How To Prevent Expensive Tesla Wheel Damage


The Best Tesla Model 3 Wheels; Low Profile Tires Are Dumb
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Hitting a pothole in my Tesla Model 3 cost nearly $2700. That's a lot of money for something as simple as driving on an unmaintained road. Although Tesla only offers 20" wheels with the Model 3 Performance with Performance Package, I was determined to find some tires that were not as low profile as the original equipment Tesla tires (Michelin PS4S).
But changing wheels & tires changes many of the behaviors of a car, and can come with consequences. In this video we'll look at how much you can increase the tire sidewall by switching to 18" wheels from 20" wheels. We'll also discuss acceleration, braking, gearing, sizing, fitment, clearance, wheel curbing, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, ride comfort, wheel construction, rotational inertia, unsprung mass, and aesthetics, as they all apply to changing wheels. What difference does it make? Check out the video for full details!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    I heard NOlocalrs are supposed to shill their Tesla referral codes. If you're considering buying one, you can get some free supercharging using my code. Buy what makes YOU happy, don't worry about what others (or myself) think. :)

  • Kim T

    Kim T

    4 måneder siden

    Where can I see the oem wheel and how much can I sell it for?

  • Haeze


    6 måneder siden

    You say you don't see any benefit to lower profile tire/wheels, but cornering stability is the entire reason for a lower rubber profile. The more cushion you have the less stable that sidewall will be in a corner as the weight of the car causes the tire to flex inward. This causes more body roll, and less predictability under tighter, higher speed cornering. Of all the people I would have expected to give an unbiased pros and cons list, I figured you would have made that point.

  • Jim Williams

    Jim Williams

    9 måneder siden

    @Erik Lee He measured the overall diameter difference including the tire at about 0.5%. That means the circumference would also change by 0.5% and thus the speedo off by 0.5%. That would only be 0.3 MPH difference at 60 MPH. Not significant.

  • Ryan Pruske

    Ryan Pruske

    11 måneder siden

    @El Guapo all the weight is in the battery. I think you are making an assumption. Proof?

  • PinchnerHouse


    11 måneder siden

    Erik Lee - I wonder why he didn’t address this.

  • Kristián Kopáčik
    Kristián Kopáčik10 dager siden

    that’s why I maintain that for normal driving ideal profile number for me (looks v function) is 45-55. anything lower is too large, anything larger looks too balooney. I drive 225/55 r17 on my audi. that’s also why I’m laughing at guys buying second hand large cars (limousines, SUVs) with 19+ in wheels and putting on some cheap tires, because they can’t afford premium. pathetic.

  • jfv65
    jfv6511 dager siden

    There is another point to make that wasn't mentioned en in this video: a lighter smaller wheel/rim combination will have less giroscopic effect as well. Which results in lighter steering effort. Can you actually feel that difference? On conventional cars without powersteering the difference in feel can be quite noticable indeed. On cars with powersteering it might be less noticeable but i can actually feel the difference.

  • Alexi7666
    Alexi766617 dager siden

    I've never understood this 20" wheel/30-series tire fad. Racing cars run on 60-series, even larger.

  • Stallion The Plumber
    Stallion The Plumber21 dag siden

    With higher profiles, the contact area of the tire will be more curved than lower profiles. This is NOT specific for Tesla!

  • Stallion The Plumber
    Stallion The Plumber21 dag siden

    The TO means it's silenced. There's a mat inide the tire to reduce road noise. Tesla spesific? 🤣

  • TheClevelandBuckeye
    TheClevelandBuckeye21 dag siden

    what are the t-sportline wheels you use

  • James Holbrook
    James HolbrookMåned siden

    I have never messed up a wheel like that but I also have trucks with 17 inch or smaller

  • Bimble
    BimbleMåned siden

    9:14 You state later that you were runnng the same tyre pressures for both sizes. Surely you can drop the pressure with the larger volume tyre (18") or am I missing something? If you reduce pressure the ride will improve noticeably.

  • Vision33r
    Vision33rMåned siden

    This year I already dented three 19" sports Tesla wheels. They are so damn soft even though I have 44psi on my tires and no TPMS warning. After I swapped to 18" wheels so far so good no dented wheels yet. I wish they make a 17" wheel.

