Can You Charge A Tesla By Towing It? (With Ford Raptor)


Can Towing A Tesla Model 3 With A Ford Raptor Recharge It?
The Straight Pipes high mileage Ford Raptor is used to tow the Tesla Model 3 Performance while driving around Toronto Motorsports Park.
Can you recharge a Tesla Model 3 by towing it? That's a great question, and we're going to to use a Ford Raptor to find out. We'll also need to determine how quickly a Tesla can be recharged by towing it, and how far you'd need to travel to fully recharge the battery. The Tesla Model 3 can charge its battery through regenerative braking, where the wheels of the car force the electric motor to spin, which forces a charge into the battery. This is used to slow the car down, and improve its efficiency. However, if you tow the car, you might be able to use that regenerative braking to charge the battery, that is what this video seeks to find out.
On top of this, we'll determine what's more efficient - Option 1: traveling with a Ford Raptor from A to B, or Option 2: Using a Raptor to tow a Tesla, then driving the Tesla from A to B. To do this, we'll need to determine the Tesla's efficiency, the Ford's efficiency, and the Ford's efficiency while towing. Then, using the regen rate of the Tesla, we can find out what the Tesla's true fuel economy is while using a Ford Raptor to tow it. It's a super fun video with a fascinating conclusion; have a watch!
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  • Daniel Gregson
    Daniel Gregson13 dager siden

    You should see if you can charge the Raptor by towing it with the Tesla.

  • All My Hobbies
    All My Hobbies16 dager siden

    you got 1 lap by towing 1 lap at the beginning and then you conclude you can get 5 laps by towing 1 lap???

  • Wassim Kallel
    Wassim Kallel16 dager siden

    The 2.2L/100km is the efficiency of the Tesla alone not towing the Raptor, right? If so then the math doesn't work

  • techcrazy
    techcrazy18 dager siden

    Please tell me there is a video where they charge the tesla from 0% charge witb towing

  • Alexey Sm
    Alexey Sm26 dager siden

    and what is the fuel consumption on Raptor?

  • The Oya Reboot
    The Oya RebootMåned siden

    I suppose another good question is would it be better to charge your Model 3 using a Raptor, or plug it in at home.

  • Ironium
    IroniumMåned siden

    Tesla manual specifically mentions not to tow it with spinning wheels as it will lead to damage of the key components due to overheat of the motors. And never discharge it to "0". Hare - looking dude from the vid did both [facepalm]

  • scartezz1
    scartezz1Måned siden

    The most surprising thing for me was the consumption of Raptor.... without towing. I didn't expect that many liters per 100 kilometers. Now I know why here in Europe aren't so widespread

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang EagleMåned siden

    We may as well go back to horse and carriages lol

  • Morteza p
    Morteza pMåned siden

    100% efficiency? one lap towing = one lap driving? really?

  • Pferdesalami
    PferdesalamiMåned siden

    when the tesla is towing the raptor, it will need more energy

  • Craig0935
    Craig0935Måned siden

    I'd like to see this when the Tesla is at 0% .. see if its something that could get you out of a pickle

  • Web Age
    Web AgeMåned siden

    This is actually how to regularly recharge your Tesla in Russia, just hook behind the big truck and let tow for a hundreds of Km :D Just lack of chargers :D

  • Johnny Twobyfour
    Johnny Twobyfour2 måneder siden

    My question is: at what efficiency would the Raptor need to operate to reach parity, and then start making it not worth it to do pull the 3? Depending on what ideas this question itself gives you, perhaps it deserves its own video.

  • Thomas Alias
    Thomas Alias3 måneder siden

    With this knowledge, I wonder if someone could engineer a see-saw-like machine that you can park your Tesla on at night and it recharges the battery via regen, and have it consume less of your home's electricity than if you plugged it in.

  • SuperChief5
    SuperChief53 måneder siden

    This is taking going Green backwards. 😆

  • Michael Sparks
    Michael Sparks3 måneder siden

    That’s a nice towing efficiency!

  • mit10s
    mit10s3 måneder siden

    Was not expecting that result!

  • kickinbackinOC
    kickinbackinOC3 måneder siden

    Without watching the video, Id say "yes", it will charge by towing, as long as it isnt completely dead, including the 12v battery. If it's in Drive, and regen is selected in the settable parameters, and it doesn't have any other existing faults, towing is no different than regenerative braking when you take your foot off the go-pedal. But it's gonna be a pathetically small amount of charge. Thats my progonostication, now I'll watch the video.

  • G
    G3 måneder siden

    Mind boggling. What a fascinating result. Maybe a follow-up video about regenerative efficiency.. that is, the efficiency at which the Tesla captures energy while being towed.

  • Delfino Garza
    Delfino Garza3 måneder siden

    I can't stop thinking about this. This was a great experiment.

