Do Stickers Make Your Car Faster? Cheap Power!


Do Car Stickers Add Horsepower? Let's prove it!
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How much horsepower do car stickers add? Let's finally put an end to the myths. While it has been hypothesized for years, no one really knew the true power of car stickers until today. Better yet, we find out the groundbreaking news that magnets can have the same effect on electric cars. Stickers will be applied to a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek, and magnets will be applied to a 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance. You won't believe the results, because why would you? This video is ahead of its time.
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained9 måneder siden

    If you enjoyed this style of video, it's been an annual tradition for seven years now. Here are the previous videos: 10 Benefits Getting Your Car Stolen - Life Of A NOlocalr - What If Cars Didn't Exist? - 5 Ways To Prove You're A Car Guy - 5 Facts That Prove The Earth Is Flat - 5 Reasons I Hate My Tesla -

  • Rey Police

    Rey Police

    7 måneder siden

    What ever your name is, can you come over and evaluate weather or not I need stickers or magnets on my mobility scooter? I don't even know which direction or side to put them on to work with the air flow to cause the propulsion phenomenon. It is just a big three wheeled granny tricycle , but it has gears so this should work. Butt I need your help. I parked it on the flat side of the Earth, so it can't roll off. I tried gorilla glue on the tires to stick it to the ground so that the spin of the Earth moving at a thousand miles an hour wouldn't cause it to fly off into space. Dude I really need your help here, can you do me a solid and show up?

  • pawel gorski

    pawel gorski

    8 måneder siden

    Could you do an episode about LPG as a car fuel? Can it be used as a performance fuel, or for enomical reasons or mabye as more ecological fuel? It is more popular in Europe than US. Thanks, great show.

  • N C

    N C

    9 måneder siden

    silliest april fools joke ever 😂

  • yosefrafael


    9 måneder siden

    Hi, i have an idea for a video that not many have done before. I have a Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart, it has a 1.5 turbo with 150bhp. It is tuned and I would like to know where I should draw the limit before it has too much torque before the con rods bend. My question is: is there a rule of thumb on how the engineers think on how much more a con rod should be able to handle compared to what torque the car had. If I take out my con rods from my engine, is there a way on how we can measure/ how to simulate how much torque can handle rods can handle? I don't want to tune my engine too much and get a failure. Would be great if you would be able to creat such a video. Thanks

  • Disturbed Asylum

    Disturbed Asylum

    9 måneder siden

    Just a video suggestion. This idea came from forza horizon 3 where youtubers would change the horsepower and weight of cars: who would win a drag race? a 1 kg car with 1 hp, a 100 kg car with 100 hp or a 1000 kg car with 1000 hp and why? Would it be the heavier car because of less drag?

  • Joanna Yuen
    Joanna Yuen8 dager siden

    when you are pushing the pedal you are pushing it less hard without stickers

  • FelixYojinato Editore Wong Ngapak
    FelixYojinato Editore Wong Ngapak3 måneder siden

    put on your car honda TRD nismo STi RALLYART AMG M NOS Eibach STi HKS Brembo Bybre red strip daytona NASCAR and it will gives respectably 100HP for every character

  • RetroRon #87
    RetroRon #873 måneder siden

    This is epic and hilarious! Literally had me in tears 🤣🤣🤣

  • BR 71
    BR 714 måneder siden

    You are actually a funny guy!

  • Transmo ́s Brickstuff
    Transmo ́s Brickstuff4 måneder siden

    Everybody knows 1 sticker equals 5 Hp, It´s not rocket science ;)

  • Darijo Kutlesa
    Darijo Kutlesa5 måneder siden

    VTEC stickers gives your about 50% more boost.

  • jaya neyon
    jaya neyon5 måneder siden

    The sponsors are just a cover up the real reason race cars have stickers are for the horsepower

  • 2dansonfan
    2dansonfan5 måneder siden

    I love how he looks likes he's fighting back laughter with every word.

  • Apurv Jadhav
    Apurv Jadhav5 måneder siden

    Put carbon fibre decal on everything, it reduces the weight, coz you know it's decal, car doesn't.

    TROKIANDO World5 måneder siden

    So the stickers make your car react faster

  • Kronstad
    Kronstad6 måneder siden

    "Over the age of 55." We need skin care routine tutorial ASAP!

  • Juan-Carlos Franco
    Juan-Carlos Franco6 måneder siden

    Instructions unclear, accidentally turbocharged my car.

  • DannyFlac
    DannyFlac6 måneder siden

    Excellent experiment! Any thoughts on a wrap?

