How Mercedes Made The Most Powerful 4-Cylinder Engine In The World


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Mercedes AMG has cranked out a gem of an engine. The hand built M139 is a 2.0L turbocharged inline four-cylinder that makes 416 horsepower! That makes it the most powerful turbo four-cylinder engine currently in a production car! The M139 engine is used the Mercedes GLA45, CLA45, and A45 vehicles. 416 horsepower at 6,750 RPM and 369 lb-ft at 5,000 RPM. With a displacement of 1991 cc, the M139 makes over 208 horsepower per liter! It also has some of the highest peak combustion pressures of any engine.
How did Mercedes do it? Clever engineering. From the engine layout, to the roller-bearing twin-scroll turbos, to the block and forged internals, to the cylinder head, to the spray on cylinder liners, the engine is packed with brilliant engineering features. How does it all work? Check out the video for full details!
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  • stefan marceta
    stefan marceta8 dager siden

    bmw has released the p48 M motorsport engine, which is a 2.0l 4 cylinder single twin scroll turbo pushing 600 hp

  • James Playz1
    James Playz18 dager siden

    Um I thought 4-cylinders couldn’t go over 180hp

  • William Gabriel
    William Gabriel18 dager siden

    I have a question: can I put this thing into a 488?

  • Phase Panther
    Phase PantherMåned siden

    Would that nanocoat allow a rotary to use less oil?

  • Rondennis Mwenda
    Rondennis MwendaMåned siden


  • phong hoang
    phong hoangMåned siden

    Imagine bragging about how u got an 8 cyclinder when someone else's 4 cyclinder beats ur 8 when it comes to 0-60 lmao

  • Devin alexander
    Devin alexanderMåned siden

    It's a shame they put an engine that sweet in the ugliest Benz's. Could have been utilized better in a c43.

  • Save Icebergs
    Save IcebergsMåned siden

    Hi. I just bought a brand new merc a45s from the dealership - abudhabi uae- and they told me you can drive it as you wish and no need at all for a break in period, but as you know the factory instructions say otherwise! So should i follow the dealership advice or the factory instructions? I drove it as per factory instructions for 750 km so far and can't wait to put it in race mode and step on the throttle

  • ilostmyiphone21
    ilostmyiphone21Måned siden

    This is one strong ass engine

  • Rafa Pereira
    Rafa Pereira2 måneder siden

    And then we have the 3 cilinder 2.0 2 bar turbo from sweden XD

  • Bournefort
    Bournefort2 måneder siden

    I love that Mercedes is willing to put their engineers on this task. 4 cylinders are the superior daily driving engine. It will be interesting to see reliability and longevity. Pretty crazy numbers to come with a factory warranty.

  • Amber57499
    Amber574992 måneder siden

    Isn't the Ford Focus RS engins (2.3l) stronger? Or is this raw unboosted power?

  • Bournefort


    2 måneder siden

    Not even close. The 2.3L Ford only makes 350 HP. This is a 2.0 that makes 416. They are both turbocharged engines. (I do love the Focus RS. I just wish the American companies would focus on performance turbo 4 cylinders again).

  • Raitis Grandovskis
    Raitis Grandovskis2 måneder siden

    1L kawasaki ninja h2 with 300hp

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen3 måneder siden

    Meanwhile: lancer with 4g63

  • S Bland
    S Bland3 måneder siden

    No thanks, I'd much sooner have a beautiful naturally aspirated engine with six cylinders.

  • Idiots Everywhere
    Idiots Everywhere3 måneder siden

    Idc how smart mercedes engineers are, 30psi of boost is a little extreme. This engine will never get to 100k miles

  • Bournefort


    2 måneder siden

    Only time will tell.

  • Przemek S
    Przemek S3 måneder siden

    Meanwhile Mitsubishi 6 years ago with their Evo X FQ-440 MR. I am joke to you?

  • TheBraveGallade
    TheBraveGallade3 måneder siden

    konigsegg: hold my beer *makes a supercar with a 3 cylinder*

  • José Luis Limachi

    José Luis Limachi

    5 dager siden

    You mean "hold my Pripps blå"

  • Retro 80's
    Retro 80's3 måneder siden

    A YB cosworth engine from the 80's with a twin scroll borg turbo and updated management will do 450bhp with no engine mods.... Booost is the key nothing new about this...

