How Miserable Is A Tesla Road Trip?


Electric Car Road Trips - Everything You Need To Know
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I drove my Tesla Model 3 from Idaho to Michigan, about 2,000 miles, to find out what it's like to road trip in an electric car. The Tesla Model 3 Performance has an estimated 310 miles of range, so I packed it up with a friend and drove across the country. This video will cover many of the questions surrounding electric car road trips.
Questions include: What kind of realistic range will you get on a single charge? How far can you travel in one day? How much time does it take to recharge an electric car? How much longer is an electric road trip versus a gasoline road trip? How much does an electric road trip cost? How do you know where to charge your electric car? What does Tesla do well for road trips? What about driving a Tesla sucks on a road trip? How useful is Tesla's supercharger network, and how does it work? How can you handle range anxiety during an electric drive? How comfortable is a Tesla over a long distance?
Overall, the video serves as an in depth look at everything related to driving an electric car significantly further than the vehicle's range on a single charge. Enjoy!
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  • Evan B
    Evan B18 timer siden

    He's not 56, he's 31. Had to look it up

  • 209John
    209JohnDag siden

    I see the toilet paper and that is nice and all but you need some bathroom wipes to keep that pooper pristine

  • Ranger Smith
    Ranger SmithDag siden

    You'd have to pay me a lot to take a cross-country trip in all all-electric vehicle. To spend 50 minutes idle every 200 miles is a nonstarter for me. Who wants to spend hours and hours charging when it takes just minutes to buy good old fossil fuel? Oh, just eat whenever you stop to charge? By the time I covered 2,000 miles I'd no longer fit in the seat. And all that assumes you can actually find fast chargers along the way, that they'll be in working order, and that they'll be unoccupied. No thanks. And unless I just missed, it you noted that your Tesla account was simply tapped whenever you charged, which is convenient, but you made no mention of HOW MUCH you were charged to charge. I understand no rates are generally posted on the chargers, so you can easily get shafted.

  • jairo zetino
    jairo zetino3 dager siden

    Don't use Google maps, waze is way better, believe me.

  • I Sejanus
    I Sejanus4 dager siden

    What if you aren't on interstates? Are charging stations available?

  • Saphire Gem
    Saphire Gem4 dager siden

    Time is money. Pay me 40$ an hr to charge my car. Same price as gas.

  • Roger Russell
    Roger Russell7 dager siden

    For serious road trips, ICE is still the way to go.

  • Constantine Blinkov
    Constantine Blinkov7 dager siden

    Seems like a horrible experience comparing to ICE for the same fuel cost and a lot more time...

  • Gerhard Hohmann
    Gerhard Hohmann7 dager siden

    Honestly that Tesla is hideous!

  • TheBluePanda
    TheBluePanda7 dager siden

    You can't be in your 50s.. you have the same insufferable energy as millenial vloggers.

  • EbFilesX
    EbFilesX8 dager siden

    So it's not miserable? Lame headline. Thumbs down.

  • TallCoolDrink
    TallCoolDrink8 dager siden

    He has big right hand...or is it just the camera angle?

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash Sattar9 dager siden

    Does this guy EVER shut up ??? He can talk for fooking ages...good thing he's interesting and gives good information but lord have mercy he can talk. I've just read a few of the comments and how people are shocked at his age and how young he looks. It's because he exercises his motor mouth and that keeps his face tight and looking fat free.

  • V i d e o s #2
    V i d e o s #29 dager siden

    0:00 why are his arms so thin?

  • Jim Shafer
    Jim Shafer9 dager siden

    The fastest way to get across the road is to drive fast and charge more often, but only charge from 10% to just enough to get two hours down the road. This uses more electricity but the cost is minimal. The shorter drive runs help the driver stay alert. You will arrive at your destination fresher and less tired. A BetterRoutePLanner is a better way to plan your trip than Google maps and the Tesla app

  • Bicycle Sunday
    Bicycle Sunday11 dager siden

    Joke: Does tesla owner dream (nightmare) about battery%🤪

  • Stangedude 56
    Stangedude 5611 dager siden

    Oh hell no.

