Ford vs Coronavirus - Project Apollo's Brilliant Engineering


The Story Of Ford's Brilliant Engineering In Times Of Crisis - COVID-19
How Ford is producing Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPR).
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Ford's engineering has entered the fight against the coronavirus, COVID-19. They've developed a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator, or PAPR. The demand for these devices in medical facilities has surpassed the supply, and Ford saw this as an opportunity to lend their expertise towards a worthy cause, and help temporarily boost supply by developing their own unit.
The device went from being an idea on a sheet of paper to a production unit in just 38 days. Incredibly fast. The plastic housing design did not exist prior. The tooling for the housing didn’t exist prior, and yet in this video I'm able to hold something that engineers put together from start to finish in about a month - the same duration it takes me to respond to an e-mail.
When I heard about this project, it reminded me of the story of Apollo 13, where they have to make a square filter fit in a circular hole, using the supplies laid out in front of them representing what the astronauts had. Hours after I heard about the project, I found out Ford called this “Project Apollo.” Watch the video to learn all about it!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained8 måneder siden

    **Update** Was informed by Ford today they are also making the hood/hose as supplies from 3M were not available. Ford's clarification: "The hood and filter hose are both from Ford. Similar situation to the filter. We thought we could get them from 3M but they are sold out. We had to make our own due to lack of supply capacity."

  • Plasmaburndeath


    8 måneder siden

    I just wish they had held the line on the Face Masks, I don't ask much. Instead Dear Leader gets to get his germs on all the things being manufactured.

  • Jason Cotellessa

    Jason Cotellessa

    8 måneder siden

    Very awesome. Thanks Jason! Makes me happy I bought my 17 Focus ST new :)

  • Andy Robertson

    Andy Robertson

    8 måneder siden

    You miss the point that as a species it may be better for us to keep our natural immunity rather than begin the process of eternal separation from our natural environment. Clever and we'll meaning but ultimately probably harmful to the species.

  • peter maree

    peter maree

    8 måneder siden

    Could have installed a uvc light in the pipe gor the .03 escaping into pipe

  • peter maree

    peter maree

    8 måneder siden

    What....never procured a supply chain from their developing partners....boom...mind blow.

  • kathrynw3
    kathrynw34 måneder siden

    If they build these like they built my Fiesta, then they're all doomed.

  • John S.Wilson
    John S.Wilson6 måneder siden

    waiting for the video about the 1MW ford mach e with 7 electric the hell is that working out

  • AutoBez 313 Tv
    AutoBez 313 Tv6 måneder siden

    Is this the new FORD BRONCO

  • Joe H.S
    Joe H.S6 måneder siden

    Do the math, save the world

  • Joe H.S
    Joe H.S6 måneder siden

    NOlocal: hippity hoppity your money is now my property

  • Wing l
    Wing l7 måneder siden

    And yet they make their workers work in close conditions and fail to properly sanitize

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson7 måneder siden

    Where can I buy one?

  • Gros Buck
    Gros Buck7 måneder siden

    Hope they can produce tons of them. Cause the first wave of this pendemia that never really ended is up on fire again. The second wave have not even started yet. This pendemia will cost more than 200,000 lives.

  • Gael Bm
    Gael Bm7 måneder siden

    What a month to reply to e-mails I take half a year

  • Jose Camarillo
    Jose Camarillo7 måneder siden

    Is there any site information related how to purchase this device for medical staff??

  • lessevdoolbretsim
    lessevdoolbretsim7 måneder siden

    Before I watch the vid, I'm gonna guess Covid-19 is faster than any Ford. Now Chevy is a different story.

  • The Homer
    The Homer7 måneder siden

    Wow! As a healthcare professional I want to thank you for this video. I knew Ford was making PPE but it was so great to hear this very detailed breakdown and explanation of the process from idea to manufacturing. If any Ford employees see this, thank you for your service!

  • rocko44444444
    rocko444444447 måneder siden

    Exactly like when Marty appeared as Darth Vader from planet Vulcan to Georg McFly. :D

  • Spector NS5 RD
    Spector NS5 RD7 måneder siden

    I guess they could find another use for them, considering what we know now. Neat engineering though.

  • Shawn P
    Shawn P7 måneder siden

    Nice product and initiative Ford. Ford also developed a way to kill 99.9% of this virus by using police cruisers heater to 140°+ for less than fifteen minutes.

  • pinkace
    pinkace7 måneder siden

    They’re paying the volunteers? What?

  • Nowfel Eusuf
    Nowfel Eusuf7 måneder siden

    I think you would be great in making any video regarding any topic not related to vehicles. Great video man 👍👍

  • Nanda
    Nanda7 måneder siden

    So Ford beat 3M in their own game in matter of days by being even more efficient in filtration!!

