Has Koenigsegg Made The World's Fastest Shifting Transmission?


How The Koenigsegg Jesko's Light Speed Transmission Works
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How Koenigsegg's 7-Clutch LST Work - Sponsored By AutoTempest
The Koenigsegg Jesko is a marvel of modern engineering. With a 5.0L twin-turbo V8 engine, it produces 1600 horsepower on E85 fuel. That's just the start. Power is sent through a 9-speed, 7 clutch transmission. Why on earth would a transmission need 7 clutches? For insanely fast shifts, from any gear to any other gear, that is. According to Koenigsegg, the clutches can open and close in as little as just 2 milliseconds! The setup uses three shafts and compound gearing to make it all work, resulting in less gear pairs overall. With a clutch for each gear pair, shifts are not only insanely fast, but there's never a loss of torque during upshifts either, as the clutches overlap while closing and opening, meaning you'll retain positive torque during the shift. Check out the video to learn all about how it works!
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  • Reuben Sandwich
    Reuben Sandwich12 dager siden

    0:25 Did someone just deadass sell their S2000 for 150k?!?!?

  • Jake Mesa
    Jake Mesa12 dager siden

    Any time I start feeling smart I watch one of Jason’s videos, And Immediately remember that I’m a moron.

  • Ben Müller
    Ben Müller20 dager siden

    or use a conitnously variable transmition

  • Shahin Eisawi
    Shahin EisawiMåned siden

    So basically it's a DCT with a selector for each gear?

  • Dominick Matthias Krüger Rosario
    Dominick Matthias Krüger RosarioMåned siden

    Did nobody else notice somebody in San Diego trying to sell their S2000 for $149K?!

  • John Laccohee-Joslin
    John Laccohee-Joslin2 måneder siden

    Most of the ware is taken by the clutch plate, so common sense says that the more clutches the more ware. Although they are in an oiled state all the time, the temperature of that oil is going to rise quite fast so the clutch plates too are going to heat up, this maybe O.K. for racing cars but for road use there are a heap more parts to wear out a lot quicker. Therefore the original auto gearbox is much prefered out of all the systems, C.V.T.has already proven to be prone to breakage of the drive belt which on breaking releases a load of metal sections loss in the gearbox as both Ford and Honda have found out, There is an auto transmission that has proven to be good and long lasting that is the pre select gearbox used in buses and in some of the more costly cars of the past, i.e. the Daimler1937 had pre select and proved its durability by still being compleately reliable still in the seventies. Taking into consideration that machining has become greatly improved then making this form of transmission would surely be a worthwhile idea to put into modern cars???

  • Woodysdrums
    Woodysdrums2 måneder siden

    Absolutely love your videos!!

  • Jan Bradáč
    Jan Bradáč2 måneder siden

    How come nobody has commented on the fact that the video is 13:37? (Which clearly underlines what Jason thinks about the transmission)

  • Elijah Greenberg
    Elijah Greenberg2 måneder siden

    *Him explaining DCT shift* My brain: Time For Crab

  • Ryker Quackenbush
    Ryker Quackenbush3 måneder siden

    “I had that thought at one point too.”

  • MasterMAT
    MasterMAT3 måneder siden

    Wow, pretty clever. As expected from Koenigsegg.

  • Mervyn Montague
    Mervyn Montague4 måneder siden


  • Henry Carlson
    Henry Carlson4 måneder siden

    Interesting , Thank You

  • jayanth romale
    jayanth romale4 måneder siden

    By which clutch plates are pressed

  • gloglebag
    gloglebag4 måneder siden

    Could this be used in F1.

  • Muayad Muhamad
    Muayad Muhamad4 måneder siden

    Could you explain how 10 speed dual clutch transmission which made by ford and GM engineering? Thank you for good explanation 👍

  • Chavdar Stoykov
    Chavdar Stoykov5 måneder siden

    HONDA for 45 years uses CLUTCH PER GEAR - since the day they started building automatic gearboxes for their cars :-)

  • Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]
    Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]5 måneder siden

    Thatd actually pretty smart gearbox

  • Carsen Riker
    Carsen Riker5 måneder siden

    should consider using a "DeEsser". Your "S'" are quite loud with a headset on. JAHU

  • hambone7777777
    hambone77777775 måneder siden

    Yeah, that's all a bunch of fancy shafting but, when in manual-auto mode there is human lag for 9 gears. I like a 6 speed sequential transmission for large NA and low? revs. Less work and less complexity=good stuff. Thx

  • BotDamian
    BotDamian5 måneder siden

    So you say that the guy will need to replace 7 clutches? HA, yeah, Koenigsegg goes for performance not maintnance. I still wait for the Freevalve and Toyota thing.

