How Honda’s 2.2L Engine Makes Over 700 Horsepower


Honda Civic Type R Engine vs 2.2L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine
How IndyCar Engines Create 700 HP - Sponsored By Honda
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Honda makes a 2.2L twin-turbo V6 that produces over 700 horsepower. How do they do it? It’s not just boost, this engine revs to an insane 12,000 RPM! A little higher than the Civic Type R’s 7,000 RPM redline, but you might be surprised by some of the commonalities between these engines. Similar displacement, similar boost, but wildly different purposes. The 2.2L keeps Honda powered cars competitive in the world of IndyCar, while the Type R’s 2.0L needs to be able to maintain the longevity required of a road-car engine. Check out the video for a breakdown of these two incredible engines.
Not only did I learn about Honda's 2.2L engine while at the Belle Isle Grand Prix in Detroit, thanks to a discussion with a Honda Performance Development engineer, but I also had the incredible opportunity to ride in the Honda IndyCar two-seater! Conor Daly drove me around just before the opening lap of the race. Quite a special experience, big thanks to Honda for making it happen!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    *IMPORTANT CORRECTION:* In this video I state the boost pressures are 1300-1650 mbar *above atmospheric,* as is indicated on IndyCar's website ( This information, and the website, are not correct. Two IndyCar engineers have since notified me the boost pressures are absolute, meaning the gauge pressure for these engines above atmospheric is about 300-650 mbar, or about 4-9.5 psi. This is *significantly* less boost than discussed in the video. The math makes sense as well with the update. With pressure ranging from 1300 to 1650 mbar, and power ranging from 550 to 700 HP, we can do some quick ratios to see if it adds up. 1650/1300 = 1.27. 700/550 = 1.27. The power gain is thus proportional to the gain in pressure. E85 plays a larger role in power generation than the video indicates, and makes up for the gap that the "reduced" boost makes. Apologies for providing incorrect information, and thank you to the engineers who reached out with corrections and supporting materials! Mistakes happen; I will always do my best to provide corrections if necessary! Hopefully IndyCar will correct their website as well to reduce future confusion.

  • Kaze Oner

    Kaze Oner

    5 dager siden

    4cylinder is faster honestly lol

  • Amber Butler

    Amber Butler

    4 måneder siden

    Lucky you corrected that. Now it all makes sense to me, NOT!

  • Michael B

    Michael B

    8 måneder siden

    Legend cuz

  • Sins Ataei

    Sins Ataei

    9 måneder siden

    youre the best

  • Private One

    Private One

    11 måneder siden

    Would you ever consider doing a video about the upper limits for an engine's RPM? I know F1 cars have had some crazy fast turning engines in the past, and when I calculate the time the combustion cycle has to produce power I get a surprising small number. Which leads to my question. Is flame propagation the limiting factor, or something else? And if so what is that limit (in time and rpm)? Thanks

  • BestIntentions
    BestIntentions3 dager siden

    Now I I know how power relates to torque

  • The Brick Nomads
    The Brick NomadsMåned siden

    It's not difficult to get the type r a bit more power

  • Ofelia Wotsits
    Ofelia WotsitsMåned siden

    As soon as I saw 12000 rpm I just thought to myself that you have a factor of two there straight away. I think the cam profiles will be pretty wild in the race car and the peak power band extremely narrow, none of which is desirable in a road car!

  • Bilal
    Bilal2 måneder siden

    Turbo powered engines worn out quickly as older normal engines

  • stgraves260
    stgraves2602 måneder siden

    Honda motors are way underestimated. These motor have bin dynoed over 1000 hp to the wheels on Honda 2000S.

  • Zachary B.
    Zachary B.2 måneder siden

    Does changing boost increase put more strain and wear and tear on these twin turbo V6s? Also is the Indy motor a DOHC?

  • Robert Tanksley
    Robert Tanksley3 måneder siden

    How does honda make 700 whp out of a 2.2? Intresting question Jason. How does honda make 700whp out a 2.2TT? Well Jason, with boost you absolute pillock. Just because they both see ~23 psi above atmospheric pressure you still need to know how big the turbo is, a bigger turbo pushes more air at a given boost pressure. Turbos aren't measured in boost, they are measured in CFM. A smaller turbo is going to spool faster and be more effcient at lower pressures, while a mid sized turbo will have response and a broader range of effciency, while a large turbo won't be efficient at low boost, but will be an absolute minger at higher pressures, of course with added lag and higher boost threshold.

