I'm Selling My S2000 - One Last Ride


I join ChrisFix, EricTheCarGuy, Humble Mechanic, and Matt Maran Motoring for one final road trip in my Honda S2000. This is all thanks to Shell for sponsoring the video and getting all of our cars together!
I bought my Honda S2000 in 2016 and I've loved it ever since. The car has been used for over forty videos, whether it's a DIY on how to change the oil or transmission fluid, to tests on various tires and brake packages, to modifications like a torsen limited slip differential with higher gear ratio, centrifugal supercharger, or titanium exhaust. The car's in a perfect spot, and partially, that's why I'm selling it. Any further might be past the point of no return, and where it sits is a very good package. The car has run its course on this channel, and though I love it dearly, I'm ready for the next project.
A huge thank you to Shell for sponsoring this video, coinciding with the release of the latest formula of their premium fuel, Shell V-Power NiTRO+. This latest formula is designed to protect against gunk, wear, corrosion, and friction. I've quite enjoyed using the fuel in my S2000, and it was a blast going for one last road trip with all of my favorite NOlocal friends.
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE CAR, HERE IS THE LISTING: bringatrailer.com/listing/2002-honda-s2000-48/

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  • TheElement911
    TheElement9113 måneder siden

    Over a year has passed. Do you regret selling it?

  • John Baker
    John Baker3 måneder siden

    I have a 2002 s2000 and it has a check engine light. Im actually getting ready to take it in for that reason.

  • Just A Greek Internet User
    Just A Greek Internet User4 måneder siden

    Legend has it ChrisFix was born with a helmet on!

  • Julian Navarro
    Julian Navarro4 måneder siden

    Damn foo did you really get slapped like that😂

  • Nik Floyd
    Nik Floyd4 måneder siden

    It's been slightly over a year now since you sold your s2000. Do you miss it? Is the supercharged Miata filling the void? I'm very curious!

  • NeonBlueApple
    NeonBlueApple5 måneder siden

    My tuner told me not to run shell lol

  • joshybpotashy
    joshybpotashy6 måneder siden

    5:09 so close to seeing chrisfixs face lol

  • tedmich
    tedmich6 måneder siden

    12:20 its soo cute when engineers try to talk chemistry! Its also pretty funny a 13yr pro VW mechanic cant even keep those POS's running!

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam6 måneder siden

    Hey if you are not married, marry my daughter

  • HmongGuitarPlayer
    HmongGuitarPlayer7 måneder siden

    You can sell yours as long as you don’t try to sell mine we are good.

  • ditto1958
    ditto19588 måneder siden

    That S2000 probably attracted lotsa cops

  • Hudson Donnell
    Hudson Donnell9 måneder siden

    😭 VTEC Yo! 😭

  • Jerry Caille
    Jerry Caille10 måneder siden

    carbon fiber and aluminum cylinder liner ?

  • Mr Eli'sHaCK
    Mr Eli'sHaCK10 måneder siden

    i think EE is the best PHD holder car NOlocalr at the moment. why PHD? he explains stuff with numbers and equations

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  • K R
    K R10 måneder siden

    I made a similar decision with my 911 after going with a Model 3.

  • jjk087
    jjk08711 måneder siden

    You're making a mistake

  • Robert Bairt
    Robert Bairt11 måneder siden

    Everyone is waiting for the limo caravan behind you.lol😎

  • Taylor C
    Taylor C11 måneder siden

    An S2000 is a family heirloom; you pass it down to your son.

  • Thump3r22
    Thump3r2211 måneder siden

    of course shell paid those cops enough money to disobey the law. you guys aint going to a funeral so this is kinda illegal. but iono

  • Billy Norris

    Billy Norris

    7 måneder siden

    Nobody likes you.

  • PrimeSuperboy
    PrimeSuperboyÅr siden

    How can she slap?!

  • Alberto Dasilva
    Alberto DasilvaÅr siden

    How much are you asking for your S 2000

  • Douglas Taylor
    Douglas TaylorÅr siden

    I miss my s2000.

