How The 2020 Corvette Achieves Its Fastest 0-60 Ever


How A Mid-Engine Corvette Became So Much Quicker To 60 MPH
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The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is a monumental shift in the car's design. For the first time ever, a production Corvette will be mid-engine, with the engine placed behind the driver, and be equipped with an 8-speed dual clutch transmission. The C8 Corvette features a naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 producing 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque with the optional performance exhaust. With the engine's torque, the transmissions speed, and the Michelin PS4S tire's grip, a quick 0-60 time was inevitable.
But power and grippy tires can only do so much for acceleration when your design is limited by weight transfer. And the previous ZR1 Corvette, with it's insanely fast sub-3 second 60 mph speed, was limited by simple physics. If you can't get enough of the weight of a car onto the driven wheels, acceleration will suffer. By moving the engine back on the new Corvette, the acceleration potential is greatly improved. Check out the video for 0-60 predictions, braking distance predictions, and a fascinating overview of the 2020 Corvette Stingray.
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  • FilipinoFLASH
    FilipinoFLASH5 måneder siden

    Can anybody tell me why he didn't do 60% of the vehicles weight to calculate the Normal force?

  • Hossein Rahmani
    Hossein Rahmani5 måneder siden

    something has baffled my mind! you calculated the friction coefficient. but is it the friction coefficient of tires vs road? it would be totally different if corvette lacked ABS using the same tires. (is it kind of related to the fact that tires are round? :D ) and also, it seems like this calculations are done regardless of vehicle's total weight. I would be grateful if you answer me.

  • deez nutz gamer
    deez nutz gamer8 måneder siden

    I think the reason there is no manual is this car is so fast that If you had to manually shift it would break down all the part constantly vs if the car shift on its own with wouldn’t wear down or break any parts of the car internals but that’s what I think

  • ervin


    7 måneder siden

    You can get a manual in a hellcat

  • Errol WATLER
    Errol WATLER8 måneder siden

    Thank you the roll out is 🤔🤔yea don't get it!!

  • Not1But2And3
    Not1But2And39 måneder siden

    How much power does it need to achieve 2.0sec 0-60mph?

  • Oscar Andrews
    Oscar Andrews10 måneder siden

    🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁the amazig race🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:46 🔥💃❣💟 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M10 måneder siden

    Could you debunk the wide-tires-equals-more-traction myth?

  • Astro TV
    Astro TV11 måneder siden

    So youre saying a 2019 Zo6 is as quick as a base model C8 lmaooooooo

  • Roman Abashidze
    Roman Abashidze11 måneder siden

    This car is gonna FREAKIN' SMASH EVERYTHING

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance HondradeÅr siden

    Its doesn’t matter if its not exactly the fastest Corvette on a track. Among a wide array of supercars, the C8 is still an amazing performance bargain.

  • William Decker
    William DeckerÅr siden

    I like to smoke weed and try to follow the math!

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of SpadesÅr siden

    This is my favorite EE video of all time, I've watched it a dozen times and reference it frequently to other people. Well done Jason!

  • Tanmay Jamwal
    Tanmay JamwalÅr siden

    I have been thinking that tires are always doritos. I just clarified that they are like donuts, not doritos

  • First Don Diego
    First Don DiegoÅr siden

    So does this mean that Hypothetically a really fat and heavy person can help make the new gen corvette go faster?

  • nate k
    nate kÅr siden

    Corvette is so nice

  • Dan Morrissette
    Dan MorrissetteÅr siden

    You kind of lost me at Tires are round!! lmao~!!!!!!

  • bob kornbrust
    bob kornbrustÅr siden

    And the dual clutch trans is the key to it all!

  • bob kornbrust
    bob kornbrustÅr siden

    $20,000 buy a zx10rr 😂 9 seconds stock.the end...

  • epicxel xl
    epicxel xlÅr siden

    Have they released the 0 to 60 time for the base c8 with sport exhaust? I bet its not dramatiticaly different to the z51.

  • cloudshe
    cloudsheÅr siden

    not an engineer, but that was incredibly well explained! i wonder about the difference in braking efficiency caused by wt distribution. since it's all 4 tires, wouldn't just a change in F/R brake proportion negate any difference in CG?

