How The Tesla Roadster Rockets Work - 0-60 In One Second?!


The Tesla Roadster With Space X Thrusters Will Out-Accelerate Any Car
How The Tesla Roadster Hits 60 In 1.9s -
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How fast will the Tesla Roadster be? How do the Tesla Roadster cold gas thrusters work? How much will the Tesla Roadster weigh? What will the Tesla Roadster's 0-60 be? How about braking distance, or cornering grip? Will the Tesla Roadster be able to fly? Using everything that's been stated about the Tesla Roadster Space X Thruster package, we'll deep dive into how the system works and what sort of performance metrics you can expect to see as a result.
The Tesla Roadster will use an electric air pump, powered by the main battery, to compress air into a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel (COPV). The COPV will deliver highly compressed air (~10,000 PSI) to around 10 cold gas thrusters integrated around the vehicle. This cold gas thrusters will allow for incredible acceleration, braking, cornering, and potentially even the ability to fly.
Thrust Equation Derivation: (See equation 6)
Base Equation Derivation -
Specific Impulse -

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  • Airan102banshee
    Airan102banshee4 dager siden

    this kind of thruster could be really dangerous for following vehicle. road debris could be propelled toward following car.

  • Nopleaseno
    Nopleaseno4 dager siden

    Your channel would have many many more subscribers if more Americans believe in science. I hear people talk about gravity like it’s something that just happens, no law necessary! Cheers

  • canu2001
    canu20018 dager siden

    Para todos los fanaticos de los "MUSCLE CARS" yankis!!!

  • LiteStuff LLC
    LiteStuff LLC12 dager siden

    This is merely a distraction. Who really will drive like this? Perhaps as a stunt. The more practical matter with EVs is they cannot sustain high speeds for any sort of distance and hence will never compete in Le Mann or Dakar rally or any distance race until such time as they can have much shorter recharge times. I will be much more interested to get a rocket fast charge time, so I don't have to twiddle my thumbs an hour while my one ton battery recharges. Then maybe I can take a Roadster and race it in a real race against ICE/hybrids and compete.

  • JJ Jones
    JJ Jones13 dager siden

    That's one hell of a mazda

  • Travis Kerckhoff
    Travis Kerckhoff13 dager siden

    Your math could be flawed. Unfortunately this will require a little Aeronautical Engineering and the understanding of ground effect. It will take much less Force to lift the car then you have calculated. This is due to the "ground effect." Think of a Hovercraft. I e the thrust as much less than you have calculated. I have 15 years in the aeronautical industry. You must calculate for ground effect to get the correct thrust

  • wsattler
    wsattler15 dager siden

    The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards is not going to allow rockets and rocket fuel in cars....get real.

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong16 dager siden

    The truth is they can pretty much get it to accelerate as fast as they damn well please. It's just a tradeoff of boost time vs boost thrust. Air at 10,000 psi has a density of ~830 kg/m^3. A 500 L tank would be huge so assume ~400 kg of air onboard. Choked flow comes out around 300 m/s. So they have ~60m/s of delta-v onboard. Use it fast or use it slow.

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong16 dager siden

    700 m/s Isp is very optimistic. Gas generally can't be supersonic in itself. And adiabatic cooling means the exhaust from a 10,000 psi to RT decompression is going to be mega cold. 70s probably requires some amount of heating.

  • srspower
    srspower19 dager siden

    My brains hurts but this is amazing!

  • ghost500e
    ghost500e20 dager siden

    On a 1/4 mile dragstrip the tesla roadster 2,0 could have a 5 sec headstart and STILL lose vs a topfuel dragster...... Let that sink in...

  • M Ht
    M Ht20 dager siden

    Wake me up when we no longer travel with rubber tires 🥱

  • Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke20 dager siden

    Although it, in theory, could lift itself up, not all of that power would be useable in the acceleration, only 40% would, looking at the proposed number of thrusters. Cornering wise, I suppose you would only need to use the extra push if you went over the limit part way around the corner.

  • Jack
    Jack28 dager siden

    how is that not just a straight up bomb

  • Martin Martin
    Martin MartinMåned siden

    I know this is not the topic of this video but what is the point of this car?

  • SD Scott
    SD ScottMåned siden


  • Menam MUQATASH
    Menam MUQATASHMåned siden

    Doesn't having a 10000 psi tank behind you equate to driving a bomb around?

  • Ioan R. Apostol
    Ioan R. ApostolMåned siden

    Huh, imagine the chassis rigidity, withstand all that torque, acceleration, and stopping power.