  • Michael Biniakewitz
    Michael Biniakewitz6 måneder siden

    I watch all of your videos and dude this was by far your funniest video far and away and I get it that it was a joke of a video so mission accomplished. Love the work, as usual

  • confinez555
    confinez5556 måneder siden

    Wow i surprised i find this kind of this video in ee...well done, its a great stress reliever! But what about hybrid? can i use both magnet ans stickers??

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix6 måneder siden


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    Lucian Moroi6 måneder siden


  • Linus Fondin
    Linus Fondin6 måneder siden

    Why did I watch 10 minutes of this?

  • sabis6111
    sabis61116 måneder siden

    I feel like sticker bombing my fiat Was the right way to go

  • Main Account
    Main Account7 måneder siden

    0:26 are you insulting our overlords at Subaru?

  • R. Miller
    R. Miller7 måneder siden

    The main exception to the stick/decal = Horsepower equation is if it's a Lyft or Uber decal. Those seem to slow your car down and somehow disable the turn singles, delay your brake lights, and nullify traffic rules and common sense.

  • Puuding Music
    Puuding Music7 måneder siden

    Me watching in June: This must be an April fools video

  • Captain Zoll
    Captain Zoll7 måneder siden

    the slight surface irregularity of the stickers causes aerodynamic scavenging, which makes the car more aerodynamic, and therefore faster. rust holes do the same thing, while also acting as weight reduction.

  • Travis Terrell
    Travis Terrell7 måneder siden

    I *really* wish Subaru would sell the Crosstrek with a turbocharged option. It's such an awesome car, but so woefully underpowered.

  • Alex Mills
    Alex Mills7 måneder siden

    0:58 was put in because he knows his wife is watching 😂

  • skae81
    skae817 måneder siden

    I knew it. Thank you for all your work.

  • Josue Sanitize your
    Josue Sanitize your7 måneder siden

    LMAOOO I love this

  • eternalmedicine
    eternalmedicine7 måneder siden

    only if it says cummins on it

  • Meet PH
    Meet PH7 måneder siden

    can you do a video on body weight? how much bodyweight can slow your car down? affect handling? thank you for your time and help

  • Dean Monroe
    Dean Monroe7 måneder siden

    That is just awesome! I gotta get me some stickers! Oh, I just remembered... I have a K&N sticker somewhere. That ought to be worth something.

  • Leslie Nordman
    Leslie Nordman8 måneder siden

    Hysterical! Thank you!

  • Kevin Neely
    Kevin Neely8 måneder siden

    8:11 Tam8r made me choke laughing

  • Peter Ruiz
    Peter Ruiz8 måneder siden

    I wish the thumbs up button had an 'X-sta big like' option !

  • Peter Ruiz
    Peter Ruiz8 måneder siden

    MAAAANN.....Who put a quarter in YOU !?! Lock down making you luny , I no. Me too. Now if you put 'nitrous' and 'super charger' company stickers, this can psyc out the person in the next lane.. And they miss gears, lock up on the brakes, and miss turn apex ....Well...It can happen !

  • Jay Dunbar
    Jay Dunbar8 måneder siden

    Only cross trek in existence to get floored multiple times a day.

  • General 1995
    General 19958 måneder siden

    Dose it work on Diesel vehicles

  • Adam Griffin
    Adam Griffin8 måneder siden

    Poor Blake no mercy today boys

  • Adam Griffin
    Adam Griffin8 måneder siden

    That's why I drive a cross... IT WAS A GOOD DEAL OK!!!

  • Lord Commander Manny
    Lord Commander Manny8 måneder siden

    Love this video. Funny

  • Your channel
    Your channel8 måneder siden

    You have 2nd world roads in a 1st world country. These suspensions are dangerously low.

  • Your channel
    Your channel8 måneder siden

    Can you raise the suspension on regular cars?

  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter Person8 måneder siden

    6:38 :)

  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter Person8 måneder siden

    2:14 OK EE, what is going on with those cable wires in the background?

  • Domingos Silva
    Domingos Silva8 måneder siden

    Very very good explained, but be carefull because this can be like Trump solution to COVID 19!!!!

  • Jim Langill
    Jim Langill8 måneder siden

    You make pretty good comic.

  • mark daniel quindoxa
    mark daniel quindoxa8 måneder siden

    What the............

