Mario N
    Mario NMåned siden

    I really like your technical standpoint in your videos, I wish you can give us your opinion about MoS2 and Lubro moly.

  • Suzanne Clarke
    Suzanne ClarkeMåned siden

    Great Info for a numb nut. THANKS !

  • Joe Treen
    Joe TreenMåned siden

    I would be interested in the science of changing to fresh oil before storing a car for an extended period. The story generally goes, that acids build up in the oil during combustion and can etch surfaces...but do newer synthetics still have these same issues?

  • Mad Max
    Mad MaxMåned siden

    If your engine is VVT, always respect the oil weight required!

  • Turbo Actual

    Turbo Actual

    27 dager siden

    @Mad Max 👍

  • Mad Max

    Mad Max

    27 dager siden

    @Turbo Actual The first number is lower and the last number is higher so you should be ok, but not 100% sure, you should ask someone that is more knowledgeable than me.

  • Turbo Actual

    Turbo Actual

    27 dager siden

    Should I go back to 5W-30? I have 0W-40 in my Pathfinder 4.0. I live in FL. I figured I get good cold start flow and good heat protection from the 40, in Florida heat. Best of both worlds?

  • Alastor
    AlastorMåned siden

    You're kinda selling me on switching. I've only heard bad rumors about synthetic, and it's more expensive, so....easy decision.

  • Bob Davenport
    Bob DavenportMåned siden

    My 19 year old car with 200K was leaking oil. I switched to high mileage oil and within a couple of months the leak stopped. I'm sold on the stuff for a leaky old car.

  • Jim Devilbiss
    Jim DevilbissMåned siden

    I first watch the one on the differences between the two types of oil and are they OK for old cars. I felt so good because it was there and now I watched this one and it was not there. I still learn but no whiteboard it’s sad.

  • hvymtal
    hvymtalMåned siden

    I'm baffled that this is even a question or concern. If anything, common sense tells me that you should _especially_ use synthetic in older, more worn engines!

  • Brook Valliant
    Brook ValliantMåned siden

    Had the same sorta issue when synthetic coolant was all the rage. I rebuilt a 1986 V6 and for the coolant gaskets a spot or two of RTV. The Dexcool coolant had the new longer life organic cleaning agent that turns out loved to eat through silicone. That night the entire contents of the cooling system was in the oil pan and on the ground. I bet the synthetic oil story developed the same way.

  • Korey Mayo
    Korey MayoMåned siden

    I started using synthetic in a car with 170k miles. Now it consumes 1 quart every 1k miles! Should I switch to high milage or should I switch to 10 viscosity higher oil?

  • Fortitude Valance
    Fortitude ValanceMåned siden

    When a seal is blown I tend to get the engine out of the vehicle and not just replace that suspect seal but replace other seals and other items which will eventually fail. Its more expensive short term but the hassle is sorted out with future potential failures prevented. I done this with my dads Supra where pouring oil I to the engine was like pouring water into a flour sieve.

  • CanadianYute 4000
    CanadianYute 4000Måned siden

    Is synthetic oil bad for old cars? *Casually pulls out an engine from his ass* “Let me show u”

  • John Bishop
    John BishopMåned siden

    No one on here has mentioned Duckham's 20/50. When I were a lad, the fogies swore by it. I won't repeat their foul language.

  • John Franklin
    John FranklinMåned siden

    Not all cars burn oil, ever. Ive had cars that used a very small amount after about 150.000 miles, and cars that never used oil. My 94 Trans Am I bought new has 348.000 miles on it now, its had 3000 mile oil changes its entire life. Its always at the full mark when due for another one, runs and sounds like new. Lt1 engine. Castrol GTX only oil used.

  • George Georgiou
    George GeorgiouMåned siden

    Nice video. No more myths...

  • InversePacman
    InversePacmanMåned siden

    I’m interested to hear what you think about tribotex Oil additives.