  • David Weiss
    David WeissÅr siden

    You should have totally stopped by Long's Bakery during your police escort 😂

  • Seth
    SethÅr siden

    Watching this on NOlocal, "Ah that's cool." If I was sitting in that traffic, "What a bunch of pricks."

  • samuel lopes
    samuel lopesÅr siden

    S2000's look sweet with the hard top

  • Krahnik89
    Krahnik89År siden

    Dude I’m from Cincy. Wish I would’ve ran into you when you were here. It would’ve been cool to meet you

  • Will Knights
    Will KnightsÅr siden

    Rip your face

  • Austin Hobbs
    Austin HobbsÅr siden

    I wish I would have known about this!!!! I go to IUPUI like literally 2 mins from your location at 1:38!!! Would have loved to see you and Chris!

  • Raphael Garcia
    Raphael GarciaÅr siden

    Love the videos thank you making great content! So, this development from Shell most likely started at F1. F1 engines use a small amount of oil to help reduce IC temps and increase performance. This could be a good idea content in a future video. Thanks again!

  • Daniel Erickson
    Daniel EricksonÅr siden

    It's official... Chris Fix is the Stig from the American version of Top Gear...lol. :)

  • thisbarb
    thisbarbÅr siden

    Good collab

  • Travis Smith
    Travis SmithÅr siden

    You are a bit the opposite direction from myself. I do the research and shop around to find a vehicle that fits my wants and desires so I can keep it for a very long time.

  • Paul Rakis
    Paul RakisÅr siden

    Also great videos brother I will upload one soon subscribe to my channel and can see it.

  • Paul Rakis
    Paul RakisÅr siden

    Hey man nice sale on you car 👍 19500 wow so I just bought a 2005 AP2 yellow looks like new. I would love to take a drive with you sometime and you other car biddies. Have a question my S2k only has 17k on it and tires are 11 years old would you recommend I change them? No dry rot on them but they feel kinda hard

  • Joyroc
    JoyrocÅr siden

    When Charles went to start his GTI I said to my self, Self it be funny if his car don't start. I laughed at first then remembered I own a VW to. Lets hope Charles knows a mechanic. ;)

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor SmithÅr siden

    buy an a late 90s impreza

  • MoogleMy
    MoogleMyÅr siden

    Like your candid comment that you did the math and are not a tech but continue to learn. That's what it's all about! Thanx for the lessons that i didn't pay attention to in school. And I don't know squat yet at 70, still on the learning curve and I love it. Your old when your dead!

  • Mark Scott
    Mark ScottÅr siden

    I'm picking up my 2001 S2000 tomorrow. Cant wait

  • Christian Ostermeier
    Christian OstermeierÅr siden

    I hope you had fun in my home town, and glad none of you got hurt in Little Chicago.....

  • T SZ
    T SZÅr siden

    Are you going to get another car to keep autocrossing? You should do an EE for autocross!! Autocross vs track, what improvements make a car better for autocross, the math of technical driving, suspension setup, driver skill factor, etc!

  • Remember USS Liberty
    Remember USS LibertyÅr siden

    Shoulda LS swapped it..JK..but srsly

  • Andrew
    AndrewÅr siden

    I have never really understood why someone would sell their project car. Maybe its just a Midwestern thing, but we seem to keep ours darn near for life. Regardless, I wish you luck on your next adventure. Pick a good one!

  • dafff08
    dafff08År siden

    shell using his money to bribe police in order to break the law. i will make sure to fill up my tank somewhere else

  • Frank Tedesco

    Frank Tedesco

    År siden

    wtf, dude?

  • kevin stettner
    kevin stettnerÅr siden

    Since you were learning to modify your S2000 you should pick up a Saturn Ion Redline. It's already supercharged, and there are a lot of different things you can do to make the vehicle your own. Also it's a rare and unique looking vehicle.

  • JayK20
    JayK20År siden

    Why do you always sell your dope cars :( First the STI, then the S2000

  • Blake Procter
    Blake ProcterÅr siden

    That Fairmont is sick! Definitely my favourite of the bunch. Interesting, as an Aussie, to see the American equivalent. Fairmont's have long been the top of the line model of our Ford Falcon.

