Has Michelin Created The Best All Season Tire? Rain, Sun, or Snow!


Can One Tire Really Work In Every Climate? Michelin CrossClimate2 Is Made For Any Weather
3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Tire That You Can Use Year Round - Sponsored By Michelin
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How is it possible for a tire to perform well in all four seasons? How does something that has the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake, which is a certification of winter performance, also have wear characteristics that hold up to hot summer temperatures, all while stacking up against today’s best all-season tires?
First off, I think there’s some important backstory. I was looking for a tire for my Crosstrek that I could genuinely leave on four all four seasons. Why? Because I’m lazy. In my research, the best tire I could find was the Michelin CrossClimate+, an all-season tire certified for winter conditions. So, that’s what I bought. Well, as it turns out, Michelin had already been working on another version of the this tire, the CrossClimate 2, and they asked me if I’d be interested in trying it out early.
So overall - what’s the strategy? On one hand you can have a winter tire. It’s great in deep snow & ice compared to other tires, but not as great at dry or wet braking in higher temperatures, nor great for dry handling. On the other hand you can have a summer tire - excellent performance in dry and usually wet as well, great handling when the temperatures are nice, but you definitely don’t want to drive on these in snowy or icy conditions, or even really cold temperatures depending on the tire.
Very big picture, what we have here is a tire that uses a compound that’s quite similar to a winter compound, but it uses a tread pattern that’s more similar to a summer tread pattern, in that it has very few sipes and cuts, which puts the tire in a very unique position. The ability to be a certified 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Tire, and thanks to the tread pattern, significantly less wear than a traditional winter tire when it’s driven on in summer months. Watch the video for all the details!
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  • John E McDonald
    John E McDonald4 timer siden

    What do you use to help prevent wild animals from jumping out in front of you on your journeys...? especially deer...

  • iEuropa
    iEuropa8 timer siden

    I’ve got those tires on my car here in France, drove them in oven hot south temperatures and snowy cold north climate as well... no compromise :) they’re the most expensive, but they’re ACTUALLY no compromise tires 👌

  • Patrick Kerner
    Patrick Kerner9 timer siden

    Continental DWS Extreme, my choice as best All Season tire!

  • p0xus
    p0xus12 timer siden

    Just found out I need new tires.... Guess I know what Im getting lol.

  • Grand Master Mawile
    Grand Master MawileDag siden

    Its still not silicone tires. Tires are still a scam

  • SuperAmazingAnt
    SuperAmazingAntDag siden

    Is 2 coming to europe, it looks like it would be better in winter vs the old.

  • Keith Charles
    Keith Charles2 dager siden

    That tire sure looks a lot like the Goodyear Aquatred ...which was one of the worst tires I ever owned.

  • Scott Jarvis
    Scott Jarvis3 dager siden

    I’ve looked for this tire for my 2020 Onyx, and every website says they do not make it in the size for my car.

  • Zaid Fruitwala
    Zaid Fruitwala3 dager siden

    Can I drive in snow with the Michelin all season tyres???

  • Sevenfeet0
    Sevenfeet03 dager siden

    My wife and I bought this tire a few months ago but the application is a little different. It was to replace the OEM tires on her 2017 Chevy Bolt EV. This is not a tire for electric cars (ultra low rolling resistance). So why did we choose it? The Michelin Energy Saver A/S self-seal came with the car and for its primary purpose of electric range, it did its job very well. But it's ability to keep traction was only fair on dry surfaces and bordering on lousy in the wet. As the tire aged, wet traction got worse and worse until right when we were due to get them replaced at about 50,000 miles, I hydroplaned on a major road near my house for about 4-5 seconds, nearly drifting into oncoming traffic. I was lucky to keep the car in the two lanes I had. Considering how we used the car in terms of range for most trips, we decided that we were willing to give up some range for better dry and especially wet performance. Once we swapped out for the Cross Climate 2's, we noticed immediately that in the dry, we instantly had better traction, especially from a standing stop. The Michelin Energy Savers sometimes would spin the front wheels if you planted the accelerator too hard on some surfaces. This doesn't happen with the CC2s. And best of all, this tire is a lot better in the wet than the Energy Savers ever were. No longer do we feel that we might lose control in very wet conditions. And since these tires are not run flats, the overall ride quality dramatically improved. The downside is the range lost....about 15% (which we expected). Still, we think for our purposes that it was worth it. Maybe a version of this tire with the Cross Climate Plus tread formula could be sold for electric cars in cold weather markets.