  • Benny Ang
    Benny AngMåned siden

    Hi Jason, just an idea. Is there a way you can make a video to show if mixing different brands of transmission fluids and also coolants would cause the mix to make it less effective? There has always been discussion in the forums for at least a decade or two that if you do a drain and fill of fluids and you don't get all of them out, one should always use the OEM fluid because the mixing of two brands will cause the fluid to gunk up or dilute each other or the two chemicals will counteract each other. I am not sure how this process would go but i trust maybe your affiliations with brand companies will enable you to come up with a way.

  • No Chance
    No ChanceMåned siden

    One thing to be wary of; vehicle manufacturers do not necessarily police those certifications, so an oil supplier can 'claim' their oil meets whatever certification they like so long as they are willing to bet that noone will call them out on it.... be wary of cheaper or newer oil companies.

  • Lan Devi
    Lan DeviMåned siden

    My kia with about 73K miles started eating oil when I switched to synthetic a few thousand miles ago. Don't know if that's the reason and if I should switch back to conventional. Checked the message boards and found that a lot of kias have this issue and the dealer says it's not covered under warranty and not part of the recall. Replaced the PVC and that didn't do anything. Started using Mobile High Mileage and that has slowed down the oil consumption, but hasn't fixed it. Depending on how much I drive I could top off half to a full quart every couple weeks. No leaks under the car or anywhere else and no burning smell either. Any thoughts?

  • Brian Bright
    Brian BrightMåned siden

    Hey brother. I have always highly valued your education on these in depth subjects. During my time in the field I have personally seen vehicles that started leaking oil almost immedietly after switching to a full synthetic. At these times, we have found things like SOLID valve cover gaskets. which has turned to more of a plastic than a rubber. I have personally seen this take place, multiple times over my years in the field. lets say about half a dozen times. Can there be a situation we're not entirely covering? Could full synthetic FNISH OFF an already failing seal? This last vehicle,a subaru, LITERALLY was POURING out from the valve cover gasket(and I get that its sideways and gravity helps vs a horizontal valve cover) and I trully feel that their is something more to this discussion. This is the ONLY reson I have ever found to NOT "upgrade" to a full synthetic. Never learned it from anyone, and they didnt teach it in college, but my own personal experience tells me there is merit to the discussion. For the record were talking of course modern cars(say 1996 and newer) and oils. I get that debris being dislodged and the extra detergents COULD remove a leak stopping block, but I find it extremely difficult to believe that is what made the difference between a bone dry motor, and a day later a pouring oilfall. I would love to hear your thoughts on this in more detail. If you end up with the time, thank you ahead of time. Please keep up the excellent work.

  • josiah culley
    josiah culleyMåned siden

    royal purple is the best

  • wjstewdog
    wjstewdogMåned siden

    Go get a PHD in something. Any school would bend over backwards to have you as a student. Thanks for the videos!

  • some one
    some oneMåned siden

    bla bla bla , just buy expensive oils , that's the message .

  • otm646
    otm646Måned siden

    Anyone with a classic car built before 1965 knows that he's full of BS at 4:35. Those rope style rear mains specifically rely on a varnish and sludge build up to seal. If you're talking modern cars, you're right he's correct but he keeps interchanging the classics and the modern as if there's no difference.

  • Josh Langston
    Josh LangstonMåned siden

    Have a 2010 nissan altima with 62k miles. Been using synthetic since I bought the car with 42k miles. So far so good

  • George Knoppe
    George KnoppeMåned siden

    Older cars with flat tappet cams require zinc, MOST synthetic oils DO NOT CONTAIN ZINC or have too low zinc levels for the type cam/lifter. No matter how good the syn oil is, without zinc you will suffer lifter and camshaft failure. Zinc - Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP)

