Is 'Entry Ignition' The Future Of Combustion Engines?


Can Entry Ignition Save Combustion Engines? New Efficient Technology!
How Entry Ignition (EI) overcomes the flaws of SI, CI, and HCCI engines.
Why Combustion Engines Ain't Dead Yet -
How Mazda's SPCCI Engine Works:
How do Entry Ignition (EI) engines overcome the biggest flaws of combustion engines? We know that Spark Ignition (SI) engines are inefficient, we know that Compression Ignition (CI) engines have bad emissions, and we know that Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engines are very difficult to control. The closest thing we have today are prototype engines using Mazda's Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI), but even they still use spark plugs for transient engine conditions, and use spark plugs to initiate compression ignition. Entry Ignition is an all-new method of combustion that seeks to solve the problems of other combustion methods. How does it work? Watch the video to learn all about it!
Source/More Info:
Cheeseman, P., "A New Efficient Combustion Method for ICEs," SAE Technical Paper 2020-01-1314, 2020,
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained8 måneder siden

    *IMPORTANT NOTE* There's a lot of confusion about the engine size and how many cylinders are required. While the example I showed is four cylinders, you only need one in the simplest form. You can have any style air compressor beforehand (superchargers are air compressors), and you could have the combustion cylinder simply be larger to increase its expansion ratio. Four-cylinders is a logical way of explaining it, but as far as how the tech can be implemented, you could use 1, 2, 3, 4, however many cylinders you like. Also, both of the last two cylinders do useful work, not just the first combustion cylinder. As it is two-stroke, this will increase energy density relative to a 4-stroke engine design (double the power strokes per RPM).

  • Marinel Subu

    Marinel Subu

    18 dager siden

    @Alden Consolver I was sceptic al of opposite piston engines. I didn't immediately understand the key advantage of the mechanism with two heavy crankshafts and two pistons per combustion chamber. The key advantage , however is in reduced heat losses.

  • Alden Consolver

    Alden Consolver

    18 dager siden

    @Marinel Subu We are not really different here, I have been involved in the motorcycle world with reed valves and rotary valves and with serious diesels at work. The premix part of this in a separate zone of the engine made good sense and maybe I wasn't really fair to pick on that valve. I am a fan of the uniflow principal in this application where intake ports would be put in the cylinder low and fed from a low pressure supercharger. I admit a passionate love for Detroit Diesel Type 71 and the Napier Deltic diesels. From there comes an insecurity with complex mechanicals in basically two stroke motors. Are you familiar with the Achates diesels?

  • Martin Taper

    Martin Taper

    18 dager siden

    @Sander Van der Kammen The Orbital Engine Company 2 and 4 stroke engines are "NOT" the Sarich orbital engine, they are entirely different engines, reciprocating piston engine technology which have unique fuel systems which OEC did invent and licence to engine manufacturers, with "NO" Sarich person in the company or having anything to do with the design. Who said Orbital invented direct injection? I certainly didn't, but they did supply a direct injection liquid petroleum gas injection system - "NOT GASOLINE", "LPG", it's a liquefied gas! What is your problem? You shoot your mouth off about non relevant issues that had nothing to do with my comment and then you can't accept that you are ill informed! If you want to talk about the Sarich orbital engine, discuss it with someone who shares your desire to do so. I didn't bring up Sarich or his engine in my discussion, so I'm not that person!

  • Sander Van der Kammen

    Sander Van der Kammen

    19 dager siden

    @Martin Taper Indeed, the Orbital Engine was not the revolutionary breakthrough technology that Sarich falsely proclaimed to the world it was... he was nothing but a clever showman that found some suckers and left them holding the bag. Orbital did not invent direct injection.

  • Martin Taper

    Martin Taper

    19 dager siden

    @Sander Van der Kammen Ralph Sarich had nothing at all to do with the Ortbital Engine Company and its reciprocating piston engines - he and his engine were was already ancient history when this company (which still exists) was inventing new automotive engine technologies. Sarich made a complicated engine called the "orbital" engine that was later bought out by the BHP company which canned it. The Orbital Engine Company at a later time invented reciprocating piston engines in two and four stroke versions some of which are used to this day in marine engines and motor-scooter applications under licence. My car uses an Orbital Engine Company LP gas direct liquid fuel injection system, very efficiently and reliably. You, like many people, are mistaken on this issue.

