How Fast Is My Supercharged Mazda Miata? Police Not Impressed


How Much Power Does My Supercharged Mazda MX-5 Make?
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How fast is my supercharged Miata? Fast enough to draw attention from the police, unfortunately. This video will look at four separate tunes and dyno results (power and torque), for both naturally aspirated and supercharged Mazda MX-5s. I will also measure acceleration results before and after installing a supercharger, which results in my MX-5 posting similar acceleration to a Honda Civic Type R. Is the supercharger kit worth it? Will my Miata remain reliable? Does the kit offer a powertrain warranty? Is the kit emissions compliant? Are there any drawbacks to the kit/tune? What's the car like to drive with the added power? Lots of questions answered in the video!
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  • Luke doherty
    Luke doherty3 dager siden

    You know that officer quickly checked you on NOlocal haha

  • Miguel Sagal
    Miguel Sagal5 dager siden

    What are your thoughts of the supercharger vs bbr turbo kit?

  • colla 555
    colla 5558 dager siden

    Pathetic! Getting pulled over for accelerating? How overzealous or bored must the police be. Or did the police actually measure that he was too fast? Didn't seem like it.

  • Jachin Rivers
    Jachin Rivers8 dager siden

    "Hello officer, and welcome to me getting pulled over."

  • Pausr I
    Pausr I8 dager siden

    😂😂 omg if you want to feel g force just buy a CL63 amg man or 65

  • Robert Wilhelm
    Robert Wilhelm9 dager siden

    How can I find a supercharger for my 99 nb I look on flying miata and they discontinued theirs and the only other one I can find is the me45 it think it's called is there other ones or is that my only option

  • Troy Bradley
    Troy Bradley9 dager siden

    It passes the “does this look fast?” test for sure! Great work. Built is always better than bought, IMHO.

  • Malte Laurids Brigge
    Malte Laurids Brigge9 dager siden

    You mean, "A moment to reflect on being white." 🤔

  • ben behnken
    ben behnken11 dager siden

    Nothing like living in a police state. So fun.

  • Gamer Instinct
    Gamer Instinct12 dager siden

    It was at that moment he knew He fucked up

  • Forza Mortorsport 6 Supercharged Racing
    Forza Mortorsport 6 Supercharged Racing13 dager siden


  • InuranusBrokoff
    InuranusBrokoff15 dager siden

    Okay kids, the first guy with the whiteboard comment was funny, reading his comment 30 more times isn't...

  • Víctor Escudero
    Víctor Escudero15 dager siden

    I've seen a police officer in the last year or so but not so nice 🤪

  • Sic Semper
    Sic Semper16 dager siden

    haha ngl that was funny, like you didnt even get to shift before you saw the cop. Really unlucky timing. Cool cop though, i got my very first warning (usually get tickets haha) a few weeks ago in my g35 on a backroad. my cop was a really nice guy unlike the usual asshole cops i encounter

  • derek schommer
    derek schommer16 dager siden

    He already said he was gonna give you a warning lol you didn't need to give him a story about why

  • Eric Switzer
    Eric Switzer17 dager siden

    I love that he tells the officer he runs a NOlocal channel about how car engineering works and immediately follows it up with how nothing is working correctly on his car.

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo19 dager siden

    The policeman was surprisingly friendly and forgiving! Slap on the wrist.

  • Terry F
    Terry F22 dager siden

    What is the name of that paint color?

  • Aaron Hart
    Aaron Hart22 dager siden

    I am surprised that the officer didn't know that the accelerator is no longer mechanically leaked to the throttle valve. How else could high tech cars like hybrids work without digital throttle control? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Samuel Copeland
    Samuel Copeland24 dager siden

    Hello I am sam and I have has a honda S2000 it is used the previous owner put 64k miles and i used your 5 signs you shouldn't buy a used car with bad problems can I meet you

  • Ben M
    Ben M24 dager siden

    Not even a fine? That's on being white in the stats I guess lol

  • Endure
    Endure28 dager siden

    14:44 love how you teach the cop😆

  • S Andersson
    S AnderssonMåned siden

    Why do Yanks change the name of virtually every car? This is not known as a Miata anywhere else

  • JK’s Adventures
    JK’s AdventuresMåned siden

    Cool cop. Just like 99.9% of all of them.

