How Super Knock Can Destroy Modern Engines


What Is Super Knock And How Can LSPI Destroy Turbo Engines?
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New cars are trending towards downsized turbocharged engines using direct injection. While these engines offer better efficiency and fuel economy, this trend has increased the likelihood of engines experiencing destructive super knock, which results from LSPI. Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) isn’t fully understood, but it can result in knock occurring, potentially destroying pistons, connecting rods, and spark plugs.
Light knock and super knock are different in how they occur in respect to spark plug timing, as super knock can occur without the spark plug ever firing. This video will describe the differences between light knock and super knock, how cylinder pressure is affected by each, how tuning can be used to avoid LSPI, and how motor oil can also be used as a resource to reduce the likelihood of LSPI and subsequent knock occurrences.
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  • eeiko321
    eeiko32111 dager siden

    That “Hello everyone!” Is a bit cringeworthy.. can’t figure out why yet lol

  • Roeda91
    Roeda91Måned siden

    Interesting video. But could someone provide some insight on the likelihood of such an LSPI event occuring and actually damaging the engine ? Is it something to really worry about or is it more of a theoretical issue you should be really unlucky to run into ? I personally own a car with the 1.0 L Ecoboost from Ford that has been in production for more than eight years now, and I haven't heard of any consumer reports regarding pistons and rods cracking under high load scenarios.

    NICE DAWGMåned siden

    I switched to a very expensive motor oil about 6 years ago and it keeps LSPI from happening or does a great job of keeping it at a very low percentage of happening with the low octane fuel by keeping the pistons from over heating ....

  • Tural Musaibov
    Tural Musaibov2 måneder siden

    So spark ignition is BS. We just need compression-ignition with an engine built using hardcore materials like billet or forged steel from factory. What am I saying..they will just try to workaround selling us crap that lasts as long as they want which will be within the limits of "planned obselecense" - biggest scam in history after banking system which is still going on.

  • Fernando Cantu
    Fernando Cantu3 måneder siden

    Have you heard of those spark plugs called: "Pulstar Spark Plugs" (Spark Plugs that use Plasma technology) So my initial question arises; If an engine has detonation with normal spark plugs, would it worsen with plasma technology plugs?

  • Mohamed Gaaloul
    Mohamed Gaaloul3 måneder siden

    That's why I dont like the small turbo charged engines...😂😂

  • ReBaZ
    ReBaZ5 måneder siden

    İt's not about oil it's all about the gasoline quality you use.

  • All Motor R18
    All Motor R189 måneder siden

    I never knocked on nobody

  • James Jorgensen
    James Jorgensen9 måneder siden

    Would changing to a heavier weight oil reduce the potential for lspi?

  • Peter Konrad Konneker
    Peter Konrad Konneker9 måneder siden

    So the flammable metal decreases the early flames? Neat!

  • RPM Auto Reviews
    RPM Auto ReviewsÅr siden

    does using 87 or 91 or 93 octone make a difference in lspi issue ?

  • Dylan Goodwin
    Dylan GoodwinÅr siden

    So how does the incresed likelihood of knock and superknock affect engine longevity in modern vehicles. Also on an unrelated note a video discussing the engine oil acidity and its effects over time and what oil companies do to help resist this would be nice.

  • K VC
    K VCÅr siden

    Something that remains unclear to me: With modern engines using very precise direct injection, if the petrol is only injected at the moment of ignition, why is knock an issue? Or to put it differently, can't you just increase pressure similar to a diesel engine, and then only inject the petrol at the last moment? Of course it will ignite / self combust instantly, but if it is late enough in the cycle that shouldn't be an issue? (on the contrary, efficiency and power will be much higher) What am I missing?

  • verm
    vermÅr siden

    How common is this anyways? Is it something that mechanics see all the time or is it rather rare?

  • Allen Naing
    Allen NaingÅr siden

    COP : Why are you going so fast? Me: Officer my mechanic told me to not to let my engine rev drop below 3.5k or I'll blow my engine :P

  • S King
    S KingÅr siden

    If you drive a Tesla, you don't give a damn about LSPI ......

  • Tractors Chemer
    Tractors ChemerÅr siden

    Buy Mazda.

  • Dragos Pahontu

    Dragos Pahontu

    Måned siden

    Or Toyota

  • David MCastañeda
    David MCastañedaÅr siden

    Quite clear explanation and short accurate video!! You've got one more subscriber. I really appreciate that you take your time and draw on the board like that, that makes the videos even more understandable.

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge RodriguezÅr siden

    So this is just as possible in an older but freshly rebuilt engine right?

