Did Ford Ruin Their Manual Transmission? (Mustang)


Why The 2020 Ford Mustang Is Better With An Automatic Transmission
Shelby GT500 Review - nolocal.info/have/video/eHmDoJyi2m-bvqY
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The 2018 Ford Mustang saw quite a list of improvements. Most notably, the engine increased in horsepower, torque, and redline RPM. Now with 460 horsepower, 420 lb-ft of torque, and 7,500 RPM, surely the new Mustang is quicker to 60 mph than its predecessor! But... it isn't. Motor Trend has tested both cars at 4.4 seconds. Why? Well in 2018, Ford significantly altered the manual transmission Mustang's gear ratios. And it added a 10-speed automatic transmission as an option. Check out the video to see why the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT features the best gear ratios, and what effects changing the ratios of the new Mustang had on performance.
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained11 måneder siden

    *I spoke with Ford Engineers about this regarding GT500:* You'll notice the GT500 takes a similar strategy to the new Mustang GT manual gearing. It has 7 gears, but 5, 6, and 7 are incredibly tall. Ford told me this was in balancing for street, track, and drag performance (taller gears for street use, highway cruising). I was also disappointed to hear from Ford engineering (about consumers) that there have been complaints about GT350 gearing, and that people want a shorter top (6th) gear, because the top gear doesn't have any acceleration. No kidding, it's for the highway! Again, GT350 follows the old gearing strategy, which IMO is best. People, if you want to accelerate, put the car in the right gear for it! If you don't want to shift gears, I hear they make transmissions that fit your needs. :)

  • Country Joe

    Country Joe

    4 måneder siden

    @RIPTIDE FPV those people should just call Uber.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Something Intheway

    Something Intheway

    4 måneder siden

    I imagine the people complaining about the 6th gear acceleration also always coast in neutral to stops.

  • spazmatt527


    6 måneder siden

    The GT350 gearing is actually about the same top speeds per gear as the 2020 mustang GT. My 2020 GT tops out in 4th around 140 mph and the GT350 does 136 in 4th.

  • Chuckwagon-Gemsweater


    7 måneder siden

    @Mike Nichols my thoughts exactly. I drive a vw gti, for 2015 sixth gear is so high of a ratio it is useless for normal driving so I don't use it except for flat highway on cruise control 😂

  • Highlander Freelancer

    Highlander Freelancer

    7 måneder siden

    Just re map it It will pull

  • Garrett Slabach
    Garrett Slabach6 timer siden

    I’ll never buy another mustang. My MT82 5.0 broke within two weeks of ownership

  • OfficerMute
    OfficerMute8 dager siden

    So if I want a Mustang GT 5.0..... I should buy the 2015 to 2017?

  • HD
    HD10 dager siden

    Lets face it,......new cars suck

  • al
    al11 dager siden

    Owned a 2015 mustang gt pp with 3.73 gears. You are not hitting the speeds that you indicated on each gear due to fuel cut off being less than 7000 rpm. It cuts the power around 6750 rpm, so for example second gear tops out around 58 mph. However you are right about the torque. Only if a robot was shifting the manual 3.73 gears with the speed of an automatic transmission instead of a human being and if the MT82 holds up and let you shift fast at higher rpms, it would had been a fast car.

  • Chris Mclachlan
    Chris Mclachlan29 dager siden

    Sounds like ford is doing this to completely kill the manual... making the automatic better because it’s “faster”. FYI. I like manuals for the driving experience. I don’t care that automatics are faster. I will never buy a new sports car with an automatic. If no one makes a manual; than I just won’t ever buy a new car. That simple

  • taggah2000
    taggah2000Måned siden

    Wait, so he goes through all that complaining and proofs then pulls out that when you bring in the realities of grip on the road they’re both traction limited to similar values so they accelerate the same anyways? Wtf? Whiner.

  • j2simpso
    j2simpsoMåned siden

    Either year's manual transmission offering was automatic though. I mean, I fail to see how you'll shift out of first gear in the city, might be able to get into second Gera on the highway though.

  • Joe Riefer
    Joe RieferMåned siden

    The are trying to keep the bottom end performance of the GT below the 350 /500 premium GTs! More power then you can get to the ground from the GT thru the 500!

  • Hudson Donnell
    Hudson DonnellMåned siden

    I have to disagree. For me fun has always been burning down the Autobahn at speeds between 180 and 220. Top speed and the ability to eat up miles at a rapid rate has always been my idea of fun. Traveling from Charleston SC to Phoenix AZ in under 18 hours is my idea of a cross country fun.