  • Gildardo
    Gildardo7 måneder siden

    That is definitely Ford stepping up to the plate and showing the new guys how it's done. Maybe the Mach-e will be a good car afterall.

  • Alex Peck
    Alex Peck8 måneder siden

    As an industrial hygienist I can't tell you how happy I am to finally see a NOlocal video that properly explains how a HEPA filter works. Not surprised it is coming from EE.

  • Andrzej Waśko
    Andrzej Waśko8 måneder siden

    Thank you

  • glo lo
    glo lo8 måneder siden

    1:05 oh, ouch...same 😅

  • Donald Moser
    Donald Moser8 måneder siden

    Great video. I cannot believe that they (and their suppliers) were able to produce all the production tooling so quickly. Very impressive.

  • firstname
    firstname8 måneder siden

    This was a FANTASTIC piece of science communication! I'm sad you're not a full-time science channel 😭

  • Chandler Hirsch
    Chandler Hirsch8 måneder siden

    Very informative, Bravo Zulu to Ford!

  • Erik 567
    Erik 5678 måneder siden

    Who wrote this you tube? Well done.

  • Adrian Nel
    Adrian Nel8 måneder siden

    the virus might be that small, but it travels in saliva or nazal droplets that are hundreds of times larger, so this device's net filtration potential is even higher.

  • Ammaar Khan
    Ammaar Khan8 måneder siden

    Does it have antilag?

  • Gunther Immers
    Gunther Immers8 måneder siden

    N95 means 95 nanometers not 95%... Everything bigger than 95 nanometers is filtered out

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price8 måneder siden

    I may have missed it but I didn't see a Ford oval or Ford Performance logo anywhere on it. I like that.

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson8 måneder siden

    Well done Jason! Thank you for this enlightening peek at rapid engineering solutions!

  • Doing Double D
    Doing Double D8 måneder siden

    Great job FORD !!

  • Combless Man
    Combless Man8 måneder siden

    Hat's off to the employees and Ford , too bad the rush to build and distribute PPE's was delayed for months.

  • Last Exit Before Toll
    Last Exit Before Toll8 måneder siden

    Do you think hospitals need more of those DeWalt battery packs?? I have like 4 of those, I’d be willing to donate one to my local hospital

  • 9fofo
    9fofo8 måneder siden

    American engineering and manufacturing prowess hard at work. How awesome!

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson8 måneder siden

    Great video! I am very impressed by the ingenuity and flexibility of the modern engineering firm. On a funny note: I’m glad they found a use for all of those Dewalt batteries!

  • Gary G
    Gary G8 måneder siden

    Does this qualify for Ford Financing and will I get a bunch of phone calls telling me to buy an extended warranty for the PAPR?

  • Eduardo Zepeda
    Eduardo Zepeda8 måneder siden

    Can you do a video on heat extractors 🙏🏼

  • jldude84
    jldude848 måneder siden

    Wow. Great video Jason thank you it's a lot of great information. I knew Ford was throwing their hat in the ring building ventilators and such to help out, and I saw the engineer's drawings, but to be honest I definitely didn't expect them to turn out this well done, when I heard they were using truck seat fans and spare DeWalt batteries, I expected some kinda frankensteined, jerry-rigged contraption, but these actually look really well designed honestly. Good for Ford (and their suppliers) for doing such a great job in such little time.

  • KiraOnii Chan
    KiraOnii Chan8 måneder siden

    Can you imagine wherever you go, everyone is wear these lol

  • C chaplin
    C chaplin8 måneder siden

    So with the intake mounted at his back, its like having your nose at your butt. Happy Fart Sniffin LOL! woofwoof

  • JusTheSus
    JusTheSus8 måneder siden

    Ur channel is very useful, I learned how the antiroll bars work and stuff...*subs*

  • carmatic
    carmatic8 måneder siden

    the design of the hood seems a lot like a vacuum cleaner

  • Kalepsis
    Kalepsis8 måneder siden

    They should've used the motor and fan that Phillips uses for their CPAP machines. They're super quiet

  • Nathan Weber
    Nathan Weber8 måneder siden

    We’re living in a time in which ICE cars are jealous of electricity powered cars that do not have to breath

  • Nathan Weber
    Nathan Weber8 måneder siden

    Can I remplace the OEM filter of my car with this device? I don’t want my Alfa Romeo to get the coronavirus. I’m just afraid of the power loss due to the restricted O2 flow, will the integrated electric supercharger compensate? Looking forward for you knowledge on that! Cheers

  • bbbf09
    bbbf098 måneder siden

    Nice. Be good to see a lighter weight optmised version of these churned out in millions. Likely we will be living with Covid for years (decades)? so will be needing these. Certainly positive pressure + Hepa is better than any basic passive mask - FP3 or otherwise. Even if not needed now the next big pandemic could be along in few years (not necssarily another 100 years) and we should have large stock of these on shelf and ready to go for all key and healthworkers. Certainly in the UK we got caught out bigtime on lack of PPE