  • Niger Mcgauley
    Niger Mcgauley2 dager siden

    Ok I will say it...... Bad Idea.

  • M
    M3 dager siden

    Turbo/supercharged roatry valve 2 stroke without the spark plug and stretched out longer to harvest more of the "work".

  • sonny parker
    sonny parker8 dager siden

    I had this exact same idea tonight, with a slightly different design. After thinking it through, I suspected that any efficiency gains would be offset by the additional rotating drag, of the non-power producing cylinders.

  • plainlogic
    plainlogic9 dager siden

    I still prefer the junker opposed piston engine as a replacement for contemporary auto power plants.

  • Pink Lion Gaming
    Pink Lion Gaming18 dager siden

    Could this be a adapted to a rotary engine?

  • Pink Lion Gaming

    Pink Lion Gaming

    17 dager siden

    @Sander Van der Kammen what about a six stroke engine?

  • Sander Van der Kammen

    Sander Van der Kammen

    17 dager siden


  • colin malone
    colin malone24 dager siden

    Doesn't matter combustion engine is dead within 20 years

  • colin malone

    colin malone

    18 dager siden

    @Sander Van der Kammen I didn't prove anything you just can't see the wood from the trees I will leave you with this .2 stroke engine gone

  • Sander Van der Kammen

    Sander Van der Kammen

    18 dager siden

    @colin malone Thank you for proving my point.

  • colin malone

    colin malone

    18 dager siden

    @Sander Van der Kammen been in industry for 41 years and since the 90s the changes have been huge governments will make these changes car manufacturers are not making diesel anymore Toyota are concentrating all their efforts on electric in the next 10 years the change over to electric will be huge and by the way I'm a real mechanic now a plug in and fix who has worked on everything but a plane in my day we had to use our brains and today I love the electronic systems in cars

  • Sander Van der Kammen

    Sander Van der Kammen

    18 dager siden

    @colin malone Electric vehicles have been around longer than ICEs.. They once accounted for 28% of all vehicles on the road... The only people that believe that EVs will replace internal combustion are the ones that know nothing about engineering or the automobile industry.

  • colin malone

    colin malone

    18 dager siden

    @Sander Van der Kammen yes but this time its going to happen like the steam engine will become not practical when electric vehicles become part of our life

  • networked person
    networked personMåned siden

    didn't explain why this allows for higher compression without auto-ignition

  • Swee Lim
    Swee LimMåned siden

    multi stage compression and expansion using a reciprocating engine

  • Yousouf Moco
    Yousouf MocoMåned siden

    Thanks for the explanation. Is it possible to use a glow plug(temp near boiling pt of gasoline) like in Diesel engine to heat the air? Then mix with gasoline. When the piston goes down pressure will decrease thereby increasing evaporation. When the piston will go up it’l compress the mixture of gasoline vapor & air,then spark plug will do rest. The ignition temp of gasoline is (280C) higher than diesel so no risk of early ignition! Or I got it all wrong 😂 or won’t need spark plug if air is heated at 70-80 C? Or why not use a fuel injector with multilayer of holes ranging from small to tiny. It’l heat the gasoline until when it comes out of the tiniest hole it’l be more of vapor.

  • Hanro50
    Hanro50Måned siden

    This seems... extremely over engineered... Like at some point the amount of extra metal the engine has to keep spinning will likely negate any advantages this could realistically give....

  • Andreas Dendrinos
    Andreas DendrinosMåned siden

    Excellent presentation, congratulations from a mechanical engineer who is a also a teacher!

  • rudy berkvens
    rudy berkvensMåned siden

    Is an engine maker using or trying this or is this your own invention?

  • James Heald
    James HealdMåned siden

    sound more expensive then electric that is very low maintenance

  • bigprocrastinator
    bigprocrastinatorMåned siden

    Really appreciating the coverage of all the budding tech improving the ICE's power and efficiency! Any thought to covering the fuel itself, like e-fuels, drop-in fuels, synth fuels? I know F1 is working on introducing this in their new engine formula. EVs are great, but it would be smart to get the existing refueling infrastructure to offer a carbon neutral option at the pump even if it costs more than good ol 85. This could help the situation now. ICEs will be around for years, but drop in synth fuels could help keep these cars on the road while doing so cleanly. Electric and clean ICEs should compete for customers in a perfect world. Would love to be able to drive my 88 e30 for years to come and not worry about it being regulated out to the pasture. Great channel and content!