  • Steven Cullen
    Steven CullenMåned siden

    I'm wondering if that a market attempt to change public view of Manuel trans. In order to weed em out for good

  • Cristian Marmolejo
    Cristian Marmolejo2 måneder siden

    Lol it’s like you’re downgrading

  • Jim Pie
    Jim Pie2 måneder siden

    With the coyote engine in 2011 (2012?), they had some stick shift trans problems, supposedly made in China. Was this correct, were these problems ever sorted out? Do this have any relationship to today’s problems? Where & who has made all the stick trans. in the last 10 years? Thanks.....Jim

  • Skeptical Skeksis
    Skeptical Skeksis2 måneder siden

    That’s disappointing.

  • Felidae
    Felidae2 måneder siden

    Manual is the way of the past, unless... You drive a semi truck, try one of those one day... note: 10 gears... 13 or 18... Another note: Seriosly, get into a truck, the centrifugal force of the engine is really fun... lol

  • John K
    John K2 måneder siden

    Could you do a video on an '18+ with a '15 manual transmission swap? Or at least show us the maths when you put the more powerful engine with the arguably better '15 manual transmission? I know we could do the math...but i don't think I'm alone in enjoying watching you -explain- it :)

  • PotatoPlayer Made in China.
    PotatoPlayer Made in China.3 måneder siden

    FORD FUKED UP VERY HARD last 5 years in sedan market building focus st with renault tunned engines... in europe... f150 is the ford way of doing bussiness the rest are just contracts with other people doing cars that are meh...

  • thokim84
    thokim843 måneder siden

    Being in love with a manual transmission is like wanting windows 95 on your Galaxy s20

  • Stefan Nilsson
    Stefan Nilsson3 måneder siden

    My 2005 volvo s80 is the opposite. You get a pretty decent increase in gear ratio from 1 - 4, but from 4 -5 it's like a fifth or a quarter the increase from 3 - 4.

  • Mylan Miller
    Mylan Miller4 måneder siden

    The Mustang has a Gutrag Transmission so it will brake before you get it down the track!

  • Ioannis Kalathakis
    Ioannis Kalathakis4 måneder siden

    I’ll stick with my little 4.6 2006 5 speed with 410 out back. A lot of fun. And I usually take all the new ones light to light 🤣

  • Joel Remland
    Joel Remland4 måneder siden

    Maybe I’m alone in my opinion, but I love using the manual in my 2019 Bullitt. It’s a great manual and I love the smooth shifting and the auto rev matching. Plenty of power and great handling with the steering and Magneride.

  • Charles Smiley
    Charles Smiley4 måneder siden

    Has he actually driven any of these cars for any length of time. I really doubt it

  • slspg
    slspg4 måneder siden

    I can solve you problem in a few words my friend, the problem came in 2011 when Ford started using a made in China Getrag MT82 instead of made in USA Tremec...grind on that.

  • pdmustgt d
    pdmustgt d4 måneder siden

    I don't downshift to pass car has more than enough power while in 6th with my 2015 GT PP car. Reason for gear change with 2018 was for drag racers one less shift. Where before they either just let it bang of rev limiter at end off 1/4 in 4th. Because you was so close to finish line shifting to 5th hurt your time. Many changes done to cars are to make buyers happy. Like 2011 to 2017 MT82 trans had stamp steel shift forks. Forums went crazy over this there weak and blah blah blah, old trans up to 2010 had alum forks but yet stamp steel forks worked. 2018 they switched them to alum forks and they broke.

  • Patrick Loewen
    Patrick Loewen4 måneder siden

    Change your diff gears...

  • Justin Walsh
    Justin Walsh4 måneder siden

    There make cop killer

  • Justin Walsh

    Justin Walsh

    4 måneder siden


  • Carlos G
    Carlos G4 måneder siden

    252 mph!!!?

  • George Of The Jungle
    George Of The Jungle4 måneder siden

    If it gives you more acceleration then it's faster man.

  • Utah county Picazo's page
    Utah county Picazo's page4 måneder siden

    Mt82 garbage no matter what year the new ones shift forks break stock lmao also the transmission that is in the gt350 is super fragile only good one ford has is the tr6060 and they will never give you that again

  • Brian Peaden Jr
    Brian Peaden Jr4 måneder siden

    Well done! The only reason I like the MT-82 is for the gearing. Love the close ratio's on the 15-17

  • Jimmy The Powerful ! FU
    Jimmy The Powerful ! FU4 måneder siden

    Thank you for being such a great TRUMP - MAGA / KAG supporter ! Your contribution will not go unnoticed !!!