  • SeagIe
    SeagIe3 måneder siden

    most powerful STOCK 4 cylindedr

  • Bournefort


    2 måneder siden

    Obviously you can slap a huge turbo setup on any engine but this is a warrantied product. Pretty impressive. Leave it to the Germans.

  • ScoutSkills
    ScoutSkills3 måneder siden

    Volvo 850, T5, turbo in the back, early 90's.

  • Cody
    Cody3 måneder siden

    I know innovation comes with a cost, but just because it works doesn't mean it'll last. i'm guessing that thing will last about 50k-60k miles before it throws a rod or blows a head gasket.

  • Leen De Ronde
    Leen De Ronde3 måneder siden

    Mitsubishi evo fq400 did it too in the uk

  • anthony mills
    anthony mills3 måneder siden

    How about a whiteboard comparison between this and the S2000.

  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande19943 måneder siden

    *Laughs in BMW M10*

  • anan thu
    anan thu3 måneder siden

    Ferrrai writing notes .

  • Sebastian Ochs
    Sebastian Ochs3 måneder siden

    They stuck a giant turbo on it That's it Hate these how did... Made... Videos

  • Bournefort


    2 måneder siden

    If that was all they did, you would never be able to warranty the engine. Like he said in the video, reinforcing the block is a major part too. Very impressive numbers for a 2.0 L. German engineers are great.

  • Asia Streets
    Asia Streets3 måneder siden

    Though lancia got 600 out of 4 cyl

  • Zaheer Bangi
    Zaheer Bangi3 måneder siden

    Do you guys think this a Mercedes V4 engine is top tier/compared to a V6 in other car makers?

  • Leon H.
    Leon H.3 måneder siden

    First thing to do on every of your video is to click the Like Button. Such high quality education. Love it greets from Germany.

  • DC


    2 måneder siden

    ... als deutscher Ingenieur im Fachbereich Motorenentwicklung stimme ich dem absolut zu! Wir habens sowas von drauf, daß wir drauf SIND, haha... No, seriously - I strongly agree with this.

  • 1205shyam
    1205shyam4 måneder siden

    Excellent as always!

  • Throttle Steer
    Throttle Steer4 måneder siden

    The Evo X FQ-440 made 440hp at 6800rpm and 412 ft lbs at only 3100rpm. It was a UK only model but its still a production car. It had a warranty an no you don't need to rebuild the engine every x amount of miles like some idiots say.

  • don
    don4 måneder siden

    mercedes: we built the most powerful 4 cylinder in the world! steph papadakis: hahaha 2ar-fe go brrrr

  • G. Cast
    G. Cast4 måneder siden

    Amazing to see the technology that makes it. Not so on how to make it faster, but on how to make it last longer. But the price tag on those is ridiculous, I can see the pain in the owner's eyes when a 500hp shitbox wastes them.

  • Gkscoob 1
    Gkscoob 14 måneder siden

    Yet Nissan developed a 1 litre 3 cylinder turbo charged engine that weighs as much as a dog. And it produces 400bhp, so the AMG engine has no advantage at all apart from torque and weight

  • Bournefort


    2 måneder siden

    That Nissan engine is a race-car engine. Not even comparable. Apples to oranges. I doubt it would last 10,000 miles before needing a rebuild.

  • Alex08
    Alex084 måneder siden

    Is this engine made by Mercedes or Renault?

  • Zenas Starchild
    Zenas Starchild4 måneder siden

    It appears that Tim Cook of Apple has been talking with Ola Källenius.

  • Amit Krupal
    Amit Krupal4 måneder siden

    Will a parallel twin aluminum (block & head) 800cc push rod 4 valve 100 bhp & 100 Nm requires closed deck for cooling the block or open deck will be better.

  • Top Twitch Clips
    Top Twitch Clips4 måneder siden

    Mercedes : We have the most powerful 4 Cylinder Honda Civic Drivers : But we have V-Tec

  • Charles Lowe

    Charles Lowe

    2 måneder siden

    And it's JDM tight, yo!?