  • Random Kindness
    Random Kindness8 måneder siden

    in some wayback ads tesla had a fancy ac in their cars that would make the cabin air more hygenic thn the exterior. I think they were targeting the Chinese market atthe time. Couldn't that filter be used to make these respirators

  • El Marko
    El Marko8 måneder siden

    Good God Ford, could you have considered reducing your fastener count just a bit? Looks like this never got run through DFM (design for manufacturing...). Could have made both those fastener flanges on the top and bottom of the unit snap-locks, and cut production time, increased reliability, and further reduced potential tampering (looks like no DFMEA/PFMEA either...). By the way, Torx is also good for full torque application all the way to seating. I would never use Phillips as they are designed to 'torque out' at a certain point - variation in the plastics and you get Phillips screws that simply don't seat very well. Kind of strange because Ford thinks about this stuff for their vehicles...

  • David Silva
    David Silva8 måneder siden

    Great vid about Ford pitching in it’s capabilities. Was hoping to see something about Mach-E. Are you sure they didn’t deliver to hospitals using them?

  • PussMag
    PussMag8 måneder siden

    Seat cooler

  • Ghen Khoash
    Ghen Khoash8 måneder siden

    Alahu Akbar

  • Perich29
    Perich298 måneder siden

    The meat packing plant needs to be the 1st customers to get these helmet.

  • rahul banik
    rahul banik8 måneder siden

    Due to high intake of air by the fan, don't you think the probability of corona intake also increases?

  • Reece Lawson
    Reece Lawson8 måneder siden

    Hi Jason, could you at some point make a video explaining gasoline fuel systems just like you did with the common rail diesel fuel system please?

    HARINDRANATH T J8 måneder siden

    And what exactly platforms are what is the difference between CS2A VS CT9A

    HARINDRANATH T J8 måneder siden

    Please do a vedio on platforms comparison between CS2A VS CT9A

  • simysimy9
    simysimy98 måneder siden

    A mustang that's not a mustang. Thanks Farley for destroying the most recognized brand Ford ever had.

  • Matt H
    Matt H8 måneder siden

    *Dewalt batteries immediately sold out*

  • Matt H
    Matt H8 måneder siden

    And all the parts made in China

  • Vinayak R Vijay
    Vinayak R Vijay8 måneder siden

    All car plants all over the world should just follow this so that after we defeat corona(or we won’t) we can make petrol sports cars

  • jorge arevalo
    jorge arevalo8 måneder siden

    This why I am buying Ford’s from now on! 🦾🦾. Screw GM 👎🏼

  • prod1192
    prod11928 måneder siden

    I'd rather my doctor/nurse be using a Honda or Toyota variant.

  • DaxXx988
    DaxXx9888 måneder siden

    But what's the range?

  • mee see
    mee see8 måneder siden

    meanwhile over here in california old man musk is whining on twitter to force his workers to come back to the factory and build his go-karts.

  • I'm the best.
    I'm the best.8 måneder siden

    Good job ford, fair play, from a Toyota fan. 🚗

  • v m
    v m8 måneder siden

    Sir i just want to ask your opinion what would you suggest among the conventional automatic transmission, cvt or dct? In my country where traffic is the enemy of the driver and car and lots of uphill and downhill roads. Thanks in advance. Hope you can read this

  • Joshua Felty
    Joshua Felty8 måneder siden

    That thing is really cool thanks for sharing the video and educating us on the device.

  • peter maree
    peter maree8 måneder siden

    Few design point outs and questions. 1. Is this now open source? 2. Why make the battery slot into a hole. More diff to clean. Would have been better to use the de walt battery slot on outside. Fast efficient swop around and less clips breaks going forward.

  • Rene Robes
    Rene Robes8 måneder siden

    This is what American engineering, ingenuity and manufacturing can do. Maybe a re-think on foreign product dependency should follow. Great video.

  • TacEsk8
    TacEsk88 måneder siden

    Basically another thing to make money

  • Grant Lauzon
    Grant Lauzon8 måneder siden

    0:30 Pure unrestricted sex appeal.

  • dany manchster
    dany manchster8 måneder siden

    here is the thing though, not many filters can catch a virus. in fact, these filters are fairly rare. so this not gona help with covid 19 that much.

  • The Gee-tah Guy
    The Gee-tah Guy8 måneder siden

    Soon, a company will come out with a small, fully contained active breathe mask that either has a charged layer that attracts bacteria and viruses OR a small UV-C bulb built into its intake. The active filter will be much like the way paint is sprayed onto cars in the factory. It will be affordable and naturally use refills you have to pay for. The second one could be more dangerous if not built correctly. It will be the way all home ducting should be; everything in the air stream that passes by the UV-C bulb will either die or be rendered inert, like coronavirus. The UV-C damages the DNA and RNA in the virus itself. It could also do nasty things to you if your skin, mouth or airways get UV'd. Just as they come out, so will the vaccine. My advice... get the mask anyway!