  • Nutter Butter
    Nutter ButterMåned siden

    I figured they use low profile tires so they can make more money on repairs, but ya, aesthetics too I guess

  • Dwayne McAllister
    Dwayne McAllisterMåned siden

    I'm totally with you on wanting a higher profile tire. In the real world roads have pot holes

  • Craig0935
    Craig0935Måned siden

    Does Tesla offer Wheel & Tire coverage when you buy the car new?

  • Richard Flaherty
    Richard FlahertyMåned siden

    Meaty sidwalls FOREVER!

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan WilliamsMåned siden

    That was a wheely good video.

  • al edg
    al edgMåned siden

    18" is biggest I would go in Australia - we have lots of rural roads which at the very least are uncomfortable on bigger rims. 18" best balance between brake size and comfort/not destroying rim in middle of nowhere for Australia in my opinion.

  • 7S POWER
    7S POWERMåned siden

    Thanks for the video review of the 18 in vs 20 in wheels. Agreed with your 18" wheel choice, and I'm not surprised by the results. Formula 1 is switching to 18" wheels in 2021, while the 24hr Le Mans LMP1 class has been using 18" wheels since 2000.

  • R1S0
    R1S0Måned siden

    all benefits aside, it even looks better to go with more rubber and dark 18 alloy wheels...

  • The Mandalorian
    The MandalorianMåned siden

    I prevent Tesla wheel damage by buying a non Tesla.

  • ricardo costa ciabotti
    ricardo costa ciabottiMåned siden

    Seria tão legal se se a indústria fizesse pneus de diversas cores bom não sei se se seria contra a natureza ou anti ecológico....

  • ricardo costa ciabotti
    ricardo costa ciabottiMåned siden

    É o pneu mais alto terá mais massa não que talvez seja regra, pois sabemos que as formulações variam, existe os de melhor tecnologia, os de material mais adequado e isto, às vezes, influencia no maior preço justificável ou não, porque o diferencial é super valorizado em excesso para justificar maior preço o que é injusto, menor custo de fabricação tem que ser maios barato, maior peso possivelmente também para a maioria e que também não é uma regra por causa da formulação, bom deixando o contraste ideológico do absolutismo e do relativismo que surge devido às formulações que integram os constituintes os compósitos das tramas também fazem efeito resultando na eficiência e no preço final e foi interessante teres mencionado que quanto maior superfície de contato maior aderência, maior atrito culminando em menor distância e tempo de frenagem, e as rodas e seus aros sofrem menos danos apesar dos contrastes, fica realmente menos apresentável o perfil mais alto do pneu mas segurança e menor avaria é pessoalmente preferível a meu ver ou a meu ponto de vista individual. Bom são observações superficiais sem especialidade, mas o campo das idéias se se puderem servir ao próximo porventura assim espero que o seja para beneficiar uns aos outros como a borracha da Amazônia é uma fórmula que observo nos tênis ser de excelente aderência porque não são usadas nas formulações como um constituintes da fórmulas da borracha dos pneus em geral a não ser que as formulações sintéticas de laboratórios os tenha superado as das borrachas da natureza que evidentemente podem ter inspirado os laboratórios a melhorar as composições das formulações sobre autoclaves, mais controle de vácuo e pressão, etc... Grato. Paz perfeita...

  • Tim Freeman
    Tim FreemanMåned siden

    First puncture today on 20”. An 80mm long piece of steel staked tyre and damaged inside surface of rim. Interesting Tesla use a 19” as a universal spare for 18-20”.

  • Akira S
    Akira SMåned siden

    “How to avoid expensive Tesla wheel damage?” Me: Buy a car with steelies!

  • wkiernan
    wkiernanMåned siden

    Did the different tire diameter make your speedometer and odometer inaccurate? That might explain the 2% improvement in your 0-60 time.

  • manifest 73
    manifest 73Måned siden

    Martian Wheels is a good aftermarket option.

  • Jamalyo gugaratee
    Jamalyo gugarateeMåned siden

    I bet you like the look of sidewall because you have an engineering brain, EE and i like the look of sidewall because i know its better for performance in literally every aspect.

  • n2omike
    n2omikeMåned siden

    $380 in LABOR ONLY for Tesla to change two tires and wheels?!?!?! With Tesla, Dealership = Stealership!

