I Bought My Budget Dream Car!


New project cars starts now! I bought one of my absolute favorite cars for under $20k.
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I went shopping for an Acura NSX. I found one from 1992 in red; it was absolutely gorgeous, low miles, and had a two-owner clean history. I went for a test drive, and that's where things fell apart. I had in my head how legendary of a car this was, but it unfortunately didn't live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, the NSX is quite good. The shifting is absolutely perfect, the torque curve genuinely impressed me for a relatively low powered engine, and the handling was without a doubt quite solid. However the steering and the braking left a lot to be desired, which I was shocked by, considering the manual steering rack. Perhaps I just caught a lemon, but left a bitter taste that turned me away from the car. So to my true love I went, and I absolutely love it. Check out the video for the full breakdown!
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  • ditto1958
    ditto19585 dager siden

    Some years ago I bought an suv with an inline 6 with a really flat torque curve That makes a big difference in every day driving Back then I also test drove an Acura that boasted 200 hp That number was worthless as all the power was at high revs It had no torque

  • Richard Fanders
    Richard Fanders6 dager siden

    I recently bought a 100 year anniversary edition and absolutely love it. What are the RE-71R tyres like in the wet compared to the S001 tyres?

    GAMER X7 dager siden

    Before he started talking I already new it was a miata

  • Samuel Copeland
    Samuel Copeland12 dager siden

    My dream car is a honda S2000 with 16k miles and Mazda is a big deal it is super fast

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam14 dager siden

    Evora 420 , or alpha 4C , plus boxter, cayman,

  • Israel Sved
    Israel Sved18 dager siden

    U should've kept the s2000

  • Hiram Jew
    Hiram Jew20 dager siden

    The NSX from the 90s is still my dream car. Glad you got your dream car. Congrats!

  • Joe Nocella
    Joe Nocella20 dager siden

    "Suspend activities that are not necessary to sustain or protect life." In other words, DO NOTHING until we say it's OK. We're CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE. Totally unnecessary...

  • Matteo Piva
    Matteo Piva25 dager siden

    Is there a precise reason to going ND1 vs ND2? Gearbox should be more critical with supercharged added. I'm looking to replace my road&track NC1 with ND2

  • ken sheldon
    ken sheldon27 dager siden

    Jason, you're a bad influence.. HAHA! Ever since you released this video, I've been looking at Miata's. I had a Triumph TR-6 back in the early 70's and loved it... but... it spent much of its time in the shop. Enter the Miata. So back at the first of this month, December 2020, I found a cool 100th Anniversary Soft-top model which has many of the same suspension goodies as the Club minus the Brembo front brakes. I got it and it's been a blast! You could say it was my Christmas present to myself. You also reviewed the Gen6 Camaro a few years ago and that led me to get a 2017 Camaro SS coupe. Manual tranny's in both cars. As I live in SoCal, the great weather makes both really fun to drive. Thank you for all your detailed reviews, buddy. You do a superb job! 👍👍

  • Unripe Tomato
    Unripe TomatoMåned siden

    Me literally 1 second into the video: *MIATA IS ALWASY THE ANSWER!*

  • Mike Penske
    Mike PenskeMåned siden

    Who’s watching this, for the first time, after seeing Jason completing his supercharger mods? I got issues...

  • Eddie Hennisen
    Eddie HennisenMåned siden

    As former Mazda technician, I personally think you made an excellent choice...

  • Charlie D.
    Charlie D.Måned siden

    Man this is one of my all time favorite cars, and I love this new miata, and I also love the original model with the pop ups

  • Marcus G
    Marcus GMåned siden

    Where is the back seat?

  • Carlos Suarez
    Carlos Suarez2 måneder siden

    How do you like the RE-71Rs? Would you say those are better than Michelin PSS tires?

  • Lynn Sopwith
    Lynn Sopwith2 måneder siden

    Can I buy your Honda?

