Ford Mustang Mach-E vs Tesla Model 3, Model Y - Tesla's Still King


How Does Ford's Mustang Mach-E Stack Up Against Tesla's Model 3/Y?
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Ford Mach-E vs Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model Y. If you're searching for an electric car for your garage, these are some of the best options available. The Mach-E offers an alternative to the powerhouse Tesla who has dominated the EV market. Ford's Mach-E is available in RWD or AWD, and with two different battery pack sizes, with driving range varying from 211 to 305 miles. Performance is similar to the Tesla Model Y, with an AWD 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, and a GT model at 3.5 seconds.
In this video we'll compare batteries, driving range, efficiency, price, performance, exteriors, cargo capacity (frunk & trunk), interiors, infotainment systems, features, driving dynamics, tow ratings, and phone apps. We'll end with a summary including reasons to buy each.
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  • Blu Keed
    Blu Keed6 timer siden

    Side by side the Tesla is one ugly-looking car🤠

  • Mike C
    Mike C11 timer siden

    Jason, the Maquis have much faster models than that...

  • LiveFree OrDie
    LiveFree OrDieDag siden

    Sentry mode?, Very important Dedicated SC network?, Very important Regular and free OTA? very important Range,range,range. Very important Towing capability?,Very important

  • dannydaw59
    dannydaw59Dag siden

    Notice how there were zero Electrify America DC chargers in the Dakotas. No road trips through the upper midwest in the Ford. Tesla might be better.

  • J C
    J CDag siden

    Narrower tires are better than wider tires for winter driving and wet driving, like snow, slush, snow/rain mixture, etc...This has been well-known and proven since... the invention of the wheel. Also, narrower tires give out less road noise and road resistance = more efficient. Why is your channel called engineering explained if you can't explain this century old engineering fact?

  • J C
    J CDag siden

    America, America. Aren't most fords made in Mexico? Oh yes, that's America too. You should say USA, USA...not America, America.

  • Richie P
    Richie PDag siden

    So why is it safe for these cars to have front hoods that open without a manual latch, but not for normal cars?

  • Juan Carlos Abugarade
    Juan Carlos AbugaradeDag siden

    king??? which one have a good old V8?? 😐

  • David Deboy
    David DeboyDag siden

    mach e is a joke f put out to see if the consumer would swallow it. It's not built for longevitity.

  • Wok
    Wok2 dager siden

    Mach E screen already looks dated, like comparing a Compaq work station pc to an alienware PC.

  • Eddie Gardner
    Eddie Gardner2 dager siden

    The low ground clearance on the Ford is caused by their batteries. All the important issues seem to end up being driven by the batteries. Energy density breakthrough still needed in the battery compartment.

  • ottopuppy
    ottopuppy2 dager siden

    I can't believe that I like the Mustang but the screen is too big for me.

  • kovich001
    kovich0012 dager siden

    The "Mustang" won't sell, the Bolt EUV will outsell it

  • Nick Aston
    Nick Aston2 dager siden

    Excellent video and review. Thank you.

  • bbbf09
    bbbf092 dager siden

    Great side-by-side compare and contrast. I really wanted the mustang (still do). Whilst the drivetrain and battery spec appear to be the best for Tesla, the styling for me is anodyne. So how come I ended up with a Tesla model 3 long range? Well range is important and when first hints of range came out on the standard range mustang I got spooked and dropped my preorder. In end figures were not so bad ..but still how they end up with 230miles EPA with near 77kwh battery is mystery. Winter highway I bet it could not manage 180miles based on EPA. The price of sr mustang was reasonable...£4K less than sr+ model 3 but for some reason lr mustang here in UK was insanely high..almost £18k more than sr ( $25k?)..and way more than lr model 3. So here I am with a 2021 model 3 long range. My impressions so far?... not so great. My mostly highway trip was at near freezing temperature I admit, but I did cruise at 70mph max...or under and still only managed 230miles max range. Its sat outside now going nowhere under covid lockdown but continuosly losing 2% battery on phantom drain every day(sentry mode and everything else advised are OFF). My BMW i3 doesnt lose that much in a week...or longer. Also... predictably.... the panel gaps suck...really really badly. On the tail I can amost squeeze tip of finger in at end ...but just 2ft to right the gap is paper thin.I dont why they cant get this right (or halfway right?) This will be returned to be fixed.

  • Treader
    Treader3 dager siden

    I don't care how many times it's called a "mustang", it's not a mustang.

  • Ready72000


    18 timer siden

    I’m not calling it a Mustang even if there’s a fire!

  • Flay Mil
    Flay Mil3 dager siden

    Mach e charging will be hard to accommodate

  • Mario Galaz
    Mario Galaz3 dager siden

    What? You want to off road?

