How Nissan Made Their Fastest GT-R Ever - 2020 NISMO GT-R


The 2020 NISMO GT-R is faster and more expensive than ever before.
How did Nissan make the 600 HP GT-R even faster around a track?
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The 2020 NISMO GT-R is 2.5 seconds faster around Nissan's development track than the 2019 NISMO GT-R. How does it do it? Changes have been made to the engine, with new, more responsive turbos, the body, with extensive carbon fiber used, the aerodynamics, the wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension. In fact, it may seem like this is just another variant of the car released in 2008, but quite a few of the systems have been reworked for even better results.
Less turbo lag, more grip, and less weight all results in the fastest production GT-R Nissan has ever made. The question still remains, is the car too old to keep up with the competition at this point? And at over $200,000, is the new GT-R priced to high to remain competitive? Check out the video for a break down of all the details.
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  • Danny M
    Danny M18 dager siden

    NISMO aint worth $100,000 more than a base GTR.

  • Robert Homann
    Robert Homann20 dager siden

    I think an 8 spd + all-wheel-steering would be best right now

  • Ricardo O'Connor
    Ricardo O'ConnorMåned siden

    Man gtr got so expensive. They were priced at $60-$70k when they came out now $210. Crazy.

  • Darth Zhoh
    Darth ZhohMåned siden

    Why not carbon fiber "fenders" (I assume you are referring to the rear quarter panels since you already said the front fenders were cf)? Um well because they are a welded and bonded part of the body.

  • woobilicious.
    woobilicious.Måned siden

    Imagine paying $200,000 for a car and it comes with a rev counter on a digital display that updates slower than a budget cellphone...Why would you buy this again?

  • Noah Hardway Vlogs
    Noah Hardway VlogsMåned siden

    That Porsche was like a wrench in the gears when compared to the McLarens.

  • Soul Machines
    Soul Machines2 måneder siden

    Nissan trying mighty hard to justifying pricing a Datsun over $200K (GT3 money!)...Buy standard GTR, Exercise to lose some weight and get those tires, done!

  • Rudy Madero
    Rudy Madero2 måneder siden

    You could’ve just the turbos spools a lil faster

  • Fred Taj
    Fred Taj2 måneder siden

    So for that kind of money i rather buy a house fixer upper not a Nissan that drives like a Nissan. After i sell the house make some profit i would take some of the profit and buy a 50 cal not a Nissan.

  • Gabriel Edward
    Gabriel Edward2 måneder siden

    The purity...

  • Dinu-Sorin VASILESCU
    Dinu-Sorin VASILESCU2 måneder siden

    You talk too much!

  • Anthony Chris
    Anthony Chris2 måneder siden

    You’d have to be crazy or a collector to buy this when you could get a 720s for around the same price now

  • Robert Tanksley
    Robert Tanksley3 måneder siden

    2020 and they are still using 1st Eagle Talon Blow off valves.

  • Superdimensional
    Superdimensional3 måneder siden

    Am I the only one notice the pics are of a white GTR but his hood shots driving is black?

  • Eight mountain
    Eight mountain3 måneder siden

    For this price gtr 2022 r36 might sound better but for this model nuh, rather buy a skyline r32-34 for much less and upgrade it since it's legal here now.

  • unkl munky
    unkl munky3 måneder siden

    Thats what the paddles are for

  • spidey web
    spidey web4 måneder siden

    Nissan should build a R35 GTR-LM roadcar like the R33...😊

  • Arvin Ghannad
    Arvin Ghannad4 måneder siden

    That is not transmission sound It comes from propeller shaft U-joint(s) or maybe planetaty gears. Because as you said the transmission is old and it doesn't pre select the gear and when you press the pedal, it actually opens the throttles before disengaging the gear. That's why you hear that wierd noise.

  • Ricardo Mendes
    Ricardo Mendes4 måneder siden

    Japan cars are good with engine heat

  • Jose Cerna
    Jose Cerna4 måneder siden

    Great content!! Can you please review the new nissan z400..

  • Hazulkar
    Hazulkar4 måneder siden

    Awesome review and video as usual. Can you PLEASE, PLEASE explain the bellhousing problem and if there's any way to fix that if you decide to buy the car. It's not very nice to pay that much for a car (even the non Nismo) and then pay USD 15 000 - 20 000 $ when the bellhousing brake.