  • FalconXE302
    FalconXE302År siden

    I don't like the way you bandy 4 letter words around, and neither does my mother. She just asked me... "is he saying that awful 4 letter word Bobby...?"... I said... "Yes Mum he said Math". She made me clean my mouth out with soap....!

  • Michael Bratton
    Michael BrattonÅr siden

    I hate when they say’s the quickest 0-60 is a test of quickness now get it on a track and top speed tells you what’s fastest

  • Kyore
    KyoreÅr siden

    He really doing maff

  • James Hoffman
    James HoffmanÅr siden

    The Tesla pickup will handle 110% grade, with SpaceX option giving protection against omnidirectional roll up to 60 degrees. /s

  • Cody P
    Cody PÅr siden


  • Mace2GO RC
    Mace2GO RCÅr siden

    The Vette keeps getting vettier?! Car looks stunning.

  • lox lostinspace
    lox lostinspaceÅr siden

    I will let you know if the car shows up on January since there is a strike going on 😂😎

  • Masashi Iino
    Masashi IinoÅr siden

    This car is actually the camera car of the Bugatti 300mph record breaking. It also bested the Thrust SSC (sarcasm) . I like the cat tho.

  • Robert Lawrence
    Robert LawrenceÅr siden

    Hi there Jason :) I am fascinated in the grip versus acceleration equation. How is it derived- or better yet, do you have the version for Front Wheel Drive? Many thanks!!

  • fordfiveohh
    fordfiveohhÅr siden

    Why doesn't someone put a motor that Jack hammers the tires into the ground on these cars so they launch better. Like a shake weight (yes that silly exercise equipment) that's powered by an electric motor that shakes down then drops the clutch.... That would up the normal force , right ?

  • B Nagy
    B NagyÅr siden

    Slower than a tesla :D

  • epicxel xl
    epicxel xlÅr siden

    The base i can see with perfermonance exhaust can potentialy be still under 3. I mean u got the same horse power and torque as the z51 with less weight and drag on the car on it to begin with. Think its just a marketing ploy to blow 5k unless you are into racing or tracking the car when cornering performance comes into play but for a straight 0 to and the allseason tires specially made for this car alone has a max of 1g . To get under 3 is like 0.9gs for which i seen on the forums. The summer tires have a max of 1.13gs which is way more than enough.

  • joe nock
    joe nockÅr siden

    Still the best sports car on the planet for about$50000 auto trans is better than any manual gearbox and much easier to drive like he said, much better than a manual transmission everything on this car is top shelf, best braking, acceleration no body rust, why buy a Lamborghini for $250000or a Ferrari for one million, you can buy a car that can be serviced at a Chevy dealership, do not have to pay $1000 for a headlamp replacement, hear that 50/50weight distribution, perfect, mustang, Chrysler demon, etc, FORGET ABOUT IT Chevy is here again and here to stay forever, do the math buy gm stock and hold it like warren buffet does

  • ParityError0110
    ParityError0110År siden

    I don't think you can use braking distance and frictional coefficient to determine acceleration because breaking uses 4 tires and acceleration uses only 2 tires.

  • Douglas
    DouglasÅr siden

    Same principle that took open wheeled racing (F1, Indy cars, ect) to a mid engine set up.

  • Ben Terry
    Ben TerryÅr siden

    The new 'Vette looks like it came straight outta GTA

  • FHD
    FHDÅr siden

    0-60 in

  • YayItsJepoy
    YayItsJepoyÅr siden

    Nice video! Videos like these, makes me want to drive these type of cars! haha! Yet, I have no money! lol

  • K1dPhresh1
    K1dPhresh1År siden

    He said there will be a more even weight distribution in the 2020 so it’ll have the best braking’s weight distribution is 40/60 where the 2018 is 50-50. How is 40-60 more evenly distributed than 50-50? Also won’t weight, brakes, tires, etc have an affect on braking? I know he’s super smart, but that doesn’t sound like it makes sense.