  • Burt Vincent
    Burt Vincent12 dager siden

    No thank you just the same.

  • R Gunness
    R Gunness12 dager siden

    I watched CGP Gray’s trip and I would have watched yours as well.

  • megalexantros
    megalexantros12 dager siden

    How tf is this man 57yo???

  • vcrcooking
    vcrcooking12 dager siden

    I just took a 340 mile road trip from GA to Florida in my model three. MISERABLE and never again. Charging adds so much time to this trip and charging in the rain just sucks. I hit 5 super chargers on the way down, 5 on the way back and one had a line. SUCKS!!!!!!

  • Chris Shannon
    Chris Shannon12 dager siden

    So how much fossil fuel did you burn charging your coal-powered car???

  • Opie Twoep
    Opie Twoep12 dager siden

    No way you are born in 1963

  • JoeTheAviator
    JoeTheAviator13 dager siden

    Is ur car long range

  • colin cameron
    colin cameron13 dager siden

    My ford ranger diesel does 800km to to an 80ltre tank so is cheaper and goes further than that tesla. I am not selling my truck any time soon. Diesel is $1NZ per liter here in at the mo on my discount card.

  • M R
    M R14 dager siden

    Was anyone else shocked when he said he was born in 1963? I swore he was like 30 years old

  • ol jack burton
    ol jack burton14 dager siden

    Wayne Gerdes could have made that trip in a first generation Kia Optima Hybrid in less than two tanks (brimmed off though, so technically 2.5 regular tanks) of gas...

  • Terry Hutchinson
    Terry Hutchinson14 dager siden

    EVs are ridiculous. What if you see a side trip you want to check out? Out of luck then I guess.

  • ElmMakers
    ElmMakers17 dager siden

    How much did it cost to use the super chargers the whole trip??

  • Adithya Bala
    Adithya Bala17 dager siden

    A 15% buffer is excessive and probably added a lot of time to his trip. I go with 10% (as you're driving the car will always display what it estimates you will get to the next charger at and it's been very accurate even in subzero temps with heat blasting and driving 80-90 mph) if this does happen to drop below 10% as you're driving then just slow down a bit. It's ideal to only charge up from 10% to 70-80% at each stop because charging slows down drastically after that. Charging 10% to 70% takes just as long as 70-100%.

  • Devin Western
    Devin Western17 dager siden

    Is it better for the battery's health to top off the battery always instead of nearly draining it repeatedly?

  • Eric Walker
    Eric Walker17 dager siden

    I thought this man was in his 30s

  • Russell Mondy
    Russell Mondy18 dager siden

    That was a great video because you covered all the angles.

  • Peter
    Peter20 dager siden

    only 16Gallones of gas?! Because your energy comes out of a socket, right? And you're not only charging when the wind is blowing.

  • A. Jain
    A. Jain21 dag siden

    Tx I thought Michellen tyre r too good but clearly not

  • Rick Pontificates
    Rick Pontificates22 dager siden

    I went into a convenience store today in Vegas, passing a charging electric car on the way in. I bought my soda, gambled for 30 minutes and left. When I walked out, the car was STILL sitting there charging. NO WAY I’m going through that with an electric car!

  • Javier Espana
    Javier Espana23 dager siden

    OMG, the Keith Richards diet really works!

  • iulian muresanu
    iulian muresanu24 dager siden

    no way you're 57

  • fewoo
    fewoo25 dager siden

    He's a Highlander if he's born in 1963.

  • John Moses
    John Moses27 dager siden

    I'd like to know the total energy cost of the trip

  • Roger Spalding
    Roger Spalding27 dager siden

    Interesting trip. I thought gasoline still packs more energy than electricity/battery when compared to each other in equivalent units.

  • Novo Dimaporo
    Novo DimaporoMåned siden

    I was invested to this, and we dont even have tesla in our country. Damn!

  • pgainsback
    pgainsbackMåned siden

    I tried to watch this .....but the posters bloody right hand, waving about off that gangly right arm; it made me crazy. Good bye.