  • Gali
    Gali4 måneder siden

    If only the brakes where red... that's at least 200hp loss smh

  • Alex890
    Alex8904 måneder siden

    That gtr transmission problems sounds the same like my 2018 Nissan Titan (Gas)

  • neil worsfold
    neil worsfold4 måneder siden

    Great review dude thanx👍👍

  • yangy
    yangy4 måneder siden

    click alt+f4 after 0:23

  • Zezu Zezu
    Zezu Zezu4 måneder siden

    There is available in Manual Gear Box ??? If it is last longer than Automatic Transmission.!!! and much fun to drive it ...

  • Mayday ImPOrtAnt
    Mayday ImPOrtAnt4 måneder siden

    not revelevant. 210k for that--neverr

  • Jurham 2021
    Jurham 20214 måneder siden

    Dear Americans please use metric units instead of imperial.

  • Eric Mueser
    Eric Mueser4 måneder siden

    $50,000 for 50 lbs. On what planet is that a good deal? I don't know what Nissan is smoking, but I'ma need some and make it a double.

  • Exodus
    Exodus4 måneder siden

    Just tune a base

  • Warwick Dennis
    Warwick Dennis5 måneder siden

    Thanks but no thanks, I’m a regular joe an that kinda money is what I buy a house with. Back to you my Mustang GT

  • Steve Cleaver
    Steve Cleaver5 måneder siden

    Love the NIssan GTR, started off drooling over the Skyline GTR R32, then of course the R33 then the R34 & was heartbroken when the cancelled the Skyline & we had that INFINITY of time before they announced the R35. Have been fortunate enough to drive them & would LOVE to have an R35, especially the Nismo .... BUT, BUT, BUT the difference in price between the "standard" & the Nismo is what has ALWAYS perplexed me, even when the R35 first came out & the GTR was £70k the Nismo was £135k (if I remember correctly) so nearly DOUBLE the price & you got an extra 40 HP (or there abouts) & the car was something like 30kg lighter for almost the cost of another GTR !!!!!! & as you say in this video, that has just continued except you then hit us with BOMBSHELL ... YOU DON'T EVEN GET MORE POWER ANYMORE, yes, it's still a "little bit" lighter, but only a little, If I were buying one now, I would definitely get the standard version, not even sure I'd bother with the track special, but I STILL LUST AFTER THIS CAR !!!!!!

  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVid5 måneder siden

    Godzilla should be brutal.

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez5 måneder siden

    210bow wows!! I’ll pass

  • Chris Redfield RCPD
    Chris Redfield RCPD5 måneder siden

    Nissan definitely needs to make a new GT-R...

  • Krypto Kn8
    Krypto Kn85 måneder siden

    2:39 2rd gear lol

  • Enzo Liu
    Enzo Liu5 måneder siden

    If Mizuno-San hadn't left Nissan, R35 mgiht be even faster, better, and cheaper. T^T

  • Michele Tumbarello
    Michele Tumbarello5 måneder siden

    They just needed to lower the roof-line, in order to refresh style. Technically the car is a masterpiece

  • Juke Turbo
    Juke Turbo5 måneder siden

    Way over priced now.

  • Anvar Paul Sh
    Anvar Paul Sh5 måneder siden

    But you driving the black car

  • Nicholas Lombardi
    Nicholas Lombardi5 måneder siden

    I've never been a fan of the R35, in terms of styling, it has always reminded me of a stretched 350Z.(from the front) They really need to redesign this thing.. I know its a beast of a car, but Nissan should go back to their roots and take styling cues from either the R32,33, or 34...

  • DatBoi correa
    DatBoi correa5 måneder siden

    It looks like a hippo....

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern5 måneder siden

    Can't you see the profiteering? Carbon fiber doors would be more expensive to make. Carbon fiber bumpers, easy to make and get broken often, so they can claw back funds in repairs. Nissan is not in a good place right now.

  • Walter Lemus!!!
    Walter Lemus!!!5 måneder siden

    Ohhhhhh so that’s why they call the car Godzilla because its heavy.😂

  • AutoBez 313
    AutoBez 3135 måneder siden

    This be my dream car 🚗 🚘

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin5 måneder siden

    Let's review, I can get this, OR I can have a GT3RS. LOL

  • vansdan
    vansdan6 måneder siden

    9:00 I spy with my little eye...

  • Double H H
    Double H H6 måneder siden

    The upside of that heavy more upright body and frame is that you would at least walk away from an oops slide into a barricade. Wish Paul Walker was driving this instead.....

  • Sfâșiere
    Sfâșiere6 måneder siden

    Why spend 200 grand when you can buy a mid-engine Corvette for less than half the price? WTF was Nissan smoking?

  • Rainbowsmith Engineering

    Rainbowsmith Engineering

    4 måneder siden

    No No No . . .