  • jTempVids
    jTempVidsMåned siden

    Yeap. I'm not sold on low profile tires. The sidewall of a normal tire acts as part of the suspension and in this case protects the wheel. When you only have 1 inch of sidewall your just a chuckhole away from damaging the wheel. I'm not a fan of the driving characteristic of ultra low profile tires either.

  • TheTyisAwesome
    TheTyisAwesomeMåned siden

    The man was about this LAST year too?!! True passion

  • DarkYuy
    DarkYuy2 måneder siden

    You also forgot that high profile tires have longer tread life. I had 245/35 R20's on my 2006 eclipse and they were rated for 40,000km while the stock 225/55 17R were rated for around 90,000km. You also tend to get better tread depth on high profile meaning better traction in poor weather conditions. Snow tires are also basically non existent on low profile just not enough flex in the rubber to get traction. As for handling widers tires on the front will decrease turning radius hence why many performance cars will have narrower tires on the front. Takes the 92 300ZX for.instance the front tires are 225 while the rear are 245. The wider rear tires provide for better traction on the drive tires while the narrower front tires give it a better turning radius.

  • Darren E. Mathews
    Darren E. Mathews2 måneder siden

    This was an unsprung rotational video!

  • Ralph Clark
    Ralph Clark2 måneder siden

    So despite all the theory it didn't actually make any appreciable different then (apart from the cost)

  • Wal Sakaluk
    Wal Sakaluk2 måneder siden

    All these things that manifest with wheel change are only really an issue if you're not complying with the law. Just saying. Racing is another story and they've got or are getting that sorted. How about standard size steel rims? Pot hole wheel damage is easy to repair. Why they don't have inboard braking is beyond me. Could then have nice 70s on it to float along worry free. What's the Tesla Cyberute running?

  • Rich Laue
    Rich Laue2 måneder siden

    Try cornering comparasson

  • Chuck Voss
    Chuck Voss2 måneder siden

    Functionality in fashion is basically non existent. Or at best very rare.

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe2 måneder siden

    My Hyundai Sonata has a lower profile tire, so it rides like a haywagon. I've had old clunkers that rode better on crapolla roads in Northern Ohio. If I were diamond Jim, and could afford a Model 3, I'd give serious consideration to changing out those rubber band, wagon wheels for something with more sidewall. Thanks for the vid. 😁

  • Yann L
    Yann L2 måneder siden

    When your talking about diameter, you seem to be talking about rim size only. Going from 18 to 20 inch rim shouldn't change the total diameter because you would need to adjust the speedometer unless I'm mistaken.

  • Jim Hill
    Jim Hill2 måneder siden

    What about the "don't buy a secondhand car with aftermarket wheels" rule?

  • Di Sal
    Di Sal2 måneder siden

    Love your videos... Glad you created a channel.....

  • Captain_Coleslaw
    Captain_Coleslaw2 måneder siden

    The acceleration differance comes from the rubber being newer, im sorry to say...


    Damage is usually cheap. It's the repairs that are expensive.

  • Dean Cade
    Dean Cade2 måneder siden

    Those small black wheels look terrible but if it doesn't worry who cares. I like my wheels on my Model 3 st+ with there covers.

  • Ghost Shadow
    Ghost Shadow2 måneder siden

    crumple zones are not the best, see new car hit telephone pole, the car wraps around the pole, hit a telephone pole with a 54 chevy, it snapped the pole off. if you get a rim slightly narrower than the tread you will scrub sidewalls on curb nefore the wheel would hit. Taller sidewalls absorb more road imperfections. wheel mass has multiple effects, Mass to accelerate and stop also gyroscope effect on steering, minimal I know but it is there.

  • Kourosh Aminian Razavi
    Kourosh Aminian Razavi2 måneder siden

    I’m a big fan, great explanation just wanted to mention lower profile tire in this case will have higher wall resistance thus it improves cornering. How much I don’t know and can’t measure but personally I can feel the difference on road noise and ride quality between 18 and 20 on the same tire.

  • integra
    integra2 måneder siden

    Why does roll-out measurement exist??

  • S R
    S R2 måneder siden

    Try not to crash..

  • Cédric Escher
    Cédric Escher2 måneder siden

    How did you configure the settings in the "service section" menu? I only can find stock rims in there.