  • Flak153
    Flak1532 måneder siden

    Do a V8 swap

  • Dmitriy Loshakov
    Dmitriy Loshakov2 måneder siden

    Finally traded in my '16 Challenger for an ND2 version of one of these and I couldn't be happier! It's pretty much exactly as Jason said, it's a car that made me "light up." I've always read about these things in magazines, watched countless youtube videos of all kinds of Miata content, and I still didn't truly understand why people loved it so much until I went and drove one. Instantly fell in love! I can also say that while people loved the ND1, the ND2 gave it the power it desperately needed. It doesn't leave me wanting for more power, but time will tell! Mazda tuned these engines to be torquey, which makes them feel great and really relinquishes them of the classic gutless 4-cylinder stigma. It revs quick, has good torque in a usable area, the shifter and steering feel fantastic, it looks absolutely awesome, and if you don't have to carry more than a couple bags or more than1 passenger regularly, you can totally daily it!

  • No one Legit no one
    No one Legit no one2 måneder siden


  • Vallas Jo
    Vallas Jo2 måneder siden

    S2000 IS BETTER

  • Mark Wadlund
    Mark Wadlund2 måneder siden

    Would you have ever considered a Viper? Maybe a Corvette? or why not? lol

  • ErikoB WaiferBiscuit
    ErikoB WaiferBiscuit3 måneder siden

    It’s my dram car too, I hope I could have this soon

  • austin thompson
    austin thompson3 måneder siden

    I'm so confused why this is cooler than an S2000. That's like wanting a Probe over a Mustang.

  • austin thompson
    austin thompson3 måneder siden

    I'm so confused why this is cooler than an S2000. That's like wanting a Probe over a Mustang.

  • Des Chantier
    Des Chantier3 måneder siden

    It’s great you can deliver some useful, meaningful information As well as goof off and have Fun ! If you can’t have fun what can you have ?

  • Reggie Chin
    Reggie Chin3 måneder siden

    Great choice for a project car! I look forward to your upcoming Miata mods. It was very nice of you to donate to those charities.

  • libicutos
    libicutos3 måneder siden

    this is the type of guy you want to buy his used car

  • antony Pizarro
    antony Pizarro3 måneder siden

    A yiata !!! Hell yeah I'm searching for one myself

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson4 måneder siden

    Could have bought a Acura RSX! Those are solid as hell! Well made, fast, and super reliable! Plus they're modable

  • Tae Nam
    Tae Nam4 måneder siden

    I have 2016 mx5 and tuned it with header and exhaust. It revs to 7500rpm and also changed tires to Michelin pilot super sport. 215mm that fits to stock wheels. It is the perfect sports car that i will keep for a long time.

  • Fred Fred Burger
    Fred Fred Burger4 måneder siden

    I'm here chillin' with my 175/70/13 with my old 93 Honda civic.

  • Justin Medeiros
    Justin Medeiros4 måneder siden

    Just bought a 2017 RF grand touring yesterday! Absolutely love it, this video was one of many to finally make me pull the trigger on getting one, best decision ever

  • Carson Dean
    Carson Dean4 måneder siden

    I love how you dealt with the colour issue “you should obviously buy a car in the colour you like” 😂

  • Paul Stabin
    Paul Stabin4 måneder siden

    I guess a Type R, SI didn't work for you? Or if you were looking for a lightweight, rwd car why not an MR2-S or Elise?

  • Justin Lewamski
    Justin Lewamski4 måneder siden

    Why a supercharger..why not a turbo

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin4 måneder siden

    I’m thinking of getting a Miata but idk if I should go with a new one or an older one like the 2016, I’m no mechanic so I think I should just go with the new

  • S Z
    S Z4 måneder siden

    OK, I have to say it: you blow me away in this video! What I mean is: your personality, knowledge, and the best it is you decisions regarding the best car - "over all"! My honour and all my respects.