  • Stephen Cannon
    Stephen Cannon3 dager siden

    The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S series has served me well over the years. Primacy MXM series also works well but I am In North Texas and even with my road trips to snow states in the winter still work great. Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirellis are generally my go to tire!

  • Stephen Cannon
    Stephen Cannon3 dager siden

    Why.....”because I am lazy”......got to admire the honesty.

  • Terry Blake
    Terry Blake4 dager siden

    Basically a copy off the 1980s Goodyear tire Invecta

  • 4x4Scout
    4x4Scout4 dager siden

    That tire in the picture is an All Weather tire. Not a typical no season tire. That tires closest competition is probably Nokians WRG4. Yeah another excellent All Weather Tire. Dunno about better because I have never seen them compared head to head. The WRG4 is actually affordable though where the Michelin All weather tire pictured is not. I know because I looked.

  • Serenoj69
    Serenoj695 dager siden

    Many allseasontyres at least mimic the Goodyear 4 seasons Vector. From 2010 or so. The last one to do so is the Vredestein Quatrac which is their first symmetrical allseason and it now is the best (with the Goodyears 4S Vector Gen3).

  • michael brinks
    michael brinks5 dager siden

    I cut off thousands of gecko feet and glued them on my tires.

  • Scott Bartlett
    Scott Bartlett6 dager siden


  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz6 dager siden

    I have these cross climates if you drive a Tesla it’s loud but sticky AF

    H3LLGHA5T6 dager siden

    How does it compare to a good summer tire? Has anyone got these already?

  • John Horn
    John Horn6 dager siden

    1) Reminds me a lot of Goodyear's early Aquatred innovations (1980's?) 2) The 3-peak Euro tire certification is *huge*, and I can't believe that even in the northern US, such a rating is not the norm. Great compromise between winter and summer or even all-season tires! 3) I think I may have found my new tires!

  • Nastasio
    Nastasio8 dager siden

    I just bought Michelin Crossclimate + tires a month ago because i wasn’t willing to change tires twice a year between summer and winter tires and pay for the extremely overpriced service of swapping tires. I pay 50€ to change tires once so 100€ a year, thats just for service and without actually buying summer and winter tires for 350 € each. Summer + winter tires + service cost me 1200€ during 5 years, while the Michelins cost me 380€ to buy + 100€ service to put them on my rims. Makes it a total of 480 € which is less then i pay for the service to swap tires in 5 years. Anyone who is NOT driving through actual snow and freezing temperatures half of the year and drives through hot temperatures the other half, should just get all season tires. Its a no brainer.

  • CaninsLupus
    CaninsLupus8 dager siden

    Good year vector 4 seasons gen 3 is a great competitor

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith8 dager siden

    Is this just a Goodyear copy of the original aqua tread tire ? Looks the same as the one that came out in the early 90 from Goodyear!!

  • adam curry
    adam curry8 dager siden

    Curious to know what your research found about the Goodyear Weather Ready? I have had amazing success with that tire. Would like to hear about your feedback on comparing those to this Michelin. Thank you

  • Greg Warner
    Greg Warner8 dager siden

    These look like a racing intermediate rain tires with snipes for snow. They may actually work in Winter and not disappear in Summer. I currently use Nordman Nokian Winter tires from October to March and Nordman 3 season for Summer on my Subaru Outback. I have four extra wheels changing tires is done at my tire shop. The Subie does well on this combination Summer and Winter. I have Michilne Run flat performance tires on my C-6 Vette. They are a bit noisy but provide good wet and dry traction. I store the car during the Winter. No need for Winter tires. Besides driving on snow on the really wide tires and with the available power would be a bit tricky.

  • Grant Lauzon
    Grant Lauzon9 dager siden

    If the tire is rolling forward then it pushes water from the center out. If it’s locked then it’s funneling water from the edges inward. ABS would help with that.

  • George Rufo III
    George Rufo III10 dager siden

    I wonder how this works vs Nokian wr g4

  • Tweak back
    Tweak back10 dager siden

    all sesions are no seasions,

  • Aedaric
    Aedaric11 dager siden

    Where can I find how the direction of the tread is suppose to be installed? I recently purchased a set of these from CostCo, but I prefer to trust, but verify. Is the V suppose to be in the direction of travel? Or does it matter? Currently they installed the tires with the bottom of the V facing rear.