  • jay weckerle
    jay weckerle3 måneder siden

    Very well explained.

  • yardvark100
    yardvark1003 måneder siden

    Piston speed in MPH??? WTF? How about mm/sec?

  • Dave Cross
    Dave Cross3 måneder siden

    ICE vehicles are now over the hill, they will be laughable in the next decade. Electrics will rule the world.

  • Quizo
    Quizo3 måneder siden

    Imagine putting two k20 side by side and you obtain a 4.0l v8 and you put twin turbo in it you beat the mclaren ass with same setup

  • Tippsy 420
    Tippsy 4203 måneder siden

    Can I put this in my Honda fit

  • James Andonian
    James Andonian3 måneder siden

    Easier explanation: Power = torque x rpm Since the civic only revs half as high it has half the power as the Indycar.

  • Raja Jee Travel Vlogs
    Raja Jee Travel Vlogs3 måneder siden

    @Engineering Explained. Can you please talk about why Laser ignition never made it to mass production?

  • Grant Oakes
    Grant Oakes3 måneder siden

    Another plausible reason for the greater horsepower in the V6 vs the I4 is the head design and valve size. In a NA engine heads are where the HP is.

  • Assalam Azeem
    Assalam Azeem4 måneder siden

    Honda has 1.5 litre V6 TwinTurbo that kicks out 1,500 hp

  • Zxpert Calibre
    Zxpert Calibre4 måneder siden

    I wish honda would offer more performance on the si and type r and their suv

  • T K
    T K4 måneder siden

    The ultimate Honda engine would be a V8 Short block 4.8L... but the heads are actually 2 K20a Type R Heads.

  • dtabarez04
    dtabarez044 måneder siden

    I didn’t understand a damn thing he said! You made it sound so boring like you dude. K.i.s.s.

  • typerfan
    typerfan4 måneder siden

    Seeing the K20C1 compared to the Indy engine is awesome! ..... now where can I buy that Indy engine to put in my car? It probably cost more than a house though lol.

  • Christo
    Christo4 måneder siden

    How often is the engine rebuilt? if you wanted 2000 miles then fuel+air=power for any engine design. if there is no concern for consumption or durability then I dont understand the fascination.

  • Hamish
    Hamish4 måneder siden

    Love this channel and how in-depth he gets

  • Ron Swanston
    Ron Swanston4 måneder siden

    Will they sell it so I can do an engine swap with it?

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    Irv ino5 måneder siden

    I know you’re a very smart man Jason, so I ask you.. do you know of a Dr.professor Patrick?

  • iceman Lol
    iceman Lol5 måneder siden

    And my 3.6L sucks gas and makes 128 hps America makes the best garbage

  • Willy D
    Willy D5 måneder siden

    Yap yap yap....

  • atung43
    atung435 måneder siden

    Why is boost directly compared? Doesn't cfm make the difference when in comes to making power? 6 psi is 6 psi. But at what cfm?

  • Dick Dicker

    Dick Dicker

    5 måneder siden

    Exactly, total volume of air in race engine is about 2x of the street engine

  • Mickey Rat
    Mickey Rat5 måneder siden

    Curious about the weight difference and Intercooling if any

  • mrthree
    mrthree5 måneder siden

    type r engine cover looks cheap

  • dragon_empire25
    dragon_empire255 måneder siden

    F1 honda produces 900+ hrpsrs at 1.6l v6 at 13500rpm

  • The streets
    The streets5 måneder siden

    700hp and no torque 🤣😂🤣

  • Louis Dubois
    Louis Dubois5 måneder siden

    I guys i teamed up with honda :) big flex

  • Joey D
    Joey D5 måneder siden

    You compare either of these engines to an old k series with a turbo slapped on it the power is slackin lol

  • Erroll Gibbons
    Erroll Gibbons5 måneder siden

    Awesome... I feel more stupider now..

  • Bruno Manco
    Bruno Manco5 måneder siden

    We should need to see how the k20 would do with stock boost, but free intake and straight exhaust, and revised fuel and ignition advance. Then it would be both "off-street" spec. And same fuel (with corrected ignition)

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  • MagnaCarge
    MagnaCarge5 måneder siden

    They make a big my take by letting this guy walk into their pit. He's gotta leak all their stats.