  • Ekmanjohnny
    Ekmanjohnny5 måneder siden

    this clip is 13.37 long D:

  • Coltin Taylor
    Coltin Taylor5 måneder siden

    i kinda thought of something like this a while back where all the gears are always in mesh. but i couldnt wrap my brain around it

  • Timothy Lolcats
    Timothy Lolcats5 måneder siden

    It this video was recent I’d tell you to get an mr2

  • Jebat Taat
    Jebat Taat5 måneder siden

    I thought the fastest transmission is Sequential Gearbox just like what F1 cars use

  • Shahood Zafar

    Shahood Zafar

    5 måneder siden

    but, the sequential gearboxes may not be reliable...

  • Keelan Gerken
    Keelan Gerken5 måneder siden

    Your clutch is slipping... ...which one?

  • Douglas Clark
    Douglas Clark5 måneder siden


  • Daniyal Ahmed
    Daniyal Ahmed5 måneder siden

    Hey jason, does this mean that its better than a cvt or not?

  • dannybose
    dannybose6 måneder siden

    You are going to end up with a 350z.... Word!

  • Yo It's me, Dawg
    Yo It's me, Dawg6 måneder siden

    If anyone could make the fastest transmission, it would be the Swedish love child that is Koenigsegg.

  • James Allen
    James Allen6 måneder siden

    how much power is lost with all the dragging open clutches

  • Tribunus Militium
    Tribunus Militium6 måneder siden

    Am i the only person that wants to know how those clutches are engaged?

  • Tadeu Ferreira
    Tadeu Ferreira6 måneder siden

    MCT - Multi Clutch Transmission

  • Aston Scott
    Aston Scott6 måneder siden

    Say hello to the most expensive clutch job in the world.

  • Krzysztof Chrapka
    Krzysztof Chrapka6 måneder siden

    Next step: the transfer shaft is concentric, and using planetary gears. In seriousness, I would like to see comparsion between the LST and a planetary automatic.

  • J Morrison
    J Morrison6 måneder siden

    Tesla roadster: laughs in one gear automatic

  • Billy Cherokee
    Billy Cherokee6 måneder siden

    Yooooo are we going to engage a clutchpack to turn the steering wheel also? 😳

  • Jarrod
    Jarrod6 måneder siden

    The downside is you have to buy 6 clutches, the upside is the clutches last 6x as long

  • Jonas Larsson

    Jonas Larsson

    6 måneder siden

    You always use all gears all the time?

  • James Fry
    James Fry6 måneder siden

    it's a flex plate. not a fly wheel.

  • CyanBlade
    CyanBlade6 måneder siden

    SuPrA iS fAsTEr aNd A lOT ChEaPEr

  • Julien Cebe
    Julien Cebe6 måneder siden

    Sorry if the question as already ask. But! 10:30 If the two clutch overlap each other, does not mean that there two gears at the same time? It's not problematic for the transmission? Thanks!

  • Daniel Hestner
    Daniel Hestner6 måneder siden

    Koeniggseg were more or less forced to design their own transmission. There issnt one on the market for the amount of power and torque the engine produces.

  • Supercars Review
    Supercars Review6 måneder siden

    Can you please make a video explaining the Direct drive of the Reggera!??

  • ShootsVal
    ShootsVal6 måneder siden

    The transmission design makes me envy it wasn’t me who invented it. I do have one concern though: does it mean that replacing clutches (which are a wear item even in consumer cars, not 1500hp+ monsters) will require complete gearbox disassembly?

  • MyLonewolf25
    MyLonewolf256 måneder siden

    Now here’s my question. When can I get one a 4 speed or 6 speed for racing ;-;

  • Snerpesss
    Snerpesss7 måneder siden

    The repair bill for one clutch is probably more than my car.