  • Delfino Garza
    Delfino Garza3 måneder siden

    ...thats a hybrid LOL but except it can be decoupled.

  • Ne_Wayz
    Ne_Wayz3 måneder siden

    Hear me out on this, but I say try putting the Tesla on jack stands and prop 4 treadmills under the tires.

  • yipe222
    yipe2223 måneder siden

    What you have or created here was a Hybrid vehicle, with a tow strap. You combined an ICE with an Electric motor.

  • Yeah
    Yeah4 måneder siden

    so essentially if mad max happens and there is no electricity just a little gas and you have to cross a desert you can get further by pulling the Tesla behind you until you run out then driving the Tesla the rest of the way

  • Karan Shah
    Karan Shah4 måneder siden

    I would love to see this test redone on a straight or flat road that doesn't involve so many corners. I'd expect the Raptor would be able to drag the Tesla even further, and I'd have to think the Tesla could drive itself even further, amplifying the distance for Raptor + Tesla vs Raptor alone.

  • QuantumS1ngularity
    QuantumS1ngularity4 måneder siden

    Basically Jason is explaining the diesel-electric technology from 100 years ago for dummies. This is what i've been saying for YEARS now - don't go electric with batteries, make a small efficient engine (or even better - a hydrogen fuel cell), which generates electricity and then use the electric motors. Converting and making the electricity while driving is a much smarter way than just storing it in batteries.

  • Giovanni Vittorio Ambrosini
    Giovanni Vittorio Ambrosini4 måneder siden

    So just buy a Tesla

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBen4 måneder siden

    use two Teslas = perpetual motion machine

  • ace iimov
    ace iimov4 måneder siden

    that's what Toyota Prius does to achieve those insane mileage numbers

  • James Barker
    James Barker4 måneder siden

    Do a Tesla towing a Unimog or something else with PTO acting as a generator.

  • Gyppor
    Gyppor4 måneder siden

    The raptor is using an extra 69-22=47L/100km to charge the Tesla. The Tesla would charge fully in 75km, so it would take 47*75/100=35.25 Liters of fuel to fully charge it. The Tesla can now drive another 500km on a full charge, in addition to the 75km it already drove while charging. This has to be taken into account because the additional fuel burnt by the raptor has also moved the Tesla in addition to charging it. Therefore the fuel economy calculation will have to be (35.25/(500+75))*100 = 6.1L/100km. That means charging your Tesla by towing it with your Raptor gives you the same fuel economy as a compact car. Amazing!

  • SargeantPrepper
    SargeantPrepper4 måneder siden

    if they had this in back to the future III, and ran out of charge instead of gas, the horse towing scene would give them charge to get the car up to 88 mph

  • Green Boi
    Green Boi4 måneder siden

    One thing is for certain: that is not a clean source of electricity for the Model 3

  • mark burkey
    mark burkey4 måneder siden

    If you tow a tesla past 100% battery, is it smart enough to stop charging or will something bad happen? Anyone?

  • A P
    A P4 måneder siden

    A follow-up test of some interest might be repeating this same experiment with the Model 3's regen shut off. Compare the amount of gas used in that test (presumably less without the "resistance" of the Model 3's regen) with that used towing with regen. Then compare the regen energy added to the difference in the amount of gas used.

  • Mihai Balint
    Mihai Balint4 måneder siden

    Call Elon Musk! He has to see this!

  • Connor Cheetham
    Connor Cheetham4 måneder siden

    I recon you should do this again with a diesel performance truck the results could be better I think maybe?

  • Tarun Varma
    Tarun Varma4 måneder siden

    Energy can neither be crreated nor destroyed. I dont have any idea about tesla and i dint watch this video but assuming tesla has feature to recharge itself when towed then its just that a part of additional energy spent by raptor in towing will get coverted to energy in form.of battery charge in tesla. And there will be lot of conversion losses. Hence the towing scenario in the video tittle is less efficient than driving with tesla alone.

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker4 måneder siden

    Regenerative braking behind a semi truck which is towing you?

  • Vanagon Adventures
    Vanagon Adventures5 måneder siden

    How far would you need to tow the Tesla to recharge the battery from say 10% all the way to 100%?

  • Vandana K
    Vandana K5 måneder siden

    HI - What type of accessories you used for towing? Connecting cables and Tesla towing hook?

  • Dankest
    Dankest5 måneder siden

    69L Nice.

  • Pradeep Singh
    Pradeep Singh5 måneder siden

    Buy 2 electric car, Use one to charger another. Infinite energy

  • Sean Gonzalez
    Sean Gonzalez5 måneder siden

    What mode did you guys put the Tesla in, The tow mode?