  • Slayer-33
    Slayer-338 måneder siden

    Sup skanks

  • Andy Grew
    Andy Grew8 måneder siden

    I work in the nuclear industry where we often use PAPRs. All you need to know about PAPRs is that it you fart into someone's pump it is inescapable.

  • Very Spoopy
    Very Spoopy8 måneder siden

    i'm a nurse and we always utilize n95s safely and effectively to treat patients with TB (tuberculosis ). It's likely this filter will be absolutely fine. I would be so happy/lucky to get one.

  • Davin Sturdivant
    Davin Sturdivant8 måneder siden

    Ford vs Coronavirus. I don't even need to watch the video to know that Coronavirus will be more reliable.

  • smirkingdevil
    smirkingdevil8 måneder siden

    Wonderful modeling of the device. Milan fashion houses will be calling, I am sure! :-) Great video.

  • Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley
    Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley8 måneder siden

    Love Ford. And I say that without pointing out how much I hate GM...

  • Ketil Kristiansen
    Ketil Kristiansen8 måneder siden

    "It even uses Torx screws"... doesn't (almost) everything use torx these days?

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B8 måneder siden

    It's amazing how fast a private company can design, develop, produce, and ship out a product vs how long it takes the the government to have contractors bid on the job.

  • Cayden
    Cayden8 måneder siden

    Ford helping since WW2, nice

  • M W S
    M W S8 måneder siden

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

  • ehsan karimi
    ehsan karimi8 måneder siden

    @Engineering Explained: Can I ask a few engineering questions regarding manual transmission here? I haven't been able to find any answers online.

  • 向天笑
    向天笑8 måneder siden

    38天,fast? 呵呵。

  • Eric Stefko
    Eric Stefko8 måneder siden

    this is one of the best informational videos I have seen. Great work!

  • ultra8magnus
    ultra8magnus8 måneder siden

    Ford always loses, because it's FORD.

  • MrSaemichlaus
    MrSaemichlaus8 måneder siden

    The new Ford Model C.

  • Judit Kovacs
    Judit Kovacs8 måneder siden

    Thank you.

    FOAD RIGHTNOW8 måneder siden

    Why is everyone giving this hoax any credence? It IS a hoax, people! WakeTheFuckUp!

  • charlyRoot
    charlyRoot8 måneder siden

    I saw one of those batteries on sale for 149 bucks the other day. I wonder why they chose that. I have 3 of them myself. They charged in about 15 minutes.

  • Chris Hews
    Chris Hews8 måneder siden

    HEPA challenge in Europe (EN1822) is at MPPS, which for an H14 is around 0.15 micron, around the size of COVID-19. 0.3 micron is not MPPS, but it is the ASHRAE 52.2 test standard challenge particle size. European specified would provide even greater protection.

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson8 måneder siden

    Bet it rattles after a week. Jk. Thank you for the explanation of filter ratings and probability. People need to know facts to assess risk. I’m impressed with the cooperation and development of this PAPR, since the engineers were unfamiliar with the use case at the beginning of the project. They seemingly got this right in one shot. Not sure it rises to the level of Apollo, which was basically a small miracle. Though it makes me wonder what else we can improve through real, focused engineering and design when “failure is not an option”. Anyway, glad Ford are using their talent and workforce to help the healthcare workers.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman8 måneder siden

    Well done Ford and 3M and MANN+HUMMEL

  • B H
    B H8 måneder siden

    Ironic. Ford can save others from covid-19 but not their own employees(by not shutting down the factories).

  • MondoTV
    MondoTV8 måneder siden

    Funny, they didn’t put a gas engine in it... must have been the Mustang team!

  • leborde
    leborde8 måneder siden

    3:18 seems they camouflaged the girl too.

  • Johnno Bravo
    Johnno Bravo8 måneder siden

    Quick question bro how do get max HP out of a N/A 4 cylinder 2.0L engine ? Mine has 147hp and a 08 civic type R has 200hp with a N/A 4 cylinder 2.0L engine. That's 53hp difference and just wondering where that extra power is coming from in a similar engine. Exhaust ? Air intake ? ECU tuning? ( i have no idea how to do whole ECU thing even after watching your video lol. I just want to see how much hp i can get out of a 2.0L Naturally Aspirated engine. So far i have fitted a cat back exhaust , and upgraded CAI ( cold air intake ) and have a dyno run in a week for results. Thanks heaps if you take the time to read this :) And thanks even more if you respond or suggest a video of yours to watch :)