  • Estrogenius
    Estrogenius7 måneder siden

    almost as fast as sisu fuller transmission

  • Nolan Harris
    Nolan Harris7 måneder siden

    i was about to comment "have fun when your clutches burn out." then I realized, if you can buy a koenigsegg, you do not have to worry about that, you can just buy another

  • Jan M.
    Jan M.7 måneder siden

    The LST reminds me on a mountain bike transmission

  • Scripture Examined
    Scripture Examined7 måneder siden

    If Koenigsegg made inventions for Formula 1, the series would be much more interesting...

  • Sadalsuud


    3 måneder siden

    They would ban his shenanigans i am afraid 😁

  • Daniel
    Daniel7 måneder siden

    This is mechanical porn. I enjoyed it.

  • John Doe
    John Doe7 måneder siden

    Jason - Thank you for your video, I appreciate your work. Your enthusiasm for your material shows thru! I hope to ask if you can share any evidence that K completes a shift in 2 milliseconds? I saw that on your whiteboard and am intrigued. Is there any way you can provide more detail on how this is done?

  • Sellem on Rerock
    Sellem on Rerock7 måneder siden

    Moral rhetorical question of the video: Do you want a Koenigsegg, or a house wife and kids

  • Johan Lindberg
    Johan Lindberg7 måneder siden

    get a m3!

  • srinitaaigaura
    srinitaaigaura7 måneder siden

    Christian von Koenigsegg : Ok, so how many gears and clutches do we need? Gearbox lead engineer : Yes(ko)...

  • Tim Gurowski
    Tim Gurowski8 måneder siden

    Great explanation, thanks for the video. Is it me, or did you just describe an automatic transmission without a torque converter? A few Ravigneaux gear sets and there’s all your gears. Each gear having a clutch pack is in all auto’s.

  • Carson Ho
    Carson Ho8 måneder siden

    DSG ain’t a thing in front of light speed

  • Yadhu Sankar
    Yadhu Sankar8 måneder siden

    After watching your videos, i became a great fan of koenigsegg

  • andrea abbate
    andrea abbate9 måneder siden

    Anyone knows the DSG and the PDK gearbox shifting times?

    ALBER PAJARES9 måneder siden

    Koenigsegg use to be really perfectionist on manufacturing cars,..



    9 måneder siden

    By the moment ¡ guess rolls Royce not gonna commercialize the 1000km/h yet, so by the moment the fastest cars commercialized are the Chiron and the Jesko..,

  • Riley Pace
    Riley Pace9 måneder siden

    Is it me, or are Koenigsegg engineers just making the ultimate car?

  • Gopi Nath
    Gopi Nath9 måneder siden

    Interesting, but can you explain how & where did Koenigsegg managed to place the torsional dampers ? Is it placed in engine front?

  • Bidyut Junior
    Bidyut Junior9 måneder siden

    Why don't you make animation videos?

  • Trump Zilla
    Trump Zilla9 måneder siden

    If your Engineering University Professor is smart they will put up a video of Engineering Explained on the widescreen in class and not have to say anything.

  • paulogavr
    paulogavr9 måneder siden

    Koenigsegg is a genius

  • Nicholas Lee
    Nicholas Lee9 måneder siden

    What's the difference between this and the kick-down (6th gear to 3rd gear under acceleration) experienced by automatics (Audi, Merc, BMW)? How did they do this kick-down without having 7 clutches like the Jesko? Genuinely interested, not a troll...

  • Kyriaeus


    8 måneder siden

    All modern planetary automatics use multiple clutch packs in combination to engage each gear, and all of them are able to do any single or double shift with a single swap (1 clutch pack engages while another disengages). Most of them also have large direct jumps like how the ZF8 can skip 8-2, or how the Honda 10AT can skip 10-6 and 7-3. If they need to do an even bigger jump that just means doing multiple swaps (e.g. 2 clutch packs engage while 2 disengage).