  • Tenkamenin Crowder
    Tenkamenin Crowder5 måneder siden

    Honda has a 700 horsepower 2.0 liter turbo in GT500 in super GT too

  • Edgar Vasquez
    Edgar Vasquez5 måneder siden

    If you had the tools ,to build a virtual engine with all its components, you will be able to find all those numbers,real torque, real peak hp,real boost and everything else.

  • 29710online
    29710online5 måneder siden

    Speed makes horsepower. The end.

  • Suzuki
    Suzuki6 måneder siden

    Vtec kicked in

  • Michael Cooney
    Michael Cooney6 måneder siden

    Would this fit in your Miata? :D

  • Jaime Leclair
    Jaime Leclair6 måneder siden

    So is this to say that if you were able to get the I4 to run at 12,000 RPM, and used racing fuel that it would be able to produce nearly 700 horsepower?

  • JasperXoR
    JasperXoR6 måneder siden

    I got to 6 cylinders twin turbo and 1200RPM and felt I didn't need to know more to understand why it makes so much more power!

  • Shawn Stoudt
    Shawn Stoudt6 måneder siden

    That's why longer Rod's are in diesel engines and have low rpms for quick shifts for pulling cars with short Rod's have high rpms and are made for speed

  • Shawn Stoudt
    Shawn Stoudt6 måneder siden

    Wish the civic would come with power like that

  • joseph scarborough
    joseph scarborough6 måneder siden

    You forgot to mention that boost is a measurement of restrictions

  • CSLFiero
    CSLFiero6 måneder siden

    With an avg piston speed at 20.7m/s, they can say the engine is only designed to do 2500 miles, but really it should be able to do a lot more. I suppose this is likely due to running a tiny overall coolant and oil volume through the block to improve packaging and weight.

  • CSLFiero
    CSLFiero6 måneder siden

    With the valves and crank operating that fast, it would be hard to make 1.6 bar boost from just 2.2l of expanded gases.

  • Mateo Marku
    Mateo Marku7 måneder siden

    This v6 + (700hp & 12k rpm) + 3 electric motors =best nsx of all time. Seriously if honda want to he can make the fastest super car ever

  • FrezZyK1nG
    FrezZyK1nG7 måneder siden

    As a proud f1 fan, i gotta say, those cars make about 900hp from a 1.6l V6T so we win, plus 160hp from electric motors

  • Brian Su
    Brian Su7 måneder siden

    Honda's current F1 engine makes over 1000bhp from 1.6L V6

  • Ryon Beachner
    Ryon Beachner7 måneder siden

    The Civic engine is actually used in a number of junior formula cars, as well as the Fit engine in the F1600. (Think of a replacement for Formula Ford)

  • CoyDog790
    CoyDog7907 måneder siden

    They should put this in the accord and Ridgeline

  • Kenta
    Kenta7 måneder siden

    The short answer is [ A C T I V A T E T H E H O N D A - B E A T ]

  • Paul S
    Paul S8 måneder siden

    too technical. it's fitted with a large turbo, hi compression, large valves, short stroke, free flowing exhaust. it took 60 seconds to write this and probably only 10 to read it. solved.

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    Australian commentator for Indy car racing? Fair dinkum! 😂

  • One Issue Voter
    One Issue Voter8 måneder siden

    Interesting take, but why focus on Honda? Both Chevy and Honda supply engines and the make virtually identical power. Give some credit to our boys! And anyway the F1 cars have FAR more advanced technology than Indy. They are smaller, higher revving, more powerful AND more reliable and more fuel efficient. Talk about THEM!

  • Bruce Wang
    Bruce Wang8 måneder siden

    Looking good, Jason!

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    Ertuğrul Yıldız8 måneder siden

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    Stand by Trump8 måneder siden

    Engineering for nerds.

  • Bac Burrito
    Bac Burrito8 måneder siden

    One has a warranty, the other?

  • Lauri Hulikkala
    Lauri Hulikkala8 måneder siden

    So basically boring your engine, tuning it for e85, making it sustain 12 000rpm and higher com ratio would get you about 700hp

  • Nathan Lodder
    Nathan Lodder8 måneder siden

    Unreal...a two seater Indy car lol.. Jason holds up!!!

  • dair919
    dair9198 måneder siden

    Another great vid! Would love to see you build an engine within Automation - Car Company Tycoon !!