  • SEA
    SEA3 dager siden

    Pretty good and fair comparison...... EXCEPT when you did a “how it drives” section. Majority of people buying a Tesla over another EV is because it’s future (and current) autonomous driving. I would say, had you compared the two companies, you would get a very clear decision on what is better overall.

  • dannydaw59


    Dag siden

    It's not really autonomous driving when you have to hold the steering wheel. It's just marketing to get you to buy the car.

  • ninemilliondollars
    ninemilliondollars4 dager siden

    TireRack states the load factor for those tires is XL which is just about 1,923 lbs. or 7,692 for all four. Plus they're the Eco Focus kind.

  • tiderfish
    tiderfish4 dager siden

    You forgot to mention after sale support. The Ford comes with a huge dealership network that is fully staffed with people that are helpful and able to do all the servicing it will need. All the Tesla complaints I have heard from owners are centered around getting service after they bought the car.

  • Ivan Tierney
    Ivan Tierney4 dager siden

    You have to change what you said USA made on both. No the Mustang is made in Mexico not in the US.

  • Joel Bosco
    Joel Bosco4 dager siden

    The hood on the Tesla is off color.

  • I_THE_ME
    I_THE_ME4 dager siden

    I still don't understand why people need massive amounts of ground clearance for vehicles that will never go off roading. It only hurts the driving experience.

  • Jarno
    Jarno5 dager siden

    Model Y is 42k$ now?

  • VultureX3
    VultureX35 dager siden

    Mustang? where? stop being a suck up. This was a very poor review coming from you.

  • kingjaf
    kingjaf5 dager siden

    Future video on ride height effect on coefficient of drag/efficiency? It may explain why they are not lifted more. Long ago Cammisa wrote a piece about a lowered GTI that improved mpg.

  • Paul Würdig
    Paul Würdig5 dager siden

    Ground clearance on both cars is not for offroading. They are for road use. Model Y is only a Model 3 with different trunk. The Mach E is much cooler.

  • Beauty & Truth
    Beauty & Truth5 dager siden

    Ford have failed again. Poor ground clearance, poor visibility, poor range.... can't seem to get the basics right.... we are looking at the death throws of a dinosaur.

  • Nico D. Sun
    Nico D. Sun6 dager siden

    Which one is better for looting a store?

  • Cars of Pennsylvania
    Cars of Pennsylvania6 dager siden

    yeah I'd take the Mach-E

  • reinc83
    reinc836 dager siden

    There’s less range cause of that huge screen.

  • Marci 25
    Marci 256 dager siden

    It's not a real mustang! It's a trash ford suv!!!

  • Chris Raynor
    Chris Raynor6 dager siden

    Competition is great for us consumers :)

  • André Filipe Brás Lopes
    André Filipe Brás Lopes6 dager siden

    They look good and are good, but german interiors still look far better in my opinion.

  • Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
    Lord Refrigerator Intercooler6 dager siden

    Do a video on the APTERA. we need some math to see if what they promise is real.

  • Peter Lipiński
    Peter Lipiński7 dager siden

    Great video, good information!

  • Martin Taper
    Martin Taper7 dager siden

    Muck E and Muddle 3 - that's about right.

  • Sander Van der Kammen

    Sander Van der Kammen

    3 dager siden

    Fart'n raper.... sounds about right.

  • Matt Huber
    Matt Huber7 dager siden

    Model 3 and Y look boring as hell though...

  • neo69121
    neo691217 dager siden

    there is one more difference tesla is a computer that happenes to have wheels ford is just a car

  • Henry Lima
    Henry Lima7 dager siden

    I dont understand why you said towing will be miserable. Im sure you know electric cars have eay more torque then internal combustion engines.

  • Tom Wagner
    Tom Wagner7 dager siden


  • Baller
    Baller7 dager siden

    Meanwhile Bugatti makes a 1 kwh car that does 0-60 in 6.0 seconds, haha!

  • Mac_Raymond
    Mac_Raymond8 dager siden

    let them know 6'1" and a ¹/²

  • leborde
    leborde8 dager siden

    Probably the tow of 750kg for the Mustang is due to regulations. I recall that after 750kg, you need another type of trailer.

  • Joe Kim
    Joe Kim8 dager siden

    Pricing on Mach-E.....dealers are selling the cars ABOVE sticker MRSP. Whereas TEsla pricing is clear and always the same (or keeps dropping due to production efficiencies)

  • iceagecoming
    iceagecoming8 dager siden

    Cool, just what you need, a car videoing you at all times

  • S S
    S S8 dager siden

    Model Y Standard Range has 244 miles of range. 0-60 in 5.3 seconds.