  • Doug Farrell
    Doug Farrell12 dager siden

    :( wish they were available now. I need them for my Tesla. Can't get out of my driveway easily with my current all-season tires.

  • Carson Redford
    Carson Redford12 dager siden

    I just put a set of CrossClimate 2's on my 2016 HR-V. I can definitively say these tires are unbelievable. The hype is real! Fantastic grip on pavement and snow. Very quiet on the highway. Excellent gas mileage. Michelin knocked it out of the park!

  • adrianTNT
    adrianTNT12 dager siden

    Anyone has thoughts on this ? ... I have the Michelin CrossClimate on a small fwd Audi A3 and they are OK. But for a 4x4 Mitsubishi Evo X (245/40 r18), would the CrossClimate work better than Nokian all season ? I know noise is decent on the CrossClimate and specs also shows 1-2 lower dbi noise. Not sure how Nokian all season would be, I only had winter Nokian on this car.

  • Dave YouTube
    Dave YouTube12 dager siden

    Awesome tires!!! Boycott goodyear they are anti American

  • Igor Marina
    Igor Marina12 dager siden

    tractor tire has been around for ages

  • Leonard Church
    Leonard Church13 dager siden

    This tire isn't even offered in my wheel size so yeah... IDK why I'm even watching this video...

  • Poppy ATCS
    Poppy ATCS13 dager siden

    Are they noisier than the standard tires the car came with?

  • kirkland wassabi
    kirkland wassabi13 dager siden

    is it me or does this tire pattern look really satisfying

  • Ege Ayvala
    Ege Ayvala13 dager siden

    nothing rather than tyres with spikes has traction on ice ,no tyre is perfect,it will wear down, nothing is better than 4x4 talking about tractio on snow-and i mean 4x4 with locking diffs my point is this-no matter what you drive,drive carefully.Snow is fun to play around in,but i think all season tyres are good for places with mild snow conditions,thats it. they are pricey,one set will cost you the same as having two pairs my country we buy cheap steel wheels ans put winter tyres,since the J and ET is different we buy exactly whats recommended for winter driving,i would definetly put on all seasons on my miata since i wanna go sideways anyway

  • Ivan 23 Caravantes
    Ivan 23 Caravantes14 dager siden

    Should have shown how much sound goes inside the cabin when driving them around in bad pavement

  • Ivan 23 Caravantes
    Ivan 23 Caravantes14 dager siden

    So they will help me get past 2021, 2020's deadly offspring?

  • jalabi99
    jalabi9914 dager siden

    I just spent 12 minutes of my life watching a video about tires and I don't have a drivers' license. **subscribes to the channel**

  • Edward Arsena
    Edward Arsena14 dager siden

    I like the tire I will have to try a set

  • Leem Wills
    Leem Wills14 dager siden

    Tell the people the truth no all season tires is good in the snow they ain't no good after 40 degrees . U can tell it's a shitty tires because a good tire in the winter has better threading than this

  • Tyler Gentry
    Tyler Gentry14 dager siden

    Would you run these on your Tesla? I'm looking for an all season for my wife's Model Y and we live where you do, so I want something decent in the snow.

  • Novice Dreamer
    Novice Dreamer15 dager siden

    How do I get so excited to find out about these tire, for them not to make them in my tire size. Soooooo disappointed.

  • SnowingFire
    SnowingFire15 dager siden

    So it's a cross climate + i want eh? :)

  • Kaven Vaillancourt
    Kaven Vaillancourt15 dager siden

    what is the seasons time frame that was tested on I'm in Canada... and winter is quite important here :)

  • Pleb Failsworth
    Pleb Failsworth15 dager siden

    i have the continental extreme contact dws 06 on my 370z. they aren't the best in summer but during fall and spring, i can rip the car around way harder than i could with summer-only tires. i put the car away for winter which oddly leaves me with my daily that has crapy tires and i feel like i'm going to die when the roads are bad.

  • blxtothis
    blxtothis15 dager siden

    I can vouch for Michelin Cross Climate 2, laziness was not my motive, the cost of having two set of wheels and tyres definitely was. The there’s are brilliant in all conditions especially snow of any depth but the ice grip characteristics are no match for full winter tyres. perfect for the South East of EnglandP

  • Rikard Blazicko
    Rikard Blazicko16 dager siden

    i use it on BMW 320 and its great tires, perfect to drive 120km/h on snow road in winter so good grip, or 200km/h in summer time

  • WalledMonte574
    WalledMonte57416 dager siden

    Just bought blizzak ws90 for my winter set of wheels, replaced kuhmo ecsta platinum all season. I wanted these but couldn't find them in my size anywhere local. Might replace my summer nitto motivo with these.