  • the pizza delivery god
    the pizza delivery godMåned siden

    So this thing should weight almost exactly the same as the bugati chiron which dose 0-60 in 2.4 seconds and the tesla dose it in 1.9 so its safe to say this car should have at least 1500 hp

  • Brendan Divall
    Brendan DivallMåned siden

    Thanks for the explanation, but why have you not considered that the 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds is with the rockets employed? Unless you can get the coefficient of tyre/tarmac friction above 1.0 (necessitating ultra sticky tyres & tarmac, and/or downforce) the calculated minimum time would be ca. 2.8s

  • Connor Tatz
    Connor TatzMåned siden

    Think about how modern Tesla’s reach 20mph in an instant, this is the roadster but with 40 or 50mph

  • Jahfari Coumarbatch
    Jahfari CoumarbatchMåned siden

    YES. He watches JRE XD

  • amjan
    amjanMåned siden

    The cceleration from 0 to 60 is certainly non-linear, so the max g's are even higher ;)

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpeMåned siden

    model s handling is mediocre - no problem

  • efs83dws
    efs83dwsMåned siden

    If the wheels are off the ground, does the car need power to the wheels?

  • bite me
    bite meMåned siden

    flying car is coming, maybe?

  • Michael McMenzie
    Michael McMenzieMåned siden

    Who cares how fast it goes in 0-60 its a car not rocket ship.

  • Lil Yeet
    Lil YeetMåned siden

    Is arms can lift less than his brain

  • AdamBG02
    AdamBG02Måned siden

    0:29 Not based on my own assumptions. Then immediately assumes the weight.

  • Morteza p
    Morteza pMåned siden

    can you please calculate the weight of the tank for storing that much compressed air?

  • Wayne Meichsner
    Wayne MeichsnerMåned siden

    Dude, you rock!!!

  • mm ello
    mm elloMåned siden

    What a nerd

  • Dewah 77

    Dewah 77

    Måned siden


  • BotDamian
    BotDamianMåned siden

    NOlocal search = Tesla trolling muscle cars This is a gutted P100D that is under 2000KG, so I think it is possible.

  • Jason Cummings
    Jason CummingsMåned siden

    Why all the Elmer Fudd talk?

  • Jay chokshi
    Jay chokshiMåned siden

    28" wheel in a car??

  • Josue Garcia
    Josue GarciaMåned siden

    Subtitles in spanish please🙏

  • Riaz Husain
    Riaz HusainMåned siden

    Very good explanations using formulas, thank you

  • ViperGuy Dodge
    ViperGuy DodgeMåned siden

    He didn't factor in that Tesla would be advancing battery tech. It will not weigh 5000 lbs, it will simply have the 4680 battery cells.

  • Bobby Arciga
    Bobby ArcigaMåned siden

    I like turtles.

  • Bambon
    BambonMåned siden

    After battery day, the weight makes a lot more sense

  • Sebastián Nieves
    Sebastián NievesMåned siden

    I wish math was thought this way 😞

  • chinmay garg
    chinmay gargMåned siden

    Elon: what if we put thrusters on a car, and make it hover Design team: that will be dangerous and a maniac behaviour Elon: do it

  • Ace Spades
    Ace SpadesMåned siden

    Damn I got an engineering degree and this video is still super lame

  • Ace Spades
    Ace SpadesMåned siden

    Hmm why is it sayin 1 second, we know 1.9 or 1.85 with the rockets that aren’t even on any plans of production. Also the Rimac C2 is already at 1.8 0 to 60. Sooo in my conclusion, get boned white board man.

  • Je RRY
    Je RRY2 måneder siden

    Wouldn’t it be a compressor not a pump?

  • Drew
    Drew2 måneder siden

    10000psi tank behind the drivers seat. What could go wrong?

  • Ian Daniel
    Ian Daniel2 måneder siden

    How abt taking air resistance into acct?

  • Wasif Amir
    Wasif Amir2 måneder siden

    That thumbnail tho

  • TheDankAtheist
    TheDankAtheist2 måneder siden

    A rocket powere electric car? Go home Elon, you’re fried.

  • Ramadhani SAR
    Ramadhani SAR2 måneder siden

    So, we're close enough to Hot wheel: Acceleracer, now....