  • Almerinda Romeira
    Almerinda RomeiraMåned siden

    Those 2 extra pistons do the same as a conventional turbocharger (extract more energy out of the exhaust and compress the intake)

  • Mike Shankin
    Mike ShankinMåned siden

    Very interesting though complicated subject. Further study will hopefully prove it’s worth. What are your thoughts on ducted fuel injection proposed by chuck mueller at Sandia national labs? Could you offer any response to this technology, might it show promise? Keep up the good work.

  • Crusieth Maximuss
    Crusieth Maximuss2 måneder siden

    Why not just have a mini scramjet which shoots its exhaust into a piston engine?

  • Rory Christel
    Rory Christel2 måneder siden

    Challenge that wasn't mentioned: Weight. 4 cylinders to replace a single cylinder; that's a LOT of weight. Imagine a V8 but only 2 cylinders actually work.

  • Rory Christel

    Rory Christel

    2 måneder siden

    Also: How in god's name are you going to keep that slider lubricated?

  • D.Harold Angel
    D.Harold Angel2 måneder siden

    COMPLICATED: Back to the horse and buggy.

  • Sam Cluff
    Sam Cluff2 måneder siden

    That sounds like an IDI with extra steps......

  • AlbertusMagnus_44
    AlbertusMagnus_442 måneder siden

    For some reason, the term "Rube Goldberg" comes to mind.

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee2 måneder siden


  • RoofTop Certified Auto Repair
    RoofTop Certified Auto Repair2 måneder siden

    did he say lean pockets? hot pocket

  • Al Bore
    Al Bore2 måneder siden

    Smokey's Hot Fuel Vapor engine addresses all the combustion irregularities with a much simpler system and recovers much more BTU per $$$ Dollar of hardware with existing fuels and even works with much lower grade fuels costing less per gallon.

  • Al Bore
    Al Bore2 måneder siden

    This engine is using the Honda Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion concept with a Sleeve valve system combined with a compressor stage .

  • Brandon Z
    Brandon Z2 måneder siden

    If you incorporated it into a hybrid system it could switch to electric when a piston gets to hot. It could also have intercoolers and radiators to keep it cool... Just spitballing but you can engineer around the engineering problems

  • MaryandDale Davidson
    MaryandDale Davidson2 måneder siden

    So what they have is a double compression, double expansion engine. The most unproven part is the slotted valve. I wonder what it will take to get good service life out of that.

  • stellingbanjodude
    stellingbanjodude3 måneder siden

    Engineers and politicians are gonna be the death of us!

  • Aaron Pearson
    Aaron Pearson3 måneder siden

    Looks like a whole lot of unreliable. As we have learned more moving parts and tech in engines is not a good idea. Great for economy and efficiency but terrible for the future of automobiles.

  • Aashish Dhawan
    Aashish Dhawan3 måneder siden

    If this type of engine is an EI engine, wouldn't the air fuel mixture combust in its chamber and not in the cylinder when the slider valve opens?

  • nerd1000ify
    nerd1000ify3 måneder siden

    Isn't this essentially Brayton's 1872 gas engine but with more compression and expansion stages?

  • Nothingiamjustsomekindofdude
    Nothingiamjustsomekindofdude3 måneder siden

    Overcomplicated just use 2 stage superchager to generate boost with varable intercooler and use electromagnetic valve to get constant pressure in piston and then use 2 stage turbine to collect all of energy and power superchagers with it

  • Nothingiamjustsomekindofdude
    Nothingiamjustsomekindofdude3 måneder siden

    Turbocharging but with extra steps

  • Jesse Graffius
    Jesse Graffius3 måneder siden

    What I see here is creating 1/4th of the power, if you have to make, say a W16 in this format to make the same power are you really gaining anything?

  • David Thatcher
    David Thatcher3 måneder siden

    EGR makes any engine without pre-intake valve port-injection a bad design.

  • Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne
    Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne3 måneder siden

    I don't want combustion engines to die

  • Pablo Henrique
    Pablo Henrique3 måneder siden

    on the HCCI, the gas are not instantaneously combusted when it is injected? if so, this is not a timing control?

  • Frank Eggers
    Frank Eggers3 måneder siden

    Engine designed by Rube Goldberg.