  • churkinese
    churkinese6 måneder siden

    You know you’ve made it when Nissan contacts you to test drive their latest model GTR

  • Mike husky
    Mike husky6 måneder siden

    Why you driving a car with a black hood?

  • Craig Green
    Craig Green6 måneder siden

    Steel rear fenders? Dude it's a steel body. You're just reciting data for the whole vid.

  • Anier VG
    Anier VG6 måneder siden

    All i know is the car looks sick lol

  • Daemon Silver
    Daemon Silver6 måneder siden

    The Factory Five 818 with an oldschool direct-injected cable-throttle straight six would probably be more fun to drive, and all-in stage two performance would probably only clock in at $60,000.

  • Patrick
    Patrick6 måneder siden

    The GTR is awesome but $200+ when you can buy a GT500 for $90 to me is a bit ridiculous

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown6 måneder siden

    the way he says nismo makes me mad

  • RJon2006
    RJon20066 måneder siden

    We just saw one at a gas station near us here in MO. I think it was a 2020. I will still turns heads. Im not super into these GTRs but they always make me rubber-neck when I see one.

  • alle_alle 2013
    alle_alle 20136 måneder siden

    That’s my dream car 😩

  • smokeldogg
    smokeldogg6 måneder siden

    Wow look another video on NOlocal about a guy in his Supra/Skyline video thinking he’s cool because he let the Fast and Furious decide which car he likes.

  • Драгољуб Михаиловић
    Драгољуб Михаиловић6 måneder siden

    They are milking the gtr as much as they can

  • Jordan Broly
    Jordan Broly6 måneder siden

    "Usable horsepower" I'll stick to my Grand Cherokee with my 4x4, ZF, and Hellcat (que all the ignorant types that think liking "cars" mean track types and nothing else even if it dusts them in all lines) [not that i'm not working with a GT-R and such amongst the gang]

  • Sergio Madureira
    Sergio Madureira6 måneder siden

    Godzilla always been my fav sports car, but this car's transmition is defenitly showing its age. Another personal preference, I dont like the paddle shits attached to the wheel, I like big alluminium fixed paddles attached to the collumn

  • Powaup
    Powaup6 måneder siden

    2 and a half second is a lifetime on a regular size track

  • mark broad
    mark broad6 måneder siden

    They could have stopped changing after the gtr34 and I think most would be just fine with that.

  • Peter Klaasse
    Peter Klaasse6 måneder siden

    Did Nissan use neodymium loudspeakers for weight reduction, or better no audio :) And the propeller shaft they made from lighter material?

  • Just Me
    Just Me7 måneder siden

    well, you could by a stock one or even a premium one, use those remaining 110k to amp up them hrsprs and you'll end up with a better car than the nismo, even lighter if you want at this point nissan is selling you the badge, come on nissan! i like you but you hurt me

  • Vasu Sharma
    Vasu Sharma7 måneder siden

    Everyone saying its expensive. Yes it is not by that margin. They are changing stuff to give it better ride than before. If you see first gtr n compare it to now. U can see the difference. If you talking about price even same fruit or vegetable is expensive as compared to 2009. Even golf gti is not even same price it was before it launched.

  • Sonic Boom!
    Sonic Boom!7 måneder siden

    $210k? Almost double that in Australia

  • Mr Jean Deaux
    Mr Jean Deaux7 måneder siden

    I'm guessing it's a software issue (rather than hardware) that causes the incremental down-shifting? If so, could this not be remedied with a computer and an internet (or something)?

  • Mr Jean Deaux
    Mr Jean Deaux7 måneder siden

    Lotus does! 👍😎

  • Mr Jean Deaux
    Mr Jean Deaux7 måneder siden

    Impressive delivery of oral content while driving a 200+mph car! Fascinating stuff, too. 👍

  • ollo LoL
    ollo LoL7 måneder siden

    Too expensive for GTR it just a normal car with powerful engine and awd(suck transmission) it too heavy to be sport car

  • Sam Spezza
    Sam Spezza7 måneder siden

    Max effort example of a 13 year old platform from Nissan...... gets it's teeth kicked in by the new NSX which is a brand new platform, and costs $50k less.

  • Wen Xie
    Wen Xie7 måneder siden

    $210k lololololil thats a lot of cars

  • abbreviation of time
    abbreviation of time7 måneder siden

    Heavy - yes Old - yes Expensive - yes Auto - yes V6 - yes Boring - yes Sounds like a bargin

  • Bass4Ever
    Bass4Ever7 måneder siden

    The body shape still the same square. Too pricey , Just get the track edition and save yourself some money.