  • Peter Torregrossa
    Peter TorregrossaMåned siden

    Cop is nice but still u go into incoherent rambling about the throttle.

  • RobBCactive
    RobBCactiveMåned siden

    I thought he would be incarcerated for not having a muscle car!

  • FlightX101
    FlightX101Måned siden

    Lol. You explained you entire tuning story to him 😂

  • Ryan Mack
    Ryan MackMåned siden

    He was going the speed limit the entire video then the second the cop is in sight again he accelerates. Kinda seems like he just wants more views

  • David Zhang
    David ZhangMåned siden

    Wear a mask pls, respecting to others is also important

  • Matt Brad
    Matt BradMåned siden

    Stock 144 rwhp. Jesus that's slow. And for having a supercharger 192 rear wheel. This is not a platform that's mod friendly.

  • Mat Chambers
    Mat ChambersMåned siden

    Nerdiest, traffic stop ever! Dude got nervous and totally geeked. Love you man lol

  • Armand Dias
    Armand DiasMåned siden

    This is a good example of white privilege

  • networked person
    networked personMåned siden

    Cop goes back to his car and quickly looks up your facebook and youtube... "No antiracist content anywhere to be found; good deal, he's one of us, he gets off with a warning."

  • Deejay Domingo
    Deejay DomingoMåned siden

    sold it. officer got curious and even asked if its electronic of course sir it is. lol

  • Julian Navarro
    Julian NavarroMåned siden

    Still can't believe you got rid of that s2000

  • xxasifxx
    xxasifxxMåned siden

    Why make a road 35mph but almost completely level and straight? This road clearly should be 45

  • Robert Burdine
    Robert BurdineMåned siden

    Do you get pushed into the seat, or does the seat get pushed into you...

  • David Thomas
    David ThomasMåned siden

    Hmmmm. I wonder if Sheldon Cooper would have done the same thing. Hehe.

  • Cody
    CodyMåned siden

    Cop pulls him over at 14:38 incase anyone was click baited onto this vid.

  • Cody


    Måned siden

    I know but sometimes he really draggs things out... And I own a mx 5 so I just wanted to see what the car could do but he just kept talking and talking as he does so well. But I also wanted to see where the cops pull him over and what he says to them.. 😂

  • Nathan


    Måned siden

    Thanks for the timestamp. It’s Jason though so not really click bait.

  • Dave Paturno
    Dave PaturnoMåned siden

    I really don't miss those small town cops who just sit and wait for someone doing 10 over the speed limit. When I was in my early 20s I blew by a cop on a 35 MPH zone, doing 70 in a 68 Corvette. Yep, small town cop!

  • Jeff Gehman
    Jeff GehmanMåned siden

    Officer: Do you know how fast you were going? Troublemaker engineer: Relative to what?

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel RodriguezMåned siden

    The cop sucks

  • Doctor Boy
    Doctor BoyMåned siden

    We are not asking that. The question you need to answer Why didn't you get a Mustang V8.

  • mrbushmaster556
    mrbushmaster556Måned siden

    A lesson on how to treat police and the reaction he gives was pleasant.

  • Peter Bennett
    Peter BennettMåned siden

    I'd be like Peace bitches ✌️

  • David Ha
    David HaMåned siden

    Your lucky he fulfilled his quota that day. 😂

  • JaCk
    JaCkMåned siden

    The gain isnt that crazy if you consider that the car is already very slow, come on 140hp for a sportscar? Also the weight of this miata if im not wrong is pretty heavy. This car needs at least 280whp to move nicely

  • tristen clark
    tristen clarkMåned siden

    most cops are chill

  • Blight
    BlightMåned siden

    I thought we were all talking in Kw and Nm now?

  • lu placencia
    lu placenciaMåned siden

    Super nice cop , gotta point that out

  • Arnaud Ratajski
    Arnaud RatajskiMåned siden

    The coversation with the cops is uneral x'D Here in France even if you put aftermarket wheels and the offset is slighly more wide than the OEM one, you got a ticket ! So if i say "sorry i just put a compressor in this car and i was testing it.." The cop's bring me to jail and my car dissapear ! aha .. Sadly we don't have cops like that here, they don't really understand and just give you a ticket without thinking and talking

  • Maciej Paczka
    Maciej PaczkaMåned siden

    So, you lay down and it's 1G, then 65% of it makes you feel lighter 0.65G. I know, just messing with you. Cheers and good luck.