  • Kaiser Sose
    Kaiser Sose3 måneder siden

    Looks like we're about to step back to crank case scavenged, turbocharged, 2 strokes. This time it's not diesel though.

  • glastornjet73
    glastornjet733 måneder siden

    Sooooo you would turn a 4cyl into a 1 cylinder or a v8 into a 2 cylinder brilliant

  • sparkyindahouse
    sparkyindahouse3 måneder siden

    NO ..its like keyless entry... joke

  • Shabuti R18
    Shabuti R183 måneder siden

    Maybe I am not understanding this properly...but it seems overly complex and I wouldnt think that the extra efficiency of the burn would outweigh the drag of the other pistons that arnt producing power. I also predict the reliability to be horrible due to the complexity.

  • Reel Tech
    Reel Tech3 måneder siden

    Or... You could just offer premium gasoline at the pump. And do away with that watered down garbage. There's more than one way to skin a cat. Often, a much cheaper way as well.

  • Fluff Tribe
    Fluff Tribe3 måneder siden

    Tbh I thought industry retirement was the future of combustion engines

  • Thomas Groover
    Thomas Groover3 måneder siden

    I would be worried about the longevity of this type of engine. My Honda has definitely experienced compression loss after 1/4 million miles, but it still gets groceries. This engine seems like would fail to operate under moderate compression loss.

  • Steve Whalen
    Steve Whalen3 måneder siden

    2 words: HELL NO.

  • Jons LG
    Jons LG3 måneder siden

    Can you really call it a 2 stroke engine when you're using 2 cylinders to get 1 cylinder worth of power stroke though?

  • Black Thunder
    Black Thunder3 måneder siden

    How many pistons would you need to make say 300hp

  • Black Thunder
    Black Thunder3 måneder siden

    Wouldn't there be a lot of parasitic loss with all the extra moving parts that aren't creating power

  • JT H
    JT H3 måneder siden

    Well if its unproven I'm pretty sure Ford will have it in something this next year.... then they will let the field techs figure out how to make it work....

  • Robert Bowersock
    Robert Bowersock3 måneder siden

    2 cycle,with ports and supercharge....diversion calve to direct cases...intake aid exhauste???

  • Robert Bowersock

    Robert Bowersock

    3 måneder siden


  • Robert Bowersock

    Robert Bowersock

    3 måneder siden

    Valve and cases...oops

  • Mr Lenny
    Mr Lenny3 måneder siden

    Just something else to carbon up and seize.

  • Lash LaRue
    Lash LaRue3 måneder siden

    This sounds like a ridiculously complex “solution” to a mostly imaginary problem. Good luck trying to get this schmancy, high-strung, expensive-to-manufacture ass-child of an engine to last beyond 50k miles without getting reamed by a stealership for a complete rebuild... 😒

  • jack hreha
    jack hreha3 måneder siden

    This seems to be a hard way around robinhoods barn. In the old days they made diesel engines where a chamber in the head made a supper plasma.This is making a stab at doing the samething but with more parts. Thanks for the good white board. Love your work. Best Regards Jack Hreha

    THE OTHERGUY3 måneder siden

    Would turbochargers be useless in this engine since the exhaust gas has very little energy left?

    THE OTHERGUY3 måneder siden

    If you draw a jet engine next to the entry ignition engine, they look pretty much same. The first piston is like the low pressure compressor stages on a jet engine, the second piston is just like high pressure compressor stages, the mixing chamber is sort of but not really like the combustion chamber on a jet engine, the third piston is like the high pressure turbine stages, and the fourth piston is like the low pressure turbine stages. The only difference is that pistons are in the place of compressor and turbine blades and unlike a jet engine, entry ignition doesn't undergo continuous combustion.

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean3 måneder siden

    thats the dumbiest design ive ever heard of

  • electric_boogaloo
    electric_boogaloo3 måneder siden

    Entry ignition? Like a turbine engine? How efficient can a turbine engine get? One that fits in a car?

  • organicthinktank
    organicthinktank3 måneder siden

    How can it entry combust and when sliders are open ?! It would be like combusting with a valve open?!?! So confused ?

  • Rob random
    Rob random3 måneder siden

    This engine sounds incredibly reliable !