  • datsuntoyy
    datsuntoyy8 måneder siden

    Love the humerous tests. When I subscribed to R&T they used to do funny tests. One issue they tested the vehicle that carried the space shuttle to the launching pad. That was a riot. In another they tested electric bumpercars that you'd find at the fair. Do more, make us laugh. What program did you have on your phone to test the tesla and is that an electric only accelerometer or will it work with a dino juice pumper also? ;)

  • Matheus Caiaffa
    Matheus Caiaffa8 måneder siden

    this is creepy

  • theenglandguy
    theenglandguy8 måneder siden

    Wasn't his name Yayson?

  • Twizzlers
    Twizzlers8 måneder siden

    Where can I get that Lego sticker!? ... asking for a friend

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    Waleed Muddasir8 måneder siden

    I wasted 10:38 of my loif.

  • Alex
    Alex8 måneder siden

    is this a joke? lol

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    flakey8 måneder siden

    imagine someone first seeing this channel stumbling across this video

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    Cole Kurtenbach8 måneder siden

    OMG I died 😂😂🤣🤣💀

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    david rosebrock8 måneder siden

    Good to see a brainiac well above my pay grade with a sense of humor ;^)

  • Praful Garje
    Praful Garje8 måneder siden

    This is exactly like the NFS Payback upgrade cards.

  • Frank Tedesco
    Frank Tedesco8 måneder siden


  • Charles Mares
    Charles Mares8 måneder siden

    Every April 1st, I'm laughing like a kid on NOS!!! Good job homie!

  • Ted Bonbrake
    Ted Bonbrake8 måneder siden

    I raced motorcycles for many years and found that stickers made the bike way faster but at a certain point the weight of the stickers came into play and actually slowed things down. The magic number is only three layers of stickers, any thicker and the weight and wind resistance slowed us down.

  • A Romero
    A Romero8 måneder siden

    You know what, I got the like button midway but then I heard you say the earth wasn't flat. I will let you have the like but I'm going to have to report you for falsifying facts.

  • A Romero
    A Romero8 måneder siden

    My grandma once put a grandma's the best sticker on her wagon and she gained 75 extra horsepowers. True story!

  • Ramon Bullock
    Ramon Bullock8 måneder siden

    Like your reel

  • Jimmie McFunfloungel
    Jimmie McFunfloungel8 måneder siden

    Question for you Jimson. Since we know that gasoline-powered cars hate electricity and don't use it, what would happen if you put a lightning bolt sticker on your gasoline-powered car? Would you get bigger or less horses of power?

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    L[REDACTED] K[REDACTED]9 måneder siden

    darn it! too late to party :D I can't believe nobody asked about plug in hybrid cars with magnets and stickers?

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    Sahidable19969 måneder siden

    Always refreshing to see that no matter how big your brain is, your dry and monotone humour always knocks it out of the park 😂

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    ntn.9 måneder siden

    where is the unsee button

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    Moorland Moss9 måneder siden

    That was really tongue in cheek and hilarious!!!

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    Fabian Noguera9 måneder siden

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  • Blake Hawkins
    Blake Hawkins9 måneder siden

    Wait... My name's Blake....

  • T C
    T C9 måneder siden

    NASCAR has known this for decades! They've even figured out that sewing cloth patches to the driver's clothing can make the car even faster.

  • T C
    T C9 måneder siden

    Everyone knows that adding a chrome differential cover to your muscle car will cut at least 2 seconds off its quarter-mile time.

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  • N C
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    silliest april fools joke ever 😂

  • wiky
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    Not cool man, I took the advice by putting nos stickers and I just blew the welds on my intake

  • Theo Costa
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  • Moi MacArt
    Moi MacArt9 måneder siden

    Ha ha ha… A well appreciated laugh in hard times. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

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    Guy Anello9 måneder siden

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  • Najil Abubacker Shajahan

    Najil Abubacker Shajahan

    2 måneder siden

    @Preston Elam U Got Me There Nice One

  • Najil Abubacker Shajahan

    Najil Abubacker Shajahan

    2 måneder siden

    i just checked dude is only 30 or 31

  • Guy Anello

    Guy Anello

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    @Preston Elam damn

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    Preston Elam

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    57 in this video

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    Yah, I thought he's maybe 30, but I'd also buy that he's 50 lol

  • Luigi Trinchera
    Luigi Trinchera9 måneder siden

    Hi there. I own a Subaru WRX 2008. What is the consequence of deleting the BPV? Also, would love to hear you explaining the BOV, BPV and combining it with a wastegate on a Subaru. :)

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  • BlaqZ
    BlaqZ9 måneder siden

    im not scared of turtle

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