  • McHaZe
    McHaZe2 måneder siden

    Air at 10,000 psi is about 32 lb/ft^3. Assuming you use a regulator and design the nozzle to work most efficiently at say 2,000 psi you can run the rockets until the tank pressure is 2,000 psi. Air at 2,000 psi has a density of about 10 lb/ft^3. Assuming a 0.25 m^3 (9 ft^3) tank and converting to metric you have 130 kg of air at 10,000 psi and 40 kg of air at 2,000 psi, so you can do the rocket boost for up to 3 seconds. Theoretically, they could use larger nozzles and exhaust the air in 1/3 the time and give you way higher thrust. I bet this thing could do 0-60 faster than a top fuel dragster if they wanted to. Obviously you wouldn't want to put the average human through more than say 3g's for health reasons but technically 6g's or more is possible for a human to withstand. I can't wait to see this thing in action. I've been in a model S P90D and even that was kinda uncomfortable for me during a 0-60 due to the g-force. It would take some getting used to.

  • McHaZe


    2 måneder siden

    @PhotoGeorge No Kool-Aid. The physics works and they have the means to do it, so I am hopeful it will happen and be as cool as can be. Tesla makes fun products. I don't go around dissing things other people enjoy so I don't get the hate unless the haters have been hurt by their success, but that is not the fault of the company or the consumer.

  • Tony Lovering
    Tony Lovering2 måneder siden

    If they didnt have the silly rules in F1 we would have had this available on all cars for about 10 years

  • Bruce Marshallsay
    Bruce Marshallsay2 måneder siden

    I've enjoyed many videos so fa. Cold gas thrusters used in space for manuvering satellites, would require tank the size of the car absurd idea, to go of the road and crash. Very optimistic assessment well done for trying.

  • sastudrossi
    sastudrossi2 måneder siden

    With more than 10,000Nm of torque, the Acceleration and G force would also increase, implying the weight of the car need not be 2000KGs, it can be more.

  • Charith Abeywarna
    Charith Abeywarna2 måneder siden

    how much energy consumed to pressurize the tank? how long would it take to repressurize after emptying? how many times can you repressurize per full charge of the battery pack? Would be nice if you explained those calculations as well, thanks!

  • Electrodude
    Electrodude2 måneder siden

    If new Tesla batteries are used weight will maybe 15% lower, if I understand the new batteries specs correctly.

  • avarmauk
    avarmauk2 måneder siden

    Are we assuming the 1.9s to 60mph doesn’t include the thrust from the rocket? It’s hard to imagine a car accelerating to 60mph in 1.1s, it would be incredible to witness. I also had another thought. When the pump is sucking in air, could that be used to suck the car to the road? A bit like the F1 Fan car.

  • kasperb2friendly
    kasperb2friendly2 måneder siden

    Glad he dumbed this down for you peasants.

  • hoffbd1
    hoffbd12 måneder siden

    The most useful aspect of this would be for cornering and braking when on ice. Incredible safety feature.

  • Rocket Broom
    Rocket Broom2 måneder siden

    Broo are a car enthusiast or a mathematician?

  • alxM3
    alxM32 måneder siden

    I want one in white please.

  • CosmicMicron
    CosmicMicron2 måneder siden

    Roads?! Where we're going We don't need Roads!!!

  • Skeptical Skeksis
    Skeptical Skeksis2 måneder siden

    Seems extremely optimistic. If it’s even legal to drive around with a compressed air bomb in a car.

  • tdragon
    tdragon2 måneder siden

    Ludicrous braking update --> navigate to closest brick wall.

  • Sixstar Horizon
    Sixstar Horizon2 måneder siden

    The acceleration isn't limited by torque, it's limited by tire grip. You can't realistically work out the weight without knowning the tire details. Also, the range increase comes from a lighter car and significantly better aerodynamics, not just a bigger and more efficient battery. It's likely to weigh around 1800kg judging by competitor's cars.

  • David Weeks
    David Weeks2 måneder siden

    So, your Tesla goes to e-1.1-ven. :-) Spinal Tap approved!

  • Michael Kangas
    Michael Kangas2 måneder siden

    I think that the calculation of the wheel-based acceleration is suspect. Just because the wheel torque can produce a certain force at the wheel's surface doesn't mean that all of that force is available for acceleration: it's going to be friction-limited. Justifying an acceleration greater than g would require factoring in aerodynamically generated normal forces.

  • Jack Leslie
    Jack Leslie2 måneder siden

    I'll be honest, it really annoyed me that you put 2.5g's and not 2.49g's

    JPVSR2 måneder siden

    I feel like Sheldon Cooper is trying to sell me a car.