  • Jason L77
    Jason L779 måneder siden

    8 clutch pack light speed transmission : pricey fixing 8 clutch pack light speed transmission when broken : priceless ! lol ,

  • Martin Melih
    Martin Melih9 måneder siden

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  • Lonny Morrison
    Lonny Morrison9 måneder siden

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  • Potato Avacadonion
    Potato Avacadonion9 måneder siden

    More CLUTCHES come in CLUTCH

  • Potato Avacadonion
    Potato Avacadonion9 måneder siden

    The new c8: We have a new dual clutch that is the fastest on the market Jesko: Hold my beer

  • Rayomand Joshi
    Rayomand Joshi9 måneder siden


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    Alex Tasarov9 måneder siden

    Test drive an e46 m3! 😄

  • KK Playz
    KK Playz9 måneder siden

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  • KK Playz
    KK Playz9 måneder siden

    see i get it that havnig a dct is good for compact small transmissions but why not get rid of the dct for longer cars

  • KK Playz
    KK Playz9 måneder siden

    but i don't get this. on a regular transmission. why can't you just build up the energy one gear one, and then engage the clutch on the highest gear.

  • KK Playz
    KK Playz9 måneder siden

    but some inspiration from koenigseggs lst. THe thing is you can switch from gear one to any gear you want but if you want to go straight from gear one to the highest one, why not just make a special transmission in which it works similarly to koenigseggs lst but you don't need to go to all the gears

  • KK Playz
    KK Playz9 måneder siden

    great job as always, yoru videos always make it very easy to understand. Your diagram is so good that you didn't even need more of the video because as soon as I saw the diagram, in less than a minute I understood how it worked

  • knightwing4
    knightwing49 måneder siden

    That’s similar to the idea behind the way a tractor trailer transmission works.

  • Tyler Hayward
    Tyler Hayward10 måneder siden

    Fantastic videos mate, thank you very much for doing them. They're incredibly helpful for guys like me who really don't know all that much about cars/mechanics, but would sure love to learn!

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun10 måneder siden

    Legendary video as always. My kids will be learning lots from you.

  • Diji
    Diji10 måneder siden

    SJWs be on a hell of a TRANS mission, aye?

  • BERU 58
    BERU 5810 måneder siden

    And then Christian finds he will need 12 gears. That means two sligthly longer axes and two more gear wheels and clutches. Can CvK make that under 100kg?

  • Gábor Bolicska
    Gábor Bolicska10 måneder siden

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  • Zaheed M. Ahmed
    Zaheed M. Ahmed10 måneder siden

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  • fellelelle
    fellelelle10 måneder siden

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  • Krzysztof Gawryś
    Krzysztof Gawryś10 måneder siden

    pro tip: buy car, with 10 gears, launch it 10 times, 3 clutch packs to replace, $150k each, thank you - says Mr. Koenigsegg

  • John Smith
    John Smith10 måneder siden

    This is basically a bike transmission. With three gears on the front and rear sprockets

  • GameSpy DarkAge
    GameSpy DarkAge10 måneder siden

    Cool drinking game. Every time he says "shaft" take a shot. Really want to liven things up? Take another when he says "gear/s"

  • jennicina
    jennicina10 måneder siden

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  • Don Mathias
    Don Mathias10 måneder siden

    What is wrong with a cvvt?

  • Jonas Larsson

    Jonas Larsson

    6 måneder siden

    Valve trains are no good for transmission.

  • G L
    G L10 måneder siden

    From a Z owner, don't buy model years 2009 - 2012. You might get stranded in the middle of nowhere cause the immobilizer took a coffee break.

  • Agustín Guglielmone
    Agustín Guglielmone10 måneder siden

    Remember some years ago there were a lot of people saying that Koenigsegg made cars with highly tuned and modified engines and not much more than that... Well it's been time I don't hear (read) those type of comments anymore. Koenigsegg proves itself more and more everytime.

  • Tom P
    Tom P10 måneder siden

    Honda has been clutch packing individual gears, in their auto transmissions, since the '70s. This Koenigsegg transmission, as Honda engineers would say: "is almost same."

  • Thiago Gouvea
    Thiago Gouvea10 måneder siden

    just like the transmission on my montain bike

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    Not that i am some enlightened being or anything like it but what most people don't realize is that when you pay millions for a Koenigsegg you are not paying for a car, you are paying for a Van Gogh on wheels, whereas instead of a painting, you get a machine engineered to art.

  • wakejocke
    wakejocke10 måneder siden

    This trans type is really old, has been in tractors for like 30 years. It is a "powershift" transmission. Jeez

  • Jonas Larsson

    Jonas Larsson

    6 måneder siden


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    reviews and repairs10 måneder siden

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