  • 80s gamr
    80s gamr3 måneder siden

    Yeah... I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. It looks like all cylinders in a motor like this are not equal and perform different tasks rather than all acting the same together. Beyond all of this... it's funny to me to see how complicated this is all getting for the sake of a small efficiency gain and/or gas mileage bump. WE are spending millions to achieve the smallest increases in recent years. Just seems like we're reaching a critical point in diminishing returns. Doesn't sound very economical to me.

  • Charles Ingalz
    Charles Ingalz3 måneder siden

    Another noteworthy benefit is a convenient capture point for high pressure bleed air. There are a lot of possibilities such as: pneumatic start (via the same port as the capture point), bleed air operated HVAC blower, air suspension, seat cooling, electronics cooling, external compressed air utility hookup.

  • navion1946
    navion19463 måneder siden

    Sleeve valves a la Bristol Centaurus could be useful here.

  • benzproducts
    benzproducts3 måneder siden

    Different kinds of valves have been experimented with before, doubtful that a slider valve would be reliable. Conventional valves rotate as they open and close and actually wear into their seat, renewing their sealing ability. Many have tried to get rid of them but none have succeeded. I also doubt this scheme would do anything for efficiency because you are making the compressed air go around different chambers and this is not practical. Their is also very little power left in reality to drive a second expansion piston. The diesel engine is the best setup, it's already been done.

  • Omar Faruk
    Omar Faruk3 måneder siden

    Aren't the first and last cylinders doing the same thing as a conventional turbocharger?

  • Rick O'Shea
    Rick O'Shea4 måneder siden

    Cold starting must be interesting. Mixing chamber will hold residual charge, reducing inlet pumping efficiency. Prediction: This idea will slide into the dustbin of history before it goes into production.

  • Ilija Gojkovic
    Ilija Gojkovic4 måneder siden

    I am wondering about where is the energy needed for compressing the air coming from? The air pressure in the pressure reservoir has to be higher than the pressure of burning fuel to prevent the back-flow. That would imply that the energy produced by expansion of the fuel burn is lower than the energy used to compress the air.

  • Aaron James
    Aaron James4 måneder siden

    What if...the exhaust valves had a vacuum behind it to suck out the leftover gases and heat left over from combustion? What effect would that have?

  • Matthew Perlman
    Matthew Perlman4 måneder siden

    why slider and not common poppet valve for intake in the combustion cylinder?

  • Carter Harvey
    Carter Harvey4 måneder siden

    Trick question. Combustion engines have no future.

  • 1crazypj
    1crazypj4 måneder siden

    Looks a lot like some 1950's experimental engines. Dual diameter compressor piston and high pressure piston can use single bore. Limiting factors were always exhaust valve temperature and sealing any type of rotary valve. Sleeve valve engines are a very mature technology but have the same sealing issues. maybe new materials can help and may have been the basis of the FORD ceramic engine experiments in 1980's? You still need to somehow limit combustion temperature to lower the amount of nitrogen compounds produced though

  • Faustin Gashakamba
    Faustin Gashakamba4 måneder siden

    Me: four-stroke cylinders are complex with their valves prone to breaking. Engineers: well, we will make it four cylinders instead. Is that ok with you? Me: (eyes and mouth wide open)

  • J Helgeson
    J Helgeson4 måneder siden

    Friction? Manufacturing complexity .all and more axis any new design, here is a combination of tested design , some failed. A slide valve seems a way to introduce heavy particulates in the emission, as it wears, and having two cylinders doing two cycles each is still a four cycle. It seems like backward applied rotational to reciprocal, like from a gas turbine .

    SIOUX WARRIOR4 måneder siden

    Wow pretty amazing but I think multiplying the number of components and moving parts of the combustion engine might decrease dependability and endurance with more wear surfaces to repair and maintain which still may not be very cost effective.

  • Compte google
    Compte google4 måneder siden

    For high efficiency I could see a two strock diesel, multi-stage turbos and direct injection allowing a 30 to 50 compression ratio. The turbo would be coupled with the crankshaft by a planetary gear box acting as a supercharger/turboprop. So the pistons would take care of the high pressure and no lag tork response and the inlet turbos would take care of the low pressure compression (1 to 10 atm.) and cool it with an intercooler before sending it to the cylinder head. The exhaust turbo would contribute to the engine tork (like a turboprop engine) and keep the combustion gas at higher pressure for a longer time allowing a more efficient burn and therefore creating cleaner imitions. This way you also remove the exaust cam friction and double the amount of cylinder heads combustion for the same amount of internal friction.