  • Heelix Ranier
    Heelix RanierMåned siden

    I'd say the biggest reason not to use synthetic in an older engine that's burning oil is just the cost. Now I'm talking about cars from the 90's or earlier, where many of them still used conventional oil. IN today's modern cars (cars made after about 2000), you want to only use synthetic oils. Using synthetic in an older engine won't hurt it but will just cost more over time for little benefit IMO. If your car is burning oil or has low compression then switching to synthetic is a bad idea because it won't help the burning/compression problem and it just costs more to maintain (the real fix is to find out why it's burning oil or has low compression and address it, such as worn rings or a worn out engine in general). As a side note, The other time I would advise you only use OEM synthetic oils for your car (like oil from Toyota or Honda, etc) is during the break-in period. I always tell people NOT to change their oil until the car is broken in (which is usually the first 500-600 miles). I then usually suggest people change the oil, and use the mfr's oil atl east for the first few changes until the car has built up some mileage and everything is fully broken in. Then you can switch to whatever brand you want (yes I know most synthetics are made the same, but it's just something I've gone by in my new vehicles that has worked over the past several vehicles). Draining the oil at 1000 miles also gets out any remenants that might be left over from the mfg process. I'm sure most mfrs run the motors for a period of time to check them, and then drain and refill, but still, I like to change it after 1000 miles anyways just to make sure, and then usually go on a 5k/4 month oil change interval after that.

  • martin carroll
    martin carrollMåned siden

    I spent a year in Alaska, we used synthetic oil in everything.

  • Dave B
    Dave BMåned siden

    *Is it bad if my car uses almost oil as gas* ?

  • Dave B
    Dave BMåned siden

    *My car got oil when it was built at the factory and I never change it. Having to change your oil is a myth started by the oil companies to make extra money off you*

  • Boots


    Måned siden

    LOL, nice try at trolling but fail. Thank you, please try again.

  • Greg Baumbach

    Greg Baumbach

    Måned siden

    LOL, do check back in next year after your engine seizes up.

  • Jim Holmes
    Jim HolmesMåned siden

    I use Mobil 1 in my 1951 Willys CJ3A. I have no problems. When breaking in a new engine or an overhauled engine you should use an oil with high zinc content.

  • Benjamin Mazanka
    Benjamin MazankaMåned siden

    I made a change on my 2007 Renault Clio 2007 with 256 000 kilometers. Bumping up from 5W-40 to 10W-40. It started to be worse at cold morning starts, but I recently changed the battery for larger and it got better. :D So that´s my experience. And I changed it for the reason that, on the motorway at 130km/h it runs 4100 rpm, so I thought that thicker oil might be better in terms of protecting the engine at such high RPM for a long time. :) Shame I cannot change it back down.

  • smolville
    smolvilleMåned siden

    Don't use synthetic in a motorcycle with a wet clutch! The clutch will slip.

  • zmelli
    zmelliMåned siden

    I have been using Synthetic oil in all my old cars for years, 0-40Wt Castrol Edge.

  • Tom55data
    Tom55dataMåned siden

    I have a BEV - but I am still watching this just because it is "Engineering Explained".

  • Besi !
    Besi !Måned siden

    Ok. Which oil is best for peugeot 307 2 hdi 320000 km ? Thanks

  • Marco Magana
    Marco MaganaMåned siden

    So I’m currently using Kirkland full synthetic oil but I wanted to switch to royal purple do you think it’s really worth the switch and pay 3 times as much or stick to what I’m using now? 04 GMC Yukon with a 5.3l engine I put in a used engine that claim to have only 70k miles on it . ??

  • john groll
    john grollMåned siden

    My 2020 Subaru 2.4 turbo uses 0w-20w which I read is to improve gas mileage. Would it be better to use 5-20w for better lubrication when cold

  • Alanzo Garbanzo
    Alanzo GarbanzoMåned siden

    All myths about synthetic oils came from a cult called Amsoil. Lol

  • chip
    chipMåned siden

    Amsoil is the only 100% synthetic. Mobile1 actually has 20-30 % crude in it

  • Mike Greer
    Mike GreerMåned siden

    Older engines have packing rope seals. They usually leak just a little bit with conventional oil. I would assume synthetic might leak worse. I guess I'm old, he didn't even show any rope seals. I guess there's different levels of old.