  • Shuai Li
    Shuai LiÅr siden

    Hey guys Chrisfix here! Today I'm going to show you how to fix someone who's trying to sell a s2000. And you can do this at home with only one tool that everyone has! A hand! And it's only 1 easy step. *Proceeds to slap Jason* . And that's how you do it!

  • Mark
    MarkÅr siden

    The biggest crossover in my life!

  • Daniel florpson
    Daniel florpsonÅr siden

    1:58 captions on. You wont regret it

  • James Sawley
    James SawleyÅr siden

    Shouldn't the 79' Ford be running zero ethanol?

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean ThompsonÅr siden

    I still have mine, one of the first batch in CA! 2000 S2000 only 60k miles! =D

  • John Roth
    John RothÅr siden

    LOL Very funny. ;)

  • Nejinissan440
    Nejinissan440År siden

    A friend of mine used to own a S2k. Red with upgrades engine and body. Really, selling it, is the biggest regret of his life

  • Retro Lad
    Retro LadÅr siden

    So you're selling it...because you like it? Why would you sell it simply because you don't want to modify it. Can't you enjoy it?

  • dchawk81


    År siden

    He's selling it to get something else to make videos and therefore money with.

  • Rohan Baptiste
    Rohan BaptisteÅr siden

    How do you keep your engine bay so clean? Do you wash your engine bay yourself and do you believe in washing your engine bay with water?

  • Ricki Lynn Wolfe
    Ricki Lynn WolfeÅr siden

    I absolutely love your channel I wish I could bid or donate but hubby is on his 14th bladder and kidney cancers I can't even finish restoring my 63' Chevy Nova right now..Wish I had more money you rock.... THERES A LOT OF GREEN EYE MONSTERS HERE. HATERS GO AWAY...God bless all 💜🙏

  • Kunal Arsekar
    Kunal ArsekarÅr siden

    Tesla changed his mind :(

  • cuteboyben
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  • Auto Learner
    Auto LearnerÅr siden

    🔩🏎explain CVVD Hyundai Sonata (Continuous Variable Valve Duration) Technology🚞🚌

  • Hans Zarkov
    Hans ZarkovÅr siden

    can you do a 10 hour loop of you getting slapped

  • Patrick Madigan
    Patrick MadiganÅr siden

    What are you asking for your S2000 ?

  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

    År siden

    I'm not asking for anything. It's up for auction, no reserve. Highest bid gets it: bringatrailer.com/listing/2002-honda-s2000-48/

    DAKOTAÅr siden

    chrisfix @ 09:35

  • copperlocks1
    copperlocks1År siden

    I offer $1000 and a good home , for the car;It will be in the company of other Honda cars that see only long drives on sunny days; you got the tax write off and amortization out of it anyway . it's only business

  • Derek Swanson
    Derek SwansonÅr siden

    Ready to join the V8 master race, Jason?? ;)

  • David Z.
    David Z.År siden

    Why do you sell something that puts you a huge smile in your face? I can't understand, it's a modern classic like some other said before.

  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

    År siden

    It's not the only car that exists haha.

  • Dyaxxis
    DyaxxisÅr siden

    I like this whole video, however @ 6:10 got my attention for a good reason. Even though I'm mostly on the "Electrical" side of technology, I was a factory trained electrical/electronics technician for almost 11 years along with earning an AS ET degree. The whole experience was VERY "hands-on" and I became very proficient at diagnosing and/or modifying many electrical/electronics systems for a long time so much that... when I went back to school for a BS EET, the less "hands-on" the education became. I then earned a full BS EE degree, which was almost entirely "math calculations" with a small amount of lab experience. My MS EE and PhD studies were only "hands-on" at times because I had to seek out the means to practically test what I was designing. With that mentioned, most universities have sophisticated "workshop/test/protoyping" areas when needed, but my experiences lended mostly to completing the "theoretical" requirements, which again limited my "hands-on" and diagnostic skills previously practised. In summary, my experience as a "technican" was primarily "hands-on" due to the diagnostic and practical nature of the work requirement, yet the "engineering" experience is primarily "design oriented." Of course there's overlapping knowledge and practice between the areas, but there's quite a bit of distinction between the two areas of practice. Just my few cents that I thought to put out here.