  • Harbl
    Harbl7 måneder siden

    Any percent that a manufacturer quotes as an improvment (like 20% stiffer, ...) is pure and utter marketing wank. No context, no measurment data and method, no engineering... And you call this an engineering channel. Give us a torque curve or transient response data instead of meaningless numbers that can be made to suit whatever the manufacturer wants to sell

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness7 måneder siden

    I love skylines as much as anyone. I especially love a vehicle with all wheel drive. But for $210,000 I'd rather invest in a used C8 corvette in a couple years and get 95% of the performance for 20% of the cost. Guess I'll have to make a custom fit cooler for the frunk, a snorkle, and air suspension for my off road excursions. Still money ahead.

  • Goat Mania
    Goat Mania7 måneder siden


  • rigjockey67
    rigjockey677 måneder siden

    Please tell me what you do to get beautiful automobiles lent to you for review, testing or for whatever reason! I want in! :)

  • Afif Dzafran
    Afif Dzafran7 måneder siden

    I like nismo version 2017 because include recaro bucket seat... why 2020 nismo not same 2017 model bucket seat..? What happen factory made have low budjet ?? Reduce cost..? Lol

  • Billy_Miner
    Billy_Miner8 måneder siden

    Nissan put carbon fiber rims on that Nizmo GtR....😛✌

  • Mahlok 82
    Mahlok 828 måneder siden

    Nissan gtr faster gtr35 nismo

  • Ibrahim Qawasmeh
    Ibrahim Qawasmeh8 måneder siden

    What I hate about GTR , the screen looks like out of date , sometimes I feel the screen in R34 is more modern 😂 , please Nissan , we need huge update for the touch screen

  • Rory Nesta
    Rory Nesta8 måneder siden

    if you cant do much to modify the car due to insurance,just buy a 2019 one and get titanium or inconel compressor and exhaust wheels on the turbos for better response. I would much prefer the Nismo Z-tune than this.

  • Simon Prescott
    Simon Prescott8 måneder siden

    6:57 “so that’s great” 😂

  • Neeraj Chelat
    Neeraj Chelat8 måneder siden

    I am a huge gt r fan and if yu just consider it as it is without considering the competition its still a great car. But i think nissan needs to launch a new R36. One thing that made GT Rs great was that they were always ahead of the time at which they were launched. In 2008 it was a definitely a great piece of technology. And most of it is still the same. But a new R36 that keeps on to the legacy of GT Rs of the past will be welcome. Since 2008 the competition has taken a big step and nissan really needs to step up the game .

  • Marius Silviu Fasie
    Marius Silviu Fasie8 måneder siden

    They need a new model with much less weight, they can't compete anymore with the market They are far away behind for a time now

  • John Jr
    John Jr8 måneder siden

    If only I had the money, at least the used GTR market is more reachable now.

  • malcolmar
    malcolmar8 måneder siden

    What an AMAZING machine! Nissan has really got this car dialed in! Well done Nissan. Well done.

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius8 måneder siden

    Imagine the next generation gtr. I want a 800hp car for the price of an amg gts

  • Nicholas Lombardi
    Nicholas Lombardi9 måneder siden

    Never was a fan of the R35, looks like a stretched 350Z, fugly af.. Highly overpriced imo. I rather the R32-34 still to this day... RB26DETT, I6 ftw =)

  • Rien Es
    Rien Es9 måneder siden

    the gtr has been great but its kinda boring now after so many years :(

  • Loupgarou
    Loupgarou9 måneder siden

    $210,000 Nissan :(

  • Nadine Heera
    Nadine Heera9 måneder siden

    Why Nissan brought this car to the USA god alone know's

  • Erwan 35
    Erwan 359 måneder siden

    I think this car costs that much is due to the name they have created. 10years winning against supercars. Gtr is mostly peoples dream car inc myself. Its about how gtr is a GTR🤣🤣

  • Emilios Powerballer
    Emilios Powerballer9 måneder siden

    people wonder why the 2020 GT R Nismo is priced at around 200k dollars. I will tell you why, because Nissan is going bankrupt. Their alliance with Renault proved a massive failure, Nissans arent reliable anymore, and if Nissan continues being on the path that they currently are, they need every penny to get back, hence 200k for a car that when it was first introduced in 2007 cost 80k.

  • crimescene25
    crimescene259 måneder siden

    fastest production gtr****

  • Kai Yuen
    Kai Yuen9 måneder siden

    "it might be an small matter for a car with 600hp but if you laugh and call it insignificant then you are not qualified to talk about tuning" heard that somewhere once, forget where. Also i might point out that the GTR was designed to be heavy for the purpose of balance and mechanical grip.

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star9 måneder siden

    So Shawn Mendes sideline is reviewing cars?