  • Rob 326
    Rob 326År siden

    0:32 Bwahahaha! xD New engines are trying to be as efficient as possible. I knew the exact opposite.They try to make them to break as soon as possible.

  • MrErikw26
    MrErikw26År siden

    What about super ultra mega knock?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AmxDude1969
    AmxDude1969År siden

    The GM 3800 series motors are particularly prone to super knock

  • Kiff Stevenson
    Kiff StevensonÅr siden

    See, this is why I like my '17 Elantra - boring though it may be. A 2.0 naturally-aspirated MPI engine, set to an Atkinson cycle. Avoids all this mess, as well as intake valve fouling.

  • Andrew Gallacher
    Andrew GallacherÅr siden

    Great. So they're making engines better by turning them into diesels.

  • Josef Mynona
    Josef MynonaÅr siden

    Hello, nice video, thx. I have few questions/notes. 1. Why this occurs in low speed/revs and NOT in high ones?? What is actually meaning of "low"? 1500-1800 rpm? This is something that no one technically describes - pitty. 2. The chart in top-right corner is not correct/accurate - why should superknock pressure be that higher than light knock/normal combustion situation. I would say, that the main problem is timing and pressure increase speed, not the overall pressure. 3. Why the oil that has much higher ignition temperature than petrol is causing this?? 4. Why direct petrol injection is worse than indirect one? 5. Is superknocking detectable? "Normal" knocking is and when it is detected engine control system can deal with it. Why is that knocking worse?

  • Lukas Macht
    Lukas MachtÅr siden

    Mondeo Duratec V6 24V 2544cm ( old Porsche engine, not that newer Jaguar unit ) just good old Ghia not any SVT no knocking no microfractures no overheating no jamming no blow danger ... wudl someone kindly sends my money for gasoline :)

  • Alex Vargas
    Alex VargasÅr siden


  • Moto Rad
    Moto RadÅr siden

    Water injection :D

  • Miniman's videos
    Miniman's videosÅr siden

    What about gasoline.... 100 octane will be good for such engines..??

  • ATGEnki
    ATGEnkiÅr siden

    LSPI has recently been attributed to oil additives; specifically high calcium and sodium. The method isn't well understood, but the right oil makes all the difference apparently. See the latest DEXOS 1 Gen 2 oil analysis. TLDR is basically Calcium + Sodium = bad, Molybdenum and Zinc (ZDDP) = good, more alcohol in the fuel (and/or cooler distillation curve) are good.

  • tropicana Sister
    tropicana SisterÅr siden

    hi jayson. may i ask the pros and cons of deleting an egr system in diesel engine, theres plenty of vids out there but your explanations is the only one i trust. thank you

  • Bernard Castillo
    Bernard CastilloÅr siden

    You didn't mention the new standard coming out from the API. ILSAC GF-6. It will be the new standard for oils that includes testing for LSPI. SN Plus was just a temporary band-aid because it was taking too long for everyone to agree to the new standard. It looks like the standard has been agreed upon and oil manufacturers can start getting certified for ILSAC GF-6 starting early 2020. SN Plus will stick around as a supplemental certification though. Also ILSAC GF-6 includes two standards. GF-6A which is what will be backwards compatible with previous gen and GF-6B which is ONLY for the new implementation of oil type 0W-16 (yup an even thinner oil that the Japanese have been using in Japan for a while now) for fuel efficiency.

  • Rounak Das
    Rounak DasÅr siden

    Why does the super knock occur only at low speed and high load case? Shouldn't it also occur at HIGH SPEED HIGH LOAD case, when the engine will be running even hotter?

  • Johnathon Munoz
    Johnathon MunozÅr siden

    Couldn’t the super knock be cause by the intake pressure being too extreme to the point where there is soo much pressure already built in the cylinder and the low RPMs of the pistons don’t allow the cycle to happen fast enough to the point where the mixture combusts on its own with the slightest compression of the cylinder it’s self?

  • muthukumar j
    muthukumar jÅr siden

    Super Brother, use animation working please

  • Jon Durak
    Jon DurakÅr siden

    Would e85 reduce the problem?

  • Si Raff
    Si RaffÅr siden

    This is why small turbo engines seem gutless at the low end. It's also why you then wind them up a few more rpm, get them into boost and they drink.