  • Lazy Man
    Lazy Man16 dager siden

    Great as always!

  • Joseph Jocson
    Joseph Jocson16 dager siden

    Few things to consider with unidirectional. Tyre rotation and spare tyre just one side.

  • Joseph Desarmenien
    Joseph Desarmenien16 dager siden

    I have the same kind of tire but it's made by kuhmo and I have them on my BRZ

  • verlaryder
    verlaryder16 dager siden

    "Performs well" does not include very low noise levels, great ride comfort, great fuel economy and treadlife - all of which matter more to most owners than 4 season traction.

  • Darryl Day
    Darryl Day16 dager siden

    Great vid! You actually made me reconsider my tire buying strategy. Currently, I shop used tires in the spring when people clean out their garages. I pick up a set of winter tires (hopefully on rims that fit) and wear out my existing winter tires over the summer. I drive a two hour commute with six months of snow. Summer traction is a non issue as I just crawl along at the speed limit while people honk, flash their lights and tailgate. (I do the best that I can let people pass when when it’s safe for them to do so). In October, I put my “new to me” snow tires on and start the process over. I might actually try these next year because I too “am lazy”.

  • Kevin Chan
    Kevin Chan16 dager siden

    Would you still recommend the cc2 if i already have a dedicated set of winter tires?

  • Billy Gillespie
    Billy Gillespie16 dager siden

    But if the people at Michelin were to use their new all season compound with Goodyear's old aqua tread design they would have a great tire

  • Billy Gillespie
    Billy Gillespie16 dager siden

    Well never mind the aqua tread is a rain tire not an all season tire

  • Billy Gillespie
    Billy Gillespie16 dager siden

    And how are they any better than the aqua tread Goodyear used to make except maybe for better rubber formulations these days

  • Dacia Duster Trails
    Dacia Duster Trails16 dager siden

    The tire that you are promoting is actually banned on our group (banned from offroad). The lateral grip is zero... anyway overall is a mediocre tire, its a shame you don't do any real tests and just talk theory and drive like an old man in your tests.

  • Chris Mccann
    Chris Mccann16 dager siden

    Best tyre I’ve ever had is the Michelin Cross Climate SUV. Quiet, all season and great handling. Had it over 2 years and 10k miles and still looks new

  • Yalok Iy
    Yalok Iy17 dager siden

    You said that winter tires are not good in the wet. That is wrong. Winter tires are great in the wet.

  • Neil Thomson
    Neil Thomson17 dager siden

    Does Michelin make this tire in a run flat model?

  • D G
    D G17 dager siden

    Ok but what’s the summer performance like? Feel like we didn’t really address this!

  • eugene gutierrez
    eugene gutierrez17 dager siden

    Cross climate 2 sidewall stiff? I purchased a Yokohama ykgtx40 by its squirmy. Now I Pre -order the climate 2. Hopefully this will answer all my answers I’m looking for the tires.

  • Clare Logue
    Clare Logue17 dager siden

    grew up in New England, my father had to put chains on yrly..... does anyone even do that anymore???

  • Dillon W
    Dillon W18 dager siden

    My little rc car from Walmart that I got for Christmas many many years ago already has this tire pattern😂 grips like a gorilla going forward, does wheelies, but slips like ice in reverse

  • Ian
    Ian18 dager siden

    Came here to say I bought these for my mom and sis after watching this video. Mom has a FWD Lexus and sis a CR-V. Awesome tires in the snow on both cars so far after two NE snowstorms, and no more swapping winter/summer wheels

  • Fuse
    Fuse18 dager siden

    Great video. Those look like a killer tire all around. Possibly better than Nokian.

  • Ilvin Lopez
    Ilvin Lopez18 dager siden

    I wonder if these would be good to keep on year round in West Michigan. Hot summer days and cold winters with thick, wet lake effect snow.

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown18 dager siden

    Great, love Michelin and after New all weather tyres for my vitara

  • Chazz Summer
    Chazz Summer18 dager siden

    Always look at reviews before buying tires. Never Never Never, let the tire store pick your tires, or just say you need tires.

  • Juraj Zamek
    Juraj Zamek18 dager siden


  • Heightened Awareness
    Heightened Awareness19 dager siden

    How loud are the tires? I would use them on a Forester and a WRX.