  • Roger Sanders
    Roger Sanders8 dager siden

    Does the fact that the Mach E has Fords dealership network play any advantage? I also wonder about fit/finish and quality control. I do realize Tesla is still rather infant compared to Ford and I am deeply impressed that Tesla is the leader that the establishment is trying to catch up to. Good video, thorough information.

  • Leslie Weir
    Leslie Weir8 dager siden

    Why didn't you compare the Mach E to the model Y? The single motor model Y is now available.

  • pear7777
    pear77778 dager siden

    That doorhandle...

  • Joseph Carrino
    Joseph Carrino8 dager siden

    Mustang must hate speed bumps, super bad considering battery's are down there

  • Eduardo Herrera
    Eduardo Herrera8 dager siden

    Polestar 2

  • drelusive
    drelusive8 dager siden

    One of the things worth mentioning in the Ford Vs Tesla is that Ford has been making vehicles for over a century, and has a LONG history of parts availability and large repair network, something Tesla struggles with. Also vehicle fit and finish, and customer service of tesla seems to be a struggle for them at the moment.. For those reasons alone the Ford is more appealing to me.

  • order9066
    order90668 dager siden

    A "king" is an unelected, hereditary monarch. I don't understand the analogy. Crowns aren't awarded to winners in any sport, so I'm doubly confused.

  • Σταμάτης Καλλιόστρας
    Σταμάτης Καλλιόστρας9 dager siden

    Can you do a video on why we should never overfill a gas tank?

  • Aaron Pereira
    Aaron Pereira9 dager siden

    What happened to this bumbs Mazda?

  • Kitt Jup
    Kitt Jup9 dager siden

    2021 Toyota Rav4 hybrid would still be my choice.

  • mubasheer
    mubasheer9 dager siden

    Hi, sorry this question is related to a video you made in 2013. love your videos. When tuning a reliable car like a 1.5L turbo Honda civic with Hondata/K Tuner is there a considerable decrease in the reliability of the engine? Or is the decrease in reliability insignificant?

  • VeryLongClaw
    VeryLongClaw9 dager siden

    1 Day later the Tesla Model Y RWD Standard offered for $41k

  • Joe
    Joe9 dager siden

    Ford won’t let you use the full battery capacity is an additional contributor to the difference in range.

  • chris thorney
    chris thorney9 dager siden

    im not really a ford guy, but that thing looks nothing like a mustang, you kept mentioning how they must have done thing for astetics, but it looks like arse, and they are just trying to use the mustang name, but in doing so they have once again ruined it, after last gen mustang was about the coolest mustang in over 30 years, straight into a bastardised suv cross over looking thing, it should have been its own thing, calling it a mustang i think is going to turn alot of people off, personally i think i would prefer to sell out to tesla than drive that ford

  • Piece of junk
    Piece of junk9 dager siden

    With the Ford you also get body panels that line up

  • Xpeng Fangirl
    Xpeng Fangirl9 dager siden

    elon will save every one of us, and regarding Tesla, let´s hand over our money so that elon can smile when there is a trillion for him, he is pure and will save us all from AI and give us all jobs, he is the only pure saint left on the planet, soon we will all be taken on SpaceX to Mars and live in the HVAC colony, with solar home walls, and with our 25k Tesla model 2 (15k without FSD), elon is so generous, FSD should be 20k but he is giving it to us as a gift for just 10k, this is proof of miracles, and nuerolacing will be free for humanity who will become teslanites

  • marctronixx
    marctronixx9 dager siden

    lol his look at 12:34 when he puts his foot in the tank. lol hyper focused. :)

  • Thunder Thunder
    Thunder Thunder9 dager siden

    Main benefit with tesla is that it is time tested and improved a lot

  • Heath Wirt
    Heath Wirt9 dager siden

    Can you order brake pads for the Mach-E?

  • Sheen Lantern
    Sheen Lantern9 dager siden

    I commend you for passing up the chance to clickbait and instead put your conclusion in the title. You earned a Like just for that.

  • Kenneth Josing
    Kenneth Josing9 dager siden

    How does the phrase II charger work on the Mach-e, does it have an app for charging control at home?

  • appleiphone69
    appleiphone699 dager siden

    Key point that you missed Jason is long term manufacture support. Tesla has a history of having a limited after market for parts and support. See Tesla roadster.