  • John Clack
    John Clack5 måneder siden

    How does this stack against the stripped version of the Tesla Model 3?

  • jonathan mcdaniel
    jonathan mcdaniel5 måneder siden

    Dream car... Miata!!! Lost all respect.

  • kwirk
    kwirk5 måneder siden

    In the era of social distancing the idea of owning a fun to drive convertible is more and more appealing. You and the rest of auto NOlocal is selling me hard on these NDs!

  • Stanley Kania
    Stanley Kania5 måneder siden

    Cool car

  • Don Berry
    Don Berry5 måneder siden

    To bad to see a American engineer or student not supporting American industry, i wonder if you do your job good enough. You tube is better then nothing. True i don't support foreign industry....

  • kwirk


    5 måneder siden

    lol he owns a Tesla, one of the most American cars you can buy today

  • Davy Pig
    Davy Pig5 måneder siden

    Does this car have enough power to reach the top speed shown?

  • Varue
    Varue5 måneder siden

    "Budget" my budget: 3k lmao

  • Solo15 19
    Solo15 196 måneder siden

    "Nor the approval of a teenager" As a teenager I do approve the Miata

  • September


    3 måneder siden


  • TheCXTKRS1
    TheCXTKRS16 måneder siden

    OMG I love those jacks. What are they?

  • StormWatcher
    StormWatcher6 måneder siden

    Bought the wrong car

  • meh.
    meh.6 måneder siden

    Ooff I want a Miata but right now I drive so little my own car wouldn't be worth it :(

  • Rick Hayner
    Rick Hayner6 måneder siden

    Myself I would never give up my AP2 S2K for a Miata. None the less the Miata is an outstanding sports car with arguably has the highest fun to cost ratio of any sports car ever built!

  • kaussstorm
    kaussstorm6 måneder siden

    In my 19, I do 80 on flat straight highway, and cannot peg 36 mpg. When going local keeping it around 2K in 6th, going around 35 - 40 mph, I can manage maybe get 36 out of it. That's if I tried to hyper mile it. Though I do have a RF, and have added some weight with some audio stuff, but I have no idea how people get 35+ mpg with the car going 3K+ RPM sustained. As I've owned the car longer now I'm getting more aggressive with driving, it's looking like 30 mpg isn't even possible on the overly generous dial on the gauge. Pump measures around 29 mpg when I do my math.

  • Pawel Wolski
    Pawel Wolski6 måneder siden

    I don't understand, for such an intelligent, science and math based guy you pulled that covid 19 stunt at the beginning. Please run some basic match on even the "official" numbers which are all fraudulent and inflated. Even using that junk data nothing is going on. As for WHO's head "Dr" Tedros he has very questionable history in his native Ethiopia and is responsible for lots of pain and suffering there. Look up WHO's U07.2 covid 19 code, no lab results required for "mortality coding as cause of death". Yes, most likely not the right place for this comment but if we all don't wake up very soon Bill will have his killer vaccine ready for us. They are all spending billions of our money already to depopulate the earth.

  • Harry Luo
    Harry Luo6 måneder siden

    last time Mazda had the yellow car, is the legendary RX7 FD. Yellow on Mazda’s roadster is definitely not a problem!

  • Chris Lovelund
    Chris Lovelund6 måneder siden

    What a disappointing selection, the current mazda hatchback would of been a better choice, tring to get it to compete with the si, wrx, and gti would of been fun to watch. The only neat thing about this car is the extra leg room it has for it's intended driver to change her tampon.

  • Eric Mohlenhoff
    Eric Mohlenhoff6 måneder siden

    Right On! We have the same car!! Mine is Meteor Grey though. I absolutely LOVE the yellow. My last Miata was a '09 PRHT in Stormy Blue but I always wanted a yellow one!!! Love bright colors too!

  • PN RR
    PN RR6 måneder siden

    Looking forward to all the MX-Fun(f) you are going to have with this car.