  • whats really going on
    whats really going onMåned siden

    Cool cop tho

  • MJ P
    MJ PMåned siden

    CNN told me you can't get pulled over if you're white.

  • bitnukl
    bitnuklMåned siden

    You should look into electric cars, so the cops at least don’t hear you flooring it. 🤭

  • Trulux
    TruluxMåned siden


  • Eric Lira
    Eric LiraMåned siden

    14:40. Bro this was nerve racking. I'm glad to see there's still cool cops around.

  • Pedro Gaiarsa
    Pedro GaiarsaMåned siden

    "what have we learned" Aparently "don't speed in front of cops" wasn't learned at all lol.

  • Lyle Stavast
    Lyle StavastMåned siden

    so, did the officer subscribe and hit the like button ?

  • Michael Stbe
    Michael StbeMåned siden

    ups 😁🤭

  • Antonio Tirado
    Antonio Tirado2 måneder siden

    You can tell the policeman is also a gear head. Not many people can follow what Jason said, i.e. unless you’ve watched the preceding videos, but he accurately asked about the car’s electronics. Right on the spot.

  • Piet Perske
    Piet Perske2 måneder siden

    It is technically wrong to talk about torque when you mean power. All the graphs show almost a flat torque curve, so meh? Horse power is a function of torque and rpm, the formula is H = T x RPM/5252. That is why at 5252 rpm the HP = Torque. In engine performance torque is irrelevant, it is all about horse power. Removing the torque curves from the graphs would not make them less relevant. Torque peak is important because that is where the engine is at its most efficient at full throttle. That is why modern automatic cars have nine speed gear boxes, as it is trying to keep the RPM in that sweet spot of efficiency. Torque is also important for engineers as they need to design components to handle the torque, not the HP.

  • Paul Deck
    Paul Deck2 måneder siden

    At least you can still twincharge it with a turbo, and get some serious power out of it! Although it's been awhile since you did your twincharging explained video, so.....

  • gorillapimping
    gorillapimping2 måneder siden

    With your new tune are you able to go to 60 in 2nd with the SC? If so, have you timed it?

  • Papi4l2
    Papi4l22 måneder siden

    Cop after everythings done: im now smarter because of listening to u explain the tuning in this vehicle. Thank u for allowing me to pull u over today. *gets back into squad car and subscribes* Lol

  • ppernett1
    ppernett12 måneder siden

    Sounds like electronic throttles suck. If it’s that complicated, just run a cable. Why deal with programming?

  • lachlan willing
    lachlan willing2 måneder siden

    Very reasonable of the police. You showed him respect and he was good.

  • Tural Musaibov
    Tural Musaibov2 måneder siden

    Everyone drives like crazy - no cop When I try italian tune up - "fack that police coming from underground"

  • Michael S.
    Michael S.2 måneder siden

    Lol, cool cop. He saw you're a good guy 😂

  • Kiba Whitefang
    Kiba Whitefang2 måneder siden

    😅 Oh Jason, what a day you had buddy. I don’t like to be speeding on roads I don’t know, however even if I am familiar with my surroundings and I see a cop, most likely there would be more of them anywhere. Is their job anyways.

  • Kilovw Dude
    Kilovw Dude2 måneder siden

    You were under the influence of boost

  • Alexander Bastnagel
    Alexander Bastnagel2 måneder siden

    Cop: what was that all about Jason: *reaching for his demonstration clutch*

  • Nick Guy
    Nick Guy2 måneder siden

    You look like a clean shaven moog from mighty car mods with a backwards hat on😆

  • What's In Dan's Garage?
    What's In Dan's Garage?2 måneder siden

    Cops love to show up at the best moment aren’t they?

  • Mr Andersson
    Mr Andersson2 måneder siden

    Next time start a high speed chase you will get more views for sure 😉

  • RC Hunter
    RC Hunter2 måneder siden

    Wasn't this dude in grandma's boy? Robot ears, motor mouth

  • nhunjnhnjkhnkjnhn
    nhunjnhnjkhnkjnhn2 måneder siden

    Black Jason: Officer My throttle.. Officer: Hands in the air! Don't breath or I will shoot!