  • Mike McCormick
    Mike McCormickÅr siden

    Bull! It doesn’t achieve under 3 sec 0-60 just because GM says so! Or LIES so, in order to increase demand even more before INDEPENDENT testing so that the car can fly out of dealerships. Come on! Remember the Hellcat launch not so long ago? That car didn’t achieve the quarter mile time Dodge said it would either, but y’all believed the hype anyway. I agree the C8 is going to be great, and I’m ordering a Sebring Orange one, but I expect Motortrend and all the others to show realistic 0-60 times in the 3.4 to 3.6 range BECAUSE physics doesn’t lie like big corporations. All the chalkboard mambo jumbo aside, the car is not exactly light, at around 3600 lbs, it is not AWD with particularly sticky and wide tires, AND it doesn’t even have Launch Control? (Even if it does, this car, while great, is still no lightweight McLaren with Launch). We have to wait for the Z06 to see sub 3 guys. Sorry.

  • Etrigan Seven
    Etrigan SevenÅr siden

    Zr1 is as fast to 60

  • Etrigan Seven
    Etrigan SevenÅr siden

    After all that. Which is faster, all wheel drive lambo or GTR? AND WHY? LOL

  • Etrigan Seven
    Etrigan SevenÅr siden

    Traction is limited tho as .. power rises. 65 35 SPLIT NOW... INVITING OVERSTEER.

  • Smudgah
    SmudgahÅr siden

    Perhaps I'm not enough of an engineer, but I didn't quite understand how you were able to use the braking distance (braking with 4 wheels) to figure out acceleration on a rear wheel driven car (acceleration with just 2 wheels)...? What you explained would make sense to me with a 4WD car, but I don't quite get it with only two wheels doing all the work to accelerate.

  • Kalvin
    KalvinÅr siden

    On the Z51 package of the C8 they say you get an electronic limited slip differential can you explain the different differentials and what the differences will mean to the new C8 please??

  • Steevynovirus_F30
    Steevynovirus_F30År siden

    We done Jason I can’t wait to get one when I can affort it

  • B Mann
    B MannÅr siden

    Until an actual road test confirms the times, I’m not buying the 2.9

  • Boblib1970


    År siden

    Me neither

  • twohorse123
    twohorse123År siden

    6.2L? Dinosauric!

  • Datfelladell
    DatfelladellÅr siden

    YES!!! That’s it! Just YES!!

  • jp1234554321
    jp1234554321År siden

    Mid engine, rear wheel drive.... welcome to the 90's

  • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years agoÅr siden

    You have become behemoth in sub-count size, 👍.

  • Axel Andres Amor Chin
    Axel Andres Amor ChinÅr siden

    Do someone really buys a car because it accelerates from 0 - 100 in 3 seconds? Or for its awesome driving dynamics?

  • inox1ck
    inox1ckÅr siden

    I can’t believe you forgot to mention weight transfer

  • Oliver Burke
    Oliver BurkeÅr siden

    Allllllllll those extra gears. When will it be electric and simplify and get quicker?

  • Tarzaan
    TarzaanÅr siden

    Is round tires a speed modification? I wanna try it on my Hyundai

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan JohnsonÅr siden

    I think this is going to be a hit for chevrolet. Fast, capable, auto, value and Murica.

  • Griffin
    GriffinÅr siden

    In Europe we figured this out long time ago. Just like that the metric system is much easier.

  • Robert Kesselring
    Robert KesselringÅr siden

    You forgot about aerodynamic dowfoce.

  • Ken Kalajdžič

    Ken Kalajdžič

    År siden

    By the time (well, speed) aero comes into significant effect you're not limited by tires any more but by engine power.

  • Isaac Stephen
    Isaac StephenÅr siden

    Where the frik are muscle cars going?! No manual in the new gt500, c8 or dodge demon. WTF is going on

  • mannacler


    År siden

    I'm old and an ex-truck driver who can handle a non-synchro gearbox just fine. I got an automatic car on my last purchase because I couldn't break my speed-shifting habit. Decades ago I thought that manual transmissions were going to go the way of the buggy whip by 2020 and they very nearly have. Except for Nascar and the Trans-Am series I can't think of any major racing series where conventional manual transmissions are still being used.

  • oplix
    oplixÅr siden

    This will be the ultimate new age supercar for the average American Joe.