  • Mike G
    Mike G4 måneder siden

    Seems like a lot of friction loss from all those piston rings

  • Yogenh
    Yogenh4 måneder siden

    It looks like it would be a real nightmare to work on

  • Gregory Southerland
    Gregory Southerland4 måneder siden

    heres an idea, replace the 2 compression cylinders with a supercharger takes up less space, no dead cylinders, and you dont have an untake cycle, just constant intake

  • Tim Ferguson
    Tim Ferguson4 måneder siden

    No Thanks

  • Jaime Hernandez
    Jaime Hernandez4 måneder siden

    is very cost efficient to just negotiate koenigsegg's freevalve technology and called it a day.

  • J T
    J T4 måneder siden

    From what I see, you have two cylinders that are sucking power and not giving any. And you have the other two that are giving you true power strokes. (Or at least 1 and 1/2 power strokes.) I'd be real interested to know how this could be more efficient than having 4 power strokes every two rotations than this. Seems like you're effectively cutting the displacement of the engine in half. I could definitely see where it would make it more efficient as far as fuel consumption and emissions. But at what cost? 60hp/50 ft lbs? Lol.

  • Jody English
    Jody English4 måneder siden

    I won't buy any cars newer that a 2006. I will never buy a new car ever again. Might as well walk if I can't fix them anymore.

  • Eliot Hochberg
    Eliot Hochberg4 måneder siden

    Based on this concept, couldn’t you then have one pair of compression pistons and fuel injection chamber for multiple power pistons? Which would then simplify some of the system, but of course the one injector would wear faster.

  • Joseph Gelis
    Joseph Gelis4 måneder siden

    It all looks to be very convoluted, but with physics and chemistry, there are always new frontiers to conquer.

  • prpilot
    prpilot4 måneder siden

    You glossed over how the higher pressure (ignited mixture) is prevented from going back up into the high pressure chamber. Can you explain it?

  • Tj930
    Tj9304 måneder siden

    wasn't there talk of F1 engines moving to 2-stroke? Pat Symonds mentioned it? How cool would it be to get some of the world's finest minds pondering these problems professionally for a few years?!

  • Jim Graham
    Jim Graham4 måneder siden

    Pumping losses?

  • Jack
    Jack4 måneder siden

    How many balancing shafts would you have to use to balance the difference sized pistons?

  • witherow321
    witherow3214 måneder siden

    Since it relies on increased temperature in the cylinder to create ignition what is the cold start solution? I would assume a glow plug of some but curious of others thoughts

  • Teck Tips
    Teck Tips4 måneder siden

    Nope , to complicate, the slider will carbonize and wear, not gone a live 200000km nice proof of concept but in life not pratical.

  • AdonisGaming93
    AdonisGaming934 måneder siden

    Slider wear is giving me apex seals wear working engine but expensive repair when that wears

  • Nigel Clark
    Nigel Clark4 måneder siden

    Very good explaining

  • Ron Brothers
    Ron Brothers4 måneder siden

    when explain the opposed piston engines?

  • Jett Pope
    Jett Pope4 måneder siden

    The real question is how do you start this engine? It relies on heat to self ignite, so wouldn't you have to heat the power cylinders really hot or just use a spark plug to start it?

  • Tahsin Faiyaz
    Tahsin Faiyaz4 måneder siden

    Nah its not good enough to be a paper.

  • Wesley Ellis
    Wesley Ellis4 måneder siden

    Balance issues... How about make it an 8-cylinder boxer engine, flipping one side around to make things symmetrical? Otherwise you’ll have to get creative with how you mount things like your alternator, A/C compressor, etc. The only manufacturer that I can think of making boxers right now is Subaru and their last attempt to go past 4 cylinders in one wasn’t that great.

  • Saul Rodriguez
    Saul Rodriguez4 måneder siden

    So a mini titanic engines that use gasoline instead of steam

  • Mayham Mecanic
    Mayham Mecanic4 måneder siden

    Seems like a mix of an IDI ford and a rotary valve ROTAX snowmobile engine.

  • James Merkel
    James Merkel4 måneder siden

    God all we hve to do is put a cut cross or * on top of cylinder & we get clean burn hve electronic tech we hve NOW, low heat & low pollution on the cheap hidden tech but no many hrs longer.