  • A D
    A DÅr siden

    Hi Jason, hopefully you scrolled far enough to see my question: Would adding a catch tank/can to the engine potentially reduce engine knock or super knock, due to the fact that it removes part of the oil/fuel mixture that can make its way into the cylinder? Thanks -Adam

  • Immortalcheese
    ImmortalcheeseÅr siden

    (5spd driver) sometimes when i am going downhill or using engine braking, and after a few seconds when i press the gas to start accelerating there is a lurch. Is this LSPI? This occurs if engine brakign was holding around 2.5k RPM. Yes, this is a GDI engine

  • Alan Jiang
    Alan JiangÅr siden

    🌝🌝🌝Could You explain the producing Technical if possible😂 Bcs We Are doing Investment Casting,So Many Die casting Parts AND Just confused now

  • 787brx8
    787brx8År siden

    I made A video about advancing the timing and flooring my car.

  • WooferJr
    WooferJrÅr siden

    Unless you have a I4 turbo 1.6L engine you shouldn't be worried about any of that.

  • shukur razali
    shukur razaliÅr siden

    It happen to me but only if i let my engine ilde for along time 15 to 30 mins....

  • Anton Larchey
    Anton LarcheyÅr siden

    Holly molly, this kind of video is fascinating, i love when you cover this kind of topics

  • 65sohc
    65sohcÅr siden

    e30. Check out the e30 Challenge, a program originating in South Dakota and Iowa to, obviously, promote higher ethanol content in fuel. . Over 20 million real world miles accumulated in non-flex fuel vehicles with no CEL or other malfunctions. They mention that Mercedes urged the EPA to approve e30 due to the efficiency and "ridiculous power" their turbo'ed engines produce with this high octane fuel. My GT350 is Lund-tuned for flex fuel. Ethanol is a godsend for high performance engines.

  • rezandi giga
    rezandi gigaÅr siden

    But can it be used though? I see mazda skyactiv x designed somewhat to have a "knock" and ignition just as piston compress fully at the same time.

  • MrCapi55
    MrCapi55År siden

    Jason, You barely hide your smile because the "suggested economy driving" by manufacturers is the main pre-ignition/ detonation cause. My car even shows an arrow that " suggest" gear charge, even when RPMS Drop below1,000 at the next gear.

  • Mark Kauffman
    Mark KauffmanÅr siden

    There is a lot of truth to the oil being a culprit for knocking. While my experience relates to the light knocking/pinging, I can see how it could develop into a super knock with a forced induction engine. I used Amsoil (which at the time didn't meet SN+ standards) and my normally aspirated car would ping all the time under light load. Switching to Mobil 1 which was SN+ certified, the pinging went away.

  • BDR Racing Development
    BDR Racing DevelopmentÅr siden

    You really need to talk to Ben from EFI university about this, hes on the leading edge of research for lspi.

  • David White
    David WhiteÅr siden

    Use higher octane fuel Ethanol, Methanol,

  • David Lee
    David LeeÅr siden

    Talk to your doctor about LSPI and ask if magnesium can help!

  • Burger Birger
    Burger BirgerÅr siden

    Cool vid😁👍 Didn't know about superknock until i read about the sn plus api-spec.

  • Wade Hornbeck
    Wade HornbeckÅr siden

    Best channel on youtube handsdown

  • Techademics
    TechademicsÅr siden

    RIP to New Ford Fiesta Owners...

  • David Bennett
    David BennettÅr siden

    Now that cars are coming with features that kicks the engine off at a stop light, and restarts it when you lift your foot off the break, is there a risk for undue wear on your engine from the rock that occurs everytime the engine starts?

  • SnowCat
    SnowCatÅr siden

    At this point, we should just give up with ICE...

  • Jedda73


    År siden

    and take up walking?

  • Krunal Mule
    Krunal MuleÅr siden

    Please make video on Electric Variable Transmission (EVT).

  • Alan Hillyard
    Alan HillyardÅr siden

    Wait til you see a mega knock

  • Ian Irizarry
    Ian IrizarryÅr siden

    would magnesium also fill in wear spots?

  • Stephen Wood
    Stephen WoodÅr siden

    Is there information on WHICH small turbocharged engines have this problem the most?

  • G M

    G M

    År siden

    I've seen Peugeot 1.2 turbo and Opel 1.0 turbo engines having that problem

  • Pop Dan Sergiu

    Pop Dan Sergiu

    År siden

    I would stay away from VW 3 cylinders and anything lower than 1.2L.

  • LosersNeverWin
    LosersNeverWinÅr siden

    Mr. Hello and Welcome, You have been enrolled in the 2019 NOlocalr March Madness tournament. Just calm down. But we thought you deserved to know. Make a banger of a video and you may advance to the round of 32. Gl.

  • Ed L
    Ed LÅr siden

    This is an off topic question but: do vtec engines require 91+ octane gas or can they run on low octane ? Thanks

  • fuhdenden
    fuhdendenÅr siden

    Please make a video about car body type pros and cons

  • Роман Ворончихин
    Роман ВорончихинÅr siden

    in short - modern engines suck

  • Randall Evans
    Randall EvansÅr siden

    Is there a computer reader or dyno test that can show how bad knocking is on a graph?