  • Joshua C.
    Joshua C.År siden

    4:05 Mu knew?

  • al
    alÅr siden

    I am ordering the 1lt with z51 package. To me , even if the car does it in mid 3’s in the real world, thats a win. I m coming out of a regular mustang gt. I can’t wait.

  • Hiep Nguyen
    Hiep NguyenÅr siden

    I just bought a 2019 brand new vette today for 62K cad. Good deal and is the last year model c7. C8 is very nice, but I'm into longhood American muscle car. C8 is too much euro looking for my taste

  • Giamo_co


    År siden

    To each their own I guess. Witness meeee!

  • Ever Forward
    Ever ForwardÅr siden

    That deafening silence you hear is caused by the European sports car mfg's inability to speak due to their jaw dropping faster than the Vette accelerates.

  • Ever Forward
    Ever ForwardÅr siden

    Jason you really should try to be more excited about your analysis & presentation, I'm just not seeing it ;)

  • Bryan Dover
    Bryan DoverÅr siden

    .....everyone's C6 just got cheaper.

  • Mwangi Ichung'wa
    Mwangi Ichung'waÅr siden

    You sir, cannot talk about the demise of the manual in that fashion. Sad? It's not sad. Manuals are just not as efficient anymore. Aren't you an engineer?

  • pervertt
    perverttÅr siden

    Borat Sagdiyev: What kind of car can I buy that attract woman with hairless vagine? Car Dealership owner: That would be a Corvette.

  • MindDezign
    MindDezignÅr siden

    Nice..."I BELIEVE "

  • Isaac Walker
    Isaac WalkerÅr siden

    Power, acceleration, and grip. 👍 answered the question

  • nikolay voytenko
    nikolay voytenkoÅr siden

    So basically when I put all this math into my calculator I get this equation : C8corvette= absolute beast

  • Valen Sinclair
    Valen SinclairÅr siden

    Thanks for the headsup on the tires...

  • Marshal2909
    Marshal2909År siden

    at 8:40 is the most important information. Corvette C7 does 0-60 in 3.8 in perfect conditions, not 3.0 nonsense.

  • Evan D
    Evan DÅr siden

    Awesome video as always Jason! Awesome car as we hoped Chevy!

  • Zachary Ramsaywack
    Zachary RamsaywackÅr siden

    The taillights looks ugly. It had that balance between pretty and aggressive look stripped away, plus it looks better with the engine in the front. No manual option means it's butt. Dual clutch and manual should be options on all vehicles.

  • Joe Villarreal
    Joe VillarrealÅr siden

    Never got 2.95 to 60 in my Z06 like chevy claimed ...

  • Joe Villarreal

    Joe Villarreal

    År siden

    @TheCh0wderp the A8 Z06 was 2.95 as well. I know some hit it with drag radials or on a prepped track, I do miss that car......

  • TheCh0wderp


    År siden

    Joe Villarreal they claimed the ZR1 would get 2.95 seconds. Even then that 0-60 was probably achieved at optimal conditions.

  • John Molloy
    John MolloyÅr siden

    What about aerodynamics and weight transfer?

  • Common Tater
    Common TaterÅr siden

    60 to 0 in 90 feet. If the Vette driver decides not to go through that yellow light, don't be the guy behind him.

  • Aura


    År siden

    Beautiful Noble

  • Theplatinumog


    År siden

    @Common Tater Watch it again. He quotes the braking performance of the c7, not the c8 at 3:40. The c8 stops significantly worse than my c7 does.

  • Common Tater

    Common Tater

    År siden

    @Theplatinumog At 3:40. Also it's written on the board. Unlikely many street drivers would ever brake like that but still...

  • Theplatinumog


    År siden

    Not sure where you got your numbers. The c8 does 60mph to 0 in 115.1ft or 108.4ft with the z51 package

  • Nick Hill
    Nick HillÅr siden

    0-60 is sort of like 40 time or max bench press in sports. It's a somewhat accurate proxy for actual performance, but people get absolutely nuts about it because it is so easy/tempting to measure and make things apples-to-apples when, in reality, they are not.