  • Monales
    Monales9 dager siden

    Bye tesla 😂😂😂😂, mustang mach e 💪💪💪

  • J T
    J T9 dager siden

    Jeez, I've never shopped for a street car by pissing over ground clearance, being an engineer maybe getting the weight low to the ground lowers the center of gravity leading to safer, better handling, the Ford with it's obvious higher roof line appears as if it will have a much easier ingress/egress for the operator as well as better visibility for the operator, might be some things to consider for those of us who aren't "boy racers", IMO the Ford is a much more attractive vehicle as the Tesla has that reminiscent jelly-bean look of the old EV-1

  • Moto arzan
    Moto arzan9 dager siden

    THE BIGGEST downfall of the Ford Mustang Mach-E is that...It's a Ford. Bad legacy stigma. I've had Ford vehicles before and they were the worst of all I've ever owned. To the tune of my 2014 Explorer Sport having $13k of repairs in the the first 72k Km, Literally $13k of repairs and 28 line item entries for service on the carproof report at trade in.

  • Nistilian
    Nistilian9 dager siden

    The Mach-E is built in Mexico, so those jobs go to Mexican workers, not American workers.

  • Bogdan Dediu
    Bogdan Dediu9 dager siden

    "you can't use your phone while driving" ..and then they put a 65" interactive screen in you dashboard. Yeah logic...

  • Offthefly Co
    Offthefly Co10 dager siden

    Thankfully women don’t measure things like you do before committing to them 😂

  • Antonio NYC
    Antonio NYC10 dager siden

    I really hate the new design of the ford it does not even resemble a sports car anymore, it looks like a damn Moms car might as well put in a baby set in the damn thing. I don't know who these people designing these cars nowadays.

  • Captain CJ 97
    Captain CJ 9710 dager siden

    That door "handle " I said once I'll say again is terrible on the mach e. I cant wait until the days car company stop putting these big screens in cars and all this over tech.

  • springer 11724
    springer 1172410 dager siden

    "King" has been dethroned in Europe. VW sold more than 3X as many EVs as Tesla in 2020!

  • RC18


    9 dager siden

    Wait when did vw sell over 1,500,000 bevs????? Source to that?

  • Bear Lemley
    Bear Lemley10 dager siden

    Wow, a big vertical touch screen in the middle and small horizontal screen in front of the driver. What great I ovation and unique engineering.

  • Stephen Ferris
    Stephen Ferris10 dager siden

    Build quality? Accessiblity to parts? 3rd party parts?

  • sienile
    sienile10 dager siden

    5:00 - That's what she said. "You're only getting 5.7 inches. So I think that's a bit disappointing." - Jason, EE

  • Jack
    Jack10 dager siden

    One thing you forgot to mention is that ford probably have better fit and finish than the tesla.

  • Locem Flyer
    Locem Flyer10 dager siden

    Could you do an id 3 vs tesla comparison?

  • Apple TechTroop
    Apple TechTroop10 dager siden

    i love the mustang for camping

  • k ch
    k ch10 dager siden

    Why buy ford ? Don't we know how bad ford can be ?

  • Grant Guy
    Grant Guy10 dager siden

    Ford at least can replace its own ice junk. Way to die cleanly ford.

  • mike goettina
    mike goettina10 dager siden


  • mike goettina
    mike goettina10 dager siden


  • Draves
    Draves10 dager siden

    Wait, so the Mach-E gets a tax credit, but the teslas dont? why? Legacy lobby?

  • mike goettina
    mike goettina10 dager siden


  • mike goettina
    mike goettina10 dager siden

    the ford is A real car as tesla is a city boy car tesla only for city BOYS

  • Nathan Ton
    Nathan Ton10 dager siden

    Tesla = Jedi master Ford = drunk guy outside bar trying to pick a fight

  • Jeromy McPherson
    Jeromy McPherson10 dager siden

    What an awkward little guy

  • BTCAutomotiveTech
    BTCAutomotiveTech10 dager siden

    Another contrast that has been mentioned little in the comments is serviceability. Tesla has serious known issues in their service and parts supply chain. Ford’s is very established. Between my small town and the next large city (Seattle) there at least 1/2 dozen Ford Dealerships and many more body shops authorized to work on Fords. The nearest Tesla dealership is almost 3 hours away and only 1 body shop in my area can repair Tesla’s and even they often can take months to source needed parts. Huge advantage to Mach E at this point in 2021 - IMO.

  • Justin H
    Justin H10 dager siden

    I love Tesla's, but its not the be all end all

  • parthasarathy Venkatadri
    parthasarathy Venkatadri10 dager siden

    Mach E model 3 Mach E model 3 Mach E model 3 ... That's a tongue twister ..

  • Jenny Baker
    Jenny Baker10 dager siden

    king of the electric cars is like being the king of the tampon aisle in the grocery store

  • Rexford L
    Rexford L10 dager siden

    The biggest thing.. I can go to a local Ford dealer and get service (it's 50 miles away from my house) If I had a Tesla, I would have to have a tow truck take it almost 700 miles away! That's a HUGE difference!

  • Steven Gulie
    Steven Gulie10 dager siden

    Nice balanced reporting.