  • Victor Vasiliu
    Victor Vasiliu19 dager siden

    The compromise îs not a perfecțion.

  • graycloud057
    graycloud05719 dager siden

    I saw this tire today when I had my tires rotated. I’m a Michelin man...wait.. we’ll, you know, anyway, I wish they would make this in light truck tires. This would be my next set if they did.

  • Micah Miller
    Micah Miller20 dager siden

    I plan to get a crosstrek this year and I too am lazy... go on...

  • Jeremy Robertson
    Jeremy Robertson20 dager siden

    Isn't the Hankook Kinergy 4S2 the same tire but cheaper ?

  • PRedator
    PRedator20 dager siden

    9:38 what is the tire brand?

  • Eli
    Eli20 dager siden

    would you recommend these for my tesla model 3? i do slot of highway driving and live in new york so winters can be tough

  • Aaron ___
    Aaron ___20 dager siden


  • Lucky Duck
    Lucky Duck20 dager siden

    I got these tires for my X5, very impressed with them so far.

  • Lucky Duck

    Lucky Duck

    2 dager siden

    @I make fantastic, good luck

  • I make

    I make

    2 dager siden

    @Lucky Duck Hi, that is great to hear. I ordered them! Waiting for arrival and installation. Thank you. Be well.

  • Lucky Duck

    Lucky Duck

    2 dager siden

    @I make Hey, sorry for the late reply. I have had them for about 3 months now. I mostly drive on asphalt. Was up in the snowy mountain roads a couple weeks ago and I felt confident with them

  • I make

    I make

    9 dager siden

    How long have you had them? What terrain and weather do drive on? Thank you

  • TheGrizzlyNinja
    TheGrizzlyNinja20 dager siden

    When do the cross climate 2s come out? I wanna buy them now haha

  • Jason
    Jason21 dag siden

    Did you take it down rocky forest service roads? If so how did it handle that? Cheers.

  • ShallNotBeInfringed IsNotComplicated
    ShallNotBeInfringed IsNotComplicated21 dag siden

    The best sales pitch ive heard from Michelin was when Good Year hired an intersection to be racist. I decided then that my next tyre was going to be from Michelin, now I'm just deciding which one.

  • n0z4a243
    n0z4a24322 dager siden

    EE: I'm going to cover all the cars logos to protect myself from any backslash from the manufacturer. Also EE: buys Subarus second most recognizable vehicle available today.

    RALPH FRASIER22 dager siden

    So how do these compare to Nokia's G 4 all weather tires?

  • Sachi Deshmane
    Sachi Deshmane22 dager siden

    Three Peak Mountain Snowflake is the stupidest sounding certification I've ever heard of.

  • mediacritic
    mediacritic23 dager siden

    I have these tires. They're ok. The all-season General Altimax 43s I had performed just as well, if not better, and for way less money.

  • shawn d
    shawn d23 dager siden

    "Why? Because I'm lazy." 😂🤣

  • Brandon Laird
    Brandon Laird24 dager siden

    They are kind of similar to the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread.

  • heath bm
    heath bm24 dager siden

    This or a DEFENDER LTX M/S ??????????????

  • Thorick
    Thorick24 dager siden

    Michelin is also killing it in the motorcycle world with their Pilot Road tires that offer seemingly contradictory properties.. having it all.. good stuff..

