How Koenigsegg's Tiny Engine Makes 600 Horsepower - Only 3 Cylinders!


The Koenigsegg Gemera Has The World's Most Powerful 3-Cylinder Engine
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The Koenigsegg Gemera is an incredibly complex vehicle. At the rear wheels are two electric motors, each rated for 500 horsepower and 1000 newton meters of torque, and they each have a single-speed gearbox before sending power to the rear wheels independently.
Sandwiched between the motors is the Tiny Friendly Giant or TFG, a 3-cylinder longitudinally placed engine. It's good for 600 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque, and mounted to the end of its crankshaft is another electric motor, good for an additional 400 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque.
Total system output is about 1700 horsepower, as the battery has limits to how much power it can supply, and motors and engines make peak power at different times.
The engine and third motor actually send power to the front wheels exclusively, so this is Koenigsegg’s first AWD model. Power is sent through a carbon fiber torque tube, then passes through a torque converter, then through a simple ring and pinion to split power between the front wheels. On each side of the ring and pinion are wet multi-plate clutches, so either front axle can be completely locked up or detached, allowing for torque vectoring.
With independent rear motors, the rear also has torque vectoring, and each motor also has a wet clutch to detach completely, meaning for highway cruising it can operate as FWD only for optimal efficiency. All wheel drive. All wheel steering. All wheel torque vectoring. Powering all of the electric motors is a 16.6 kWh, 800V battery pack. The pack is good for 50 kilometers or 31 miles of electric only range, and can be charged using the engine, or through regenerative braking. Total combined range is 1000 kilometers, or about 620 miles. Enjoy the video for the full details of this very cool engine!
Detailed Gemera Breakdown:
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained10 måneder siden

    *CORRECTION!* The individual cylinder volume for TFG is 666.7cc, NOT 66.67cc as shown in the video. Same for the V8, 625cc, not 62.50cc. Oops! 🤦‍♂️Hope everyone's staying safe & social distancing!

  • Adam Lockington

    Adam Lockington

    Dag siden

    When Americans attempt to metric.....

  • HotWeld


    Måned siden

    What's the price for just the engine and it's management system. I wanna put it in a sxs

  • F100 FE390

    F100 FE390

    Måned siden

    Social distance is for imbeciles.

  • SparkyMcBiff


    Måned siden

    No. I am NOT "anti-social distancing because there is no "pandemic". It's a virus that is no more lethal than the regular flu. SOURCE: I'm a retired Pharmaceutical Chemist

  • Werner Danler

    Werner Danler

    Måned siden

    @Paul Anderson You mean you have been relegated to sleeping on the couch? Lol

  • MyDogWorriesALot
    MyDogWorriesALot12 timer siden

    I like how the free valves are tied to the turbos no cams and also the ability to tune the valves electronically for air flow wonder how a similar concept would work for a propellor airplane the HAL effect type ignition is a big huge deal in older engines as well as new ones just to compare concepts thank you nice presentation stuff like this has a way of getting around.:)

  • 10bouvier
    10bouvier17 timer siden

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  • Zee Music
    Zee MusicDag siden

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    qdrkhairum3 dager siden

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    Utsuho Reiuji8 dager siden

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  • John Ryan
    John Ryan10 dager siden

    I can hear the SCREECH OF METAL as it goes over a badly designed speed bump!

  • Wiikendz
    Wiikendz12 dager siden

    11:28 About the ICE Differential You say the gear ratio is about what a 3rd or 4th would be in a traditional car, however CVK has said in multiple videos the KDD in the Regera is like a car locked in 7th gear all the time. So I did some looking and found that the Regera has a final drive of 2.73:1, just a tad higher than this one. When you say its like a 3rd or fourth, you're not thinking about adding the gear ratio of the differential in a traditional vehicle to the equation are you? Because multiplying the gear ratio of the 7th gear in the Agera to the gear ratio of the differential in the Agera gives you the same final drive as the Regera which is just a tiny bit higher than the Gemera. So if you wanted to be correct you should've said the Final drive of the Gemera is close to being the equivalent of being stuck in 6-7th gear in a traditional car, rather than 3rd or 4th.

  • ZDays
    ZDays12 dager siden

    great job

  • ZDays
    ZDays12 dager siden


  • Don Basta
    Don Basta13 dager siden

    could that 3 cyl engine be good for a large class A RV?

  • Paul van Maanen
    Paul van Maanen14 dager siden

    What did I already know about Koenigsegg? If you buy one, you're bankrupt. What did I take from this video? If you own a Koenigsegg and you're powertrain breaks down, you're bankrupt....again.

  • Colton Grundy
    Colton Grundy14 dager siden

    I need two of these engines. One for my SUV (because why not) and one for my integra (think of the fun) 😎 Imagine having a four wheel drive, 600 horsepower go anywhere vehicle that's also friendly on the wallet, and a go cart with serious zip 😁

  • Jean-Luc Gadriot
    Jean-Luc Gadriot15 dager siden

    Amazing engine ,amazing guy !

  • sidewalkere
    sidewalkere16 dager siden

    In practice, current F1 engines rarely go above 12k RPM (~21m/s APS), so the TFG's APS goes beyond that of current F1 engines by a lot. It compares with the 2006 V8s that did over 20k RPM with a 39.8mm stroke.

  • Pan Var
    Pan Var16 dager siden

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    Tommy Douglas16 dager siden

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    Richard S17 dager siden

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    jon paul scully18 dager siden

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  • jordan horst
    jordan horst20 dager siden

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    shoaib shaikh20 dager siden

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  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams20 dager siden

    sorry just noted it uses electric not pneumatic actuators. maybe you getting confused with f1 valves...

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams20 dager siden

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    Just Joe22 dager siden

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    tonyg65625 dager siden

    Love the air driven valves. Direct pressure to open and close valves is similar to the desmo Ducati engine concept... no valve float at high revs. Imagine combining the air compressor with a/c compressor. One belt drives a combo compressor. All the comforts with less HP loss.

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    Gern Blenstein27 dager siden

    Just brilliant videos! I very much appreciate your engineer's perspective presented in a way I can understand. And what amazing engines you showcase on your channel. Keep up the great work!

  • MA
    MA27 dager siden

    Awesome technical explanation!! I have been out of the performance loop for a while, I dreamed of camless valves, but so cool to find out they actually exist, I can’t wait to check out your video on the freevalve system! Thankyou

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    Pete Goz27 dager siden

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    Isaac White28 dager siden

    the prices will come down with free valve sooner or later when everything works out with the technology long time ago it crossed my mind of no cam by using solenoid concept which it still may work out with out using computer or variable timing just kinda standard or cheaper alternative like switch on and off concept🤔 that might work.

  • Robert Lafferty
    Robert Lafferty28 dager siden

    A Super Car with a heart of gold 💝

  • Jeff McCrea
    Jeff McCrea28 dager siden

    You can only stuff so much metal into a small space. You can also extract so much horse power from that same small space. I have no doubt that this engine can do as claim. BUT, as with over clocking anything, how long can all this be done? The more you stress something, the more it will cost you in usable time before crankshaft and connecting rod bearings and wrist pins wear out, piston rings wear out and cylinders become egg shaped. My suggestion for longevity? Every time you drive to the grocery store, have the oil changed with a top quality synthetic and new filter. Even more often if the block is made from aluminum. It makes a great oddity at SEMA but I will have to see how many hours / miles one of these, when properly serviced, can survive before significant oil consumption begins or it just tears itself apart.

  • Derrick Yopp
    Derrick Yopp28 dager siden

    70kg....... That means you can put it on a go-kart!!!

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  • Mike King
    Mike KingMåned siden

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