  • Elijah Harris
    Elijah HarrisMåned siden

    I use 10w 30 Super Tech oil in my 2000 Corollan haven't had any issues yet.

  • Danny Gayler
    Danny GaylerMåned siden

    I have a 26 yr Toyota Hi-Lux Original engine with almost 400,000 km on the clock , I will next oil change use Synthetic ( Hi Mileage Oil ) , Thank for answering my question/s !

  • Rex Holes
    Rex HolesMåned siden

    I work in a shop which has a major brand as the house oil, its good stuff but even our company has some Mobile 1 oils for certain engines we don't meet the spec on.

  • Rex Holes
    Rex HolesMåned siden

    I worked at a place which sold high mileage oil as semi synthetic which is but they were recommending it on new engines, I said thats insane because the additive swell the seals and they acted like I was saying the moon is made of cheese, I quit within two months that place was a joke.

  • Koutrou
    KoutrouMåned siden

    I have a 1991 190E Mercedes benz 1.8L No idea what o to put in and i have nk owners manual

  • Fabian Thomas
    Fabian ThomasMåned siden

    What about semi-synthetic?

  • B LOVE
    B LOVEMåned siden

    What year is considered an old engine?

  • badgernikes
    badgernikes2 måneder siden

    What is the recommended oil for toyota 1nr fe engine?

  • Mito Mr. Twice as Nice
    Mito Mr. Twice as Nice2 måneder siden

    Always wondered what was considered an Old car, and what was considered a modern car???

  • JD Simons
    JD Simons2 måneder siden

    An LS on the engine stand lol

  • Benzino 454
    Benzino 4542 måneder siden

    How good is Pennzoil Gold synthetic blend motor oil?

  • MrSGL21
    MrSGL212 måneder siden

    @8:30 ...... or you drive an old Saturn!

  • chas sisom
    chas sisom2 måneder siden

    Great presentation again as usual. I've corrected or should I say improved low oil pressure at idol by dropping the pan and replacing the rod bearings. That's all. No resurfacing the journals. Those fixes made it possible for another 50,000 miles on an old chevy corsica.

  • Choghoree Karakorm
    Choghoree Karakorm2 måneder siden

    What mileage is hight mileage?

  • gigi solder
    gigi solder2 måneder siden

    i tried synthetic oil.. lost 4 mpg, went back to standard 5w30 and got back 4 and now 6.

  • kool breeze
    kool breeze2 måneder siden

    You are wrong sure you can put synthetical in old engines but it's not good for Old Engines Made zick, And I don't need multi Gray all they need a 30 way or better You are trying to sail synthetic which is a high dollar oil

  • Chuck and Jen Bridges
    Chuck and Jen Bridges2 måneder siden

    You seem to have neglected one thing. Older vehicles have cork seals, these let oil seep through. My Brother-In-Law put Mobil One in his (now mine) Nailhead 425. It leaked like a sieve. Back to Conventional oil, leaks go away. Lesson learned. For the rest of my newer vehicles, Mobil One at the recommended viscosity.

  • Matthew Osmond
    Matthew Osmond2 måneder siden

    What happens if you only use diesel oil in your gas engine? Is diesel oil better than gasoline oil?

  • Mike Moran
    Mike Moran2 måneder siden

    Yeah, might as well take you up on that oil change special you're running since old Bettsy"s in for new tires and - I was gonna' do it soon any way. They used "High Mileage QS 5W20 in an F150 "96 w/

  • Ascendant
    Ascendant2 måneder siden

    buy tesla

  • Orlando Dizo
    Orlando Dizo2 måneder siden

    I don't exactly understand what are you trying to probe.?

  • Brian Truck
    Brian Truck2 måneder siden

    I run diesel mobile 1 oil in my Chevy Silverado 1990