  • Steven Wilkins
    Steven Wilkins9 måneder siden

    But it has a lifespan of what? Cant make a engine that stressed out and not expect it to wear out fast too.

  • Basuo
    Basuo9 måneder siden

    i mean you can get 205 HP out of a 1L engine that's N/A so its really not that surprising, still even though not surprising doesn't make it any less interesting or well designed

  • Axel R.
    Axel R.9 måneder siden

    You know he was driving slowly right? 😂

  • Justin Coats
    Justin Coats9 måneder siden

    Put this in the Talon side-by-side. Okay, something like it. Some manufacture quit thinking that all you can run is 1000 cc motor.

  • Bda Bnd
    Bda Bnd9 måneder siden

    I already know,,, it's turbo charged and double the rpm,,,

  • Regina Manluyang
    Regina Manluyang9 måneder siden

    What is the calculation you used to know the stroke length?

  • Timbo Yuen
    Timbo Yuen9 måneder siden

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  • Wayne Frerichs
    Wayne Frerichs9 måneder siden

    you missed turbo sizes. would be nice to know the comparison

  • Diego Urriolabeytia Campos
    Diego Urriolabeytia Campos9 måneder siden

    It has a similar power ratio with the koeniggsegg gemera with 3 cylinder, 2.0l and 600hp

  • Pasha r
    Pasha r9 måneder siden

    Honestly, any manufacturer that is still using a cam shaft for high output internal combustion engines is obtuse. Koeingzggzzggh has showed us how a valve system should have been right from the start. It is a shame that large manufacturers did not invest into this and it took an ambitious small company to do it. Honda, hayabusa, cosworth= backwards old trash.

  • Michel Nadon
    Michel Nadon9 måneder siden

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  • gary kline
    gary kline9 måneder siden

    How bout one is a v6 and the other is a 4 banger , reason why one has a single turbo vs twin turbo. Dah

  • Austin K
    Austin K9 måneder siden

    My k will make well over 300 at 8 psi on pump gas. Dont forget about emission restrictions that are put in place on the type r motor.

  • Lifted_Above
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  • Snocrash
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    I'm more interested to know how the F1 engines were getting 1500 HP out of 1.5 Litre in around 1986. That would be a much more interesting investigation

  • Justin Madriaga

    Justin Madriaga

    9 måneder siden

    Turbo chargers and the fact that the engine and turbos explode after 4 laps.

  • The Rodent Hitman
    The Rodent Hitman9 måneder siden

    Those numbers are okkkk, but do the 80s BMW F1 turbo engine. That was a true monster and a hell of a story.

  • chaitanya kumar
    chaitanya kumar9 måneder siden

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  • Simon Hill
    Simon Hill9 måneder siden

    Plenty of civics pushing over 700hp though. Credit to the tuner scene

  • Justin Worrall
    Justin Worrall9 måneder siden

    If every Honda had one of these I would have respect. But a 4 cylinder lawnmower isn’t cool at all.

  • goog lr
    goog lr10 måneder siden

    Genius! pair this with a VTec trans, you got a sleeper! This just made the Gamera and the Jesko utterly obsolete with its respectable 3 liter 600 HP

  • Jeroen Schuuring

    Jeroen Schuuring

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    It uses a 2 liter 3 cilinder engine.....

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  • Oliver Townsend
    Oliver Townsend10 måneder siden

    Not such a big deal when you consider that a K24 turbo puts out 1,000 hp

  • Bao Bo
    Bao Bo10 måneder siden

    700 hp? Easy. Gullible motor mouth journalists.Lots of noise 700db. Stickers, lots of stickers that send a subliminal message at high speed and noise level that says buy me. Your gut will go, your acne will disappear and this chick magnet works.

    DAP DAP10 måneder siden

    I just want hear the sound

  • Scott Wiggins
    Scott Wiggins10 måneder siden

    Hi Jason, great content as usual. Just an observation as we surf around the semi nude Type R engine, the casting metallurgy and fastener coatings don't seem to be what they were in the 90's. I had some direct experience auditing Hex Chrome out of usage for another Japanese OEM some years back. Smart engineering of course is meeting output targets at the most cost effective means, but has the headroom for personal further HP development been diminished (compared to B series) as I suspect for most newer released products? (e.g. LS series)

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun10 måneder siden

    "Jesse, don't. He's probably got a $100 000 under the hood of that car"

  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams10 måneder siden

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