  • Sam Kiana
    Sam KianaMåned siden

    I can eat in 52 seconds

  • License to adventure Driving
    License to adventure DrivingMåned siden

    200 miles and an hour of break is perfectly alright.

  • B C
    B CMåned siden

    That tunnel at the 10:50 mark is Green River Wyoming

  • Jef Frey
    Jef FreyMåned siden

    Tunnel rrrrreeeeeevvvvvvvvvssss Bbbbrrrrrraaaaaapppppppppppp!!!!!!!

  • Harold Williams
    Harold WilliamsMåned siden

    How do you get to a restraunt while the car is charging?

  • Brett Grove
    Brett GroveMåned siden

    Thx a lot. Me and a few others I know have been wondering what a Tesla would be like on a road trip. None of us know anyone who has an ev.

  • Jimmy Estefalk
    Jimmy EstefalkMåned siden

    That is a big problem if you have to charge for 7,5 hours for a 30 hour trip ://

  • Michael Rhodes
    Michael RhodesMåned siden

    I drove from Orange County, FL to Orange County, CA in the exact same model Tesla. I timed how much time I waited for charging that I wasn't eating or using a restroom. Twiddling my thumbs waiting for the car to charge from coast to coast totaled 4 hours. I set Autopilot to 80 MPH the whole way. A month before the last Supercharger upgrade, I drove 2 Teslas from Colorado to Florida in one week. One was the RWD long range and the other was the Performance Model, which I still have. The first trip in the RWD LR model was made in sub-freezing weather most of the way. Not only did the battery drain much faster, but I had to trickle charge to 100% to make it to the next station. On that trip, I twiddled thumbs for 7 hours. The second trip started the day after arriving in Orlando and parking at the airport to fly right back home for a traffic ticket. Temperatures rose to 33º in Colorado. On that trip, I twiddled my thumbs only 3 hours. What a difference 25º makes. And what a difference the Supercharger upgrade makes that my cross country trip had almost as little charging downtime as my half cross country trip before.

  • dka13
    dka13Måned siden

    youre also using a performance rather than a long range

  • dka13


    Måned siden

    as well as using the slightly less efficient tires

  • cammandoookhan skyblue beast i m nephew
    cammandoookhan skyblue beast i m nephewMåned siden

    I know this and electric motors r so efficient that it can travel over 12,000 to 14,000 kms in 1 liters of petrol in 1,000 kg weight 😏😏😏😏😏😎😎😎😎😎 (Over 5000 kms in 1liter of petrol in 1000 kg when rpm of motor is same as rpm of wheel 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋) In India its 5 to 6 rs/kWh 1 dollar is approximately 70 Indian rs 😋😋😋😋😋

  • wjstewdog
    wjstewdogMåned siden

    1963! Did Tesla invent the fountain of youth ? You look great ! Thanks for the video

  • Richard Hetrick
    Richard HetrickMåned siden

    My phone wilshow all charge stationl

  • W J
    W JMåned siden

    Please do skincare routine

  • fred peters
    fred petersMåned siden

    I drive a similar route from Oregon to Wisconsin every year. 8 hours charging time would be untenable. That's an extra day on the road, an extra night in a motel and a whole lot of time to kill.

  • Robs OnBass
    Robs OnBassMåned siden

    This summer my wife and I drove from south central Kentucky to Seattle and back. Total was four hours in a Scion iA. We bought it because it tends to drive and ride like a much bigger car. It took us two days. We averaged about 80+ mph because we were able to cruise at about 95 in some states. When we needed gas we simply found the next Loves, Pilot, Sinclaire, TA, Flying J, etc. I would not use an electric car for a road trip because of all the planning you have to do to plan charges. If they were not so expensive, I'd get an electric and just use it for my local stuff. I can't imagine using it for my main car. And they don't have the range in cold weather. BTW, you mention weight. We came back carrying a bunch of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition (the trip was about my father's death and part of my inheritance). The car got about 350 miles per tank. I think electric is a great thing, especially for urban folk, but it's not really ready for prime time, as you point out in your video comparing the weight and size of gasoline compared to batteries. Cool for short trips though, if you do a lot of them.