  • Ramon Navarro
    Ramon Navarro4 måneder siden

    Dat moment when math and science wiz on the Mustang community's cherrios. I hope you know you made a lot of enemies with this, they are just as bad as the tesla people. Maybe Ford will address this, the way they addressed it In the early 2000's when kids in stock Nissan Sentra SER-Spec V's started outrunning supposed 300 horsepower Mustangs (transmission), since ford loves its customers and never tells them anything . Silly Rabbits If you want a real Mustang buy a fox body; you're not getting anywhere till you get to the Shelby product range - this is why its sold to kids they don't know no better. It will cost them $$$'s to mod and get it the way is supposed to.

  • Ramon Navarro

    Ramon Navarro

    4 måneder siden

    @pdmustgt d right on

  • pdmustgt d

    pdmustgt d

    4 måneder siden

    Fox body cars are slowly going away.

  • Gavin Barker
    Gavin Barker4 måneder siden

    I agree, I have a 6 speed close ratio and I wish it was more like 5+1 or even 4+2, but that assumes that the driver understands power bands and torque curves and that it is sometimes necessary to downshift - in the UK where the majority of cars are manual most people (not car enthusiasts) just race to top gear and then leave it there, so a taller top gear would be an issue for them (as the Mustang owners fed back). I also think this contributed to the popularity of diesel cars here as the lower RPM high torque suits the way a lot of people drive. I could take the final drive out of a diesel for 5th and 6th but it's ~£1200 of work to get a diesel box, strip it, take out the gearbox I have and swap it over to net me maybe 3-5mpg (though 38mpg motorway would be nice) for probably £120 a year fuel saving.

  • jmooch59
    jmooch594 måneder siden

    make a $1 performance option for closer gear ratios. Make the buyer sign a contract saying “for track use only” to shift EPA liability off the manufacturer. Who would ever notice?

  • Justin SVT
    Justin SVT4 måneder siden

    I assume it’s not that they were trying to improve fuel economy as much as they were trying to maintain fuel economy with the new changes. Apart from the scientific issues, Ford ruined the mustang GT by giving it a Chinese transmission (MT82) that breaks shift forks super easy. That is terrible for a performance car. The GT350 and GT500 kept the good tremec transmission and there is definitely a reason why.

  • Gggkygjf
    Gggkygjf4 måneder siden

    i actually like the tall gear in a mt82 my cobra with a t56 got 5 gallons a mile

  • powerjd
    powerjd4 måneder siden

    Salesman: would you like to see the available options for this car? Me: I would like to see the gear ratios.

  • John Ossendorf
    John Ossendorf4 måneder siden

    The industry is trying to kill off the manual transmission. DOWN WITH THE SLUSHBOX ! LONG LIVE THE MANUAL !

  • pdmustgt d

    pdmustgt d

    4 måneder siden

    Well most think they can drive them like race car and tear them up. Then go back to dealer, dealer say no warranty, owner goes on every forum they screwed me and most on forums agree with them. Yet they tell people I was driving normal when it went out oh fail to tell them how many times they power shifted and racing it. Big Hot spots in flywheel and pressure plate with burnt clutch disc oh no I didn't abuse it just happened that way

  • Eddie Willers

    Eddie Willers

    4 måneder siden

    I'm trying to buy a late-model Dodge/RAM diesel pickup with stick shift. Damn millennial sales-pups seem to think that because a slushbox has 'selectable' gears then it's a 'manual' - feckin' idiots.

  • Gage Olson
    Gage Olson4 måneder siden

    That gearing reminds me of my 335i. On the highway could shift to 2nd which tops out at 70mph

  • Lorenzo C
    Lorenzo C4 måneder siden

    “Damn this dude got old...” is what I told myself as I looked in the mirror and realized I, also got old.

  • Infinite Prosperity
    Infinite Prosperity5 måneder siden

    Ford watched all the mustang fails at car meets

  • BossMan 302
    BossMan 3025 måneder siden

    Uhhhhhhhhhhh what

  • Grant Piper
    Grant Piper5 måneder siden

    these modern multi-gear locking auto trans are incredible, hard to admit as a manual fan.