  • Rafa Pereira

    Rafa Pereira

    2 måneder siden

    @Shabuti R18 they have pioneered using the direct injection in plane engines,but it was an sweden who invented it....XD

  • Top Twitch Clips

    Top Twitch Clips

    2 måneder siden

    It amazes me how many people dont get that this is a joke.

  • Arihant Pathak

    Arihant Pathak

    2 måneder siden

    Bro mercedez benz is also using vtec for multiple cam sizes first get to know what is vtec :)

  • Mitchell Media

    Mitchell Media

    3 måneder siden

    @The notorious Joey you're damn lucky then😂 I had an e46 BMW and had quite the headache

  • Artur Eff
    Artur Eff4 måneder siden

    who cares I will nEVer go below 8

  • Bournefort


    2 måneder siden

    Either you don't drive very often or you like blowing money on gas lol. I'm not a billionaire so I actually care about efficiency and performance of an engine.

  • Thierry Krijger
    Thierry Krijger4 måneder siden

    And bmw made the most powerfull 4 cillinder 1500cc engine in the world. Which came out of an production car. Eat that Merc!

  • Apurv Jadhav
    Apurv Jadhav4 måneder siden

    Koenigsegg makes 3 cylinder 2 lit engine with 600 HP

  • Trancedrift
    Trancedrift4 måneder siden

    Like really?? Mitsubishi did this already in 2007-2008 with the last gen Evo. Rotated the engine, intercooler in front, turbo in the back. Split manifold, twin scroll turbo... it like really 10+ year old tech. In a production car, and made those power numbers not even going over 30 psi, in stock car, with factory warranty (UK fq400 models)

  • Bournefort


    2 måneder siden

    Dude, good point. I'm glad you pointed that out. I had never heard of another factory engine with these specs. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ400 was a beast. I can't find much on their reliability.

  • John Smith
    John Smith5 måneder siden

    Thanks for the video, as always great representation. So many good things going on here: twin scroll with roller bearings, closed deck, high boost, port/DI injection, exhaust rotated to the firewall (heat is pushed out of the engine bay naturally), but there's always have to be something to hold it back. With all the effort and no iron sleeves? Cutting corners everywhere. Time will tell, but I'm skeptical. Haven't seen those to hold up. I bet it has one piece low friction oil rings too. I see it start burning oil before 50k miles and dealer of course is going to say it's normal.

  • Orhan BAŞOL
    Orhan BAŞOL5 måneder siden

    voice and tempo suck and whirl

  • Crusoe Bower
    Crusoe Bower5 måneder siden

    She's Built 🇩🇪

  • Gregory Davis
    Gregory Davis5 måneder siden

    Have they started selling this car in the United States yet?

  • Zam Khan
    Zam Khan5 måneder siden

    I just loved the way you explain everything :-) keep it up bro I am gonna subscribe your channel right away and I want to see more of your videos in future :-) :-) peace :-)

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris5 måneder siden

    Evo 10 has the fg 440 its a 440hp car from factory its a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai5 måneder siden

    Designed to precisely last exactly 100,000 miles.

  • Utsusemi
    Utsusemi5 måneder siden

    i thought koenigsegg did :( but i think their's is a 3 cylinder

  • PLK
    PLK5 måneder siden

    But then koenigsegg made a 3 cylinder that's faster xD

  • M3_JOHN
    M3_JOHN5 måneder siden

    Let’s just forget the 4G63 shall we..

  • J.S.S. G
    J.S.S. G5 måneder siden

    This Mercedes ENGINE looks like the 1994 Celica Gt4 ENGINE. But modern technologie is always better

  • Vmaxscart
    Vmaxscart5 måneder siden

    1983 F1 Brabham bt52 with the BMW 2002 iron block turbo engine 1500cc 4 cyl 1500 bhp, sometimes i think we could do more.

  • Hermann Froh
    Hermann Froh5 måneder siden

    I demand a inline 4 cylinder engine with about 2.5-3.0 L displacement and 140 hp and intake-manifold fuel injection. Solid and most environmently friendly way of transportation because of its long and clean life.