  • Edwin De Paz
    Edwin De Paz5 måneder siden

    They lost two percent just doing a lap? The range anxiety is real

  • Subhojit Dey
    Subhojit Dey5 måneder siden

    how dafuq are we still driving these gasoline engine monstrosities is beyond me

  • Cake
    Cake5 måneder siden

    People be crying over sports cars using up 20 liters per 100km when going super fast. Meanwhile this raptor just destroys fuel like it's thin air.

  • S J prakash
    S J prakash5 måneder siden

    Great experiment 👍 💪, but ZERO % Battery in Tesla is just going to permanently negatively effect batteries.

  • Itzmeh Osama
    Itzmeh Osama5 måneder siden

    what happens at last when we then tow raptor with the tesla and drive the rest of the path to take the halted empty raptor to bck home ? @Engineering Explained

  • Prof M
    Prof M5 måneder siden

    The system should recharge while driving the car that technology is not to be touched and it is very simple. Anything that rotates make energy, from potential to kinetics energy. Period!

  • Kevin Hammond
    Kevin Hammond5 måneder siden

    Looks like they proved the most inefficient vehicle in the world there 😂

  • ImpactoDelSur Enterprise
    ImpactoDelSur Enterprise5 måneder siden

    Next time when I own a Tesla I will pretend to have a breakdown and flag down a 4x4 to tow me.

  • Siddhu Puttala
    Siddhu Puttala5 måneder siden

    Instant like

  • Andre Robinson
    Andre Robinson5 måneder siden

    I have no words for the level of cool

  • Eagles_Eye
    Eagles_Eye5 måneder siden

    Isn’t this damaging the motor though? Isn’t there a special towing mode

  • Rattlesnake Gaming
    Rattlesnake Gaming5 måneder siden

    Ford means Fricked Over Rebuilt Dodge.

  • Tryhard9x
    Tryhard9x5 måneder siden

    Can tesla somehow make a alternator or something to charge the tesla while you drive it, basically infinite energy, i know that sounds pretty crazy but it's a good idea

  • Benjamin Oakham
    Benjamin Oakham5 måneder siden

    How did you calculate the fuel equivalent of 2.2l/km for the Tesla?

  • adi1tube
    adi1tube5 måneder siden

    What's the Tesla milage towing the Raptor!?

  • R. Rusk
    R. Rusk5 måneder siden

    Top gear meets mythbusters. Highly entertaining!

  • Bill Li
    Bill Li5 måneder siden

    at the top of very steep long hills is a stop, designated for semi-trucks, RVs, and construction trucks. like a bus stop, teslas wait there to get on board. Once they are attached they travel down together, one loaded semi, and 14 teslas drinking its milkshake. no engine braking, no loud noises, no wasted energy

  • Darío Pérez
    Darío Pérez5 måneder siden

    points here: 1) towing a Tesla like that will damage motors and internal sistems (the manual has the info) 2) the Tesla could have more "driving range" if only he haven't accelerated that way (it consumes more than regular driving) 3) would have been better to keep the same speed as driving as recharging

  • Tim Lewis
    Tim Lewis5 måneder siden

    It would be better to tow the Tesla partway from A to B then detach it and drive, than it would be to tow it in circles and then drive. If you used an efficient car like my Citroen C2 to tow it (probably need 2nd gear at just over 2000 rpm at the speeds here and quite a high load to overcome regen) the car will be operating at high BSFC, but as the Tesla weighs almost twice as much as my Citroen I think it would be more economical to just drive the Citroen which would get nearly 50 miles to a US gallon. Actually to recharge at nearly 30kw I might need to tow it in first gear at 4500 rpm (as it's only a 45 kw car) so less efficient, but if my Citroen ever needs an Italian tune up and it doesn't overheat going 20 mph at 5000 rpm for long periods it might work.

  • Deadshot
    Deadshot5 måneder siden

    Hope this doesn’t get patched in the new update in life

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin5 måneder siden

    Holy crap. This is really cool. It's definitely not something that I've ever thought about, but extremely interesting. I know that the Tesla is way more efficient than the Raptor, but I think I was overestimating how efficient the Raptor was, because I was thinking that it was likely that towing the Tesla and then driving it would have still been less efficient. Kinda blown away honestly!

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin5 måneder siden

    Jason flooring it right off the bat tells me he's got a pretty good idea of exactly what's going to happen. I love this channel.

  • Danger Bear
    Danger Bear6 måneder siden

    Integrate a grapple mechanism in the front bumper. On the highway just get up close to a semi with a trailer and latch on . The truck driver would never know the difference in performance .

  • monrow11
    monrow116 måneder siden

    This is why hybrid cars get better mileage. 👍

  • Elliot Beerline
    Elliot Beerline6 måneder siden

    The raptor's 10.7 mpg without towing is absolutely terrible.

  • Jack PRick
    Jack PRick6 måneder siden

    I think you need to paint some fangs on the Tesla.