  • aaron valencia
    aaron valencia5 måneder siden

    Well, the new mustang revs higher and has more horsepower with the same emissions so maybe the new gearing made that possible

  • Dakota Lally
    Dakota Lally5 måneder siden

    Conspiracy theory: they want everyone to buy the automatic for lower production costs if 95% of your parts are the same. Then again, the 5% is now going to cost 10x what it would if you did more volume, so you might as well encourage a 50/50 split so you can get all the benefits of scale so that theory doesn't work. Why would they hurt their own performance? We may never know.

  • Warwick Dennis
    Warwick Dennis5 måneder siden

    I love your break down of the transmissions, because I was on the fence about auto or manual especially with the MT-82 problems and the cost of the two, but you have helped me a lot, I’m going auto and just pay a extra plus have a peace of mind with the automatic 10 speed transmission.

  • fbtippmann
    fbtippmann5 måneder siden

    Enjoyed your analysis! One thought on the new gearing: it fits the first four gears neatly into its electronically limited top speed. Not a good reason, just one potential reason.

  • 19hundo c
    19hundo c5 måneder siden

    If you want to talk about a bad manual transmission go drive a Hyundia Genesis Coupe. That thing felt like shifting thru a pile of rocks and rubber bands. Anything else feels great compared to that car

  • John Coleman
    John Coleman5 måneder siden

    Taller gearing is better for multi-purpose use, period. I do not know why anyone would complain about taller gears? Taller gearing, which correlates well with a high rpm engine, in my opinion. Also, if the car were to be modified I would think you would want taller gears, at least I would, otherwise you'd be shifting that much more. Just my opinion.

  • herrbrahms
    herrbrahms5 måneder siden

    Wheel torque has never been a problem for the Mustang. In fact, too much wheel torque has actually been the problem. Witness idiots peeling out with the accelerator floored, losing the rear, and crashing into pedestrians. Wheel torque gets you into trouble when you can't put the power down. When the engine gains torque, it only makes sense to gear it longer throughout its range. The increased redline means that much more of a power band in each gear, so it's not like you are going to find yourself without a comfortable gear at, say, 52 mph. However, your preferred regime of 5 close ratios before a big stretch to 6th could mean that there would be speeds in the 50s that don't fit well in either 5th or 6th. Full disclosure: I like working for the power when I drive. It's why I prefer the Cayman to the 911. The newer Mustang is geared longer because the engine has the oomph to sustain it. It's better for both top speed AND fuel economy.

  • cryangallegos
    cryangallegos5 måneder siden

    I probably will never buy a new car ever again. Stick for life

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M5 måneder siden

    I flipping love this channel. THIS is what I want to know about cars!

  • d1zguy
    d1zguy5 måneder siden

    What MY 2019 mustang went up to 60mph in 1st gear non performance pack lmao

  • m
    m5 måneder siden

    Absolutely love your videos, and this explanation is impressive to me. Especially that Ford would “unimprove” the manual trans :(

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 deved5 måneder siden

    2:26 bruh did that stang eat to many damn people comin out a cars and coffee?

    TRAVIS HUTCHINS5 måneder siden

    Not sure why people aren't thinking on a macro level. Over the past two decades, the government has been pretty aggressive about average fuel economy for each manufacturer. With those numbers increasing on a yearly basis, and the V8 becoming an anachronism in terms of fuel economy, Ford could not afford to allow one of it's biggest volume sellers to dent the average corporate fuel economy numbers... Therefore, Ford needed to make sure the fuel economy was the same while also creating marketing buzz with an improved "more powerful" engine.

  • STA
    STA5 måneder siden

    Civic Type R

  • Jake Hayes
    Jake Hayes5 måneder siden

    They still do a 6 speed Manuel for the ford fiesta st in Europe?

  • Stanny1
    Stanny15 måneder siden

    Now you can get the Mach1 with a Tremec.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby5 måneder siden

    Made in China = disasters , cars , Covid , tires , brakes. And transnissions.

  • Ben Krom
    Ben Krom5 måneder siden

    Yes the automatic is quicker but it's like they're sabotaging the manual transmission to win over the 7% of people who still want the manual. Those 1. G acceleration really doesn't matter if tires can't handle over .6 Gs. The automatic will hit that . 6Gs in more gears . Drag racers like modified 2 spd automatics because time and the short distance is a large factor and shifting 9 times takes more time than once . Corvette has a quick 0-60 because it can pull like 62 mph in first. No shifting .