  • frankie the fin
    frankie the fin5 måneder siden

    What about m111

  • paul vicks
    paul vicks5 måneder siden

    How's this impressive??? It's *turbocharged!!*

  • TheMuzikall
    TheMuzikall5 måneder siden

    Ha ha ha...So Lexus is Right once again...Direct Injection and Port solution to Carbon Build up caused by Direct injection..

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler5 måneder siden

    30 psi for that power......pfffft you make that with a Turbo Honda B16A on less psi........So is the Merc engine that good??

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P5 måneder siden

    My svt focus hade 330whp

  • TheTruth76
    TheTruth765 måneder siden

    Any idea how much pounds of boost my farts make?

  • Gringo!
    Gringo!5 måneder siden

    ill stick to the barra 400hp on 10psi with stock turbo

    LightningAssault.com5 måneder siden

    But will it break after 3 years ....

  • John pan
    John pan5 måneder siden

    It's boosted. People make 800HP with civics.

  • MrHazzard12345
    MrHazzard123456 måneder siden

    Mercedes are trash, their vans are complete garbo to say the least.

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez6 måneder siden

    The torque specs seem low to me.

  • Under God1776
    Under God17766 måneder siden

    a nightmare for mechanics

  • Desmo drome
    Desmo drome6 måneder siden

    How Mercedes made the fastest 2liter car? Simple.... By 100.000euros... Very simple...

  • Cool Boy
    Cool Boy6 måneder siden

    Easy, just chip up your Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi car etc, yours will be faster than Mercedes. The thing is that today's Mercedes fails to prove its reliability.

  • G Mann
    G Mann6 måneder siden

    Toyota’s prototype engine: *no*

  • dutch dettweiler
    dutch dettweiler6 måneder siden

    Brilliant design but you can tell the one thing they never thought about was making it last 100,000 kilometers

  • Gio Amg

    Gio Amg

    3 måneder siden

    Forged and hand built kiddo

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith6 måneder siden

    All I hear is dollar signs when it breaks...

  • Matthew Kesterson
    Matthew Kesterson6 måneder siden

    Maserati has a m139 engine as well...its a v8 though

  • Happy Guy
    Happy Guy6 måneder siden

    That thing is gonna blow up. Blow it's gaskets

  • F C
    F C6 måneder siden

    VW could easily build a 400HP EA888 engine as we know they did with the Golf R400 concept that would have been a production vehicle had Dieselgate not slashed funding. I wish Mercedes had just developed a I-5 for their “45” AMG cars instead of the I-4. Not only would the I-5 sound better, but it would be able to produce more power under less stress and Mercedes has a storied history of I-5 engines, albeit diesels, but still... for the sake of history! It also would be interesting to see the power and torque war between Audi and Mercedes go to new levels as introducing a new I-5 for the 45AMG models would have been like declaring war on the RS3/RSQ3/TT-RS.

  • Claude Baron
    Claude Baron6 måneder siden

    And Koenigseeg is able to pull 600HP out of a 3 cylinders 😱😱😱😱👍👍👍

  • Gregory Fernandez
    Gregory Fernandez6 måneder siden

    Kind of a misleading title, should be most powerful 4 cylinder power unit as the turbo is technically not part of the engine.

  • Eric Bostick
    Eric Bostick7 måneder siden

    What's the hp as ford's 2.3 had over 300hp

  • Gyula Ty
    Gyula Ty7 måneder siden

    BMW BT52 engine is laughing

  • 3Liter
    3Liter7 måneder siden

    Still getting details wrong eh? Closed deck blocks still have full size coolant passages around the cylinders just like open deck blocks. The only benefits of open deck are that the top 3mm of the cylinders get coolant contact (big whoop) and it's cheaper to manufacture.

  • Chasing Adventures
    Chasing Adventures7 måneder siden

    Naturally Aspirated, or Super Charged engines are more reliable. Turbos are connected to the Down Pipe, which is connected to the exhaust system for back flow pressure to spool the turbines. Back flow coming from exhaust leads to Carbon Build Up Check Engine Light turns on at 38,000 miles (after manufacturers warranty) Thus, locking Turbo Blades and internal veins, restricting air and boost. From my experience I learned the hard way, it was great for 3.5 years (after factory warranty ended) fuel mileage average was 32 mpg and dropped significantly to 8 mpg to 12 mpg. Good luck with your Turbo replacement.