  • Andrew Howard
    Andrew Howard2 måneder siden

    22:23 When you're trying to sell your wife on why you need to buy new tires already

  • Nice-oscar
    Nice-oscar2 måneder siden

    the government should pay for all damages caused by their potholes.

  • Kaine Varley
    Kaine Varley2 måneder siden

    I agree with you on the deeper sidewall. But I also think that aesthetically, larger wheels look better. I would have been tempted to scavenge a further inch or so in diameter, making the overall wheel diameter larger than OEM. I guess the risk is rubbing the wheel arch...

  • Alex Divov
    Alex Divov2 måneder siden

    So the 19" (optional) wheels on my M3dm won't fit over the M3P's calipers?

  • FCV19
    FCV193 måneder siden

    I've never bought a new car before so I don't know. But don't they replace those wheels and tires for free under warranty?

  • Chris Goulet
    Chris Goulet3 måneder siden

    The reason they don't offer OEM 18" rims, is to sell more 20" rims to replace the ones that broke in potholes, and also to sell service, both at outrageous prices. Elon's gotta make a few trillion for his Mars colony.

  • lukespack
    lukespack3 måneder siden

    The Tesla tire has less tread and therefore has greater contact with the pavement. Would it not also stop faster all things considered?

  • Usman Hanafi
    Usman Hanafi3 måneder siden

    Hi... Once these tries go through their life... You should try the Goodyear eagle f1s (245,45,18). The difference in ride quality is very noticeable, with similar on road performance (track, your current tire wins).

  • rallyefilmer
    rallyefilmer3 måneder siden

    Thanks for the video. Is the wide of the rims the same ? I drive reallye cheap (~50 Eur piece) 195/65 R15 on Golf VII instead of 16", 17", 18" or what else all the guys drive or want to drive. I use old Audi forged rims, from the 20th century, to save 2 or 3 kg per wheel to a standard steel rim, but i thought the difference would be bigger than it is....

  • Liquiddoom
    Liquiddoom3 måneder siden

    I've got a suggestion for testing ride quality. Mount your phone solidly and use an app that measures g forces, such as Torque. Control as much as you can, like speed, area, weather, etc and compare going through the same terrain and same obstacles like speed bumps in the same lot.

  • Tal Bogachov
    Tal Bogachov3 måneder siden

    Now its time to get rid of the wheel gap.

  • Leonard Huff
    Leonard Huff3 måneder siden

    Okay, figure skaters in engineering

  • Steve Cleaver
    Steve Cleaver3 måneder siden

    I'm very confused. You say in the video that the new tyres have sidewall height (from wheel rim to road) of 2.75" & they are on 18" rims, well that means that 18" + 2.75" + 2.75" = 23.5" overall diameter, but you say that they are 26.33" overall diameter and you also said that the "old" wheels were 20" with a sidewall on the tyre of "just under 2inches", so surely their overall diameter is 20" + 2" + 2" = 24" yet you said they were 26.48"....................... so what am I missing ?

  • EasyCaddyrepair Cardin
    EasyCaddyrepair Cardin3 måneder siden

    Another reason you don't buy a Tesla I have 4 cars a 93 town car with 280k a 09 town car with 90k a 94 cadillac fleetwood with 240k and a 1998 mark viii collectors edition with 172k and none of them have ever had to have a wheel and I have hit alotof pot holes so all you tesla owners can call me when your junk ev's hit 400or 500k with no major repairs

  • Magnus Gudmundsson
    Magnus Gudmundsson3 måneder siden

    The unsprung weight saving has multiple factors attached to it. The breaks only job is stopping the wheels spinning, the heavier they are, the harder they have to work. The engine's job is just turning the wheels, the less weight the faster it does it job. The same goes for your entire suspension, which purpose is mainly keeping the wheels on the road, not smoothing out your ride. I wonder how much this changed your active braking recharge, did it have an effect on it?

  • Roman Racing
    Roman Racing3 måneder siden

    Jason, you may have addressed this but with a diameter difference of 26.48" to 26.33", it appears that the rotations per mile will be 759.14 vs. 763.46. Not that much until you turn that into a 300 mile run or about one charge. Then you're looking at 227,742 rotations vs. 229,038 rotations which becomes a bit more significant; about 8,929.03 feet. (check my math as I may have goofed something there). Be interesting if you get an opportunity to do a real world range test and see if you can detect any difference? Guess it is possible with the lower unsprung mass, acceleration may use slightly less power and the smaller contact patch may also help reduce power use so it may be moot the extra rotations the 18" tire has to make. Anyway, might be an interesting comparison. Thanks for the great videos you post explaining stuff like this. Cheers!