  • bonob0123
    bonob0123År siden

    this dude hates knock the way AthleanX hates muscle imbalance. Loves tires like AthleanX loves facepulls. There's an SAT analogy in there somewhere.

  • Beñat Erkizia Solana
    Beñat Erkizia SolanaÅr siden

    How is the engine suposed to be more efficient while LSPI is occurring? If you don't avoid the efficient area of the engine and LSPI happens then aren't you reducing the efficiency in that area?

  • Paul Straney
    Paul StraneyÅr siden

    This video made me think about Smokey Yunick and his patented flame ignition. Is enough known about how it works mechanically that a video could be made of it?

  • sasja de vries.
    sasja de vries.År siden

    Btw, here is one recipe on how to cause LSPI: just machine your block and pistons with a dull endmill and don't deburr it. Why? It's because these small burrs sticking out inside your combustion chamber WILL heat up by the combustion process, but they won't get cooled because burrs don't have a good contact with the rest of the piston/head/cylinderwalls. Burrs and carbon deposits tend to work like glowplugs because of that. That's the benefit of being bilingual: when you know multiple languages you can read from different sources and find knowledge in one language that's not available in another one.

  • sasja de vries.

    sasja de vries.

    År siden

    ​@Alan Hillyard The point is whether something is readily available and how widespread a piece of info is. That's where I see a very clear difference between languages. Generally speaking, some information that only specialists know in one county can be something every second teenager knows in another county and vise versa. And then: if this info was available to you, and you speak English, why didn't Jason know about it? You both speak the same language, right? He makes videos about this topic all the time, he looks up info about engines all the time. And then there is another aspect that you won't notice immediately, it happens a lot that roughly the same research is performed by multiple countries independent of each other, at first glance it seems like both have found the same thing, but some important details are quite often different. Because both papers look similar and both countries say "but i knew that already" the details aren't shared between those countries.

  • Alan Hillyard

    Alan Hillyard

    År siden

    sasja de vries. Why do you think that information is not available in other languages? That’s well known to me and I’m not bilingual

  • sasja de vries.
    sasja de vries.År siden

    In the real world the engine is most efficient at medium load and medium rpm, not at low rpm high load. Why are mid revs more efficient? Well, during city driving you can use engine braking and your engine has a quicker response and when you want to accelerate you don't need to push in the throttle as much. In other words low rpms are not ideal for city driving and they are not too great for control over the vehicle and safety either. The highway is where you have a more constant speed, but you won't drive on low rpms there. And then the main thing: if your engine outputs 30 hp at 3k rpm it will be loaded twice as little as when it's outputting 30hp at 1500 rpm; and that's because you have less revolutions and less combustion strokes so you need more work to be done during each combustion stroke to get the same power output. Especially shorter pistons don't like low rpms, they are only good for high revving motorsports. Modern engines usually come with shorter pistons (such that the damn thing just falls apart after warranty is over). And then: engines without the variable valve things (lift and timing) will have a slow airspeed during intake, which is less then optimal and reduces efficiency.

  • Vikram B
    Vikram BÅr siden

    Hi Sir, is it okay to change the gears manually with the gas pedal pressed in an automated manual transmission car? Please advice

  • rigormortis08
    rigormortis08År siden

    Dropping combustion temps can go a long way to controlling knock. Intercoolers are an option, though I think that water injection might be a better option for manufacturers, as there are several additional benefits as well.

  • Andrew Panteleyev
    Andrew PanteleyevÅr siden

    Is it not fixed by higher octane fuel? Like you usually do if you install a forced induction on to NA engine? Nobody, is surprised when it happens on a custom turbo engine. And yet it is "unknown" why it happens on a factory produced one. Which also runs "hotter" for emission reasons. Physics doesn't change just because marketing tells you it's possible to fill it with cheap fuel and get all the performance. By the way, BMW states in small letters, that all measurement where taken on high octane. Even though you're allowed to fill regular and even worse. They only say performance will degrade. Never that there are risks of engine damage.

  • A S C E N D E D W H I T E M A L E
    A S C E N D E D W H I T E M A L EÅr siden

    A super knock is what happens when one of your internet "friends" decides to get you swatted.