  • zamaszysty
    zamaszysty6 måneder siden

    So... when You call for a tow truck when your Tesla dies instead of telling them to tow your car to the nearest shop you can just be like "I don't care, just tow me for 30 minutes"

  • Eyes had I
    Eyes had I6 måneder siden

    I think this is the coolest video on NOlocal

  • Joeri van Rijswijck
    Joeri van Rijswijck6 måneder siden

    can we stop using miles and gallons and kilometers and liters at the same time? just use metric

  • Jenson


    6 måneder siden


  • Тони Ангелов
    Тони Ангелов6 måneder siden

    do it with two teslas

  • Brett Watson
    Brett Watson7 måneder siden

    What made you choose a towing speed of 30kph - surely it would be more efficient at a higher speed? Higher voltage from motor would be closer to battery voltage, so less step up of voltage, or whatever circuitry is at work there?

  • Dragon969Reviews
    Dragon969Reviews7 måneder siden

    I'd like to see this done with the Tesla regenerative brake set to low so the truck doesn't have as much resistance pulling it.

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson7 måneder siden

    I thought you weren't ment to tow a Tesla?

  • Tadicls Operator
    Tadicls Operator7 måneder siden

    Tesla pull charging another Tesla to then swap the cars = nonstop road trip

  • Gregori
    Gregori7 måneder siden

    Thats a quiet inefficent way to load a tesla

  • Levi Ellis
    Levi Ellis7 måneder siden

    How was the efficiency in the raptor measured? If its anything like the MPG calculator in my truck, it spews complete BS

  • Levi Ellis

    Levi Ellis

    7 måneder siden

    I also wonder how accurate the tesla gauges are. If they are as accurate as the battery gauge on my iphone, then I wouldn't trust it. They only real way to do this test reliably is to use a hard calulated amount of gas and tow a completely drained tesla.

  • Snowdone
    Snowdone7 måneder siden

    Could have tested the efficiency of the tesla while towing the raptor. Now that would also have been interesting.

  • MrJanml
    MrJanml7 måneder siden

    Yes, the efficiency gain comes from the Raptor engine, which runs much more efficient when high power is requested at low rpm. Thus, it is more efficient to run one efficient round rather than two inefficient ones. Using Combustion Engines to load a Tesla is no waste, it is better, unless they can run at their optimal efficiency all the time. REEV is the choice.

  • Eduardo Ramirez
    Eduardo Ramirez7 måneder siden

    Doesn't Tesla advise not to tow with the wheels touching the ground? Says it could overheat and damage the battery. Yet this video seems completely harmless

  • Wes Small
    Wes Small7 måneder siden

    It's like those toy cars you pull back and let go

  • Jayyy _7
    Jayyy _77 måneder siden

    7:26 Nice

  • Yong Lin, Albon Tiong
    Yong Lin, Albon Tiong7 måneder siden

    Could you use the tesla to tow the Raptor and see it whether travels further than Raptor mileage? It will be insane if the Tesla towing mileage is greater than the Raptor one.

  • Maggern _
    Maggern _7 måneder siden

    You have to do this with two cybertrucks when they are available

  • Sinomin
    Sinomin7 måneder siden

    Back tires are motorized, front tires have brakes: use both at once and BOOM! Self recharging on the go!

  • Sinomin
    Sinomin7 måneder siden

    Tow a Tesla with a Tesla, recharging it, then switch both cars positions: BOOM! Free infinite range!

  • Nicolás Torres
    Nicolás Torres7 måneder siden

    Build a stand with rollers so you can put the Tesla and use the rollers to move the tire and voilá

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas7 måneder siden

    I mean... this is why hybrids and range extended EVs are more efficient than gas alone...

  • Richard Best
    Richard Best7 måneder siden

    If you where to 4 wheel tow a tesla behind an rv it would be full by the time you got where you are going.

  • 지나가는사람
    지나가는사람7 måneder siden

    Road - Refueling confirmed

  • Taag Taag
    Taag Taag7 måneder siden

    9:07 when you and the boys come up with a genius idea

  • Carbrickscity
    Carbrickscity7 måneder siden

    1. You can't really tow the telsa like that in the real world in actual roads. 2. They did not take account for the extra time and hassles to do such thing. 3. You might as well just drive the Tesla by itself without the truck towing it.

  • amritpal79
    amritpal797 måneder siden

    well....that's just a hybrid car with extra steps

  • Rob Jeeves
    Rob Jeeves7 måneder siden

    Nerd over load....

  • V.C.
    V.C.7 måneder siden

    oh c'mon Jason, what is this about? I would have rather had the tesla drive downhill loaded up and charging the batt, and then see if you can get back up with the car unloaded (free delivery for downhill customers).

  • Big Chief
    Big Chief7 måneder siden

    Does this worth with other trucks, or just the ford raptor?