  • Brett Keller
    Brett Keller3 måneder siden

    Great video as always. I’m with you on sidewalls, the steering response isn’t worth it on the street. The weight of these huge wheels is just as bad. I’m dealing with the lack of choice on the PUP on the performance Y, and in the Midwest it’s completely impractical to only offer those summer tires. At least the sidewalls on the 21” wheel’s tires in 3.5” F and 3.7” R. Would you say the width of the Y PUP tires and sidewall size would have fared better on that pothole?

  • Junichiro Kato
    Junichiro Kato3 måneder siden

    Pilot Sport 4S’s on a Tesla? For what? For doing 75 in a straight line on the highway?

  • g
    g3 måneder siden

    I think the 18" wheels look way better: better proportioned to the entire car, more muscular, even. The 20" wheels are a little much, I think.

  • Gerry Rice
    Gerry Rice3 måneder siden

    not to mention the beating your suspension takes with the lowpro tires

  • FastRedPonyCar
    FastRedPonyCar3 måneder siden

    You got lucky. Last time I hit a pothole that did damage, it was a chunk of one of those huge concrete slabs that they build the interstate in cities with and a massive chunk was missing that was the width of the entire lane. Cars were on both sides of me so I couldn't dodge it and I was still going about 60mph when I hit it. Cars were all over the side of the road with their hazards on and I quickly joined them. The front two tires and wheels were completely destroyed. The back ones survived without any problems but what I didn't discover until I got home was that the impact was so hard, it bent the swaybar end links and blew out one of my front struts. I ended up getting the info for the contractor company doing the road work, they were aware of the damages drivers experienced and gave me the point of contact to send all repair bill info to. I ended up getting a new set of Koni shocks and struts all around, new set of 4 wheels and tires and aftermarket endlinks. They paid the full cost of parts (about 4 grand) quickly and everyone was satisfied. I didn't cheap out either. I got some nice Michelin pilot super sports and aftermarket wheels and the Koni Yellows were a big upgrade over the stock ones.

  • Federico Piedra
    Federico Piedra3 måneder siden

    What about tire pressure? I have see when vehicles have the tire pressure sticker for two or more tire-wheel sizes, the lower wheel size, the lower the tire pressure required. Which makes sense, considering lower profile tires need more pressure to withstand the weight and forces (wich also is partially accomplish with robust construction/materials). I ask, because overinflated tires tend to reduce braking performance, and as per the the contact area, lowering the 20" tire pressure to an adequate one for the 18" 's, will flatten the contact area, wich in result would have an positive impact in breaking and possibly in handling too.

  • Greg Nixon
    Greg Nixon4 måneder siden

    I watched this, but I will never have a Tesla. Also, my 18 year old Toyota has 305k trouble-free miles. I have friends with Teslas. They don't think of their car as just a car. They see it as a functional physics project.

  • Nick
    Nick4 måneder siden

    Honestly, it might be my love of black but the wheels being black themselves are already a win.

  • Joe
    Joe4 måneder siden

    If you drive one direction for 1 run, then the opposite direction for the next run, you will cancel out any headwinds.

  • Mihail Zatepyakin
    Mihail Zatepyakin4 måneder siden

    The angular speed of rotation of a small disk will be higher than that of a large one. Well, the kinetic energy of a rolling wheel does not depend on its diameter. Therefore, in terms of acceleration, the only thing that decides is the mass of the disk along with the rubber, and the distribution of masses between the disk and the rubber. But not the wheel diameter :(

  • syenosis
    syenosis4 måneder siden

    This is why the best version of the Model 3 to get is the "stealth" performance version that came with 18" wheels. Was about $5000 cheaper and you get 18's from the factory. If you want to track it you can still do brake upgrades that'll get you track worthy braking for a lot less than $5000.

  • RandomSmith
    RandomSmith4 måneder siden

    I prefer the thinner look, but glad my SR+ has the taller sidewall from a financial aspect

  • Poeuth Pann
    Poeuth Pann4 måneder siden

    Would the wheel and tires fit a Model Y?