  • Graham Rice
    Graham RiceÅr siden

    I don't know about you, but superknockers certainly destroy me

  • golden skies
    golden skiesÅr siden

    I destroyed my 1st cars (stock 05 camry se) engine by constantly flooring it. I used to deliver pizza and sometimes race friends not knowing pedal on floor = engine destruction

  • AntiSocialFB


    År siden

    uhoh... maybe i needa chilllllll

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego DiazÅr siden

    What car brand has the best engine in your opinion? Most reliable, less problems

  • Addicus Taylor

    Addicus Taylor

    År siden

    Honda or Toyota is what I bet he would say. Or whatever has multi point fuel injection, or the engine that gets maintained the most

  • Muranaman
    MuranamanÅr siden

    Happens with people too. Knocking on people is ok. Supeknocking them can break their crankshaft.

  • Robert Parkes
    Robert ParkesÅr siden

    I love knockers

  • William Parker
    William ParkerÅr siden

    Not sure if the cut shots are needed

  • 3V4NG3L10NN
    3V4NG3L10NNÅr siden

    Can you please explain why LSPI is most likely to occur at low RPM and high engine loads? I guess at HIGH RPM and high engine loads you also have high pressure and high temperatures?

  • Craig Quann
    Craig QuannÅr siden

    Hi octane fuel can help as well. Less likely to pre ignite.

  • Adrian Gutierrez

    Adrian Gutierrez

    6 måneder siden

    Old comment but E85 solves a lot of issues

  • Nik McIntosh
    Nik McIntoshÅr siden

    Nothing better than a bit of the old whiteboard.

  • Sir Prize MF
    Sir Prize MFÅr siden

    selling API oil, full stock, ready to ship

  • TheNasaDude
    TheNasaDudeÅr siden

    "I'm trying to get better efficiency but I can't find it" "What do you mean you can't find it?" "I have knock!" "Well then move to a lower gear" "There's more knock!" "What do you mean there's more knock?" "There's just more knock!" "Move to the next gear!" "There's still knock!" "What are you driving?" "It's a diesel car" "WHY ARE YOU HAVING KNOCK IN A DIESEL ENGINE?!" "F* YOU!" (It was just engine clatter)

  • Vegard Claussen
    Vegard ClaussenÅr siden

    So, Diesels basically run on knock then. Interesting.

  • James Plotkin

    James Plotkin

    År siden

    No, Diesel engines are specifically timed with fuel injection, not simply sprayed in there and hoping for the best.

  • Henry Xu
    Henry XuÅr siden

    So Mazda skyactiv x don’t have this problem?

  • Omar Guzman
    Omar GuzmanÅr siden

    I'm wondering if this would be a little worse with CVT's, since most scenarios involving high loads at steady state driving would start at very low RPM's. Any thoughts?

  • Arto Pekkanen
    Arto PekkanenÅr siden

    I'd rather get an older car with a bigger, non turbo charged engine. And use higher octane fuel. Robust, durable, and dont require degree in rocket science to maintain. These new tiny block turbo engines sound like more trouble than theyre worth. Like, this one VW Polo I read about had a 1 liter engine with turbo producing 80 bhp ... that cant be very durable.

  • William Emery
    William EmeryÅr siden

    Knock, knock.... who’s there?.... cylinder 5

  • Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
    Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'År siden

    But real question, I have a twin turbo v12 2004 but lately my intake temps been high since I have recalibrate my intercooler system my car been throwing codes of random misfire, how bad is that.

  • Ian Irizarry

    Ian Irizarry

    År siden


  • Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
    Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'År siden

    Wtf a *SUPER KNOCK* someone been watching space documentries

  • Mind Body MTB
    Mind Body MTBÅr siden

    isn't the EGR one of the ways to reduce preignition? I thought that introducing a small amount of inert gas into the compression stroke helps reduce the temps and therefore keeps the fuel from exploding rather than combusting.

  • Hussar0
    Hussar0År siden

    Mercedes new Inline6, EXPLAIN

  • Sasa Jungic
    Sasa JungicÅr siden

    We need Super Knock to destroy T Series

  • Average Floridian
    Average FloridianÅr siden

    Hmm. Interesting. I thought super knock is what happened when the feds show up unannounced. Either way, it's still not an ideal situation.

  • Jared Thompson
    Jared ThompsonÅr siden

    Yea I'm not going to lie, I didnt understand a single thing during this whole video

  • Matthew Salmon
    Matthew SalmonÅr siden

    How about you don't lug your turbo, especially if you're using low weight oil.

  • elektrinis
    elektrinisÅr siden

    I had a rod knock. No smoke, good acceleration. Turns out bearings are fine. Piece of piston in the sump. 0.7L turbo charged 80kW engine. Now my second engine is developing the same symptoms - knock originating from wall of middle cylinder (3cyl engine)...

  • Vincentas Kauzonas
    Vincentas KauzonasÅr siden

    Does it happen in diesels also?