  • Roger didit
    Roger diditMåned siden

    Forty minute wait after three hours? And you WHAT? Stop to eat? Look at you. You can't expect us to believe that do you? I'm not out to save the planet. I'm keeping my Toyota.

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler JohnsonMåned siden

    ABRP is a way better road trip planner than the Tesla Nav. System

  • Trendum Terra
    Trendum TerraMåned siden

    What a hell having to drive 30 hours constantly worring about efficiency never flooring that pedal for some fun

  • Cody Kochmann
    Cody KochmannMåned siden

    SOB just made me look up his age! Now I cant believe any of the numbers coming out of his channel?!?!

  • Mike Chiodetti
    Mike ChiodettiMåned siden

    This was definitely a very detailed look at the range, time and power usage. I'd like to see the same for short trip driving, especially within 25 miles, with lots of traffic lights, stop signs, etc.

  • gaurav kumar
    gaurav kumarMåned siden

    Or buy a petrol powered car and keep the tension of charging away. Just fill it up in 5 minutes and stop where ever you want to eat.

  • Justin Schofeild
    Justin SchofeildMåned siden

    Your 57???? I thought you were like 30??

  • Dmytro Kovalov
    Dmytro KovalovMåned siden

    would it take you less time if you drove slower? I mean you would stop less frequently to charge, as your power drain is decreased at lower speeds

  • Panda playz
    Panda playzMåned siden

    It might be nice in the US but in Europe this trip would be totally different experience . 1 its expensive, 2 there are not that many chargers . service centers ..... there are some or there are none ... 4 no driving to big holiday resorts duding holidays the lines to charge your car can be hours...

  • Larry Brown
    Larry BrownMåned siden

    i made a 1000 mile trip and it was on autopilot near all the time. This was very easy driving, let the car drive it self. Soon you have confidence in it and you will trust it.

  • Daniel Snook
    Daniel SnookMåned siden

    Wake me up when a tesla can drive x-country all day on a single charge. Who eats every 3 hrs? Sounds like Tesla is bad for your waistline.;)

  • Hunter Johnson
    Hunter JohnsonMåned siden

    Bothering with managing the energy of the vehicle is entertaining for an engineer. I could see having a bit of fun with this (I'm an engineer). But normal people won't want to bother with this nonsense. It takes perhaps 40 hp to push a smallish car at 80 mph. Give me a 1000 cc turbo diesel to power a generator/hybrid setup with regen brakes plus a battery system to give decent acceleration as necessary--the Mercedes F1 hybrid system is over 50% efficient, as compared to perhaps 30% with normal ICEs.

  • buck marcabu
    buck marcabuMåned siden

    This is the only main reason I haven't decide to buy a full electric car

  • Augie Mattheiss
    Augie MattheissMåned siden

    If you ignore the EPA super fund sites related to electronics manufacturing and ignore fossil fuel based power plants those EVs are really green!

  • Mark Bajek
    Mark BajekMåned siden

    I guess you could sit and nap in your car for 30 minutes or so.

  • Paul Crawford
    Paul Crawford2 måneder siden

    cool... I've saved up 5k dollar... can I get one of them?

  • Vi B
    Vi B2 måneder siden

    8 hrs of charging ? LOL a few years once the Hydrogen stations ramp up, TSLA's and plain jane EV's will become legacy technology.

  • Deb
    Deb2 måneder siden

    How much does it cost to recharge the car battery on a trip?

  • Tom Byrne
    Tom Byrne2 måneder siden

    I'm a nerd this video gave me a headache, gas all the way. No wonder all the "fast " Teslas drive like grandmas that I must pass because they impede traffic flow worried about running out. Golf carts

  • Dons90 A
    Dons90 A2 måneder siden

    7 hours to change a tyre?