  • Michael Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher4 måneder siden

    When I got a flat they gave me a 19 inch loaner. So the 19 inch Tesla wheels will work over the bigger brakes.

  • The Adventure Auto
    The Adventure Auto4 måneder siden

    Tesla really needs to have an 18" performance wheel and tire option.

  • Gnu Emacs
    Gnu Emacs4 måneder siden

    U need stigg from top gear, need the grand tour guys

  • Gnu Emacs
    Gnu Emacs4 måneder siden

    How’s the cornering comparison ?

  • Alex
    Alex4 måneder siden

    those 18 inch wheels would look way better if they were not black

  • Andrew
    Andrew4 måneder siden

    Rims should not break like that Tesla

  • Paul
    Paul4 måneder siden

    I have always hated the fact that any kind of "sport" option in cars manufacturers only offer low profile tires. The difference in performance for normal driving is not important, but the improvement in ride, resistance to pot hole damage and wheel rash is significant. And in many cases, there is no change to the size of the brake caliper.

  • Rafael Smithsmythsmith
    Rafael Smithsmythsmith4 måneder siden

    How hard did you hit that pothole! I've never seen a rim split like that before. Is it just bad wheel design or quality?

  • MrB8boy
    MrB8boy4 måneder siden

    Knowing how to drive can also reduce wheel damage. Auto pilot doesn’t avoid pot holes.

  • trackbiker1000
    trackbiker10004 måneder siden

    Wow, The sexiest explanation of wheels and tires I ( a female engineer) have heard. Thanks.

  • Tesla-Trev dominic-tripper
    Tesla-Trev dominic-tripper4 måneder siden

    very good .... and you can sell the 20 inch tesla wheels and tires for big bucks.... oh by the way can that interior foam be put into the 18 inch wheel?

  • Kim T
    Kim T4 måneder siden

    How much can you sell the 20in wheels for?

  • Mark Donen
    Mark Donen4 måneder siden

    The 18" wheels should give longer tiremlife too. Is that correct?

  • Michael Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher4 måneder siden

    I've lost two tire and one wheel from hitting pot holes (two separate events) on my model 3 performance. I'm ordering these wheels and tires now. Do they make a difference in range?

  • Anthony HT
    Anthony HT4 måneder siden

    This new setup is a win on every aspect except maybe on cornering. I think 18 inch wheels will always be a better choice for a car this size compared to 19-20 inch wheels.

  • Safety Last
    Safety Last4 måneder siden

    Is there another side to the moment of inertia? More mass helping in long distance at higher speeds since they’re heavier flywheels?

  • Galileo Galilee
    Galileo Galilee4 måneder siden

    Nice analysis, but did you do any testing related to the silver vs black look? ;)

  • Crux Interfacing Solutions
    Crux Interfacing Solutions5 måneder siden

    Great video, we will be at Knowledge Fest please check us out.

  • Because I was Inverted
    Because I was Inverted5 måneder siden

    When doing your rotational moment of inertia, you assumed the OEM were 20in and aftermarket were 18in but in reality, with hlthe higher side wall, the overall diameter is nearly identical as you later stated so does that no make your rotational moment of inertia wrong given you would never drive on the rims without tyres?

  • FeelFree3
    FeelFree35 måneder siden

    Those rims are weak, are there 18/10 stainless steel rims in market that won’t be deformed easily?

  • Circle8 Brewery
    Circle8 Brewery5 måneder siden

    Did the size change make any significant change to your actual speed vs what your speedometer reads ?

  • ikswotianop
    ikswotianop5 måneder siden

    and this is why i really enjoy my 32" tires on 16" rims on my Toyota Tacoma. also having bilstein 5100 shocks makes it really fun to plow over or jump train tracks 3 times the speed of the person you are currently passing over the tracks LOL

  • Jesse Redfield
    Jesse Redfield5 måneder siden

    I believe that the rolling frictional resistance is a much bigger deal than you think when looking into the macro efficiency side of things. Even 0.0001% is huge when looking at the total expected efficiency of the vehicle. Especially when taking into account the directions the entire industry is heading. Not to mention the amount of testing and math Tesla likes to do. Making the tire alot more like a train wheel than a tire has to be the aim.

  • keco185
    keco1855 måneder siden

    Would the smaller sidewall be better for handling since there's less give?