  • ًADAM Holtz
    ًADAM HoltzÅr siden

    Hate the s2000 colour but love this car I want one.

  • gutspraygore
    gutspraygoreÅr siden

    I've had my S2000 for 14 years. I've tracked it and taken it to Streets of Willow... Then I got a Tesla Model 3 AWD performance. You really have to own one to know the difference it makes. I'm still on the fence about selling the S2000 myself, but I understand your decision. The S2000 was a marvel of engineering and then Tesla changed the game. For now, I think I'll be keeping the roadster for a little while. Can't let it go.

  • Captain Hero
    Captain HeroÅr siden

    Well to be honest you did kinda ruin it by adding a supercharger like some 12 year old coming down from a NFS game. All other modifications I agreed with and liked. But modifying one thing that made this car the best and Honda proud, the engine. That was a bad move.

  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

    År siden

    "Doing anything other than what I would personally want is wrong." Yo dude, do whatever you want with your car. Doesn't mean you have to hate on others.

  • Slammed Vdubber
    Slammed VdubberÅr siden

    Its going to be the biggest regret of your life bro, what an awesome car, wish to own one in the future

  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

    År siden

    No regret at all, buy it if you want it! bringatrailer.com/listing/2002-honda-s2000-48/

  • Jay Bmk
    Jay BmkÅr siden

    Zastonj mi jo boš dal...

  • Sentry Gaming
    Sentry GamingÅr siden

    You’ll regret that decision the rest of your life.

  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

    År siden

    No, I won't. Seriously why do you think you know me better than I do? Chill.

  • Toyota Sprinter Trueno
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    Jim BrauerÅr siden

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    Ryan MÅr siden

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  • Frosty
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  • Psychopathis
    PsychopathisÅr siden

    you will regret it and many people will tell you "I told you so". If you need the money and cannot afford to keep it, thats ok go for it, if its not a matter of money though, just keep it even "unlicenced" (I dont know how you can keep a car without driving it in public roads and dont pay it in your country). Its an all times classic, and yours is a perfect sample

  • GaryH
    GaryHÅr siden

    I knew it! Chrisfix is one of the Daft punk. I wish I'm close to buy ur S2000. Lucky buyer

  • david dansereau
    david dansereauÅr siden

    If you can afford to keep it, I think you should keep it. 20 years from now, you’ll look back and say to yourself “man I should’ve kept it”

  • zknarc
    zknarcÅr siden

    Every person I know that replaced their s2000 did so because they crashed it so props for not adding to the stuka death toll. I really hope its last ride was actually hooning it though.

  • 徐兆岡
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    10:27 that slap

  • Patrick Fargie
    Patrick FargieÅr siden

    The ChrisFix section made my night lmao

  • addictedtopussy69
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    you will miss this car when you sell it. unless you get a Tesla then i say go for it. lol

  • Crypto Miner
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  • Elijah H
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  • Typical bamboozler
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    Is that a mustang Bullitt?

    ImUrOBGYNÅr siden

    "The world is unjust... But anyways, I'm having a good time." 😂

  • Ulti737fs
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    I’ve always wanted an S2000, don’t think I could sell it if I had one

    ImUrOBGYNÅr siden

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  • Russ Seuffert
    Russ SeuffertÅr siden

    A great and fun little video!

  • Alex Robidoux
    Alex RobidouxÅr siden

    ChrisFix being "That Guy" again. Can't trust a man who won't show his face no matter what the reason. Nice montage, i can see how it took a while to do from different viewpoint and editing. How long is it gonna take for these new additives to "replenish" and replace the older Shell gasoline sitting in all their thousands of liters tanks across thousands of stations in this country...I guess what i'm asking is basically how do i know i get the "New Formula" for the higher Shell price???

  • iT RC
    iT RCÅr siden

    It's been a long day, without you my friend... And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again... :'( I'm not crying, you're crying!

  • Franklin Bolton
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