  • Cooleye 888
    Cooleye 8887 måneder siden

    Lol in real world, Honda and Mitsubishi makes the most powerful 4 cyl turbo. Facts.

  • Cypher Punk
    Cypher Punk7 måneder siden

    Cars are getting closer to motorcycles in HP per litre. Most top of the line sports bikes pull 200hp+ from a 1000cc engine so a 2000cc engine will need 400hp to match the bikes and it would appear Mercedes has done this with a 416hp from a 2000cc engine. However the bikes do it with a NA tune and the car needs a turbo. What about a bike company that puts a Super Charger on their bikes? Well Kawasaki does this with the H2R and pulls 325hp from a 1000cc engine, so if the cars want to keep up then Mercedes needs to pull 650hp from this engine. Sorry buddy I'm not buying a car until they get faster. PS. I am aware there are cars faster than a motorcycle but these cars usually cost $1 million USD or more.

  • Vincent Commisso
    Vincent Commisso7 måneder siden

    Now we need a video on the Toyota GR Yaris.. Worlds most powerful 3 cylinder production engine

  • Mike f
    Mike f7 måneder siden

    And now there's a 3-cylinder car with 600hp

  • Eduardo Ruiz
    Eduardo Ruiz7 måneder siden

    the motor 4 cylinders most power powerful with the half of power than the most powerfull motor of 3 cylinders and 2.0 liters by koenigsegg hahahahahahah

  • Max Ortmueller
    Max Ortmueller7 måneder siden

    Lol königsegg built a 3cylinder producing 600 horsepower

  • Psycho Maniac
    Psycho Maniac7 måneder siden

    Koeniggsegg made 3 cylinder 2.0 600HP!!!!! I love merceees but i think koneniggsegg engine will be more realible

  • Alessio Sa
    Alessio Sa7 måneder siden

    can you revieuw the V6in the alfa Giulia?

  • Alessio Sa
    Alessio Sa7 måneder siden

    that's a 2020 engine, everything looks awesome , close decks are very comon used on italian and german engines since the dawn of times , open decks were used by suzuki and psa, that nanocoating is awesome but making cilinder liners thinner just to save barelly 1 kg of weight sounds gimmick. I still prefer a long gone replacable cylinder lining block

  • Amber Butler
    Amber Butler7 måneder siden

    What gas would you need to run so you don't detonate

  • Marissa Lukezic

    Marissa Lukezic

    7 måneder siden

    Use the 91 octane ot higher. I have a Mercedes.

  • soundseeker63
    soundseeker637 måneder siden

    Over 200bhp per liter IS impressive, but this is definitely and engine to lease and not to own. I don't even want to think about the long-term maintenance costs outside after the warranty is up!

  • F165
    F1657 måneder siden

    All that explanation when they still had turn up the boost.

  • Duke 63

    Duke 63

    7 måneder siden

    There's more new technology then only boost. Drive one and you will see... The engine is very powerful and has extrem less consumption. It's fun to drive and to accelerate, cornering and handling of the new A45S are extraordinary.

  • Flare78x
    Flare78x7 måneder siden

    How is this the most powerful 4cyl engine yet koenigsegg also has a 2L engine that is 3cyl and makes 600hp

  • ShallowAbyss
    ShallowAbyss7 måneder siden

    Calling this the most powerful engine in the world is slightly disingenuous. Most powerful production 4 cylinder, sure, but calling it the most powerful flat out while people like Stephan Papadakis build 1000 horsepower formula drift cars out of four cylinders is just a bare faced lie.

  • Amateur Gun Guy
    Amateur Gun Guy7 måneder siden

    NO !!! It's not the most powerful 4 cyl . It's the most powerful production 4 cyl.

  • Moto
    Moto7 måneder siden

    How long is that nanoslide gona last?

  • Tom Womack
    Tom Womack7 måneder siden

    The Nanoslide technology originated at Sulzer in Switzerland. Not sure, but the blocks may be manufactured by Magna in Austria

  • Tom Womack
    Tom Womack7 måneder siden

    Do you know if they use a detector/controller on the spark cables to detect electron flow from detonation? It is a far superior method to using piezoelectric detectors.