  • Jonathan
    JonathanÅr siden

    Given the 60:40 weight distribution, what would be your hypothesis regarding the steering response (oversteer and understeer) for the new Corvette?

  • Adolfo Zacharias
    Adolfo ZachariasÅr siden

    Maybe Motortrend is not wrong, if they heat they're tires up first and then do the test!

  • lessevdoolbretsim
    lessevdoolbretsimÅr siden

    I hate this car.......because I can't have one.

  • Tofu86 OC
    Tofu86 OCÅr siden

    porsche has known all this for 60 years with the 911s. its about time chevy figured out that a front engined sports car is flawed. yes i know the 911 is rear engined not mid engined but the weight distribution is the same.

  • McMicGera
    McMicGeraÅr siden

    The Corvette has been and seems to continue to be a truly amazing car! Really impressive! I can't wait to see it on the track. Thanks for the cool analysis, Jason!

  • DoDoENT
    DoDoENTÅr siden

    IIRC, Tesla and Rimac are claiming their new electrical supercars will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds. How is then that possible? I guess that this is now a matter of tires, not engine. Are they then using some different rubber on tires?

  • Rocky Mountain Ras
    Rocky Mountain RasÅr siden

    Giving new meaning to, "Do the math"

  • Ryan Posler
    Ryan PoslerÅr siden

    Why doesn't anyone talk about the suspention? Say it enough it's true: Viper will be mid engine, AWD, self driving 0 - grocery store in 5 seconds... C8 FTW for bringing us this awesome car from a GM hater... Thank you. Hats off

  • 4200cg
    4200cgÅr siden

    Cup 2 had them on my RS

  • Crysmatic
    CrysmaticÅr siden

    taking *average* accelerations ... last time I looked there aren't any engineers using high school math. Your peak mu will be quite a bit higher. you also forgot 2.5s for a RWD C8. There's a rumoured electric AWD coming.

  • L. Carroll
    L. CarrollÅr siden

    I did care about the frictional coefficient...

  • Brad Thompson
    Brad ThompsonÅr siden

    Great stuff. I am a current C7 Grand Sport owner. Don't forget the tires on the current wide bodies (GS, Z06, ZR1) are 295f, 325r which will make the frictional coefficient even higher assuming they use the same tire sizes when they develop the more track worthy models of the C8. Crazy stuff.

  • Rafał Bełzowski
    Rafał BełzowskiÅr siden

    Hi Jason, you are calculating frictional coefficients from braking where most of the work is done by narrow front tires, so is it not going to be higher during acceleration when most of the work is done by wider rear tires? Or maybe this difference is negligible when taking into account that braking is done by all 4 tires and accelerating in this case only by 2 tires?

  • Zero Hour
    Zero HourÅr siden

    The g force of braking will never be as accelerating because of weight distribution but it's a good enough estimate, even if it was 50/50 you also have different gravity centres of the back and front, also the front and back tires aren't the same in most of sport cars.

  • Matt Graves
    Matt GravesÅr siden

    what a bad ass channel. im a "theoretical engineer" (I write software ;) ) but I love engineering in all art forms. Automotives to lawn mowers. Canons to guns. robots and motion

  • Jonathan Weintraub
    Jonathan WeintraubÅr siden

    I always wondered if tires were actually round or if it was just fake news. I feel more confident that tires are in fact round. Now if we can just get an engineer to prove climate change right or wrong, I think we’re set.

  • VHjykfUuYu
    VHjykfUuYuÅr siden

    As far as I know the longitudinal friction coefficient is different for accelerating and braking due to directional nature of the tire. Also you're not taking load sensitivity into account which is an important factor. Basically all of the math is good for a coarse guesstimate.

  • χρηστος Λυτρας
    χρηστος ΛυτραςÅr siden

    I got a BMW M2 commercial while watching this video.. cool

  • Jeff Williamson
    Jeff WilliamsonÅr siden

    I'd like to know how a DCT launches compared to a torque converter transmission. Surely this must be a factor too?

  • Jack UK
    Jack UKÅr siden

    Doesn’t look like a vette. Looks like a Ferrari

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone WolfÅr siden

    You lost me at the dual clutch. They aren't that reliable. Ok , there crap. Ford found out the hard way.