  • Typical Ford Guy
    Typical Ford Guy5 måneder siden

    I am currently looking for a 2018 mustang gt and not sure to get the manual or 10 speed because I heard some people say that the 10 speed starts to have more problems later on. Just confused on what’s the right option

  • Blake Wixom
    Blake Wixom5 måneder siden

    No not that mustang, The real mustang

    CVRIV ALL DAY5 måneder siden

    Manual transmission? How about their automatic transmission? I bought a 2012 Focus Titanium and it's been sitting on the side of the road for year now, 120k miles. Will never buy Ford ever again.

  • Giacomo Rutigliano
    Giacomo Rutigliano5 måneder siden

    Simply put. Ford wants you to drive an automatic transmission! So they mess up the manuals!

  • Francisco Bravo
    Francisco Bravo5 måneder siden

    Almost 30k miles on my 2018 GT and no grinds or transmission problems yet 🙌🏼😂

  • MrCarmello6769
    MrCarmello67695 måneder siden

    They ruined their manual when they started using the Getrag transmission.

  • r00tbeer
    r00tbeer5 måneder siden

    Look at it as an excuse to get out of that crappy MT82 and drop in a T56.

  • KG Productions
    KG Productions5 måneder siden

    If I had to hazard a guess - I haven’t looked - the tires could be different - newer ‘20 are less rolling resistance and thus less friction, thus less traction, but better fuel economy. As for the automatic being faster it’s likely due to traction control abilities to better utilize the tires friction coefficient.

  • Rosscoe P
    Rosscoe P5 måneder siden

    Still better than 3 on the 🌳...

  • William White
    William White5 måneder siden

    Higher hp required higher gearing to be able to match the same fuel economy of the older slightly less hp car.

  • Boyd
    Boyd5 måneder siden

    Now go drive a 1979 to early 1983 Mustang 5.0 4 speed. Really big gearing jump from 2nd to 3rd. My 79 Indy Pace Car had one and I hated it almost as much as the crap Michelin TRX tires. Long term the Shelby’s will hold value better than the Mustang GT.

  • ZestyLemon
    ZestyLemon5 måneder siden

    I think the highway overtake anecdote is a little silly. I'm not going to push my car to redline just for a simple overtake at 60mph. Regardless of the gear ratio it makes much more sense to just shift down a gear or two at most to get a little extra power. Making your engine scream on the highway sounds like a great way to piss people off and put a target on your back for whatever psycho takes offense on the road.

  • Bob Smithereens
    Bob Smithereens5 måneder siden

    This explanation doesn't mean anything to 99% of drivers as they won't be going faster than 85 mph.

  • cody mitchell
    cody mitchell5 måneder siden

    I have a 15 gt pretty good gear box. Needs a short throw

  • Will Kew
    Will Kew5 måneder siden

    In a recent video you said wheel torque is meaningless I am confusion

  • AngriestSCV
    AngriestSCV5 måneder siden

    I drive A '99 and the 2nd to 5th shift is likely my second most common after 1 to 2. They've had this kind of gearing forever.

  • brian770


    4 måneder siden

    100% agree, my 2003 GT is the same rag it hard into second, straight into 5th ...then look around for any cops getting ready to pull you over. do it every day to and from work.

  • ClodFillet
    ClodFillet5 måneder siden

    Torque: 420 😎

  • samvt
    samvt5 måneder siden

    whats a newer gt look like with a 4.10 or 4.30 gear?

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Jeffrey5 måneder siden

    Conspiracy theory: my guess, as a automotive non-engineer, is that there is some CAFE influence here.

  • jason peizer
    jason peizer5 måneder siden

    This looks simple to me. The new trans is matched to quarter mile while the old matched road courses. Ford is just trying to sell a car that matches its most likely use.

  • DoctorJedi
    DoctorJedi6 måneder siden

    Amazing... Thank you.

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin6 måneder siden

    Damn, why the hell would you make 4th gear 1:1 in a 6-speed transmission? It's almost like having 2 overdrive gears.

  • Aaron Wright
    Aaron Wright6 måneder siden

    Doesnt touch on the 18+ trans litterally being less reliable but its funny that it just adds to your point

  • Jaron Robison
    Jaron Robison6 måneder siden

    10 speed is where it’s at.

  • fliteshare
    fliteshare6 måneder siden

    No more vitamin G for you !