  • Jill Kitten
    Jill Kitten2 måneder siden

    Problem at 11:45, You just made the assumption that the *number* of rockets pointing out the back are the same as the number of rockets pointing down, as though there is only ONE pointing down when clearly that would not be the case, you would need to divide by the number of rockets pointing down to determine what it is for one rocket then multiply by the number pointing out the back [and that is assuming all thrusters are the same].

  • JP du Toit
    JP du Toit2 måneder siden

    I think putting such a high pressurised vessel in a car will be both very challenging and VERY dangerous.

  • 124 Spider
    124 Spider2 måneder siden

    It is missing the thrill of engine thunder

  • Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne
    Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne2 måneder siden

    what a waste of energy

  • Leonardo Avellar
    Leonardo Avellar2 måneder siden

    cant they shot the thrusters at a angle to the sky to get more grip to further use the motors power? seems more reasonable than using the thrusters to accelerate forward

  • Wayne Cruz
    Wayne Cruz3 måneder siden

    the unions, and the lobbyists aren't going to let that happen. why pilots license's are so heavily regulated. why we have airports, and commercial planes, and not airstrips and private ownership of planes.

  • RK Road Stories
    RK Road Stories3 måneder siden

    I expect this to be the first ever Tesla to be heck loud

  • RK Road Stories
    RK Road Stories3 måneder siden

    So it's not the battery doing the job

  • Bob Ski
    Bob Ski3 måneder siden

    Leave it to Elon Musk. I can foresee the commercials with Emmett Brown. I look forward to seeing if this thing is street legal and how well it actually performs. Rest assured that the lefties will have a field day trying to discredit it so that foreign competitors can catch up before Tesla manages to secure another market.

  • John Graef
    John Graef3 måneder siden

    how is tire radius 28"? did i misunderstand?

  • BenCodes
    BenCodes3 måneder siden

    do you use touch of grey lol?

  • Strech
    Strech3 måneder siden

    I watched this video to study for my math test

  • kidlyfe
    kidlyfe3 måneder siden

    K.I.T.T. would be proud

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming3 måneder siden

    ADR: you can't make a car fly using rockets Elon Musk: haha Tesla go whoosh

    EMERSON ARCHIBALD3 måneder siden


  • tobias
    tobias3 måneder siden

    Rocket league comes real

  • OK DOK
    OK DOK3 måneder siden

    air thrusters are a mechanism associated with motion right?

  • garry linford
    garry linford3 måneder siden

    Fast and furious have rocket strapped onto a car though

  • A.D.D. Tech Reviews
    A.D.D. Tech Reviews3 måneder siden

    Why not just use the thrusters to lighten the car, but still use the tires to accelerate along with the rear thrusters?

  • Lucas Darder
    Lucas Darder3 måneder siden

    What if the pump (or pumps) kept the tank full or extended the run time? You are assuming the pump fills the tank, and drains the tank, like a balloon, with no other engineering.

  • Alias Lindon
    Alias Lindon3 måneder siden

    What about cooling requirements of a gas compressed to 680 bar?

  • Alias Lindon
    Alias Lindon3 måneder siden

    What about sound produced by supersonic flow? What about energy required to compress that air?

  • Anthony Strickland
    Anthony Strickland3 måneder siden

    Someone's going to have to invent inertial dampers soon...

  • Haramasch Abrasir
    Haramasch Abrasir3 måneder siden

    Elon Musk is such a douchebag.

  • Galaxy_Apollo
    Galaxy_Apollo3 måneder siden

    3:24 Mass and weight aren't the same thing. The weight of the car is actually equal to its mass times 9.8m/s^2 which is earth gravitational acceleration so the weight is around 20,000 kg. Weight is originally supposed to be measured in newtons but we say it in Kgs for some reason so I understand the confusion.

  • Galaxy_Apollo
    Galaxy_Apollo3 måneder siden

    weight =(( tourqe/ radius)/ acceleration)) 9.8m/s^2

  • Cesc Fabregas
    Cesc Fabregas3 måneder siden

    so never ever drive behind a tesla roadster unless you want all the stones and junk from the streets hitting your car...

  • Mr. Alkenly
    Mr. Alkenly3 måneder siden

    Just imagine sitting next to this thing at a light, then all of a sudden the light turns green and it sounds like a rocket taking off right in your ear. Like the sound of a contious gunshot.

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget3 måneder siden

    What if we just attached this same system to a gas car to create a nitrous on the go system

  • Richard Hein
    Richard Hein3 måneder siden

    Finally we get that Turbo button from knight rider for real... can't wait. 🤩

  • Jeremy Leale
    Jeremy Leale3 måneder siden