  • dblissmn
    dblissmn24 dager siden

    I can't speak specifically for the CrossClimate2, but after 8,000 miles, an alignment, a rotation, a screw repair, and 14 months on the CrossClimate+ I think I have a pretty good handle on them. I have to vouch for Jason Fenske's review here pretty broadly, if with a few caveats regarding severe cold or ice. Note -- especially readers from Europe -- that I'm not familiar with a pure dedicated summer tire outside of a few goes at driving a former roommate's mid 1980s Porsche with no power steering; the points of comparison are American non-winter-rated "all-season" (or three-season as they should more accurately be called), dedicated winter tires, and the winter-rated all-season Nokian WRG3, a close relative of the Euro-spec performance winter WRA3. The CrossClimates are driving as smoothly and centering as well as the day I bought them. Use is 195/65/15 on a Chevy Sonic (Aveo) sedan with the Opel LUV/LUJ 1.4 turbo engine. 1. Snow performance is very good. Better IMHO than a Nokian WRG3 in near-freezing conditions with soft snow or slush (e.g. 25-35F, -4 to +2C), though the WRG3 has an advantage in hard, cold packed snow conditions (let's say 14F/-10C or colder). Ice performance is probably the CrossClimate+'s weakest attribute, though still much better than an "all-season". Not as secure as the WRG3 or a Blizzak though; in, say, -5F (-20C) glare ice type of driving, there's a hint of twitchiness to the CrossClimate+ where the WRG3 feels firmly planted (and a regular North American "all-season" will have you finding God for lack of a better alternative). Another point of comparison in ice: winter driving on hilly, iced-over streets in, say low-20s or colder (-5C or colder), the WRG3 has a clear advantage. But these same streets right at freezing in heavy snow? The advantage goes to the CrossClimate. 2. Rain performance is impressive. The cornering is far more secure than the WRG3 and also more secure than any "all-season" I've tried (including among others Goodyear Eagle GA; Kelly Navigator; Yokohama Avid; Firestone's fuel economy model from the early 2000s; a couple other Goodyears; Hankook H428; Hankook H727; General Altimax and Altimax RT43). One acid test for me is metal expansion joints on a bridge on a curve to see whether the car slides sideways. Not a significant problem on these CrossClimate+ tires; it was especially obnoxious on the Firestones and the Yokohamas. 3. Dry performance, winter or summer, is very solid. Not remotely as easy to spin in dry and dusty heat as the WRG3. 4. Observations on the CrossClimate2 based on this review -- I think Michelin are trying to strike a balance here, a harder compound for improved summer performance offset by the extra siping to keep the winter performance from going to seed. I'd like to see Fenske talk a little more about that, whether, for example, they hold up compared to the CC+ in bitter-cold hard-packed snow, but am mindful that is a condition he'd likely have to travel to really immerse in. Note especially to Euro readers that Fenske is primarily driving in the coastal northwestern US, which has milder winters than the upper Midwest, northern New England or the Midwest or east of Canada--or, for that matter, Finland, most of Norway, or northern Sweden, and prodigious amounts of soft snow at higher elevations and rain down low, and in the mountains, at least those east of the major cities like Portland and Seattle, both elevation changes and weather conditions that make for big diurnal ranges in temperature which mean you could quite easily have to deal in winter with heavy snow and late spring conditions in the same 24 hour period. 5. Recommendation; if you often encounter icing and/or severe winter cold, you may still want to seasonally swap tires out with the Nokian WRG4 (if your winter is kind of on-and-off) or a dedicated snow tire (if your winter is more consistent and snowier). For the kind of extremely variable on-off conditions that prevail outside of summer in much of North America, the CrossClimate+ tires are often more practical -- and they're a legitimate summer tire too even in America's heat. Also, the more you road-trip (this is my situation, I walk to work but drive out of town quite a lot), the more these will show an advantage due to the wide variety of conditions; the more you stay close to home the more you gain from rotating seasonally. 6. Tires like this ought to replace the traditional North American "all-season". No tire prior to the CrossClimate+ earned an above-average rating from Consumer Reports for every single condition, and that's a really impressive achievement. But for bitter cold with packed snow and glare ice, that's where the dedicated winter tire or at least a more winter-oriented tire will win out. Let's see what I think in another year!

  • lalalaxi
    lalalaxi24 dager siden

    bla bla bla I did not see any snow test, thats the most important the snow performance. Your videois a fail without snow test.

  • heath bm
    heath bm25 dager siden

    I will buy these, I'm just looking for a bit of info. I have an SUV and I know they make an SUV version of these tires. However, the SUV version only appears to be the first generation. Will they make a 2nd generation for SUV? Or are they just completely different when we're talking about SUV tires.

  • I_THE_ME
    I_THE_ME25 dager siden

    I must say as a Northern European that these all year around tires are hot garbage. They are too soft for summer and get way too hard in the winter which makes them dangerous all year around. That tread pattern doesn't help if there is any ice on the road and makes the tire loud. I can just about use non studded tires as the winters aren't too wintery anymore but these all year tires aren't effective at anything except giving people false sense of safety.

  • Veganpotter Thevegan
    Veganpotter Thevegan25 dager siden

    I love this tread pattern on my high roof transit van. I drive in one of the highest snow regions in the US(Wasatch Mountains) with RWD. These things totally do the job

  • ZoomZoom870
    ZoomZoom87025 dager siden

    The nearest 2020 and we're back to using tire designs from the '50s. For the exact same reasons they were developed then