  • Dário Barreiro
    Dário Barreiro6 måneder siden

    Top! Congrats on the purchase!😎

  • Thought Loop
    Thought Loop6 måneder siden

    what jacks are those at 5:21? also why did your miata change from black to yellow?

  • Enrico Micheletti
    Enrico Micheletti6 måneder siden

    why not Fiat 124 Abarth?

  • Oat Eater
    Oat Eater6 måneder siden

    It doesn't have the respect of teenagers. Lol. I want one in hard top or a BRZ. I love how you explained the gearing. Could a taller tire get you to 60 faster in theory?

  • Clint H
    Clint H6 måneder siden

    Seeing the look of pure joy on his face throughout this video just made me laugh out loud. Congrats on your new ride.

  • Jesse Winger
    Jesse Winger6 måneder siden

    What stands are those at 11:15?

  • Robert Rishel
    Robert Rishel6 måneder siden

    Seriously? It’s ABSOLUTELY ABSURD to not go drive your car! Go drive! You are hurting NO ONE and NOTHING.

  • Don Mallet
    Don Mallet6 måneder siden

    Aren't you a relatively tall guy? How do you fit? I am 6'3" and sat in one in a car show and my head was above the windshield header.

  • Jared Young
    Jared Young6 måneder siden

    When does V-tec kick in on the MX5? Never? Well I think that's all we need to know...

  • Todd Ritter
    Todd Ritter6 måneder siden

    imagine thinking 20 grand is a budget car

  • Midwest Motorsports
    Midwest Motorsports6 måneder siden

    How many miles on car?

  • A R
    A R6 måneder siden

    Wish I knew enough to actually work on cars but for now I enjoy watching and learning from this channel

  • Hayato JP
    Hayato JP6 måneder siden

    why not a new supra?

  • Tyler Bivins
    Tyler Bivins6 måneder siden

    So I learned something today, not that I don't learn anything from this channel, but more so with being a car enthusiast and not just a fan boy. I like Honda, I have a good history with them, but you have to acknowledge that your brand of car isn't always the best. When Jason was ecstatic about his S2000 there was this feeling of "wokeness" owning a Honda about it since Jason is the wokest dude when it come to cars. But what I like about Jason is that he has no brand loyalty, cars are interesting and fun. There's always something that can be improved on, whether it is efficency, power or both, Jason is there with a white board. We should appreciate everyone's love for personal transportation.

  • Freddy Haza
    Freddy Haza6 måneder siden

    Thank you so much for donating to COVID-19 charities, i have been watching your videos for years and its Always a pleasure learning from a white board. Thank you

  • Shankar Balan
    Shankar Balan6 måneder siden

    That s a nice little car.

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro6 måneder siden

    Yellow is fire!

  • Jonathon Lacey
    Jonathon Lacey6 måneder siden

    What about a Fiesta ST? Its cheaper than the mx5, the same weight roughly, more power and more torque, and a back seat. I've seen a lot of car reviews and vloggers say that the fiesta is the best/most fun car you can buy.

  • ervin


    6 måneder siden

    Front wheel drive hatchback, it’s a great daily and fun practical car, but it’s not a dedicated rwd platform like the Miata. Even though it has more power the fiesta is slower if you care about the numbers

  • Mateusz _
    Mateusz _6 måneder siden

    Yellow is OK. Good luck.

  • Anderson Minaya Liberato
    Anderson Minaya Liberato6 måneder siden

    Supercharger? I'm into it

  • NoblePineapples
    NoblePineapples6 måneder siden

    Oh hey Rudnick recently got an ND Miata. They are really decent track cars!

  • InTheZone
    InTheZone6 måneder siden

    An older nsx, preferably a 97-02 (flip ups+6 speed) with nice rims not those bland oem 90s looking wheels would be 👌

  • Xavier Sosa
    Xavier Sosa6 måneder siden

    Thinking of buying a miata in the near future as my primary car, any idea how the reliablity changes with the supercharger on it ?