  • CherryBombGT
    CherryBombGT6 måneder siden

    This man is like the Athlean-X of car channels

  • [][][]
    [][][]6 måneder siden

    Yes Ford ruined the mustang. Getrag manual trans from China lol.

  • iGaximus
    iGaximus6 måneder siden

    Are those speeds compared at the same rpm? The linear increase just to speed cooler be just the extra 500 rpms

  • Ely Davis
    Ely Davis6 måneder siden

    Somebody probably mentioned it but the regular GT gets the Ford/Getrag/Chinese MT82 and the GT350 and the soon to be available Mach 1 get the made-in-USA Tremec TR-3160.

  • Rafa Mancera
    Rafa Mancera6 måneder siden

    You could have resumed everything wrong with the manual transmission Mustangs just talking about the MT 82

  • This Is Your Captain Speaking
    This Is Your Captain Speaking6 måneder siden

    Never in wrong gear with an automatic. Seriously though, 6 speed, really? Come on, man! :(

  • Cmdr Ratzass
    Cmdr Ratzass6 måneder siden

    The only thing I don’t like about Mustangs Is that they put a flat plane crankshaft in the GT350. I don’t care about performance. A V8-Ponycar without the characteristic V8 bubble we all love? Go home Ford, you’re drunk!

  • spazmatt527
    spazmatt5276 måneder siden

    I like the taller strategy. I can hold ALMOST the same G's of acceleration per gear as the earlier cars in my 2020 GT 6-speed manual, but I hold that acceleration for much longer into a much higher speed. You'll be in third while I'm still in second, which means you had to perform 2 shifts already and you aren't pulling as fast as I am now that you're in 3rd (my 2nd beats your 3rd). Considering most "street" races happen in 1st-4th gear, I may only need 1-3 (which eliminates a shift, which, in manuals is a big deal). A manual with tall gears means less shifting which will likely win out versus some super narrow range gearbox. Yes, the narrow range gearbox works for DCT or autos, but in manuals each shift, even at peak human ability, costs too much.

  • spazmatt527


    4 måneder siden

    @Not So Cool Dude I mean the vehicle goes 155 speed limited and has track and drag modes. I think you should stop thinking in 0-60/80 times only. Also, plenty of people race beyond the speed limit, especially on freeways.

  • Not So Cool Dude

    Not So Cool Dude

    4 måneder siden

    spazmatt527 Lol man where do you live where it’s legal to go 120 mph? You’re really saying it’s better because the acceleration is better at the point where you’d be going to jail? The majority of people driving a mustang will be going from 0 to like 80 mph so obviously the acceleration from 0-60 matters. Are you being serious?

  • spazmatt527


    4 måneder siden

    @Not So Cool Dude Again, other than 0-60 you do get better acceleration. A freeway on-ramp pull is a very common thing and flying up to 110-120 mph will be faster with my gearing strategy. And fast is fun. Otherside we'd be driving Honda civics.

  • Not So Cool Dude

    Not So Cool Dude

    4 måneder siden

    spazmatt527 I mean for the majority of the consumers the experience is worse again considering most people who buy manuals enjoy the shifting and also most of them won’t be racing. As shown in the video you won’t be getting better acceleration in normal driving circumstances than the 15-17 models which to me is disappointing considering the added hp and such

  • spazmatt527


    4 måneder siden

    @Not So Cool Dude Oh, I still have plenty of shifting to do. I just think that narrow range gearboxes are more fun on DCTs than manuals. To me, there's a goldilocks zone with manuals. Too much shifting gets annoying and is also slower. Too few shifts is not fun and slows you down with gears that are too tall. I'm arguing that the new mustang, with the bump in power to 460 hp, is better with taller gears because they were able to eliminate a shift and still have better performance (other than 0-60 which is overrated anyway).

  • Ghen Khoash
    Ghen Khoash6 måneder siden

    The wheels can only transfer a max amount of torque to the road, (based on the traction) so more than that max number, greater the risk of losing traction and accidents.

  • Joe Gac
    Joe Gac6 måneder siden

    Yeah, if I had one of these I'd be looking at a 4:10 or 4:30 final drive.

  • Reese Imel
    Reese Imel6 måneder siden

    Your voice is soooo annoying. Get someone else to talk for you

  • capnskiddies
    capnskiddies6 måneder siden

    Ten speed automatic 😂😂🤣. It's not a tractor.

  • rcallen96
    rcallen966 måneder siden

    All this math works perfectly....if the cars were built the same and they aren’t. Especially between performance package and normal models.