  • sunseasurf1000
    sunseasurf10002 måneder siden

    The mileage would be terrible if I drove because I have a lead foot. 🤣🤣

  • Julio Alvear
    Julio Alvear2 måneder siden

    I've done life cycle cost analysis before buying or lease my car back in 2015 on Tesla, Honda Accord & Mercedes C class. Tesla and Mercedes did not make financial sense. Granted all cars go down in value with time (unless you buy a classic vintage car) the Honda Accord was the best value.

  • Jesse K
    Jesse K2 måneder siden

    Who wants to stop every 2 hrs though? I only stop once every 5 hrs to fill my Hybrid Accord. Love my 550-600 mi per tank range! I average 43 mpg

  • Aeron Gerich Co
    Aeron Gerich Co2 måneder siden

    So if driving one of the best electric cars in the market now is a miserable experience, would you still choose to own and drive gas or electric car? Only 1 choice.

  • Thomas Gregory
    Thomas Gregory2 måneder siden

    4:13 - You can limit your Tesla to 350+ miles per hour! I've heard those things are fast, but that's world record speed right there :D

  • Leo M. Mara
    Leo M. Mara2 måneder siden

    What is the effect of superchargers on battery longevity?

  • Riaz
    Riaz2 måneder siden

    I wonder how much time you'd save charging vs. extra time driving if you drove at 70 instead of 75.

  • Cody McCarty
    Cody McCarty2 måneder siden

    Great Video! I'm interested in getting the Cybertruck when it comes out, but I don't know anything about EVs. Trying to find legit pros and cons video of EVs vs ICE is nearly futile bc of the biases. You gave many facts especially with charge and drive time, but I also appreciated your opinions and subjective comments. Thanks for being a normal person!

  • Aayush
    Aayush2 måneder siden

    Obviously Google maps won't account for stopping for gas for an EV!

  • Scott Dowdy
    Scott Dowdy2 måneder siden

    8 hours of charge time to save $40 in gas? Electric is a joke. And for you green freaks out there - how much coal is burned to generate the electricity needed to save the planet by switching to electric cars?

  • Al D
    Al D2 måneder siden

    As an old guy, this new technology is somewhat confusing to me, but I do find it very interesting. I really thought the road trip planning was very interesting but at this point in my life I prefer to avoid traveling in big cities and I like to travel back roads whenever I can (like the old sections of Route 66). And as I've traveled I haven't noticed many (if any) of those charging stations. Hopefully they will become more plentiful in areas off the major highways.

  • Samuel Fedorchuk
    Samuel Fedorchuk2 måneder siden

    Everyone: 1963?! Me: This man is from Idaho? That's rare😂

  • Troy Riley
    Troy Riley2 måneder siden

    My god people! The comments bout his age. Ummm did anybody even understand what the video was about???

  • L33tspeak
    L33tspeak2 måneder siden

    Imagine hitting traffic and thinking "awesome more range"

  • Joe's World
    Joe's World2 måneder siden

    Looks like a nice car with decent features, but at $70,000+ as a starting price, a less efficient and far less costly internal combustion vehicle still wins for economy.

  • Willy Bloch
    Willy Bloch2 måneder siden

    Model Y for me! Coffee time while charging! Relax, hyperactivity is not so deadly!

  • Captain_Moonlight
    Captain_Moonlight2 måneder siden

    What I want to know is: What effect does such major discharging and recharging cycles have on the life expectancy of the Tesla battery? What is the battery's efficiency like 3-5 years down the line? Everything I have heard or learnt about batteries up till this point tells me that they don't do well with such extreme cycles.

  • Robert walley
    Robert walley2 måneder siden

    You confuse me with all the numbers, if my max speed on cruise control is 60 mph how long can go in a EV on the highway.

  • Jose Manuel Zamora
    Jose Manuel Zamora2 måneder siden

    Do you even lift bro

  • Jose Manuel Zamora
    Jose Manuel Zamora2 måneder siden

    Bro hit the gym

  • K- Mar
    K- Mar2 måneder siden

    Energy efficiency loss is generated at the power station

  • Nice-oscar
    Nice-oscar2 måneder siden

    1963? forget the video, tell me what you do and how you do it to look 25 years old?