  • noahman27
    noahman276 måneder siden

    Jason, I really enjoy you and your channel. Another great video. Congrats on the Miata and its upcoming Bumble Bee paint scheme :)

  • M D
    M D6 måneder siden

    Congratulations man, nice car. I love my mazda Mx5 2017... and of course the black color is the correct one.

  • Bob Shepler
    Bob Shepler6 måneder siden

    I bought a 2020 MX5 on April 11...

  • Cyber Social
    Cyber Social7 måneder siden

    R888's and new pads and rotors probably would've fixed the feel of the NSX. Supercharging or turbo'ing it would've been AWESOME as well. Damn good content for the channel as well.

  • B Van
    B Van7 måneder siden

    very cool thing you did with the donations. I liked and subscribed, I've enjoyed a few of your videos so far!

    ICEMANZIDANE7 måneder siden

    Ur comparison is a bit biased but iam sure u know that😅 its like saying „my car is faster than a F1 car on lower speeds“ ( because a F1 engine doesnt even work at low rpms (especially the engines from the good days))

  • Sergio Madureira
    Sergio Madureira7 måneder siden

    Forgot to say what are your upgrading plans on that beautiful mazda

  • Coca Clorox
    Coca Clorox7 måneder siden

    Man That Miata Is Slick!!

  • Scott C
    Scott C7 måneder siden

    That was very god damn good.

    MrGOATZOMBIE17 måneder siden

    One hell of a mid life crisis. Glad you got something you like tho🤘🤘

  • Callan Davey
    Callan Davey7 måneder siden

    wow i wonder what it could be...

  • cdh79
    cdh797 måneder siden

    After i sold my last Italian car (Alfa 159 ti selespeed) due to the constant issues, and general unreliability, in 2018 I decided to go for a Mazda (CX-5 new).. I've got around 50K km on it now and in the past 2 years i've had one LED bulb for the trunk break on me, and that's been it so far.. I'm quite impressed with not not only the built quality, but also the handling and pleasure of driving.. If the MX-5 is anywhere close to built-quality to the CX-5, then it was definitely a good decision..

  • Tim Kudryavtsev
    Tim Kudryavtsev7 måneder siden

    Great video man! Awesome choice!

  • Jim
    Jim7 måneder siden

    Congrats, car is beautiful. Can't wait to see it with the supercharger...do that project first! I share the "obsession" about tires..they are critical for any and all vehicles for all driving dynamics.

  • Chev_man _13
    Chev_man _137 måneder siden

    Ls swap it. Jk just said it to piss of the fan boys

  • Corza 4x4
    Corza 4x47 måneder siden

    I’am really curious of your thoughts on older sports vehicles like Ferrari’s Daytona 70’s and v12’s, Aston db5 and 6, triumph stag, MGB roadster Mark 2, older vehicles like that, and smaller turbo diesels for power like Australia’s ford raptor 2.0 twin turbo diesel, VW 1.9, 3.0 twin turbo v6 diesels etc etc, what are your thoughts as an engineer?

  • taxid3rmy
    taxid3rmy7 måneder siden

    So in a nutshell: the Miata is the penultimate accountant's, perfect sports car. To quote Kif Kroker, "uuuhh".

  • James Dizon
    James Dizon7 måneder siden

    I was actually deciding between a 2019 MX5 and a 2019 Mustang GT. I ended up with the Mustang but my heart still belongs to the Miata :( and I get 12 mpg city driving :((((((((

  • matthew kühl
    matthew kühl7 måneder siden

    Miatas are super-fun to drive 👍

  • Football Fanatic
    Football Fanatic7 måneder siden

    Miatas are cool but if I was to buy a car for 15-20k easily EASILY, ‘65 Mustang, ‘07 Cayman, Porsche 911 996

  • Andy Larios
    Andy Larios7 måneder siden

    Any update?