  • Wade
    Wade2 måneder siden

    Officer: "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Jason: "Well, my throttle pedal was having issues with..." Time passes. "... And that's how I knew..." More time "It all makes sense, right officer?" Officer thinks: "If I say anything but yes, he might start again."

  • WRX Luke
    WRX Luke2 måneder siden

    WA State Patrol pulled me over once... unfortunately... they must've been grovin' down with how wiked sik my BluE30 is... don't worry.. the average 2000 dollar 1st gen Miata is superior to my over-engineered E30..

  • John P
    John P2 måneder siden

    always enjoy being pulled over and getting a warning from a cop that understands people are human, people make poor judgements...and people don't always have to be punished to learn a lesson

  • Peter Clark
    Peter Clark2 måneder siden

    16:22 That 'ten more years to go' stare. We will send cakes and not laugh dude.

  • Andre Obradovich
    Andre Obradovich2 måneder siden

    Thank you so much for this video. I was considering ND1 vs ND2 was the extra power, but the power gains from the supercharger are worth it! ND1 it is.

  • WS P
    WS P2 måneder siden

    Jason complied, had all of the correct paperwork, didn't give the cop any smart ass lip, and whatda ya know, he didn't get a ticket. Amazing...

  • Richie Grey
    Richie Grey2 måneder siden

    He never saw the plastic bag right😉😎🎉🎸🎸🗽🇺🇸😎😉

  • Borys Nijinski
    Borys Nijinski2 måneder siden

    What did we learn...white guy treated nice; if black, he’d be daed.

  • icawn
    icawn2 måneder siden

    Sir you are capable of pulling off the backwards hat without looking like a douche. Congrats.

  • Justin Tokorcheck
    Justin Tokorcheck2 måneder siden

    This video had me laughing so hard. Thanks for all the explanations. Cool car too. Maybe you should paint it black or grey now that you have a supercharger in the bay though.

  • FARREL5825
    FARREL58252 måneder siden


  • Cnorris
    Cnorris2 måneder siden

    Actually this was your most informative video. Title should be “PAY ATTENTION YOUNG THUGS, HOW TO TALK TO COPS”.

  • Walter White
    Walter White2 måneder siden

    Dude,,that was staged....the office seemed to already know about the car. Plus, oh don;t worry about the insurance card, i will just run your plate and give you a warning....staged.

  • David Weeks
    David Weeks2 måneder siden

    Then there's the turbo kit, with the LS option, that gets you over 1000HP. That's pretty cool too.

  • Gamaliel Bermudez
    Gamaliel Bermudez2 måneder siden

    Damn I was going 10 miles over the speed limit and got ARRESTED.

  • Jason Garrett
    Jason Garrett2 måneder siden

    The cop says "I don't worry about the registration I'll just run a plate."

  • dudecena
    dudecena2 måneder siden

    Time to invest in a rodenso detector and a alp laser jammer...

  • Shape Shift Inc.
    Shape Shift Inc.2 måneder siden

    I carry a gun in my car. Per state law it has to be in plain sight if within my reach or it has to be locked up if it is concealed. I don't have my CWP yet. I am not legally required to tell the police I am carrying a gun. As long as it is within plain sight or locked up I am within my rights and break no law. The 2nd amendment is in our constitution because at one time the British became tyrannical and the founders of the United States as a last resort formed a rebellion and defeated the British. The founders of America made the 2nd amendment because they felt as even there own government could become tyrannical. If that happened, Americans would have weapons to defend their freedom and their rights against the U.S government. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

  • 808 Big Island
    808 Big Island2 måneder siden

    Crazy long talk. At the end of the day its still a hairdressers car.

  • Ineeleng motlalekgosi
    Ineeleng motlalekgosi3 måneder siden

    Nice cop

  • Benjamin Page
    Benjamin Page3 måneder siden

    Unsubbed, take it to a track man. I have loved ones that live on country roads like that and speeders kill. Your driving dangerously and now using it as click bait to glorify it and make cash. For shame.

  • JP du Toit
    JP du Toit3 måneder siden


  • Mr Lenny
    Mr Lenny3 måneder siden

    Electronic throttles are garbage!